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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 8, 2015 11:30pm-11:55pm EST

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drive starter when talking about facing teams when they start getting into this nickel and dime defense. e.j. biggers back out there one more time. cole beasley. >> al: you got bryant to the bottom of the screen and cassel, deflected. and incomplete. so the drive starts there with a tip. logan, fletcher cox was the guy. fletcher cox number 91 got his hands on it. >> cris: there's fletcher cox right there. and unable to get it over the top. you need something. you need to get that first, put the ball in somebody's hands and just let them make a little catch and run. get this thing started. get to the line of scrimmage. get a little run going. >> al: second and ten. bryant and mcfadden will split left. witten.
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he almost held on, but he could not. walter thurmond was there. so they go deep down the middle. it's third down and ten. >> cris: that's the other part of this y option. he'll make that look like the y option but now take it up the field. but there you go. one of the safeties, walter thurmond who has played a lot of corner. got his hands on the ball. knocked it away from jason witten. >> al: just deflected it. jordan hicks just trailing on the play. third and ten. caught but well short of the first down. that's mcfadden. so now you've got a fourth down. you've got a fourth down and five. and the dallas cowboys are going to use a time-out.
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>> cris: well, once again, in all facets of the game, we have seen jordan hicks come up big tonight. the pick six probably the biggest of the evening. but here's a guy that basically this entire defense was sort of built around other linebackers. demeco ryans being the leader, then all of a sudden there's this rookie that has to come in and get it done. injuries to alonso, to mychal kendricks, so they turn to the kid and the kid took over. >> al: the kid was calling the defensive signals. >> cris: he was doing it in college and walked right in the door and said no problem. not one day he acted like a rookie around us. >> al: fourth and five. can they convert? and they do. to williams, terrance williams. up to the 35 yard line. keeps them alive. they conserve that last time-out. cassel looking over, having
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trouble hearing what the play call is. >> cris: now you get into the situation where the quarterback, not a lot of experience, can he function in this? >> al: beasley. and beez glit asley gets taken down by the helmet at the 42 yard line. you have got jordan hicks is down. hicks for philadelphia is shaken up. and that's going to stop the clock. crowd booing but all that does is help dallas. >> cris: that's why you grab the shoulder and not the face mask. when you first look at that. good job of officiating to not call that one. >> al: right. hard one to call unless you have the exact right angle, and he does. so hicks goes to the bench. philadelphia because of the time remaining has to be charged with
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a time-out. so they would have two. you've got 52 seconds. bailey tying his shoe, hopeful with kicking a game tying field goal. actually he was hopeful of kicking an extra point. >> cris: but a lot of defensive back on the field. a run at this moment not an outrageous call with just one linebacker in the game. >> al: second down and three. fires. that's incomplete. bryant will draw a flag. so that will be a first down. that's byron maxwell. four seconds off the clock. and they'll have the ball at midfield. >> referee: pass interference defense, number 31. the ball was placed at the spot of the foul. first down. >> cris: take a look right up
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i think what they saw was that little grab of the jersey inside, and so often you can get away with that one, but caught him. >> al: at the 50. deep, deep drive. and a left slide. and down the field it goes. pass incomplete. bryant had to dive for it. could not hang on. 42 seconds, second down. >> cris: just at the last second dez gives a little tug there and maxwell and just couldn't get reaccelerated. had a chance. would have been in field goal range. >> al: second and ten. >> cris: you just wonder how tired dez bryant must be. remember, he missed most of training camp. he had hamstring injuries, foot injuries, now he's out here in
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minute. >> al: eagles hicks going to the locker room. going nowhere is witten. he gets taken down by malcolm jenkins. clock keeps running down to 30 seconds. they've got to get up there in a hurry, save that last time-out and you've got to convert. third down and sick. x. you won't be able to spike it. incomplete. but a flag comes in. byron maxwell that time on bryant again. maxwell saying it's offense and hochuli will gather with his forces. >> cris: dez is just exhausted going down the field. he can barely run, and maxwell and bryant are just kind of going at it slugging their way down the field. >> referee: pass interference defense number 31. first down. >> cris: i think maxwell saying i'm going for the ball.
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ball. take a look. >> al: a fascinating situation here. if they don't get another yard, you're looking at a 56 yard field goal. if you have one time-out, you have to save it. and they're at the 38 yard line. so cassel needs six, seven, eight yards to make bailey feel a little bit more comfortable. then you got -- now what do you got? >> cris: uh-oh. >> al: that's going to cost them five, the cowboys. >> referee: false start, offense number 70, five yard penalty. still third down. >> al: zack martin. >> cris: and no runoff because the clock was not running. >> al: right. >> cris: if the clock had been running, we would have been at seven seconds at this point. but more importantly you now have dan bailey who was in field goal range. his career long was 56. now they're outside of that range.
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>> al: right. 61 yards if they don't get another yard. 19 seconds. one time-out. first and 15. cassel. caught. not within field goal range. to the 30 yard line goes bryant. 12 seconds. and dallas will take its time-out. >> referee: time-out dallas. that's their third and final time-out. >> al: so now you have the ball on a second down and let's say two. you are looking at about a 49 yard field goal right now. do you take one shot at the end zone is the question? >> cris: really courageous night outside by dez bryant. i'm sure he's absolutely exhausted. let's take a look at the other side of this formation. here's the tight end, and here's the wide receiver both on the
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line of scrimmage. i think that's an illegal formation. >> al: not called. but for the moment the cowboys, they either have to go to the end zone or they got to get out of bounds. you run the risk of completing inbounds and trying to spike it, maybe you can do it. >> cris: i think they're just going to run it. >> al: too dicey. and the flag is thrown. intended for williams. you have two flags down. down to seven seconds. and you're to the point where you're going to have to send the field goal unit in. >> cris: oh, man. >> referee: the pass was thrown, holding, defense, number 27. the penalty in the previous spot. automatic first down. >> cris: that was a little more than holding. that was a solid tackle. >> al: oh, yeah, i'll say. that's a takedown. so you can't run another play.
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you can't take the chance. you have no time-outs. you have seven seconds. so bailey's going to come in right now and this will be about a 43 yard field goal. call it 44. they'll spot it at the 44 yard line. dan bailey, one of the best ever in terms of percentage. to send us in all probability to overtime. and dan bailey is true, wow, a little carom shot. kick save and a beauty.
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>> cris: malcolm jenkins. he jumped through that left side gap. and i thought he was going to get it. >> al: that baby had a lot of hook on it. sometimes you get a draw and sometimes you get a hook. demarco murray. >> cris: saying where was that when i was playing for the cowboys. heck of a job by matt cassel. both these quarterbacks took them down the field when they had to. can't emphasize enough what this game means to these two teams. great doing undefeated teams like we did last week, but for these teams, life and death time where they are in the standings. >> al: especially with the cowboys. because the eagles with a loss would have the same record as the cowboys. they've already beaten the giants. they've had two losses to dallas. we're only halfway through the
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by the way, there's a little time left. two seconds before we go overtime. and the eagles will have it at the 20 yard line. probably see a kneel down. then we go to a very important coin toss. road team in this series has won five games and nine of the last 11. jerry jones, who must have consumed more blood pressure medication in his 25 years as an owner than anybody. and jeffrey lurie on the other side. and watch these teams go to a fifth quarter. so the coin toss coming. again to refresh you, with the
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overtime rules, each team has the opportunity to possess the ball unless the team that scores a kickoff scores a touchdown or the defense scores a td or safety. the team that receives gets a field goal, the other team will get a possession. each team two time-outs. and the game can end in a tie unlike postseason. >> cris: gives you a chance to go down the field and score a touchdown. you can make a defensive stand. just wonder now about the cowboys, as thin as they are and some of the fourth quarter numbers that we saw, now how is that going to translate into the overtime period? because fatigue does become a factor when you're playing against an offense like the philadelphia eagles as fast as they want to go. >> referee: ladies and gentlemen, now we'll begin the 15-minute overtime period. both teams the will have an
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unless the first team with the ball scores a touchdown. each team will have two time-outs. all replays will be initiated from the group. philadelphia, it's your choice. what's your call? tails. tails is the call. it is tails. philadelphia, you wish to -- philadelphia will receive. >> al: philly/dallas. more drama, overtime on "sunday night football." it's the holidays.
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here for you. giants win today in tampa. eagles and cowboys will get this one determined in overtime. skins lose at new england. they're 3-5. so philadelphia gets the ball. they get a touchdown. they whip, they in. they get a field goal or less, dallas can have the ball and a chance to win the game. start with a touchback. and here comes an eagle offense to the 20. sam bradford playing in his fifth career overtime game. one of them wound up in a tie. >> cris: bradford's been solid tonight. 239 yards, no interceptions, no touchdowns. and nobody really cares right now. >> al: the eagle s s, 411 yards to dallas, and 369 for philly.
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here we go, overtime. we start with a jump. greg hardy came across the line but he was induced. >> referee: false start offense, number 65. penalty, first down. >> al: lane johnson. >> cris: just a little flinch. so important. playing in no-huddle offenses, a first down, a second first down and just see a difference in the level of energy on the defensive side. but that first first down so important. >> al: first and 15. and that's murray. and murray's going to get a lot of that penalty yardage back. in fact, he'll get almost all of it to the 29 yard line. broke away from a heath tackle. 13 yards to make it second down and one.
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linebacker gachkar trying to get there in coverage but kind of got lost in the tight end going up the field, gave murray all that room. >> al: and he carries the ball again here. carries the ball 16 times for 54 yards. >> cris: there's one first down. here comes back in the game david irving who has had a nice day. >> al: cowboys this year very few takeaways. only four in half a season. three of them against philly on that one day in september. bradford is chased down. and the pass is hauled in. jordan matthews. right in front of his bench for a short gain. >> cris: a gain of one. >> al: yep.
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>> cris: amazing, isn't it, only one interception by this secondary? that by j.j. wilcox, all year. >> al: not one reception by a cornerback. second and nine. and we've got a flag. that was before the snap. bradford just dumping it off because the play had been whistled dead. >> referee: before the ball was snapped, false start offense, number 81, five yard penalty. second down. >> al: jordan matthews. >> cris: he was on the slide. >> al: right. still moving. at the snap second down and 14 now. so withstand another penalty, and scooting and picking up the first down is murray. so murray now coming home and
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trying to haunt the cowboys in his return. gain of 20. >> cris: nice job. going to set up that block to the outside of dennis kelly, then just shoot down inside it. the more injuries that the cowboys have, the fewer substitutions they can bring on to the field. >> al: from the 48 yard line, the play fake, then the dump and that's making the catch. mcclain immediately. >> cris: rolando mcclain, the guy the cowboys are going to have to have come up big now with sean lee out. he's really not been close to what he was a season ago yet. a better performance here tonight. >> al: rarely called his name tonight. a couple of collisions with his teammates. second down and 12 now from the 46. around the side again. murray into dallas territory to
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third and three. >> cris: marcus lawrence here cannot get stuck inside. continuing to work to get that edge. and demarco murray unable to get to the outside early in the game, is getting there now. and now the guy that has been getting there all night, ryan mathieus in the game. >> al: bradford fires. it's caught. at the 43 yard line. you've got brandon carr making the tackle on mathews. what a call for chip kelly here. fourth down and one. >> cris: at the very least you try and draw them offsides. the five yard penalty doesn't hurt you at all. now you have a shotgun run. are you willing to do that? >> al:. mathieu ews is the back. they give it to mathews. he'll get the first down.
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the ball is loose. unless it was whistled dead, the cowboys think they have it. and hochuli comes in to determine -- what's he going to determine? cowboys got it. and it's a turnover. so obviously it gets reviewed and he'll say the knee was down. >> cris: see if the elbow hits first. there's the knee in right there. so that is going to be first down philadelphia. is down. >> al: so they rule it a fumble on the field. the cowboy defense goes off the peeld. >> referee: we will review the ruling on the field that it was a fumble. >> al: right. but that defense is going to have to come back out, the way
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knee is down. he has possession. >> cris: there the knee is down. >> al: that's where the play ends right there are. >> cris: the ball is not moving at all until the elbow is down. >> al: and they have to get to the 42. and he gets to the 41 yard line. he will have the first down. on the fourth down, the crowd -- >> cris: the eagles fans are cheering. you can tell the scream was not a loud one because everybody wearing green was yelling and not blue. >> al: and the offense already coming back on the field. >> cris: actually, the fans in this stadium get a better view than ed hochuli. they have a 60-yard screen to watch. >> al: if you sit halfway up or beyond, that's how you're watching the game here. you're on the field, you're going to get a neck strain at
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the end of the game.


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