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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  December 7, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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blown up on the streets of taken out. the man expected of leaving it there is headed to court. taking on terror. what he had to say in his prime time address as he vowed to take out isis. the new detail about female suspect in the california shootage rampage as the investigation turns to her life overseas. good morning, everyone. it's monday. i'm jadiann thompson. i'm christa delcamp. if you loved this weekend weatherwise. chances are good you may get more of the same today. i sure hope so. us?
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look at martha's vineyard. nantucket, 52. 41 worcester. left over cold pockets of air from overnight. clouds out there. they will continue to thin out and move away. as we step through the morning hours more and more sunshine and nice day. nice and mild. temps this afternoon 53 to 58. normal high about 44 way above that. boston this afternoon at 56. fitchburg 54. south coast and cape numbers in the mid 50s. back to reality tomorrow. we'll talk more about the forecast in a little bit. talking about reality. now. any issues? >> couple of incidents out there. this is slow all morning long. you are still crawling southbound into boston. let's go to maps. we have an accident to show you on woburn on 93 southbound at route 128. the delays from this accident are about five minutes. something to keep in mind you're
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route one looking good around summerville. the pike we had bit of issue there this morning. from 495, though, to 128 on the pike no issues to tell you about. 128 through newton is also very slow this morning. and the expressway still crawling over half an hour. let's look at drive times if you get ready to head tout door this morning. expressway nearly half an hour into boston. from 128 half hour as well. 93 southbound, 25 minutes. back to you guys. >> the man police say was behind this suspicious suitcase heads to court today. police shutdown street they also did a controlled explosion of this suit case. good morning to you. arraignment is expected to begin within the next few hours in boston the charge is expected to include placement of hoax
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that certainly caused frayed nerves in the city of boston especially along atlantic avenue and if it was a joke nobody was laughing. a lawrence man will be in court charged with planting a hoaxed device. and investigator believe this is 50-year-old james captured by surveillance avenue. allegedly carried from homeland security video after leaving suitcase by the left rear well. the bomb squad blew it up as a precaution. store. that's sickening i think. lawrence police got 911 call
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he was arrested within hours after the suitcases left right by a security camera at u.s. coast guard headquarters late friday morning. he was treated as a dangerous suspect by the ro who spotted him. i didn't handcuff him myself. they placed handcuffs on him. well we did an online search of court documents and also news reports. and i looked like daryn is no stranger to the trouble. he's been arrested in three states. we're live in downtown boston, jonathan hall, 7news "today in new england." president obama with rare oval office address after the terror attack in california. the president vowed to defeat isis and any other group pledging to attack the u.s. not everybody is onboard with thement's plan here's kris anderson.
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what the president had to say. >> there's supporters but also critics of what president obama said and didn't say. he didn't announce change in policy but did offer words of encouraging. this morning republicans say that's not enough. >> in a rare address from the oval office president obama declared the rampage a terror attack. >> i know after so much war any americans are asking whether we are don fronted by a cancer that has no immediate cure. the threat from terrorism is real but we will overcome it. >> he offered no new policy but he defended strategy to fight isis as part of international coalition. we should not be drawn once more into long and costly ground war in iraq or syria.
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people against an anti muslim back lash. >> isil doesn't speak for islam. they are thugs. it's a real problem. that muslims must con front without ex-constitution. republican looking to replace president obama weighed in. marco rubio said the president didn't ease people's fears. >> i think now the president not to make things better tonight. i fear he made have made things worse in the mind of many americans. donald trump slammed the president for refusing to say the u.s. at war with radical islamest terrorist. at the end of the address trump treated is that all there is? we new ed a new president fast. ultimately president obama said americans must stand together. >> let's make sure we never exceptional. let's not forget that freedom is more powerful than fear. jay johnson will talk about the
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growing terror threat during conference in the nation's capital. he will also take part in meeting with muslim leader. that's the latest live in the control room. kris anderson, 7news "today in new england." elizabeth warren weighs in on the deadly terror attack in california. she said gun control law must be updated. >> there's things we could do right now. right now it is legal in the united states for someone terrorist watch list to buy a gun and we should change the laws on that. that makes no sense at all. doesn't make anyone america safer. >> warren said the u.s. needs a clear set of objective in the middle east. we expect to learn more from officials in california about the shooting. this is we learn more about one of the suspected shooters. investigators are looking at her upbringing in pakistan as they
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to be a part of this attack. there's no hint that she would end her life as the gun wielding terrorist. investigators in pakistan have drawn a blank. there's no link between her and extremist in pakistan. she was private and religious. her pakastani identity card has one of her few public photographs. reports say she destroyed other photos that showed her without a vail. at college she was devoutly muslim but no supporter of violence. the university spokesman adamest she is nod radicalized there. there's nothing like that. her family in pakistan is shocked. i can't believe said a relative. she must have been influenced by anyone. she pledged allegiance on facebook before the massacre. it seems that no one suspected. she was like the girl next door.
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the kind that always smiling, nice to you. you would never have guess that girl would have ties to isis. there's no evidence that isis directed her or knew who she's. the father of her husband are speaking out for the first time. he said his son was shy. he later become obsessed over the fate of israel and he said he wanted to create islamest state like the leader of isis. >> breaking overnight. the motorcyclest is dead after the crash in dorchester. motorcycle collided with the car. the driver of the car suffered only minor injuries. at a meeting last night police and parent got together to discuss the stepped up security. victoria warren has more. >> a so-called dark web blamed cambridge. >> we could not afford to simply ignore the threat.
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commissioner addressing parent after intense week that saw canine searching school and police greeting everyone coming inside. it's all because of several suspicious e-mails threatening to blowup or shoot up cam bridge schools. thanks to this dark web finding out who sent the e-mail isn't easy >> we face the increasing use of indripion technology of software. that makes it very, very challenging if not in some cases impossible for us to trace it back. some new clues police say at first a good samaritan used an anonymous tip line to tell them about the threat. but now they think the good samaritan is actually the suspect making the threats in the first place. and the message is that person is sending to police are changing. they are now trying to distance themselves away from threat. telling us the threat is over. >> parents happy to hear all the
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still worried. how will you assure them? the inskreesed security will continue. police take things one day at a time as they continue their investigation. in cambridge, victoria warren, 7news "today in new england." there's also increased police presence at schools in warren today. officers say an unspecified threat against the high school included today date. the threat was discovered on an app. investigator say student and staff members will be searched at the building this morning. prosecution expected to wrap up cross-examination of mental health expert in the philip chism murder trial. friday he suffered from psychosis. a severe mental disorder. chism accused of killing colleen ritzer back in 2013 and the jury could begin deliberating #
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in peabode are expected in court. they found heroin and cocaine inside the home. officials say the suspect were also involved in human trafficking. >> a neighborhood in swansee on high alert following an hour long police stand off. people there were told to stay inside and lock their doors. after police say a man with a gun was making threats. investigator say this happened after the 24-year-old marine got into a domestic dispute with his ex girlfriend and later turned the gun on himself. still ahead on "today in new england." how this is linked to missing remains from worcester. the pats my goodness. it was ugly in foxboro. they can't get the job done as philly takes the win. >> for the day a mix of clouds and sunshine. a nice mild day forecast for the week up next. i'm headed to the aquarium for who did it better.
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today is second day of hanukkah. gathering at downtown crossing last night for boston's menora lighting and honest honest kau concert. people in washington, d.c. celebrated the beginning of hanukkah last night with the lighting of national menora. white house chief of staff. happy hawn kay. when you talk about holiday when was the last time you saw it balmy. does that work cross your mind when you look at that video there? >> this the bay back for last
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sunny and mild. we are in el nino winter. typically you find cold and snow toward the backside of winter. february and mar verses the front side of winter. cooler tomorrow and wednesday. again i use the word cooler not fridged bitter or arctic. normal high of 44 this afternoon. tuesday and wednesday middle and upper 40s. low 40s tomorrow. and on thursday here you go there's the recovery happening. an orange square indicating mild day. about five degrees above normal. and really when you look down if jet stream doesn't look like it's in a position to deliver significant long lasting cold shot there. i think the pattern we with are in now essentially holds probably right up to around
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at this time 30s and 40s. there's cloud in new england. as the cool front drops south we get into cooler weather tomorrow. there's an isolate shower or two in the cape through the day tomorrow. nothing significant it is much cooler day with a lot of clouds and chilly northeaster i will wind coming from the gulf of maine. wednesday somewhat cool despite more sunshine. today a nice mild day. clouds this morning. brighter skies this afternoon. temps between 53 and 58. south coast upper 50s cape ann merrimack valley mid 50s back into worcester hills. worcester at 53 out on to cape and island you have the clouds the longest. even with that said it's dry today mid 50s. tonight mostly cloudy cool. 32 to 37.
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tomorrow in the low 40s. 7 on 7 forecast wednesday clouds a few peeks of sunshine. next weather system into town is thursday with isolated rain showers low 50s and look at next weekend. 50s and 60s coming at us once again. the trend continues j.r. and we will give you credit. thank you. ahead a new way to support foundation named after the youngest marathon victim. how you can step up and help out team emory. taking on a patriot's star. there's the picture.
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california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at >> 9:21. it's monday. what better time to sit back and enjoy with jadiann. for her who did it better. we want to qualify that. before an injury we want to be clear injured running back deon lewis went on challenge new england aquarium. it's so funny. you have to pay attention. you get to decide who did it better. a few days after he dominated the dolphin in early november running back deon lewis and i made a splash at the new england aquarium. how do you feel about today. >> ready to go.
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marine mammals and have them show off their trick. you recently defeated the dolphins. how do you feel? >> first we had to suit up. look at those things. my secret weapon. we also got a quick lesson from trainer who work with marine animal every day. she's calling your voice out. i'm ready to go. then into the water with my
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sea lion. noise. you teach her to give me the >> yes. i think they said jadiann did it better. >> sierra. let's go. we nailed it. deon worked with ursula. we got it.
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let's go. i think ursula has more tools in the kit. i will be fair we were on the cranky side that day. we worked through it. i think my hands smell like their food. we can call you the seal whisperer. >> now it's up to you twice. it's the viewer coys. head over to our web site and vote there. and then we will have the results you will have to tune back in at 6:00 a.m. to see. nice overalls by the way. >> much more including the look at pat's sunday match-up as the pats fell to 10-and-2 losing second straight game. >> then at 9:30 a big night as paris as u2 returned to the city of light. [barks] are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8!
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this way! where'd they go? they went that way! that way, they went that way! i can't believe that worked! of course it worked!
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patriots are coming off back-to-back losses new england now 10-and-2 after losing at home. tom brady counted for four touchdowns he threw a pair of interceptions including one return for touchdown. philadelphia also scored on a blocked punt and punt return. the pats tried to rally late on. they ran out of time and lost for the final score. after the game brady really made no excuses at all for the loss. it if most. the ball. and if i turned it all over twice i don't think we have a chance to win many games. that's what it comes down to. by the way this was the
9:26 am
beaten brady. he was 4-and-0 against philly sunday marked the first time eagle has intercepted brady. the pats will plan for the future. they are going on the road. they will have game in houston. taking on the texan sunday night football kick off at 8:30. you can watch the game right here on 7 nbc. one bag of red licorice later. >> i ate a whole pizza. just ugly. hope for better things. >> much more ahead in the next half hour. including amazing announcement for former president about his battle with cancer. sunshine. a mild day. forecast up next. a baby-sitter under arrest.
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>> the man behind this scare in the city due in court today. the charges he is facing for a hoax. baby-sitter face alarming accusations what police say he did to a 4-year-old child that he was hired to take care of. on the road to recovery. former president jimmy carter sharing good news about his battle with cancer. welcome back, everyone. thanks for sticking around with us. i know you went outside earlier today. you did the coffee run. by the way, thank you. it was fairly nice out there; even early. it's not so bad. looks like we have nice little 7-day in store for us too. nice out there this time. 30s and 40s the city at 41. fitchburg. worcester lower 40s. some lingering cloud from earlier this morning. thickest south coast and cape. and this is right on the edge of
9:29 am
to move away over the next couple of hours. for the day cloud and then more and more sunshine by mid day and certainly this afternoon. very little bit and mild day. temps should normally reach the middle 40s this time of year. but we're advertising mid 50s the city at 56. brockton at 57. billerica, 55. out on cape and island temps running into the mid 50s. thank you. happening today the man behind a scene in boston called to court. accused of causing a scare near homeland security vehicle. he has more on the charges he is facing. this man will be charge d-affairesed with planting a hoax device. investigator believe this is 50-year-old james pygmy captured
9:30 am
>> he allegedly hurried away from homeland security vehicle after leaving a suitcase by the left rear wheel. the boston squad blew it up as precaution. heavily armed boston police and office worker on edge. en of it was discovered there were no explosive in the suitcase. just clothing, wires and a power source. >> that's the most sickening i think. it's really sickening that someone thinks it's a joke. lawrence police got a 911 called about his location. he was arrested within hours after the suitcase was left right by government security camera at u.s. coast guard headquarters late friday morning. she was treated as a dangerous suspect. i didn't handcuff myself. i kept him at gun point until backup officers aarrived and they placed handcuffs on him. >> when he faces a judge here in boston municipal court he's expected to face a charge of
9:31 am
in boston, jonathan hall, 7news "today in new england." president obama making a historic and rare address to the nation from the oval office after last week's terror attack in california. last night the president did not offer any new policies but he did back his current plan to fight isis. he's still isn't planning on sending ground troops into syria. including airstrike arming forces working with our allies to cut off financing and end the syrian war. the president also caution not to treat muslim in this country any differently. isil doesn't speak for islam. they are thugs and killer. they account for a tiny fraction of a more than a billion muslims around the world. the president also briefly touched on gun control as well urging congress to end gun sales for anyone on the nation's no-fly list. also several republican presidential candidate responded
9:32 am
president isn't doing enough to fight isis. a boy home in dartmouth recoffering after his baby-sitter faces alarming allegation. richard beat the child and sent him to the hospital. the 28-year-old held without bail on assault and battery charges. police say it happened on wednesday apartment complex. neighbors in the area say they are concerned about their own children. i never want my child to be sw someone i don't know too well. it doesn't matter they did. it's just sad. the little boy is expected to make a full recovery. >> investigator are still trying to figure out what sparked this deadly fire in lynn. they spent the weekend looking through the debris. sadly four people were killed last friday. nay are asking anyone with pictures or maybe video taken moment after the flames broke
9:33 am
it could help them determine the cause of the fire. also a man in court in connecticut today after police make a disturbing discovery. 32-year-old is accused of bodies. now a tip led police to home in hartford, connecticut saying he had several remains. over the weekend a woman noticed into. according to police medina said he needed the bone for practicing religion that includes animal sacrifice and using bones as mode sinn. police in california arrested the mother of newborn found baby found buried alive. she's no more than two days old. the police say the person responsible would be charged with attempted murder but still not clear what charges the mother is facing this morning. also on 7 a man appearing in court today after allegedly
9:34 am
people at subway station in london. police are investigating this as an act of terror because of what witnesses say the suspect said during the attack. i think he will give his account. then we can examine the evidence. us the suspect facing charge of attempted murder. last week they voted to join the u.s.-led air campaign against isis and syria. construction site scare caught on camera. a man going to great heights two of the police in australia officers say the man scaled a crane and then start pulling off circus stunts. people below were watching obviously with high anxiety. they say the mans dangling for hours.
9:35 am
a night on the hand that ended high above it. as most people were climbing into bed this man decided to comfortable. swinging from side to side. they watched on. he become separated from the group. somehow he ended up up here for hours under. he sat purchased in this spot refusing with negotiator. there's a dude swinging. specialized mrirt he eventually decided to come down. colliding along the cable. after more than 6 and a half hours of eaggravating police he landed in their hand putting up a fight as he resisted arrest. >> they see how the subject
9:36 am
there's an element of danger. nancy chin. 7 news "today in new england." police are still unsure why the man climbed up there in the first place. regardless he now faces several charges including the possession of dangerous drugs >> u2 taking the stage in paris for emotional concert last night. 20,000 people turned out to see the band. seem like the whole card is in paris. tonight we are all parisians. >> concert will air on hbo tonight. president jimmy carter said he has cancer free just 3 and a
9:37 am
carter has been undergoing treatment with new drug that helps the body seek out new can krert cell. he will continue. i went this week. they didn't find any cancer. they very pleased congregation weekend. happening today ceremony will be held out hawaii to mark the 74 anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. japanese wore plane attack military base on this day. 1200 other were injured. u.s. enter the world war following that attack. five new member receive top honor at kennedy center on sunday. this was gibb to people who have contributed to american culture
9:38 am
director george lucas among that group. president obama also at ceremony arrive late after his oval office address. we honor five who helped tell the story of the first american essentialry. through music theater and film. and by doing so help to shape us. help to inspire. helped to fortify our best instincts about ourselves. >> 90-year-old also received a honor becoming the oldest honorary so far. carol king also a youngest victim of the boston marathon victim in 2013 just 8 years old.
9:39 am
some mr-8 logo the name of the charitable running team. this way you can show your support here this morning. >> it's coming around soon. >> ahead on 7news the royal approving once again that they are just like us. what prince william thinks the holiday will be like with his family. we will take a look back if you care to at the pat's sunday match-up. tom brady had to say about it after the game. >> we're on to houston. how is that? for the day mix of cloud and sunshine.
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just keep it rolling. if we can get through january and february. i don't know. maybe. >> you know what? i like a little winter. after last winter. the snowiest winter on record. that's off my bucket list. sunny and mild. temperature running in the 50s today. i know folks make money off snowplowing snow and ski area. i'm not routing against you folks. i will not lie. it's been a nice start to month of december. no snow bitter cold in the forecast for the next 7 to 10 days. 50s today. 40s tuesday wednesday and then
9:43 am
we're in el nino they start mild then they make up ground in february and march. i don't think it will be repeat we will start setting record of cold and snow. last winter is not happening again. will it snow between now and easter. yes. i'm sure it will a little bit. the numbers averaging about five degrees above normal. we will stay mild for few more days. city at 41. worcester, 42. on the map there's a cool front up along the u.s.-canadian border. with some slightly cooler air. no bitter frigid air even across southern canada. this front will drop south. it will not bother us today. today is nice and mild 50s. here's the cooler air overnight tonight. more so tomorrow. adding insult to injury will be cloudy skies and northeaster i will wind cool raw temps in the
9:44 am
this cool front will shove a front out to sea. there's still a shower or two south coast and cape light shower through the day tomorrow. nothing significant or heavy. wednesday clouds and sun. somewhat seasonably cool running in the 40s. 53 to 58 today. sunrise and sunset. sun came up at 7:00. these are earlier sunset we have the entire year. by december 21st we pick up three minutes of daylight since today and then by early january, yes we're in the heart of winter. but we start picking up more and more daylight. some sun middle 40s. loan weather system this week few isolated rain showers. looking good mix of cloud and sunshine. 50s and 60s. >> we'll take it. now to what's trending today. prince george can't wait for
9:45 am
it's like he knows. the dishing on christmas the 2-year-old son will be bouncing around now that he knows what it is about. probably expecting some present. first christmas for william and kate's daughter prince charlotte. >> it will be happy house. two giant pandas in giant having fun playing in the snow. they arrived after being born in a panda breeding center. this first time that giant panda are being raised at a high altitude. as you can see they are both doing just fine. something about the new fresh snow. i guess it's for all of us. >> snow angels the first on my list.
9:46 am
takes the blame for yesterday as the pats get stunned in front of the hometown you. >> returning to the small screen with upcoming comedy show debuting tonight on 7 nbc. we'll give you an early look,
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[music] no, no, no, no, people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too. angel soft. welcome back, everyone. we're on to patriot's on to houston after suffering their second straight loss. new england is now 10-and-2
9:49 am
philadelphia eagles. . obviously didn't do anything well enough today. turn the ball over. intercepted in the end zone. didn't play well in the kicking game. just didn't do anything well enough to really win. >> despite outgaining the eagles by 180 yards on offense critical errors doom the pat in the biggest upset in 2015. i have to make the decision with the ball. if i turn the ball over twice i mean i deputy think we have a chance. it's 98% of the game. patriot's go from unbeaten to third in afc in band of 8 day. sunday loss to philly going down as one of the most uncharacteristic of the brady belichick era. >> looks different around here. the way we lost the last two games. especially the way we lost today.
9:50 am
this go around and this go around. the guy dos a better job. you have to do job for you and you. the execution certain place and just at this point we got to figure out who won the game next week. sunday defeat against philadelphia. patriot's dropping back-to-back games for the first time since 2012. now if they lose next sunday against the texans that will mark the first time they've lost three straight since 2002 when the patriot's lost four in the row. 7news "today in new england." former housewives star at the of new comedy premiering tonight. we have a sneak peek after the break. nice mild day. temperature in the 50s this afternoon. one last look alternate the
9:51 am
jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where' s the? right. it' s being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande.
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and a place to
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>> in buzz tonight. after "the voice." about the behind the scenes antices in latin soap opera and laughs. >> my ex husband to by on my show. >> now you have another hot guy to compete >> can sometimes rival the camera on latin soap opera >> they tend to be a little bit big. grander than life. >> although everything looks polished and beautiful it's a mess behind the scenes. the workplace new playground in the comedy telanoveal. i play ana sophia who plays the star of the spanish soap that we are behind the scenes of.
9:54 am
insecure for good reason. and she is surrounded by a ensemble of coworkers. the cast hope the passion for latin soap i group up watching with my mother. she's like addicted transz laits into fan for comedy about one. just a premier to make us laugh. the actual premier will be tonight after the voice right here on 7 nbc then get caught up on the day top story. keep it locked in. why can't we get the wind
9:55 am
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