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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  November 10, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> christa: a man headed to court today accused of a deadly crash in mansfield. police say he was drunk when he intentionally slammed into a truck. that truck flipped over, killing a father inside and seriously injuring a passenger. >> jadiann: the driver facing a long list of charges. nicole oliverio live for us in attleboro with the very latest. nicole? >> reporter: those charges will include homicide while driving under the influence. this all happening yesterday
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early morning. and it was just about 9:00 this morning when 67-year-old michael hines was escorted from the foxboro state police barracks and taken here to attleboro district court. we are expecting he is going to go in front of the judge, probably within the hour. both the suspect and the victim are waiting inside. a foxboro father killed. police say he was the victim of road rage. and he was hit and killed by a repeat drunk driver. >> the message is get the courts off their lazy butts and put drunk drivers behind bars where they belong. >> reporter: police say the 67-year-old hit the victim' police say hines was under the influence. and he has already been >> this is the second time. possibly more. blew a 1.9. at 10:30 in the morning. >> reporter: police are incident.
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the two pick-ups first collided on 495 north in mansfield. then investigators say the suspect hit the victim again on purpose. as they got on to the exit ramp. the pick-up rolled over. he died at the scene. his passenger rushed to the hospital. the alleged drunk driver took off. >> it's devastating. his firstborn... i expected him to be with me. that is not going happen now. >> reporter: this is hines' second dui offense. again that, arraignment expected to happen here within the next hour. we are live in attleboro, nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> jadiann: we are tracking a november nor'easter. we have a rainy night ahead. we will also be dealing with some strong winds from the system. let's go to chris lambert with more on the timeline for us. >> chris: those winds kick up tonight. especially strong along the coastline tomorrow and through the morning.
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right now it is dry outside. still, temperatures into the mid-50's on average. a couple of 60-degree readings across the cape. just picking up rainfall across the south coast of new england. stretching from southern rhode island back to the coastline of connecticut. this batch has been slowly moving off to the east, northeast as we have gone through the morning. and now into the early afternoon. i expect some showers this afternoon down through southeastern massachusetts. perhaps one or two through worcester county as well. a better chance of widespread activity after the sun sets. this evening, the showers becoming more widespread. the breeze will start to pick up close to midnight tonight. a rainy forecast overnight tonight. and through the day tomorrow. expecting about a half inch to an inch of rain for most locations. there may be a few towns closer to an inch and a quarter or an inch and a half to get under some of the downpours tomorrow morning. gusty winds at times. at times, guing 40-50 miles an hour, with the strongest winds across the cape and the islands. not worried about coastal flooding. minimal flooding. tides astronomically low.
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this is a quick-hitting nor'easter. more on the forecast ahead. >> christa: all right, thank you. breaking news in russia. that ban on flights into egypt will last for several months. last week, russian president vladimir putin agreed to suspend all flights to the sinai peninsula. there was no time frame announced. this comes after fears that a bomb recently brought down a russian airliner. that crash killed all 224 people onboard. isis has claimed responsibility for that attack. >> reporter: jadiann, police know who they are looking for. no arrests as of this hour. as you can imagine, all this creating some pretty tense moments in this roslindale neighborhood overnight.
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when the suspect slipped away. >> we are still looking for this individual. >> reporter: a man wanted in connection with a stabbing and robbery, barricaded in an apartment. where he was living with two women and four children. >> we took steps. we tried negotiate. the negotiations didn't work. people did not come out. >> reporter: residents were evacuated from the area. police not taking any chances with the apartment surrounded, only determining hours later the suspect had jumped from a third-story window and escaped. >> apparently, jumped out the back window from the third floor and took off. okay. we found this out afterwards from someone that had seen him do that. report tt whole incident leaving residents rattled. >> i see cops and people over there. i went upstairs. i don't like crowds.
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thankful no one was hurt here. >> nobody got hurt here. we will find this individual. we are happy that nobody got hurt. >> reporter: while police around here this afternoon, they are also issuing a warning to anyone who may be acying in hiding this suspect. they say anyone who is doing that could face charges here as well. steve cooper, 7 news. >> christa: the two men who allegedly planned to attack people at the pokemon championship in boston are appearing in court. police found guns and in august. investigators say they drove to boston from iowa and posted threats on social media. in dorchester joining in a nationwide strike. workers walked off the job this morning. cooks and cashiers are demanding that elected leaders raise wages to $15 an hour. there will be a rally this afternoon starting at faneuil hall and ending at the statehouse.
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streets in new york city. about 300 workers rallied in front of a mcdonald's there. hall. protesters plan to take their fight for a living wage to the ballot box. >> christa: now a terrifying scene caught on camera. as a driver drags two police officers down the street after a traffic stop. now that driver is facing some >> reporter: unbelievable video. this boston police officer thanning on for dear life. you can see the officer's leg dangling out of the side of this speeding car. police say 45-year-old brian gilbert was behind the wheel. he is charged with assaulting officers and resisting arrest. you can't see the other side of the s.u.v. but police say another officer was also being pulled along. this all began on blue hill avenue.
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around 7:00. sunday night. police say this s.u.v. was speeding and driving erratically. police also say the two officers pulled over gilbert. he allegedly refused to put the car in park. the officers tried to take away his key. instead, he sped off. dragging officers a hundred yards until he crashed into a parked car. police were eventually able to arrest gilbert and the police commissioner, just grateful both officers escaped without serious injuries. >> they were seen. they were evaluated. thank god they were okay. >> reporter: police also found a large amount of cash and marijuana on the suspect. in mattapan, 7 news. >> christa: a woman from windham new hampshire has filed a defamation lawsuit against bill cosby. she filed the suit yesterday in springfield where cosby owns a home. the woman says that cosby falsely accuseled her of lying last year when she accused him of raping her back in 1968. dozens of women, as you know, have accused cosby of sexual
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he denies the charges. >> jadiann: now a developing story in south carolina. one person is dead after an officer-involved shooting on a college campus. police say a car with two people in it hit a campus police officer at spartanburg methodist college. that officer opened fire, killing one person. the campus was locked down for a short time. police say the officer was investigating a possible car break-in when he was run down. >> christa: the race for the white house: the g.o.p. presidential candidates are gearing up for their fourth debate tonight. there will be some changes to what we have seen in the past. and for more on that, here is jennifer eagan. she has preview for us. jen? >> reporter: tonight's debate will feature a narrowed-down field. for the first time, just eight candidates instead of ten. in the meantime, jeb bush and marco rubio are courting a state. the line-up is set for tonight's fourth republican debate. donald trump and ben carson will remain front and center with marco rubio and now ted cruz on either side. >> i'm honored to be here with
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>> reporter: both rubio and bush are courting the state's governor. the former candidate scott walker. nbc has learned rubio met with walker last night. >> we still have time to get this right. we do not have forever. >> reporter: trump continued to go after ben carson at a late-night rally in illinois. >> this is the only election in history where you are better off if you stab somebody? what are we coming to? >> reporter: carson faces tough questions over claims about his past. he says the media has been tougher on him than anyone. >> they have an actual vendetta or at least an agenda against somele of these candidates. >> reporter: carson's opponent insists he has to be able to take the heat. >> we are responsible for the stories we tell on our lives. >> reporter: fox business network says mike huckabee and chris christie didn't have the poll numbers needed to qualify.
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the network is promising a nor issue-focused, substantive debate tonight. >> jadiann: now to the pats. running back dion lewis officially out for the year. james white will mostly be called into play in a bigger role for the team. lewis did tear the acl in his left knee during sunday's win over washington. some teammates attended charity events last night and said it's tough to lose such an important player. >> we are all disappointed. you know, we try to move forward as best we can and he is optimistic he will be back. he is a great football player. you know, he works really hard. we are lucky to have a player like dion. >> christa: coming up at noon, a security scare causing chaos at miami's airport. why a plane had to be searched. caught on camera.
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>> christa: all right. here we are. tuesday. it's been fine. >> jadiann: we skated by for a little while. can't be perfect all the time. >> chris: hey, we are been easy street since november. very warm for the entire month so far. a trace of rain in boston. we usually pick up an inch or inch and a half of rain. we have a couple of chances of rain, the second chance will roll in with some showers on thursday afternoon. temperatures right now, lower to middle 50's.
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a few 60-degree readings from hyannis to nantucket. these numbers holding steady. mid to upper 50's throughout the afternoon. we are beginning to see a little bit of rain get close to the coastline here. as far as southern massachusetts. you get down through buzzards bay. over to the vineyard. fast couple of sprinkles about to happen there. back at newport, rhode island. stretching through long island and south of the coastline of connecticut. if you are heading down 95, once you cross over rhode island into connecticut here, do expect some wet travel the next few hours. down across that part of new england. now, most of the trend continues to lift off to the northeast. but slowly. the best chance of a few showers this afternoon. southeast massachusetts. also a few showers south of the mass. pike. out through worcester county. out through worcester and west of worcester. can't rule out some showers. hours to go. before we get any showers working in. a long extension of moisture. all the way down the carolina coastline. a storm system forming. that will be the mini nor'easter here as we go into tomorrow and tomorrow.
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... tonight and tomorrow: this is tropical storm kate. kate is expected to stay well away from us. well offshore. there is really no influence from kate itself. that is going to go toward of days. for us, what are we tracking? the rainfall moving in. it becomes more widespread aftersunset and especially this evening. after dinnertime. through the midnight hours. you can see it blossom on the radar and satellite forecast here. now, i do expect nast rain to taper off a bit tomorrow afternoon. to have some drizzle and spotty showers in the afternoon. the bulk of the wet weather overnight tonight and through the morning commute tomorrow, so it is going to be a slow-go for the morning commute. the puddles out there. the rain falling. all of the road-spray. we do see improved conditions as you get into the afternoon. about half an inch to an inch of rain. should be widespread. other thing is the gusty winds. those winds will gust 40 to perhaps close to 50 miles an hour along the coastline. best chance of seeing a 50-mile-per-hour gust tomorrow will be across the cape and the islands. guys? >> jadiann: okay.
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thank you so much. up and running after the swat team investigated a suspicious carry-on package. >> everybody out! in the front. everybody out! >> christa: this is video from inside that plane. it was searched for about two hours. police closed two security checkpoints after a passenger walked through with the bag. delayed as well. it turned out nothing dangerous was found. >> jadiann: dramatic body camera footage when the driver of a stolen s.u.v. smashes
12:18 pm
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>> jadiann: shocking video release of a car slamming into a police s.u.v. in oklahoma. we do want to let you know that officer is okay. police say that driver had her sights set on the officer. >> christa: as she approached, he drew his gun. as you see, pulled the trigger. as he drives through the entrance to this oklahoma elementary school, officer matt stacy is in the middle of a high-speed chase. he stopped to place down spike strips. the car copping at him is going nearly 50 miles per hour. and it is time to react, time is limited. >> stop, stop! the chase comes to an end. he hits the ground. somehow he suffers minor
12:20 pm
injuries only. his police chief says stacy made the right choice as the s.u.v. came at him with force. >> that wasn't the sound of braking. that was the sound of an accelerator. the suspect made the intentional turn towards the officer in his vehicle and rammed the vehicle. >> christa: the officer got up, still needing to make an arrest. the driver put her hands up. >> get your hands on top of your head! do not move! >> christa: after not obeying she fell back into the vehicle. officer stacy climbs on top, enters the sunroof and arrest it is suspect. the chief says this is an event that could have been avoided. >> she has the full western part of the roadway, two lanes that she could have utilized to bypass the officer. and there would have been no deadly force encountered. >> christa: her arrest report says she had suicidal thoughts and is suspected of driving
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under the influence. right now, that officer is out of the hospital. he only has a few scratches, amazingly. he is expected to return to work coming up this week. a big change at sea world. the popular shows are coming to an end. blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale is back... plus 1! woo-hoo! right now buy one get one at half price throughout the entire store. blinds. shades. sunscreens.
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>> christa: patriots practice field turning into a field of dreams for a local boy. he got to meet his hero. tom brady here. >> jadiann: and he brought along a special guest for the pats quarterback. tim caputo has a story. >> reporter: he is the center of attention. no, not tom paradey. the excitable six-year-old snapping him the ball. gabriel had his dream come true on saturday. he got to play on the patriots practice field with brady, his favorite player. thanks to make a wish massachusetts and rhode
12:24 pm
island. >> the kids get to run on the field and catch passes. >> reporter: gabriel's family learned he had leukemia when he was three years old. they wanted to turn a sad day into a positive one. they created gabriel's day of kindness. people across the u.s. did good deeds. last week, someone sent gabriel $20. he decide he wanted to give his $10 to tom brady. good things. i wanted to give it to him for him to do good things. >> i said "are you sure in" i $10. i decided not to say that to him. sure enough, he wrote the thank you note and gave tim $10. >> reporter: he surprised the millionaire athlete with $10 to pay it forward. >> the lock on tom's face. this football great to be
12:25 pm
visibly moved by this six-year-old boy. >> reporter: brady asked for a hug. his mom watched in awe. his idol on the football field. >> remember all the cheers and gone through to. see him in that moment just really take it all in, grinning ear to ear, just full of joy and excited. i mean, there is nothing that makes a mom more happy than seeing their child that way. >> reporter: tim caputo, 7 news. >> jadiann: i love that story. >> christa: very moving. i have seen it a couple of times. >> jadiann: also, a good lesson. much nor come on 7 news. a smoking proposal being put to a vote tonight in
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>> jadiann: new changes coming
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>> christa: the man accused in a deadly road rage crash in mansfield facing a judge today. police say he was drunk when he intentionally slammed into another vehicle. >> jadiann: that car flipped, killing a father inside. >> reporter: foxboro father killed. police say he was the victim of road rage.
12:29 pm
and killed by a drunk driver. the accident happened monday morning. aronne was driving with a coworker to a job. police say 67-year-old high cap hinds... michael hinds hit aronne's pick-up. he has been convicted of oui before. >> this is the second time. possibly more. blew a 1.9 at 10:30 in the morning. >> reporter: police are calling the crash a road rage incident. the two pickups collided on 495 north in mansfield. then investigate yors say the suspect hit arrone again on purpose. as they got into the exit ramp. aronne's pick-up rolled over. he died at the scene. hospital. the alleged drunk driver took off. >> it's devastating. >> reporter: the victim's family tells us that the
12:30 pm
passenger in the crash is expected to be okay. they say he is pretty banged-up. in attleboro, nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> christa: also right now, a man on the run after a standoff in roslindale. police had him surrounded inside an apartment bidding last night. then he managed to escape through a three-story window. here is steve cooper within latest on the search. a man wanted in connection with a stabbing and robbery, barricaded in an apartment. where he was living with two women and four children. >> we secured the apartment. we treated this as a code 99. s if barricaded subject. we took the steps. we tried to negotiate. the negotiations didn't work. the people did not come out. >> reporter: the residents were evacuated from the area. police not taking any chances with the apartment surrounded, only determining hours later the suspect had jumped from a
12:31 pm
third-story window and escaped. >> apparently, he jumped out a back window from the third floor and jumped off. we found this out afterwards. someone that had seen him do that. >> reporter: residents rattled. >> i see cops and people. i went upstairs. i don't like the crowds. boston police telling us they are just thankful no one was hurt here. >> nobody got hurt here. again, we will find this individual. right at this point in time, we are very happy to know. >> reporter: anyone helping the suspect elude authorities could face charges as well. steve cooper, 7 news. >> jadiann: we are tracking some wet weather headed our way. the ride home tonight will be definitely wet and the temperatures will start to drop. chris lambert tracking this all for us. >> chris: much-needed change here. we could use some rainfall. the ride home, the best chance for that rain.
12:32 pm
pike. beginning to see some light rain approaching the vineyard. back through newport, rhode island and stretching into connecticut. you can see a slow movement off to the east, northeast of boston. out through worcester. much of metro-west. a few more hours of dry weather before we get into the showers. most of the showers this afternoon, south of the mass. pike. temperatures dropping off this evening and overnight tonight. in fact, there will be a cold rain overnight and tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 40's. the other thing: the wind. east, northeast. and then turn to the north. that will be gusty at times. gusting close to 45 miles an hour along the coastline. >> we exceed that, close to 50. maybe across cape ann. best chance of a 50-mile-per-hour gust, though, out across the cape and over toward nantucket. the wind an rain with us through the morning commute.
12:33 pm
forecast ahead. >> christa: police found guns and ammo in two suspects' cars back in august. they planned to attack the pokemon conference. they posted threats on social media. >> jadiann: fast food workers joining in on a nationwide strike. workers walked off the job this morning. cooks and cashiers are demanding that their wages be raised to $15 an hour. there will be a rally this afternoon also starting at faneuil hall and ending at the statehouse. and protesters also taking to the streets in new york city. about00 workers rallied in front of the mcdonald's there. and began to march through protesters say they plan to take their fight for a living wage to the ballot box. >> christa: police are looking for a robber on the run up in manchester, new hampshire. the man robbed the granite state credit union monday afternoon on elm street. man did not display a weapon. if you have any information, they are asking that you contact them. also new details reported about an armed robbery at a
12:34 pm
gas station in tewksbury. arrested now. police are now searching for a third suspect. investigators say the men staged the robbery. in fact, they released a night. the clerks reported that this man came into the store waving all three suspects will be charged with larceny. >> jadiann: a kennel in revere is fighting for an abused puppy named lily. the owner says the pup was found on the side of the road earlier this week with severe injuries, including broken and fractured bones, rotted teeth, and fluid in her head. it is not known who did. this the kennel's owner says abuse and neglect led to her condition. >> her option was either to be euthanized or to reach out for help. she came. in she didn't know me. she didn't know my daughter. she didn't know my family business. she walked into our kennel yesterday, greeting my father with kisses.
12:35 pm
just loving everybody. >> jadiann: a go fund me page has raised more than $5,000 for lily. >> christa: more news today: a new report details an alleged widespread state-sponsored doping program. >> reporter: this morning, president vladimir putin facing world condemnation. with the real olympics less than a year ago, russia may have no business competing on the world stage, declares the u.s. anti-dorchestering agency. according to a report that reads like a cold war spy thriller, russian secret agents and the mysterious laboratory were used for state-stangsed doping.
12:36 pm
outraged. finished fifth in the 800 meters. >> for those of us putting in honest effort and time and energy, you can't ever get back those moments. >> reporter: now according to the reports, athletes and coaches should be banned for life. games. the greatest games ever. these are serious al gays made against the russian teams. report tt russians have been told they have until thursday to respond. otherwise, further action may be taken by the end of the interpol is investigating some of those people this in this report.
12:37 pm
this could yet lead to a criminal investigation. back to you. >> christa: the terminally ill star wars fan whose last wish was to see the new star wars film has passed away now. we first learned about daniel fleetwood last month. last week, he was able to see a special screening of the newest star wars film. after his wife and others asked to get a special exception and help fulfill his last wish,. he was 32 years old. >> jadiann: a controversy brewing over at starbucks. coffee-lovers are outraged over a new design on the cup. the company used a different design on the coffee cups. instead of a christmas theme, starbucks has a plain red cup. ryan schulteis has more on the heated debate. >> reporter: it is a coffee cup controversy that is now reaching the boiling point. starbucks has removed what it calls the symbols of the cups. this is what they looked like last year.
12:38 pm
this holiday season, they are just red. no more rain deer,, snowflakes or christmas ornaments. >> i think it's horrible. i'm going to dun kin from now on. it is ridiculous. that is ridiculous. it is not about the cups. the cups, you know, the red color brings it out. we don't need snowflakes and trees to make it about christmas. >> this brewed over when a former pastor posted a video to facebook saying the coffee chain hates jesus. >> i went in for my coffee. they asked my name. i told them my name is merry christmas. >> i'm a catholic. i live in the north end. i believe the jesus. the cup doesn't make me believe in jesus. i drink my coffee. i'm a good... that's it. >> reporter: donald trump even weighed in on the controversy. >> no more merry christmas on
12:39 pm
no more. (crowd booing) i wouldn't buy it. hey, look, i have one of the trump toweler. maybe we should boycott starbucks. >> reporter: starbucks say the red cups are a way for people to be creative, for people to their own way. they continue to embrace and welcome customers from all backgrounds and religions. ryan schulteis, 7 news. >> christa: after more than 80 years, campbell's chicken noodle soup is unveiling a new recipe with. ten fewer ingredients. according to the "new york times," the company is cutting ingredients to make room for more dehydrated chicken broth and onions. good news for chipotle lovers. thousands of tests from produce samples from the fast food chain turned out negative for e. coli. can reopen as early as tomorrow. several lawsuits were filed against company by people who say they became ill after
12:40 pm
eating at the restaurant chain. >> jadiann: boston customers will soon if their favorite eateries are making the grade. earlier n next year, boston will rate restaurants on their cleanliness and food safety. diners will be able to check on-line whether a restaurant has an a, b, or c rating. other cities like new york have been using the system for years. >> christa: just ahead on 7 news, sea world making a splash with its decision to pull a popular show. >> jadiann: we have the results of who did it better. see who came out on top of
12:41 pm
the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families opposing the iraq war, now he's taking on wall street funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change fighting for living wages, and tuition-free people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you
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to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> christa: a family in louisiana coming home to an unexpected guest. check out this deer making itself right at home. in the bedroom. police say it broke through a window and walked all the way through the house. look, he is climbing up on top there. going to lay down, i guess. it eventually jumped out of the window. no one was hurt. left behind quite the mess. >> jadiann: on a serious note, to have a wild animal in such a small space. i'm surprised it didn't go more crazy. >> christa: flailing. they go bonkers. yes. >> jadiann: they get scared. naturally so. >> christa: imagine coming home to that. >> chris: don't startle him. don't startle him. open the door or window.
12:43 pm
hopefully, he will walk out. right? 52 in boston right now. 60 in hyannis. 55 in norwood. in the mid to upper 50's throughout the afternoon. even dipping a little bit. once the rain starts to settle on in. beginning to see the radar showing a little rain across the vineyard. even in the city of boston, still a few more dry hours before we get any wet weather in here. there is plenty of wet weather south of us. continue to work toward new england tonight. and notice this bright white here off the carolina coastline. that is the tropical storm. that will stay well out to sea. a separate area of low pressure we will be dealing with. all right. radar composite here on the satellite image as well as the forecast model showing that
12:44 pm
widespread rain this evening. again, any time after 4:00 or 5:00 in the city of boston, fair game for some rain. this evening and overnight tonight. embedded heavier showers certainly a possibility. many of us pick up between about a half inch and an inch of rain by the time this all winds down. beginning to see this tamer off and shut off. could still have a little bit of lingering drizzle and afternoon. the brunt of what we see tomorrow in terms of rainfall will fall in the morning hours. we will see lower values of rain for the afternoon. again, most of us half an inch to an inch. a few towns, maybe above that. tonight into tomorrow morning. and a gusty wind. the wind will be strongest out of the north, northeast tomorrow. gusting 30-40 miles an hour along the coastline. occasionally, gusting 40-50 across cape ann and cape cod. cape cod, likely to see the highest gusts tomorrow. close to 50. that wind will be active throughout the afternoon.
12:45 pm
the rain starts to taper off. i still expect a strong wind tomorrow afternoon across the cape. 55-60. what about the veteran's day parade tomorrow in brockton? expecting wet weather. temperatures mid-40's there at 10:00 a.m. city of boston, getting to see the showers taper off. drizzle. it is wet, raw tonight. temperatures in the upper 40's. gusty wind along the coastline. another batch of showers working through thursday afternoon. then we are done with the rain to end the week. >> jadiann: all right. the moment of truth. in this who did it better segment. jadiann was 1-1. after the circus competition. >> jadiann: that's right. i needed a rebound this week. i took on chris lambton. this is a firefighter
12:46 pm
challenge. slide down the fire pole and gear up. we had to do it as quickly as possible. chris finished in 54 seconds. i finished in 38 seconds. don't try that at home, children. we both cheated equally. does that make it any better? >> christa: that balanced out the fact that it came down to the actual time. right? jadiann won it fair and square here. right? 64%. chris finished with 46%. you get an improving record. 2-1, jadiann. >> jadiann: well, i needed that win, chris fa. i'm not so confident. i have been told bill jeremy and possibly chris that next week i think all the friendly coworkers are going out the window. >> christa: we will see where their true allegiances are.
12:47 pm
>> jadiann: it's dylan dryer from the today show. >> christa: okay. we look forward to that on monday. coming up, the show is over: a big change at sea world. what the theme park is now
12:48 pm
>> christa: sea world will shut down its once popular killer whale show amid controversy. but they are also planning to open a new exhibit in its place. the killer whale show is really the trademark. if you have ever been to sea world in san diego. >> jadiann: that's right. in recent years, ticket sales have slumped. sea world is ending the long-time tradition. many say it's not enough. at sea world, san diego, the show is over. or is it?
12:49 pm
the park announcing next year it will phase out its killer whale show after years of mounting criticism over sea world's treatment of orcas in captivity. but while they are closing the curtain on the shamu show as we know it, in 2017, a new bigger killer whale exhibit will be unveiled. what critics this morning are calling a bait and switch. >> this doesn't sound like they are phasing out the killer whale shows at all. they are just retooling their killer whale shows so that it's not going to have necessarily the theatrical side of the shows with the leaps and jumps. >> jadiann: attendance is down at shows in san diego. a critical documentary blackfish built a wave of protest and picketing. >> there are some facts about sea world we would like you to know. >> jadiann: after fighting back and perhaps losing the p.r. war, the company says it is now listening to its visitors.
12:50 pm
declining our interview request, sea world went public on-line with its new plan for a larger, more informative killer whale exhibit in 2017. >> it is going to be focused more on the natural setting. natural environment. and also the natural behaviors of the whale. and it will have a strong conservation message. >> jadiann: the future for these whales remains as bleak as ever. a once popular show seeping to be gone. a new one takes its place. the changes will only affect sea world san diego. there are no plans to cancel shows in san antonio or orlando. >> christa: up next, amy schumer is known for getting a
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>> christa: all right. caitlyn generaller getting recognized by a popular magazine. >> jadiann: glamour referred to jenner as the transgender champion. and praised her efforts. >> christa: fans getting a first look at finding dory. we got a sneak peek of the sequel on monday. this is a look at the movie poster. fans will be able to view the first frailer for the movie today as well. finding dory will be released coming up in june. >> jadiann: amy schumer offering an apology after some fans in maine say they were short-changed. it is comedian did a 47-minute
12:53 pm
set that was rushed on saturday in order to make time for a second show in portland. schumer says the next time she comes to portland, she is going to perform for two hours to help make up for it, i guess. >> christa: right. here is chris lambert. >> chris: at least you don't have to pay for the forecast. right? 55-60. we will hold steady this afternoon. afternoon showers developing from south to north. we have a few dry hours. rain and wind tonight. into tomorrow morning. winds gust at times close to 45 miles an hour along the coastline tomorrow. >> christa: don't forget. 7 news continues first at 4:00.
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