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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 26, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CST

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well-choreographed and gone before police arrive. thieves smash a van through a store window this morning. getting away with armloads of expensive merchandise. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's nancy loo is live in the west garfield park neighborhood with our top story. >> behind me workers making creek worked to repair and reopen this place. police have not released surveillance video in this case. i have watched it. it is stunning. it shows about 20 people
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bursting and going right for the most expensive designer items. the entire thing last about two minutes. it was obviously well- planned. it began with a red meat and crashing through the front entrance of the cisco and y c store. >> store right through the metal roll down a dollar. if you ask people jumped out of the van. at least 14-15 others rushed in from outside. there were quickly going right for the expensive italian shoes. the biggest target more than 200 pair of robins jeans. an employee who did not want to appear on camera says he sells the genes for about $700 a pair. >> they wanted the change. i guess it is what the people like
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>> divorce key crystals. very well put together designer denim. >> some of the suspects could be seen making a return trips to grab even more items. employees estimate the loss to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. it is not known yet if the minivan in vaults was also stolen. >> >> a chicago family who is forced to draw from the burning building is suing the building owners. >> lynn lewis have along documented history of neglecting their apartment building planning to more than 100 municipal code violations. including half a dozen citations for failing to maintain
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a working smoke detectors in the building. >> it is really hard for them to understand what they lost a brother. >> her brother still does not know that he has lost his oldest son. trapped in the flames ed his apartment building at 5731 north campbell and chicago. 2:00 in the morning of november 9th. found themselves trapped 3.5 stories above the ground with no way to escape. parents took desperate measure dropping the smallest children out of the window. two children survived the terrifying plunge. parents suffered critical injury as they hit the ground. two of them still in the intensive care unit. the two siblings who survived their with theicar with theirare with theiu
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tont. there's a pattern of neglect that the building where the fire broke out. >> hundred and six by our comp over the last 10 years. it is very troubling. his landlord did not care about his tenants. he did not care about this family. >> lawyers filed a lawsuit today in circuit court seeking an emergency motion to preserve the evidence obtained by fire detectors. require city landlords to maintain a working smoke detectors in apartment units and in the common areas if there were smoke detectors in the building he contends that they were not working as the family did not have any warning. the fire breaking out at 3:00 in the morning. no one reporting hearing any smoke detectors ever to reach the building. when the warrants
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have been unsuccessful. >> a second night of protests and vandalism leads to another 44-arrests in ferguson, missouri. protesters are angry about a grand jury decision not to indict a police officer in the shooting death o an te vandals threw rocks and bottles at offi. police crwa rolled and set on fire and there was gunfire near a memorial to michael brown. in san diego protesters blocked traffic on a major freeway this mo protests also were reported in 170- cities including new york, boston, atlanta and los angeles. some turned violent and police made dozens of arrests. for the first time, officer darren wilson is publicly giving his account of what happened. b- tmete theibed, shoo. >> now a man is dead. i gave him a brief rundown of what had happened. i told them i had to
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shoot somebody. >> killed him first. is there anything you could have done differently the could have prevented the killing from taking place? >> wilson says he has a clean conscience about what happened. he is confident that he did his job correctly. >> controversial traffic stop was caught on foam video. and made national headlines. officers say they broke a window and used a stun gun. >> officers had been cleared by the fbi. what immediately returned to active duty after questions were raised by attorneys. the investigation remains active. >> not officially
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winter. cold temperatures have already claimed two lives in the area. an 82 year-old man was taken to hospital sunday where he later died from hypothermia. 68 year-old north lawndale woman was found on responsive in the backyard. later found died of heart disease. exposure was listed as a secondary factor. chicago's overnight winter parking ban starts monday. parking will be bannroe a-m to seven a-m, from december first until april first. whether or not there's snow. the ban covers more streets if there's more than two inches of snow on the ground. violations could mean getting ticketed or getting towed. >> more from all here airport. at
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times the lines at here have them longwall patients have run short for those heading to the east coast they're flying with their fingers crossed today. >> it does not take long before the winds got long at the airport. those heading to the east coast getting ready for a very long travel day. >> that is not to say her husband did not make plans in case one of their flights gets canceled. >> we are heading to hartford connecticut. already have my rental car reserved. >> expected to be hit by a winter storm. nationwide more than 160 flights have been cancelled on the east coast. >> a ripple effect throughout the united states. if you're not traveling to the east coast you will still see some delays and cancellations. >> if your travel plans are flexible of the airlines have waivers.
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>> that is what she tried to do. planning and hopefully changing our flight but we were not able to do it. >> my husband is already there. >> what are they telling hicks? not supposed to be so bad. >> this holiday weekend close to 2 million people have passed through o'hare or midway. >> later it gets colder the delay should be because of that storm in the northeast part of the country. >> coming up this midday why the penn state sex abuse investigation is headed to chicago. plus. what police are saying about new video released in the deadly shooting of a 12-year-old boy in ohio. and the law passed in germany that may help more women shatter the glass ceiling. shatter the glass ceiling.
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the feds have given the japanese manufacturer until tuesday to expand the recall. the affected cars made by ford hundred chrysler must and bmw. last week in
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executive apologized. killed at least five people. the recall affects two states. the government could find up to $7,000 per vehicle. >>an investigation into the handling of the sex abuse scandal at penn state, is coming to chicago. representatives from the big ten, and its lawyers, will give depositions, in the loop, on decr 5- that includes brin all fiithveor under direct louis penn state had freeh inat the nns statesuan a state senator say it wasn't that independent. the state officials are asking a cook county judge to grant them access to the upcoming depositions. >>police in cleveland, ohio will soon release video that shows the fatal shooting of a twelve year old by an officer. tamir rice died sunday, after an officer shot him twice in the stomach on saturday. police say he refused to put up
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his hands and that he was reaching for a weapon. that weapon turned out to be a pellet gun. a crowd gathered to hear from police officials yesterday. cleveland's police chief said the officers a trained fa witwe >> about to use a weapon more it weapon on their person. officer has this much time to decide whether or not the person is actually going to use that weapon against them. >>tamir rice's parents wanted the video of the shooting released, but police initially refused. but now officials are saying it will come out this afternoon. in the sentencing re-trial of convicted killer jodia arias the prosecutor is attacking an expert who gave favorable testimony. prosecutors in phoenix are seeking the death penalty for arias for killing of boyfriend, travis alexander. they say the testimony of psychologist l.c. miccio-fonseca was inaccurate when she said arias suffered in silence in a toxic relationship. arias was convicted last year. the jury was unable to agree on a
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punishment, making the sentencing re- trial necessary. michèle flournoy says she's not interested in becoming the next secretary of de she currently serves as c o "th f new american s a so n she sent a letter to the bord of directors asking not to be considered due to family concerns. flournoy was deemed frnn to rechk hagto her bagrs former nspoy of supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is recovering after heart surgery this morning. the 81-year old went to the hospital last night.. after experiencing discomfort while exercising. ginsburg underwent a procedure at a washington hospital p s in her artery. she is reportedly resting comfortably and is expected to be released in the next 48 hours. a plan by germany's chancellor angela merkel to force companies to appoint more women to leadership positions is coming under fire. an agreement was reached last night between the christian democratic union and social democrats in germany to make it a law.
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b-m-w and other companies oppose the bill requiring them to fill 30 percent of the supervisory board seats to women. a b-m-w spokesman said the company doesn't believe in quotas. the plan wou start in 2016 and apply to the government and to more than 100 publicly traded companies. >>the u-s- environmental protection agency is calling for cleaner air and ways to keep pollutant levels at bay. a proposed tightening of the national o-zone pollution standards comes today. >> standards can be refused every five years. the last set in 2008. ozone pollution has decreased 33% nationwide. >>just ahead: the bears make last minute adjustments in preeration for one of the n-f-l's best defenses this thanksgiving. and, still to come this midday if you've seen more sick calls at work this week, its not just people getting an early start on the holiday. and later in lunchbreak a twist on a traditional cheese platter. cheese platter.
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time for sports. a day after coach thibs said derrick rose needed to "get out there and play" rose had to leave the game in denver after just ten minutes. in the second quarter... rose goes up for a rebound but comes up lame. he left with hamstring tightness, but rose says he's just being smart and feels fine. bulls down six with 40 seconds left. aaron brookes misses a three but jimmy butler gets the putback and the foul to cut the deficit in half... game- high 32 points for him. just ten seconds left when ty lawson hits a step-back jumper over kirk hinrich to put the game out of reach. bulls lose in denver for the eighth straight game, 114- 109. joakim noah and taj gibson were also out with injury.
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the bears won't have the luxury of practice to prepare for the third- ranked defense in the league. the bears only held a walk- through at halas hall yesterday, and will travel to detroit for an 11:30 kick- off tomorrow. lance briggs and kyle fuller are still listed as game- time decisions. the bears had trouble moving the ball against tampa and now they're facing the top- ranked rushing defense. the lions have gotten to jay cutler before, so he knows th q.sged of >> they do a great job of collapsing the pocket. the have the big-in the middle that are forcing the of and everybody right into your lap. they make a really difficult. the white sox have added some much- needed power to go with jose abreu. 35- year- old adam laroche signed a two- year deal worth 25- million dollars.
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he's a left- handed batter who will mostly d-h and fill- in at first base. laroche is already familiar with the south side his dad coached here in the early ninties and he as.g out at comis ak o the roere sox of broang at a young age. our teacher of the month puts his students on the air. >>and still to come why brown bag lunches are getting a failing grade..
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>>our november teacher of the month graduated from glenbrook south high school in 1992. after earning his ph.d he took a job as a university professor in florida where he remained until the very teacher who taught him english and radio broadcasting at glenbrooig school contact him ng askeds him consider k and taking over the program thate a student all those years ago so enjoyed. >> dr. daniel oswald says he jumped at the opportunity and never looked back. >>i have the privilege of coming back and dipping my toe into the energy that is youth and so being able to
12:25 pm
work with young people and see their curiosity and see their willingness to try new things is very exciting...also >>of the nearly 27 thousand high schools in the country there are only 190 licensed high school student run radio stations left in the u s. and dr. oswalds students will look you in the eye and tell you that the one at glenbrook south is tops on the leader board an that they say is due to dr. oswalds leadership. >>he is just an amazing teacher, hes funny, hes witty and hes able to teach the subject in a way that appeals to the students so when you are given assignment you want to work on the assignment. i mean its fun and it can be for writing a script for a promo you are doing or it could be producing something with a friend or it could be going on air in one of our the way
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he puts it makes it a fun and entertaining thing to do so you dont feel that its work. air and broadcast live radio shows to an audience. it is surreal...i mean its something not very many people get the opportunity to do in their life time and as a high school student it can provide a wide array of career choices in>> dean herrera is the student who for teacher of the month consideration. >> and forward thinking with a definite goal in mind. >>i hope that the kids learn not only the basics of broadcasting but they also learn to be independent, self directing. one of the things that we do here because its a real radio station...we require the kids to learn by doing so we are not just sitting in a classroom...thinking about theory or memorizing terms. the kids have to come in and run a
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real broadcast station every day and so they have to figure out how to set priorities. how to manage their own times and how to do those things that its going to take for them to be successful outside the classroom. on behalf of the faculty and staff i'm very pleased to present you with this check and the amount of $1,000. this certificate is a reminder of this occasion. >> >>if you have a favorite teacher who is making a >> tom skilling has your full forecast.
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that is quite a storm. the interesting heaviest snows are just west of the major metropolitan areas. still a mix of precipitation. little is delays flights. that has a ripple effect. we will surely that in a moment. against a big nose is the cold thanksgiving that we have coming ahead. prospects for a second consecutive weekend temperatures flirting with the '50s. some beautiful pictures. the winter has left some winter wonderland shots. >> shows us the snow coming out
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there. shows us the waves that were pumping up their law just yesterday give this some idea of what travelers there were dealing with the day before yesterday. this wintry scene comes from sally carson. >> a gorgeous shot from that area. shows us we have rudolph there and all of the reindeer with flurries in the area. signs of the season are pretty evident right there. it certainly is a great day in chicago. a bit of a southeasterly wind. a pretty solid overcast that has been rolling in.
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alberta clippers' system. we're spending a little cloudiness and all of the lake. i had as a wedge of colder air that has been diving into the area from canada. 11 at bismarck. is already the coldest november in 18 years. 34.5 degrees. >> is one for the books. 7.5 degrees below normal. could be the coldest in a quarter-century. 30 degree forecast time. that looks pretty good based on all of the data that we're looking at. >> not indicative of what is coming for the weekend. we're going to warm up a
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good deal by that time. 23 degrees colder than the day before. also had january level temperatures. but what comes in over the weekend. the 50 is forecast on saturday. 55 on sunday with a 52 week ago. known highs are in the low 40's. these are bargain temperatures. modest warming only because of the fact the wind is blowing this out these component. it is no picnic out there. >> it is pretty uncomfortable up there. 19 is our windchill at all here. here are some weather but temperatures. 180 stations all to the tristate area. >> these of the warmer temperatures across that network.
12:34 pm
>> kind of depends if you have snow on the ground. that is a big factor. especially at night. here's a big storm on the east coast. here's our little clipper. polling warm air from the pacific across the country. this little system will bring spotty snow flurries to the area. >> to a storm of east has storm warnings from western washington philadelphia york often open to new england. three of some winter weather and pfizer is in ottawa. >> what it will do to us it is combined forces moving northwest wind here tomorrow. it will be just before the parade. it will have
12:35 pm
curved and all for the lincoln brought moisture down. i could be a couple flurries. we're not expecting he the months of snowfall. the main accumulation will be up to the north. osama to the west. here's the storm we were talking about. they york is right there. you can see the heavy snow and the sharp demarcation. the snow that is pulling and land. more than a foot of snow may fall west of boston. we're watching the storm off of the west coast. polls was warmer air from the tropical pacific. the jet stream is blowing in from the northwest. what happens over the weekend. warm air from of of the pacific and blow it across the country.
12:36 pm
a couple of 1 shots in the next couple of days. the cool off late next week. on saturday uc below span account in the plains with a northerly wind coming from the gulf of mexico. >> at warms up. it takes the colder air that comes in the next couple of days and you'll see how it lifts it out of there. >> colder air comes in the early next week. monday and maybe into tuesday. one more shot of warmer air tuesday or briefly wednesday. we're kind of walking the line between art to care and pacificare. we will see temperatures bobble around. >> temperatures are nine degrees above yesterday. nine degrees above normal below normal concern. nine
12:37 pm
degrees below yesterday's level. 35 of cloudy skies and some flurries. >> today is mostly cloudy. a low down to 30. " this thanksgiving and 25 years not since 1989 when it was 27 on thanksgiving and thanksgiving as cold as the third you're forecasting tomorrow. >> clouding over friday could be patchy light ice pellets. even a little freezing rain later in the day as warmer air runs over the retreating cooler air. that is to process the prince is near 50 degrees territory. warm-up a little bit over the weekend. >> the chance of rain fall on sunday afternoon. >> a lot of folks are thinking about that.
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>> which food was likely served at the first thanksgiving yoco
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>>midday drawings for november 26th let's start with pick3 + fireball 8-5-3 fireball number 5 be sure to pick up tickets. the powerball jackpot is 80 million dollars. a great way to start the weekend
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let';s get started with pick4 fireball 2 time for lucky day lotto. 400,000 dollars coming your way. >>lucky day lotto
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numbers 39-43-1-10- 45 hope you have a happy thanksgiving. good luck with those games.
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the flu appears to be spreading throughout cook county health officials say they are seeing a big jump in the number of flu and influenza-like illnesses. over the last week, the county has seen a 32 percent o people g or the d similar viin emergency and there's an even higher ju in the number of student absences at schools over the last two weeks. health officials remind everyone older than six mont st a ot anyone with symptoms should stay home for at least 24 hours to help prevent the spread of the virus. a new device could make mammograms more comfortable. during a mammogram the breast is compressed so doctors can get a better image of the tissue but the process can be painful. the new device displays the average pressure during compression. so the pressure can be adjusted and standardized. researchers working with the company "sigma screening" prs less the
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unta any sayshe school meals may be more beneficial to students than lunches sent from home. in the journal "jama pediatrics". researchers found lunches brought from home contain more sodium than the recommended amount but less fruits, veggies, whole grains and milk. ninety percent of meals brought from home contained desserts, snacks and sugary drinks not allowed in school lunch programs. research also showed students are more likely to eat breakfast at school at another lunchbreak is next we're making a healthy quick appitizer everyone will love appitizer everyone will love
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>> two here making the classic cheese plate. if food and nutrition expert joins us now.
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>> one of my favorite things. an entire meal in some cases. >> as i was looking around, first of all they look like they are a lot of work for people i wanted to simplify it. not a lot of vegetables or nutrition here. >> good for you little the but not too much. this is my thanksgiving gift. how to make over a cheese plate that you can feel good about. these are grapes from california. they are in season rendell. in seasonally through january. all colors the you would pick the right cream or even the black all have healthy and type accidents. and dioxins.
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karloff pistachios. the last gallery in lowest fat snack. a serving is 6 g of protein and a healthy fat. you're going to feel satisfied but you will not feel stuffed. >> the always keep a bold behind for the revenants. >remnants >> pickled vegetables. spicey green beans carrots and asparagus. all pickled. pickled vegetables have in the girl. >> this is going to be like a secret apatite regulator. >> you can also do roasted vegetables.
12:52 pm
more vitamin c than an orange. i also like marinated vegetables. this is artichoke. marinated in the oil. >> do they have too much sodium? was reading of the labels. >> one of the highest and tax and vegetables around. >> a great option. a little bit of protein. these are all whole grain. one
12:53 pm
read the ingredient list and thought there was 100 percent whole brain. all different shapes. even some whole grain bread. it is all different kinds of shapes. it is all different kinds of colors. really the only skill that you need >> cannot do without cheese. >>go strong. >>i am not a huge stinky cheese fan. >>it is beautiful. >>i have tons fof produce. i feel full and satisfied. not stuffed. dark chocolate on the edge. >>
12:54 pm
>> broken off into servings for people. that is always the big thing. the servings. >> moving on to dinner. you're an expert in this nutrition stuff. we can use everything that is put out as long as we're just making a serving size. >> everything on a plate. i like to play it all. and natural feedback mechanism. >> starting off with a plate it really keeps you mindful. you feel satisfied going into the meal. >> enjoy your favorites. this is not a holiday for deprivation. enjoy your favorites.
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>> we will certainly have a link on our >> we will certainly have a link on our web page.
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one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. >> which food was likely serve that first thanksgiving? >> the answer is shellfish muscles clams and lobster were plentiful in new england during the first thanksgiving. >> that is interesting. >> to a mess out there today on the beach. it is raining on the coast. snowing in new england. we're doing quite well by comparison. here's a look at temperatures. kind of cool out there and damp. we're at 26. a local schooler air coming into the dakotas. >> late sunday temperatures will start to die again.
12:58 pm
a big storm going up the east coast. if a curl of a storm in the gulf of alaska sending the warmer air into the west coast. track >> and west of us. we stay overcast. could get some light flurries at times. coming off of the lake is to concede later tonight. it will shift over to indian appeared to stem flurries on thursday morning.indiana. ther'e little clipper. a big storm going up the east coast. the low pressure spinning off of the pacific is interesting. once that cold high gets by us tomorrow. see that dark cloud. maybe brief period of ice pellets. >>2 we go into partly sunny windy weather on saturday with temperatures invading 50 degree territory. the conceit of meetings today in the 30's.
12:59 pm
here the lows by morning. going up to the '30's during the day tomorrow. but the time we get to friday it will be in the mid 30's. look at the '70's and 60's near the planes. it will not be that warm here. 55 sunday which would make this the second consecutive weekend we've had '50s in chicago. >> have a great '50s in chicago. >> have a great thanksgiving.
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