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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> adam: her aert broken boyfriend talks to just one station. >> kim: controversy on the campus of umass boston, the tweets that landed some of the schools sock are players this trouble. >> adam: an agent accused of sending disturbing pictures to an underage girl. >> pete: we are warming things up by tomorrow. >> adam: and ben aflake is in the neighborhood for a new hollywood block buster. >> kim: breaking news, the poll says a u.s. air strike in syria has targeted the isis terrorist known as jihadi john. he has appeared in several videos where a hand was beheaded >> reporter: he is from the uk and we have seen him a number of times in the isis propaganda videos where hostages are
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beheaded and he took part in the execution of james foley from new hampshire and other saturdays from the uk and military official says they are assessing tonight's operation but are not saying if he is dead. in the newsroom, ryan schulteis. >> kim: an emotional interview you will see on just one station >> trying to deal with it and move on. >> kim: we are hearing from the boyfriend of a teenager who died of a drug overdose. she was found dead in a hume motel >> adam: the girl's mother and her boyfriend facing charges in relation to her death. kimberly bookman has the interview you will see on just one station. kimberly? >> reporter: that teenager said he found out his girlfriend died following a high school football game. he says last couple of weeks have been difficult but he found solace today in the arrest made this evening. >> i think the mother, introduced her to everything, the mother and boyfriend. they just got her hooked on it. and kept her prisoner there.
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>> reporter: a senior in high school trying to come to terms with the suit endrug related deet of his girlfriend, 17-year-old eve. how could they provide that to her. >> reporter: eve was found dead in the rochester new hampshire motel room where she lived. her mother and the mother's boyfriend were in the room when she died >> this is unfortunate that this happens with the parent on scene at the time. it would shock you that that type of sub-tans would be around a 17-year-old to begin with. >> reporter: friends and classmates created a memorial to the teen, a woman whether wanted to get out of new hampshire and travel the world. tonight he blames her mom forting that deem away from her. >> her mother, how can she say
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she was the nicest girl you would have ever met. >> reporter: investigators say eve died after taking fentanyl a drug that police say is 30 times stronger than heroin. reporting live from rochester, new hampshire, kimberly bookman. >> kim: a developing story, players on the mass soccer team facing discipline a caused of sending troubling tweets. pran bran is there with details on what they said. >> reporter: campus leaders are not happy with b this after at least three soccer players tweeted nasty comments to taylor, after he supported eliminating heading from kids' soccer. three players from umass boston soccer team are facing discipline after lashing out at former u.s. national team and new england revolution player taylor, whose professional career was cut short bay series of concussions. help were upset about his
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heading in youth soccer. he tweeted kand tell you how emotional i am that progress is being made and can't wait for it to come to fruition. but in the everyone sees it as progress. among those on the attack, tweeting for him to quit life and that is why soccer doesn't grow in the usa because of expletives like you. he retweeted and responded disgusting behavior if players on u.s. boston men's soccer umass boston said in part, we hold our student athletes to the highest standard and do not tolerate this behave your on social media or anywhere else. umass boston applauds taylor for the important work that he is doing on head injuries this soccer. the three athletes will face some sort of disciplinary action. we are live in dorchester, i'm brandon gunnoe. >> adam: police say a deadly discovery on the south shore,
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the body of a missing teenager found on a plymouth beach and tonight we are hearing from his family. the nightteam's put computer is in plymouth were more on this teen tragedy. >> reporter: for months now the family was holding out hope that that teenager would be found alive, earlier today they got a phone call from detectives, and that's right worst fears were realized. the body of a missing malden teen washed ashore in plymouth, josue quispe-almendro was last seen alive by family on october 17. they have been looking all over and when they got a finance call today they were praying it was good news. >> today when the detective said we have news for you i was running and i said well, hopefully they found him and he's fine. >> reporter: workers repairing a seawall found the body on a remote peninsula in plymouth. >> you can drive out there but you have to live out there, and
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and then the same thing so if it's on the south side that is the beechl facing-- beach facing p-town at the bottom of a cliff. >> reporter: police have not determined a cause of dot but do not suspect foul play. the teen drove off after attending church with family members and his car was found in quincy. >> he was good guy. very nice boy. and everybody is sad right now. >> reporter: again the exact cause of death has not yet been determined. the tmger would have turned 19 this coming sunday. live in duxbury, tim caputo. >> kim: a sexting scandal rocks the secret service. an agent under arrest accused of sending inappropriate text messages to someone he thought would an underage girl.
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the nightteam's ryan schulteis is in our newsroom. >> reporter: the 8 was section tings with who he thought was teenager but was an undercover officer. a secret service agent assigned to the white house is facing charges. 37-year-old lee robert moore sent obscene pictures and text messages to someone he thought was fourteen-year-old girl, sometimes while he was at the white house. he had no idea that girl was really a undercover police officer. a consideredding to the kplainlt he often engaged inon lynn chats while on duty and once asked the girl to send him something exciting when he was checking i.d.s for building entrance and he requested to meet in person to have sex. a spokesperson says they first learned about this on friday and right away his security clearance was suspended. they took back all secret service equipment. and this comes at a bad time for
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under fire, including a leak for a top republican's application for the secret service. are moore admitted to sending gtd pictures and has been placed on administrative leave. >> adam: we are hearing from a t-bus driver who was at the wheel when a right armed with a hatchet boarded his bus and threatened to kill himself. we are live in dorchester with the story. >> reporter: adam this tense situation ended on this street, the driver says he was scared but knew he needed to stay calm. >> i have seen crazy stuff. >> reporter: a dangerous drive for this bus drove, when a passenger pulled out a hatchet and said he's taking hostages. >> he came storming to the front and he told me, close the doors. and move this bus. i'm taking these people hostage. >> reporter: its happened on veterans day, he said he agreed
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to take him on a ride, along the way learning the hand was a homeless veteran what troubled past. >> i was pretty much trying to have a conversation with him. >> reporter: there were four others on the bus, he says he convinced the vet to let some of them off but one stayed on. quick thinking took him to take a route where he knew there would and police officer. and you saw officers on columbia road in dorchester and he made his move. >> told the guy in spanish, get ready to jump off. and he jumped to the back and he stayed in the front and i told the cop that he had a weapon. >> reporter: police swarmed the bus and the vet threatened to hurt himself. you can see police here, but it wasn't their weapons that disarmed him. it was their words. officer golden came in and said thank you for your service. being veteran says and he put the axe down. and threw it away. >> reporter: he says he isn't
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holding any grudges, especially against a veteran that served our country. >> i hope he gettings help. >> reporter: he is charged but the police say he hopes a judge goes easy on him so he can get the help he needs. >> kim: a major mixup involving birth control leads to a big lawsuit. more than a hundred women are suing a drug company claiming incorrect packages led to unwanted pregnants. they say the pills wore packaged up side down my meansed placebo pills were taken at the start of the cycle rather than the end. >> most injures tickses would say listen having a child is-- most jurisdictions will would say listen having a child is worth it. >> kim: some court have prove
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owe on owe thrown out lawsuits about the packaging because people couldn't prove they had a defective package at the time. this is parts of a string of nearly two dozen incidents involving green lasers pointed at flights. >> adam: to the race for the white house, three republican candidates signing up for the new hampshire primary, officially today. lindsey graham and ted cruz and rick santorum made it official in concord. they have until november 20th to file in new hampshire. the first in the nation primary will take place in february. charlie baker stepped into the ring after new york delivers a incomeout punch to daily fantasy sports. new york's attorney general ruled that sites like fan duel and draft kings are illegal. this massachusetts attorney general says she won't fight to shut down the sites and governor
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disagreeing with new york's ruling. >> i donltsd think it is gambling. die not. i have played the free gape available to get a sense of how it works. i don't think its gambling. >> kim: draft king says they will allow new yorktories play while they explore all legal possibilities. >> adam: a trip back this time. to visit lawrence in the roaring 20s thanks to ben affleck making a new movie there. we will take you on the set. >> adam: and al roque are brings his 50-state weather marathonning to boston. >> pete: our forecast is surgeoning sunny and weekend is turning colder. for the girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! p at stop&shop, prices have just dropped on thousands more items.
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this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously? p at stop&shop, prices have just dr opped on thousands more items. my stop&shop. >> adam: people in lawrence were seeing stars today. that is cambridge native ben affleck shootsing his new hollywood block buster.
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live by night is based on a book by boston author dennis lahane. susan tran is in lawrence to give us a closer look. >> reporter: this is affleck's buyers movie since his breakup with swroyf garner. it looks like he time traveled back to the between tease, the courthouse convertsed to the bank and that brought all the vintage cars that lined the street. it is the roaring 20s in lawrence and ben affleck is at center stage. he is filming a bank robbery scene for his new movie "live by night." >> they made it look like a bup all these things, he was here early. >> reporter: a restaurant convertsed to a butcher shop where you can get meat and old model t's and vintage bikes and a dunkin' donuts that has been turned into the lawrence general store. even the street where this is all being filmed had to be
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transformed. >> helping by taking signs down and removing lines that are in the street. >> reporter: it is based on a novel written by baystate's own dennis lehane, and affleck plays a boston police officer's son who turns to a life of crime. >> i would have liked to get closer but my heart fluttered. >> reporter: there will be more opportunities for frans to see affleck at work, as filming continues in lawrence and later in boston. >> oh a movie going on here and you know what, that is america. how many times do you get to see an acor across from you, right. and someone as big as ben affleck. >> reporter: the set pieces were covered by tarps because of rain earlier but films starting again tomorrow and next week in the north end. we are live in lawrence tonight, susan tran. >> adam: you see the reflection
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other cobblestone. showers today. and when i was driving in it was that fifth and drizzle. >> kim: so foggy today. will this be behind us soon, pete? >> pete: later on, kim. we still have a few showers and we will wait for sunshine, our temperatures have gone up. start of the evening about 49 and we shots up 7 degrees, looking at a dew point of sif 3 and humidity has come up too. its will be with us tomorrow. dry air returns and gusty winds but closing in on 60, seasonable weekend. this low pressure system that we have been watching across the rockies, blizzard at that time. and came across the plains and midst west and we had tornadoes. comes to us, and we have showers and fog. quite a different outcome. still moderate rain and at times heavy rain, not yet on the north shore, let's look west, though. oh my gosh, shirley and back to littleton and also reaching up to hudson, new hampshire.
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and coming through worcester and look at it in stow and to marlboro and hudson, mass. its reaches down to sturbridge, too. 56 in town and 55 in melrose. and tinge borrow at-- tyngsboro, and close to 60 in west bridgewater and in bourne o the vineyard right now. i'm not really reaching when i say we'll be close to 60 tomorrow. we'll cool it off tonight, back in the 50-degree range and a is in buns for the morning. winds will be an issue tomorrow, nagging us all day long and gusts over 30, and back side of this weather system, once you get on the back side, yes, cold air a shots of it comes down on saturday, and our temperatures plummet on this particular day, wainds from the northwest. tomorrow gusting near 30. on saturday gusts to 25. and in real difference there. and this will be coming with a cold wind, too, on saturday.
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dress appropriately. 60 to 47 and back up sunday, as we reach back at the time 50s. 50s tonight with a few showers and downpour, though thunder expected but certainly the rain could come down heavily. and windy and milder, sun and clouds tomorrow, 62 wind ands gusty wind andy on saturday, and it is a quiet pattern. looks greats, if you like the warmup i have one for you. back at the time 50s and maybe the 60s, too, and i'm not stopping with that either. maybe even warm weather into next weekend. i one put it past some records that could be said because this is unprecedented warmth that i see for november. earlier tonight the rokerthon made a special stop in boston and in portsmouth new hampshire. al roker is on a mission to sets a world record and its has taken him across the country. >> reporter: look who rolled? al roker bringing the rockerthon
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had the chance to welcome him at the boston tea party hume. he will visit all 50 states in 7 days. and do a local forecast everywhere he visits. >> this has to jibe with mine, right? >> reporter: he is supporting local community food banks on the way and trying to break a world record while he does it. sw his stop at the boston tea party museum, i couldn't happen but offer him a gift. >> he went you to make some tea tonight and rest. that voice is getting hoarse. >> i say no! throw its over the side! >> reporter: and there it went during our own reenactment. once it was back on board al offered me something in return a rokerthon flag. and after we will giver you a roker-thong. >> reporter: i gladly took the flag. and when we are were done he was heading to new hampshire, checking off another state on
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>> that poor guy, he needs some reftd and he will get it tomorrow. participate he is set to wrap up the rockerthon tomorrow, heading to connecticut, his last spot and then finishes up at the "today" show in new york. so not bad for our long tour of duty there. >> kim: we did a bouchardathon over new england. it is fun seeing you in the field. i like it. we will work on that. its will all work out. we will make it work. >> adam: patriots player mia. >> kim: he has been missing from practice all week long, jamie collins, we know the reason why. and no such thing as home ice advantage for the bruins. highlights are coming your way
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he gets off the tracks in a a knick of time. now 7 sports with alex corddry. >> reporter: the blue vicinity 7 wins this season and only one of those wins have come at the garden. the b's looking to turn things around against a team they haven't beat at home in sn 7 years. the first action this season, 7 weeks removed from back surgery. in five minutes later, ryan spooper adds another on the power play, 2-0 bruins. that lead wouldn't make its out of the first. old friend with a wrister setting the cushion in half. in the first, striking again, one past tuukka rask and tied at 2. to the third, killer gives it away.
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one win on guard than ice this year. >> it is frustrating, it is supposed to be hardtory play at home than on the road. we seem to collapse after we get out here. and we seem to take its i and sit back and take advantage of that. we have to find a way to clean that up. >> reporter: it doesn't look like eli manning will have his tight end at his disowesal this sunday. he is out with a injury, which is a good thing for the patriots. jamie collins is under the weather. the pats' linebacker is under the influence of a virus. and he is faeling weak. status for sunday is in doubt a to you blow to a team that values virs tilt above all else.
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>> if i got some room and caught on on the movie think i could do some damage. don't let me catch it with a hundred guys in front of me. i need to be on my wheels already. dave dombrowski, they are in hot pursuit of the reds' clearer and whether they land them or not, david ortiz is good with whether season. >> this season wasn't what we were expecting but i'm superexcited about what will happen the following year, next season. and it is up to you buddy. >> reporter: big papi losing out
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>> adam: some fun video to show you, skateboarding bulldog if
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peru, set the guiness world record for the longest human tunnel skated through by a skateboarding dog. he steered effortlessly. this has taken the internet by storm. i said earlier that is the turning that is most impressive. >> kim: amazing. if you are watching tonight, my dog, you are up next buddy. a lot of treats along the way. jimmy fallon is next. i'm adam williams. dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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