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tv   Today  NBC  October 7, 2015 2:07am-3:00am EDT

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won. leadership isn't given. it's taken. from nbc news, this is "today", with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. welcome to booze day tuesday. we can't hear it, but apparently, you're listening to "me and the rhythm." >> by selena gomez. i like her. we have a terrific show for you. >> how's your tattoo?
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>> here's the funny thing about the tat. first of all, i was in the shower this morning. with soap, warm water and scrubbing. literally scrubbing it from yesterday. i got a tweet from jamie alexander. she's from "the blind spot." you saw that she did the tattoo. >> she said it takes a village. good luck getting it off. it takes a village. >> poor hodi, if you have any suggestions for her. >> to remove the tat. not soap and water. so weird. >> and you put it front and center, so proud, too. >> you wanted to talk about the boys. >> they're going to answer all your burning questions about a perfect date, how to pick them up afterwards. >> new faces, too. i see, those two. >> then it's a fiesta in the kitchen. we're going to make a kicked-up version of one of your favorite
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drive-through foods, tacos. >> and pastor joel osteen. find out what he wants you to say every single day that could change your day. >> he's got a terrific new book. it. >> so james gordon is always good for a laugh. on the late, late show. he had some fun with julie ann moore and john stamos. >> the two people are supposed to recite taylor swift's lyrics from the songs. and apparently those words make a cheesy soap opera scene. >> okay. let's take a look. >> i'm a nightmare, just like your day dream. >> shake it off. >> shake it off. >> shake. >> i'm going to shake it off. >> players going to play, play, pla i plarks i. >> and haters going to hate, hate, hate, hate. >> go on and tell your friends
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>> tonight's the night we the forget about it. i'm feeling 22. >> he's so great. that's fun. >> if you were home watching "the voice", last night, it was the last night of the blind ah diss. last night, there were a bunch of terrific performances, but we chose two of these that have all of the coaches turning. 15-year-old shelby brown performed "stars" she did it kind of her own way, in a country way, so let's look at it. i can't look at the stars " stars
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stars stars >> wow, that's a big, big for her. >> she wanted blake. >> but she went for adam. >> you know when you must hear your child, your sister sing all the time, and you know she's good, but you don't know that she's good, good, good. >> it validates them. >> the whole family was shocked. >> my parents told me that i went through a period that they wished i wouldn't go for the high notes. >> don't go there. >> oh, god, here it comes. finally learned how to do them, and now i can't do them at all. >> and another performance went to amy drashle.
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dream a little dream of me tell me be you love me while i'm alone and blue as can be >> please lord, please pick me. >> remember when cass sang it mama cass? >> i know the mamas and papas, i cass. >> i know. >> i knew it was the mamas and papas. what's papa's name? >> there are two papas. denny was one and john phillips was the other. who was the other mama? michelle phillips.
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it's all coming together. >> that is so generational. >> that is coming together full circle. now i comprehende. >> adam has shaved his head. >> i wonder if that was a statement or just because. >> i doubt it's lice, but that is one of the cures for lice. >> have you ever been at a party or with friends and somebody asked you a question that you think is rude? sometimes they'll ask you something they feel like is an innocent question, but it really isn't. sometimes it has to do with money, i don't know, politics or all kinds of stuff. >> or people say, how much do you weigh? how much money do you make? and i went, what? >> i'm embarrassed when anyone asks anything even tiptoeing close to it. if someone asks how much money you make, the only time somebody usually asks me that is when i
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and i said if you are asking that question, this business is not for you, because you have to start out not making anything. so here's the question. the question is, what do you do? now apparently, >> that seems rude to me. >> see, i didn't think so. >> what do you do? well, because sometimes -- and i don't call it a stay-at-home mom, i call it a work-at-home mom. that's the hardest job. having had a career and raising children. raising fine children is the hardest job in the world. so do you do is a little -- >> like offputting. and yet if you're at a party or at a bar or out with people. one of the first questions before where are you from, how many brothers and sister, people ask you what do you do? lake that like that's kind of the go to question. instead of that you should ask
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>> i don't want, that's nobody's business. >> then you start panicking. >> why do you want to know? that's an odd question. put it back on them. why in the world would you ask such a thing. >> how about this one. some people ask, do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend yet? yet? >> these are all rude. >> if you dropped off the yet, it might be fine. >> they don't want to talk about it. >> i go, oh, no, still looking. i just blew it off. >> you use it with humor. somebody asked you once what you made and you said not enough. you try to use humor and have fun. sometimes it's such an offputting. and people give you their opinion about something. one time i did say to a woman who was, i saw her coming, and she was like this, and i said oh, here comes trouble. she said i love you and regis and i watch you every day, but i got to tell you something. that's when you should walk away. no, you don't have to tell me something.
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nothing compels to you have to tell me something. that white dress you had on the other day, awful. >> what? >> and i just looked at her, and i said, you know what? i'm sorry, but i don't remember asking you. >> ooh. >> and i didn't do it in a mean way at all. i don't remember asking you. >> what did she say. >> well, oh. i said you may see me on television, but i'm a human being, and i have feelings, and you're certainly allowed your opinion, but why would you want to say something that is unkind? she did it all in front of her friends, trying to be a, you know, so i think there's a way to let people know that they really have no reason to ask you certain questions. >> and one woman walked up to me in the mall and said ooh, i thought you were so much bigger, turn around. and you know the sad part? i turned around. i am like this, why am i
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and she goes oh, okay. you're not as big as i thought, bye. and i was like, bye. and i'm still thinking about it. >> i was down in alabama one time, and the ladies were clogging. the 80-year-old women, she clogs right over to me, and she says you're a whole lot better on tv. and she clogs away. anyway, you have to have a sense of humor. >> if you haven't won yet, this could be your lucky week. because we're going to give it away. and joel osteen, he'll have something to say. and the two words that will we'll let him tell us about it stretch into muumuus. and pilled cardigans become pets. but it's not you, it's the laundry. protect your clothes from stretching, fading, and fuzz. ...with downy fabric it not only softens and freshens, it helps protect clothes from so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes. downy fabric conditioner.
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all right. as children, we are taught to believe that words can never hurt us. >> but what about the negative words we tend to say about ourselves? >> joel osteen tells us they keep us from having a happier life. >> i keep telling hoda.
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millions have packed in for his international night of hope events. >> and now he has a terrific new book called "the power of i am." two words that will change your life today. great to see you. >> thank you. >> two words, huh? those two words. >> the principle is whatever follows "i am." like you were talking about. it's easy to go around saying or thinking i am unattractive, i am unlucky. >> tired. >> to me, it's just inviting the wrong things into your life, whereas, if you turn it around, you make a statement of faith. i am blessed, i am strong. i'm a child of god. i think it change, you're inviting the right things into your life. it's not just being positive. it's renewing your mind, thinking like you were created to think. >> you have written so many books, and this one's different for that reason. how do you sustain a whole book on that concept. >> the first two or three
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chapters, we talk about the power of our words, be quiet or be good. i am strong, i am healthy, i am victorious. i am patient. i just kind of explain those and give the reader encouragement and inspiration. >> if you're going through a difficult time in your life, an illness or breakup or something and you aren't feeling joyful or any of those things, what should that person do? >> well, i think it's important that you find something to be grateful about, because it's easy to get bitter and discouraged, and god, why did this happen to me. when you're discouraged, it's going to push you down even further. i would encouple kunl courage you to get up and say, lord, thank you for this day. you have to be happy where you are before you can get to the next place. if you say i'm bitter because of my job or this loss. it's going to keep you there. but you have to say, god, things aren't perfect, but aim going to be good to someone else.
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>> when you look at people around the world and people say, how can a loving god allow this to happen, christians being bee beheaded. >> it's a difficult question. but god's given us all our own free will. he didn't make us robots. in heaven we're going to get to a place where there's no evil and harm. >> some people are defined by their scars, you know? if you meet someone, sometimes, and look, i'm a cancer survivor. sometimes i'll say that. but sometimes that is the sole definition someone has of >> the whole world through one lens. >> sometimes people are defined by their scars. >> it really is, but what you said is so important, not to let one event define your life, don't let a divorce, a bad break, a loss. it's one moment in your life. god's written every day of our
2:24 am
and sometimes we get stuck in a chapter. we may be in a negative check, but keep moving forward, you'll come into another chapter, a chapter of victory. >> don't you find, too, it as often the people we surround ourselves. i don't have negative friends anymore. keep reinforcing the i ams. >> i see people get off course because of the people they're hanging out with. you think you're going to change them, but too often they change us. >> it's a terrific book and a lot of people are hurting and could be helped by it. congratulations. good to see you again. unfortunately, we're going to hang out with the guys a little bit. you're not going to learn a dad gum thing. >> and we can make fun of them, too. >> the guys are getting ready to tell all. >> about their perfect date night. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets
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that's why you don't have any -- >> when it comes to dating and relationships, don't you wish you could read a man's mind? >> year' going to help you with a segment we call guys tell all. first jared freed. >> you're on probation. >> why? i thought you looked great in that dress. >> all right. now you're not. >> next we have a married father. still married. >> yes. >> who will be recording his second comedy album. >> you are rockin' it. >> we have actor ryan devlin is here. he's the host of mtv's are you the one? >> ryan's married with a baby? >> you are? >> married with a baby.
2:27 am
i'm sorry, i'm taken, hoda. >> today to know. >> last but certainly not least, so sad, the still-divorced of he plays on tv and "single and hungry." it's for the single and hungry out there. the title says it all. >> we're going to go -- >> what? >> i got engaged on labor day. >> come on! >> it's true. >> wait a second. you're going to lose all your charm. [cheers and applause] >> wait, are we bouncing now? >> i was sad and divorced, but i'm also engaged. i got engaged a lot, you know. >> breaking news. >> let's go across the street. >> you >> howdy. i want to know how guys know that she's the one.
2:28 am
>> trial and error for me, clearly. i suggest you get married as many times as humanly possible and sooner or later you'll find the right one. >> i grew up in church and we prayed for who we wanted. so i had a checklist and i started realizing that my wife was filling out the checklist, so i was like, you know, i think i better go, because i think this is the one that god sent. >> look, i host a show on mtv called "are you the one", wednesdays at 10:00. so what we do is take a couple who thinks they might be a perfect match, and we put them into the truth booth. and the truth booth tells you if you're the one. so donna, come on my show. >> girls give you the inside spoon. you know, when you cuddle, there's an outside spoon and an inside spoon.
2:29 am
ask your boyfriends. you ask him and he's like, i don't know. every guy wants the inside spoon. what's more comfortable? swaddle baby jesus? i want that spoon spot. >> you're on probation. >> i'll be your little spoon anytime, kathie lee. >> anytime. >> now you're on again. >> i wish we could go to commercial. >> me too. >> but we can't. we have one more. katie wants to know, katie wants to know what's the perfect date night like for a wife to take her husband on. what would be your perfect date night. >> have a plan. you want to have a plan. so many times you go what do you want to do, what do you want to do? dominate us with details. >> married details. >> you know -- >> why are we yelling? >> all i need is someone who will take care of the kids. if the kid is taken care of, i
2:30 am
do whatever, we can sit on a bench eating haute ot dogs long the
2:31 am
okay, it's booze day tuesday, hoda's favorite, and we're back with guys tell all. >> nick and ryan and newly engaged bob. >> we have a question from across the street. okay. go ahead. >> i'm nancy from spearfish south dakota, and i want to know why so few men appreciate a strong-willed woman. >> i don't know what she's talking about. >> like i was saying before, make a plan. >> you want them to take charge? >> if the die has a guy has a problem with you having a strong will, that guy has a problem. >> you want to be challenged by your partner if you want it to last. you want that give-and-take, otherwise the thing's going to run out of steam. >> a girl looks in the face and says we're getting drunk, put down that klondike bar right now.
2:32 am
we'll spoon and. >> it's also about being strong at the right time. sometimes, you know, sometimes you need to be strong as a man, but sometimes a woman needs to be strong too. >> you know what i thought i'd never say? i miss chuck knight. >> i always miss chuck. >> nancy says this. i love to travel and my husband doesn't. i do some travel with friends or on tour groups. once in a while he'll say sure i'll go with you, but then he's stressed out. >> where are they going, islamabad? >> they don't like planes and the whole -- >> i don't want to be with someone i can't travel with. i want to travel with someone who makes it easier. >> your husband, you're going to be stuck with him. you want to see the world. involve him in some of the trip planning. >> that's something where maybe you should have found out about that. but once you realize that something doesn't work for a particular person, you fand other things work, hey, you
2:33 am
if it's really creating problems. >> treat them like a toddler, there la be a buffalo wide wings, you like that, and then have them come on the trip. >> klondike bar. >> then you have the wings and a beer and then he's comfortable. >> who is he? >> hoda, he came for you, okay? you are my type right now. i like an older woman. this is what i'm into. >> oh! >> women love that. they always have snacks. this is great. this is -- i paid good money for this seat. >> let's go across the street for an intelligent question. >> hi, i'm athy from charleston, south carolina. how can i plight olitely encourage my
2:34 am
fiance too clean up his beard trimmings? dude, come clean this up, i'm not your mother. >> you can leave some other trimmings around and i think he might take the hint. >> ooh! >> lee yaw u leah wants to know, short hair or long hair? >> we don't care. >> i want a hairdresser. they always switch it up. >> i like them both, but i actually like short hair. i want you to be confident in whoever and whatever you do. >> the shorter it is the quicker they're out the door. >> not necessarily. >> speaking of long-haired beautiful women, can we see your fiance? >> ah! >> she's adorable. >> she looks like she's about1 about 12, bob. >> all right, guys, thank you so much.
2:35 am
if you have a question, go to klg and and hit the connect button. enjoy the fruits of your labor later. >> get your garden ready for the cold months ahead, next. >> bad boy! we train. adapt. and get smarter. every soldier. every unit. every day. not to keep up with change; but to drive it. nobody knows what problems tomorrow will bring. but we do know who will solve them. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. cheez-it grooves are the best of both worlds. like a cheez-it and a chip. ooooh, you just put 'em together. yes.
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(cheese makes kissing noises) they're kissing! (cheese laughs uncontrollably) we take time for our cheese to mature
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if you look into your yard and think a summer cleanup is all you can do, think again. >> from flowers to fruit trees, you can get your spring garden started now while prepping your beds for the winter to come. >> we have the editor in chief of modern farmer magazine. she's here to help you. >> how are y'all?
2:38 am
>> we're fine y'all. >> fall is the only time you should plant spring bulbs. if you want tulips, high yacinthshyacinths. >> what is this guy? >> this is actually a tulip. >> that's going to be a tulip. >> and you put it in the ground, you think the roots are coming out of the bottom. these are high yacinthhyacinths. >> this is like garlic. >> which you also plant now. the pointy side goes up and the root side down. exactly. >> crazy. what's going on here? >> way more instant gratification with lettuce. it goes from seed to harvest in a little more than a month. >> the frost will kill it. >> the frost will kill it. >> but for these, you plant now and they pop up.
2:39 am
>> for lettuces, just right under the soil, like half an inch, with the bulbs, the rule of thumb is twice the diameter. the package tells you. the other thing you can plant this time of year is trees and shrubs, believe it or not. the it's easier. the ground is warmer, it's easier for the roots. this is an apple tree. >> it won't die in the winter? it will make it >> it will make it. >> there's always a question of a tree not making it. >> of course. >> usually a good nursery will. >> nursery? >> you can often get a discount. because most people think of planting in the spring. >> how do you get your garden ready for wintertime. >> when you rake those leaves, don't bag them or mulch them. they make great mulch as they
2:40 am
decompose. >> you don't have to grind them up? >> you can chop them or put them whole, either way. >> hoda's learning things that she's never going to use. >> ever. >> i did it all every fall, too. >> okay. >> this is a mistake i often make. spring is when you go out to plant, but you can't remember when the perennials were. i will plant something and whoops, a lily comes up. so right now when you can still see everything, take stakes and mark on them, plant something here or mark where you've planted peonies, lilies. >> peonies? >> things that die back. that way next spring you won't plant on top of it. >> and hoses. >> before. >> do you have a hose? >> i live in an apartment. i just have a balcony. >> you do. >> you could have a hose on that balcony. and you should drain it of water before the freeze comes in.
2:41 am
same goes for lawnmowers. you need to get the gas out of them or put fuel stabilizer in there so they don't freeze. >> and there are some things you can bring inside. >> your herbs are going to do fine. hanging annuals, petunias, ferns. >> put them in a sunny spot. >> exactly. >> they're called annuals for a reason. >> but they do tend to do better inside than perennials, which are never going to last in the pot. lastly, money plant, your palms, bananas. get them in. >> thanking so much. we're going to plant an idea for tonight's dinner.
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today. if you have the desire for tacos, new taco classics. >> and you make yours special. >> this is the bible of tacos. >> okay. >> wow. you think classics, and i wanted to bring you one of my favorite. we're going to have a beef taco. we're going to make a slaw with apples, different cabbages. of course we have the blue cheese. and of course the tortilla, let's start cooking. >> what are we doing? >> we're going to take this tender loin. >> deliberately with salt. >> deliberately. >> we're going to do this. we're going to do pepper. i like it deliberately, because i think it is very important
2:46 am
that you seen this mete meat well, because you're going to slice it and keep the flavor when you sear the meat. >> then you put it on the grill. how long after it comes off the grill, should you let it sit for a second? >> yes. you want it to be medium to rare and soft and tender. i like four minutes each side. you're going to have a very hot temperature. one of the keys when you're grilling, it has to be hot. once the meat start to release itself is when it's ready to turn. we're going to let it rest. what we're going to do, watch my tortillas here, let it have some grill marks, you know, we can get it going. >> okay. >> the slaw. i like what she calls me, oda. i love it. >> sorry, love. so we're going to do couple of
2:47 am
we can do apples, anything that gives you slaw. a little bit of carrot for color and sweetness. a little bit of green onion. salt and pepper. >> oda. >> ola oda. >> i made one for you without the blue cheese. >> >> kathie lee's cutting. >> look at the beautiful color. the celery's going to give it another level of flavor and a crunch. >> it's time to eat. >> this is dlirs elicious. >> go ahead, hoda. what i have here is the blue cheese. i'm going to give you one that doesn't have the blue cheese, love.
2:48 am
>> bring the tortilla, mama. >> that's fantastico. >> oda, oda. >> i think we should just taste them. >> exactly. we're going to go a little bit of meat, a little bit of -- >> come on. >> onion. >> and one of those. >> just grab one of these? >> i heard you guys were cookin', decided to come over. >> and also these avocados, fried? >> ooh, good. >> cornflower flour. >> what do you think? very good. >> oh, my gosh. >> these are awesome. >> this is rick. >> oh, rick! >> you forget his name when he's eating. i love that. >> i'm getting fed.
2:49 am
>> go to klg and don't miss out, but first this is "today" on nbc. mary gets her bounce on. wow mary, is like, every mom from the neighborhood here? look at them all... ...'judgie'. see? you are looking good! using bounce dryer sheets is paying off. your clothes have fewer wrinkles, and static cling... ...ain't bringing you down. oh! and look, it's that ms.brooke-thinks-she's-all-that- and-a-bag-of-chips. good thing you brought your a-game. your a-game. bounce, the 4 in 1 dryer sheet. get your bounce on. bring us your aching and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again with aleve pm. we're all familiar with this, axe daily fragrances. but what you wouldn't have seen is this, axe dry spray antiperspirant. why are you touching your armpit? i was just checking to see if it's dry.
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on car insurance, you switch to geico.
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before we say good-bye on this booze day tuesday we're going to make five viewers happy because it's time to give it away. >> in honor of national fire prevention week, this week's package is worth $440. >> you're going to get three combination smoke and co alarms,
2:53 am
and fire alarms. two carbon monoxide alarms with digital read out. >> let's find out who the winners are. >> you got it. come on. >> the first one is marrita wilterink. >> and oh, sorry. >> that's okay. >> douglas morgan from hawthorne, new jersey. >> i've got tammy people from owens crossroads, alabama. >> and the last one, nancy trainer, from banning, california. >> congrats to all of our winners. >> if you want to enter, next week you have to do it again. you have to go to klg and and connect. >> tomorrow jay leno is going to take us into his garage. >> and dr. ng to take over our kitchen.
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