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tv   Today  NBC  December 2, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EST

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this morning on "today's take," oscar winner sandra bullock is a proud new mom again. this time it's a girl. then, we're counting down to christmas with some of the classics and new holiday movies. and from "lord of the rings" to a real man of mystery, sir ian mckellen joins us. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer:rom nbc news, this the "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a special wednesday morning, december the 2nd, 2015. it's special because the tree is
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the tree, a little sneak peek of the tree. it will be lit tonight. >> so will i. >> yes. >> no, you won't. >> i use it every time. i love that line. >> never gets old. >> willie along with al and ax. my jam this morning. >> love it. >> "hypnotize" by b.i.g. it's the clean version, don't worry, mom. >> i love it when they take the songs and kidmatize them. so cute. >> why did you pick this song today is. >> we've called my son george ever since he was little, he was a baby that he was so big that we called him biggie and sometimes we remind ourselves we're calling our little boy notorious b.i.g. life. >> yes, my son is biggie small.
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somebody -- i can not stop looking at al roker for many reasons, his handsome face and goatee and all those things that i could list. this suit -- >> blue corduroy. >> it's ridiculous. >> j. crew. >> blue corduroy. >> when i saw al this morning, and he walked by, and i'm like can i touch it. it was creepy, i know. >> yes, somehow acceptable. >> it is so impeccable. >> yeah. >> but what's your tip for guys? you dress wonderfullly as al, but you take the next level. what tips do you have for the fellows out there is. >> wear something that you feel comfortable in, that you like? >> pajamas. >> pajama jeans. i love them. >> you can take this too far, like joe scarborough. >> with the zipup? he's casual. >> our colleague over on -- >> "morning joe." >> basically wears pajamas. we're a casual show. wake up in the morning.
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>> wunsies. >> tonight the tree lighting. >> the 13rd annual rockefeller center christmas tree lighting just hours away. it's on nbc at 8:00 tonight. how about this for a lineup? sting. >> yes. >> james taylor. >> boom. >> mary j, mary j blige, andrea bocelli will perform. >> pentatonix, bieber. >> you got everybody. >> braxton sisters. >> can't wait to cuddle up and watch in front of my tv what, time? >> starting at 8:00. >> no matter how long you've done it it never gets old. >> by the way, for a lot of stations across the country it actually starts at 7:00, but here in new york and other stations across our great nbc network we have a two-hour extravaganza. this? >> it's been going on for years obviously, 83 years, but i started doing it in 1983 on wnbc when it was literally the last three minute of live at 5:00. >> and now it's just kind of
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>> so much fun. >> i love it every year. by the way, the tree, right outside, the rockefeller christmas tree has its own unofficial twitter account. >> why can't it be official? >> it's not sanctioned by someone. >> the tree kind of went rogue. >> went rogue. >> yesterday the tree tweeted rough day of rehearsals for my tv show. i told them i'm supposed to have more screen time than matt lauer. he gets all morning the it's me time. >> that's why it's unofficial. because it's an agnle ngry tree. >> just attitude. >> a sassy tree, @30rocktree. >> becomes an official account and kinder, gentler, dignified tree. >> no, actually, it gets a little more raunchy. like a biggie tree. >> another biggie. >> there's another tree we've got to tell you about, new guinness record, very, very exciting. most lights on an artificial christmas tree. it's in australia in the capital
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twinkling lights. >> wow. >> it shatters the previous record from osaka japan that had only 374,280 lights so hats off to you, australia. >> the interesting thing, tamron has a tree very much like that. >> oh, al, don't tell this storey. >> what happened? >> she ordered -- was it hot pink? >> my tree this year is magenta, but here's the deal. i ordered it had. so i ordered the tree last year and it came after christmas so i had to run out and get a real tree and i'm one of the rare people i don't like real trees, because of the needles, i like fake trees because they come in colors. my hot pink tree has been in storage until last night. i pulled the hot pink tree out, skinny. >> oh. >> you're tree judging me. >> a hot pink so i had to go and order a second hot pink tree. >> two in my house. >> kind like a scrawny one.
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>> it's so skinny. >> do you do the real tree? >> yes. >> i do a real tree. >> original room, can we -- there. >> survey with our fake original tree, #realtreeyes. >> real tree is going to win. not a competition of that. tree. you can't even really find them like when i grew up, had white flop ones, they don't really sell those in new york. >> can you put you will a little poll. >> hot pink or no hot pink. >> you got it. >> real tree yes or no. >> get a can of paint at hardware store. >> why haven't we done a diy on how to spray your own tree. >> wow? >> i can think of any number of reasons. >> paint. >> yeah. >> what could possibly could wrong there? >> i'm rolling my tree. >> oh, boy. >> i've had a black tree, purple, like white, and every year i do nate it. >> you get a lot of takers on that.
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christmas tree? >> do you know how many websites out? >> mm-hmm. >> i bought them all. that hard. suit? anyway, speaking of christmas decorations that are >> ah. >> i'm going to show my picture in a second. the holidays are in full swing and one florida homeowner says his town is being dare i say a grinch because i don't know any of those people. check out his over the top annual light display. >> that's someone's yard. >> this is the city of plantation. they filed a lawsuit asking a judge to put an end to t.neighbors are complaining saying it draws a crowd, draws traffic, but i think, you know, it's only -- as long as, you know, if there was an emergency the fire department and police can get in, isn't that a gift to the neighborhood? >> every neighborhood has one of these, you know. >> i don't know about one of those. >> that.
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>> would you be all crumudge about it. >> i wouldn't call the cops. i wouldn't be excited if there's house. >> easy to say we don't live next door. >> right now the neighbors are it. >> christmas picture cards and get those with people from this may be best one ever, because we've run out of american cards. let's go back to australia. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is american politician andre who send the cards to the constituents. >> look at the rogue guy? he did not have a good day. >> oh, buddy. >> they tried for 20 minutes and they finally said, you know what, you just sit over here, and there you have it. >> i love those kind of christmas cards. >> an honest moment, that's what we are. >> you cannot wrangle that many people to all -- there's always going to be a blinker, someone who doesn't like their smile. there's always something. >> so we want to see your funny
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use your #today'stake. >> i've got a good one. a woman her little baby, 5 months old and wrapped the sibling in lights and was holding it. >> oh, boy. >> not plugged in. >> but really cute. >> could have been lows. >> one our viewers sent it to us. >> a baby elephant getting stuck in the mud at krueger national park in south africa. too small to climb out so a little help here. >> come on, come on. >> hurry, mom, hurry up. >> there you go. >> come on. >> yeah. >> it takes a number. >> it takes a little village. >> village of trunks. >> we call that tush push, a little push, tush push. >> needs a little something. >> tush push. >> can you give him a tush push to do the weather. >> willie, give him a -- >> no, that's quite all right.
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>> willie wants his hands all over that sweet blue corduroy. where dylan dreyer go? she's walking out. don't want to be part of the tush push. >> awkward. >> east coast, looking at wet weather. man, it's going to be -- we're going to see wet weather for the tree lighting and all in all not too bad. we're also looking at a real mess getting ready to start in the pacific northwest. beginning of a parade of storms going to be coming in and the rest country looking pretty darn good. speaking of the tree lighting starting tonight, 6:00. well, a lot of people will be gathered. rain likely and 56. scattered showers and misting by nine and by the time t >> good morning. through the day on and off, steady rainfall on the way through pennsylvania right now. works up to southern new england through the afternoon, but at no time is the rain heavy or overwhelming. cool and raw, 30s and 40s in
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50s on the cape and the islands, and through the day, temperatures in the 40s in the cape. rain tapers off tonight. and a lot of clouds and chilly day. >> "today" show original room #realtree, 59% and #fake tree, 46%. >> can we show your tree real quick. >> oh, man. >> get a shot that have guy. >> wow. >> like a rocket ready to launch. >> and you say you were misled on the website. >> showed it all full and plump. >> it lost some weight. >> on a christmas diet. >> up next, it's that wonderful time of the year for jon stewart and rudolph and, hey, let's start with will ferrell's elf. favorite holiday movies. >> "diehard".
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sorry. tonight we usher in the unofficial christmas season with the lighting of the 78-foot norway spruce that overlooks rockefeller center. >> also the time of year when you and your family will gather around the tv to watch classic holiday movies and a few new ones in theater. >> jessica shaw is here as the xm "entertainment weekly" host. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> start with some of our fave christmas movies, chevy chase, vacation." >> love this movie, modern christmas classic and he's clark griswold and wants to give his family an old-fashioned christmas for the griswolds which means up an exploding septic tank and electrocuted kate and bad relatives.
10:16 am
>> on abc family. >> how did the reindeer. when do we get to see reindeer? >> 51 years old, still great today as it was 51 years old. using it just once a year and see it once a year. on last night and on again love rudolph. has a hard time with his nose and his friends and elf who just wants to be a dentist. burt ives narrates it, a classic. >> watch it every day. mariah carey, we love her and she calls herself queen of christmas and that's the holiday album. >> has a movie on the hallmark channel, "christmas melody can the "and it stars lacy shabare who returns home to ohio and run is into her archnemesis played by mariah carey. >> oh. >> do not get too excited because she's not going to sing in this special. she's going to help another girl sing, but you've got to buy her album.
10:17 am
>> exactly. >> coming up on nbc at end of the month, "it's a wonderful life." >> one of the great movies all time. frank cap are a's classic. george thinking of ending his life and his guardian angel clarence shows him what life would be like had he not existed. >> uncle billy will remember the money. >> i know, i know. interestingly this movie did not do that well at box office back when it came out, but it was always frank capra's favorite. >> let's get serious now. >> yes. >> "star wars." >> in a galaxy far, far away is what don't we know with this movie? >> don't know where luke skywalker is. absent from the trail, but, yes, this is the late installment, the seventh in the franchise set 30 years after "return of the jedi."
10:18 am
princess leia and r2-d2 and a new host of characters and droids will appear and this opens a week before christmas day so maybe by christmas there will be one ticket left. >> you can mott get a ticket at this point. >> alvin! the new alvin movie. >> i didn't see that coming. >> the new alvin movie, the chipmunks are back chasing after and going on a road trip to find their friend who they think is going to ditch them. >> i'm embarrassed. >> i love them. >> in the trailers. in this. >> they sing "baby got back" and "uptown funk" in the squeaky chipmunk voice. who is to say that brings folks holiday cheer >> the chipmunks and a minions, that is a party. i would explode. >> thank you so much. coming up next, it's a girl
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10:23 am
who spearheaded the addition to the family saying the house is filled with pink and glitter mixed with legos and batman and bullock hopes to bring attention to the hundreds of thousands of children still in foster care this country. so happy for her, and one our favorite people brooke shields is on the mend this week. brooky, revealed she underwent double wrist surgery to treat her carpal tunnel syndrome which she's suffered from since before the birth of her first daughter rowan in 2013. brooke, if you are watching, please, recover fast. we need you to come back and visit us and willie will baby-sit if you need him to. earlier this morning yahoo! 2015 and the results may surprise you. making the list of the most searched female celebrities. jennifer aniston number four and
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taking a look at the headlines, a new study is suggesting that women who get a false-positive on a mammogram may have a higher risk of developing breast cancer later on. about 10% to 15% of mammograms result in a false-positive. the study found women who got false-positives had a 39% greater risk of developing breast cancer within the next ten years compared to those who got a true negative result. experts say those who get a false positive is more aggressively screened. food recall of chicken salad states.
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back to celery used in the chicken salad the on tuesday the fda add more than 15,000 items to the recall including some prepared foods sold at wall mort, target and seven and the recall includes more than 45,000 holiday turkey sandwiches sold at starbucks. at least 19 people is been secondien by the e. coli outbreak and more than 1.5 million numbers are being -- million drills are being recalled. there's been 25 reports of the switch overheating and six reports of users actually getting burned. this past cyber monday was a record-breaker with shoppers spending more than $3 billion and now warning as those items get delivered. thieves may also be waiting for your packages. the survey for finds 23 million americans have had packages stolen right from their
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experts say the best way to prevent to know when the package is coming and have a neighbor bring it in or have it delivered where you work. and united arab emirates is taking extravagance to a new level with a $27 billion art project, the louvre abu dhabi and the gunk heim abu dhabi are set to open in 2017. i feel a trip coming on. these not branches of the famed louvre, of course, in paris. the names were rented for millions of dollars. the united arab emirates has acquired hundreds of millions of dollars worth of art to fill its exhibit. that's incredibly intriguing. let's get a check of the weather from al roker. well-traveled man. >> thank you very much, and let's travel across the country. take a look at your december outlook, and it's looking fairly warm. will be at the temperature outlook. above average temperatures from minnesota all the way to new england and above average, really the eastern third of the country, below average through the southwest and above average along the west coast, and then
10:30 am
going to stay pretty wet here in the northeast, the mid-atlantic states, gulf coast into the southeast and on into the southwest. however, average to below average for our friends in california, below average in the plains and more wet weather in the pacific northwest. that's >> good morning. through the day on and off, steady rainfall on the way the afternoon, through pennsylvania right now. works up to southern new england through the afternoon, but at no time is the rain heavy or overwhelming. cool and raw, 30s and 40s in metro city boston, and upperr the islands, and through the day, temperatures in the 40s in the cape. rain this evening tapers off tonight. and a lot of clouds and chilly windy day. weather. >> well, ian mckellen has
10:31 am
and television shows. he's been honored with more than 60 awards during his legendary career. >> he is loved by fans worldwide. of course from the "x men" films and gan golf in "lord of the rings". >> and he's taking on mr. holm playing the famed british detective trying to report case that pushed him into retirement. >> last night i searched for something to jog my memory as the actual case and there it was. a picture. a few years ago i could have told you everything about that woman and suddenly i recalled what had become of her, whether she was victim or culprit, but that night i couldn't remember any of it. >> oh, ian, good morning, thank you so much for joining us. >> lucky to be here.
10:32 am
as i understand it one phone call and you were in and we can see from there. >> the director bill condon and i had worked together and "gods and monsters," as you'll remember and we said we wanted to work together again, and i -- every time i went over to middle earth to new zealand to do those movies i would drop in and stay with bill in los angeles and say have you found the movie out and one day he called me up and said i got it and i said when do we start if i agreed to do it and then when i read the script i was thrilled. >> al's been raving about this movie since summer when he saw it. >> good man. >> and out now and how do you approach a story when people feel like they know the character? >> dawn 190 actors have played sherlock holmes on film, tv. this one is different because we assume it wasn't a fictional
10:33 am
actually existed and we see him. 93 years old and hasn't detected here for 30 years and he decides to try to remember why he stopped and it's a case that he solves, the last one which is actually the case that turns out to be himself so you find out a lot more about him and as a real man. >> really fascinating to watch and the young man you work with is so wonderful. >> what a last. laurie linney, you know. i would do a movie if laura linney were in it, wouldn't you? >> absolutely. wonderful cast, and it's done so well. came out in the summer and did very well for an independent movie and that's certainly all over the world and it -- i thought initially it would be a movie that would appeal to people who like sherlock holmes and now it turns out to be a movie that old people like like me and the children of old people like because they see their parent going through stuff as they come together and there's a little boy on that end of the market.
10:34 am
love your friendship with patrick stewart and i search out photos of you together. >> are you good friends with patrick? >> i'll put in a word. >> you'll give up your friend. >> that was an easy trick. >> i'll give you willie if i get patrick stewart. >> lovely. >> never expected this so early in the morning on national tv. >> wow. >> you know, i married him. >> i saw that. >> i'm not married to him. >> i know, i know, i know. >> and i'm -- you two save that for each other. >> amen and hallelujah. and an extra take on the live beast." >> i've done, that i'm cogsworth, the clock and bill condon who directed "mr. holmes with the "also directs that so i saw the very first screening ever down in his apartment in treat. >> i can't wait. >> absolute magic. >> as are most things you're
10:35 am
will be registered at crate & barrel. jackets though? >> not necessarily. >> you are the most dapper. t.drape it over. >> ian, thank you so much. "mr. holmes" available now on dvd. >> coming next, we'll get to know the real rob schneider, the former "snl" star writes, produces and stars in a new sitcom. we'll catch up with the schneider family. >> love all around. all: milk! milk! milk! milk! milk! okay! fun's over. aw. aw. thirsty? they said it would make me cool. they don't sound cool to me. guess not. you got to stick up for yourself, like with the name your price tool. people tell us their budget, not the other way around. aren't you lactose intolerant?
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rob schneider created and played a long list of memorable characters during his lock run at "snl" like the richmeister who was making the coffee. >> he went on to a big film career teaming up with adam sandler in 18 movies, including "grown-ups." >> now rob returns in the small screen along with his wife in a new netflix sitcom called "real rob." good morning. good to see both of you. >> good morning. >> we already know you have a wicked sense of humor and this is your first time on tv in the states. >> yes. >> are you nervous? >> yeah. >> good. >> if i get confuse the, just translate from english to more english. >> yes. >> that was patricia's nerves. >> just want to make sure everything is okay. >> okay.
10:40 am
and the image from the movies. is this television show, i mean, really, really you, or is it a pretend you? >> it's kind of a -- it's me with the boring parts cut out and more exaggerated. >> actually married in real life and we worked on this show and we wrote it the and we wanted to do something that we could have creative freedom and fun with so we said we'll do it ourselves. >> no hesitation working together as a married couple. >> well, maybe, a little bit. >> as far as writing, couldn't really write together and we had a buddy of ours who was referee and we would write together with him and that worked. >> that worked, otherwise we can't write together. >> why? >> because i -- come on. >> yeah. >> i think we can't. >> honesty. >> what we did good with -- you know, she has a particular way of looking at things and so do i and it's tough because she's
10:41 am
and she would told me sometimes, look, not my language. >> there are parts of your live as your mine your own lives for the tv show, parts that are off limits where you say, no, that's not going in the show? >> we kind of really went for it. >> we went for it. >> netflix was nice enough to let us do whatever we wanted. it was great, and, you know, the length, it could be a little bit longer, some episodes over 30 minute, some of of it and then arranged and to have that freedom was great. but, yeah, there was stuff, our baby miranda is in the show. >> yes. >> but she had the best hours. 11:00 to 1:00. >> she made her own hours. >> a baby. >> the show is called "real rob." >> you're going to read some facts and we'll find out if they are the real rob schneider or within of our favorite movie characters. >> here we go. >> real rob or fake rob. >> yes. >> i once worked at an aquarium and was fired for cleaning the tank in the buff.
10:42 am
>> that would be real. >> no, fake rob. why the dues big low." >> the not fair you get to play. >> it's like adam sandler. >> rachel mcadams was on earlier, taped, earlier on the show today and i once dressed up as a teenage girl to appear on a late night comedy show. >> absolutely. >> of course you did. >> real rob. >> yes. >> real rob. >> lindsay lohan didn't show up and that was me. >> you are gorgeous. >> one more. >> the last time i was on. >> that's all we have. >> just getting into it. >> a tie. >> we've got 15 other questions. >> i don't want to wait. >> that's on the after show when he's dressed like lindsy. >> wait. thanks, the show is on netflix streaming live 24 hours a day.
10:43 am
say. >> but rob said it better. >> all right. >> up next. we are decking the halls with katie who has cool decor and gifts for everyone on your list after this. that's adorable. i love you. love you too. one minute. hi. hi dad. we need to do this, yes. you be good.x alright. letting go... don't say a word. it's a little easier when you've saved for college,
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>> we've got katie who holds the podcast and her guests this week, willie and matt. >> yeah. >> killer. >> good to see you. >> good to see you and good to see the two little minis. >> what a freight way to star. these are our awesome two kids. you get a fill box full of props, costumes and accessories and entire backdrop. choose between a doctor, astronaut and princess and all about, give meet roar. >> roar! >> it's all about the imagination and guess what, there's a free app you can download and make mini movies. >> that's fantastic. >> our kids have this and absolutely love it. put movie titles and music on it and right on the app and share it on social. it's awesome. >> turning art into artwork. >> talk about keeping the imagination going. >> have any drawing from a kid and turn it right into a stuffed animal. >> cool. >> the awesome part about that is you can also do pets and drawings or also do selfies.
10:48 am
>> they even nailed my hair bow. >> that's pretty awesome. >> and right down to the exact detail. >> wow. >> there's you, al. >> i like that. >> and willie geist. >> you've got a green hat -- a rain hat. >> very cool. >> great stocking stuffers and i have to start with the imerry chargers and how about now ten festive lights, $15. kind of love it. my favorite gadget of the season, so much in fact i brought one for every single person on the crew so we'll pass that box around. everybody gets the charger and if you want, this is a power charger, $15, three hours of battery life, candy cane charger, both of these from st. geek. >> very cool. >> olloclip, cool gadget clips
10:49 am
right over and you level up the instagram shots to get a lot more professional, pretty neat. >> and this thing from j. crew and jimmy fallon. >> actually created this for j.crew, called a pocket dial. you stick it inside here. >> for your phone. >> and it works as a pocket square. >> "star wars" christmas. >> have to end with a little "star wars." "star wars" blue tooth speaker, from barnes & noble. this one is from st. geek, an r-2-d 2 complete with all the sound effect and last but not least on the "star wars" side, have an indoor-outdoor light-up o2 ornament which is you a samb some. weather proof and requires no extra tools. >> katie, thank you. let's go to the original room for the late on the tree controversially. >> what do you prefer real tree or as america the fake tree. yes, fake tree, 52% and this quick tweet.
10:50 am
say pink tree or pet tree and we love our fake trees. back in a moment.
10:51 am
welcome back. one of our longtime contributors to the "today" toy drive is party light which has donated, get this, more than $4 million in gifts over the years and harry slatd kin is ceo. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> love the horns. >> all about having a surprise at the holidays. >> $1 million more. >> 2 million makes us top $25 million and that's for the kids. makes a big difference. that's where our heart is. >> tell us about this. >> lights a way for the children to give their parents a way to feel good, part about empowering women in the home and this is about empowering children to feel proud at holidays. >> so they can focus on giving and not just receiving. >> exactly. that's what it's about. >> you're very special and so is
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