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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  November 16, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> anchor: another hour of 7 news astraight ahead. . >> anchor: 7 news at 5:30 starts now . >> anchor: france declaring war and fighting back. the latest on the manhunt for the men behind the terror in paris. >> anchor: plus, former massachusetts governor mitt romney weighs in on why he thinks the u.s. should join france's fight . >> anchor: a scare in the air as a passenger brings a loaded gun on a flight but he says it was all a mistake . >> reporter: superday today. tons of sunshine. more sun tomorrow but much colder.
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5:30 water or in paris, france. the president declaring his country is at war a.massive manhunt i way for these men believed to be behind the deadly attacks last week. despite the horror of those terrorist attacks the french people are staying strong. the eiffel tower will stay lit for three days, symbol iding the strength of france rising above the actions of those terror its. praise for paris extending all around the world including here in boston. this is a live look at the french consulate where a memorial continues to grow for those victim. tonight, we're getting new information about the people responsible for that attack . >> anchor: and we're learning about how the french military is already fighting back against isis. 7's brandon gunnoe now in the newsroom with the latest from france. brandon? elizabeth and ryan an inter international manhunt is under way for the man authorities have identified as the mastermind behind ther it oh attacks. abdehamid abaaoud is a 27 27-year-old isis fighter from belgium. investigators say he joined isis in 2014. officials believe he is current currently in syria. police are also serving for
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they say he had a large part in planning these attacks. authorities in belgium had stopped him at a checkpoint after the attacks, but they let him go because he had no criminal record. now in france today the french president francois hollande told a special session of parliament that their country is now at war war. he said more strikes are needed to support those fighting isis. and france will provide that at the g 20 summit today president obama said the u.s. will do more to help france deal with the terror threat. >> anchor: today we're announc announcing a new agreement. we're streamlining the process by which we share intelligence and operational military informational with france. this will allow our personnel to pass threat information including on isil to our french partners even more quickly and more often. >> anchor: of course people in france are showing their support support. you can see dozens of flowers have been placed on a memorial site along with candles and colors of the french flag.
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the eiffel tower is also lit up in red, white and blue tonight. the president of france finished his speech today saying terror terrorism will not destroy france because france will destroy it. in the newsroom, brandon gunnoe, 7 news . >> anchor: former massachusetts governor mitt romney weighing in on the attacks in paris. he says the u.s. must wage war to take down isis even if it means sending thousands of american troops to syria. if we don't change our course and take this seriously and go to war against isis, we're going to see what happened in paris happen in the united states. just like the president said by cancer. when there is a cancer you go at beginning. if you don't and if it met as at the sizes like this has, the consequences can be very, very severe for decades. so it's time for us to get serious about this. >> anchor: romney says he only way to hurt isis is to help the . >> anchor: the president speak
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he pointed to the boston marathon beauings as evidence for or its want to attack us here on our soil . we've seen the possibility of terrorist attacks on our soil soil. there is the boston marathon bombers. obviously it did not result in the scale of death that we saw in paris, but that was a serious attempt at killing a lot of people by two brothers. and a crock pot. it gives you some sense of i think the kinds of challenges that are going to be involved in this going forward. >> anchor: the president also said he does not want to actually use ground troops to fight isis abroad calling the . >> anchor: become on american soil governors across the country including here in massachusetts governor charlie baker are telling president obama they do not want to accept syrian refugees in the wake of paris attacks. jay gray has more.
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in the wake of the deadly terror attack in paris now more than half dozen u.s. governors say syrian refugees are no longer welcome in their states. i am now requesting that the president and the federal government crease sending refugees from syria to north carolina. >> anchor: debate over the refugee issue has intensified following reports that a syrian passport was found near the body of one of the men who carried out the paris attack. he apparently entered europe . you think about 9/11 it could be here, any time, any >> reporter: the obama administration has set a goal of admitting thousands of refugees from the war-torn country over the next several years. to bring to america tens of thousands of syrian muslims is nothing short of lunacy. >> reporter: on the campaign trail republican presidential contenders are challenging the idea .
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ability to vet these people and by doing so we are putting america at risk. >> reporter: speaking today in turkey, the president stood by his initial plan provided the immigrants are subject "to rigorous screening and security checks." the values we're fighting against isil for are precisely that we don't discriminate against people because of their faith. we don't kill people because they are different than us. that's what separates us from them. >> reporter: although there seems to be a growing number who want to keep refugees separate from us. jay gray, nbc news. >> anchor: and stay with 7 news on air and on-line for new information about the terror attacks and the manhunt for the terrorists. you can also get instant updates on and on our 7 news mobile and tablet apps. coming up, cher fiandacca takes a closer look at the video released by isis today and the potential threat the group poses
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on american soil. also at 6:00, police taking bomb threats at harvard university seriously in the wake of the terror attacks in paris. >> anchor: we're following breaking news now. a judge has defied a temporary restraining order request bid draft kings and fan dual to stop efforts to shut them down in the state of new york. boston based draft kings and fan dual were shut down by energy's attorney general who says the sites are gambling web sites. the daily fantasy sites say they a game of skill an is isn't gambling of we're staying on top of that story . >> anchor: also following break breaking news about the el far o.investigators say they cannot find the cargo ship's black box. the national transportation safety board is ending its search. the ship sank near the bahamas during the hurricane joaquin killing the entire crew. three victims are from massachusetts. >> anchor: a story you saw first on 7. a plane headed to boston running into trouble on the tarmac. police sweeping the plane after passengers complained about suspicious behavior. passengers forced to evacuate american airlines flight 2124
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gate at reagan airport in dc. police dogs searched the plane but they did not find anything suspicious. passengers telling us they were relieved to finally touchdown at logan airport just before 7:00 last night. we were totally happy because we knew the flight was safe. so they checked it from top to bottom and i knew the pilots wouldn't have let it take off. >> anchor: we've learned two men were questioned by police but have since been released . >> anchor: students at the university of connecticut are planning a demonstration after they say a hateful message was discovered on campus. the event this afternoon was organized after someone wrote " "killed paris" on a muslim student's name tag which hangs on the door his dorm. he says he has been overwhelmed with all of the support. it seems like all of them or terror its or something like that. they treated me like them. i feel like upset because i didn't do anything. this is not my fault. >> anchor: he met with the school's dean and student who
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he said whoever wrote the message shouldn't be kicked out of school but instead needs to learn not to be so judgmental . >> anchor: good news for a barbershop in saugus robbed of its pricey sports memorabilia. those valuables have been recovered. last month the masked man stole the items including jerseys signed by tom brady and larry bird. right now it's not clear if police have a suspect h in custody . >> anchor: we're following more news a. in texas an inmate still on the run. two others now back in custody after attacking a guard and escaping from a juvenile detention center. authorities say the suspect should be considered dangerous. one of those inmates was in custody for murder. officials are looking into whether any corrections officers could be to blame for the escape escape. one officer was found beaten and had to get stitches in his face. he has since been released from the hospital. >> anchor: police in kentucky make a deadly discovery when they find the body of a 7 7-year-old girl just minutes after her mother reported her missing. gabriella was waving a high school football game when she disappeared on saturday. police found her body 20 minutes later in a creek in the woods
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her death is being investigated as a homicide . >> anchor: brown university's president is promising a full investigation after a controversy on campus. a student visiting from dartmouth college says a police officer slammed him against a wall, threw him to the ground and then handcuffed him. police say the student entered a building after police told him not to go in there. no charge were filed. the officer is on administrative duty until the outcome of the investigation. and police in cranston, rhode island serving fire person of interest after a deadly house fire there. the fire killed alice collins an her unborn baby friday night. witnesses say they saw a man running from the home shortly after those flames break out. investigators are treating the fire as a possible homicide. right now police are waiting on the results of that autopsy. >> anchor: a mosque in florida gets a disturbing message when a man threatens to kill everyone there. the message was from a man just hours after the attacks in paris paris. caller said he was going to firebomb and shoot people at that mosque regardless of their age.
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the mosque asked for an increase in police presence after that threat. local islamic leaders say people are tying those terrorist attacks to muslim community more than ever than right now . >> anchor: this is unfair because what this gentleman did by calling our establishment and calling the other establishment and leaving this message, this is a terrorist at because what you are doing is you are putting fear into the hearts of people. >> anchor: the f.b.i. is investigating that voice mail threat. it's possible the caller could face federal hate crime charges . >> anchor: a tornado causes major damage in california over the weekend. several trees were knocked down and anne a null of homes were heavily damaged. the roof of a church also ripped off . >> anchor: is it ahead locked and loaded in midair. a man makes it on to a flight with a loaded gun. why he says it was all an accident . >> anchor: then new at 6:00, army pistols in rifles swiped from a worcester armory when military leaders are doing to track them down . >> anchor: plus, chilling details in the murder trial of phillip chisolm. the local teen accused of killing his teacher .
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>> anchor: a passenger boards his flight with a loaded gun but tonight that man says it was all an accident . >> anchor: she says he didn't realize he had his weapon until after takeoff. now the tsa is a a closer look at that lapse in security. they will take toothpaste, make me take off my belt buckle and shoes. how did my gun go through? >> anchor: blake is a retired truck driver. he sauce he wasn't trying to test security or make a name for himself. it was just an honest mistake . put my backpack on the things it, goes through the scanner, no problems, no issues . >> anchor: alfred didn't figure out that he had agun h his carry on bag until after he made it all the way to chicago and started to unpack . i said it's loaded and i dropped the magazine out of it so i had a loaded 380 semi semiultimate nick my backpack . >> anchor: he didn't know if he should teller what happened or
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keep quiet . i knew i got it there the wrong way and all i wanted to do was get home . >> anchor: he unloaded the gun, this time put it in a checked bag. once he was back in atlanta he knew he had to come forward . i just want to do the right thing. i doesn't want to get in trouble or get anybody in trouble. i just wanted everybody to realize we need to tighten up. >> anchor: so the tsa says the agency is investigating to figure out exactly what happened and what changes need to be made >> anchor: >> reporter: the monday what's another workweek without a 60 or 70 degree reading? well, things are about to cool down. >> anchor: then at 0 clock a birther sweet win for the patriots. what we've learned about the
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>> anchor: hopeful ooh you got a chance to get outside days because it was gorgeous. the sun was shining. . it was but i also saw the overnight temperatures we've been talking about. upper 20's. that's getting cold . >> anchor: it is. it will the forecast for the next couple of nights. 56 in boston now, do you know reading about 18. the air is dry. humidity is down to 23% so we have a new air mass that just moved in. winds at 13 miles per hour. the temperature will plummet tonight. it's already falling. speaking of temperatures, wow, november so far this month. you can chalk up the 16th now as an orange square, one day below normal. that was saturday. we have another one tomorrow. 6.7 degrees above average. saturday was the first cooler than normal day or average day all monthment more seasonable this week, especially the next two days. already our temperatures falling through low 50's and into the 40's in fitchburg.
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some of that cooler air coming via portland, maine and portsmouth, new hampshire and spilling down in that direction. it's cold and yarmouth too already 41 degrees headed for the 30's there. low further ease shall maybe even upper 20's. so high pressure is the focusing mechanism for the cold when you have these big blue h's in november and really for the entire cold season, when you get underneath that big blue h it's really chilly. no matter really what is going on in the upper atmosphere. the upper atmosphere is what the upper atmosphere is. it's not that coal of we've seen it colder in the mid and upper but the fact that you have this high, you have calm winds, i dole conditions for radiational cooling and also it's a shallow, shallow cold that the sun cannot warm up. so tomorrow's temperatures much colder than today. even though it pulls away a little bit. there will be a nose of high pressure still coming down across southern new england on wednesday. so that day almost seasonable will still be chilly. 47 tomorrow for a high. 46 in marblehead. same in lawrence, 48 in framingham.
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of the northeast and then wednesday we step up. whole two degrees on average. coming in. doesn't look like the rain will come in until thursday and that's the day we shoot back up into the mid 50's then upper 50's for friday. seems that the colder air does not come in right away behind that weather system on thursday. we need the rain do have showers drought busting rain. we need an extended wet period to come in, typically november is both wet and cloudy but so far it hasn't really done either either. so our drought now expanding a little bit according to the u.s. drought monitor across the sea coast of new hampshire and most of metrowest and then down into almost the entire state of connecticut and good part of rhode island too. clear and cold tonight, 24 to 35 wind calm light from the north-northeast then tomorrow colder, bright sun, 46 to 50. even when we warm up i'm not seeing 60's on friday. saturday, some that warmth lingers but we'll enough it out on sunday.
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little bit colder though. the up are atmosphere is in cahoots this time. it will be hard to warm it up at all with a breezy wind. mostly dry week, other than your thursday. i will see you at 6:00 . >> anchor: pete, top of the buzz here viewers are getting ready for the premiere of the new anbc show called chicago medicine . >> anchor: a spinoff series from chicago pd and fire. the cast actually filmed the pilot episode in the middle elf chicago fire episode. dick wolf said they want to focus on the medical drama being accelerate. my nightmare is walking in and there are calls from 300 doctors saying do you know what you did last night? this is completely wrong . chicago fire and pd, people get hurt and where do they go? they come to chicago med. the seamlessness i think that's what the audience is attracted to . >> anchor: tonight you can watch the premiere tomorrow on n nbc . i want you to all the join to new lion guard. >> anchor: all right. the lion king come back in a big
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way. the latest sequel the lion guard return of the roar will air on disney junior this weekend. but it does not stop there the new movie will be followed by a tv series that will premiere next year. exciting. >> anchor: and good evening, everybody. . >> anchor: coming up at 6:00 we have team 7 coverage of the terror in paris of the eiffel tower as you see lit up in blue, white and red as a sign of hope after at least 129 people die in last friday's attacks. an intense search under way for this man. investigators say he is the one who masterminded the violence h paris . >> anchor: a teen on trial charged with raping and killing his high school math teacher. the surprising statement from the defense during opening arguments. we'll have those stories and more straight ahead on 7 news at 0 clock . >> anchor: we hope you join us then. from paris, the city of light awash in candlelight again again. the city says it is at war but will the u.s. up its game against isis. we'll tell you what the
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president said about that today it. was a day of dramatic police operations in france and in belgium in the hunt for the mastermind of this plot and possible accomplice. we very that story and my conversation with the survivor of the concert attack who describes three hours of hiding in a small room as the terrorist terrorists came for them.
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>> anchor: another 30 minutes of 7 news ahead. i am ryan schulteis . >> anchor: i'm elizabeth nor a. 7 news at 6:00 starts now. the eiffel tower lit up. a sign of hope following the deadly attacks in france. the mastermind identified. investigators say he formed teams to create the chaos and isis isn't done. it's not going to content itself with violence inside of the syria and iraqi borders. tonight flags fly at half staff, people remembering victims. we mourn with our fellow americans and our french brothers and sisters. >> reporter: we have team 7 coverage of the terror in paris. >> anchor: france is fighting back tonight launching massive air strikes on isis strong holds. >> anchor: the terror group is also making a new threat this
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time against the u.s. putting a target on our nation's capitol. here is the latest. president obama standing by his strategy in fighting isis, sticking to air strikes saying putting u.s. troops on the . >> anchor: governor baker saying no to syrian refugees in massachusetts for now. the federal investigating . >> anchor: and the attacks creating a heightened alert. when a bomb threat was e-mailed into harvard university today. we have team 7 coverage for you of the terror in paris. our reporters covering all angles. let's begin now with 7's brandon gunnoe who is live in our newsroom. brandon? >> anchor: one of the suspects is now the subject of an inter international man hunt. a 27-year-old from bellium a reminder that the threat is still very real. >> anchor: this is the man who french authorities say is the mastermind behind the deadly attacks in paris. abdehamid abaaoud, a 27-year-old from belgium who has previous ties to terrorist activity and is believed to be in syria. today the hunt continues for other accomplices.
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