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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  November 13, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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have taken ings too far when talking about a vie rational candidate . colors leading to confusion in the bills jets game. why some couldn't tell the difference between the teams. >> anchor: we begin with some serious breaking news overseas. a night of attacks in paris, explosions, two shootouts, possibly a hostage situation right now it's unclear if all of these horrible incidents are linked. officials i saying the explosion explosions were reported at or orrer in a soccer stadium . >> anchor: one of shootings also at a restaurant earlier reports multiple people are dead dead. ryan schulteis standing by with the breaking details . >> anchor: we can tell you paris is under attack tonight. we understand from the associated press that 26 people are dead. that from the ap and four separate incidents all across paris tonight. we begin around the stadium, a soccer stadium. there was a soccer game going on on. there were explosions heard nearby. the president of france was there at the tie. he was rushed away there. he is in a safe location in the emergency management area making sure everything is safe in that country at this point.
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restaurant there was a shooting at a bar, a shooting also there is a hostage situation going on at a theater. these are live pictures from paris right now. you can see armed police officers there around that van right there. they are armed, ducking around the vans, they are a very tense night in paris, this happening all across paris tonight of once again, ap is reporting 26 people dead and at least four separate incidents. the stadium incident happened during a soccer game, explosions heard nearby when that happened and then also two restaurants there were shootings there and then of course this hostage situation going on in a theater just following some stuff on twitter there was some young people maybe involved in that, attending this concert that night. these images are coming in right now. this is breaking as we can tell you right now that a very tense situation there. . >> anchor: ryan, like to ask our control room if we can get on a live image where i think we're on right here. i have a couple of monitors around here. this is a live image and you can see they have core donned off an area, they have got multiple police agencies out there it
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it looks like these look like fire fighters, fire and rescue personnel when there are reports of mass casualties you can imagine that any and all resources being deployed to this pat of france right now. nancy, i am unsure if we're looking at because there are so many scenes if this is a restaurant or bar outside a stadium where a hostage situation is taking place. under siege they have not called it a terrorist attack yet. they meaning sources we're working with the associated press but it certainly looks like terror right now in that city . >> anchor: absolutely when you hear the first attack, this all started to unfold about an hour or so ago. we first heard reports of a shootout at a restaurant then it quickly seemed to ramp up from there. we were hearing reports of the stadium, two explosions and we were also hearing about an explosion in a bar near the stadium. now this is particularly important. that scene right there because president francois was there watching the france germany soccer game friday night action i lot of people packed into that
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we understand that the french president, president was rushed away along with his interior minister so we're hearing that they are safe. but right now it seems that the developing, the truly developing situation is at this hostage situation at the concert hall. we are hear there was a rock concert going on at the time. and to put it in perspective it seems like they are all happening across the city of paris but the 11th aridossment, a very popular area for young people and you could imagine on a friday night it's about 11:00 or so there, just past 11:00 there right now, a lot of people are out, they are enjoying the end of their week and not prepar prepared for something like this this. you can never prepare even though they have dealt with a few terror attacks and just over the last year, i am looking right now at what ms nbc is reporting. they are saying that, again, 26 peel are dead.
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that's associated press but nsnb nsnbc is saying a nightclub shooting is ongoing meaning the situation if their reports is correct are still ongoing, shots still being fired and hostages are being reported. they are cow it a nightclub which you can put two and two to the, a theater, music hall, rock hall, nightclub shooting ongoing right now. we have, we got off the satellites an interview with a journalist there in paris who describes what, i don't know if this is a he or she, but what this person has witnessed. let's listen to that and see what other information we can get. i have been directly in front of the apartment i'm staying. it's blacking out of my apartment and actually i saw somebody with a bandage around their arm and large amount of blood dripping off of them of i have no idea if this was related related. fire department took him away into an ambulance. still it looked to me immediately like maybe he cut his hand on glass. i didn't understand what had happened or if anything serious was going on. i walked about ten paces and
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and a lot of police and at first i thought there was any sort of police activity that might occur it's a friday night in a very popular bar and nightclub and restaurant distribute. then i see police with guns hiding behind advance vans. it looked like a scene from an action movie. it almost didn't look real. >> anchor: now we want to go back to ryan schulteis because he has some updates for us. obviously very developing situation ryan. what do you know right now? a producer from nbc news is rogue there is a hostage situation going on at a paris nightclub. we're not sure if it's the same situation as a theater but there is reports there is also a hostage situation going on at a paris nightclub. also this producer is also reporting an explosion at a mcdonald's there and the same producer also is talking about how this area, the 11th district is not an area where americans would be at. there are a lot of bars an restaurants, a hip area but not a lot of americans go there, not a very touristy area but local area where they go out at night
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we do know that ap is reporting 26 people dead and new information coming from nbc news that a producer over there is saying that there is a hostage situation going on now at a paris nightclub and an explosion at a mcdonald's just to add to the growing list here as paris is under attack tonight. >> anchor: this is sick having to hear about this and report it it. we have joseph whipple, a terror terrorism expert to give us insight. joseph, thanks for your time. even though nobody is officially said these are terrorist attacks this seems a lot like terror itch, doesn't it? is happening in paris right now? i think without a doubt it's a terrorist attack. it could even be a coordinated at the orist attack. obviously there is more than one incident going on and that means a lot of planning a lot of coordination and so on and so very serious matter and it come in the aftermath of the attack against the french sat miracle
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magazine a year ago, year and a half ago, so it shows they are . >> reporter: it doesn't seem like it would be a coincidence that the president of france would be at the stadium where there are reports of explosions? no, not at all, but i wouldn't discount it simply because when france and knee play national soccer games, it always brings out a great big crowd and also it's a somewhat of a political event. it also shows the number of targets that are out there in a country like the u.s. or france or western europe, it's almost infinite. you can kill a lot of people because there are a lot of place places where a lot of people congregate together. >> reporter: the french have strict laws and great capability to works against these people
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safe. >> anchor: joseph wing el thanks for that, if you wouldn't mind hanging on, ryan schulteis has new information coming in . some reaction from the u.k. prime minister david cameron treated out sids ago here "i am shocked by events in paris tonight. our thoughts and prayers are with the french people. help. so reactions starting to come in from european leaders. you can imagine back here in the united states our leaders are gathering now as they try to figure out what's going on in paris and also beefing up security here at this area because this is a situation where you want all hands on deck because it's a situation that is developing and i understand from some nbc people here following on twitter the nypd is sending out units to outposts in new york. that according to nbc news to make sure that the french place is here in the u.s. stay safe as this happens right now. won again, reporting 26 people dead, associated press right now and more explosions in this
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. >> anchor: do we still have joseph whipple on the line? the terrorively expert? >> anchor: there are reports the nightclub shooting is ongoing as we speak. shots still being fired indicat indicated in shots with live pictures we have a police crouch crouching behind their cars. how many more of these could we be seeing here tonight. this started within the half an hour and it seems like every few minutes we're getting reports of more attacks. there was one at a mcdonald's reportedly. it is just seeming like it's not stopping. i would say it's a possibility for more attacks but time the string runs out. they have already accomplished a
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could be two, three, four, five attacks like i said a very negative type of achievement on their part . >> anchor: joseph, you know this is eerily reminiscent of three days of terror we saw in terror following the y attack. can you lay out the landscape in terms of these situations? i mean, france has a large minority, especially north african islamic minority and you know, there is very few of those people who are radicalized. but there are some and it's sufficient number obviously for them to engage in a terrorist attack like that. it's also a country you can move around in fairly freely and so on, has very active security and services, but even at that this
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extreme radicalism that has obviously caused a great deal of damage. >> anchor: so other than dealing with the immediate situation that's happening right now, shots still being fired, a lot people still in danger, police running frantically, what is the next step for law enforcement out there? obvious lie, it would be to capture whoever is responsible but what's next? and for these people right now. well, you know, in paris they have after the previous incident against the sat miracle magazine they passed some very strict laws, i can imagine there will be a greater attention given to surveillance capability of security forces through veil and monitor the communications of potential terrorists. >> anchor: all right, joseph whipple our terrorism expert giving us intelligent insight into the unfortunate situation
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in paris right now. we appreciate it mr. whipple and we'll northbound touch with you. thank you. >> anchor: make sure you stay with 7 on air an on-line as we continue to follow this breaking news story. we will be updating our tablet and mobile apps as well as facebook and twitter as more information becomes available. >> anchor: getting to some other news developing tonight . he was a low level operative and the more we talk about it the more we glorify it the more stature or positivitiy we're going to give to these dies . >> anchor: ironic we talk about this on same day we're dealing with terror in france but isis front man jihady john believed to have been killed in an air strikes. but it is providing little comfort to a family of a new hampshire man . >> anchor: james foley's father speaking to the media today. his son was killed by isis. 7's jonathan hall in rochester tonight with more of what he said in the latest on the u.s. attack. >> reporter: is the 27 27-year-old isis terrorist jihad jihady john dead?
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here in new hampshire, the father of one of his apparent victims is not sure it matters that much. give me a break. jihady john is nothing. you know? he is zip. >> anchor: . >> reporter: john foley's son, gyms foley, is expected to be beheaded by the terrorist in 20 he was the first to appear with him as he beheaded hostages in a property grand great campaign . hundreds of people are being killed every day. jihady john has nothing to do it's a distraction >> anchor: pentagon sources say they are pretty certain a drone strike killed jihady john whose real name is mohamed amwazi in syria yesterday. we cannot yet be certain if the strike was successful. he was intent on murdering many more people. so this was an act of self-defense. it was the right thing to do. >> reporter: jim foley went to
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the middle east despite dangers to tell the stories of an oppressed people. his parent miss him daryl and efforts to kill his culler are small comfort tonight. it's positive. i don't need to ever say it's not positive. okay? it's great. you know? >> anchor: john and diane foley both believe that the obama administration had done more earlier to try to get their son freed through hostage negotiations, through rescue attempts, then perhaps he would be alive today of we just spoke to diane foley. she walked out here in the house minutes ago. we're going to have a live report at 6:00 with some of her comments. she comed on what's going on in france as well. we are live in rochester, new hampshire. i'm jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: the situation in france, nancy, is getting worse and worse by the minute . >> anchor: we are hearing updat updated numbers now. around 100 hostages being held right now at a concert hall. that's where a concert was taking place.
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a rock concert. ryan schulteis with the updated numbers and it just keeps continuing to get worse, ryan, . we're looking at video where the explosion were heard outside of the stadium of the headline here just learning information a police official telling the associated press more than 100 hostages have been takens a paris theater and in the whole incident here the violence across paris tonight, 35 people dead. once again we're looking at video from inside the stayedall. this is the french national football stadium where the game was going on and there was an explosion outside of that. we have seen some unverified video where you can hear that explosion outside that stadium right there. we are trying to work to confirm if that's accurate i'm very scary situation. once again this hostage situation is going on at a paris theater. we understand 100 hostages being held in the theater. the two other incidents have shootings that happened there and 35 peel are dead across paris for this night of violence
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one more note, i'm just nbc news just reported this right now. according to cnbc u.s. security officials believe the paris attacks were coordinated. that oh order a cording to cnbc. >> anchor: okay, we're going to hear from the deputy mayor past us in a second, ryan, but i just if we can sort of sort this out, it looks like i'm having some technical issues with my microphone here. it lookslike there were explosions a bar and did you say the mcdonald's was that an explosion or a shootout? that was an explosion. that was reported by an nbc news entrepreneur. that may be separate or debt and the this point. it may be the mcdonald's happens to be near stadium. a lot of information coming in right now. what we do know is that 100 hostages have been taken a theater, 35 people are dead across paris tonight in all of this violence. there were shoots, explosions then the explosions happening outside that stadium. the french president was in attendance. he he was rushed away. he is now the emergency
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sure the entire area is safe at this point but you can see here paris is pretty much under siege tonight with what's going on. this is again video from inside the stadium right after explosions were heard . >> anchor: it seeps like there is equal explosions to gun shots in the various locations and if you have people being held hostage right now reports of up to 100 people being held hostage they are likely being held hostage with arms, guns, not bombs although it could be either way or both. >> anchor: it sounds like a very coordinated attack. i keep going back to how similar this is to what happened back in january in paris. we have been talking to a terror terrorism expert who just talks about how this is a city on edge right now. we do want to hear from the deputy mayor of paris and what he had to say of let's listen in in. we know there is a lot, lot casualties. we are speaking now about 18
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going on a hostage crisis, a small concert near -- it's far too early to have conclusions, but this is what it looks like. there is no conclusion so far. it looks like terror attacks and it could be the worst ever in paris. >> anchor: that have from the deputy mayor of paris of clearly a lot of situations going on there right now. just if you are coming up to speed with us right now, the latest numbers at least 35 dead across paris, 100 hostages, clearly a developing situation. >> anchor: reports of gun shots multiple explosions, police on high guard there, many of them
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we're waving this story. we're working every single can't we have and resource we're using and we hope you stay right here. we'll take a quick break and
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as an everyday business person, and not colonel sanders, why sometimes i'm just too busy to cook dinner. so, i just pick up kfc's twenty dollar family fill up with eight pieces of delicious, original recipe chicken. it's finger lickin' good. >> anchor: we begin with bragging news from overseas i'm night of attacks in paris. explosions, two shootouts also a
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hostage situation, 100 people being held hostage. we understand at a rock concert. very latest for us. . >> anchor: we do have this news from the u.s. here a.cording to department officials they are monitoring the attacks in paris and they say there is no known credible threat against the u.s. so they are keying a close eye on that at this hour. once again, 345 people dead, those 100 hostages being held after a concert going on right now. the pictures here and police are around paris still war swarming as they try to take this in. shootings, explosions and hostage situation going on at this hour. we can understand that a lot of concern coming out of paris tonight. we also understand that an explosion happened outside the french national football stadium during the soccer game. people inside could hear that, the game was obviously stopped, everyone was brought to the middle of the stadium there and eventually people tried to be evacuated out of that hear. 35 people dead. that's the latest number. very violent night in paris.
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we continue to monitor the latest situation. back to you guys. >> anchor: it will probably just be a matter of time before one of these evil, awful groups claims responsibility, whichever one it is, just a matter of time and it is no doubt according to our terrorively expert and even the deputy mayor of paris saying that this is a terror attack, coordinated terror attack. at least five different incidents that involved gunfire, explosions or both and you can see that it's still very active. we see if you look to the right of your screen, you see police officers in full riot gear behind a van, you see vehicles moving in and out. i am guessing this is the area where the nightclub is or the theater venue where there are of 100 hostages. here is an ambulance or two moving out. whether there are people who have been removed from that theater and with injuries are okay.
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we don't know yet. obviously there is a language barrier but we're working around that the best we can. but the information we're getting from the associated press and ists overseas is that the situation is ongoing and with reports of 35 people dead and 100 people being held hostage. this is a terrible night and terrible information to have to be passing along . >> anchor: this is all starting it seems to all started to unfold about an hour ago. one report after another of this terror that's unfolding in this streets of paris. french media right now recording that -- pronunciation may not be correct but those rifles were used and involved in the shooting and that they say is a favored weapon of militants who attacked targets in paris. 6, we're looking at scenes right now, it seems to have all occurred within the 10th and 11 arondissmont of paris, a very popular area particularly on a friday night with young people
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all out right now. it's just after 11:00. they are approving midnight so this all started around 10:00 local tile, and you have people out enjoying the end of their week, they are out at the stadium enjoying this soccer game. i think it's safe to say that people were not expecting something like this. it's when they were out enjoying do. and then you have have something like this that's happened. i am also looking at a map. it seems like shooting happened near the former headquarters are charlie when do is where it or attacks started back in january and that three days of terror that killed many people then. >> anchor: right in the same neighborhood is what i have read and we were seeing a map earlier that the local tv station was putting up that had five or six locations and it's in french. so i'm not sure if those were the different areas where the explosions or gunfire were reported. but they are all in the same
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area so if indeed this was coordinated, which intelligence officials are saying and security officials are saying this was a coordinated terrorist attack, it's all within the same area and i'm trying to watch these live images and try to figure out what's going on and where we are here, but obviously an active and volatile scene. you see one officer there sort of walking none that landly but if you look to the right and up you see there is a fire fighter running and you see some behind a van. they are having to keep the public out of this area. but also having to protect themselves with their minds on the up to 100 people who are being held hostage. there were reports earlier that said the shooting was still ongoing are was still active. at some point these terrorists would run out of ammo or surrender you would hope but it doesn't seem like that's what's going on right now.
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you have more ambulances pulling in to assist any injured citizens or police officers. we don't know if an exchange of gunfire between police and the hostage takers at this point, but we are seeing running back and forth and you can just feel for them right now and imagine that the chaos that they are dealing with . >> anchor: they are on edge right now. ryan schulteis has some latest information. ryan, what do you know? >> anchor: nbc news is rogue president obama has been briefed on the security situation in paris. he is meeting with his cowper terrorism advise going over the violence that's happening in paris right now. locally we understand from boston police they just told us they are going to step up patrols at the french consulate in the back bay just to be safe as they go about making sure the city stays safe here and again homeland security saying there is no credible threat as of right now to the united states but locally the police are in patrols of we have a crew going over there too to monitor the situation at the french consulate in the back bay and the white house is confirming
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that the president has been brief on this so all of the official agencies have been brief as we continue to monitor disturning detail coming out of paris tonight. numbers keep going up. 35 reported dead. that's according to the associated press at this hour. and this hostage situation going on with at least 100 people held inside a theater. a lot of fluid, it's a very and watch. this is a live picture from paris. terrifying pictures coming in as paris right now. back to you guys. >> anchor: it's hard to say right now what kind of bombs these courts planted. but according to reports that i have been reading they were major bombs. at least two or three set oh in different locations across this neighborhood in paris because people who are tending a soccer match between france and germany could hear the bombs over the screaming crowd and if their supporting venues are anything like ours with people cheering and sceaming to hear back to back blasts over that and to
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basically shut the place down and bring it to silence, you are talking major bombs. again, way too early to know what kind of bombs were used by these courts and that caused so much harm and apparently that are still posing a real danger in that in and around that neighborhood . >> anchor: absolutely. we have been talking about the links to terrorism involved here here. there is no doubt that whatever, whoever is behind this that terror has been inflicted on the streets of paris. you see it right here. these police and riot gear hid hidding behind a truck trying to figure out what is going on. right now this all seems to be centering around one area, the 10th and 11th arondissmont. icy approach the half hour mark, just to bring you up to date right now we're hearing at least 100 held hostage, 35 already dead and multiple incidents that are unfolding. it seems simultaneously across the city of paris.
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