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tv   Today  NBC  December 8, 2015 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. turn it up, hoda. >> hello, everybody. it s is friday tuesday. and this s is the new sugarland. >> yes, and this is jennifer nettles with uses, and she going
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>> and if you are looking for something new for christmas table. >> and she plays dolly's mother? >> yes, when dolly was 8-year-old girl. >> and look no further than the hgtv chip and joe hanna gaines. >> the dyi thing. >> and if you are looking for a dish, we have one over there. >> look at how beautiful she is. >> and looking so festive, joy philbin. >> in the season, i drag out the red dress. >> you are so teeny that is incredible. >> well, she work s s at it. >> and i have to work at it, and i don't look so teeny standing
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>> 5'4". >> and the organization -- >> yes and joy and frank were at our house about a week before frank passed away. >> and that is a very memorable day that day. over the 30 years, didn't we, honey? >> yes, and it is a beautiful book. >> and a new baby name for kim and kayne. and i i know that you have been wait waiting for it, but we will >> it is it is a. >> it is a. that mew usic is going to be the baby's name. do you like it? >> they are creative people, and it is a creative name, and
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course, but i wish i could tell that joke. >> no. >> it is a funny one. >> it is a no. >> and it is a funny one, and ri will tell you in the commercial break, and it is unplooeable, but it is the child that has to live with their name the whole life and you should think about that as well. and remember, are regis used to say, kote an cassidy, what is it a freaking wild west show. >> he used it in every show. >> yes. >> and saint. saint's initials will be s.w. >> and there is all kinds of titles about naming north and s.w. >> it is not hard to know who is
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>> and now, some throw bax on instagram. >> yes. take a look. it's just happy hanukkah. happy hanukkah happy hanukkah to you it's just ap pi hahn a happy hanukkah >> oh, my gosh, it looks just like amy in that po i have. >> yes. she is still with that beautiful face. >> and now, here is what happened, people in one office building across the street posted a message that said "hello from the other side." so they responded with this
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>> i must have called a thousand times. >> and now a different office was involved. >> to tell you i'm sorry. >> and then they posted "for everything that i've done." >> how long is the song, because this could go on for a long time. >> and isn't that amazing. >> i have not heard the whole song yet. >> you haven't! >> and how do you communicate and the holidays can bring out people. and so when you hear somebody who is being irrationally angry and what is your response, like someone on the street or nearby. you were? >> i go to this cheap place that . all shower curtains
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>> how much do you love hoda. >> and i was in there, and the massages are great. >> and so. >> i was there with my face in the doughnut. >> which one? >> that one. and the m that he walked in was angry because the room that he wanted and they are not rooms, but shower curtained area. and why aren't we doing mine over here. and he said, you people are stupid stupid, first you thought that i was to be here tomorrow, and it is today and you feel stew upid. you are all stupid. and you know when you could peel the jugular vein. and you know when you are close, but -- >> you were getting steamed. >> yes, and it ruined my $50 massage. and you know when you give somebody the stink eye and you think that it works but it doesn't. >> and what about somebody who walks in and starts to belittle
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doesn't care one iota what you think of them. you just would >> says you have to remind yourself that people are having a bad day. >> unless it's chronic and that's the way they see the world and the way they should feel entitled. >> i'm mad because i didn't say anything. why didn't i? because i don't say things. >> the older i get the more i speak. >> really? >> yeah. >> but you always -- you always speak. >> how about you, joy. >> i do, but i didn't always. it's not my place. if somebody is really, really being rude. do you get involved? >> you know what? i'm afraid now because what you see and stories you read about people that just pull out a gun and shoot you if they don't like what you're saying. >> thank you for that, joy. thank you. >> that's so good. anyway, don't judge. >> she is fun at cocktail parties, i've got to tell you. she is a million laughs at cocktail parties. >> i'm just kidding. >> joy, you're right. you're right.
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>> happy, happy, happy. have yourself a merry little christmas >> this will make you feel good. did you know this? that a donkey could smile? >> is thissed about the john stamos picture? >> no. you didn't get the right one for that apparently. >> this donkey was rescued from the floodwaters in ireland this week, and we decided to zoom in to find out -- can we get -- with can we zoom in. >> i think the woman is smiling. >> oh, it is. >> his eyes are smiling and his little -- >> oh. >> anyway, it was rescued and the rescuer posted on facebook so my -- they named him mike. >> mike? >> well, it was after one ever his rescuers. i don't think that's mike in the picture. you never know. >> can't show the stamos picture? >> you should check it out. >> i mean, it's been everywhere. we have special rules for our show. we can't show porn on our show.
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>> you have to pay for it. >> that's it. >> all right. we've been looking for regis all over our studio. i don't know if you know this but we've named our elf on the shelf regis. >> where is the elf? >> we never know where he's going to find him. >> kristine found him. first. >> one thing at a material. don't rush us. >> okay. set this picture of her dog echo and ember spotting regis. where was he? >> he was on the clean "x" box. >> in the christmas tree. >> we never know where she. >> keep your eyes peeled. apparently at last minute we paid $50 and we got the john stamos picture. >> okay. >> but we're still not going to let you see the whole -- >> come on. >> you know what. don't even -- down. >> if you're trying to hide that
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well, we want our $50 back because that was not -- >> the point is he has a very fine derriere. >> "paper" magazine who did the -- that kim -- >> it's called -- >> kim kardashian holding the cocktail and martini on her rear end. >> that's "paper" magazine. >> i want to see how we fuzzed out kim k's. we'll compare the two. >> coming up, it's not you, it's me. >> what your man really thinks and means by that when our guys tell all. >> and then it's hello dolly for country music superstar jennifer nettles. >> the grammy winner does something she's never done before, and she will tell us all about it right after this. she's adorable. >> love. all: milk! milk! milk! milk! milk! okay! fun's over. aw. aw. thirsty? they said it would make me cool. they don't sound cool to me. guess not. you got to stick up for yourself, like with the name your price tool. people tell us their budget, not the other way around.
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jennifer nettles is one of the biggest country music stars in the world and one half of the grammy award winning due ore sugarland. >> and is also a successful solo artist who saw her debut album
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>> and she's making her acting debut starring in the made for tv special of dolly parton's "coat of many colors." jennifer plays young followy's mom. >> hi. >> hello. >> good morning. i love being here. >> we love you doing something new. creative people often have to stretch it a little bit, right? >> shake it up. >> shake it up, sister. >> how did this come to you? >> it came through my agent and she picked up the phone and i said hello and she said dolly parton and i said, yes, what are we doing which is pretty much how it goes anything that dolly does, right. i did the reading and was blessed and was lucky enough to get the call back. dole gave the thumbs up and there we are. >> first time at acting, am i right? >> well, i grew up doing theater. >> theser. >> and then i just a wonderful opportunity to reenter that world earlier this year on broadway i did chicago. >> you were roxy. >> and my first full length feature and movie. >> how did you prepare for reading because that must have
11:15 am
>> i love doing it and love story telling anyway and all the performing arts so the reading wasn't as much of a preparation but for the role i did get to dig in a bit and have a conversation with dolly about her mom and about their relationship. too. >> an encyclopedia, that woman. >> absolute. >> i what was her mom like? how would you describe her? >> i asked her because, of course, the script is there and it's fantastic but that's able to be interpretive. was she serious, funny? how was she? she said she was all those things. my momma was me without the dwlit glitter and i said i got it. >> wow, wow, wow and our dear friend sam haskell produced. >> so, so precious. >> cody actually saw it the other night, my son was at the screeninging. how was it. >> he said it's fantastic. >> everybody is going to love it. >> i think so. >> i think it will be something for everybody in it. >> well, i'm excited because there is this adorable young girl. >> yes. >> who we love.
11:16 am
>> olivia alyn lind. >> i can't believe how cute you are. >> you are wearing the coat of many colors. >> from the movie. >> can we show a little clip of you so we can get an idea. >> sure, yeah. >> all right. let's take a look at the clip. >> you have been chosen to play little dolly in the movie. how's that? so you get the part, and i'm so honored and flattered. >> oh, my god! >> the did you think that you might have it? >> well, i was blown away. i was so excited and my mind was totally blank. >> it was. >> i wasn't thinking about anything.
11:17 am
out of my mind. >> how old are you, by the way? >> i'm 8, 8 years old. >> because you seem like a wise soul. have you been told that. >> thank you. >> that you're wise beyond your years? >> was this a fun project for you? >> oh, it was so much fun, and the parton family had like 12 kids so it was like so much fun getting to have like all the kids on set and everything and jennifer was so -- so, so sweet. >> you could be her daughter, your resemblance. >> a lovely, lovely young lady. >> you've been doing this all your life basically, right? you're not new to the business. >> she's got way more experience. >> i've been doing it since i was 3 years old. >> is that your mom over there? is that your mom. >> raise your hands. >> the one that looks like barbie. >> step out here, too. just come and step out because you're so adorable. >> got to be so proud of her.
11:18 am
>> the oh, my gosh. >> we worked -- >> you were my surrogate. >> okay. >> that's just weird. >> oh, my gosh. >> barbara was there on set every day with aly and it's -- she was also the wrangler of all the moms because shih like there's so many kids. >> we've got to scoot and thank you. we're so excited. thanks so much. >> "coat of many colors" premiers this thursday night at 9:00, 8:00 central right here on nbc. >> he can help fix up your home but can he fix your relationship? check out when our chip gaines joins our panel to answer the >> how exciting.
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do you wish that your guy would help you out more without having to ask? >> and is it getting on your last nerve.
11:22 am
and the guy of all mir gin, and the father of four and star of hgtv chip gaines. >> and married with three sons. >> and a ak ctor and comedian. >> you have a new show? >> a podcast. check it out. >> and the divorced dad. >> a bachelor who final ly ly put a ring on it. bob guinea. >> is that the engagement picture? >> yes, she stuffed cake in my face. >> and we go across the street. >> i'm heidi from houston, texas, and i'm wondering if you have a small dog and a big dog and shares your pillow. is that a dealbreaker? >> you r are talking about the dogs or the -- >> in the bed. >> are we talking about the real dogs. >> yes, real dogs in the bed. >> who shares the pillow, the
11:23 am
>> the big dog shares the pill in between the covers. >> if you love the girl, accept the dog. i went out with someone who had a dog, and she is said, i don't sleep with dogs, but now i sleep with dogs. >> and that is just him. >> rim shot. and is it delusional to expect my husband to help out once in a >> yes. >> and what about the deal if he is is not doing it voluntarily? >> well, once certain things get set in stone, it is hard to break them. you have to pick the battles. i think that as we said before, i know that my wife is not very good at dishwashing.
11:24 am
whatever comes out, it is what i accept. i and i will rewash it, and it is useless to have are a fight about the dish, because it is not her thing. >> and he not doing it voluntarily? >> i agree with the boys, once you start volunteering things, it is like, where does it stop? >> there you go. >> you to draw the line somewhere. >> and most of us are willing to do what we ask us to do, but we won't offer. >> and we don't want to be yelled at when we are wrong, we'd rather you tell us. that is what i am learning in the new relationship. it is working out. >> do you have a wedding date? >> no, we don't have one yet, but we are woshg >> okay. across? >> no. >> we will take a break and come back with more questions for the guys sticking around. >> and then chip is going to join the better half, and i didn't write that, joeian ma to create a festive table without
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it is boozeday tuesday and we are back with the guys who are ready to tell all. >> and newly married to hgtv and host chip gaines. >> and our guy s that s that are so sad. >> and allegedly bob guinea. >> and we don't know fit is really true. let's go across the street. >> and hey, i'm jennifer hemsly from union hills, north carolina, and my question is how do you get your husband on board after 27 years to get your goals accomplished. >> my goodness, 27 years and your goals are not accomplished yet? i would say it is hard to get
11:29 am
>> and clearly, whatever you are doing now, it is working great and stay the course. >> i am lucky to get to 27 weeks. >> 27! you have accomplished the goal i would think of staying together. right? >> i would say whatever it is, you sit down and have a very serious and open and heart felt but without any anger and re resentment, and this is what i really like to dand then you turn it back around and you say, what do you think that you can do to help us to get this, and hear what he has to say. >> do you agree, chip? >> very good. >> and what about if you were naked? >> running through butt naked will work for everything. >> goals, dishes, they answer to all of those problems. >> and carolyn says, i want to know what it means "it is not you shgs you, but it is me." >> it means it is you. he does not like you. >> and that is probably true, right right? >> yes.
11:30 am
>> hi, i'm andrea from virginia beach. i wanted to noe know what guys really want from their women for christmas? >> well, we talked about it. >> well, that is always the answer, what do you really want, and people think it is s eshgs xshgs xsex. and you are supposed to to be giving me sex all of the time, and don't keep me out on christmask because you want to substitute sex. i want 40 inch tv >> and sometimes it is not about the sex and the hunt and the chase, and sometimes it does not end in sex, but you r are tired are from the chase. >> that is my story. and you just deskrib cribed my next story. after you have run after the naked then i'm exhaust and pass out. >> yes, i'm 40. >> you guys are do doing it wrong then. i want to have sex and be rested. that is what i am saying.
11:31 am
>> you are the only person. >> i have never ever heard anybody say that. >> i want to buy it for myself, and you say, well, i can wait. and i keep waiting and the next thing that you know every single last pair has holes in the same place at the same time. >> and men don't like to buy underwear for themselves. >> and i have been with this man for # 1 years, and he is starting to irritate me. he calls me everything but my name. and the two are lover and sweetie and i asked him to stop. it looks like i crushed his world. i mow he means well, but help me. >> and honestly, this happens. and honestly, this has happen ed to me. he has forgotten your name. >> i knew you were going to say that. >> it happens at # 11 years you look up, and say, who the hell is that? >> oh, my.
11:32 am
>> and what is really going on there? lover is a wonderful thing to be to somebody, but sweetie. those are ren dearment. >> and trying to get a different feel in the relationship, and trying to, you know. >> trying to make her romantic, but i hate to say it, it is not mim, and what she is not dealing with, there is is resentment that she is harboring towards this man that she is not recognizing and now she is mad when she hears honey, and sweetie and honey, and it is like when somebody chews with their mouth open, but when you don't like them, it really brothers you. so a lot of information is really missing. >> e yes, and i don't know how she is saying lover and sweetie. >> yes. sorry, guys, always fun, but it is over. >> and if you have a question for the panel, go to and post it there. >> and coming up is joy philbin with an easy and tasty
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if you are throwing a holiday party, nothing sets the mood like a warm and inviting dinner table. and is so we brought in -- >> chip and johanna gaines. >> the king and the queen of home makeovers and on the hit show "fixer upper" they take rundown older properties and turn them into gorgeous living spaces with chip's construction of the houses, and johanna's eye for design and it is all done on a budget. >> i could watch that for hours. >> they have created a wonderful holiday table with festive statement. and merry christmas. your house? >> we have a big family and we around. >> and you can imagine that the table a alone is set for our family and then the grandparents
11:38 am
>> and so when we walk d ed in the overall vibe. >> and it is simple and not too much. >> when you are hosting, it is stress fl stressful the idea that you are to cook, a san diego the table needs to be something h that you do, but you are not stressed out about. so i always start with the place setting. i love to have unique chargers, and it is about layering. >> are those wooden? >> they are wooend chargers from pier 1. >> great stuff there. >> and you start to layer. >> yes, and i wanted to define each space, so i got some branches at the the local florist, and you can cut these from the backyard. >> yes, i get them every morning as i am out there cutting in the landscape, and it does not have to be perfect. and the mag mole ya leaf and we got them from the farm, and it can be shrubs or any hawthorne that you have out there >> and it smells beautiful, too, the pine. >> yes, and now that you have the greenery. >> you define the space, and obviously, you set the plates, and the napkin is what breaks it
11:39 am
i love do the red plaid for christmas, because it is classic. >> always. >> and if you like the clean look, chip can show you. >> johanna showed me this. >> wait, wait. >> don't question. in. >> and it is upside down though. >> perfect. there you go. >> and i do that and put it in the wine glass. >> i love that. >> i didn't know that. >> that because you don't come to under which is a lot. >> and this is enter spees under $50, and what i love is that you cut the greens and wherever you go to get your christmas tree -- all right. i threw out my back. >> it is the napkin. >> that is what i do, pretend to be injured. >> and the pines, and you incorporate the magnolia leaves, and then you put in the voeties, and if you ra really going to
11:40 am
there so that the wax won't be stuck to the votives. >> and the vases are all filled with water? >> yes, and dumbp in the cranberries. >> dump it in, hoda. just like that. excellent excellent. working lady. >> and now, the floating candles, and flop them in, and that is it. simple and toning and under $50. >> that oclever. that is a smart idea. d did you really throw your back out? >> no, i just say so. i did it in an episode and we had nurses all over to the country talking about heart conditions that i might have. it just an out of shape joke. >> and in is a beautiful table. >> and what is ra real are s is really is ber tain ing taining. and we forget the whole meaning of the gathering of the community of the people around >> and the memory. >> thank you, guy s s, so much. and have a merry christmas and awesome time.
11:41 am
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gloo in celebration of the holidays our today food team has pulled a great recipe from kathie lee's book called "good gifts, one year in the heart of a home." >> this book is celebration of life, love, food and faith and of course, delicious recipes and some of them are from my dear friend joy philbin. >> and she is here to make one of regis's favorites, pasta a la regis. >> guess who named that pasta? i first cooked it on the live hoe, and let's go through the time. and we have the broccoli and we are using the plimp today, and you want. these are bow ties and the very imple, and this is sun dried tomatoes.
11:45 am
>> don't leave out the white stuff. >> and three gloves of garlic. >> and you know, you never would want to burn garlic. >> do you love to cook? >> i love the cook. >> really in. >> i love the to cook italian really, but i cook a lot of different things, but i like to cook up in the country, because my kitchen is fantastic. >> in the city -- >> it is not so great. but not like kathie lee's kitchen, have you seen her kitchen? >> i don't know where it is, but i hear that i have one fwlchlt you have a fabulous one. i saw you in there once. >> and as i said, you can use the chick eb strips in -- chicken strips. >> and in the book, you used chicken. >> yes. and i like that you mix it up. >> i tried y d ied it the other night.
11:46 am
>> i will watch them, joy. >> and we are going to be removing the the shrimp and saute the brock coli flor rhetts, and cut them small enough so they all cook evenly. >> are we adding something? >> yes, the sun dried toe may itos. i love those. >> i do, too. >> and some red pepper flakes. >> just for a little flavor. >> right. not too much, and fresh chopped basil. is the stir that. >> what is this? >> a little wine. >> somebody said it. >> you are not supposed to say it, but thank you, joy. >> well, i just lost my voice. >> i will help you. >> and some chicken broth. i know that some people think that you shouldn't use like limp and i will tell you about -- to use like slim hrimp, and i will tell you about that later, but you
11:47 am
>> oh. >> and here we have the whole thing combined. isn't that delicious. >> it looks so good. >> i want to put in a half a pound, because i like a saucey pasta. this is a half a pound of cooked bow ties. >> got it. >> and if you need a little bit more liquid, you can take some from the water from the pasta, because it adds some thickness. >> okay. >> and you stir this up. and the little grated parmesan. >> that is it, baby. so delicious. hoda can't have -- >> well, here i will have one of these without the cheese. >> okay. thank you. >> and a bowl. >> and joy, this is looking delicious. >> why does regis call you baby joy? >> i don't really like that to tell you the truth. and i wish that kathie lee would stop calling me bay by joy. >> do you pree fer baby or
11:48 am
>> i don't know why resays that to me. >> because he adores you. >> and how long have you been married? >> well, 40-something years. i don't know how it happened. >> because you laugh. you laugh all of the time. >> and you know, regis is funny in the morning, and it is all downhill. he is used to the morning shows, and so he is at the best in the morn morning. >> if you want the recipe go to and if you want the to purchase a gift, go to good, and all of the army. let's break $1 million, everybody.
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we are ringing in another toy drive, our 22nd annual, and it is off to a fantastic tart
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gh and we have partners with us, and like au bon who has been donating for 30 years. >> and in e hee, i -- in here, i have two young ladies -- >> open it up, because they may not be able to breathe. >> oh no. tell us how this happened? >> these young ladies have participated in the workshop that held at the jcc in rockland, new york, and they came in with their parents today to be here. they very much love this workshop that they went through about girls empowerment, and they -- what was your favorite thing that you did? >> my favorite part was the self-defense, because it teaches you how the defend yourself. >> and yours? >> i liked meeting the other girls fwlchlt that is really good. >> explain what you do for empowering women.
11:53 am
three years ago and raised thank pos the jen ros thanks to the generosity of the employees, we have are raised $300,000 and helped 90,000 teens. >> and you can go to the pop up store or donate online at k lshgs lg and >> and we will find out why andy feeling nostalgic.
11:54 am
>> jadiann: breaking news. new information about what might have made college students sick after they ate at chipotle in boston. we will be live. crews bringing down a house in lynn after a fire kills four people inside. >> someone puts a diamond ring in the salvation army's red kettle. >> jeremy: cloudy skies in the city of boston.
11:55 am
forecast up next. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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