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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> plus, a closer look at the most wanted man in the world. officials say he's the one who planned it all. here in boston, supporters are victims. >> we have night team coverage. terror in paris. a developing story boston based draft kings takes another hit in court. >> also developing a health scare for new england patriot nate solder and his family. the feds want to talk to driver of this car. tonight the connection between that dark bmw and weapons that were stole friend this armory here in worcester. big drop for tomorrow's temperatures. but can we hold this rain at bay? >> 7 news at 11 starts now. >> tonight on 7, the city of light shines again. >> a show of strength from france and the world. the strategy that we are putting forward is the strategy that ultimately is going to work. now, a manhunt for the mastermind behind terror in
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paris. >> tonight, touching tributes as people light candle write messages on sidewalks of paris honing those killed in last week terror attacks that brought city to its knees and shook world. people of france are in mourning. they are trying to make any sense of this worst attack they've had since world washington 2. and breaking news tonight, french forces have launched neff air strikes against isis targets in syria nbc says hitting sights essentially consider a capital of isis in syria. this would be a third strike in just two days. right now this is the world's most wanted man, authorities say he is the mastermind of paris attacks. abdelhamid abaaoud he us a 27-year-old from belgium who is believed to be in syria right now. also today, isis released a video sending a chilling message saying they are selting there sights on the u.s. planning an attack on washington d.c. we have night team coverage of terror in paris.
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french ex pats living in boston. but let's start with a brandon gunnoe in the newsroom with the latest on the manhunt. >> reporter: adam and kim that international manhunt innered waugh for man authorities say was behind these terror attacks. u.s. was looking for possible intelligence gaps after that new threat from isis. >> this is at man france believes was a mastermind behind friday's massacre in paris you'd. a 27-year-old from belgium. investigators say he ad joined isis in 2014 and is now believed to be in syria. >> he had close relationship with an at least two of the paris killers. police are still looking for this suspected accomplice, they say he had large part in planning the attacks. authorities in belgium stopped him a peck choint couple hours after attacks because hey let him go because he had no criminal record. his brother said to be one killers. another brother was questioned and released after police raided the family home in brussels.
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france is at war vowed to destroy isis. >> a dozen french war planes hit isis overnight. bombing strong hold in syria. isis release ad new video online today saying america is next. paris? center of france, we will strike the united states in its center washington d.c. >> but president obama said the u.s. will not change its isis strategy or put ground troops in syria. the strategy that we are putting forward is the strategy that ultimately is going to work. >> many of the french are still in panic a false alarm two days after the attacks sent people running. what's happening? u.s. intelligence say they never saw this par rice tack coming. i certainly would not consider it one off event. i would anticipate this is not the only operation that isil has in the pipeline. also dozens remain critically ill from gunshot wounds. a doctor who served in
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worse than afghanistan? yes it must have looked like war here on friday. in facts with a feeling of war. france's muslim leaders condemn killing and sent this message to isis. >> whatever you do, no matter how long it takes, we will beat you. and back to that threat at d c head of cia says we need to be vigilant here but there's no credible threat to the u.s. in newsroom brandon gunnoe, 7 news night team. these attacks have spark ad debate over the fate of syrian refugees. a number of governor including charlie baker say they don't want them coming here without more information. night team tim caputo outside the statehouse with exactly what governor is saying. >> kim fear among governors who spoke out today is terrorist could slip into this country hiding among those syrian refugees. those governors including baker says it's all about public safety. >> 24 governors including massachusetts governor charlie baker announced they will not accept syrian refugees.
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refugee syria baker says it's a matter of safety and security. i think at this point in time we would have to be very cautious about accepting folks. backlash comes after it was revealed at least one of the suspects involved in friday's paris attacks posed a refugee to get into europe. i will not roll the dice and take the risk on allowing a few refugees in. danger. 23 of the 24 governors who said they won't accept refugees are republican. i am not requesting that the president and the federal government cease sending refugees from syria to north carolina. the obama administration has a plan in place to resettle ten thousand refugees in next year. speaking at the g 20 summit in turkey president obama says shutting down access to syrian refugee is not the right response.
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some governors say they won't circumstance. governor bake was wait and review vetting process before making at final decision. my view on this safety and security of the people of common wealth of massachusetts is my highest priority. >> they are strong words but they likely don't hold much weight. the federal government controls immigration and states really don't have much say when it comes to who is allowed in the u.s. >> we're live outside the statehouse in boston tim caputo, 7 news night team. people here oh standing strong night team coverage continues with john cuoco now. talked with pa rigs woman who lives in boston understandably some emotional times for her, john. >> yeah she was touched by this. boston has so supportive the memorial that has been out here in front of consulate since friday it got so big it actually started blocking part of doors here they had to break it up into three parts like this over here. >> i was thinking of home.
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i think personally i was also feel very homesick and. this woman grew up in paris. she's been studying here in boston for the last three years. in wake of the attacks on her home country she came by the memorial outside the french consulate in boston. >> her heart was still in france. i wish i could be able to move this around the places right now where everyone is gathering. she says tragedy has headache enher to the core. i think that anyone that is french has lived in paris is shocked and i think everyone has seen their life changing. making it even harder being an ocean away. also so hard as being living here, being french but away from home. these are places to pass by, deserve cafe that i could have gone to. she appreciates the messages solidarity amongst flowers and candles here a memorial with so much response it was turned into three parts.
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>> in waltham, amass was held for all of those affected. continuing the days of tributes since friday's massacre was carried out. >> it affects us all. >> now despite this being moved people are still showing up. still showing their support. news night team. all right john be sure to stay with even is news for latest on terror in paris. we will bring you updates online, on air and your smart phone mobile apps. also from the night team gunning for trouble. tonight, federal agents are on hunt for whoever stole high powered weapons from an armory in worcester. they say this key clue a picture of a dark colored car could be the break in the case they need. let's go to night team kimberly bookman in worst were latest on investigation. these are serious weapons. >> they certainly are kim that picture you were talking about could prove to be very, very important. not just because of the car that's in it but because of
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person who was standing behind it. >> this photo making the rounds among police. investigators want to know who this man is standing by a dark bmw hatch back with sports rims, near worcester lincoln toed around army reserve center. clue comes after someone broke into armory between 6:00 p.m. art and 1:00 a.m. sunday and took off with 16 guns. the f.b.i. says among the stash, ten nine millimeter m 11 ols like these and 6 mchl 4 rifles similar to this one. >> kind of scary having all of those weapons out on the street. authorities were alerted sunday just before 9:00 a.m. that that's when city manager says armory employee reported smoke and signs of a break-in. stunning crime since the facility is surrounded by a barbed wire and equipped with surveillance cameras. i would think it would be in a kind of weapons. just awful. now somebody's running around you know worcester with those weapons possibly. while police say there's no threat to public and f.b.i. says
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it is not linking this crime to terrorism, an obvious concern after the events in paris this past weekend, the governor wants answers to how this could have happened. >> separate and apart from anything that has to dos terrorism i'm just concerned about fact really high caliber weapons were stole friend military facility in the first place. >> and again, worcester saying there is no specific threat. however they are stepping up security around key locations in the city. reporting live from worcester kimberly bookman, seven news night team. chaos on campus harvard when bomb impair prompts university officials to evacuate several buildings. sky seven over the scene as heavily armed officers searched campus earlier today. police say someone emailed the threat in and specifically named four large harvard buildings. officials eventually cleared the campus and safe after 7 hours of searching. investigating they are now working to trace the source of that threat. >> heading into day two now trial of local teenager accused of a killing his high school math teacher. phillip chisholm attorney says
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her client is guilty of the 2013 murder. but she says he was mentally ill at the time. prosecutors showed jurors the murder weapon chisholm used to kill his teacher. there you can see the blade of the box cutter there. police officer testified that chisholm was carrying that weapon when he found the teenager on route 1 shortly after the murder. chisholm was 14 when he raped and killed 24-year-old collin ritzer in a bathroom at danvers high. prosecutors said he moved his her body out school and left her in the woods nearby. >> the defendant spent the next 30 minutes in the woods. discarding evidence doing what he wanted and ultimately discarding colleen. why did a 14-year-old boy, well-behaved, quiet, one month into high school do these terrible things? the answer is he was severely
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mentally ill. >> colleen ritzer's mother is expected to take the stand tomorrow. national transportation safety board announcing it cannot find the black box among wreck age of a cargo ship lost at sea. teams will no longer be searching for el faro voice recorder last week crews found ship's bridge deck where the black box would have been stored but, they found no sign of the device. the cargo ship sank oh coast of bahamas last month during hurricane joaquin. in fact 33 crew members went down with the ship. massachusetts. massachusetts keith griffin of winthrop, jeffery mathias and marriott wright whose family livers in brockton they were all recovered. >> and we're following a developing story right now patriots tackle nate solder says cancer. tough news out foxboro tonight. elizabeth noriega is at
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he's just four months old. such traj irrelevant news. solder was one guest speakers he shared this very personal and very sad story about his son's cancer diagnosis. now solder was here speaking at the above and beyond gratitude gala benefitting andruzzi foundation. a three time super bowl champ and cancer survivor. he and his wife hosted this a benefits helps cancer patients and families with every day expenses. but we learned some very sad news tonight, new england patriots tackle and a nate solder was speaking a keynote speaker tonight. he shared his infant son hudson has kidney cancer. the announcement left many in tears. >> well nate, you know broke it to us. i tell you, there was a thousand people in there tonight there wasn't a dry eye. it hit everybody at home. myself i know my wife's a home with 7 day old it hit home with me.
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he found out at three months. i can only imagine the pain he went through. it was really inspiring. as someone who is experience ad family member with cancer, he really kind of touched my heart. and he's been through it. and now, he has his little boy going through it. he's so strong. >> and we're told little hudson has already completed a few rounds of chemotherapy. and after tonight's events solder tweeted out this beautiful picture of his little boy saying thank you everyone. support #jaf god is better than we can imagine. certainly our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. live from gillette tonight, elizabeth noriega, seven news night team. >> hopeful prayers from all over. many and more will come. that face will stick in my mind for sure. i know. all right. coming up next new developments tonight in the a fantasy sports ballots. the ruling that could keep leave a lot of fantasy fans with nowhere to play. also ahead pats take another
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we've got latest on julien edelman's injuries as pats try to stay undefeated. our forecast a lot of sunshine. our temperatures are diving too. details ahead. >> and a revealing announcement expected tomorrow morning on the today show from charlie sheen. we have details next on 7 news at 11. tomorrow, the wage gap from board room to the big screen. it's an issue women face every day. one influential woman has had enough. and now she's showing others how to fight for what they deserve. her dunkin's new sweet black pepper with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees, lattes, and macchiatos. enjoy every sip of the new snickerdoodle macchiato. . an of after actor charlie sheen reportly opening up about health issue he's facing expected to make major announce went during interview on day show tomorrow. 50 years old he has struggle with alcohol and drug addictions and several sites including tmz
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are reporting sheen will say he is hiv positive. the today show does confirm sheen will speak with matt lauer during a live interview at 7 tomorrow morning of course you can see that interview right here on 7 nbc. also tonight a big blow to fantasy sports websites draft kings and fant duel. ruling by a judge today could mean the company's are losing bet in new york. >> here's ryan schulteis in newsroom latest despite ruling draft kings says it will not shut down and promises to make its case in court next week. >> yeah really good especially on that last play. you know, they tackled us where he caught the ball within, you know even tougher kick. i thought his awareness on that was outstandi and >> all right that wrong sound right there once again big ruling against draft kings they will in court next week. right now. >> fanduel, amajor set back for boston based draft kings and fanduel. in there bid to keep operating in new york state. a judge denied a temporary restraining order that the daily
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fantasy companies were hoping for to keep their businesses open in the state. the companies said that new york staernl's office had been pressuring their vendors to stop doing business with them which was force them to shut down. >> that's xanthly what the attorney general wanted when he order theed websites to stop taking bets in new york. new york supreme court judge will hear arguments next on attorney general general to shut them downdraft king says we're confident in our legal position and look forward to ur day in court next week. as a result we intend to continue operating in new york. >> consider sites have been under fire since last month when it was discovered some employees may have used access to insider data to make bets several states and the f.b.i. started investigating. so at that hearing next week the judge could agree with the attorney general and shut down the sites or allow them to keep operating. in in the newsroom ryan schulteis. you look at the time and temperature down there, about 41 degrees. if you bhov west of boston even colder tonight. pretty good bet that it's going to be cold all day tomorrow.
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so is it wrong you look back high temperatures of day and reminisce. boston at 61. millis 61. braintree 60. too. colder days ahead you know that's coming. keep it going forever. rain by thursday afternoon thursday night too. could be a decent soaking. not a huge storm. milder late in the week. 42 in boston. 42 in winthrop. already 38 in whalen. wellesley 39. 34 ham steady35 in sterling awe fwurn at 37. shoes bury 38. sturbridge 38. in the 30s, not quite on the south shore. we're close though. although, if you count foxboro south shore, was that metro southwest. 41 in randolph. 42 in west bridgewater out too right now. so some of that cold came in this afternoon. it was odd winds shift our temperature bounced to 61. cold. it really took hold late in the day. done. that cooler air coming down straight from the maine.
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a shot of cold air that sweeps slowly off shore. what we're doing though is we're focussing it with hyannis port. if we didn't have a high i'd say this would wash out completely over next couple days. you have this high and like a making new phiing class taking that old and focussing across new england. sun angle is too low. it cannot get this high to warm up. so, we sit in it. overnight low wills suffer our temperatures go back into 20s suburbs tonight. and then tomorrow night, maybe even some teens some coldest suburbs most of those in 20s. high will slip away eventually and allow us to warm up quote unquote by the end of the week. our temperatures start in 30s and go only to the 40s tomorrow. and then that quick dive after sunset. by 7 o'clock we're near freezing in su suburbs by 9 we're definitely there. temperatures will fall quickly again tomorrow night. so our temperature trend struggle as first and rising again thursday and friday normal high 51. calibrate yourself to close normal next two days. where we should be this time of year clear and cold tonight. 24 to 35.
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should we say seasonable. almost seasonable. today. about 46 to 50. with bright sunshine. i like looks of next two days. sunshine wise. and it's really neat in afternoon that sun angle so low it lingers in western sky a little bit before it sets. it's it always catches my attention how long those shadows afternoon. anyway thursday, some showers, and then, looks like we moderate weekend. another cold shot out there perhaps for sunday. still nos pattern change for colder weather in long-term. see you tomorrow. all right we thought we might have had pattern change last night with patriots. that was tough. have we recovered? i mean it was good game but bad things happening danny amendola talk about feeling pressure. he's guy that need to step up with julien edelman. we will with a message to the patriots fans. and the celtics with a message to the rest of the nba. they don't have superstars but
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dear fellow citizen, i know what it' s like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. because i' m not just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, i' m a fellow citizen.
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who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne and now time for 7 sports with joe amorosino. if all goes well patriots should enjoy a first round bye
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in play off and have julien edelman back in time for first game post see on. pay treetsz number one receiver had surgery on his broken left foot today. is now on the mend. edelman tweeting out tonight tough times don't last tough people do. go pats. with edelman out dan amendola role. he was huge on that game winning drive against jie giants three clutch catches a fourth down conversion to start the drive. he also set up game winning field goal with a nine yard reception. that include ad few bonus yards after the catch. impressing his head coach. >> yeah, i thought really good work on that last play. you know, they tackle us where he caught the ball, within, you know even tougher kick. i thought awareness on that was outstanding. and his quickness and ability to get a field and an extra six or
11:26 pm
critical to the next play. >> great block. marcus smart has two players he aspires to be like russell westbrook and james harden he went for career high 26 points in win over westbrook in thunder last night. and tonight, he gets a shot at harden and the rockets former celtics kevin mchale now in his fifth season rockets head coach in for a long night. celtics down by as many a 15 in second quarter. coming back. smart comes up with a steal. leads the break nice bounce pass to i is a thomas. celtics within 8. thomas had 23. then right after that the half, avery fwradly watch he pulls off drills three catching 15-0 run. come back game tied a 55. second half the celtics blow the game wide open. smart didn't have a good offensive night. but comes away with his fifth steal the game outlet to a bradley who throws down.
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bradley a 21 points. celtics roll to their third straight win, 111-95. play of the day brought to you by capital one. meet lsu ben simmons. top recruit in nation presumed top pick in next year nba draft. here's what simmons can do comes up up with block herenow going through he throw alley oop out to tim. the aussie in baton rouge earn play of day. big news since in the bengals lose to houston tonight. 10-6. patriots are now only undefeated team in the afc panthers only undefeated team in npc, so they
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all right everyone that is our time on this monday night. thanks for staying up a little la it with jimmy fallon comes up next i'm kim khazei. remember a couple of layers in a morning go chilly seven news continue a 5:00 a.m. for latest forecast. have a terrific tomorrow everybody. see you back here night. "realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company." for the girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! p at stop&shop, prices have just dropped on thousands more items.
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