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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  November 4, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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that crashed in egypt on saturday was blown out of the skby a bomb and they believe isis planted the bomb. today british officials echoed those findings, suspending flights to and from egypt's peninsula. >> 240 people on board when the plane went down. brandon gunnoe monitoring this story closely from our control room. >> officials are saying it's not a formal compliewtion conclusion but it is likely that an explosive was planted on that flight. isis claims that it brought down the flight. we know that. but russian officials have disputed that claim the past few days. evidence points to a bomb on board and isis, or at least a group that sympathizes with the terrorist group, likely planted it. the plane's black boxes hoping to find more clues to what happened on board. earlier today british officials
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sinai fishes saying the bomb brought down the flight. >> we can't say why it crashed but have become concerned that the plane may have well been brought down as a result of an explosive device. the flight crashed on saturday after breaking apart in midair, killing all 224 people on board. the investigation ongoing and we'll keep you updated as soon as we know more. >> and we're following breaking news in boston. two women hit by a car in the south end. they were rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. byron barnett is live right where it happened, and byron, do we know any more about how these women are doing this? we don't know exactly how they're doing but understand that they are in pretty bad shape, serious to life-threatening injuries, according to the police. now, we're told according to witnesses that three people were driver. behind me you can see this black suv here. police are around, these are members of the accident
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reconstruction team trying to figure out exactly what happened here. conditions. according a witness, the driver was also transported for chest pains and stress. witnesses say the two women were in the crosswalk crossing the them. now, the witnesses say the women were knocked several feet. they say the women appeared to be conscious but were taken away on stretchers and say that the woman looked pretty bad. one woman gave us his account of what he saw. >> i overheard someone say they were serious. i didn't see anything but them actually getting loaded into the ambulance. the other two walked into the ambulance. >> the lady crosses the street and we see them on the floor.
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they called the police and ambulance and came and picked them up and they hope they will be all right. >> back here live again, this is looking down at tremont street. you can see the road is blocked off here so there's no point driving into this area. tremont street in the south end blocked off, couple blocks along westbrook line street. you can see members of the police accident reconstruction team and again this is the vehicle right near this black suv still in position where it was when the accident happened. again, two elderly women that we are told struck by this vehicle are transported in serious to life-threatening conditions and the driver, according to witnesses, was transported as well. so that's the latest live here in the south end, i'm byron barnett, 7news. >> a bad accident on route 20 in oxford. police say the westbound side of that road is closed. the cars involved are trashed up as you can see from a helicopter shot. no word yet on what caused that crash.
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it happened near the scene of a recent deadly accident across marking the spot where a 9-month-old baby were killed and her mother. people in that area say it's a dangerous stretch of road. late last month that mom and her child were killed when their car smashed head-on into a cement truck and another child in that car survived. south ridge middle high school getting the all-clear, put on lock-down earlier. police say there are reports of someone with a gun in the school but no weapon was discovered. a gruesome discovery in bridgewater. prompting a search for a killer. the body of a woman was found near those train tracks. police say someone had tied up the woman. >> investigators spent the day combing for clues in that area. let's get off to jonathan hall live in bridgewater to bring us up to speed here. >> 17 hours into this investigation, police still don't know the identity of the victim in this gruesome case. the body was found about 50
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yards up the train tracks there. it was discovered on fire last night. >> reporter: a murder mystery in bridgewater, a burning body found by some railroad tracks and now state police are trying to find out who died and how. >> we believe to be a female and we believe significant burns on her body at this point and also that she was bound by the railroad tracks when the body was discovered. >> reporter: poloce got a 911 call from a neighbor inspiring about -- insquiring about a suspicious vehicle near the tracks. but by the time police arrived, the car was gone. they saw a fire about 50 yards from the oak street railroad crossing in is where homicide detectives are concentrating their efforts. they had to pause for passing trains heading to and from boston on the middleboro branch. a man told me off camera his brother found the burned body in a rug just before midnight. he said there was a bad smell and he heard an explosion and dogs barking. the leaves and brush by the
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tracks are charred. event. we do not believe at this point that there is any danger to people in the community, however, this investigation is has just begun. >> reporter: police used a shovel to remove debris and metal detectors to look for clues. neighbors on oak street didn't want to speak on camera but say they're concerned even though this does not appear to be a random crime and these two students from near bridgewater university arrived to see what happened. >> i kind of hope they find out more soon because everyone is just kind of on their toes thinking about it. >> kind of scary to like walk around alone basically. >> the district attorney says he cannot be sure whether the victim was dead or alive, when she was brought here last night. he's hoping that an autopsy will provide more information and anybody who knows anything about a suspicious vehicle in this area -- train about to come by -- should contact the bridgewater police or state police. live in bridgewater, i'm jonathan hall, 7news.
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also, a close call for a driver in springfield when a windshield. state police posted this picture on their facebook page to give us a view here. they say an 67-year-old woman from holly was driving when it fell into her car and fell off another vehicle and hit by a tractor/trailer and that's what sent it flying through the air and into that car. the woman remarkedly not injured. police determined the death of one of their own was actually a carefully staged suicide. the death of that officer rocked the community in september. the officer's shooting death actually sparked a massive manhunt for three people who the officer had radioed he was chasing at the time. >> turns out it was all a lie. 7's ryan schulteis has more on this story. >> definitely a shocking twist in this investigation. the officer who died was beloved in that community but now his former colleagues say he's been
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betrayed by them. >> its massive manhunt for three alleged cop-killers turn into what police are now calling the ultimate betrayal. >> we have determined this staged suicide was the end result of extensive criminal acts that glen witnesses had been committing. the officer turned out to be a criminal himself according to his own department. >> after the last call to police dispatch, investigators believe the 30-year veteran shot himself twice. >> he was under increasing levels of stress. >> reporter: specifically stealing and laundering money from the unit that he led, one that mentors young people who want to pursue law enforcement. >> thousands of dollars were accused by glenowitz for personal purchases, travel expenses, mortgage payments. >> reporter: only after filtering through thousands of text messages, emails and
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financial documents could they come to this shocking conclusion. >> unbelievable. my gosh, gi joe went -- gi joe went from a hero to a criminal. it's sad. i can imagine how his family feels right now. they have my sympathy. >> arch entire community stunned by the -- an entire community stunned. the family will not be commenting on these latest findings. in the newsroom, ryan schulteis, 7news. out of san diego california arriving flights are being rerouted because of an active shooter near the airport. >> police say a man is holed up inside his rooftop apartment, randomly firing at police officers who responded earlier to a domestic violence call. police are asking people in that area to stay inside and away from their windows. and a central california incident to tell you about. police shot and killed a man there this morning after he allegedly stabbed five people on the university of california merced campus. two of the victims were flown to the hospital, three were treated
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police are still investigating a motive for the attack. and turning now to the race for the white house. new national polls showing donald trump in a virtual tie with retired neurosurgeon ben carson. it's a quinnipiac university poll and has trump with 24% to carson's 23%. marco rubio has moved into third position with 13% followed by cruz and jeb bush who each have 4. today donald trump became the first major republican presidential candidate to file paperwork for new hampshire's presidential primary. large crowd gathered as trump made his way through the capitol in concord. he signed the paperwork and handed over his filing fee to the secretary of state's office. trump was sure to mention opponent ben carson on his way in. >> we have to take our jobs back from china, japan, mexico, all these places that have them, and ben carson is not equipped to do that. that i can tell you. he is not equipped to do it. >> so candidates have until
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the new hampshire primary. former florida governor jeb bush is also in new hampshire. he took part in an education reform event in manchester and spoke with a group of law enforcement at a round table in goffstown. and marco rubio in new hampshire, as well, he attended a forum at the local college. set to officially file papers on thursday for the new hampshire primary. on the democratic side, hillary clinton now taking a comfortable lead over vermont senator bernie sanders nationwide. this is also a quinnipiac poll showing clinton has 53% of democratic event while sanders has 35%. well, move on now, and the patriots taking it all one game at a time. as they look ahead to the next challenge, which is against washington, they're not focusing on their undefeated record, although, we can brag about it. not the accolades they're receiving either. but tom brady has the league impressed. today they naped him the defensive player of the week. alex corddry live in foxboro with more for us. alex.
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>> hey, adam. yes, for the 25th time in his career, tom brady named the afc offensive player of the week, coming off a win against the dolphins where brady tweeted 26 of 38 passes for 366 yards, 4 touchdowns and no interceptions. he's tearing up opposing teams' defenses and something he'll look to do again this sunday. >> there's definitely room for improvement. this is a good week to go out there and see if we can clean some of those things up. >> reporter: the patriots, one of the four remaining undefeated teams, believe they still have plenty of work cut out for them, starting with a visit from washington on sunday. >> we'll have to attack all levels, short, intermediate, deep, and it's gotta be good execution. and then they limit the points, it condition very tough, very disruptive. >> reporter: it's clear tom braid and the pats aren't overlooking an underwhelming 3 and 4 washington team. they might have as looing record but only a half a gay behind the
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first place giants in the nfc east and still have plenty to play for. >> they're gonna come in here ready to go and try to get a win. so i kind of expect that every week when we play teams. we usually get the best shot and ready to go. >> respect the opponent because no matter what, you gonna get the best shot around this league. you can't go out there and downplay anybody. >> reporter: with the patriots having that type of focus will they continue to roll over opponents and stay undefeated. they'll tell you straight-up that's the furthest thing from their minds. >> we just gotta focus on each game and try to do that. >> one game at a time might seem cliche but a big part of the truth behind the unmatched patriots' consistency, especially as they work towards their 13th season in a row with at least 10 wins. we're live in foxboro, alex corddry, 7news. and still more 7news ahead this evening, she is a superstar
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life, looks like serena has some superhero instincts. >> coming up at 5:30, leaders at the islamic center in burlington, the place that was vandalized over the weekend, working to erase the problem. and then a tough lesson. why police in connecticut were breaking into people's cars. >> coming up here in just one hour. a danvers teenager accused of murdering his math teacher found competent to stand trial. when jury selection will resume. and we are continuing to follow quite a bit of breaking news right now. u.s. officials saying a bomb likely brought down that russian plane with 224 people on board. also breaking tonight, two women rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car in boston's south end along tremont street. an active police investigation happening right now. we'll continue to follow this and keep you posted. mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold.
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sthz a thief gets served by serena williams. the tennis champion showing off some real superhero skills when a guy tries to take off with her cell phone. and she showed the picture today on her facebook page. >> and a really long message she's hoping everyone will hear. >> reporter: a superstar on the tennis court channeling her super hero. serena williams posted a picture
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on facebook telling fans she stopped a man who stole her phone. williams says her superhero sense kicked in while the man was sit next to her table writing, he was there for too long. is he a customer? i thought is he waiting on the bathroom? nonetheless i tried to shake the eerie feeling and williams says the next thing she knows the man grabbed her phone and ran. but it's no match for the tennis champion. i jumped up, weaved my way in and out of the cozy restaurant, leaping over a chair or two and chased him down. he began to run but i was too fast. those sprint cass in handy. the 34-year-old calling it a win for the ladies, telling her followers i was upon him in a flash. always listen to your superhero in your voice, fight for what's right, stand for what you believe in, be a superhero. just because you're a lady, don't be afraid to step up to any challenge and not be a victim, but a hero. >> williams also posted the super serena picture on instagram with the caption movie
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role next? action film? let's do this. >> coming up next at 5:30, cameras capture the moment when a twister bears down on a school bus. how the driver likely saved a lot of lives. yikes. wow. our forecast is quiet. it is a little cloudy over the next couple of days. how about the warmth, we'll take a look next. >> and rolling out the green carpet, fenway, getting ready for some football. does this $20 family fill up meal have eight pieces of original recipe chicken? yes. [ding] two large mashed potatoes and gravy? yes. [ding] and are you the real colonel sanders? yes... [buzzing]
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>> sitting up in boston today, close to 70 in norwood, almost. is the tomorrow we should make it in many spots. warmth continues the next couple of days. near record on friday as we go into the low to mid-70s. a colder weekend but we step it back gradually, not right into the freezer on saturday. sunday radios pretty chilly, though. right now 54. skies are dark. 55 in bedford, 60 in norwood, 60 in worcester. upper 50s out through route 2 in fitchburg and leominster and 54 in hyannis right now. cloud cover not around yet. us. coming from the mid atlantic. it sneaks up via new york and through connecticut and comes our way tomorrow we're socked in the clouds and i think maybe
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we'll be able to scour some of those out. as the warm front moves through it will will increase the humidity soon, that tomorrow and more so on friday. dewpoints climbing into the low 60s. once the front crosses i think it will be fair game for a spring to pop up tomorrow late and also early on friday. but, again, this little blob of moisture is problematic in the forecast. but it's minor, too it's not like it's gonna create a lot of wet weather and it's certainly rainy day. it passes by and then scoots off, and we wait for this cold front to pass ahead of that we soar on friday, by the way. and yes, it is colder behind this front but no it doesn't england. so the details, tomorrow still 70, or worthy of it in windham, epping and new hampshire and middleton, mass and down through waltham, framingham. 72 degrees. i see a lot of sun and then an increase in clouds and maybe some heavier clouds out through the cape, as we move into the low and mid-60s, too. this is how it ali involves tomorrow.
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up close to 70 and backs off as we go into the evening hours. now, the temperature trend, where should we be for this time of year? normal high temperature is 55 degrees. and it's gonna be amazing because it looks like as we go through the weekend our morning lows will be close to the highs for this time of year. normal high temperature boston on friday, about 75. worcester about 71. 73 in boston and 70 in worcester. no cold to speak of. the coldest locked up around the north pole as we look down on the north pole right here. you can see the jetstream kind of holds it, correspondencele a it is and keeps it close to the north pole. you say, well, that's a good place for it. typically this time of year some of that colder air comes down into the lower 48. it's just not happening so we'll stay on the mild side of things,
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you know, with any change in the wind direction or a couple of dry days together and a lot of sun, 70 could be within reach once again. >> see you at 5:30. >> see you then, pete. still ahead on 7, cleaning up a sticky situation in seattle. and new at 6:00, the royal losing more than just the game last night, we'll have the latest on chris kelly's outlook
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7news at 5:30 starts right now. breaking news now at 5:30, alarming suspicions linked to the crash of a russian passenger jet in egypt. investigators now tying the crash to a bomb made by terrorists. >> also breaking, another frightening accident in otioned for near the site of a crash that killed a mom and her child. >> and local leaders picking up the pieces after two teens allegedly vandalized an islamic center in burlington. >> and caught on camera. >> put the windows up now or you're gonna go to jail! >> a police officer under attack after breaking up a fight on a school bus. breaking news first here at 5:30. u.s. officials say the russian jet that crashed on saturday may have been brought down by a bomb and they believe that bomb was planted by isis. >> today flights were extended to and from the airports. >> officials saying it's not a formal conclusion but likely that an explosive was planted on that flight.
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