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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  November 3, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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a deadly storm. how he managed to escape after his car was swept away. >> announcer: 7 news at 5:30 starts now price. a pregnant woman seriously injured in a crash in manchester, new hampshire, police say a driver tried to change lanes when he smashed into the car she was' travelling in. >> elizabeth: that impact caused her car to flip. adam williams is here with the breaking details. >> reporter: we'll have more of the video for you. the respectant mother was seriously injured but police are saying she should be okay. video shows the mad ka hitting another -- mazda hitting another car which had the pregnant woman in inside. the highlighted here. the woman was thrown out on happened. the car hit a utility pole before rolling over leaving dramatic scene there. then this is what is left. the car on its roof. the driver and pregnant passenger were taken to the hospital but the good news, if you can leave it after seeing that, both people are
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police are investigating the crash but again can't say it enough but the pregnant woman and baby should be okay. adam williams, 7 news. >> ryan: also following investigating the cod. the child dayed in sandwich. the district attorney says there are no obvious signs of trauma but they're trying to figure out what caused the baby's death. working with police on this investigation. >> elizabeth: also on 7 a dangerous encountner worcester. a police officer forced to europe out of the way when a teenager allegedly tries to run him over. >> ryan: chaos continued with shots fired, a chase and arrest. kelli o'hara has details. >> reporter: that teen is accused of hitting the olice officer. he ended up driverring over list foot and his legs. prosecutors say this started over a fight in a burger king drive thru. >> the defendant did
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officer smith on several occasion, he did strike him in the foot. >> reporter: an officer hurt hit by an out of control driver. prosecutors say the man behind the wheel was conner davis. >> the defendant is charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon, and assault with intent to murder. >> reporter: wearing his future is new sweater he is in front of a judge now. prosecutors say davis was at a burger king and got into a fight in the drive thru just after midnight. moments later a nearby police officer went to intervene but that is when davis allegedly hit him with his car. that officer firing his gun twice but police say that didn't stop davis who then took off. >> the defendant was not cooperating with police. he was inherently dangerous. he attempted to run over a police officer and fled after numerous commands to stop. >> reporter: the officer is okay. police caught up to the teen and put him in handcuffs. davis' family said she don't know what happened.
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outside of court his mom mum to our cameras. you said your son was working two jobs, can you say something? the teen is still behind bars, he is being held on a dangerousness conclude. the police officer is doing okay tonight. kelli o'hara, 7 news. >> elizabeth: police have arrested a man accused of trying to rob a restaurant in webster. according to webster application kyle ran into the restaurant yesterday wearing a scream mask from the scary movie. workers brought him down before he could get away with cash. he faces charges crud armed robbery -- including armed robbery. >> ryan: is woman behind bars. police say jennifer valianty and her boyfriend allegedly battling drug addiction hoped to cash in on killing his parents after they considered cutting their sun out of the will. she had nothing to do were
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the deaths. police found the bodies of the two parents in a yard not far from their home after nearly three-month search. their son is facing murder charges. his day in court hasn't been scheduled. >> elizabeth: a mother in michigan infuriated after she says her son's school was to tough. he was handcuffed and the mother says her son is not a violent kid. she is demanding answers. >> he ain't in here with no >> reporter: this is cell phone video shot by chrystal as she walked into the brownle academy in michigan. her son handcuffed behind his back, the officer couldn't release her son because he didn't have a key. >> you put my son in handcuffs and you down have a key? what sense does that make? >> reporter: the officer son. the chief said the officer used handcuffs to restrain the child to prevent injuries to the child or
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others. happened. >> he said i was kicking the cart. i was kicking the cart r.she didn't get any answer from the court or the police until the media got involved. >> i don't want a kid to fell like i'm going to get handcuffed. >> reporter: the chief says it's our model to engage children in a positive light that will foster trust and respect. the superintendent said in a statement: the woman hopes when police get training on how to deal with young kids. >> i was sold when he walked in -- told he said if i doesn't sit down i'm going to handcuff you. >> reporter: both flint police an the school
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district are investigating the incident. >> ryan: a major high in northern california is back open after a dust storm caused an 18-car pile up. police say visibility was afternoon. drivers say they couldn't see anything but could hear crashing. five people suffering minor injuries. >> reporter: a rollover wreck in seattle leaving a car mangled in a ditch. it rolled over and ended up there. -- sways in -- sideways in the creek there. two girls were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >> yikes, scary moments on a snow-covered road in alaska. conditions causing an s.u.v. to slide out of control. in oregon and california the first winter-like storm of the season also brought snow, rain and heavy winds. >> elizabeth: small plane makes a crash landing. it was parachuting from the sky.
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bill simon was piloting the plane. it hit a truck when it finally landed. no one was hurt in the crash. it's under investigation. >>. >> ryan: a 5-year-old girl is deserted in the desert. the arizona desert is an unforgiving landscape where the heat and wild animals get the best of people. >> being missing in a desert is very serious. >> ryan: now being being stranded as the subgoes down -- sun goes down and you are only a 5-year-old girl. that the is what one firefighter found crying for help after her parents reported her missing, her exact words -- >> i don't know why poppa left me. i was a calling out for him. >> reporter: her poppa is paul raider, theheriff says he took her for a ride and left her by a bush with just one thing, and it wasn't a bottle of water. >> a loaded .45 caliber pivotal.
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>> reporter: he told her it was to shoot bad guys. >> so many things could have happened with a 5-year-old. this is a loaded weapon i ready to go. >> reporter: he had been walking for hours making his way 10 miles down the road to a bar. employ sees said he ordered several drinks, a meal and a ride. >> he never told anybody where the kid was. >> reporter: a 5-year-old left to fend for herself. now granpa spends time behind bars instead of sitting at one. he said he left her there because she said she couldn't walk any further. >> the keystone pipeline is facing a road block tonight. the company blind the pipeline is asking the government to suspend its application. it's because of a dispute about a route through the state of nebraska. the company is hoping to get a border crossing permit from the u.s. government. the planned pipeline would run from can to texas.
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>> the cincinnati native co-owns one of the ten farms that would be used to grow marijuana. not everyone thinks that it's ideal and a good deal for ohio. >> it's a good deal for nick and his rich croonies but it's a bad deal for ohio. >> he is registered to vote in california. >> the t.s.a. may be falling a bit shore. the report suggest there is is no proof the t.s.a.'s screening methods are effective. agency's methods lack consistency. the report comes as the house committee is set to hold a hearing on the t.s.a. 's reported shortcomings. hilton hotels coming under fire. the f.c.c.fined the hotel $25,000 for obstructing its investigation into allegation that is it has been blocking guests personal wifi hot spots. guests have complained that
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the hotel has ton so. hilton hasn't commented. >>. >> new at 6:00 a store own the in lowell accused of having ties to the ku klux klan. the owner is facing threats. >> ryan: three teens in trouble with the law accused of shooting people with the gun you see there. all three appeared in front of a judge today. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know with kenny rogers gets you got to know when to hold'em. know when to fold 'em. know when to walk away. know when to run. you never count your money, when you're sitting at the ta... what? you get it? i get the gist, yeah. save you fifteen percent
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>> a yale university frat under fire over a claim members instituted a white girls only policy at the party. the president says the only screening they do at the door is ask for a yale university i.d. >> one student was denied etry based on the color of her skin. >> reporter: members of the frat are defending themselves against allegations of racism after they were accused of allowing only white women no a halloween party last week. a yale student first drew attention to the allegation a facebook post saying in
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moment to give a shoutout to the member of the chapter who turned away a group of girls from their party last night explaining that admittance was on a white girl only basis. students had strong post. >> absolutely disgusting, deplorable a and terrible. >> reporter: yale president grant denies accusations says it was just before mid-night when the police showed up and told the frat not to let everyone else in. >> it's overcrowded. it's overcapacity. it's a safety hazard. it hasn't had anything to do with entry to any of our parties ever or entry into being a member of the frat. >> reporter: the yale chapter -- released a claim saying: the national chapter is investigating the incident
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the university of oklahoma chapter made headlines after a video was released showing chant. the university took swift action expelling two of the students caught singing and national officials quickly closed the chapter. the student who first posted about this incident was not part of the group that was allegedly turned away from the party. she claimed in her post she experienced a similar incident in which she was' turned from an last year. jadiann thompson, 7 news. >> coming up one man lucky to be alive after being swept away in a deadly storm. the incredible survival recorded on his cell phone. >> our forecast is pretty simple. it stays mild overall with brief interruptions of cool weather. that's ahead. >> then at 6:00 a headstone mysteriously appears in an
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>> 59 in town. dew point reading at 43. west-southwest wind at about 11 miles an hour. temperatures were something to talk about, weren't they? a lot of sunshine. started off chilly in some cases out through natick and millis they were in the 30s and we catapulted to the low 70's electrickington 72. waltham and wren them in the lower 70s, now bedford 65. boston 69. 61 worcester and 67 in norwood.
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upper 50s out through cape cod andite -- the islands. our winds will turn more onshore. cooling us off along the coastline. there is a front that goes by overnight tonight and the switches our winds more to an easterly fashion tomorrow. that is high pressure doing that. in the meantime warm front tries to come back to it, but it won't reach us until tomorrow night, and then it passes through tomorrow night and is allowed to warm us up going into thursday. but along with the warmer weather comes a little bit more in the way of cloudiness on thursday and also the chance for a shower with a weak weather system rolling through in the late night hours thursday into friday. you can see it here. and it's just low-level moisture. it could come together as wet weather. it's more humid air coming into the picture here on friday and -- friday really. we're windy and warm waiting for the front to pass through to cool us off on the weekend for friday and friday we do have a chance
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temperature in the lower 70s. the report is 73 in boston. windham, new hampshire, about 63. 65 lowell. we're cooler all around. rock potts, marblehead, boston, 59-60 for a high temperature. lows 60s over to wellesley as well. not a lot in the way of cold air across. we've been talking that it's bottled up across the northern most part of canada and the north pole. it's really tightly wound around the north pole where it should be, however we sometimes see intrusion that is come down to the lower 48. not this time around. the jet stream will keep us mild through mid november. there will be cooldowns from time to time as we'll see this weekend. but overall when you look at it from now it's almost the end of the month it's pretty much above normal. mostly clear, 34-49. then tomorrow, big cool, 59-65. thankfully some wet weather
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coming to the west coast. of the u.s., california, get beneficial rain and snows in the rocky mountains. for us, there you go. weekend cools down. get us near normal. sunday is a chilly day but the only one we have in the next 7 days. see you with more at 6:00. >> incredible story of survival caught on camera. a man gets swept away by a deadly storm in central texas. the flooding and tornadoes killed at least six people. >> ryan: this man managed to escape his car as it was being pulled away. >> so, it's flooding here. >> reporter. >> ryan: an underestimate from a remarkably calm kerry packer who was trapped in his car. >> you can see i'm floating down some sort of creek in the middle of this weather. i called 911. told me to roll down my stay in the car.
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for nearly half a mile. >> love you guys. >> reporter: he planned to show his wife later. his car was filling up vast and was on the verge of tipping when this happened. >> my car which is no longer visible under the water was swept into the the creek, and i was very blessed that it didn't flip out because it almost department and as it was sinking, i grabbed on to the tree and climbed up. >> reporter: kerry grabbed a tree branch. he pulled himself out of the car and climbed up nearly 20 feet. he took this tick pure of his car almost completely submerged. he was in the tree for almost five hours. he passed time in the tree by calling his wife and says his boy scout training is what saved his life. up next mark wahlberg taking the million dollar man to the next level. more details coming up in the buzz. >> good evening, everybody, nice to have you with us,
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>> adam: i'm i a dam news. a pregnant woman seriously hurt in a crash up in new hampshire. you can see the car flipping and rolling. investigators say a driver was changing lanes when that happened. the latest consistent three people facing a judge. >> kim: three people facing a judge accused of targeting homeless people with a b.b.gun that looked awfully real. >> we are ahearing from a young woman who lost her arm boston harbor. >> kim: those stories and much more, hope you join us
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>> topping the buzz the $6 million dollar map is being remade for the man taking inflation into account. >> the 6 million dollar man with star mark wahlberg. production is expected to start late next year and viewers can expect to see $6 billion dollar man in theaters in december 2017. >> ben aflex is sweeting this picture last week to prove he is shooting a movie. he is directing and starring in "live by night." it's set in the prohibition era, aflex will play a
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mobsters and is also the son of a boston police captain. >> i'm elizabeth norieka. >> . >> ryan: i i am ryan schulteis. >> a pregnant woman suffering serious injuries in a frightening crash. also breaking kids in lowell accused of taking aim at homeless people. why police are taking a closer look at the toy gun they allegedly used. a young woman fighting her way forward after a day on the water takes a tragic turn. >> few things are presented to me and i figure out how to do it. >> announcer: hear why she says she is lucky to be alive. >> more warmth in store in the days ahead. >> announcer: 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> adam: at 6:00 a horrifying crash you will see it highlighted at the top of the screen. pregnant woman thrown from the car when it flips and
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lands on its roof. the woman was left lying on the street. she is expected to be ok. >> kim: police say another driver is to blame for the crash. dan hausle is live in man chest we are more on what happened and the condition of the people involved. >> reporter: hours later crews and police remained on the scenes replacing a pole knocked over by one of the crashing cars. new mexico the video, this is over a one-way street. two lanes you see a red car apparently going by at a high rate of speed then three cars come together one of the cars flipping over and landing on its roof. police say that there were two cars involved. one cash which was changing `lanes collided with the other car. that other car had a man and a pregnant woman inside. witnesses say they were both thrown from the wreck when it flipped over. he was bloodied about the face. he was bloody and crying for help as well. a man whose business
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