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tv   Today  NBC  November 7, 2015 2:07am-3:00am EST

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from nbc news, this is "today", with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> we made it! it's try day friday. kathie lee has the day off. our good friend jenna bush hager is with us. we were just playing -- crank it.
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this. this is "love song." and you know what's weird? it's not every day you glance over to the kitchen and see music royalty and movie royalty. >> this is not what our kitchen looks like. >> do you cook in the kitchen at all? >> i get done. >> have you? >> no. no. >> is this the first time you have met? >> no. and this is a really comfortable way to get to know someone. >> again, the amazingly beautiful diane lane has another project out. she's got a lot of things coming out. i loved "unfaithful." >> yeah, of course i did. >> is everyone still talking >> yes. >> and what about "under the tuscan sun"? >> i love that movie.
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of your faves. your other girl crush. >> reese witherspoon. i love her. we were in nashville, which is where she's from. we said a lot of y'alls. >> she seems like a fun girl. >> she's fun and smart and doing a lot of great things for women. i like her. >> and another first. elvis duran, he got inducted into the hall of fame for radio broadcasters. beat out ryan seacrest, steve harvey, delilah. >> elvis looks great. >> he dropped so much weight. he looks really, really great. if you're ready for christmas, good news, because the rockefeller christmas tree arrived. did you see it this morning? >> i did! >> it's a 78-foot norway spruce. weighs 10 tons.
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does it feel like christmas? >> no. >> it's about 70 degrees. >> but, you know, it is close to time for christmas. we don't have that much longer. >> the big tree lighting is december 2nd. we told you the holiday cups are out at starbucks. people are putting up christmas lights in joanne's neighborhood. >> only in joanne lamar cuss's neighborhood. started. >> i love a christmas commercial. >> here's one. it's already started. >> i do love this feeling. all right. >> maybe it is time. >> it's time. >> all right, so remember yesterday we were telling you guys about gwen stefani and blake shelton. >> mm-hm. >> i want to say that i called that one a couple days before. >> you did? >> was that in the privacy of
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i called it here, because i was watching when it was the whole crew of the "voice", and matt lauer, and when he was talking, blake was gazing lovingly. >> what about when blake was talking, with gwen? >> no. dating. them. i am 'm 90% happy. >> but the thing is, you have a man. if you were single, maybe you'd be 10% happy. >> we have a photo right here, an incredible photo. proof of blake and gwen, but we have a problem. >> we have a big problem. we can't show it to you. >> because it costs. it's embargoed. >> which means it costs money. >> here it is. we cannot show it. >> let's act it out, right? >> so you can be blake. look where you're looking. >> do you know that i've always
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>> you want to be gwen? >> no, no. i'm happy to be the boy. >> okay. i need a glass of wine. >> you're on this side. >> i need my mic in here. >> we've put this on, even though he wasn't wearing a cowboy hat. >> i'm shorter than you. >> i'm way taller than you. >> now the camera is over here. so -- >> no, the camera's over there. >> ready? is that good? thanks for the one laugh, diane. we appreciate it. we appreciate it. >> terrible, terrible. >> we're holding hands. hands? >> that was an experiment that failed. so we're sorry. "people" magazine is reporting that the two have actually written a song together. >> about somebody who's left a want
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-- truly want. >> this is a cute story about a 13-year-old boy who is dating. >> we talked about this morning before we even heard this story because we're both on the tall side. and your boyfriend, he's not short. >> no, he's not. >> he's tall, but he's shorter than you in heels. >> i don't mind. >> i've dated a boy, and i probably was a boy at that time, who came right up to here, you know, right in the chest area. >> so this 13 year old boy went to reddit and said i'm dating a girl who's taller than me. they've been dating for two hands. he wants to know how to make the move to put his arm around her when they're at the movie. >> and he says they're still shorter when they're sitting. the question is, should they it. >> i think he should do one of
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these and just drop it. >> when you're a 13 year old girl, you want your boyfriend to put your arm around you so badly you don't care how tall he is. >> who was your first kiss? >> my first kiss was at a spin the bottle party in the 4th grade. >> 4th grade? >> i know, i was young, just like this, and then he ran away, which was, did i have cheeto breath or something? >> my first kiss was in seventh grade, it was me, him, and this girl, and we were playing spin the bottle, too. in the woods. his name was john zackman. >> mine was john henderson. sorry to john's wife, wherever they may be. >> they said if it feels awkward, don't do it, otherwise do it. >> i say do it.
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he's going to all 50 states. how's he going to do it? >> they're going to raise money, and that will go to -- he's going to alaska and hawaii, not just the continental u.s. we wish al roker good luck. the weather's got to cooperate. >> yeah, exactly. >> can i give a quick, big hug to two people last night? there's a benefit calledly lulu and the leo fund. they lost their two young kids to a terrible tragedy, but they are raising money for other kids. they were amazing. and they define the art of healing, those two. so i just want to give a shout out to them. >> okay. joy bauer. it's her birthday! >> we're wishing joy a happy birthday.
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diane lane has enjoyed the kind of career most actresses can only dream of, from her debut in "the outsiders" to "unfaithful." and the unforgettable, "under the tuscan sun" >> her latest shows a screenwriter who is blasted for political beliefs.
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>> you don't talk or ask. you just snap, bark, i keep waiting for you to start pounding the dinner table with a gavel. >> so in addition to being a pa rye rye yeah in the outside world. >> this isn't just happening to you. we all hurt. >> diane lane. >> thanks for having me this morning. >> when you read this script, did you right away say, yes, i have got to do that film? >> there were a couple things that made it for me. first jay roach directing it. all of his films are smart and funny, which is a wonderful thing, and then bryan cranston, pinch me hard. >> how did you learn to do that?
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>> honestly, i was practicing that before i met with the director for the job. i wanted to make sure i had as many opportunities because i was learning from scratch. >> your character, obviously, you're the wife of bryan cranston's character. >> the hollywood ten is a very notorious phrase that's been used a lot. and a lot of people aren't familiar with what that is. there are screenplay writers who were banished to apply their craft because of their affiliations, either rumored affiliations or the fact that they had done anything at all to do with the communist party. there was so much fear about that post world war ii. and hetta hopper, i don't know how to compare her to today. beautifully portrayed by helen mirren.
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she had like 30 million readers, and the way the media is controlled today is nothing compared to how it used to be. because you didn't get comments at the bottom of the internet and stuff to say hey, wait a minute. >> she played such a great character. what was it like to be on set with bryan cranston, helen mirren? >> if's t's a true story and it debates what it means to be an american. and it does it with the great humor of jay roach. >> do you have to audition anymore or do they just say, we want diane lane? >> it's a meeting, a respectful meeting, i make sure i inform myself about the people i'm meeting. and the people with them as well. auditioning, i don't think i got any parts from auditioning. i don't do well. >> you get nervous?
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regular for me to be experiencing that i would go into sort of a whiteout, a panic. and i wasn't sure what i was doing, and i think i was a little angry and insecure or, you know, angry about being insecure, so it just, probably didn't go well. >> it makes a lot of people feel better knowing that you sometimes got nervous. >> the plummer and lek electrician. >> you've got a deep throat coming up. >> i got to work with elinor coppola and her film debut, as far as directing that she wrote. and i got a gig with liam neeson neeson. >> it's great that you're continuing this great work. >> we want everyone to go out
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and see "trumbo." >> we've got more hollywood royalty, my southern-style interview with reese witherspoon. >> right after this. i know blowdrying fries my hair, but i'm never gonna stop. because now i've got pantene shampoo and conditioner the pro-v formula locks moisture inside my hair and the damage from 100 blow-dries is gone. pantene. strong is beautiful. i will take beauty into my own hands. olay regenerist. it regenerates surface cells. new skin is revealed in
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grammy-nominated saraba -- sara barellis brought us songs. >> we should start out by saying waitress tickets just went on sale for the brood adway show.
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>> yesterday. >> when a box office opens you wonder. you're biting your nails a little bit. >> yeah, they projected on a good day, what might we hope to achieve? and it was three fold. and the fans came out in droves. it was amazing. >> this is a passion project for you. this is based on the movie by kari russell. what was it that captured you? >> i really love that this film deals with dark matter, but in sort of a quiet way. it's very intimate. and it's feminist and eccentric, and it's messy, and it deals with all these scenes that feel very truthful to me. it feels like real life, but she also the paints this slightly ethereal world as well. it's a nice balance of fantasy and reality.
2:27 am
>> we know you're a fan of broadway musicals. we saw it in your book. >> did you used to go to broadway shows when you were a little girl? >> there she is. >> this is me playing "fern", in a community theater production of "charlotte's web." >> i love that. have you always loved musical theater? >> i have. i grew up in it. my mom is an actress, and my sisters were both involved in theater, and my dad's very musical. we're hams. we love workin' the room. >> what's, this "waitress", i saw on instagram, pictures of you in your apartment. you were working on this for a long time. did it come easy? >> i have to say, it's been labor-intensive, absolutely, but it has been mostly a very blissful project. i have loved working on this so much. it was a nice departure from
2:28 am
kind of the grinds that i'm familiar with. so it felt very playful, actually to be writing songs for other people to sing, to be writing someone else's story. so all of that was really fun. >> have you ever thought about starring in your own musical? it doesn't have to be about you. >> well, okay. >> i actually want it about me, please. >> i say never say never. there's definitely a part of me -- this is always, my little girl dream was to perform on the theater stage, so when my career took a left turn, and it's been a really delicious, you know, homecoming to come back to the theater. i don't know, if the right project presents itself. >> how about jessie mueller? she plays the main girl in your story. >> she's our jenna, and what a gift she is to the show. >> she was on, in "beautiful", the musical. and was outstanding there, and
2:29 am
>> we may or may not be going apple picking. bffs. time ago. a lot of people get into the hollywood world and all this kind of stuff and they leave those friends behind, but one of the things we've admired about you is you keep your core group of girls tight, and that's how you've always been, right? >> yeah, girls and guys. my friends and my family have always been the most important part of my life. worthwhile. the rest of it can feel really lonely if you don't get to share it with somebody who loves you u >> will they be there on opening night? >> oh, yes. >> will you be nervous? it's like putting your baby out of there. >> we want to come watch. >> the tickets are on sale for sara's new musical. we've opened our mouth and stuck our foot in it.
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it is try day friday. and sitting in for kathie lee today is our girl, jenna bush hager. jenna's so lucky, because jenna got to sit down with reese witherspoon. >> i think we both have a little bit of a girl crush on her. reese has starred as elle wood in "legally blond", to "walk the line." "wild". but now she can add entrepreneur to her resume. i got to meet up with her at draper jane's, her new shop named after her beloved grandparents. >> the second you walk in,
2:34 am
you're like, welcome home, and that's the feeling we wanted to convey with the brand. another thing that is very popular is this tote bag. >> when i drove up i saw your grandparents' name on the store. i know how important they are. did that choke you up an a little bit? >> yeah. seeing my grandmother's name is so emotional for me, and so many people out there were raised by their grandparents, my parents were there and were lovely and were working all the time. my grandmother picked me up and made my dinner every night. grandparents are amazing, and it's important to honor those people in our lives. >> from clothing to accessories and of course, stationary, draper james is putting the spot line on southern style. if your grandmother walked in, what would she be attracted to? >> probably the dresses. and she always had a belt on. >> to be 39 and starting in a
2:35 am
i know a lot about shopping and fashion and i love clothes, but learning the business of it has been fascinating, and really a challenge for me. >> reese hasn't only added this clothing line to her long list of accomplishments. she also runs her own female-focussed production company. >> you can choose to be there for it. >> which brought "wild", and "gone girl", to the big screen. and now she's mentoring about financial responsibility. but motherhood takes the top spot. >> you've talked about leaning in. how do you find balance? >> the kids come first, no matter what. they're wonderful. they've been so supportive of what i do as a film maker, as an entrepreneur. >> even though her grandmother was always a big presence in reese's life, it's her mother who's always just a text away. >> we were talking a little bit about our moms. and the texts. the mom texts.
2:36 am
wednesday morning, love mom. great mom, i know it's wednesday morning. >> she just wanted to tell you she was there. >> she was like, bank, donuts. traffic. love mom. >> is there anything do you that your daughter's like, oh, mom? >> definitely. i like to dance party in the morning because i drink coffee and have lots of energy. and it's mortifying to my children. they also don't like it when i, like, use, what do you call those hash tags? >> yolo? >> or lrl, brb. they are like, oh, my god, you've got to stop. >> all lol-ing aside, it's clear this southern girl is all about girl power. >> wish me luck, bruiser. this is my first time as a serious lawyer. >> what is she doing in your own mind? >> i don't know.
2:37 am
it for years, but i think it's a really great time to talk about women in politics. whatever your ideas and beliefs are, just don't wait for somebody to ask you. raise your hand, get in there. i think elle's a good inspiration in that way. i've been all over the world, and people say we went to law school because of elle woods. >> what about you? would you ever run? >> oh, my goodness. >> is that a lot of pressure? >> that's leaning in until i fall over. >> don't you love her. >> i loved her before, my favorite so far, bank, text. >> my mom's like moonwalk with debbie. reese, of course, first she makes all of her products in the united states. and she wanted to give you and kath a little present. she likes hello sugar for you and totes y'all for kathie lee. do you not love her? >> you guys are going to be good friends.
2:38 am
it. we're going to be good friends, and for the extended version. >> there's more? >> we talked for quite a long time. i like her, so i was like, now tell me more about this. you can go to klg and there's like ten minutes of extra stuff. >> i would have kept watching it. >> me too. is that just she in me? >> how many months pregnant are you? >> i'm not pregnant anymore. >> we're giving advice for those of tough moments. >> and elvis gets emotional. ional. ions, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who
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all right. there are those embarrassing
2:41 am
somebody when's your baby due? and she says i'm not pregnant? >> or have you replied to an e-mail when you meant to reply to one person. >> we love when you're here because you set us straight. >> and we need help. >> we sent a camera around the city and asked people etiquette questions. would you go ahead and respond to the first one? >> i'm a bartender from ft. meyers beach, florida. i rushed over to a man and said you? all of a sudden she looks up and says, i am not a sir. >> this is a tough one. i think the key is, you're more mortified, probably, than the person is. i'd blame the lighting. bars are dark and i would offer the person a free drink immediately and move on. >> that's a good one. i just had a baby, so i've had
2:42 am
this happen to me and others, and you say oh, when is that baby due? and the baby's come four months before or the person's not pregnant. >> do you ever, ever, ever ask the question when are you due? >> there in are things that you couldn't have known and things you should have known. don't ever ask that question. >> never. >> somehow if you hear it coming out of your mouth and it's out before you can do anything about it. i should say i'm so sorry, you're glowing i automatically presumed you were pregnant. >> that's a good one. >> nobody has actually done it to me, but they did it to one of my best friends at a wedding. they said when are you due, and she just had a baby. i did go up and said now never. >> now good enough. let's go to our next person. >> i had a customer drive up, and i said to my co-worker, i said oh, god, look at that woman. her face is so huge, she looks
2:43 am
like a lion. and she turned the speaker on and said hey, mom. >> it was her daughter? >> well, it sounds like the daughter was the one working there and the mom was the one pulling up who had just been criticized by the co-worker. there are certainly worse things to be called than a lion. >> who's lion? >> this is a drive-through bank, and the two workers are looking out the win die, and the woman pulling up in the car, one of the workers says that looks like a lion, and next to you is the -- >> oh, my goodness. she was calling the other person's mom, i got it. i finally got it. >> what's bad about this is you're not criticizing someone else, it's their parents. >> which is really worse. >> a lion, i wouldn't mind being compared to a lion. i would say, but, you know, she looks so majestic. >> roar? >> if i'm having a bad hair day,
2:44 am
someone said that to me, oh, you look like a lion. they called it a liontine mane. >> that's a compliment. >> next one. >> they sent out a work e-mail saying this woman was retiring, you can come get cake and punch. replied all. >> that could have been worgs. she could have wrote good news for us all. >> first order is never correct or reply all with another reply all. so i would not apologize in a reply all. if anybody approached me about that i would simply say, clearly my blood sugar level is really low right now, why i would have written such a silly thing, and i would congratulate the person. congratulations on your retirement. >> sometimes you think you clear it up by sending it to everybody. that's a no.
2:45 am
>> and you say i hope that doesn't spell my retirement for having sent that e-mail. >> i walked into a bakery and an elderly gentleman in her 80s and a young woman was rubbing her feet, when i said why didn't he introduce me to his granddaughter, he said that is my wife. >>na gentleman na an age gap that big, he's probably flattered. he's thrilled. this is the trophy wife for him. >> what about her? >> she knew what she was getting into. they'd heard it before. >> so don't even feel bad? >> i should have said, there's love in the air. >> you are so good. >> you are. >> you have the perfect thing to say. >> i've learned never to open my mouth ever again. he's a good friend of ours and a morning companion to millions of people. >> elvis duran gets a major honor. >> we take you behind the scenes
2:46 am
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a radio personality, our good friend elvis duran is the host of the most-listened to top-40 show in the country. >> and each week he brings hot new artists here to perform. >> his induction into the national radio hall of fame in chicago. kathie lee and i headed to the station to find out what makes elvis so special. >> years ago -- >> we just arrived, okay, a few minutes ago, we're having our coffee, getting ready, because we're getting ready to step into minute. >> and his crazy team. hello, darlin,
2:49 am
york's z100, he entertains with pop culture, songs and celebrities. it land him a spot in the national hall of fame. >> your listeners, fans, your friends. that's awesome, elvis. >> well, thank you. >> elvis began hosting a daily radio show in april of 1996. today he's heard by 7 million listeners in over 80 radio stations around the country. >> i don't think i ever imagined in my wildest dreams this would happened. >> he's interviewed everyone from justin bieber to j. lo. but it's the names and faces he often can't see and feel who drives him every morning. >> the listeners interacting fuels the fire.
2:50 am
>> listeners had the chance to vote for their favorite personality. >> this hall of fame thing has forced me to stop and think back through all these 30-something years about where i've been, what i've done, who i've met, wrapping my head around radio, the people i work with, and ma we accomplish every day. i feel better than ever. >> in radio is my best friend and continues to be today. >> on thursday night, elvis joined the ranks of abbott and costello, dick clark and casey kasem. >> i'll never forget these days. winston churchill once said "these are the best days", and i can't imagine them getting any better than they are now. i never want them to end. >> you don't realize how much weight he's lost. >> don't you love that these are the best days? make that our mantra. >> first, this is "today", on
2:51 am
on the outside you have to feel healthy... one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... trubiotics. be true to your health. guys listen up! jake, put that down point it at the ground til your ready that's not the ground leo put that down when your day goes on and on, you need 48 hour odor protection that goes on clear for no white marks.
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wrapping it up for us, check outside, the christmas tree at 30 rock is right side up. it's going to look good. jenna, thank you so much for filling in while kath was off. kathie lee will be back on monday. and next week, you know who we have? >> the best? >> blake shelton, dillen penn.
2:54 am
robin wright, patricia aur rquette.
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