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tv   Today  NBC  December 4, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EST

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this morning on "today's" take one on one with joe jonas. find out how the pop star the giving back for thoilsd. a revealing new memoir by the queen of all media, oprah. the big super bowl announcement that has a lot of people talk underground today. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc today this is today's take. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to today on a friday morning in new york city. a nice big crowd getting ready for the weekend.
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inside studio 1a i'm willie along with willie, al and tamron. our focus is on san bernardino. we're getting new information, new details and new accounts. let's begin with the brother-in-law of syed rizwan farook. he has now spoken out. lester holt sat down with farhan khan and he says he has no idea what led to the massacre. he doesn't understand how the couple could leave behind a 6-month-old daughter. >> you left your 6-month-old daughter, you know, in this life. some people cannot have kids. daughter. and you left that kid behind. what did you achieve? i don't know what message they would learn. >> are you angry at your brother-in-law for doing this? >> yeah. absolutely. very angry. very upset and angry. >> and for leaving his daughter?
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it hurts me every few hours that makes me angry that what de. >> we talked about that yesterday, anyone who could leave behind a 6-month-old daughter knowing that was the end that they were probably going to die that day or go jail for the rest of their lives that's something terrible in mind had they leave that child behind. one of the first responders to arrive on the scene was san bernardino police lieutenant mike madden on his way to lunch when he was alerted by dispatch of the situation at inland regional center. unspeakable. >> we entered, there was fresh gun powder and the smell of gun powder in the air. there were people who were obviously injured and obviously in great amounts of pain and that was evident in the moments and wails we were hearing in the room. it was unspeakable. the carnage that we were seeing. the number of people who were injured and, unfortunately, already dead.
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first encounter sprinkler system had gone off. the room was filling with water. alarms going off. smell of gun powder. he had to make the agonizing decision to walk past the wounded who we knew needed help because he had to find the shooter and stop the carnage. >> just so horrific and he was very emotional during that news conference as well. >> obviously, when we talk about these tragedies all too often you start to hear about the shooter and you start hearing about what could have possibly bean motive. but so much of the time we want to focus on the victims and that's really where the focus should be and we are now learning more about the 14 victims of this tragic shooting. friends and colleagues gathering at what was a holiday party a reason to celebrate and their ages range from 26 years old to 60 years old. one had just had a child, just 20 months old. one was a father of six. wedding.
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married to her high school sweetheart. so many stories of lives lost. >> late thursday candlelight of hope for the community of san bernardino. arlan is the husband of benita one of 14 people killed in wednesday's shooting rampage. she was a christian born in muslim iran fled to america at extremism. >> she came to have a better life and everything else. unfortunately it was taken away from her. >> her death wednesday a bitter irony. >> from day one i met her until the last day -- >> she leaves behind children ages 10, 12 and 15. daniel kaufman ran the coffee shop in building three at inland regional. this was the moment his partner of three years ryan reyez found out. so many families doing their best to cope. beth was an intelligent, motivated and beautiful young
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loved by all who knew her. the family of robert adams our beloved robert will not be coming the home us. and he was loving son, brother, husband and daddy to savannah. so many names, michael, age 37. a health inspector and father of six. damien, 58 a recent employee at san bernardino county who coached p.e. and played santa in his spare time. shannon johnson, aurora, tin nguyen. >> i feel he was martyred and i just know he's in a better place strong. >> 21 others were wounded. >> i didn't get that phone call that those other families got.
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>> lisa stevens 22-year-old daughter jennifer was shot in the stomach but her recovery will be more than just physical. >> she just keeps saying i never seen a gun before, i didn't hear a gun. >> carlos ortiz's son was shot five times. >> initial phone call you get your son calls you and tells you he loves you and not knowing he will make it. >> 14 dead, 21 wounded and countless victims trying to make sense of what's next. >> san bernardino, we may be down but we're not out. god bless san bernardino. >> so painful because we are hearing these stories all too often these days. and stories of, you know, young people, older people, lives cut at such a, you know, such a tragic way. >> of course, it's horrible at any time of year but at a holiday party.
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we're supposed to be celebrating joy and we're not. so i want to make a little transition here and i think this will hopefully give you a little more spirit. there was a santa visiting kids at a mall in charlotte, north carolina. he comes across one little boy, braden who has autism. great program, they shut down the mall and allow kids with autism and special needs who might be overwhelmed otherwise to come in. so his parents couldn't get him to sit on santa's lap. so santa as santa does takes matters in his own hands. it was taken during the caring by santa program put on by autism speaks. that pictureays it all. >> that's a great santa too. >> that's why we love santa. >> well done. >> if that didn't consistent off the happy waterworks. it's about to come down over here. a shout out to the good people of tulsa, oklahoma.
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everybody is putting up trees. what would make an entire community turn the christmas tree being into a halloween throw back? well one special little girl, a 3-year-old girl in tulsa, her neighborhood really showed up for her. her name is molly turbin and not able to celebrate halloween she was in the hospital suffering from pneumonia. spent 28 days. once home and healthy her only worry was, which is very important, what happened to halloween did i miss it? her mom posted on facebook she wanted to recreate the holiday for her daughter. 60 families came out to help molly trick-or-treat in the neighborhood. like any good little girl she dressed as rapunzel. kitty. >> so they put a pause on yoim for a second and celebrated
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>> that's a good neighbor. >> is that so sweet. >> answered the call. >> there's a lot more light than darkness in the world. >> well said. >> how is the weather? >> let's show you what's going on. in got to tell you, you want something about holiday spirit check out these guys. they will be performing for us in a little bit. very nice. that's the look. willie you and i need to rock this. i'm telling you. that's all right. i want that. meantime oh, man, florida you are getting pounded. i mean so much rain. last 48 hours, we're talking so much rain. inches. since midnight 3.48, over the last 48 hours so far miami has gotten two months worth of rain both december and january, and it ain't over yet. weak stationary front just slowly moving to the south, saw a front bringing rain and storms and five to eight more inches of rain possible through the weekend.
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you look at the rainfall totals between now and sunday, we're talking flash flood watches in effect for saturday, locally three inches and heavier thunder showers but as we said could be up to eight inches locally for >> for the day. mostly sunny skies. not as windy as yesterday. but the morning breeze will fade away in the day. seasonal temps. 48, and lots of sunshine and near 50 tomorrow. temperatures on sunday headed for the upper 50s. sea breeze tomorrow. and sunshine and gentle westerly breeze will keep boston 55. the 7-on-7 forecast, next week, mostly sunny on monday and temps near 50. >> that's your latest weather. >> coming up next, joe johnas gets into this holiday spirit for some deserving kids and
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>> it's the season of kindness and that's no exception for joe johnas the singer has been giving back to some deserving families and i caught up with him. he answered that burning question what does kate by the ocean really mean? joe jonas burst on the seen as a member of the jonas brothers. now he's dancing his way up the
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their hit single "kate by the ocean." but despite his busy schedule this season still has given joe a chance to give back. >> we partnered up with j.c. penney and hosted an amazing event with the boys and girls club where we invited kids from 11 cities to have a shopping spree. what shocked me they were getting gifts for each other. okay, you get $100 will you sneak in a gift for yourself. to the dime they had their mom's purse, brother's jacket. it was really beautiful thing to see them wanting to give back. >> it's hard when you're a kid. >> absolutely. i remember when i was a kid and you want to spoil yourself but you see such kindness and joy and happiness and excited to give back themselves i think that was the most beautiful experience of it all. >> it certainly is a wonderful time of the year for joe who is
10:16 am
>> tell me about denc. >> it's a band i started about a year ago. we have been playing. we had a new cd come out a couple of weeks ago. >> what's the deal with "kate by the u ocean." >> they kept ordering a drink "kate by the ocean." we were having fun in the studio. >> we couldn't let him go without addressing the blue elephant in the room. >> tell me a little bit about the hair. i noticed you match my dress. >> you know how some people go gray after years. i go blue. >> this is not hide your gray. did you do it yourself. >> a little george clooney. >> the minute i saw you wow you a time? >> no but i'll take it.
10:17 am
>> i've done a little acting. >> we had to ask him about the question -- how do you balance your personal life and music and you're super busy. career first and it's hard to be in a relationship. >> it takes time and luckily i have music where i can just put it all backo what i'm writing or performing. music always inspires me. >> does your music reflect where you are right now? >> yeah, i definitely think so. music has been a good diary for me. when you don't want to talk about certain things and you can put to it music and put it out there. easier way to handle it. we should mention that joe is on facebook for j.c. penney. you can catch joe and denc on tour playing the jingle ball and up next the band you'll be seeing at the super bowl
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by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. >> cheers to this tgif and
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let's celebrate together, weekend top six. super bowl will have a sky full of stars. coldplay will be playing at the super bowl 50 halftime show when it airs next february their new album "head full of dreams" was released and halftime show is expected to include new songs as well as some of their old hits. they sent out a promotional video. they are honored and thrilled to being play the halftime show and announced there would be special guests but wouldn't reveal who it is. let's see, beyonce? yes. jay-z one of their best friends. i think i got your answer. we'll see if we're right. moving on. playboy is set to publish it's final nude edition early next year and guess who is gracing the cover. pamela anderson received a call from hef's attorney who said we don't want anybody else. there's nobody else who can do
10:23 am
the mom at 48 said she was opposed but her boys encouraged theory do the shoot. now that they are older they are no longer embarrassed. it's anderson's 15th time of giving her the record of appearing in playboy than any other woman in playboy history. here's a book to be included in oprah's book club. winfrey announced she will be publishing a new memoir called "the life you want." the book will weave her own experiences together as well as other advice and inspiration. while the former talk show host has published several boobs in the past this is anticipated to be her definitive memoir. she's put this off for some time so you better believe we'll be first in line. the book is set to be released in january 2017. and millions of americans, he was on that road.
10:24 am
wiz" and it was huge. viewers were going crazy for the costumes and set and bogeying. the cast is getting rave reviews. 19-year-old newcomer williams was on the "today" show. stole the show as dorothy. patina miller tweeted a star is born. al roker come and vogue with me. >> rather than vogue i let this do the talking. chicken wings and sweet potato pie coming up. mmm... nothing like johnsonville breakfast sausage. delicious and packaged with nothing to hide. no secrets. just like our family. well there is one.
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bush's baked beans.
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>> taking a look at the headlines. cafe in paris re-opened for business today three weeks after gunmen killed five people there and injured three others. the cafe was one of several venues in the french capital tar get by gunmen in a series of extremist attacks that claimed the lives of 130 people. the manager says the cafe has been repainted and redecorated to erase the signs of this nightmare. new research out of scandinavia suggests people who take risks might have more highly developed brains than those who are on the cautious side. young men used the driving simulator to complete a course
10:28 am
who went faster were found to have more white matter in their brains. that's the brain network for analyzing and transmitting information. drivers who took more chances at intersection showed more brain activity. the report cards are in and consumer report ranks t-mobile number one among national wireless carriers based on annual survey of reeders. first time severe stone hasn't held the top spot. it's based on value, quality, texting, data speed and customer service. america's first family flipped the switch thursday night to light the national christmas tree. >> three, two, one! >> ceremony held in president's park right across the street from the white house. and miss piggy joined michele obama to read "'twas the night before christmas." the national tradition was started by president coolidge back in 1923. they are calling at any time
10:29 am
an unbelievable finish in last night's packers-lions game. packers down by two with a few seconds to go in the game. the game should of ended on that play when aaron rodgers got tackled. but they were penalized. rodgers made the most it throwing this amazing hail mary pass 61 yards into the end zone, right there tight end richard rodgers makes that clean catch for the touchdown. good for them. let's get a check on the weather from al in the kitchen. >> let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. saturday we got some rain and rip currents down there in florida, pacific northwest rain, wind and snow. spectacular. temperatures above average. sunday, sunday we are looking at more wet weather down in florida just keeps coming.
10:30 am
looking spectacular plains will see snow. rain extends down into central california with windy conditions and snow showers, heavier snow i should say in the cascades and >> jeremy: f mostly sunny skies. not as windy as yesterday. but the morning breeze will fade away in the day. seasonal temps. 44-48, and lots of sunshine and near 50 tomorrow. temperatures on sunday headed for the middle and upper 50s. sea breeze tomorrow. westerly breeze will keep boston 55. the 7-on-7 forecast, next week, near 50. >> and that is your latest weather today on today's food we're wrapping up no rain recipes. a couple that will come in handy perfect for football weekend any time you want. your holiday party.
10:31 am
chicken wings. >> they are my favorite. >> i'm not a big fan of fried. i bake them and add just a little kick. >> what do you marinate with. >> can i get to it? >> i'll take a bite of this. >> you put that food in your mouth and give me a chance to talk. it's pretty simple stuff. basically chicken wings or substitute bone in chick end thighs. your favorite barbecue sauce, oil, salt and pepper. everything is together. add a little salt in here. put in some pepper. and then you're going to put in olive oil. and basically going to just massage that all together. pan. just line those up pretty great. put them in the oven. again, i know people are going to say make sure you wash your hand.
10:32 am
25 minutes. then you'll turn it up to about 400 to crisp it up a little bit. and bring them out and you'll see that you got a nice crisp golden brown. now to add a little extra flavor you got a little dripping in the pan, don't worry about that. you'll basically take these out, your bowl. you'll do all of that. then you'll take some of your barbecue sauce whatever you like. this is not a commercial barbecue sauce. this is my favorite barbecue place in the country. franklin's barbecue. it's awesome. this is a barbecue sauce that has some espresso in it. >> really? what does that do >> it gives it a little kick. put it back in the pan back in there for 15 minutes. wow.
10:33 am
i like to make these sweet potato fries. you don't peel them. cut them into slices and then you -- >> these are the best sweet potato fries. >> you throw some salt in there. little cayenne and cinnamon. then put them on to your pan. put itton oven at 350 for about 20 minutes, 30 minutes. they come out like that and everything is happy. >> brilliant. >> we are happy. >> and they are fairly healthy. all right. moreno brainer ideas head to
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10:38 am
veteran actors. >> you know who composed that piece your practicing? >> no. who? >> me. >> michael cain leads a stunning symphony filled with hollywood royalty in his latest movie. he plays retired conductor fred ballinger. rachel plays his daughter. harvey plays his life long best friend. >> i haven't been so happy in a long time. >> one of the lines that nick says to you when you're laying by the pool he says in a good friendship -- >> in good friendship you only tell each other the good things. >> y do you think he says that >> it's beautiful version of a friendship where you love somebody so much that you wouldn't want to burden them with your pain. and i think that's a really
10:39 am
>> i have seven very close friends and only the best you tell them, and you tell them the negative you have a problem keep it to yourself. >> my friend are my friends because we share -- i go to them with help me and they come to me. we help each other. they help me understand why things are so bleak or whatever. that to me is what a friend is. >> and friendship like youth is all about perspective. >> this is what you see when you're young. everything seems really close. that's the future. and now that's what you see when you're old. everything seems really far away. that's the past. >> what is the best part about getting older? >> changing your awareness,
10:40 am
>> been there, done that, it didn't kill me. i'm okay. you won't worry what you need to know, what tools you have to have in your tool box. most of it is behind you and you're still around. >> also you can't be afraid. you're older and brighter than anybody else. >> jane fonda who at 77 is proof that age is just a number. makes a show cameo with only seven minutes of screen time. >> up look fabulous. very picture of radiance. >> getting mixed up with the latino last millenium. >> i never allowed myself to get cynical and i refused to give up. >> all four of those actors look and seem much younger than their years.
10:41 am
here's what she said and it's a direct quote. good genes and a lot of money. >> "youth" is at theaters today. >> not everybody can have that. i couldn't stop looking at her. she's absolutely beautiful. >> they all look great. thank you. looks like a great film. coming up next what happens when you get five famous musicians together in one band? you get a whole lot of weird pajamas and great merry age neutral. age defiant. age agnostic. olay is a purveyor of ageless. only the best 1% of ingredients make it into our products. for transformed skin without expensive brands or procedures. it's the ultimate beauty victory. nobody has any idea how old you are. with olay, you age less. so you can be ageless.
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the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented by citi. >> all right a friday. we're all ready for big time fun and we got it right here. we have the holiday super group band of merry makers. let's welcome in the lead singer, the song writer and kevin griffin, tyler glenn and michael fitzpatrick and all the merry makers. >> wow. >> welcome. >> we love you guys. you were so great at the tree lighting the other night. put on such a good show. we called you a sue per group. do you guys live in a lair some place? >> we live at the north pole and come out in december.
10:46 am
christmas record i'm in. here we are on the "today" show with the band of merry makers. >> you guys do this for charity >> yes. program called music cares which is the charitable arm of the grammys and support musicians in need with funding people post-katrina that lost their instruments to helping musicians with addiction problems. >> we want you guys to have some time to have some fun. so take it away. snow we want snow snoqualme snow snoentd welcome to our christmas party grab your coats we're going to have some fun
10:47 am
cup of cheer for everyone we've been waiting so long for the holiday we've been waiting so long got to celebrate wishing laughing and clapping this time of year snow we want snow snow we want snow
10:48 am
jingle bells we've been waiting so long for the holiday we've been waiting so long going to celebrate clapping this time of year snow. we want snow up snow we want snoqualme will we wake up it's
10:49 am
snow we want snow from new york to california here we go we want snow from london bridges to tokyo up up we want snow snow here we go we want snow up up up up tonight snow we want snow we want snow snow
10:50 am
when we wake up it's marshmallow wide time for a snowball fight [ applause ] >> that's the ban of merry makers. the album is called "welcome to our christmas party."
10:51 am
["the first noel" plays] from all of us at sanderson farms,
10:52 am
a merry christmas and happy holidays. and we mean that, 100%. >> sitting with our giant cookies on national cookie day. >> i love it. >> soft buttery chewy ones. >> you pay too much for mortgage, rents, how would you like live in an old shipping container. some people swear by it. cheap, sturdy, easy to put together.
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when they told me that i was diagnosed with cancer, all i could think of was my kids and that i didn' t want to leave them. i beat cancer, but it is still scary. now i have a pre-existing condition. so, if republicans take away obamacare, breast cancer survivors like me could be denied coverage. if hillary's in the white house, she's going to continue obamacare, so that i don' t have to worry anymore. i trust her, and i know she's going to fight for all of us. i'm hillary clinton,
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