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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  November 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> rick: on the raio, you hear it. we're back. it had been 20 starts between wins for jimmie johnson and the 48 team. >> guys, really good job. really good job. pretty awesome. >> rick: the fifth win for jimmie johnson. that lowe's chevrolet in 2015.
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>> rick: coming up on nbc sn is nascar post race show. krista, kyle, d.j. two hours of coverage from what was an incredible finish at texas motor speedway between the two champions. one of them really needed the win here. standing by with kelli. >> kelli: after leading 312 laps of this race, brad, what more could you have done at the end of it? >> the 48 car had made the turn in the run and i couldn't keep the turn. i kept pushing real bad. he kept turning and turning. i did everything i wanted. he was way faster that last run.
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my team did a hell of a job. led 300 some laps. it wasn't our day for them to favor us. still a lot to be proud of with the wurth ford fusion. you know, we'll have a great shot of winning next week. we really needed to win this one but i know i gave it my all. >> kelli: you immediately made a beeline to go find martin stroouks truex jr. what did you want to say to him? >> i didn't know if i came up to him and it probably didn't help either of us. i thought he ran a great race. >> kelli: incredible day. he'll have to win one in phoenix. >> rick: one of three drivers that may have to win when they go to phoenix. the last race before the championship at homestead, miami.
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jimmie johnson, his fifth win of 2015. he is still the only driver to win a chase race every single year he has run for the championship. >> steve: i don't know what keselowski could have done different. jimmie johnson was so much faster at that point in the >> jeff: i thought keselowski did all he could. he's trying to take his line away. he did everything he could. he had -- he held a faster car off. >> steve: there's been conversations about how guys aggressively. thing. two super stars in nascar doing everything within their power trying to win. in the end, i feel the better car in the last run of the race was the 48. that's why he's in victory lane. i agree, brad did all he could to hold that position. >> rick: this again shows the difference between sports. in nascar everyone continues to
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everyone continues to dpeet. a situation where brad keselowski could have pup muched his ticket into the championship four at the end of the season but it was a non-chaser that was able to get the win and go to victory lane. now brad keselowski may be in a must-win situation when we go to phoenix next week. celebration about to take place in victory lane again fl we'll have all of the other interviews aside from victory lane on nbc sn in our post race coverage. let's go now to dave byrnes. >> dave: jimmie johnson has rolled into victory lane. he grabs a beverage. he puts on the hat. he is the winner here at texas this afternoon on a crazy, crazy day! the 48 had no issues and a lot of speed right there in the end.
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jimmie, as you were battling brad for the win there, tell us how you did it. was there anything going on in the back, this is a chase guy, i'm not. >> maybe when the restart happened, you get so caught up and i like to race guys clean anyway. i kept working on him, working on him. i could see he was tight. car wasn't ideal. he moved up and had the high lane covered. he was loose off of two and i put the slide job on like eldora. so excited happy for lowe's, cobalt, valvoline, chevrolet, gatorade. everybody back at hendricks motorsports for digging deep. nice to get the 48 back to victory lane. >> dave: 20 lanes since he's won and he takes home the sweep at texas. >> rick: all smiles once again for jimmie johnson. i'm sure he's talking to mr. h
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now as he's in victory lane. tune in to nbc sn for complete post race coverage including interviews and full results from here at texas motor speedway. followed by nascar victory lap. two hours of coverage on nbc sn. >> next on 7news at 6. >> domination nation, in foxboros, and new england putting on another show but today's win at a cost for the pats. >> all right, john, it looks good, sunny but seasonal temperatures. >> and plus a late-night wreck
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into the traffic. and a charles river tragedy what we learn tonight about the people being pulled >> 7news at-6 starts now. >> first at 6, no stopping new england. >> tipped in the air, and
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still on his feet: >> the patriots stay perfect, and now 8-0. yay. but today's dominant performance comes at a price, injuries to key players. >> if you put the patriots down for a win before they played this game or started the game. you were not alone. exciting, the game was not. but it was meaningful, they may have suffered an injury. and here from brady to edelman, and a touchdown. and later on first off a turnover, and pats know what to do with it. blount takes it in for a touchdown. 14-0 patriot.
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and goes off with an injury to his left knee, and did not return and will have an mri tomorrow. from brady a touchdown to bolden. winning it 27-10, and the win at a cost as we report live from gillette stadium. >> and the patriots record, 8-0, and that 27-10 win, we mentioned it as it's a costly one as injuries pile up for this team. and the left tackle left the game with a head injury, replaced by brian stork, but the life was sucked out when running
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back lewis suffered a knee injury late in the third quarter. walked off his knee under his own power but walked into the locker room and immediately concerns. >> it's a physical game and tough to lose such a special player. i hope he's okay, and i don't know what it is, but hoping for the best. >> it's unfortunate, and deon is my closest friends on the team, hope for the best. >> a lot of guys stepped up that hadn't played and doing a good job of being ready to go. >> for sports extra, i had a chance to catch up with blount, and he saw lewis go down, and
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talk about legarrette blount, and that patriots offensive line keeps having to shuffle around. live in foxboro. >> coming up in 7news we have more from gillette stadium, including surprising turnovers from brady and edelman. >> breaking news, police say that a woman has been struck by a car in dorchester, on adams street, and the victim taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. and 7news turning to the weather, gor -- gorgeous day. >> temperatures in the mid-50s today, almost the upper 50s. it wasn't half bad considering we have had the coolest air mass
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november -- temperatures now falling back to the 40s. 53 in boston, and 44 in worcester worcester. and downtown more like 40 or so. clear skies. and that's the way that we start our monday. and watching this weather system to the south here, there are clouds and some may trickle up tomorrow afternoon. but i see a bright day and one that comes with wet weather later in the week. wintertime is ahead, and we have wet weather on tuesday and thursday, closer to normal. details ahead. >> call on 7, a wild wreck on route 24, takes a deadly turn when one person was thrown from the car. and another person rushed to the hospital. and state police trying to figure out what weren't wrong, live to stoughton. >> jonathan, this started as a
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one car crash and a person was thrown from the car, and several cars swerved and hitting each other and as well as the person lying on the highway. >> reporter: a deadly crash sent several cars on the highway, a 1999 acura crashed, and hit by other vehicles from the north. a 27 year-old man was taken to the hospital but police don't know if he was the driver. the road in stoughton was shut down while police look at the accident. state police are continuing their investigation and not releasing any information on the person that died until they contact the family. >> and another deadly crash when a car goes off the road and right into the charles river in boston. rescuers pulled two people from
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the car, but they did not survive this wreck. we are live in boston with what we are learning about the victims tonight. >> reporter: good evening, we learned that both victims from rhode island in their 30s and no word why they were coming into the city last night or why this tragedy occurred. after this accident that took the lives of the driver and passenger, and state police trying to figure out how this car crash occurred. >> scary. >> it's horrible. >> state police say the pair was driving erratically and crashed in this barrier at charles river. >> i heard a horn and then that
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tail lights under water. >> the pair were in the water and by the time the police arrived it was too late. can you see the barriers are up here, and now state police are out here all day long as they continue their investigation. no word as to what caused this crash, anyone with information is asked to call police immediately. >> a 24 year-old man was sent to the hospital, emt's rushed the victim to boston medical center with nonlife threatens injuries. a home in taunton went up in flames. no word on what caused the fire.
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car went off the road in salem, new hampshire, and driving into the guardrail and causing the car to flip. police say that they have life-threatening injuries. and more news today a boy killed in a louisiana police shooting will be laid to rest. the funeral set for tomorrow in mississippi. meantime a police chase of the boy's dad seriously injured, shot five times in the head and chest. state police arrested officers after the investigation. >> let me tell you something, i am not going to talk about it, but let me tell you this, it's the most disturbing thing i have seen. >> state police say that the boy's dad was unarmed in that car. it's unclear why the officer stopped him in the first place,
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second-degree murder. new information about the passenger jet crash in egypt, officials say that the noise heard in the last seconds of the crash recording is a bomb, and 224 people died. officials still investigating but if the bomb was the cause, airport security will have to be vamped up in areas near the terrorist group. mixed reviews for "saturday night live" guest donald trump. there were surprises. >> who is that? >> trump's a racist. [applause] >> it's larry david, what are you doing, larry? >> i heard if i yelled that, they would give me $5,000.
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show, scoring the best attendance, and some feeling that the scripts were weak and predictable. hillary clinton is official in new hampshire this week, the former first lady and secretary of state will be filing for the new hampshire primary tomorrow. clinton is hosting an event in honor of the moment. and a strange sight in the sky, some people calling ufo but the government has a different explanation.
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>> a sinking feeling in mississippi after 15 cars get swallowed up by a 50-foot wide sink hole. look at that. the hole opening up today at the ihop of all places.
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booms before the hole opened. no injuries reported. crews are investigating what caused the sinking hole but believe it could be doing to the rainy weather. and two men stuck on the cliff edge of wedding cake rock. one taken to the hospital, australia wildlife service closed wedding cake rock saying it could collapse. and people across the country were scratching their heads, and thinking ufo, but this was a missile test done by the navy. and the missile wasn't armed or dangerous.
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surprise, hosting for 50 new moms. women received gifts like car seats and monitors and things they need. and it served as a service of issues that expecting military moms are about to face.
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>> now 7 weather. >> 53 outside and our dew point 26, and west/northwest wind at 8 miles per hour. the skies are clear. has november been mild? that is an understatement. 11.4 degrees above average, the month is still young. more seasonal weather ahead and that should bring the average down a little bit on some days
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down a lot, to be honest. we will stay eight or nine or 10 degrees above normal for the month of november. warm. 42 in plymouth right now, and cooling out to route 2 and the suburbs and nantucket. the suburbs back to 20s and 30s, and wake up with frost. nothing new there. high pressure will command the weather tomorrow. tons of sunshine and light sea breeze on cape ann but elsewhere we will be okay. tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 30s and 40s. and then in the afternoon, we get close to 60 , which is another big turn around. starting cold and finishing
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warm, we have seen this before, but this is it more typical of spring than autumn. tuesday our temperatures fall thanks to an on-shore wind. and last week we thought we would push back to 60. but this is interrupted by weather systems coming in. one is on tuesday, and promises to bring rain and wind. and will not make it a nor'easter but seems to be that the heaviest rain will stay off shore with this weather system. just left with rain and occasional showers and raw day and some may drag its feet into wednesday, veteran's day. and chance of rain on tuesday and thursday, and another system coming in.
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wednesday and thursday, not all day-rains every day. tomorrow 57-62, sunny skies. and 7-on-7 forecast, inclement weather is settle for a decent weekend. >> now time for 7 sports. >> the patriots hit the halfway mark in the season, perfect 8-0, and as bill belichick will tell you it's all about the next games. that is what defined belichick's championship teams in the years. tom brady has lost only four games at gillette stadium, since 2010. and here brady find edelman for this gain, and on their way. and later in the drive, looking edelman's way and this time it's a touchdown, 7-0 pats.
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and after a recovering a surprise on-side kick, the pats with it back and edelman fumbles, and blackman recovers it. the patriots first turnover at home this season. and washington gives it back to the patriots, ryan to cousin. and the patriots take advantage this time. on third and one, from the five, and watch as the pats go with six linemen, and blount takes it in for the touchdown. 14-0. not all smooth sailing and brady throws an interception, and brady has to make a tackle to put an end to it. and despite two mistakes pats had a 17-3 lead. dion lewis makes the catch and
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