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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  November 30, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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quincy with that story. story the couple said this man was following them down the street them were near this their home but didn't want to go home so they pulled over here and that's when they had a scary encounter. i got your license plate and you have a gun . >> reporter: cell phone video shows the end of this 21 21-year-old chasing a couple through the streets of quincy. they say it was a road rage end ending with the man pulling this real looking pellet gun and mak making a serious threat . it was blow your head off. i don't know what was between but it was blow your head off. >> reporter: christopher and his girlfriend said they encountered him outside this quincy restaurant where he attended to them a bus boy. outside he was smoking in his car and an offhand comment about the smoke seemed to have angered him. hen the couple drove away free freeman gave chase the couple said . he was tailgating us, shrink around, hong, ing, flipped us off . he came up and was pulling the doors and was like get out
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of car, get out of the car right now . >> reporter: he said freeman stopped at one point and went to get his gun. went in his car, got the gun, cocked it, but it in my face . what did he say? i will believe your head off is exactly what he said . >> reporter: log and said her cell phone and a neighbor coming out convinced him to take off. freeman wouldn't talk after poet poeting bail but his lawyer said this wasn't road rage and said everyone involved knew this was a example the gun . nature of these charges is quite a bit different in reality reality. you haven't heard both sides . ham said he wishes freeman has a mentor of his own . he was just going down the wrong path. wish he had a different way out. >> reporter: according to free freeman, he told investigators in the police report that he had actually been talking to this couple about trying to sell that pellet gown and he was following them for that purpose. they told me they have no idea what he is talking about.
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in quincy, dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: a sharon man is fac fang a judge today accused of breaking into a home. police say 25-year-old roshand stokes had stolen items when he came face to days with the home owners. he is being held on $10,000 cash bail . >> anchor: an historic hunt, the first time in about a century hunting now under way in blue hills reservation. the goal is to take acare of what some are calling a population problem. jonathan hall has the story. >> reporter: for the first time in more than 100 years dozens of hunters are walking the woods with a shot guns looking for deer in the blue hills. they were each beginen one oneson to be in out of five so there are five different managed zones about approximately 3,000 acres out of the 7,000 acres in the reservation . it's a controlled hunt to prove by several state agencies and local communities to cut down on overpopulation of deer after a 2013 study by the state division of fisheries and wildlife . they found there was an average of 85 deer per square mile.
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toput that into perspective a healthy heard covers from 6 to . >> reporter: after participate nag lottery a lowal of 89 hunt hunters are out talking deer today and tomorrow. proponents say too many deer are eating up vegetation in the forest can which can harm other animals and lead to wildfires. angry protestors are hole a vigil this afternoon . we kill everything that's a problem for us? i don't think that's something i want to tell my grandchildren . >> reporter: the blue hills reservation is not closed although people that want to hike are being warned of dangers and being asked to wear orange hats and safety vests . did you consider closing the park? it was a consideration maybe something we still do if it becomes a problem. as of right now we're not going to close it . >> reporter: the hunt will continue tomorrow and 74 more hunters are signed up for a second session which will be next week december 7 and 8. each hunter is allowed to take two bucks and two does. in milton, jonathan hall, 7 news news.
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>> anchor: we're following breaking news now from taunton. a trait has tipped over and is causing lots of problems for the evening commute. take a look at this right here. what a picture from sky 7 hd. this accident on the ramp from 1 140 north to 24 north. as you can see here, it's tipped all the way over, spilled whatever it had there in the back of the tractor trailer there all over the road so there is a lane of traffic getting by but this is causing major days in that area. you can see state police on the scene trying to make sure things stay moving in that area. we of course have a crew on the way and we'll keep you updated all throughout the day . >> anchor: two men are behind tonight. police say they found bags of drugs, a handgun and bullets inside their car after a traffic stop. investigators say they also found a knife in that car. bail. a man is facing charges after allegedly assaulting another man in nashua, new hampshire. police say 42-year-old ryan lee attacked that man with a machete in his home. investigators say they found a shotgun in lee's home. lee is being hell on $250,000 bail .
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jury selection started for one of the charged in a death of a black man in baltimore. officer william porter faced a several charges including manslaughter and second-degree assault for the april death of freddy gray. prosecutors say porter ignored gray's request for medical aid and failed to strap a seat belt over him. if convicted the officer could face up to 25 years in prison. investigators say gray suffered a spinal injury in the back of a police van after he was taken officer. six officers are charged in that case. >> anchor: a man is facing charges tonight after a police officer is killed in a deadly dispute in pennsylvania. police say this man shot 54 with a rifle. investigators say reid was responding to a domestic dispute at shelter's home over the weekend. officers took time today to thank reid for his bravery. he really was a kind, gentle person and i think that he died the way that he lived.
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trying to help. >> anchor: shelter has been charged with first-degree murder. >> anchor: federal authorities say a suspect is in custody for of chicago. investigators say the 21 21-year-old posted an on-line threat of gun violence at the university's hyde park campus. police say the man behind the threat threatened to kill 16 students and staff. itment proed the school to cancel classes in all activities today. students there is a this is the first time they have seen a class there canceled because of a threat. it was a bit surprising. this has never really happened before so must be pretty serious. we have become i think quite ussed to this unfortunately and again we don't know anything about the motivation behind this. >> anchor: police say the threat was apparently in reaction to a black teen-ager shot 16 times by a chicago police officer last year. >> anchor: a dangerous drive in virginia as a charter bus filled with college students overturned sunday night. the driver reportedly approached a ramp at a high speed, losing control and flipping that bus on its side. approximately 34 of the buses 50
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passengers were taken to area hospitals with minor injuries. we decided to call this a mass casualty incident due to the amount of resource that's we had to use. >> anchor: one passenger's injuries are being described as serious. the driver of the bus has been charged with reckless driving . >> anchor: a split second save caught on camera. come on. there is a train coming. sir, come on. sir, come on. we have to go. >> anchor: you can hear frantic moments on some railroad tracks in washington state when a car about the ohms out and gets stuck, a freight train barrels right into that car with the driver still inside. that's when a group of teen-ag teen-agers and strangers there stepped in to pull him to safety safety. nancy chen has that story. story.. >> reporter: a cell phone camera captured nearly everything. it's stuck right on the trap . >> reporter: a couple faced with a man that drove his car on
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home in washington state. he seems confused not knowing how he got there. you are in auburn. you made it to auburn. oh my goodness . you must have taken a lift here thinking it was a road . not able to move his car they encourage him to unbuckle his seat belt and get out. right as he walks around to the other side they realize a freight train is barreling down the track . there is a train coming. sir, come on. sir, come on. come on, come on, come on. seeing cars hit before, trains don't stop on a dime. get away from the track. >> reporter: not knowing how much time they had the couple and their good friend say they grabbed the pan and brought him down a small hill to this spot behind a couple of cars that were parked nearby. one man stuffed a cell phone into his pocket as the tin's
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less than 30 seconds later this. it crushed the car like a can. the highest amount of adrenaline that i have ever felt before . that adrenaline was still pumping as they revisited the tracks, amaze the man got out in the nick imtime . he was just happy . he seemed thankful, yeah . >> reporter: not heroes, just four friends that did the right thing and to think they never would have known the man was stuck if one them hadn't gone outside to move his car. we were all in the right place at the right time. it just happened to everything lineup in the right way for him to be alive still. >> reporter: nancy chen, 7 news. >> anchor: up next on 7 news, good grades go a long way. how local barber is making good on a promise to one of his customers. >> anchor: a former friend meeting up with old friends. the actor with local ties making an appearance at his high school reunion . >> anchor: a viral case of the red, white and blue. how two men are flying high in
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pay north carolina barber making good on his promise to one of his young customers. the student came in for a back to school haircut. that's when the two struck a deal . >> anchor: the barber told the boy he would get free trims for life by making the cut and getting a good report card. at a north carolina barbershop . how do you feel when you get a good haircut in michael shelton believes when you look your best, do you your best . that's the way i look at it. >> reporter: even he is amaze "by one student who came in for a back to school cut . social studies . i said look man, if you bring back your report card here in a couple of months and you got straight a's, i will cut your hair . math and science .
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grades . . he came up to me with a sheet of paper, report card and first. he handed it would to me and it was straight a's. so he said i'm here to collect my free haircut. >> reporter: the story of the straight a report card has been shared thousands of times on social media. that's my man right there . >> reporter: mike has an idea why . you feel like everybody if we all just did a little something for somebody else it goes a long way . it means a lot . this is cam, the one that got the straight a's. everybody give it up for him. slap it up for my man, cam . >> reporter: keeping a promise to a student a cut above creat creating a buzz. the proud barber said he hopes he can motivate other kids to do well in school too. >> reporter: he will start a trend there everyone trying to do that. good to have a goal then you work toward it and proud to show it off . good to have incentive for straight a's. they work hard for it .
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>> anchor: just ahead going above and beyond of a local family decking the halls with a little extra holiday spirit. chilly day today, ryan, we look ahead to some possible wet weather as we roll into tomorrow afternoon. how much rain is on the way? that's coming up . >> anchor: lester police go on a manhunt after discovering a high-powered weapon. the suspect appearing in court today . >> anchor: a close call for one driver when a pole comes crash crashing through his windshield . magic or an illusion. what's bee this video appearing to she a truck left stating off the ground . >> anchor: did you see breaking news or have a story idea is we would love to hear from you. give us a call on the 7 news tip
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jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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1-800-280-tips.. >> anchor: a lester couple decking more than the halls this holiday season. 200 inflate will decorations line their front and backyards on wade street. the homes owner say it has become a hobby and they started the tradition for a special reason. my birthday is today, right before christmas and every year he gets me a christmas decoration for my birthday. so we have just kind of grew and grew and grew. the couple wouldn't say how much their electric bill is but they did say every dollar is worth it to see the smile on all of those little face. i would imagine that the home is quite the draw that people come just to see that home in the neighborhood. >> anchor: i would ask what do neighbors think about it. they probably get a lot of traffic . >> anchor: like if they keep lights on all night kind of like the griswald where they have lights all the time. electric meter run real fast and we do have good weather coming up, pete, you want to get out there and start decorating . >> anchor: after this little spell of rain coming up it looks like it will quiet down and into next weekend too.
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meteorological winter officially starts for tomorrow goes to the end of february. the three coldest months of the year astronomical winter you have to wait longer. december 22 then you wait into march and 20th. so we have had a very mild november so far. maybe you heard. we had a couple of cool days too last week, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday then we world it up the ladder half of the week and this week starting off on a cool note as well but overwhelmingly mild on the first couple weeks of november and that really is what we're working on here and also it's keeping our average way above normal. 4.2 degrees above normal. 20 warm days, only 8 cold. be chilly. officially in the books, showers arrive tomorrow afternoon. way. temperatures will be moderating. too. this time of year we don't have the sun on our side and air masses are sold so you have to pry them out of new england and sometimes. 37 in boston.
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34 worcester. our temperatures fall steadily tonight. not dropping off a cliff or anything like that. so we have a couple batches of rain on the map. one across the mid-atlantic. the other across the upper midwest here with snow in the backside. the two gear up to bring us the showers for tomorrow. little piece of both. it kind of drags out the process process. we have one round of rain coming tomorrow afternoon and another one on wednesday. high temperatures tomorrow still make it up into the middle 40's and warmest southeast mass, but i'm not pushing the numbers a whole lot through lawrence, the merrimac valley and ought through route 2 only because there is going to be cold air that sits in like the pockets of cool, these valleys from the nashoba valley to the merrimac valley and that will keep temperatures from moving all that much each don't have a lot of warm air coming in initially. we have to stir up the rain and then bring a warm front through here. at least try. so shower timing would bring it between two and 3:00, very light light. first batch moves off. we get mist and drizzle and then we look into tuesday night and more wet weather comes our way. how much?
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pushing it closer to an inch and others between a quarter to a half inch, maybe even 3/4 of an inch. lessor amounts out through cape cod. but still i think we'll get some decent rain and our temperatures there is your moderation. just getting above normal around 50 on wednesday and 51 on thursday dipping to about 46 on thursday. brief clear something possible tonight before more clouds arrive late. that will get our temperature down into the between tease in the suburbs. mid 30's downtown. clouding over afternoon showers, chilly and raw tomorrow. might be some glimpses of sun early on but on the 7 day no, i don't have a whole lot of golden sun behind those clouds. thursday mostly cloudy, 52 and then we dip it on friday going into the weekend. it looks like our temperatures moderate over the weekend pretty confident in this. i will see you at 5:00. >> anchor: thanks, pete. we'll see you then. let's get a check of the monday drive home. here is joe staple to be with an update . >> anchor: our big problem is right here on the ramp from route 24 northbound to route 140 north in taunton a woman have an overturned tractor trailer, plenty of equipment on the scene here trying to right that and
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remove it for us. little get bit of booed news not affecting traffic all that much on route 114040 and no one hurt in this accident too seriously as well which is better news coming up now heading out to route 1 northbound out through the saugus area, apparently tight going too up through the lynn fellows parkway heading over toward the lynnfield tunnel tunnel. that was all set up by an earlier crash or two actually we had in that area. getting a red sox right now at maps along route 128 paying your way out toward route 2 in lexington tight going there. 93 on the brake at 128 and again up by route 495. our pike westbound ride about a 58 minute commute now from downtown boston out into natick. i'm joe staple ton, 7 news . >> anchor: turning now to today today's comcast, 'tis the season it's to gain weight and most americans will pack on at least another pound between halloween and the new year. june one. that's not too bad . >> anchor: one man's in a maz mazing journey might inspiration after beating out tens of people . >> anchor: you'der shock.
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of applause at the gym. today i won the 90 day challenge lifetime fitness . >> anchor: it came with a big check, $10,000. eric was shocked when his trainer mitch brown told him all of his heart work and sweat had paid off. he beat out 31,000 others in the 90 day calling. eric's lost 100 pounds since may may. he immediately called his wife. oh my gosh! i'm so proud of you! >> anchor: the moment bringing him to tears. just hearing her tell me she is proud of me and knowing how much it's going to help our family, i couldn't fight it back. >> anchor: in the middle of his journey his wife was diagnosed with cancer. he kept purring through his work workouts . i have a wide open basement basement. i would do 300 wall touches, run whack and for the and according to my fit bit it was about three miles every night . his trainings, hard work and devotion for his family led to this big moment and he has no plans to stop. mitch is going to run a
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half marathon with me. and maybe mallory if we can talk her into it. >> anchor: as for the money he plans to pay off his wife's medical bills and take her to dinner . >> anchor: so no one followed him life was going to be this way. no cut a former "friends" star had plenty to talk about at his high schoolly reunion. he is from right here in
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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matt leblanc celebrating his high school reunion . >> anchor: the newton native making his appearance at his 30 year high school reunion of he caught up with his newton north classmates. he mosted these photographs saying had a blast, great to see so many old friends. no pun inend tended. this isic p you're it of him and two classmates on graduation day in 1985. leblanc is the one on the right. he said a lot of people come up to him and say how you doin . >> anchor: too funny. much more to come in the next 90 minutes. >> anchor: i'm eryan schulteis, 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> reporter: breaking news first at 5:00, a hard hit putting a strain on the patriots season. the results of rob gronkowski's mri are in. so how long he is expected to spend on the sidelines? >> anchor: also breaking, a shooting sent several boston schools into safe mode of a teen-ager shot nearby . >> anchor: then what the f.b.i. is offering for information lead leading to the recovery of
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weapons stolen from a worcester armory . >> anchor: this is an officer's worst nightmare . >> anchor: police diffuse a dangerous situation. dozens of weapons seized from a home in lester who is now facing charges . highs only in the upper 30 30's for some today our temperature do warm up but with rain . >> anchor: two brothers come to the rescue of a bald eagle and canada and their epic selfie is soaring a cross the internet. >> reporter: another bad blow . best tight end in football . >> reporter: can gronk's season be saved? hopefully it's not too serious. all of our funk are crossed . >> reporter: tonight, when the tight end could be back in the game. >> anchor: we do have breaking news coming from the patriots. an mri revealing rob grokowski has a minor knee strain . >> anchor: that is good news for the team bus it's not expect expected to sideline him for longer than one game. let's get to joe amorsino with the breaking details .
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breang details right now.
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