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tv   Today  NBC  November 12, 2015 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's thirsty thursday. it's november 12th. that's called "house party." you love that song. >> if you crank this up on the weekend, it will get you in the best mood. >> if you crank it up, you won't get cranky. trying to put us down if you wanna be a home body your wanna have a house party
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>> didn't you have this as your i-hoda? >> i did. sneaking in two. >> two, baby. >> our good friend curtis stone and his beautiful lovely wife actress and mother of two lindsay price stone are here with two dessert ideas for thanksgiving. >> they have good dance moves. >> impressed by the aussie over there. >> the other was in heels. if you're a fan of willy wonka and the chocolate factory, you'll love what we have coming up. first, let's go back to 1971 for a very memorable moment. >> dessert? here it comes. blueberry pie cream. it's the most marvelous blueberry pie i've ever tasted. >> holy toledo, what's happening to your face? >> you're turning violet, violet. >> i feel funny, what's happening? >> you're blowing up like a balloon. >> like a blueberry. >> call a doctor. >> well, lilliana caught up with the whole cast. they're having a cast reunion.
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that was such a great scene. remember that? >> cute. bobbie is here, bobbie thomas, to ensure you'll never have a bad hair day again. that's quite a promise. >> two lucky women were ambushed on the plaza this morning for head to toe makeovers. we'll have that. >> and rokerthon update. >> al is on an amtrak train. he's been doing the weather. he's hitting every state. he's with ryan. al, can you hear us? >> i can hear you. ryan does not have an ip so he can't hear you. >> hey, ryan, okay. he can't hear us. >> so where are you, al? you're going from d.c. up? >> we're right now, we just passed trenton, on our way to metro park. this is bob, the handsomest
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>> hi, bod bby. >> tell her i love her. >> now he can hear you. >> hello, ryan. >> so al, how many more states do you have left to go, honey? >> well, we've got eight more states to go. we're going to -- we're on the amtrak to boston. we're going to drive through three new england states and then tomorrow, we leave stanford and come into grand central. >> oh, my gosh. >> wave to me, all righty? out of stanford. >> i think you're tired. >> that's right, that's right, on friday. no, i'm fine. i'm doing -- they surprised me on the 9:00, ryan just kind of showed up. >> i just jumped in. i almost missed the train. i was running, jumped in, yeah. >> how far is ryan -- >> very james bond. >> it was, it was. >> how far is ryan going with you? >> he's going all the way. >> i'm going all the way. i'm going to california. they're done in a few states but i'm going to -- >> well, we're so proud.
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al, we're going to be waiting patiently for you tomorrow. you've done such an incredible job. rokerthon 2 is feeding america and it's such a great cause. be safe, okay? we'll see you tomorrow. >> god bless. >> thanks, guys. >> it seems weird to go from al -- >> thank you, honey. boy, i don't like those things. >> yeah. >> to shia labeouf. al's everywhere and shia is one place. >> he's been in the angelika movie theater. he's been sitting there. he's going 29 hours watching his own movies. there's a camera trained on him. people are just showing up in the movie theater and sitting around him. amanda avery, one of our last night. on, right? >> i was on a mission. i left work yesterday, like, i'm going to go see shia. i timed it to be there two hours before the cartoon surf's up is going to air where he plays a penguin who surfs.
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what adults want to see that? a lot. i get there, the line was out the door, around the corner, all the way down the block. i got in line. weird mix of people. >> yes, i imagine. three kids. a woman in her 60s. a guy who flew from texas to be a part of this because he wanted to be in line and see shia. i have to give a special shoutout to ben and james who became my line buddies, these college kids who i became friends with. there they are, yeah. >> huge fans of shia. >> did you get in? >> three hours later, we get to the line. >> you waited three -- >> no, then you get inside into the theater. there's another line in there that you didn't see when you're outside. >> what? >> so three hours in that line. and then finally they came and said, like, people that were now going in, it's free, and you don't have to leave. so you can stay as long as you want. they said most people that were going in weren't leaving. they were going to stay until 5:00 p.m. when it ends. >> so no new seats. >> in three hours i was in the inside line, probably eight people got in.
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back. >> you never got in? >> you waited in line six hours? >> after six hours, i failed you. i had to give up. i did the math. i was like, i'm not going to get in time to get back to work. it is quite the crazy event. >> are people going up to him and talking to him? >> no. people were coming out and i was kind of drilling them for whatever information i could get. he's not talking to people. some people were able to get a handshake. but no phones are involved. there were no cameras allowed in there. people were in costume. there was a person with a shia labeouf mask on. it was a scene. >> this is performance art. it's going on until 5:00 p.m. amanda, you are a crack producer. >> even though i failed. >> you were born for this job, you know that? >> i tried, i tried. >> you never fail us, sweetheart. >> charlie's angels full throttle is on right now. if you want to go wait in line for six hours and you might make it.
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it's happening. >> okay, all right, let's move on, shall we? we are so excited about this one. apparently. because we all do this. do you ever look back, think back to boyfriends that you had and wondered what happened to them or are they happy, is he sorry he didn't marry me, those kinds of things. there's a 93-year-old man named norwood thomas in virginia. and this week, what happened, hoda? >> yeah, he got to speak to his girlfriend. a girlfriend he had during world war ii. her name's joyce. they met 70 years ago while he was stationed in london. >> look at the joy on his face. >> after he returned home to the states, he wrote to her and he asked joyce to come be with him in america. she said no. she didn't want to move. they lost touch. all these years later at 88, joyce lives in australia. she says, hey, is there a way this computer can contact people? her son said, let me try. he clicked. they skyped or got together on skype. >> he found a norwood. >> and called him.
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anyway, they started skyping. and the first thing that she said when she saw him was she said, tommy? because that's what she called him. norwood said he hasn't heard anyone call him that since 1945 when they said good-bye. >> dubt oesn't that kill you? it it's beautiful. she said she would say good morning to him, now, every day. so take a look at his response. >> you mentioned that you say good morning each morning. >> i do. >> well, just remember that i will say good morning back to you. >> i say good morning to you every morning. >> i would love to be there to see it in person. >> yes, that would be nice. i think she's saying. they both were married. both had lost their spouses. >> yes, their spouses passed away. >> do you have a boyfriend you ever think about? >> you can google to see what happens to him. >> yeah, i've done that. >> have you? you don't do that? >> what? do you forget sometimes who you're talking to?
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>> all right, time for i-hoda. this one caught me because -- because the video shows a big gigantic piece of like birthday cake and it's on a beach. i was, like, what is this? they talk about the cake by the ocean. i was like, that was the name of it. i don't know what it means but i likee. >> it's by dnce. >> here it is. it's crazy. they're all taking hunks of cake. here it comes. go crazy crazy. by the ocean walk for me baby >> what does it mean? >> i don't know. just if you're wondering. >> we have to figure out what that means. >> well, remember that story here in new york about the man that was head of the church and he had -- >> please don't ruin my moment. please.
11:10 am
>> was into the cake thing. >> okay, that was totally unnecessary. can we do a quick shot of our lovely ladies? they're here from groove with me. it's a great charity. they worked, they paid money to come here, for an auction. >> you can listen to sirius xm 108, hoda is there on monday and wednesday. can we just go out on the little koala bear or no? >> why not? yes, we can. >> give you a smile after that i-hoda. look at this. he's carrying around a teddy bear. a koala teddy bear. >> is that the cutest thing you've ever seen? >> awww. >> yeah. >> all righty. >> all right. >> so we've got our ambush makeovers. we've got curtis and his beautiful -- well, they're gone. there they are. they're over in our kitchen. he's beating her with a breadstick. >> that's what they do. we've heard that rumor. >> caveman style. all right, we'll be right back after this. when it's your job to protect the world's greatest nation, it's your responsibility to solve the world's greatest challenges.
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there are so many deserving women on the plaza this morning but only two could be chosen for ambush makeovers. >> our intrepid glam squad found two lucky ladies. celebrity hairstylist to the stars, our own -- louis licari >> we need to freshen that. >> i need to write one for jill. fashionista jill martin. >> we'll have a long list for jill. >> and mogul, business mogul. >> exactly. >> talk to us, louis, how was it today? >> it was good actually. we found two women who are so naturally pretty that they had no idea -- i mean, it was almost too easy today. >> you can see how pretty she is already. >> our first lucky lady is corine. she's 52 years old from garden valley, california. she's been a firefighter for the past 21 years. happily married with five kid, seven grandchildren, two on the way.
11:15 am
besides her bio logical grandkids, she says her fellow firefighters also call her grandma. she's very low maintenance when it comes to beauty. >> i know you're so excited for your sister. so you haven't ever seen her color back to where it was? >> no, she does not want a color. she's very low maintenance. >> okay, we're going to make you high maintenance. you seem a little nervous but excited, that correct? >> yes, very much. like she said, i've never colored my hair and i don't cut much, you know, other than trims so this is a little nervous, a little scary for me. >> your eyes are so gorgeous, i can't wait to see what color he makes you! >> all righty. it's all time. camille, you ready? >> yes. >> here is corine before. all right, girl, let's see the new you! oh, my god! >> oh, pretty. >> wow! >> all right, camille, you ready?
11:16 am
take off that blindfold. >> what? oh! my goodness! oh, that's not even you! >> you can hug her. >> yeah, turn. >> oh, my goodness. it's so good. >> it's beautiful. >> we look more alike! >> it's you and me. we have the same hair. >> oh, we do. >> it's awesome. >> so pretty. >> tell us about the hair. >> okay, first of all, vanessa gave this fantastic haircut. she had so much hair, it was overwhelming. vanessa just shaped it, gave it this very smooth look. she can still push back and put under a helmet when she's fighting fires. this woman is a hero. >> you're going to be fighting different kinds of fires. >> if you notice, i left your
11:17 am
hair a little light around the front where it's gray so the roots won't show instantly and darkened the back where it was dark. so you should still be low -- >> are you freaking right now? you can't even. that was one of the greatest -- >> it's beautiful. >> it's a great color. i think it's perfect. >> that dress fits like a glove. >> and her eyes are so blue so we wanted to give her a bright color to bring them out. >> whose dress is it, sweetheart? >> adrianna. >> of course it is. >> right over that way, thank you. >> nice job. >> all right, our second lady is kelly, she's 52 from buffalo new york. she's a computer programmer trying to get back in the field. she did some part-time work over the years but her primary focus was being a mom to three kids. she says she wants a brand-new look for a transition back into the working world. let's listen to her story. >> gary, i think you were more excited than your wife. tell me why. >> well, i know how important this was to her.
11:18 am
she wrap atches the show all the time and she's been talking about it for weeks. >> aw. tell me why you're so excited. college. it's just a change for me. i just love a new look. >> empty nesters. we are going to give you a new look. >> thank you. >> and kelly's here with her husband gary and we're going to take one last look at kelly right now and bring out the new kelly. >> wow! nice. >> gary, you ready? all right. guard your heart. all right. here you go. take it off, please. >> oh, my gosh, you look -- >> love is in the air. >> it is. >> do you want to see, kelly? >> yes. >> all right, hon, turn around. >> oh, my gosh.
11:19 am
i love it. >> it's so beautiful. i think gary likes it too. which is good. that helps. >> yes, it does help. this is another terrific haircut by vanessa. she gave it layers on top so there's movement. she has finer hair, this made it look a little bit thicker. her hair color was -- >> so modern, young. >> exactly, simple, modern, young, minimal. the other thing we did is of course i made the hair color a little deeper and a little warmer. not quite a redhead. it just works so well with her skin color. >> it really does. it does. the outfit? the dress? >> the dress is new by shoni. >> of course it is. that's what i'm wearing. you like it, don't you? congratulations, ladies. you look awesome. thank you, louis and jill, love you both so much. the new hair trend celebrities are buzzing about.
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all right, do you have a date planned with your lover or a girlfriend's night out this weekend? >> then you want your hair to look its best. we'll help you add some luster to you locks with bobbi's buzz. >> hey, b.j. what do you have? >> everybody's been talking about this unusual hair trend. kyler jenner spotted rocking a hair tattoo. those flash tattoos you've seen all summer are making their way to your tresses. you'll see it on straight hair, if you pull the hair straight, you can apply these flash tattoos to your hair. it kind of looks like a headband that's just been laid on. they're interesting. you can brush them out and get a little glitter effect. so when it comes to a cool hair find, i was so excited about these. they're called slaps. they're caps that are lined with satin. >> what? >> exactly. anyone that knows at night if you want to have a silk or satin pillow case to be sochtssofter on your
11:24 am
hair. condition your hair and wear this. less dryness, less frizz. in the winter when you wear all those hats and your break your roots, this is so much better. >> do you wear it as a winter hat? >> everything. wear it at night, wear it during the day. >> it fits. >> it will last long. >> how cute is this? so check those out. >> does it come in just one size fits all except for hoda? >> that's rude. >> last but not least, if you want to style your hair this holiday season, i get lots of questions about this, what tool do you use? if you have shorter layered hair like autumn, you want to use one of these hot tools. this is called the squishy brush. it's got a silicon brush and it will help you bump right at the roots. >> bump it. >> if you've got long hair like mine, look at this extra long barrel. >> and wider. >> you clip it. i know we're going to break but look online because these are the most amazing hot tools. there's a sale on ult that right now.
11:25 am
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather,
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an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. that's curtis stone's favorite singer cher. >> yeah, he loves her. >> it's thirsty thursday. we're here with our pals curtis stone and his wife lindsay price stone. earlier today, lindsay revealed that curtis had no idea who cher is. >> how is that possible? that woman, that gorgeous magnificent creature. >> she's fantastic. i've actually heard her music. i just didn't put the two together. >> i'm going to pay for this forever. time. we were just at school and they said, we need some more men to help build the tree house. she said, my aussie husband, count him as a man and a half. a half. >> oh.
11:30 am
>> that's hot though. that's hot to be called a man and a half. >> tough to live up to. >> first of all -- >> we're doing desserts. >> we're going to make a pie. this is actually three pies in one. take it away, babe. >> he's getting back at you, lindsay. >> first you take the dough. >> first you make the dough, right? so you start with flower, sugar, a little salt. and then cold butter. that's the most important thing. >> cold? >> it has to be cold because you want to keep little pea sized pieces of butter. you don't want to blend it to a pulp. tools. as they realize when i tried to build the tree house. so you blend it. it will just start to come together. wet sand. >> okay, wet sand. >> that's pretty good. then you're going to add water. the water goes in through there. cold water again and that keeps the integrity of the butter. but not the ice. just the cold water.
11:31 am
you'll see it come together. as soon as it does, come on, do it this is live. >> show us. >> come on, come on, you can. and that's enough. so now it looks like clumpy sand. >> this is what it looks like, okay. >> you bring it together but don't overwork it. come on baby, get in there. work that together. >> this is what i do at home. he just tells me what to do and i do it. >> you should take that amazing that. just wanted to draw attention to that lovely bauble. >> kathie lee, come over here. i'm going to put you to work too. i want you to get over here. hoda, you've got one as well. just go ahead and put paper over the top and pound it, turn it and keep pounding. like so. and then once you have it flat enough. then roll it. so the parchment is there to stop it from sticking. all right. so you roll that. these things are a little wobbly.
11:32 am
>> yes, they are. say we did that. >> like you've done an excellent job. >> say with did that. say we did it some more. >> when it's thin enough. you get it into the pan and you can do it -- see, it's quite sticky. >> but you do it more like a country pie. >> there it is. >> perfection. >> okay, then you go ahead and you -- >> hoda, did you not make fun of mine. >> okay, come to the back with me. >> okay, that's done. >> come on, lindsay. >> the reason we do three is because this is -- we're going to make a pecan pie but you can also do a pumpkin pie or apple and cranberry pie, whatever it is. >> same crust, different fillings. >> we have honey, vanilla extract.
11:33 am
little brown sugar. lindsay has mixed together a few eggs. snoth together? >> when you're the wife a man and a half like a celebrity, intimidating. i used to be just like a bottle of champagne and some takeout. the bowl. embrace the situation. >> we have kids and also the most loving thing in the world to do, cook for the person you i'm catching up. i'm learning. and a half? >> a little brown butter. i forgot to say the whiskey. the whiskey's in there too. i'll pour for you. >> look how cute they are together. >> so little hudson went to see finding neverland the other day, right? i wasn't expecting to -- >> you were crying. >> hudson was on the edge of his
11:34 am
>> he got the music and -- >> he got it. think he was just overwhelmed with how emotional it is. >> should we taste it? >> she can't even stir, can she? >> you get that in there. >> i noticed that. >> lindsay can't stir. >> here you go. here, hoda woman. >> fork -- >> can lindsay -- >> sorry, sorry. >> here, i'll take this one. >> are you going to have any? >> oh, yeah. >> pumpkin pie with a little cream and nutmeg. apple and cranberry. delicious. >> unbelievable. while you're there, sign up for our brand-new "today" food club prize. oh, my gosh. >> how about a little chocolate, kath? >> lilliana is going to sit down with the cast of willy wonka and the chocolate factory.
11:35 am
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it was 1971 when willy wonka and the chocolate factory made its cinematic debut. the story based on the famed book centers around five lucky children who win a golden ticket to the adventure of a lifetime. >> the movie became an instant classic and one of the film's biggest fans is our friend lilliana vasquez. >> hey, girl. >> this was such an incredible experience. i may not have gotten the cove epted golden ticket in my wonka bar but did i p i did get the chance to sit down with six members of the original willy wonka cast. take a look. it's the story of a boy and his golden ticket that captured the imagination, of both the young and young at heart. charlie along with augustus, ver ruk ka salt, violet beauregard
11:40 am
were our eyes inside willy wonka and his chocolate factory. it's been more than 40 years. you guys get together often but how is the experience unique every time you get together? >> it's sort of like getting together with your relatives at thanksgiving. >> so what you're saying it can be good or bad. >> you're happy to see everybody and then say, okay, great, that couple years. >> i'm so glad you could come. this is going to be such an exciting day. >> what is it about the film that resonated with kids, adults and teenagers? >> different ages. everybody takes something a little bit different. 5-year-old is mesmerized by the chocolate room and the colors. while a 13-year-old, you know, interested in what the kids are doing and then there's a lot of human they're only adults would get. >> you're going to love this. just love it. >> were there any scenes in the movie that were particularly scary to film? >> gene in the wonka tank.
11:41 am
>> there's no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going >> no acting involved. just terrified. >> pure magic is how many would describe gene wilder as willy wonka and his young co-stars all fell under his spell. >> they came up to me and said, you know, mr. wilder would like to pluck some hair out of your head during the song, is that all right? of course at the time i said, well, it's fine, you know, inhave plenty. but that obviously changed. >> just remember him being very sweet and kind and patient and tolerant of us all. you've got five kids all vying for his attention. >> today, fans of all ages can get their favorite character's attention at conventions like spooky empire where the cast reunited. we ran into one of the movie's biggest fans in sync's joey fatone. >> it was such a great childhood memory for me, you know,
11:42 am
thought maybe there is a place that has willy wonka where i can get a year's supply of chocolate and live there. >> we decided to take a stroll down memory lane to see who would win the golden ticket today. first question, one of the words in the contract is frippery. use the word frippery in a sentence. >> frippery is a word you say when you fall over. >> on an icy day, it's very frippery. >> oh, dear, frippery. >> there's a line in the film, is it my soul that calls me by name. by name? a line from? >> midsummer's nights dream. >> tempest. >> oh, rubbish. >> we need a final answer. >> romeo and juliet. >> romeo and juliet. >> yeah. >> last question. for the win.
11:43 am
candy store owner but was denied? who can take a sunrise >> nice work, well done. there's no life i know to compare with pure imagination >> oh, my god. >> it has the same effect on everyone. and so just so you know, frippery means -- wait, frippery was shown through the movie but what it means is wearing like a feather boa. >> super showy. >> frippery. >> that brings back so many memories. >> it was so fun. i did bring you guys back -- >> gobstoppers? >> who likes the nerds. >> give it all to hoda. it's her thing. >> i do want to point out most of the cast today isn't in show business and actually peter, who played charlie, is now a veterinarian. he pursued his dream. he loves animals. >> very much at peace.
11:44 am
>> that was really fun. >> thank you, lilliana. >> all righty. coming up, sara gets ready to serve up new music to huge crowds. dove invited women to a makeover... with a difference. hi ma'am. hi. would you like to have a free makeover? perfect! who doesn't love a good makeover. here you go... it's a shower?! it's a shower! but it's a shower with dove body wash. with its breakthrough formula all it takes is just one shower. for softer, smoother skin. wanna feel? it feels really good! really silky smooth. it's awesome. i love it! dove body wash. softer, smoother skin after just one shower. at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. do you know the secret to a happy home in these modern times? it's a housewife who's in control of the finances.
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the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> grammy-nominated singer/songwriter sara bareilles is known for some big hits like "i choose you" and "love song." >> now her new album "what's inside songs from waitress." all from the upcoming production of waitress for which she wrote the music and lyrics. >> here she is with "door number three." door number two it's for you little lady is it all that you dreamed
11:48 am
how if i knew would have been out and jumped up now here i am with my feet on the sand and a body that won't move the tide's coming in and i'm bound for a swim in a pair of cement shoes he takes what he can what he wants doesn't matter if it's ever been given i took the bait and a chance on a man sold by the boy that he lived in and i was wrong to believe that strength makes you strong and i had hope in a change i see in us both and now i'm heavy but he lifts me but never once carried
11:49 am
walked through ask me the question who could have guessed i would be here at this crossroad plain to be seen that it's all up to me nothing's changed and i see it more every day nothing moves it's a game to be played and to lose and now i'm heavy unsteady but maybe i'm getting ready and this might catch fire and char this ground i might lift this up to only be the one who's gonna get let down
11:50 am
ground before the waters rush i've got to make a change or else i know i'll drown baby look around door number two i've already walked through i wanna see what's behind door number three >> beautiful. >> wow. >> she's so talented. >> we are back with more in a moment. >> first, this is "today" on
11:51 am
here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it
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have you ever had the urge to take a snapshot of your partner sleeping and post it to
11:54 am
twitter or instagram? >> well, she took a picture of her husband adam levine while he was snoozing away. wilmer shared a picture of demi la vote atto asleep. so we were asked is it okay or not okay to post pictures your partner sleeping and apparently, this is what we had to say allegedly. >> only if they're not drooling and you check with them first. >> are we twinsies or what? >> we rarely thing the same thing. >> as long as he's not a krool er drooler, i guess it's okay. >> twinsies. >> spending too much time together. >> okay. >> okay. tomorrow, we're going to catch up with oscar winner patricia arquette. >> plus, a performance by great big world. >> the very, very funny elissa. >> and the always outrageous andy cohen is going to be here. have an awesome thirsty thursday, everybody. what's tomorrow, hody? >> try day friday.
11:55 am
>> jadiann: several people arrested at a protest over a pipeline in west roxbury. >> christa: a crash on the cape sending a state trooper to the hospital. a wrong-way driver is to blame. >> jadiann: a dog falls into a well in taunton. firefighters getting creative to get him out. . >> another round of showers. when we will see the sunshine again and the weekend forecast coming up.
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