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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  November 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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with the new information. >> porter: when that toddler disappeared investigators were on two tracks. they were looking for the person that took that we now know how suspicions got out when they went and spoke to a former baby sitter the couple said they fired. just released court paperwork gives new details on how investigators came to charge former baby sitter abigail hannah with kidnapping and assaulting a two-year-old girl she wouldn't cared for. when police started to question hannah they found her dirty with a twig h her hair. court papers say she explained she smoked pot the night before and was chasing a stray cat. police say hannah tried to remove dirty baby clothes from her topsfield home and investigators say a neighbor told them hannah recently had a miscarriage. hannah stands accused of kidnapping and salting lyndon albers, the toddler who disappeared from her home last friday morning. a couple found lyndon by the side of the road about 8 miles away. they said she was naked with her head shaved, cuts and cigarette
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burns. she is experiencing multiple psychotic symptoms including auditory hallucination hallucinations instructing her not to speak with me . >> reporter: a court psychologist agreed with hannah hannah's defense that the 21 21-year-old has serious issues including a history of suicide attempts and memory lapses . she was unable to present a factual understanding of the charges or even understanding of where she was . >> anchor: parents and support supporters said nothing as they left the hearing. they release a statementier that said we are so thankful lyndon is improving. we will also continue to care for abbie whom we love very much much. lyndon is out of the hospital, her family back at their privacy. in a statement the family says ordeal. we are grateful to have our daughter back as parents we need to be able to restore a sense of calm, comfort and normalcy for the well-being of our children. the court paperwork gives no indication she ever admitted what she is accused for or gave
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two-year-old. she is accused of taking and tossing away. live in newburyport, dan hausle, 7 news . >> anchor: we're following breaking news regarding tom brady's deflategate case. second circuit court will hear the appeal on the case or man 3 of 2016. so that's this coming march about a month after the super bowl. previous judge threw out the him to play the season. the nfl case will be heard in march and brady's season still not threatened. >> anchor: in the meantime the patriots dealing with a growing list of injured players heading into tonight's game at gillette. but despite the loss of some key players, new england is trying to stay undefeated. sports director joe amorsino live in foxboro with what the joe? >> reporter: what the pats are up against is what took place in the time quarter up in buffalo out in weeks two. remember how that went down? the bills outscored the patriots 19 to 3 in that final quarter and you know bill belichick is reminding his team of that coming into tonight's matchup on monday night fool.
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reminding his team of that telling his team that they can play with the patriots, but that doesn't mean ryan wants to play the patriots. else. but this is a team on the schedule and here we come . >> anchor: he has beaten the patriots just four times in 14 career meetings but when rex ryan comes town he always brings a little something special with him. can you feel a little extra empathy that rex puts on for his team? yeah. he has the team fired up for sure. i'm mote have aed to come out . >> anchor: without deion lewis and eelman tom bradys's job will get a lot tougher than in week two when he through for 4 6 eyes that is nothing . i think the expectations are still the same. we expect they will score points
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and it may take a little different shape and you just have to luck at difference things that are a part of your oh tension and do the best you can do . >> anchor: monday night matchup what more can you for? it's always fun. fun.. as a kid you watch it and you get excited for it and as a player everyone is watching. >> anchor: on the other side of the football the patriots are without jamie collins tonight who is going to miss a third straight game that could use him in a game like this with the mobile quarterback in tie rod taylor on the other side of the football. something to watch tonight when the patriots and bills kick off on monday night football. reporting live at gillette stadium, joe amorsino, 7 news. >> anchor: a developing story in kingston. sky 7 hd over a beached whale look at that large creature just struggling to get out of a mud flat. the good news is the whale is free . >> anchor: that's all thanks to some help from high tide. firms from the new england
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itself. they are just saying the whale was more than 25 feet long and young. these types of whales live in waters off new england. a teen wept in, tried to save it but the whale didn't need any help after a long struggle to get free. the tide rolled in and it wound up swirling out of the dangerous spot . >> anchor: also on 7, a new hampshire couple now charged with misleading investigators looking into the case of a burned body found in bridgewater willier this month. the district attorney's office says the couple admitted they were with the victim the day she died but they say she lied to police investigators about where they were. bridgewater police discovering the body near the tracks. this is the woman killed. she was a mother from new jersey jersey. >> anchor: now to a story you will see on just one station air school bus scare in medford. police say a laid flagged down a bus and jumped on board and at the time it was full of kids . >> anchor: investigators were saying she was drunk. jonathan hall is live in medford
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here. . >> anchor: scary one for parents, kids are on the bus, they grade k through 5 made an unsceduled stop on their way home friday. now police are investigating this, the woman they say that got on board has a history of serious mental health issues. >> reporter: police say a routine ride home from school for about 18 young kids turned very scary when a drunk an seemingly delusional 35-year-old woman flagged down the bus and got on. it was at that point the bus driver smelled some alcohol on her breath and she started to say some statements that were, you know, where is my baby? i lost my baby. stuff wasn't making sense. >> anchor: it happened here at this corner on high street just friday. the bus driver thought the woman parent. so he opened up the door. he had asked her to leave the bus.
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occasions and started to walk up and down the length of the bus . >> anchor: some parents in medford very concerned. >> reporter: are you glad your son wasn't on the bus? yes, i am. good day to pick him up . >> reporter: he picked up his six-year-old again today. the bus driver is off the road for now . the incident is unfortunate with the whole incident happened but he had to control the access of the bus. i think they made the right call. >> reporter: by the time police arrived passersby talked the woman off the bus and she went to her parents house. police later questioned her. the superintendent of the school said there this never should have happened. he told us "the protocol is you don't open the door. if someone comes on the bus, you usher them off. a single driver made a mistake. it won't happen again." i think the driver made a mistake because the lady was claiming she was a parent. >> reporter: police say some of the young children were very, i have frightened but luckily un unheard hurt. list are following up with more interviews of the kids, parents, driver of the bus as they tried
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to decide whether to charge this woman with trespassing and shouldn'tons her to court. live in medford tonight, jonathan hall, 7 news. animal shelter goes up in flames and paxton. fire fighters race to rescue dogs and cats from a devastating fire but they were not able to save most of them. just a tragic loss there felt most by the people who work at the shelter. elizabeth noreika has more live in our newsroom. >> reporter: people that work at the shelter are hole a vigil tonight. the plans started late last night, more than 30 animals did not make it out. the shelter destroyed. volunteers say they are shocked by what happened. they are more than just shelter animals. i take a lot of these cats in and work with them for months to get them so they are human troughing again. they are abused, beaten, all kinds of things that happen to them. they don't deserve to be out there . >> anchor: right now they say
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damage is so bad they may never know what started the fire but they say it appears to be accidental. lids beth noreika, 7 news . >> anchor: coming up on 7 news at 6:00 a touching story from boston with winter on the way again. a local high school student is helping her classmates stay warm. >> anchor: plus, you are going to need that stuff because this is going to be one of the coldest nights so far this fall. how low will we go? find out in pete's forecast. >> reporter: tomorrow, a new smoking sensation . it's a lot fun . >> reporter: some think it's like smoking candy . peach, cherry. >> reporter: an alternative to cigarettes but is it safer? the cloud over vaping tomorrow
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andrew: the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on, the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. for that very reason. it makes us the child we once were. the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again.
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>> anchor: for the third year in a row, a high school student in roxbury is offering a helping hand to other people. she is handing out hundreds of coats to make sure her . >> anchor: it's part of her non-profit clothing drive. earmuffs are like head bonds for the winter >> reporter: this high school senior is paying sure her fellow . i'm making like really good like i feel like i'm doing something because i always wanted to do something to help people . >> reporter: kelsey asked local businesses for clothing donations because she noticed
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afford warm winter clothes . i felt they should have better clothes in the winter so i just decided why not start a clothing drive . >> reporter: this year was her third andular largest clothing drive checked more than 1,000 tie terms. her friends armazzed amazed. she kept bringing up more and more and more. i'm like kelsey you did all of this. a lot of kids will come. even though people say they might be embarrassed but if they need it they will be cold they will come get one . >> reporter: kelsey is handing out clothes today and tomorrow for anyone in need . she is a role model to other students and thinking about how do i get involved? what kinds of things can they do do. one person can accomplish all of this stuff. >> reporter: also today along with kelsey's clothes boston school children received more than 8,000 coats from a different organization called operation warm. so what those do nations together, boston students should
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>> anchor: the forecast, well, it's a little chilly the next couple of days but a warming trend later this week? we'll see it in the forecast next. >> reporter: coming up next in 7 sports, we are live at gillette stadium where ton the patriots see if the wide receiver position will be tested with rex ryan and the bills in town. we'll have tom brady's take on
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>> anchor: expect to be a very cold night out there. so get ready, especially if you have outdoor plans a little later . >> anchor: is this like the coldest night so far, pete? >> reporter: it will rival what we saw last week. those terms are pretty cold already. 31 in bed for, 34 in norwood. 34 in little out. 35 in boston. 29 in worcester. the only thing that will keep us from really bottoming out in the city is breeze. that and a couple clouds that may sneak in but that breeze at logan airport pass past history has shown it can be significant, to keep us 10 or 11 degrees warmer no. doubt attleboro all the way to marblehead and brockton 20's. continue a bigger city so the city cools off slower. worcester at 23. hyannis 25. 23 new bedford. 19 nashua. 17 fitchburg of we're cold tonight. that's a given for the pats forecast. 29 degrees and later by then of the game even around 26.
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obviously with whip hills in the low 20's. lots of read noses out there. our forecast offshore is front and that is the front that brought us the rain. the cold air came ing in and now some clouds start to sneak back into the picture. could be in from the great lakes lakes. they are just feeble clouds. not seeing this as a big deal for term but you know, with him himmed sunshine, the same air mass, don't expect the needle to move very far from 40 degrees. 44 in the city. 38 in worcester and mid 40's seem to be the limit. no storms brewing across the country. nothing cooking just yet so that means clear sailing. yeah, it means clear sailing. we have some clouds around tomorrow, partly sunny sky at the worst then milder with a mostly sunny sky on wednesday. a lot of bright weather this month so far. 43 turns to 48. it's a turning point on wednesday and we keep driving in that milder air although i think it's going to come with a cost. that being more on thanksgiving
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the 60's. normal high is 49 degrees. it seems that we get the cool dunce and we climb back out of it and head for those way warm temperatures, that pattern we have been in for the past couple weeks. the travel weather is easy and it's confident here in the forecast. wednesday, thursday, friday then saturday there might be showers early on i think a blustery day too as colder air comes shutting back in that will bring it to fair but not poor at all. clear start, clouds late 16 to 30 then tomorrow still cool. partly sunny, there is the 7 on 7 forecast. saturday there is that early shower i had to put that in there because it's just seeming like it wants to hang around through early morning hours. sunday is little chilly. saturday those temperatures come crashing down interest that 62. don't they? then monday that's not a laughing matter. that's a big drop. weather.
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i will see you tonight. >> anchor: we are coming to you live once again at gillette stadium where patriots are trying to turn around a recent trend of monday night misery. the pats have lost two straight on monday night and to snap that through tonight they will have to beat rex ryan and the bill and tom brady will need a boost from his backup because think about it, you have got eelman out, two guys who accounted for 247 yards of offense and three combined touchdowns in a week two win over the bills. they are on the shelf and this fired up buffalo d isn't the kind of group you want to battle with out your most verse tie and dependable weapons. a little disappointed to see from my study they were playing as well as they were. but part of it you will go against good players and they got good players so we have to still figure out how to kind of move the ball down the field . very good front in their secondary playing better than ever so this is a good team. they haven't changed a lot.
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they change some things and some stuff we have to go in a room ad adkind of do our homework with. the pats may not have aaron dob dobson to pick up the slack either. the big white out who caught 7 passes for 87 yards in week two with a late edition to the injury report, he is question questionable with a back injury joining keyshawn martin also questionable with a hamstring might be a recipe for running the football tonight or so you would think. trey daerr has more on that but you know how it goes with bill belichick and the patriot of they will take what rex ryan gives them or what they can take frame h . a matchup of head coaches. less ryan upset with the patriots but you have to respect his level of honesty. he can frommy much read the writ writing on the wall in the afc east and if they have the division title is out of reach, good enough map for even rex to understand . right now we're second in the division so it's like of course they are going to try to do whatever they can just like we'll do whatever we can, you
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know, does that give us an opportunity to win a division? no, they will win the division. i don't see them losing four games. in the upcoming things, i hope i'm wrong. but i don't see it whatting. you concede to that already. no, i'm telling you the facts. the only thing i'm focused on is beating them right now on monday night. and we are not conceding that, i can promise you . >> reporter: considering he is only four and ten against belichick thus far in his career you might not want to take his word on that. reporting live inside gelid ium, . . >> reporter: to the pitch sutherland and crystal palace here we go. germane due fault taking advantage of miscommunication splitting the pair and finding the back of the net, that gets our play of the day and bruins
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tonight up there in toronto rather as they get ready to try to take two in a row from them but all eyes here on gillette stadium with the patriots and bill on monday night with the pats trying to stretch their record to 10 and 0. reporting live, joe amorsino, 7 sports. >> anchor: 10 and 0 would be good. >> anchor: also to see rex ryan ryan's comments afterwards. that would be entertaining too . >> anchor: we hope you stick right there. we're back right after a short
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>> anchor: before we leave you here, 7 news at 6:00 remember we had this at the top of the newscast, the state department has just issued a worldwide travel alert. of course it comes just before the very busy holiday travel season and is the result of ongoing threat from isis coming a little more than a week after terror attacks in paris. this alert does not expire until the end of february. the government saying information suggests terror groups continue to plan attacks all over the world so they say you should be very vigilant, especially in public places and
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on public transportation. >> anchor: lester holt will have more on nbc "nightly news" coming up next. for knew, i am adam williams. hope to see you tonight for 7
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