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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  November 25, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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now at 4:30, a truck slamming into a home in bedford this morning. the truck also hit another car. it was a chaotic scene as emergency crews rushed in to help. >> and it was a close call for those insid but no one ended up getting hurt. steve cooper is live on the scene to tell us what happened there. >> the road is re-opened but the damage is done. a gaping hole on the side of the house across the street has now been patched up but witnesses describe one wild ride.
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>> it was very scary. >> reporter: sky 7 hd pretty good look at crash scene moments after a fully loaded dump truck from hammond dump services crashed into a house in medford. >> reporter: for some reason, according to the witness who saw what happened, the truck driver just miss as woman crossing the street into an oncoming car that plows into a utility bowl before the truck barrels into the concrete foundation of the house. >> i grabbed the phone. i ran with the phone in my hand to call the elder man who was driving and -- check on the man while i called 911. >> the 87-year-old who lives in an explosion. her son says it could have been worse. >> a little bit of damage on the will be all right. >> reporter: the truck driver wasn't so interested in telling
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>> are you okay? >> you can tells what happened? >> nope. >> reporter: most seemed to agree it was a miracle no one was hurt here. >> that's definitely god here, because it could be a fa saturday. >> now, the 87-year-old woman who lives in the house is back there tonight. she says she's so thankful to smornlgders she actually invited them over for thanksgiving tomorrow. you can see the damage to the top of the home. so sad. fire officials are saying luckily that no one was injured. in lynn, a pop warner football clubhouse catches on fire. fire crews race to pull all the equipment out of that building as smoke poured from the roof. officials not shore what caused the fire and have not said if it
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looks suspicious. a key clue leading police to woman last month. police are looking for fernando owens who they say killed ashley bortner and burned her body on train tracks near bridgewater. officials say motive was revenge and owens thought bortner was involved in the shooting death of his son somehow. his friend says he hasn't seen him but is a dangerous man. >> he disappeared. >> so you haven't seen from him in weeks? >> no. >> does it surprise you to hear >> no. >> reporter: a couple in new hampshire have been arrested accused of trying to help cover up that crime. three people appearing in court today charged in connection with hundreds of items allegedly marked for resell at a store in china town. police arrested the three women last month following a 10-month police department. investigators say the women were selling stolen goods at their store for discounted price. police exik cuted a search
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chinatown yesterday. officials say they recovered at least 5,000 items valued at more than $100,000 total. the women are due back in court in january. and a man is now in custody accused of attempting to rob a store in walpole and threatening to inject the clerk with aides. police say christopher soto held up a sharp object while demanding money at a liquor store over the weekend. the clerk says he took out a away. police say they tracked soto down at a local hotel. an nfl player in stable condition after getting shot in miami tuesday night. now, according to reports, st. louis rams wide receiver sedmond bailey was shot twice in the head. morning. he reportedly was sitting in a car with his two children and cousin, currently serving a four-game suspension for abuse policy. john stamos entering a no d.u.i. charge. police arrested the actor in
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beverly hills back in june after receiving reports that stamos was driving erratically, tests determined he was driving under the influence. stamos will not face any jail time but must undergo two hours of drug and alcohol counseling. a highway chase in pennsylvania that ended with a state trooper in the hospital. police artd a 17-year-old who was believed to have shot the trooper in the shoulder, it happened during a high-speed chase that ended with a shoot-out and a firey crash on a busy philadelphia expressway. that team clearly in deep trouble now facing several adult. police say it all started after the suspect was pulled over for an expired registration. >> we see a state trooper trying to get past us. he was flying really fast. >> reporter: rush hour drivers and pedestrians became crime scene witnesses. >> i heard about 10 or 15 shots fired and i was trying to figure out what was happening, where it was coming from. >> reporter: police say pennsylvania state trooper patrick casey was in the middle
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of a traffic stop when one of the four passengers took off in the car. state police say the cruiser took heavy fire and casey was hit as he chased the car, which then ran into the bask an empty school bus. >> i came out and i saw the police -- there was a suspect outside of a car, and he was kind of laying on the ground talking on the phone and sought front of his car was on fire. >> reporter: erika cabrera's video. we see the cops draw these big guns and behind their cars with their guns out. treer patrick casey is recovering from a gunshot to his shoulder. >> a demolition disaster when a smokestack in alabama nearly
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the crew first tried to bloip the smokestack but when it wouldn't fall they brought in a backhoe to break down the tower. it busted at the base and crumbled toward the driver who time. but miraculously, he did walk away from that, though. >> i've seen stuff go wrong, but nothing like this. >> stay in the home. >> oh, my gosh. i might have just watched my dad die, but luckily i didn't. is okay. as for the site of the demolition, it is going to be used as a city park. west point announces a pillow fight ban for first-year students. the students organize a pillow fight after their long summer of training this year. but after more than 30 students were injured in pillow fights this year, officials at the military academy are banning all future pillow fights. a disturbing case now out of maryland.
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after a terrible mix-up involving their uniforms. it turns out what made them all hot and bothered was something much more dangerous. >> i cry sometimes thinking about it. >> reporter: jordan gillespie. >> it feels like there was 100,000 hot needle inside my skin. >> reporter: and matthew bear permanent scars, their chests and backs permanently burned last year at football practice in silver springs. >> it was about 2:30 in the morning and my pain woke me up out of my sleep and i would pace around crying because it hurt >> reporter: custodians sprayed a cleaning solution called virex-256 on the gear. it's strong enough to prevent the spread of mrsa and hiv and certainly not suited for human skin or football pads. >> this seems like a case of colossal stupidity. >> reporter: bruce plaqueston
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and strongly disagrees of the pain and suffering... >> i think it was matthew who said it's disrespectful to $100,000 for what we went through. looked in the mirror and cried bass i didn't like what i saw. >> reporter: robinson, a high school senior, says impact bleed. love. >> reporter: while matthew says scholarship. >> i worked really hard trying to be the best what i was doing, and then to come out with nothing, it's a very big disappointment. >> so the reason the custodian sprayed the team's gear with that powerful cleaning solution was because coaches thought one of the players had contracted a staph infection and that turns out to be a false alarm. a fluffy feline in oregon is breaking records. this is corduroy, the oldest living cat according to the guinness book of world records. corduroy is 26 years old. that's 121 in cat years. cats usually live about 15 years
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and his owner adopted him two decades ago. corduroy also has good genes on his side. his brother batman lived to be 19. the elderly kitty passes the time by napping, hunting for mice and cuddling. you'd think that the eyes would be goopy or -- >> goopy? you know, old looking. the cat looks like he could be 4 or 5. >> you mean, droopy. >> droopy, goopy, but -- gray hair, but the cat looks great. >> corduroy, i like that name. ahead here on 7news, no more planning around the intrairn who's getting a whole lot of attention for what he did. and what officials in the midwest are doing to help children living with cancer. and new at 5:00, hitting the roads for the holiday. what you need to know on this day before thanksgiving as millions of americans are on the move. plus, a custodian gets quite the surprise. a newborn is found abandoned inside a nativity scene at a church. that's all new at 5:00, and
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you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle the fate of the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. is responsible for the content of
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understand. >> he's usually a guy who makes people laugh, but this time it was know funny business for do-do, the clown. that's his name. and he wasn't clowning around this time. >> he actually came to the rescue of two women in toronto who were in some serious trouble. >> reporter: for over 30 years he's been known as a clown. now some are calling him a hero. >> i'm used to getting five, 10 email as day, 12,000 -- 12,000 emails... >> reporter: do-do, the clown, whose real name is shane, was afternoon when he noticed a man act strangely. >> i see these people jumping out of the car. the guy is running around pushing people, so i called 911. >> reporter: with his cousin and two other clowns in the car, one pregnant, they followed the man. his dash-cam records as the man proceeds two women on the street and turns around and runs to attack them. while you can't see the action,
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you can hear the clown screaming. >> watch out! >> reporter: the woman managed to get into the clown car before the man started attacking her. >> he came at the car like this, bang, bang like four times. >> reporter: the man ripped the side-view mirror off but the woman and clowns were safe as police arrived and arresting him. for a clown used to making a skeptical this is like nothing he's seen before. >> i'm a children's entertainer, you're right, i look for attention, but this is not the kind of attention i was looking for. >> reporter: it's an incident that has left this usually upbeat entertainer shaken. >> first thing when i got home, and i don't want to get emotional, first thing my daughter 12 years old came up and said dad, you're my hero. see, i get emotional. >> reporter: but the sad clown realize it could have been worse if he didn't step in. the suspect now facing 3 charges and do-do has a story that matches his catch phrase. >> unbelievable.
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hall. >> and he said he's do-do it again, right. coming up on 7news. what the author of the hunger games series is saying about its future. >> i wasn't going to touch twhap but i'm glad you did. traveling is forecast except for a few hours on saturday. that forecast ahead. >> any at 5:00, squashing security concerns. president obama talking holiday travel amid new threats against the u.s. plus, protests continue in chicago after police rely dash-cam video of a black tape, shot to death by police. we have the very latest on that all new it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium
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on-the-job training for president does not work. benghazi, beheadings, paris. our lives depend on a commander-in-chief with experience, who understands the world. time is of the essence. negotiation, ambivalence or delay, are not acceptable.
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destroy isis? john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. 42 in boston right now. bedford. steadily over the next few hours
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from cindy lalten, nantucket sound. >> the islands just for the summer, right, no, no. the locals know it's beautiful even in wintertime. it's been a little cool lately and our average temperature has dropped from 51 degrees a couple of days ago to now 49.7 for the month so far. that still ranks as number 3 right in here but it's a significant drop from that 51 we
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change.
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[bark] wait up! c'mon! turkey! whoaaaa. who made all of this? let's go! pea! [screams] whoaaaa! weeeee. whoaaaa! peas are the worst. [laugh] un than thursday. saturday, a lot less with that shower that may threaten until about noontime. it is cooler, though. see you at 5:00. >> time now to get a check on the roads with 7 fast track traffic. joe stapleton will update us. >> westbound out by the auburn mall, out by route 290, brake lights out that way. certainly has been a it ride, as well. le newton out past 128 and framingham and out through auburn and eventually heading on to exit 9.
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a heavy flow of volume certainly the day before thanksgiving. a nice picture here on the zakim bridge, 93. northbound and southbound not moving too badly. 93 looks okay leading up through new hampshire and the southbound expressway dealing with a 45 minute ride. route one we have them here i'm joe stapleton, 7news. we'll move on to today's health cast and there's nothing normal about living with stage 4 cancer, especially when you 5 chi l special at the call monke i my go to school. wh sh bu a ca in m w si in her a to remi the con t s an i t helpi school that you sti bei offed that you're still, t you just missing school fo oth reasons. >> reporter monk includ monkey and also a backpack for teachers to send home rya's class work and well wishes from her friends. >> giving teachers instruction beside what to do, resources, stories for the kids she named her monkey bailey. >> we put her around our neck and take her by our side. >> reporter: the monkey helps, but her friends know life at school is not the same without m that ryan' not he i can p w her. >> they' lear wi this t had n >> in my cha k at no charge. i ar ne ide isn't >> ye y j sit there t and the a a t sup in that position they're so youn b >>a on 7ne a s. >> nantucket native trainer locking lips and saying that they're just friends and the kiss was just to make the performance stand out. the two sang the marvin gay we'd and he says megan is his best friend and he's actually dating someone else. >> okay, well, captain america civil war is coming out. he's playing by chris evans and iron man square off against each other in the film. hours after it was released, the trailer was trending number 1 worldwide on twitter. the film hits theaters may. in a letter suzanne could links thanks jennifer lawrence for making katniss look exactly as she pictured and thanked everyone who was a part of the films. mocking jay part 2 came out last weekend.
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i'm elizabeth nor rake came. >> i'm adam williams, got a lot to get to, 7news at 5:00 starts right now. right now we know of no specific and credible threat on the homeland. >> reporter: president obama trying to reassure americans with millions of people on the move. >> and a check of roads and any headaches on the highways. >> highs return to the 50s and even warmer by black friday. we'll take a look at that forecast. >> it's stuff to see people die in front of you. >> and a man is killed when a driver plows into a group of people in natick. tonight people trying to figure out what went wrong. and tomorrow tomorrow brady's target liss has been shrinking but could he be getting one of his best weapons back? and a baby found in a manger. now new york police on a mission to find the abandon child's mother. americans on the move today. it's one of the busiest travel
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