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tv   Today  NBC  November 25, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EST

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this morning on "today's take. "adele. the record star shatters another record making world history. and what will smith is revealing about his 20-year marriage. and it's turkey time. we've got the secrets for keeping everything hot on the table. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." it is wednesday morning, november 25th, 2015.
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i'm willie inside alongside al and completely checked out for thanksgiving. natalie is on assignment, and your morning jam is -- >> a little whitney houston, "howley know." >> that's right. >> i was out last night and i was at a restaurant and all like '80s and '90s music and this thing popped up so i thought that's my jam for today. >> you know why that's good, one the great syringes and divas of our time, whitney houston and now adele singing just there a minute ago performing her new song "million years ago." >> listen to a little bit. >> beautiful. i know i'm not the only one who regrets the things they've done sometimes i just feel it's only me who stand the reflection that they see i wish i could live a little
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look up to the sky, not just the floor i feel like my life is passing by >> you can see with huge crowds on the plaza, yes, because it's thanksgiving week but even more so because adele was here. look behind her out on 49th street. it was completely packed, and that's for a song inside. this was in the an outdoor concert. >> and they didn't care. >> though she did go outside at 8:00 and said he will osh to the fans and took some selfies. it was terrific. her full name is adele laurie blue atkins. >> you know, i always say you're super famous adele. and that song, i was listening sort of, you know, one of those songs you get so emotional, beautiful, like poetry and i'm thinking i need to be at home with a fireplace and red wine and sink into feel that she brings to it. >> started to get a little weepy on that song. >> i did. it's a beautiful song. >> you go back to places, look back on my life and that's why her music and her voice, the
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lyrics, everything, and she writes a lot, just beautiful. same room. singing there and a group of us were over here. sometimes the voice, when it comes in here is, you can see it's been produced up a little bit. that's just a raw voice and it sounds the same sitting across as it does on tv. honest. >> you guys are macho. >> that's you. >> some selfies. >> oh, my gosh. >> the girly girly thing about adele, the best eyeliner. it's amazing. i just kept staring at her eyeliner. perfect? notice that the. beautiful woman. >> the hair. >> gorgeous. >> just a gorgeous woman on top of the voice. >> it's like "the lion king" beautiful mane. >> adele. obsess. she has now, adele, officially broken the record for single week u.s. album sales.
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in just under four days her new album "25" has sold 2.5 million copies. they say it will go to 3 million by the end of the week. the previous record holder, good trivia for you here, 'n sync's attached." tweet. >> bye bye bye to "hello." >> the billboard keeps track of these things. adele has sold 42% of all the music purchased this week. >> wow. >> previous record was taylor swift last year, 21%, so she's doubled the previous record so it means almost half the music bought any genre anywhere has been adele's album. >> that's incredible. >> amazing to think. did you see the thing on "the tonight show." >> i love the classroom instruments whenever they do it. adele, jimmy fallon, the roots doing "hello." check it out.
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tried heart but it don't matter, you anymore ooh anymore ooh >> in there, having fun, joking and kidding around but it's one of the best vocal performances i've ever heard. >> they could release that version and it would sell. >> all the commercials, memorex, if is it live or memorex? ella fitzgerald. her royse is just clear. >> what a talent. coming her way. >> hilarious person. great sense of humor. >> makes her own clothes. >> no. >> but -- but here are some >> okay. >> that's an oxymoron because facts are true. anyway, this from
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about thanksgiving. do you know, we eat on average thanksgiving day 4,500 calories, 3,000 in the meal and 1,500 from snacking. >> that's about right. >> what's normal, 25? >> for women they claim like 1,200. >> yeah. >> that's a big number. >> huge, huge. >> also, supposedly thanksgiving dinner led to the invention of really? >> back in 1953, swanson, the tv dinner folks, overestimated the amount of turkey people would eat by 260 tons, tons, so they thought, okay, we can throw this away or let's take some foil packets and make food out of it like -- inspired by the airlines. >> trivia. >> i didn't know that. >> i think about salisbury steak. >> turkey dinner. >> the hungry man turkey dinner. >> how do you handle a hungry man, the manhandler. >> what a commercial. >> there you go. >> i miss those commercials. how do you handle a hungry man,
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the other part -- i look at thanksgiving, at turkey, as just a transport mechanism for stuffing. >> yeah. >> for dressing. >> now the question is do you call it stuffing or do you call what say ye? >> dressing. >> i call it stuffing but i understand dressing because i live in the south for ten years. >> so google trends has broken down the name issue state by state. >> there it is. >> okay. >> now, where it's green it's dressing. >> but i'm from texas. >> okay. stop arguing. >> where it's -- this is google. dr. google worked on this. >> where it's red it's stuffing. >> yeah. >> okay. >> does that makes sense to me except for texas. >> that doesn't make any sense. i know some people don't like to consider texas the south and lbj was the one who said we're southwest but we're our own country. >> maybe because so many people have been transplanted to texas because -- >> yeah. >> a lot of people have moved to texas. it's a fast growing state.
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>> you know everybody in texas, i forgot. >> i have the state tattooed on me, i own the state. >> yes, you do. >> i did call my mother and asked her because my mother doesn't cook, you know that. she took two things, something called a pea salad, don't ask and does cook dressing and i asked her when she put in it, corn bread, celery, onion, sage and then what's the poultry, chicken poultry, like the powdery stuff, something like that. >> okay. >> i need to write that down. >> you write that -- the poultry -- >> yes, i did ask her had a she put in it and it's delicious. >> anyway. >> most of the country calls it stuffing and the south -- >> probably advertising as well, the commercial. >> stove top stuffing. and another thing we're noting today, phenomenal day in washington, d.c. president obama recognized 17 people who essentially changed the world in some way or the other. the presidential medal of freedom. that's the highest civilian honor.
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the list, even the president said, obviously, this is always a florrious occasion, but everyone in that building star struck by the next person near them. barbra streisand, steven spielberg, gloria and emelee estefan, james taylor, composer stephen sondheim and baseball great willie mace, the president praised mays not of course for playing record. take a look. >> willie also served our country and quiet example while exceling on america's biggest stage helped carry the banner forward of civil rights. a few years ago willie rode with me on air force one. i told him then what i'll tell all of you now. it's because of giants like willie that someone like me could even think about running for president. [ applause ] >> major. >> special. >> and the president paid homage to "snl's" "mike myers." remember the coffee talk sketch.
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when he was awarding barbara tries and. here's what happened. >> off the stage she's been a passionate advocate for issues like heart disease and women's equality, i'm getting all verklempt just thinking about it. >> barbara tries and is like really? >> you know what he's always good at, marinates in his punch line a little bit, lets it set out there a little bit. >> kind of percolate. >> something else that percolates, yogi berra's quotes that we liked after his passing, posthumously and certainly in spirit and mind there yesterday. let's listen. >> one thing if you know for sure, if you can't imitate him, don't copy him. [ laughter ] took everybody a while. >> the that's the yoegisms that we all love and remember.
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>> that's an amazing collection in that room. >> so diverse. >> and yogi berra yoeg, wow. >> fantastic. how about a look at thanksgiving travel. >> that's our thanksgiving edition of "today's take" weather. >> pre-thanksgiving. >> you'll see why, because we're going to go, first of all, to give you the weather. it's going to be nice tomorrow in turkey, north carolina. blessing, ohio, 61, burnt corn, alabama, 74 degrees. lgrim, michigan, 33 and turkey, texas, 68 degrees. >> turkey, texas. >> where we eat dressing. >> that's right. >> just one of the few. okay. here's your travel. today, going to be problems in salt lake probably because of the snow, and if you're driving along i-15 from salt lake to the great falls, look for slick conditions and low visibility. tomorrow here's the trouble spots. thankfully, tamron, you're going today to dallas because it's going to be stormy in dallas and houston. heavy thunderstorms, snow in denver, and if you are driving from dallas to kansas city,
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storms, soaking rain and kansas city to minneapolis. you've got an icy mix, and on sunday a lot of people heading home. i-70 looks to be the biggest trouble spot from the st. louis to baltimore. we're looking at showers and thunderstorms. there you hav >> good morning. mostly sunny skies. afternoon. temps between 43 and 47. weather. a mix of clouds and sunshine, and dry all over the northeast. working down the northeastern seaboard in the 50s. no major handshakes across the nation today. chicago, a lot of clouds and showers tomorrow. orlando and miami as well as dallas and houston, scattered showers today. 70s. closer to home tomorrow, warmer, mid 50s tomorrow. >> and that is your late weather.
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10:16 am
13 years old, a star on his junior high team, that dream came to a halt. after his mother noticed some swollen lymph nodes on his neck, jason had blood work done and the results were not good. >> they said we have to go to st. jude's, so it was pretty shocking and a quick transition. my parents checked me out at school one day. that night i flew on my first airplane ride to memphis, and there was a -- a full team of people waiting for me at the doors at 9:00, 10:00 at night. >> jason had acute lymphoblastic leukemia and he would spend the next several years of his heart in and out of st. jude's for cancer treatments. >> it was hard but in retrospect it was a good experience. in 1995 there were many things about lukia that were not known. some of my questions had no answers, and that sparked curiosity. >> reporter: so when jason finished treatments he set out
10:17 am
on a new path, a path to help answer some of those questions. >> she's doing okay. >> reporter: he became a doctor. >> 18 years after my diagnosis as a patient here, coming back as a doctor, it was -- it was a dream come true. >> now he works with nurses and doctors who once treated him. >> very rewarding to see one of my first patients, one of the patients i treated in 1995 now come back here and become a pediatric hematologist oncologist. >> and some days he's both a doctor and patient, participate pa in the st. jude life study to help doctors understand the long-term consequences of treatment. >> i'm happy to be part of those things, to help change the beginning to affect end. >> because you're done with chemo. >> what he seems to enjoy the most are the patients, like 13-year-old andrew woodruff who once shared a similar dream as dr. schwartz. he, too, wanted to be an athlete, but when he was
10:18 am
doctors had to amputate his leg. >> it's so very comforting to know that someone knows what you are going through and that they know how much pain you feel and what the struggles are. >> i don't know that there's a better pursuit that a person can engage in in their life than giving back in the fashion that back. >> now with a wife and two children of his own, dr. schwartz is able to save his. >> dr. schwartz was there for like the biggest part of my life. he really means a lot to me. i mean, he's a part of this fight, and i just would really like to let him know that. >> marlo thomas is the national outreach director for st. jude children's research hospital. marlo, great to see you. >> thank you. >> we should point out as we were talking in our last second about the medal of freedom recipient, you won one last year yourself. >> pretty exciting. >> this is cool, too.
10:19 am
you were just telling me that this is not uncommon for a patient to dom back to the hospital. >> for us -- we either only place in the world that is studying now children that we treated 30, 40, 50 years ago, and what we have them come for an intense couple of days of study and look at them and see where are their lives normal and where are they not normal and we can predict and detect things wrong for their heart, for example, that's undetected at home and send them back to their doctors and say please prevent this and prevent a heart attack so the patients jason has today we can help him to -- to do what they are doing, the studies that they are doing on these children to prevent the side issues that many of these had 30, 40, 50 years ago. that's the beauty of having the studies going on at the same time that we're treating. >> have it from start to finish because you keep the patients. the life study program one of the ground breaking things you're doing there. another great story and we'll see more of you this week. >> thanks, willie, nice to see you. >> coming up next, actor will
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hello. let's toast to a fix." not a year full of celebrity splits, one couple that is still going strong, will smith and jada the pinkett smith. give it up for love. on monday he revealed the secret behind their 20-year marriage, telling "entertainment tonight" it's all about just not quitting. will went on to say our marriage was the most difficult, grueling, excruciating thing we've ever taken on in our lives and we're not quitters. jada made headlines, look at that the number, the 494-year-old stunned us all in the semi sheer silver dress at l.a. premiere of "concussion," will's newest film. in the film will smith plays a pathologist who takes on the nfl about the dangers of the sport. he's already getting oscar buzz for the role this. movie is going to make a lot of headlines. one celebrity certainly in the giving spirit this holiday
10:24 am
last weekend hip-hop artist fetty whop had that show and surprised them at the garden state mall in new jersey, the best check flay in programies, new jersey. this was all captured on balcony by a lucky shopper so when they asked the queen track rapper he said i got to see my daughter today, took her shopping and i the mall. never know who needed it. okay. kell el cuoco is dealing with divorce the best which way again. last year the "big bang theory" actress had her wedding day tattooed and now after her divorce she is regretting that decision and now she's getting
10:25 am
do not mark your body with any future wedding date, and a follow-up pic of the new tattoo writing the meaning behind the ink covered the last one. if you get at tattoo, get your there is nowhere i'd
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where all it takes to become part of the family is to sit down, give thanks, and share a beautiful meal together.
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taking a look at the headlines and warning today from the cdc for people who recently bought rotisserie chicken salad from costco. 19 people in seven states have become sick. five srbs hospital #. two developed a type of kidney failure. consumers who purchased rotisserie chicken costco on or before november 20th are being individuals to throw it away. hilton hotels investigate the cyber hacking dating back to november of last year. they collected information from hotel restaurants, bars, and
10:28 am
stores but not the reservation system. the breach involved other hilton owned brands such as hampton inns and suites. they are offering services to those affected by this. and how loneliness can lead to physical illness. researchers at the university of chicago found the stress of being lonely slows the production of white blood cells. lonely people have a reduced ability to fight infection and inflammation. social isolation can raise the risk of premature death by 14%. and take a look at this. on a happier note, the scaffolding is coming down from the rockefeller christmas tree. you see the beautiful swarovski crystal star above it all. and the official lighting december 2nd. if you're not in new york, don't worry you can watch it here on nbc.
10:29 am
with al roker, who will be at the tree lighting. >> that's right. with natalie sting, justin bieber, pent ton eubgs and a lot of other people. the parade, macey's thanksgiving day parade. savannah, matt, yours truly. low clouds, 48 degrees. noon, favorable clouds. 57 degrees. no weather problems for the balloons, floats or any of the performers, which is an task. for today, if you're traveling through the cascades, salt lake city may have some problems. otherwise, things not too bad. looking at windy conditions. minneapolis may see a little rain and wind. windy conditions through texas shouldn't cause too many problems. they may space out the planes, takeoff and >> jeremy: good morning. mostly sunny s >> good morning. mostly sunny skies. cold this morning, and cool this afternoon. but just about ideal travel
10:30 am
weather. with a mix of clouds and sunshine, and dry all over the northeast. northern new england, working down the northeastern seaboard in the 50s. no major handshakes across the nation today. chicago, a lot of clouds and maybe showers tomorrow. orlando and miami as well as dallas and houston, scattered showers today.
10:31 am
mid 50s tomorrow. we'll take these over to the table. >> yes, ma'am. >> so you can go ahead and start putting them down. >> that would be the dressing. >> that's the dressing. >> and now we have our green beans. >> you know, you can, absolutely. sometimes i think it can pull a little moisture from the turkey, but it's so delicious when it comes out, i know, it's wonderful. >> now we've go the our mashed potatoes. remember, the oven space is at at premium so try to remember to do things on the stove top. could have put these in the oven with you would rather keep them up here, that way we've got a little less traffic over in the oven. now we have our mashed potatoes. everyone's favorite.
10:32 am
our gravy is piping hot right now. >> okay. >> willie, don't forget, we can go ahead and take these next. >> bring them next. >> giving you ten one things. >> faster, faster, faster. >> now we've got our cranberry sauce and pies. got our hot gravy and that turkey may have cooled down a little bit once we've slice it had and putting piping hot gravy on it so it won't have to worry. >> what about the tradition, the norman rockwell painting of slicing and carving the turkey at table. it's a beautiful and lovely idea, but sometimes, you know, things can go a little bit awry. >> have some gravy for you, folks. >> put some gravy on that. >> i'm going to grabbed the rolls. so funny, i always knew when dinner was ready i could mom scraping the black part off the rolls that we burned. don't ever want to forget about our rolls. >> kind of like the parker house rolls? aren't they wonderful. >> okay. now we'll put our rolls in. no, no, let's do okay gravy on top. >> want me to put the gravy on top.
10:33 am
it may have gotten a little bit chilled while we were fussing. >> guys, how is it? >> good. >> dad is not eating. >> wow. >> this is really like home. >> she's always got that phone, and it's -- put it in the middle of the table. middle of the table, that's it. all eyes on it. >> great place down south where they throw the rolls at you. >> what is that place? >> lambert's. >> throw it please, willie. they are good catches. >> ho, hey. >> one-handed. >> got to hang out with this family more often. >> very good. >> i think we're pretty much done. >> and that's -- that honest, as long as you remember if you have guests that are going to bring something, get them to bring something room temperature, something that can already be there or cole. you've got beautiful salads that are wonderful. try to make sure that not everything has to be hot. >> right. >> i always marvelled my mom, four burners and one oven and everything came out on time and hot.
10:34 am
i don't know how she did it. honestly. >> just as you are. >> thank you so much. >> happy thanksgiving, guys. >> happy thanksgiving. >> everything the right temperatures? >> perfect. >> perfect. >> all right. >> and your dressing is phenomenal. >> there you go. >> that's my favorite. >> there you go. >> tamron goes to prove that every party. no one does it better than former "saturday night live" star rachel. >> just a transition. >> teaming up with fellow alums tina fey and amy poehler in the new [bark] wait up! c'mon! turkey! whoaaaa. who made all of this? let's go! pea! [screams] whoaaaa! weeeee. whoaaaa! peas are the worst.
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i try this if you try... not this. okay. da! ok, you're elbow deep up the business end of a turkey, and we're gonna serve sunday dinner off a counter wiped with jasmine sparkle? i got salmonella just thinking about it. me too. you want clean, get a cleaner with bleach in it. r
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10:39 am
>> good to see you. >> al's voice is now in stereo. got some feedback here. >> hi, guys. >> you have seniors who are pranking each other for sleeping quarters, is that the deal? >> yes. this is a play called "ripcord" by david lindsey aubair and i play the daughter of one of these ladies who live in an assisted living facility and they both -- one wants the other one out of room and they start this prank, and they keep messing with each other. it's like a spy versus spy for me in the living facility. >> i love it. >> yeah. >> when you're in something like this, got to be kind of fun when you're not on stage kind of in the wings watching what's going on. >> oh, yeah. i mean, it's a super funny play, and it's holland taylor and mary lou burke. a lot of twists and turns. it's a fun time, yes. >> well, you're busy doing that here in new york city, and you
10:40 am
also shot recently a film with your buddies teen ashe and aim, "sisters," coming out. what's the premise on this one? >> let me talk about another premise. it's two ladies in their 40s, and their parents are selling their childhood home. >> right. >> and decide to have one last big blowout party. imagine that high schoolhouse party but everyone is now in their 40s and people fall into their old roles. i play the woman what that gets too drunk and gets really melancholy in the corner kind of of. >> willie is following you. >> i'm a very happy person, but each little type that you remember from high school appears in their later years, not later, you know what i mean, later on in time. it's funny. written by paula pell who actually wrote debby downer with me, big "snl," written so many iconic scenes. >> one of the iconic heros of "snl." people don't see her on stage and writes so many sketches that we know. >> she's getting more sung, being seen more. she's awesome, yes.
10:41 am
>> it's the holidays so the debby downer, character. do people come up to you this time of the year asking you for the downer? >> people often come up to me and say oh, my mom is like that, my boss is like that. everyone seems to know a debby downer. >> sure. >> so it seems to be something that people relate to. one time i was standing on the street corner in new york and i heard two people talking, i don't want to be a debby downer and i so wanted to go hi but i i didn't. >> could have made their day. >> you know people use that term who don't even know where it came from now. they think it's just a people, do you know the sketch? you kind of like burst this term that's going to last for generations. >> that's my contribution. >> what a contribution. >> something to be thankful for. >> congratulations on play. >> thank you. >> the film coming up as well. a lot of things happening with rachel. the limited run of "ripcord" ends december 6th so get your tickets now. up next in the thanksgiving
10:42 am
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we're 11 weeks into our 16 to 16 series where we've challenged three "today" viewers and you at home to lose weight and the get healthy by the new year. for every pound our participant lose "today" will make a donation to feeding america, a network of food banks helping in the fight against hunger in america, and today nutritionist joy bauer has been reaching our team reach their goals and doing an incredible job, i might add. >> and in the spirit of giving this holiday season, natalie and i joined our team 16 to lend a hand in one of the local soup city. let's go. >> you people at home, too. got to get going on this. >> 11 weeks ago we met three "today" viewers who were eager to turn their health around, but for mary jean, rochelle and ken this challenge proved to be about a lot more than dropping the pounds. >> every pound they lose "today" will be donating $16 to feeding
10:47 am
america. >> for years feeding america has donated to the all souls friday soup kitchen in norbert. they serve free nutritious meals to their neighbors in need and this year our team suited up to help cook and serve too. >> all right, you guys. let's go. >> who wants to do peanut butter. >> one, two, three, four, five, six down, so we've got four trays now and then you do the bread. >> you're not finished until i say you're finished. >> don't you worry. we're workers. >> we make two small bowls. >> okay. >> because some of our guests do not like dressing. >> carol white has tirelessly organized the soup kitchen for the last three years. >> i would imagine that this is probably the most wonderful part of a lot of these people's week, coming here and gathering together and having sustenance. >> food is food but this is about community. it's about giving them the respect that they sometimes don't get. that's as much a part of our program as feeding them.
10:48 am
guests don't have family. and this in fact on friday becomes their family. >> on the menu, turkey meatloaf, sweet potatoes, broccoli, a fresh salad and fruit. >> i'm grateful to be here. it's a very humbling experience to be a part of this community. >> making food, serving people, has nothing to do with us. >> a lot of energy and love in this kitchen. >> this is not your average soup kitchen. children from local schools help set up the tables with linen table cloths, homemade place mats, real silverware and china and even fresh flowers, all part of the unique restaurant style dining experience. within a matter of hours, the church's event hall is dining room. >> i'm going to have to grab me another piece of meatloaf. >> over 50 volunteers help serve and wait on the tables each week. when the doors open to guests, the energy is contagious. >> the guys over here, they treat you well. they treat you like family, and
10:49 am
the food is awesome. i'm not going to lie to you. the food is fantastic. >> you got it. >> excellent. >> this is patricia seely's third time eating at soup kitchen. she just got a new job and is thankful for a hot meal. >> all the kids and all the volunteers, too. what does that do to you when you see everybody pitching in? >> it makes you feel like you're at home with your family. >> it's about the hospitality and letting us know that there are people who do care. >> really the most wonderful experience. if you would like to donate to the all souls friday soup kitchen logon to >> what a great place, great job by you and the team and happy thooing thanksgiving, joy. >> good to see you. >> we're back in a moment.
10:50 am
what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy the best simple heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple.
10:51 am
the spirit of giving is alive and well as our 22nd annual holiday toy drive kicks into gear.
10:52 am
for the 15th year in a row has been our online partner. lori richter is the public relations manager. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> happy thanksgiving early. >> how do people at home donate to the toy drive? >> so simple. so proud to support the "today" show toy drive, simple to donate, go to or and add as many items to your shopping cart and we'll donate that to the charity. >> any rules on how you can donate? >> 100 products on the "today" show which is list like the fire kids' edition. >> nice. >> donating 2 these tab lelgts in connection with this year's toy drive and if anything happens return it to us and we'll we place it no questions asked. >> them a a tremendous thing.
10:53 am
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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