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tv   Today  NBC  December 5, 2015 7:00am-8:00am EST

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good morning. face of terror. a first look at the so-called black widow, one half of the husband and wife team san bernardino. authorities saying she pledged allegiance to isis online, right as the massacre began. the rampage now being investigated as an act of terrorism as questions swirl about whether she was the driving force behind it all. as we learn more about how she emigrated to the united states. get a first look inside the suspect's home and face a new scare overnight. today, tales of heroism. one victim saving his co-worker's life.
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of "the new york times." we're live with the latest. scare for simon. reality tv star simon cowell's london mansion ransacked. criminals escaping with thousands in cash and jewelry as the music mogul and his family slept just steps away. and emergency landing. a huge scare when a private jet was forced to touch down in southern california with its landing gear crippled. a look at what happened when the plane hit the ground, today, saturday, december 5th, 2015. >> from nbc news, this is "today," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm sheinelle jones. >> glad to have you with us. i'm craig melvin alongside kristen welker and rafael miranda from our nbc station here in new york, 5i) good to have you with us. erica and dylan both have the day off. i spent the past few days in san bernardino. that community very much on edge.
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as well. let's start with our top story. the san bernardino massacre and another scare overnight. a local ups facility had to be evacuated after a worker discovered a package with the killer's address on it. the bomb squad later determined the package was not a threat and reportedly contained clothing. this as the first photo emerges of the so-called black widow who pledged allegiance to isis online right around the same time the attack began. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer is in san bernardino. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning. the scare at that ups center certainly reflective of the tension in this community. the fbi says it will take months for them to complete their investigation. for now, there is no motive. but they say this is a terror investigation. this morning, a closer look at the husband and wife who many saw as an ordinary family until they murdered 14 and wounded 21. >> the investigation so far has
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radicalization by the killers and of potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations. >> reporter: the fbi now pouring into the lives of sigh yesterday farook and tashfeen malik. she was the housewife from pakistan, who investigators say pledged support for isis on facebook. he was the american-born food inspector, the parents of a 6-month-old. >> we have several down in the conference room. >> reporter: the couple may have planned their office party massacre in the home where police discovered pipe bombs, ammunition, and tools to build ieds. getting our first look inside, this is where investigators pored through documents and scoured their digit call trail, which the fbi says they took special care to destroy. >> this is something political, because this brother, he couldn't have done that. >> reporter: the calculated massacre would be the deadliest
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u.s. since 9/11. if officials confirm, it's an act of terror. killed by police in a gun battle after the shooting, the couple took the lives of mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. the youngest 26, the oldest 60. >> we are just all so sick of seeing families get hurt by senseless violence. >> reporter: among the dead, 45-year-old shannon johnson. his wounded co-worker releasing a statement overnight saying she's only alive because johnson shielded her during the gunfire, telling her three words -- "i got you." this morning, tears and heartbreak for the victims as police scour through the suspect's lives to piece together this horrific crime. the fbi director says as of now, there is no true way to tell the couple's intent. there could have been some very valuable information on those cell phones and computers that were damaged.
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retrieve whatever information on that as possible. craig? >> miguel almaguer there for us in california is morning. thank you. >> we're joined by the san bernardino police chief jarrod burguan as well as sheriff john mcmahon. thank you for talking with us this morning. >> thanks for having us. >> chief, i want to start with you. there have been rumor of new threats to potential targets in your area. is there any validity to these rumors? and what are you telling people this morning in your community about that? >> so, we have seen some of the same online posts that you're probably referring to. we do not have anything to indicate that there's any validity behind that. we've been in great contact with the fbi as well as the local jttf, and we don't have anything that has been confirmed as an actual threat that we need to worry about. and as well as anything that's come into our department, we don't have anything that is active. we have been pretty good at putting out all of the available information that we have.
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an incident we had at one of our local theaters the day before the shooting happened. as i said yesterday in the press conferences, there's nothing to indicate that there's any validity behind that particular threat, but out of an abundance of caution, we are letting people know about it. as far as what we're telling people, we have really had the same message that this country has had since 9/11 and that is that you've got to live your life. you cannot live your life in fear. but you've got to be vigilant and you've got to use common sense and to coin a term that's been used recently, if you see something, say something, and i think people are doing that. >> chief, i want to follow up on that. based on the investigation to date, do you believe this couple was indeed radicalized, and if so, do you know who radicalized whom? >> so, i realize that there's been a lot of things out there, and i think the problem is that we work on facts and we really have to be careful that we know the facts. i know there's been people that have made reference to travel. i know there's been people that
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statements from other friends and family that have talked about maybe the word "radicalization." but until we know definitively from our investigative standpoint that we feel comfortable saying that, we've got to be comfortable with how we use those words. >> sheriff, we've learned the first responders may have been a target as well, obviously hearing the consumer left behind uple left behind a bomb that didn't detonate. how are the first responders holding up? >> our staff as well as jarrod's staff are holding up very well. there were hundreds of first responders that came to that area as a result of this tragic event. and they all are dealing with it in different ways. but overall, our folks are doing very, very well, and we are incredibly proud of the way they performed. >> this is a tough time for the entire country and you guys are at the thick of it, and we thank you for joining us this morning. san bernardino chief jarrod jarrod burguan and chief john mcmahon. thanks to both of you this
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>> you're welcome. thank you. >> so just who is the mystery woman behind the san bernardino massacre? the fbi acknowledges they know little about tashfeen malik. her husband's friends and family are also apparently in the dark. nbc's stephanie gosk is outside the couple's home in redlands, california. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. tashfeen malik went through a rigorous process to get into this country on what's called a fiancee visa. once she was here, she applied for and received a green card. now the question is, if she became radicalized, when did it happen, and was there something in those applications that the u.s. authorities missed? finally, a face to put to a name. and this morning, new details about who tashfeen malik was. lawyers for the family describe her as "a typical housewife who spent most of her time at this rented apartment. and they say the family didn't know her well. >> they've never seen her face because she did wear a burka. >> reporter: a conservative
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day and chose not to drive. >> she grew up in pakistan. at about 18 to 20 years of age, she moved to saudi arabia. >> reporter: it's believed sigh yesterday farook met malik on an online dating site and traveled to saudi arabia in 2014 to marry. sigh yesterday's sister told chris jansing they barely talked about her past. >> we were barely starting to get to know her because she was quiet and shy like him. >> reporter: to get into the u.s., the state department granted malik a k1 visa, or a fiancee visa. >> you have to go through biometrics, you have to establish the bona fides of a marriage. >> reporter: they had a second wedding, mandatory within 20 days of entering the issue. malik was issued her green card in july 2015. she left behind a 6-month-old daughter to commit the bloody rampage that has stunned this community. boxes of ammunition are just a
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from farook and malik's home on thursday. items investigators will meticulously review to learn more about the mother and wife turned killer. the family says malik was not in this house with the baby by herself during the day when her husband went to work. the grandmother lived with them, but she stayed mostly upstairs and had no idea what the couple was planning. back to you. >> stephanie golf course, thank you. in his weekly radio address this morning, president obama said it is entirely possible these two attackers were radicalized to commit this act of terror. sean hennry served as an executive assistant director of the fbi. he is now the chief security officer for crowd strike. good morning to you. self-radicalization, it is a word, a term we have been passing about a fair amount. it appears if they were radicalized, they were self-radicalized, they were not
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how does one become self-radicalized, shawn? >> it begins with people who feel that they're disenfranchised. they have some type of religious inclination. they're not happy with where they are here in the united states or elsewhere. the political beliefs and those around them perhaps are not accepting them into the community. and they're looking for something more. they go out to these websites that these jihadists are propagating globally. they are constantly barraged with a message about the caliphate and about jihad and about what they need to do to strike down the nonbelievers. this constant messaging is really, really difficult for law enforcement perspective because you can't determine if someone is surfing the web from inside their bedroom. you can't make a determination where they're getting these messages from and when they're starting to move from something that may bes a pir ration
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aspirational to reality. >> she may have radicalized him. how real is the possibility, shawn, that they met online? she came from saudi arabia with the sole intent of waging jihad. >> well, it's speculation now, but i certainly think that this is a line of investigation that the fbi will be looking at. the connectivity to pakistan and to saudi arabia is going to be a large effort for the fbi with the intelligence services of those two countries, and the broader u.s. intelligence community. i think that that is something they have got to pursue. when you think about foreign fighters who may be looking to get into this country, there are multiple avenues they may be going down, and from a law enforcement perspective, this is something that we've got to ensure we've got a good handle on. self-radicalization internally, foreign fighters coming from external. many opportunities for bad people to come here. we need to make sure that we are
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aggressive way, craig. >> shawn henry, thank you so much, shawn. >> this latest attack is also having a big impact on the race for the white house. candidates from both sides are wasting no time weighing in on the massacre and who can keep america safe. ron allen is at the white house. good morning to you. >> reporter: word that the fbi is treating the san bernardino attack as terrorism has intensified republican criticism of president obama, who they claim has been weak fighting extremism abroad and here at home, as talking tough about being strong keeps pushing donald trump further ahead of the pack. >> wow! >> reporter: donald trump with an enthusiastic crowd, explaining how he would deal with the threat of terrorism. >> if the people in paris, or the people in california -- if you had a couple of folks in there with guns, and that knew how to use them, and they were in that room, you wouldn't have dead people.
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other guys. >> reporter: at this iowa gun owners rights event, ted cruz blasting away. >> we will not defeat radical islamic terrorism, so long as the president is unwilling to utter the words "radical islamic terrorism." >> reporter: with america worried about terror striking at home, a new national poll taken after the paris attacks, but before san bernardino gives trump some of his highest numbers yet, 36%, 20 points ahead, with cruz surging into second place. trump also with top marks on foreign policy and handling isis. again, cruz second on both fronts. gun rights and fighting terror big gop issues as the administration tries to play down the fear factor. >> try to channel it into an awareness of your surroundings, to get you to a place where you are living your life, but if you see something that doesn't make sense, you say something to somebody. >> reporter: and the leading
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strike a balance. >> i don't see any conflict at all between going after the terrorists with everything we've got and doing more on gun safety measures. i see no contradiction. >> reporter: but on the trail and across the country, the deep divide on this emotional issue endures. >> they're still out there talking about gun control measures, as if somehow terrorists care about what our gun laws are. >> reporter: while the campaign rages on at the white house, officials have said they're redoubling efforts to fight terror abroad and to protect the homeland. the president has said his inability to do more to prevent mass shootings and tighten gun laws is the biggest frustration of his time in office. sheinelle? >> thanks. this morning, a rare sight on the front page of "the new york times." check this out. it's an editorial taking on the gun culture in america. it is the first time since 1920 that the "times" has put an editorial on its front page. >> they slammed the gun industry and the politicians who back them, writing it is a moral
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that people can legally purchased weapons designed specifically to kill with brutal speed and efficiency. >> the added quote, opponents of gun control are saying that determined killers obtained weapons illegally in places like france, england, and norway that have strict gun laws. yes, they did. but at least those countries are trying. the united states is not. >> let's go to kristen welker now. she has more information on the master minds behind the paris terror attacks. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, sheinelle. that's absolutely right. the terror suspects in the paris massacre are now being linked to travel in england and other parts of europe. officials in britain say that despite heightened security, one of the suspects traveled to london and birmingham to meet people expected to have this in mind. the three are believed to be together in hungary. to london now, where burglars are reported to have broken into simon cowell's home while the star and his family slept.
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girlfriend, and their 21-month-old son were upstairs when burglars found the key to the safe. the thieves are said to have made off with cash and jewelry worth about $100,000. while shaken up, just hours later, cowell attended rehearsals for the x-factor semifinals. fortunately, no one was hurt. a scary landing for a private jet heading into palm springs, the plane carrying a pilot and passenger from montana had landing gear problems. with emergency crews on hand and sparks flying, it was able to land on its belly with no injuries to anyone on board. incredible. and hollywood has lost one of the big stars of the hit film "big." tom hanks is mourning the death of his co-star, tweeting that robert loggia was one of the loveliest people he had ever known. loggia had been a hollywood staple for more than 50 years when the two joined in a duet on that giant floor keyboard.
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>> truly a moment of movie magic there. we will all, of course, miss him. you just see that video and it makes you happy. >> how many of us, first of all, tried to do that. >> wanted to buy one of those keyboards. >> absolutely. >> let's bring in rafael miranda, in for dylan this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. great to have a great forecast to present to you as well. no sign of cold. i don't think you guys are missing it, right? >> we'll take it on the weekends. >> across much of the country as well, it's a mild pattern we're locked into. rel a a sign of an el nino year. above average temperatures will continue throughout the day today. and we're talking well above average for all the big cities from the midwest right towards the northeast. today. we broke a record in marquette yesterday. 37 in fargo. may seem a little chilly, but you should be in the 20s this time of year, so that is a big difference. well above average for your
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it just goes on and on. 40s and 50s. even flirting with 60 as you head to charleston and lots of sunshine as well. great start to the >> good saturday morning, everyone, 39 in boston, frosty start, mid 20s to lower 30s, mainly clear skies, more sunshine and clouds throughout the afternoon. milder afternoon, winds light. temperatures, low to mid 50s. tomorrow 55 to near 60 , mild monday quite a bit of >> all right, thank you so much. >> still to come, catching you up on the weekend news, from a major setback for oscar pistorius, to facebook founder announcing a big bundle of joy. and the guy who gave us "gangnam
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we're back on a saturday morning with "the download." our time to look back at the week's biggest stories. >> here's a quick recap at some of the headlines that grabbed our attention. another mass shooting, this time in san bernardino, california. >> it was unspeakable, the carnage that we were seeing. >> 14 dead, 21 hurt. sigh yesterday farook and his wife tashfeen malik were behind the slaughter. officer rushing to the scene. >> i'll take a bullet before you do. >> farook's brother-in-law sat down with lester holt. >> are you angry at your brother-in-law for doing this? >> yeah, absolutely. very angry. very upset and angry. >> stoking the debate over gun control once again. >> when individuals decide that they want to do somebody harm,
7:22 am
for them to do it. >> after months of pounding isis from the air, u.s. military officials announcing they'll put special ops forces on the ground in iraq. >> we're at war. >> it's a military and diplomatic rubik's cube. you can't stop isis without ending the civil war in syria, the conflict that spawned the terror group. >> on the campaign trail, frontrunner donald trump now has his biggest lead so far in the field, a 20-point edge over the next closest competitor. >> trump campaigning in his ninth state in these last two weeks, still hammering home his now widely discredited claim that thousands of new jersey muslims cheered 9/11. >> and things are all of a sudden materializing. >> in south africa, a major setback for olympic sprinter oscar pistorius. >> guilty of murder. >> oscar pistorius had been convicted of manslaughter, not murder, for shooting and killing his model girlfriend reeva steenkamp. reeva's mother in court to hear it herself. >> and she sat down exclusively
7:23 am
>> i want respect for my daughter. that's what i got today. >> severe weather battered the midwest this week. >> a brutal wave of ice, freezing rain, and snow. >> not just treacherous, but deadly. at least one fatality in south dakota. in minnesota, nearly 400 crashes. and a holiday tradition. >> five, four, three, two, one! >> the 83rd annual tree lighting at 30 rock, along with stars galore, tens of thousands came out to see the 78-foot-tall tree light up with 45,000 l.e.d. lights. it's a facebook share worth $45 billion. one week after becoming first-time parents, mark zuckerberg and his wife dr. priscilla chan are pledging to donate 99% of their stock in the social network during their lifetimes, all toward making the world a better place for their new daughter max. >> having this child has made us
7:24 am
that should be improved in the world for her whole generation. >> and from the man who brought us "gangnam style," an ode to the dad bod. >> it's called "daddy." i got it from my daddy i got it from my daddy hey, where'd you get that body from >> there's no doubt we will see this all over youtube with people doing the same thing. >> that might be the best yet. >> it does seem to be kind of the same song. >> it's the same song. it's catchy, the same little beat. >> but i love that song. i'll listen to it. >> it's essentially round two. >> we need a distraction. and it was good to see the tree light up here as well in new york city. >> we need it. a little bit of light. still to come here on "today," controversy after a new york sheriff calls on gun owners to carry their weapons in the wake of the san bernardino massacre. we'll get to that story in just
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>> well, sunny beautiful morning out there, good morning, it is 7:27, chris lambert has a check of the forecast. >> that sunshine will warm us up from the 20s in the suburbs back to the low to mid 50s. few clouds mixing with the sunshine. low to mid 50s. picking out that perfect christmas, 55-60 . emergency crews rushing to
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block of naponzat. victim was stuck in the vehicle. police say a man planted a suspicious suitcase. he has been charged with planting a hoax device. sources telling 7 news, former new england patriot aaron hernandez has been moved to another place in the prison after finding a shank. he was convicted of killing odin lloyd. "today in new england" returns at 8:00, see you then.
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we are back on this saturday morning, december 5th, 2015. we have a fantastic crowd joining us on the plaza. we are going to get out there in just a moment. here's a quick look at what's making headlines. the islamic state is now claiming the husband and wife suspects in the san bernardino massacre are two of its supporters. those claims came in an online radio broadcast overnight. president obama weighed in during his weekly radio address this morning, saying it is entirely possible the attackers were radicalized. in chicago, officials have released hundreds of pages of documents stemming from the deadly police shooting of a
7:30 am
video released earlier showed 17-year-old laquan mcdonald veering away from officers, but the new documents suggest mcdonald advanced toward police when he was shot 16 times. one officer has been charged with murder. the cdc has announced the chipotle e. coli outbreak has now spread to nine states, up from six states last month. on friday, chipotle said sales have plummeted by as much as 22%. let's begin with more on the investigation into what set off a california man and his wife to shoot up a holiday party filled with his co-workers. nbc's chris jansing sat down on friday with sigh yesterday farook's sister where she opened up about her brother and his wife. >> what have these last few days been like? >> a nightmare. i want to go back to my normal life. >> how did you find out they were a part of this? >> on the news. >> what goes through your mind?
7:31 am
they have the wrong person. >> the fbi said this is a terrorism investigation, which means your brother and his wife are considered terrorists. can you wrap your head around that? >> no. not at all. i mean, i had absolutely no idea they were involved in anything like that, or that they were even capable of doing something like this. >> who were the people you knew? >> i mean, my brother. the brother i grew up with. the shy introvert. kept to himself. quiet. you know, kid that we knew that grew up and got married and his wife was recently here. she was only here for two years. we didn't really know her that well. >> did you ever see anything about him or about her that would suggest to you that they could be radicalized? >> no, never. >> what was their relationship like with the baby? >> it was great. they were great parents. i mean, my brother used to play with her for hours. she used to laugh as soon as he started entering the room.
7:32 am
the most, like who's going to make her laugh now, you know? she would smile every time she would see her mother, and she was nursing her. so, i mean, that's a big thing for a mom to leave a nursing child. >> did you know that he had guns? >> i know that he had a gun. >> have you even begun to figure out what your emotions are? >> i wish i could cry about it. but, you know, i have to keep it together for my kids. for their daughter, for my mother. >> that was chris jansing with syed farook's sister. >> it's striking to watch that interview, because you would think perhaps there would be a bit more emotion. >> a lot of people said she seemed very calm, but she did mention that she was trying to keep it together. >> and she mentioned she still can't cry. it's almost as if it's too difficult. fascinating interview by chris jansing.
7:33 am
here you have a couple, we're talking 6,000 rounds of ammunition, 12 pipe bombs in the garage, materials to make more, and the family seemed to not have a clue about any of that. it's all very strange. >> the conversation continues. >> the investigation continues. >> we should probably get another check of the weather. rafael miranda is on the plaza for that. >> good morning, guys. we're dealing with beautiful weather in the northeast, but we do have a few trouble spots, especially the pacific northwest. a lot of rain heading into the pacific northwest, places like seattle and portland unfortunately dealing with a flood threat throughout this weekend. several storms moving on shore. heavy rain along the coast. heavy snow in the cascades. anywhere from two to three inches of rain possible, even higher amounts there. look at those snow totals. over two feet possible in the higher elevations of the cascades over the next 48 hours. for the rest of the country, it's a beautiful weekend. temperatures well above average. 77 in los angeles. look at the midwest. no sign of cold in chicago. 46 degrees. and we're looking at
7:34 am
>> good saturday morning, everyone, 39 in boston, frosty start, mid 20s to lower 30s, mainly clear skies, more sunshine and clouds throughout the afternoon. milder afternoon, winds light. temperatures, low to mid 50s. tomorrow 55 to near 60 , mild monday quite a bit of sunshine. >> and we are getting into the holiday spirit of things. we've got a great crowd on the plaza today. [ cheers and applause ] the tree is lit. it's a beautiful time of year. of course, it is all about giving, and today's 22nd annual toy drive is in full swing this weekend, and we're so grateful for generous donors like susan, ceo of music together. good morning. >> good morning.
7:35 am
in the toy drive year after year. why is music such an important gift this time of year? >> well, boy, especially now, what's going on in the world, music is something that brings us together. music helps families connect. and music together gives them a place to do it. so we are really excited to be donating music. we're in the business, our mission is really to bring music making to families. we do it all over the u.s., new york, california, and all the other states as well as 41 different countries. we provide music-making experiences for families. >> and what will you be donating this year? >> we are donating almost half a million dollars worth of cds and song books, and we're thrilled to be a part of this toy drive. like i said, it really lets us continue this mission of bringing music to families. >> susan darrow, thank you so much for your participation. the crowd back here, yes, they are excited. going to send it back to you
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>> thank you. just ahead in the wake of that terror attack in california, a controversial new call from a sheriff in upstate new york for gun owners not to leave their homes without being feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. my psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain. just like my moderate to
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7:39 am
is urging licensed gun owners to stay armed in public, to protect themselves, and others should another attack occur. kristen dahlgren is here with more on america's reaction to the attacks. kristen, good morning. >> good morning, guys. there are still a lot of questions about motivation in the massacre, but the fact that this is being looked at as terrorism has changed the conversation for a lot of people. not just people worried about another attack, but muslim-americans now concerned about backlash against them. about 100 miles north of new york city, the sheriff has a strong message for gun owners. >> if they're comfortable with carrying a weapon, they're proficient and they're that. >> he first posted his call to facebook page. i want to encourage citizens of ulster county who are licensed to carry a firearm to please do so. the post drew mixed reaction. >> i'm getting e-mails that i can't keep up with. the majority of which are in agreement with me. but i am getting some pretty
7:40 am
>> new york's police commissioner was among those who spoke out against the idea. >> i'm not supportive of that at all. >> the sheriff makes no apologies. >> i firmly believe in if you have a weapon, it might change things. >> meanwhile, across the country today, many muslim-americans fear an escalation in violence could be misplaced, especially after headlines like this one in "the new york post" this week. at the islamic center in riverside, california, one of the mosques where gunman syed farook worshipped, muslims gathered for a sermon condemning the attacks. >> please remember we are your neighbors, we are your students, we are your doctors, we are your congressman. we're a big community and one person does not represent us all. >> in silver spring, maryland friday night, there were prayers for the victims and peace. while new york's mayor stood side by side with muslims on friday, a message to the city's
7:41 am
>> our muslim brothers and sisters contribute so much, and the city government should honor that by ever strengthening the bond. >> so we've got a very clear effort to separate muslims from radical muslims. the muslim community being very vocal, condemning these two shooters and the attack. at some mosques around the country, they have stepped up >> of course. kristen, thank you. up next, we're going to take a big turn here. we are going to have a little fun this saturday morning. just ahead, a man admits on facebook that he sort of cheated on his wife. it's a post that's going viral. but the reaction is not what you would expect.
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fast, powerful cough relief. robitussin dm max. because it's never just a cough. we are back on a saturday morning, and it is time to trend, shall we? >> let's trend. >> here's a story melting hearts everywhere. joshua connell, a police officer in mississippi, took to facebook to share how he was moved to tears when a little girl gave him her teddy bear for protection. the little girl who the officer believed to be around 3 or 4 and her mother approached him when he was out responding to a call earlier this week. she simply went up to the officer and handed him the ber ar and said it was to keep his safe. the mother explained they have a law enforcement officer in their family and the little girl always hears everyone tell him to be safe so she wanted to do the same thing for mcconnell. isn't that sweet? >> so sweet. >> he was touched by that one.
7:45 am
good to see that. >> absolutely. let's get to this mom's facebook post making the rounds on social media. in this post, there it is right there, this mother is asking santa to give her -- to give modest, smaller gifts so that children don't feel bad when let's just say their friend gets a play station, or ipad and they get a hat or some mittens. >> oh, my goodness. >> basically she wants parents to give the pricier items and santa to stick to the small stuff, saying "you can explain the value of money to kids, but you can't explain santa's discrimination." >> hmm. >> here's the question. do you agree with her? >> can she get that message to the north pole in time? >> i guess a lot of people, she doesn't want the kids to be saying why didn't santa give me this and santa gave you that. >> the bigger stuff came from mom and dad. >> right. >> and santa's stuff was -- >> a lot of families do it that way. to be continued. >> finally, something that doesn't happen every day.
7:46 am
cheating on his wife is getting lots of praise. we should explain. his name is jason hewlett, he shared the fact that he sort of cheated when he spotted this beautiful blonde woman in line at target. >> what is this? >> i'm setting the stage. but here's the thing. he realizes it was his wife. she was the woman. on the facebook post, it turned into a love letter to his wife. he saw her with new eyes and he just couldn't believe that he gets to be her fellow. he later told, he didn't even know it was his wife -- he didn't know she was going to the store. so it was a genuine moment of oh, that's a nice-looking lady. wait a minute, that's my wife. >> it's like the pina colada song come to life. >> it's very sweet. let's take a turn, shall we? gwyneth paltrow's big plans for her infamous oscar dress. one direction playing tattoo roulette. >> a lot of big headlines. it is not like fans needed another reason to love bill murray.
7:47 am
thanks to netflix and his holiday special "a very murray christmas." check it out. in the hour-long variety show, he sings, dances, drinks, and is ginned by famous friends amy poehler, miley cyrus, chris rock, and george clooney. it's already getting a lot of love online. here's a little taste for you featuring murray and michael cera. check it out. >> billy, this sad excuse for a christmas special, no harm intended. >> none taken. >> starting to seem to me more like a christ-mess, as in what a mess. >> we have george clooney. >> i rest my case. you see "monuments men"? >> i was in it. >> you were so good in that. >> you were great. >> you were very good. >> anything with bill murray is going to be great. a very murray christmas is now streaming on netflix. next up in a new interview with "people" style watch,
7:48 am
paltrow reveals what she's done with all those gorgeous gowns of hers, in case you were wondering. unlike most a-listers who send their oscar dresses back to the designers, she's been holding on to them for her 11-year-old daughter apple. on the topic of her famous pink ralph lauren oscar dress, she says she hopes apple wears that one to her prom. it is good to be apple, that's for sure. is gwyneth adopting? that's the question. since taking over as host of "the late late show," james corden has been known to come up with a clever game or two. in case you missed it, corden finagled the boys of one direction to play, get this, guys, tattoo roulette. ever heard of that one? here's how it works. everyone grabbed a mystery box. four contained the word safe. the person whose box said tattoo had to get inked live on the show. >> seriously? >> seriously, i watched the clip. anxiety was at a hysterical
7:49 am
the one who lost would be harry stiles, who now has the words "late late" tattooed on his arms thanks to mr. corden. would any of you agree to that? >> no. >> no. >> she's got four tattoos. >> i do have four. you'll never see them. i'm just kidding. >> sheinelle has no tattoos. >> i have one ear piercing. >> i have two. >> hidden tattoo. >> you're telling the truth. >> yep. >> we'll dig a little deeper during the commercial break. still ahead, hot holiday deals and tips to make sure your trip goes off without a hitch. we'll be right back.
7:50 am
still ahead, we'll go back to california for an update into the investigation in the san bernardino massacre. also ahead, my candid conversation with legendary film maker spike lee. we talk about his provocative new movie "chi-raq" out in if you have moderate to severe
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>> announcer: this is 7 news now. >> anchor: good morning, 7 news "today" in new england is next. >> here are some of the top stories we're working on for you this morning. the shooting in california, it's being investigated as an act of terror. we're learning more about the suspects this morning. >> jennifer: including a look inside the couple's apartment after the fibbs wraps up their investigation. >> reports of a pedestrian struck in dorchester. the latest from the scene. >> jennifer: more on the main police say left a suspicious package on a busy boston street. >> anchor: red sox hoping the newest addition is going
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