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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 29, 2015 11:30pm-11:55pm EST

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player this guy. one of two unanimous all pros last year along with j.j. watt. and tom brady can't believe it. >> cris: he watched julian edelman go down a couple of weeks ago. amendola hurt tonight but could be back next week and gronk gets a nice salute from the crowd here. >> cris: well, we all know about what he does as a receiver. what makes him the greatest tight end is what he does as a blocker. look at all the defensive guys from the broncos coming over to give him a little smack. well, well respected in this league. he has been beaten up physically because you have to beat him up. that's the only way you can play him. he's just so physically dominant on the field. >> al: so gronk through the
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years as tough as they come, but he's taken a lot of shots. january 12, played in the super bowl despite a high ankle sprain. missed five games in '12, missed the afc championship game in '13. off-season forearm and back surgery. acl tear in '13 as well. so now you've got asante cleveland who takes his spot and brady throws and that pass intended for scott chandler is incomplete. so is third down and ten. >> cris: a little turn-about fair play here. brandon marshall coming on the blitz here and we get the late movement around the outside of this one. so over to von miller's side and then brady will take the shot. >> referee: number 71 as reported as eligible. number 71. >> al: fleming is in and out as an eligible receiver tonight. >> cris: you just don't have the
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weapons for tom brady that he's used to having. the top four guys that he would look for in this situation no longer in the game. >> al: third and ten. pass is caught but short of the first down. there goes lafell. clearly their number one wideout right now. chandler becomes their number one tight end. but it's fourth down. fourth down. >> cris: here's some of the speed that they drafted shane ray, number 1 in the first round for. here he comes hustling back down the line of scrimmage to save that first down. >> al: denver took a time-out. hesitating for a second there, because denver took a time-out so that is their final time-out. they can stop the clock or the clock will stop at the two-minute warning. and that's it. of course you need a touchdown
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punters have been busy tonight. this will be allen's ninth punt of the game. it's the 17th overall. boy, the patriots just grinding. grinding out a win against the giants, grinding out a win against buffalo. will they grind out this one tonight. sanders is back there and sanders letting it bounce and it will skid out of bounds at around the 16 yard line. let's check in with michele. >> michele: al, it didn't take the patriots long to declare gronk out for the night. gronkowski back in the x-ray room and as he got out of that little cart to go into the x-ray room, could really barely put any weight on that right side. so it looks like they were looking at the right mcl on that right knee, but in the x-ray room and officially out. >> al: thank you, michele. so who knows how long.
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amen dolea may be back next week. edelman back in the postseason in all likelihood. but first things first as the patriots try to extend the unbeaten streak to 11. from the 17 yard line, osweiler deep downfield and finally, finally demaryius thomas makes the catch. 11 times he's targeted, it's his first grab. couldn't have come at a better time for him. >> cris: well, this is what you can do if you have a big receiver. sometimes you just give them a chance, throw it up in the air and that is what we have seen so many times over the years from demaryius thomas and it could not have come at a better time. >> al: two-minute warning, gain of 36. it will be a first down at the 47 yard line. set up for a fantastic finish, are we, in denver on sunday night football. trying to win a fight on sunday night hronic pain.
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>> al: volkswagen postgame
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with the stars of the game. cris and i will have a look ahead at next week's game between the steelers and the colts. two minutes to play. no time-outs for denver, at the 47 yard line. osweiler throws and thomas had to go to his knees and could not make the catch. to the ground he went, second down and ten. >> cris: it's just bizarre watching demaryius thomas. that is a low throw, i understand that, and he didn't want to go to a knee because he wanted to try and run with that ball. just gets down underneath him. it was a good call and almost tipped it right into an interception, didn't he? gentleman >> al: yeah, chung was coming in. couldn't hang on. second down and ten now.
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sideline, hauled in! emmanuel sanders. first and goal. gain of 39. osweiler can actually afford to take his time right now. >> cris: he better take his time. >> al: he brought them down in a hurry. >> cris: now the patriots will call time-out. >> al: right. >> referee: time-out new england. their second. >> al: so they have one left. 90 seconds to play. >> cris: here we go. right on the outside against the best. you've got emmanuel sanders working against malcolm butler and just runs right by him for the huge play. but the reason the safety didn't get there, watch osweiler look right. made the safety look for just a
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way, kept him out of the play. football doesn't get any simpler than man-to-man coverage. you go deep on the right and then you go deep on the left and here they are down inside the 10. >> al: ball spotted at the 8 yard line. >> cris: al, this is where it gets really tough on young quarterbacks when you don't have experience, red zone offense is the most complicated part of the game, especially against matt patricia and bill belichick. >> al: they empty the backfield. anderson splitting wide to the right and osweiler will take it himself around the left side and go out of bounds. jerod mayo stops him there. you don't want to leave brady any time on the clock. >> cris: it was a great play by mayo. it looked like everyone mathis might be able to get out in front of him. he just couldn't get there probably because of the ankle and the hamstring.
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there's mayo right there. just could not get him locked up. if he had thrown at him might have been able to cut him but there really wasn't anybody else there. >> al: second down and goal. from the 7 yard line. osweiler under pressure and he's going to get sacked. alan branch back at the 19 yard line. third down and goal and a flag on the play. the crowd anticipating it's going to be on the defense. >> cris: i cannot believe what alan branch just did. he just ran over matt paradis for a huge play -- >> referee: holding, defense number 23. half the distance to the goal,
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>> al: on patrick chung. >> cris: take a look. >> al: what do you think? it wipes out a big sack. it would have been third and goal from the 19 yard line. stops the clock. which is good and bad. >> cris: the left hand is what they saw on the shoulder pad. we've had a few of those tight ones today all day. >> al: first and goal from the 3. osweiler throws, it's caught! andre caldwell! denver has the lead! 83 yards. it took them 1:22.
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>> cris: so many times the backup quarterback spends more time with the backup receivers than he does with the first string receivers. you know he's thrown a bunch of these balls to andre caldwell in practice, and logan ryan, despite one of the great games we've seen, gives it up and who would have thunk it? >> al: no. >> cris: brock osweiler taking them 80 yards plus down the field to take the lead against tom brady. >> al: demaryius thomas makes his first catch of the night. sanders makes another big catch. he's had a great night, emmanuel has, and then osweiler for the touchdown to caldwell. so brady will have 69 seconds waund time and one time-out. >> cris: osweiler knows exactly what he has, exactly what he wants. they bring that same middle linebacker blitz. and then the reaction was exactly what it's been like around this young man, everything he's done.
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brock osweiler, we saw him in practice and the defensive guys just love jabbing him and they have a lot of laughs. and he's a funny guy. we spent time with him in the meeting. you can see why they all love him. boy, oh boy, has he delivered now in back-to-back games. >> al: he's been the understudy for three and a half years and now playing broadway. >> cris: you know what greg knapp told me? he said i bet john elway saw a little bit of himself in this guy. obviously not the arm strength, but the mobility, playing in a run-first offense. i can see why he might think he might be a fit down the rolled. >> al: pumped up, running up and down the sideline. macman mcmanus now sends it through the end zone. so brady has 69 seconds and one of the best field goal kickers ever. >> cris: we're going to be talking about a holding call
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drive. that was not one of those bold, end of the game obvious holding calls. was there a little? there was a little. but the patriots have had a couple of those. the gronkowski pass interference and then that one. >> al: turned a third and goal from the 19 into a first and goal from inside the 5. so now no gronkowski, from the 20. brady throws over the middle, chandler. so chandler now the number one tight end. it's a gain of 23. make it 22. they spot the ball at the 42 yard line. brady hustles them to the line of scrimmage. first down at the 42. four-man rush. tom flushed out, throws and just throws it away. >> referee: there is no foul for intentional grounding.
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pocket, threw the ball beyond the line of scrimmage. second down. >> al: tony corrente right on top of it. second down and ten. >> cris: a little bit of the spin move here to make tom brady come off the mark here. tom brady gets flushed out of pocket and chooses just to throw it away. >> al: second and ten with 40 seconds. four-man rush. good pocket. caught. chandler, he gets spilled by talib sport of the first down. clock still running. and a time-out is taken. >> referee: time-out on the field for an injured player. by rule this will cost an excess time-out.
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injured player. if it had been new england, you'd have had a runoff or a time-out. >> referee: by rule, denver will be charged an excess time-out. will the play clock operator reset the play clock to 40 seconds. >> cris: it's one of those weird things, it's an excess time-out which means you get a fourth. i think if you end up with another injured player, then something else kicks in, a five-yard penalty, something like that. the rule book is like the irs code right now, who knows what all is in there. >> al: so new england still has its time-out. the clock starts to run and brady throws and that's incomplete but a flag, intended for harper. covered there by bruton. >> referee: holding, defense number 25. five-yard penalty and an automatic first down. >> al: i think we have another
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clock issue here. what else is new at the end of a game. because there was an injured player. now, the game clock is starting. >> cris: and i think what belichick is saying is you gave them that bonus time-out and then wound the clock. we were waiting -- we thought it was a dead ball because of the time-out and all that clock ran off. >> al: exactly right. ten seconds left in regulation. they still have a time-out but have to get in field goal range. they're not there yet. and brady will throw and that will be caught and sliding out of bounds is lafell. so that with four seconds will set up an opportunity to tie the game. >> cris: wow. maybe it just doesn't matter. maybe it's just these two teams when they get together.
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>> al: this is going to be a 47-yard attempt. on a bright sunny day at altitude, this is almost a chip shot for gostkowski. anything but tonight. >> cris: long of 57 yards, well within his range. >> al: right. but in the snow, on a slippery surface, to send us into overtime. which he does. >> cris: wow. >> al: man, oh man. >> cris: holy cow. >> al: so despite the clock running off several seconds, they were able to make the pass, brady to lafell, huge. >> cris: you know, and the great thing about that, let's give them credit. is they feel they caught bad breaks on some penalties, caught bad breaks on that clock
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management, and instead of hanging your head and be defeated, brady hits the big pass and they go to overtime. >> al: they have been doing it for how many years now? it doesn't matter what happens. >> cris: and i know everybody has their own version of what the patriots are. i don't care what you say. what they have done over the past decade plus has been incredible. >> referee: captains, we'll play one 15-minute overtime period. we'll play it as if it is the fourth quarter with timing rules. all reviews will come from upstairs and each team will be allowed two time-outs. as visitors, you have the opportunity to call. >> heads. >> number 18 calls heads. it is heads. they want the football. >> al: so it comes down to this. if new england gets a touchdown, the game is over. anything less, osweiler and the
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what a game in denver. 24-24.
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3 f2 o aqui las reglas de tiempo terms of -- they ran the clock the right way as it turned out. i think what happened was at the end of regulation, brady thought when he heard excess time-out, there was no sense of urgency when he went to the line and that's when the clock started to
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go. belichick was apoplectic along the side line. >> cris: they get it right but from a player's standpoint, tom brady, you don't know excess time-out unless it was explained to him. >> al: so the ball at the 20 yard line. they start with white and bolden in the backfield and the pass is incomplete. looking for a flag is lafell. there is none. talib covers on the play. second down and ten. >> cris: and now tom brady is looking for a few penalties to go his way. he's saying we've seen enough go against us in here and we'd like to have one in our favor, but there really isn't. and now we're back to that whole discussion. the elite quickness that would be so big in a situation like that. how many times do we see brady just those little in and out throws to edelman or amendola and now he doesn't really have those guys on the field to have that kind of quickness.
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and brady is going to get sacked at the 13. von miller. it took him till overtime to get there. seven-yard sack. third and 17. >> cris: brady will try and step up, but just as he does, that door closes and now he has to back up into von miller. who has begun to take over this game. >> al: third and 17 from the 13 yard line. they have to get to the 30. brady has to dump it off. shane ray got there, rookie out of missouri, first pick.
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