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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  November 20, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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a teenager targeted. good morning to you. it's 9:00. we paid it to friday. i'm nancy chin. tgif for sure. busy morning of news we'll get to that. first let's talk about the rain we saw. jr did it move out completely yet? >> moved out about an hour and a half ago. we have on the south shore and cape probably for next 30 to 45 minutes.
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metro boston done with the rain. last night. travel impact low from this weather. it's a cool front ironically enough. rain. inch. most cities and towns half an rainfall. that's moving away. drier air begins to take hold. and we'll start to see skies clear up. look at the mild air. upper 50s at this time. the city at 57. bedford back on wednesday had a low of 18. bedford hanging out in the upper 50s. out on the cape with upper 50s cooler this afternoon. little bit. but still mid 50s this afternoon above normal. let's get right to breaking news and police right now are searching for missing child in hamilton. a 2-year-old last seen around 3:00 this morning the search centered around the lincoln avenue area and steve cooper is live on the known with more
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steve? >> there's a massive search under way on the north shore as the search for this missing 2-year-old continues at this hour. she was last seen overnight in hamilton. we're told that the parents or the mother notified hamilton police through 911 call around 6:00 this morning but again she had last seen daughter between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning. this of course led to massive police search here. hamilton police are assisted by windham police and local communities on the north shore along with state police who have brought in dogs and we're told the air wing unit headed to the area as well. obviously, in the beginning it was dark out. now it's day light. this search really ramping up at this hour. no signs of the girl. we're told according to sources that police swept the inside of the house thinking they went through the whole house no signs
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the search expanded to outside of house and woods in the area. right now that search is under way. according to sources right now police state police have not issue an amber alert. but that according to source is something they are considering perhaps in the next few hours right now there's no amber alert for this girl but it is a missing persons report right now that police are falling up right now and of course they are hoping for the best. everybody on the north shore pretty concerned right now about the whereabouts of this little 2-year-old girl still missing at this hour. that's the latest live from the command post in hamilton this morning. steve cooper, 7 news "today in new england." also breaking news from overseas. islamic extremist hold hostages inside a hotel. at least three people have been killed. moly in western africa. the radson hotel in the capital city of bemaco a popular decemember anywaying for west
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whenner. ten gunmen came in chanlting god is great. 80 people have been freed. however malaysian officials say 125 guests and 12 workers are inside the hotel. the new york time reporting american and french citizens are among the hostages. now the u.s. embassy in mali said americans in the country should stay indoors. president obama has also been briefed on this situation today. a community in mourning after a deadly terror attack kills a teenager. the teen studying in israel. nick emmons has more. >> he's the sweetest warmest heart. 18-year-old schwartz went to israel to study religion before college. the family rapby doing his best to comfort parents and four brothers and sisters from sharon. they are devastated. they missed their son. the entire country mourning with them.
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calls for the leadership of israel who we all mourn together. a terrorist armed with a gun opened fire on a van schwartz was sitting in at an intersection near the west bank thursday. police say schwartz and two other men were killed. >> this young man could have billed something great. schwartz graduated this year from the school in brookline administrator pronounced a statement of profound sadness >> while older kids went home early the younger ones weren't told much. we stopped to say a prayer for his health and well-being. after that teacher had to put on brief face and get through the day. >> we had an incredible heart. really great guy. and you have a lot of potential to be an amazing person. . obviously a difficult time for everyone involved.
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we're told the funeral will be private as soon as esra the brought home. in sharon, nick emmons, 7news "today in new england." we have new details in the terror in paris. a third body has been found at week. in a paris suburb that raid killed the mastermind behind last friday terror attack. police say the third body is that of a women. but they don't yet know her identity. this morning there's also a public attempt by the obama administration to relieve fears after the terror attacks in paris. at the same time congress is going against what he has to say. tracy pots is here live on capital with the latest on that. there's a big effort on capitol hill to block syrian refugees from coming into this country on the fears that isis may try to slip in with them. and obama administration trying to let people know what happened
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here. in the wake of the paris attacks and isis video mentioning washington and new york the obama administration is trying to reassure americans that it's highly unlikely that this could happen here. >> we are not aware of any credible threats here of a paris type attack. and we have scene no connection at all between the paris attackers and the united states. >> still some in congress want to shut our borders to every refugee from syria and other countries known to harbor terrorist. 47 democrats voted against the president to support that. but it's unclear if the plan will ever make it to the president's desk. don't worry. it won't get passed. the plan to block refugee is drawing heat on the campaign. >> very simply we want take them folks. we can't take them. we can't take them >> it could be a trojan horse. ben carson compared to
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>> doesn't mean you that hate all dogs. but you are putting your intellect into motion and children. >> slamming the door on every syrian refugee that is just not who we are. now blocking refugees from getting into this country that's moving into the senate but we're told by leaders there they probably won't take it up until after the thanksgiving break. >> tracy, thank you. >> breaking overnight a fire leaving 11 people homeless in brighton. flames broke out on the third floor of the building on champion street right around 1:30 this morning. safely. also a man fighting for his life after he was assaulted in boston's south end. the attack happened in the area of washington street just after midnight. boston ems said the man was taken to boston medical center with life threatening injuries. happening today court back
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of philip chism. the woods. the note saying i hate you all. investigator also found bloody jeans by the suspect they teenager. a fellow classmate of chisms is on the stand again. also this morning a body of bella bond has been released to burial. the 2-year-old was found inside a bag on deer island over the summer. it took investigate os months to identify her. bella's mother and her boyfriend are charged in connection with her death. bella's father joseph amarosa was living in florida when his daughter disappeared. he plans to hold a funeral for her. a campus crime was discussed covering the faces of pictures of some african-american professors. police call the act a hate crime. victoria warren explains the incident is shocking students
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the portraits of 6 african-american law professor black electrical tape placed over their faces. none of the white professor had anything. it was act of violence. for the intentional dismiss iness to black out their faces as if they are worthless. vandalism happened on the first floor of the hall. black tape discovered by student and staff thursday. >> i think it's a shock to everyone. i think everyone is discussed right now. after if discovery campus police opened an investigation. >> it's intolerance and racism. the meeting packed and the larger issue of racism at harvard came up. i think some students with the black lives matter from previous years up until now. it called for how do we get more black professors on campus. colorful note placed the black tape.
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messages that hope to erase the the police investigation into whoever may be responsible continues. in cambridge, victoria warren 7news "today in new england." army reservist is behind bars this morning after allegedly stealing high-powered military weapons from an armory in worcester. he was arrested in new york. investigator say he was already facing charges related to child rape and was wearing a gps bracelet at the time of the break-in. investigators say that monitoring device had harm at the facility the night the guns were stolen. he allegedly broke in through a window and used a power saw and a crowbar to cut through the roof of the gun vault. and officials say he stole 6 machine guns and ten handguns. it's not clear why he allegedly stole the weapons. officials do not believe this was related to terrorim. now to race for the white house republican front-runner donald trump said he would create a database system to
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trump had tied for the need to identify who is in the country legally. he also said muslims wouldn't have a choice. they would just have to sign up. and fellow republican ben carson will be in new hampshire today to file this paperwork for the state's primary. carson joins the three candidate and most other g.o.p. candidate whose have already filed. that does include jeb bush who made his run for president official on thursday. he is now the third bush to file paperwork to appear on the new hampshire ballot following in the footsteps of his father in brother. new hampshire secretary of state using the opportunity to show him pictures of their filing. still ahead. we are breaking back class act this morning. today we are headed to local school to surprise one runner who gave up her chance of finishing a race to make sure another student was safe. face book wants to help you get through tough break-ups the near feature the site is working on.
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>> rain on the cape fades away. for everyone developing sunshine. forecast for the weekend, up next. we're also tracking breaking news today. 2-year-old girl from hamilton reported missing. morning. the search for her going on right now. of course we'll let you know if anything new develops here. >> sunshine making it easier to downown. bridge. the turnpike is slow out of brighton downtown. expressway not doing that great. moving better than it was a short time ago at 93 despite that shot is pretty good. medford to boston,
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>> those who started early and had to get out there and you
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over. looks like the sun is starting to pop in. you have rain down there. even down there that rain will start to move away over the next 30 to 45 minutes. you also will be get into the sunshine. look. some pocket of yellow indicating a brief burst of rain. nothing overwhelming. best parliament of the storm happening overnight. minimal travel issue because of the rain which is decent shot of rainfall as well. most towns three quarters of an inch to an inch in some locations inch and a half of rainfall and again when we talk about rainfall what we needed. we needed 2 and a half inch of able. we didn't want that overnight. we didn't get that. you take what you get and you don't get up set. mix of clouds and sunshine developing on the map technically a cool front. sometimes the cool air lags bind
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sometimes when the front comes through the cool air takes over but that's not happening this go around boston 57 bedford at 57. plymouth 58. western new england and eastern new york it's cooler over there. eventually this cool air will slowly steep into southern new england. it's nice and mild now. afternoon. you have outdoor plans later in the day later this evening quickly down into the 40. through the day again nice mild day mix of clouds and sunshine. breezy from the north. tonight mostly clear and chilly. overnight lows heading for the 30s. temp this evening 40s. when you wake up early this morning. between 31 and 36. weekend feature another cool front with mix of clouds and sunshine. sunday a lot of cloud. may be a couple of sprinkle with this front. i don't think it has the
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moisture we have now. there's a couple of sprinkles. cold but dry put tomorrow mostly sunny skies cool upper 40s. dealter daim and bc a road game for bc it will be crisp and cool great football weather at the park with temperature at kick off into the 40s. patriot's don't play until monday night. that looks cold as well. temperature monday evening in the 30s at gilut. thank you. coming up class act. we're honoring students with great things. today we are surprising a runner who put herself before other. she's a great gal. can't wait to introduce you. we have breaking news from hamilton with bring the search is on for a missing 2-year-old. lasteen around 3:00 this morning. authorities are actively
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>> we been asking you to e-mail about a group of students who go above and beyond. it can be something that helps their community. we have so many great kids in the area. there's a lot of competition.
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this morning we will head to revere to meet a student who went out of her way to help another competitor. she's our class act today. >> how is it going you guys? the reason why i am here today because we do a segment called class act. i would love to have erika anderson come to the classroom. come on over. congratulations. erika andersons run cross-country in revere. she may not be the fastest on the team but many say she has the motion heart. she like a great friend. she helps a lot of people. during one meet erika noticed a lost. i knew she's getting lost when i was on the trail. the lost runner also had a developmental disability and erika new she needed help. i was like okay. i will stay with you. at that point erika said it was hard to stay focused on the finish line.
9:22 am
she's like can you stay me. holding on my arm. okay. >> you were waiting for her toward the end. finally we saw her come around the corner there was another girl with her. and i said erika what was going. this girl was lost in woods. she put the erika girl in front of her own i had help because she would have got lost. there was no instructors there. >> those who know her said that's erika being erika. i think it's great she did. she put compassion before competitiveness on that day. awesome act of sportsmanship makes erika a class act. cross-country wrapped up for the season. she's rearing to go to play her favorite sport this season which is softball. >> she is amazing. and just talk about sportsmanship. very selfless, that's for sure. if you know a student between 6 and 12 doing outstanding things
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in school let us know. we want to discover all the wonderful stories out there. nominate them online and ahead on "today in new england." more on the disturbing list worried. we have breaking news from hamilton we're tracking. a 2-year-old girl missing. we have the latest on the search
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>> good news if you have "star wars" fan on your holiday shopping list you shouldn't have
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year. has bro admitted he knows they were running low. the company take into account the release of force awakens movie. i love that there's a "star wars" furby. >> faceback wants to have eternal sunshine. what photos and post your ex can see. i know that's -- that's a big part of the process. you have to detag. it's like a digital breakup. it's all about face book. still ahead. former rhode island mayor rushed to the hospital. we have the latest on his condition after he clamed collapsed at the ceremony. the forecast coming up next.
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searching for hamilton 2-year-old last seen around 22:00 -- 2:00 this morning. we'll have a live report when we
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>> breaking news yes the search on for 2-year-old missing girl. students shocked at harvard black tape placed over the pictures of law school professor hate. also a crane come crashing down on the scene. where things went wrong. 9:30 on the dot. back. i'm nancy chin. congratulations, right? at the end of the finish line i think there's some light at the end of the tunnel here with the weather. sunshine right now moving into metro boston south shore in the cape we have a little bit more
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work to do we've got cloudings and rain down there. here's the back edge clearing the canal. it will jump offshore over the next 45 minutes. rainfall tally about an inch of rain. some a little bit less. and others a little bit more from ironically enough a cold front. you think hearst the cold air. well right now not yet. it's in up thor 50s. city at 57. norwood fwalth. nashua 54. the air is cooler back toward eastern new york state. and eventually that cool air does begin to arrive but even this afternoon mid 50s i think quickly down into the 40s early this evening. we begin right now with breaking news police are searching for a missing child in hamilton. 2-year-old was last scene around 3:00 this morning. right now the search centered around the lincoln avenue area. let's go to jennifer eagon as we hear they are looking for this little girl. we're here at the end of lincoln a.
9:30 am
they have a police officer from a neighboring town here blocking off the end of the street. they are not letting anyone down there accept for people who do live down there. this as the investigation just begin. state and local police. they are searching for this missing 2-year-old girl now. she was last seen around 3:00 this morning. state police sent up the helicopter. we saw the state police air wing go over this area a few moments ago. they put out canine un-italian earlier to help out in the search. right now police have not officially released the name of this 2-year-old girl. they are not saying exactly why that focus on the lincoln avenue area. the assumption she went missing from this area. they only put out her picture now. and say they are searching for her. the search focused on lincoln avenue. the police station is right down the street. and we understand that state and local police are down there. police are searching for this missing 2-year-old girl. they have lincoln a blocked off
9:31 am
that's continue the search. you can see the police air wing up here flying over the neighborhood right now. so a very intense search right girl. live in hamilton this morning. jennifer eagan. 7news "today in new england." islaming extremist holding hostages inside a hotel. at least three people have been killed. mali located in western africa. the radson hotel in the capital city of bamacca. it's a popular location for westerner. ten gunmen stormed in and fired shots. through grenades and chanted god is great in arabic. we also hear as many as 80 people have been freed. officials say 125 guest and 12 worker are still held inside the hotel. "new york times" is reporting that both american and french citizens are among the hostage. the u.s. embassy said americans in the country should stay inside and the president has been briefed on this situation. we also have new details on
9:32 am
the terror in paris. the french prime minister now said the death toll stands at 130 people since that attack. one week ago. in the mean time a third body has been found at the site of raid from earlier this week and paris suburb. police say the third body is that of women but they don't know her identity. also this morning a family in sharon mourning to loss of 18-year-old who is killed in the terrorist attack in israel. schwartz was killed by gunmen near the west bank thursday. schwartz was one of five people murdered during attack. ahead gone to israel to study his religion before going to college. >> and testimony now under way this morning in murder trial of c chism. she never saw chism as angry as he was when in a conversation with colleen ritzer about tennessee where he used to live. the student said after the conversation chism was mumbling to himself.
9:33 am
the judge also told jurors today they will be going on a view the first week in december to visit the crime scene alternate danvers high school. >> a campus crime at harvard black tape was discovered covering the faces of pictures of some african-american professors. police are calling the act a hate crime. student. here's vicktory a warren. this hate crime portrait of 6 african-american harvard law professor had black electrical tape over their faces. none of the white professioner had anything done. it was an act of violence. for the intentional dismissiveness of black professor on this campus to blackout their faces as if they are worthless. floor. the brack tape discovers by student and staff thursday. >> i think it's a shock to everyone. i think everyone is discussed now. after the discovery campus police were called and they
9:34 am
also an emergency meeting. it's an overt act of disrespect and intolerance and racism the meeting packed and the larger issue racism came up i think some student with the brack lives matter movement from previous year up until now have really just tried -- guess they call for how do we get more black professor on campus. they are filled with kind messages that hope to erase the hate. the police investigation into whoever may be responsible continues. in cambridge. victoria warren 7news "today in new england". >> today police in seaconk are on alert after hit list was found. student names were included. but no one has been hurt. tim ka putto has more on the investigation. as apparent you worry. parent were at the school thursday night for parent teacher conferences were
9:35 am
weren't given many details. >> honestly it's probably nothing but yeah, of course you have to take it seriously. make sure they are taking the right steps to improve things. at least two student created a list of name of people they intended to hurt or kill. officers identify the student who made the list but wouldn't say if anyone was arrested. seakofrng police say the parents were told about it first. i was also notified before the e-mail. parents don't seem too concerned. as leader steps in without hesitation. you hear about it you don't think it will happen here. when you hear everyone coming out into the open here you get the feeling that it's being taken care of. tmy caputo, 7news "today in new england." former prove against mayor fine after medical emergency sent him
9:36 am
he passed out during a ceremony last night. he said he was dehydrated and only spent an hour at the hospital before released. train crashes into the roof of home. the two people inside not hurt. worker were cutting trees when suddenly the crane toppled over thursday. one of the worker was taken to the hospital with a foot injury as well. whitey bulger apparently furious over the treatment of his long-time girlfriend now charged with contempt. the bulger has written to her and he wants to help greg but he can't. greg has been indicted for refusing to testify before a grand jury. she's already serving an 8-year sentence for helping bulger hide from police for years. she's been behind bars long enough. five years is enough for her. that's enough. for what. what spend five years in jail because she left with her boyfriend. she isn't going to hurt anyone.
9:37 am
she hasn't. u.s. attorney said the grand testimony. one of the biggest theft in maine history has been solved. the fbi didn't have to go far in order to do it. retired agent rekov el covered two pieces of art work. the fbi agreed to keep identity anonymous and not charge him. the ncy were stolen from businessmen in maine two years ago. foreouts were recovered in los angeles last year. they are worth reportedly up to half million dollars each. also on 7 israel said jonathan pallard has been released from u.s. federal prison. benjamin netanyahu said israel welcome his relief after three decades. the 62-year-old pleaded guiltiy to spying back in 1987 for providing classified information to israel. he was initially sentenced to life in prison. >> friend and family gathering to remember a california police
9:38 am
during a failed robbery. the body of 29-year-old was removed from the scene with flag-draped over his casket. the former marine was sitting in his own car after finishing a day of training. three suspect have been arrested in connection to the shooting. also the man convicted of killing adrien peterson has been sentenced to life in prison. 29-year-old joseph patterson sentenced to 25 years for aggravated battery and will not be eligible for parole. the 2 #-year-old died back in 2013. after sustaining several blows to head. he was dating the boy's mother at the time. a pilot lucky to be alive after angeles. the witness said the pie lilt ran out of fuel. as he was trying to land at the airport thursday. the small plane crashed into a fence that's when it burst into flames. the pilot who was the only person onboard got out on his own and was taken to hospital as a precaution. caught on camera an earthquake rattling parts of
9:39 am
northern oklahoma. footage from inside a store shows a shelf shaking early yesterday morning. officials say this was a magnitude 4.7 quake. four quakes were felt in cherokee. no injury were reported. daring rescue caught on camera when die yashger die cac die kayacer falls into river. another volunteer then pulled both of them to safety. >> just ahead. a hollywood star back in action right here in boston. >> we're going to take a look where ben affleck is set to film scenes for his new film today. now. a 2-year-old girl reported missing last seen around 3:00 this morning. police are searching the area of lincoln avenue. helicopters out.
9:40 am
we'll bring you more details as soon as they service. a mix of cloud and sunshine.
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give it a pop. welcome back. filming scheduled this morning in the north end for ben affleck new movie live by night. the 1920's flick set to shoot at corner cafe.
9:43 am
when the crew filmed in lawrence when that town into seen straight out of the 20s. affleck busy in this one. he's directing and acting in the movie. well it looks like they won't need umbrellas in the scene anymore. it started earlier today. i think they probably would have. exactly. rain very early this morning. now there's still some rain on the cape. and the islands but even in these locations this weather system is making good time. especially out toward khatam and welsey. rainfall total overnight last night with the cool front generally about an inch of rain. that. which has been a good thing. month of november dry. the year, actually belief it or not even with rain last night yearly deficit is about 8 inches of rain. it was very dry powdery cold
9:44 am
snow. no moisture in the snow. that's whien though we had the snow wasn't much moisture within the snow melt. how much rain do we need to know to get back to normal. here's the back edge of the weather system. it's a cool front usually when they come through not far behind. there's cool air through pennsylvania. very comfortable out there. city at 57. bedford 57. here's where you see the cooler air. albany, 48. with time that does find its way back into our part of the world. especially after about 4:00.
9:45 am
can kind offend off that cool air. then we are on our own. that will win by this evening. if tonight the date night layer this evening. chilly 31 to 36. weekend features a fair amount of sunshine. upper 40s then sunday here's another cool front. there's cloud and sprinkle. early next week looking chilly with lots of sunshine monday. patriot's and bills down at gillette. that was cold. first cold game of the season. temperature in 30s. thanksgiving less than a week today. maybe you will cook the main course. maybe you are in charge of dessert. this is custard tart.
9:46 am
bri eggers gets a look in what's cooking. for a different take on your thanking dessert try out this custom tart. it's one of the most popular dessert in the cafe. first start by making the pastry. this mix flour and sugar. as six eggyolks and mix well. now pour in the hot milk. add a little bit at the time. mix well and put back on the stove. while it's cooking keep wisking until thick. add one egg and eggyolks. you add almond flour. add to blender along with
9:47 am
regular flour. >> you want to blend this well. now it's ready. >> spread out the dough and refridgerate for four hours. work and press against the edges and with a rolling pin roll over the top. take off the excess dough. now fill with custard. spread it out and top with dough. you will give press so it touches the pastry cream. it makes it nice and easy to get the clean edge. brush with egg and score with a fork. bake for 40 minutes let cool and serve with whipped cream and fruit. wala a sweet ending for your holiday dinner. >> that almost looks too pretty to eat. >> no. >> next in 7 sports bruins home record maybe not so great this year.
9:48 am
could they turn things around? we'll have that from the garden. breaking news from hamilton. 2-year-old lyndon albers she evidence reported missing. she hasn't been seen since 3:00 a.m. right now police are searching for her and we expect a news conference coming up at the top
9:49 am
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good morning. the bruins entered last night's game with the worst home record in atlantic division. keeping pretty sad company near the bottom of the standing. they needed a win against the minnesota wild. thanks to the hat trick they got one. they came in six goals on
9:51 am
knocking third career hat track needing a little bit over 16 and a half minute to get else done. the big night lead to third home win this season. 4-2 the final. stopping rob grownkowski is tall order for opposing defenses. sometimes it's the guys in the stripes shirt whose do it for them. gronc whistled for leading four offensive pass interference penalties. this season don't expect him to switch his game up, though. >> i ain't doing anything wrong. i'm playing football. >> i ain't changing my style. we're playing well as offense. frustrating when i get the penalty and someone else makes the play. >> you tell them gronc. washington bryce harper the unanimous choice in the national
9:52 am
league. i'm joe amorosino, have a great day. and the buzz is coming up next. including hollywood hot shot nicolas cage helping a father find his daughter. >> for the afternoon developing sunshine one last look at the forecast, up next >> breaking newses a missing 2-year-old in hamilton. we'll have details when we return. hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where' s the? right. it'
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>> we're back with the buzz. the wait is over. adele's new album released. it's all right number one on itunes. you won't be able to stream the album online. you have to buy. trying to prevent illegal downloads. and of course the first song released off the album "hello" has racked up more than 423 million views on you tube. nicolas cage helping a family find a missing teenager.
9:55 am
he posted with the 15-year-old step father holding missing persons flier for this girl. cage in ohio. he's filming a movie there and recent reports the teenagers spotted in ohio. weather. mix of cloud and sunshine. rain on the cape. we'll kind down over the next 30 to 45 minutes. your weekend features the mix of clouds and sunshine tomorrow upper 40s. low 50s. next week a lot of travelling and dry weather for much of next week. just one reminder before we go about this breaking news today. police are searching for a missing child in south hamilton. she's just 2 years old. and you see her picture here. she was last seen around 3:00 this morning. and this is the scene what you are about to see where police have blocked off lincoln of. my apologies. be don't have that. they have blocked off that scene. they are expected to have a news conference shortly in the next few minutes.
9:56 am
will bring that to you. but that's going to do it for us right now on this friday morning. i'm christa delcamp. i'm nancy chin. we'll be back as soon as that press conference starts. see you then. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple.
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