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tv   Today  NBC  December 9, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EST

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this morning on "today's take" who is the person of the year? surprising choice. then the must-see viral videos of 2015 that had everyone talking and clicking. plus, we'll help you deck the halls with easy diy decorating ideas. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from stewed yo 1a in rockefeller playsa. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning, december the 9th, fwst. nice big crowd out on the plaza.
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al, willie and natalie. our morning jam is a special one as we celebrate with our friends celebrating hannukah. this is the hannukah jam. >> sent to knee from one of our virus called "dance all night" by betsy hirsch and roberta smithline and there's no real hannukah jam so you can't really -- we're going to post it and give it some proper love. >> i like it. >> it's like a donna summer -- >> what does it have to do with hannukah. >> the lyrics. >> i can't heart lyrics. >> like the little ball and the ball goes along. >> it's the hannukah lights. >> maybe if we stop talking and they play it out. raise your hands dance all night >> okay. >> there is a classic hannukah song and add am sandler wrote it
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>> is there no room? >> they said a classic janel. >> there's a fourth version. >> i love that my viewers sent this to us. >> we're not dissing it. >> i'm kidding. >> sandler. >> here's the adam sandler song. >> oh, no, you're losing it. you and jeffrey tambor said yesterday we eat allotted on this show. martha stewart gave us the best cookies ever. >> they are beautiful. >> it's unbelievable. nice. >> my christmas cookies never look like that. >> because it's martha stewart. >> she has elves, too, that help. >> martha's cookies when you open the box, a glow comes out. >> like ah. >> i actually feel bad eating the cookies. you can have some. >> it's lovely. >> season of sharing. >> maybe if donald trump got one of these. >> hot off the presses news.
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a lot of people weighed n.saw the finalists, had eight of them from all walks of life, black lives matter activists and international leaders like vladimir putin and donald trump right in the middle of it all and who did "time" pick? here's the big reveal, it's version very exciting. >> boom. >> you say that exciting. >> are you excited by that? >> you know what, she has done a lot. >> the so you're excited about if? >> i do think the choice is -- i mean, it's interesting. i do think it's certainly -- >> yeah sglrks know, for better or worse as they say. >> right. >> she has had a tremendous impact for the million refugees that she's opened germany to to take them in and i think she's really started the whole conversation about the refugee crisis. >> and there haven't been enough women. >> i think willie is talking
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this is something that stirred controversy, conversation and people likely wouldn't run out to grab "time." we know her resume. >> i'm saying this year, is she the first person that jumps to your mind? >> you know donald trump was surprised by it. >> donald trump has just tweeted, speaking of hot off the presses. >> i told you "time" magazine would never pick me as person of the year despite being the favorite. they picked the person who is ruining germany. >> by allowing the million people into the country perhaps is what he's referencing. >> will be one of his closest allies if he becomes president of the united states. have to patch that up later. >> stable mate putin didn't win. he refers to putin as their stable mate because they were both on "60 minutes" but not in the same room or anywhere near and was the highest rated "60 minutes" and not a good game on before. >> he said he's been on the most
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model in the world, so he didn't make one cover. >> that was a good trump, i like that. >> what else we got? >> so we all love apps, love the app thing. apple unveiled their best of 2015 and top three downloaded trivia crack, messenger from facebook and dub smanchlt remember . remember how that works. >> buhler, buhler. you're the one i want something strange in the neighborhood ghostbusters >> i love that. >> the do you play trivia crack? >> we going to play. >> this is today's take versus season. you hit spin and there are different cat griggs, like five categories, sports, arts, okay. so here we go. and i say play.
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is men for drying quickly and being very elastic, oil, water color, pastel, acrylic. >> akrillic. >> and we hit acrylic, and the, boom, correct. you keep playing until you're wrong. you're playing against other people. >> i like that. >> top iphone app heads up from >> i love that. i love that. >> it's like charades. >> that's really cool. >> said let's play but we >> i have it. i've got it. >> let me get it here real quick. this is great. >> cookies, cookies. >> speaking of -- since it is the holiday season, as i am slowly -- the wi-fi in here is not good. >> anyway, you've seen it on good. >> here we go. >> come on, kristine. >> there you go. boom.
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>> we'll see them in the monitors so -- okay. forget about it. it's all good. >> walk away at this point. it's good. watch it on ellen and then can you download it. >> it's a good game. you ready for a little secret santa time. >> they are in there. that went well. >> what did martha stewart put in these cookies i? blame you, martha stewart. >> what did you put it in. >> have you thought about your gifts for your colleagues. >> not even. >> 94% of people are stress being out about picking and 39% believe their co-workers have regifted. >> there's nothing wrong with regifting. regifted? >> i didn't always but why waste something or put it in a closet. >> recycling.
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it's re-giving. >> office depot did that survey. >> it's time for our secret santa so obviously with four of us it's not so secret usually but go ahead, al. >> if you pick your own name -- >> price limit this year. >> oh, wait, wait, wait. i got two. it's all one. >> wait, i got myself again. got myself again. >> you always get sglurs okay. i'm good. >> i'm good. >> i'm good. >> good. >> all right. >> this is so exciting. we're going to exchange gifts on christmas day. $40. >> good. >> good. >> the let's do it again. >> no. >> did you get yourself. >> no. >> let's do it again? >> you don't like your pick? >> i got this person twice. >> the merry christmas. the spirit of the season.
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the pacific northwest, today's storm and then we've got another big storm coming in on thursday. difference with this one as opposed to the one that's coming in on thursday the precipitation moves to the south so we're going to watch all this wet weather coming in early today and heavy rain and snow for idaho and montana and snow will finally break for the coast and then thursday, this next one moves inland and gets as far south as the sierra which is great news for the snow pack. rainfall going as far and just even south of san francisco. the heaviest rain though going to be along the organize northwest california coast. some areas there will get 7 inches of rain and look at the snow. great news for the sierra. the snow pack getting build up anywhere from 1 to 3 feet and maybe in some areas 4 feet of snow. that's terrific news and why we were expecting this in an el >> good morning.
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there, a few peeks of sun, but not as much wind as yesterday. tomorrow morning, more clouds, and a passing sprinkle in the morning and sun in the afternoon. look at the temps tomorrow. headed for the upper 50s tomorrow. boston, 47, and then sunshine in the city 58. nashua, 55 and low 50s, more of the same on saturday. weather. good. >> she said they were made yesterday. so they are super fresh. >> you could live on this for the next week or two. >> should do that for a living. >> she would be good. >> she has a magazine. >> coming up next, if you love carpool karaoke or love a good frank, boy, are you going to
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it's been another year of big and funny viral videos. >> so we're taking a look back at some of the most talked about videos with the head of culture an trends at youtube. kevin, good morning. >> good morning. >> good to see you. >> lots to look back and go over. let's start with top ten. number nine, the dover, delaware police dashcam where the cop was singing "shake it off." >> police officer from delaware james jeff davis and caught on his dashboard camera singing taylor swift. seen a lot of kind of these lip synch videos over the year, very popular for a long time but this is the most the unexpected ones. >> has a daughter. >> and that's why he knew the words to the song. >> happening around the top ten. only time for five of them. number six, carpool creaky with the biebs. >> geesh and james cordin from the "late, late show." >> a big year for bieber, always popular on youtube. late night shows in general, three of the top ten clips from
10:15 am
the amount of time people spent watching on youtube was nearly double. >> too late for some of us to watch and that's how he love it. >> love that james corden has made his mark with this sketch. >> not just great clips and very shareable. >> pick your favorite. jennifer hudson at a drive through or maybe it was five guys. that's a great bit. >> number three, a prank from roman atwood. >> this is the crazy plastic ball prank, so this is where he fills his entire house and made a giant ball pit to bring his wife when she came hope. one of youtube's most popular pranksters, 8 million subscribers on his youtube channel. biggest video he put out this year. >> i want to know what the cleanup was like. >> who had to do it. >> number two, a super bowl commercial which i still -- makes me -- makes me laugh out loud. >> clash of clans revenge. an ad from the super bowl, liam neeson is in it.
10:16 am
fourth time that we've had a super bowl ad make the list. after the big game people come to youtube. >> got hear the speech. >> from liam. >> it's liam. >> you will regret the day that you crossed angry neeson 52. >> great ad. >> and the number one of 2015 is -- >> the top trending video of 2015 is "watch me whip, watch me n'-nae, the dance trend of the year, a video from a 5-year-old dancer who is adorable. this video has been watched over 100 million times. we saw tens of thousands of people uploading videos relating to the dance trend. let's watch her do her thing here. >> watch me, watch myrick boom, watch me. beach. okay. okay. watch me, watch me. watch me.
10:17 am
is her mom is actually a choreographer so she's got built-in moves there. >> grew up in a family of dancers, yeah. >> fantastic. kevin, thanks so much. and if you want to check out all the top ten trending videos of 2015 head to coming up next, which reality tv couple is expecting? we've got the my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis made a simple trip to the grocery store anything but simple. so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults saw 75% skin clearance. and the majority were clear or almost clear in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment,
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get your mugs up, still remodeling the nightclub. do you see we've added a star, for you at home. it's hump day and let's pop up our glasses "pop fix." ching-ching. it must be true. really can't put baby in the corner. 28 years after the original movie abc is work on a new three-hour version of "dirty dancing" starring the great jennifer gray and patrick swayze.
10:22 am
role of swayze, abigail breslin has been tapped to play baby. the news comes as nbc's "wiz live" delivered ratings gold with a whopping 11.5 million viewers tuning in to nbc to check it out. one key difference though, the new "dirty dancing" will not be live. i think that's a good idea because you don't want to practice that lift and it go wrong on tv. kelly clarkson must have won the christmas battle of cards here because look what she's done. the singer revealed her family's epic "game of thrones" themed holiday card yesterday which featured kelly, her husband brandon and their kids in full costume with the famous #winteriscoming. i love kell clarkson for so many reasons but this card is amazing. take a look. 17-month-old river is not quite in the vibe. look at her with the big smile on the face, adorable while the rest of the family stays in
10:23 am
posing and while fans of the hbo show got a glimpse of the upcoming series when the network released three new seconds of footage "game of thrones" returns in april. and tell me through twitter do you believe snow is alive. >> i think he's alive. >> and a bachelor baby is on the way. congratulations to sean lowe and catherine who got together and the reality show built on love. got married last year in a live television special. the couple revealed yesterday they are expecting their first child posting matching pictures on instagram and congratulations to them. see, you can find love on a reality show. there you have t.guess what else we love. patty labelle and her biggest fans are now teaming up, and this is incredible. james wright shinnel who rose to
10:24 am
appear live with patti labelle on the cooking channel and just for you, we've got a clip. >> the say my name. >> the patti, patti, what's your name? patti, patti. >> listen, patti labelle "holiday pies" premiers on the cooking channel on december 16th. if you don't smile when you see, that good news for peat pie lovers, willie geist somewhere in this building. yesterday the ceo of walmart confirmed new shipments of the uber popular desserts have arrived in stores nationwide. we deliver the goods to you in "pop fix." holiday decor for your front door and more easy diy ideas
10:25 am
what, you stayed when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i' m checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there.
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taking a look at headlines. the fbi is investigating whether one of the shooters in last week's san bernardino massacre had planned an earlier attack. nbc news has learned that syed farook may have talked about hitting a different california targeted back in the 2012, and that may suggest that farook was radicalized long before he met and married his wife and accomplice tashfeen malik. meanwhile farook's parents have been put on a terror watch list as a precaution. police and air force officials in georgia are trying to find two afghan trainees who are missing. the two were assigned to moody air force base and failed to show up for work on monday.
10:28 am
said two were screened before they arrived in the u.s. more than a year oak and do not pose an apparent threat. new figures from the government show life expectancy in the u.s. has stayed the same for three years in a row. a baby born last year can expect to live an average of 78.8 years. life expectancy for women is 81.2 years. for men it's 74.6 years. heart disease and cancer deaths were down but deaths from alzheimer's disease were up. apple has reportedly sheffield plans for a live tv streaming service. apple had planned to offer a bundle of about 14 channels for $0 to $40 a month but according to bloomberg it ran into resistance from media companies content. so for now the report says apple will focus on providing a marketplace where companies sell shows and movies to customers through its app store. the new "star wars" movie didn't come out for another nine days, but that hasn't stopped
10:29 am
line a little bit early. take a look outside the scene outside the famed chinese theater. the line started forming over the weekend. "star wars" the force awakens" december 18th and we're counting down and can't wait. >> and in other news. >> yes. >> natalie, you cooked up this delicious apple galette. >> rustic apple pie, walnuts, pears, and the crust is homemade and you make a savory version as well and boast res dee peas on >> part of the food sgleem are they as good as martha's cookies? >> still very warm. >> isn't it delicious? >> anyone. >> take a whiff of that. >> all right. >> why don't you take that over to the harlem globetrotters, you guys want some. you can have some.
10:30 am
>> hey. in the meantime. where 's the snow. what the heck. back december 8, 2013, 58% of the country had an average of over 3 inches of snow on it. last year 70.9% had an average depth of 1.2% and now we're under 15% of the country covered by an inch of snow. they like it camera. you took a bite and just replay what you just did >> that's after eating. >> there you go. >> i don't know if >> jeremy: good morning. for the day, a lot of clouds out there. a few >> good morning. for the day, a lot of clouds out there, a few peeks of sun, but not as much wind as yesterday. 43-48, tomorrow morning, more clouds, and a passing sprinkle in the morning and sun in the afternoon.
10:31 am
tomorrow. today, boston, 47, and then bedford 46, sunshine in the city 58. nashua, 55 and low 60s, more of the same on saturday. >> and that's your late weather. ladies. >> all right. a thank you very much. if you've not already deck the the has of your home then carve out some time this weekend because we're about to show you some easy diy decor. >> the founder and ceo of life-style company is going to show us three places to focus your attention to make the most impact. >> happy holidays. two. >> i'm masking it. >> no, no, no. >> that's an extra busy holiday season. >> the easiest ideas that i have.
10:32 am
attention to your door, so easy. >> for those who don't know how to make wreaths. all you need to do is glue cookie cutters together. don't use hot clock or use a metal binding glue and tie it up with a bow. >> that's adorable. >> and reusable and take it out against next year. >> if you love gingerbread, these are tight filled with poly fill, the stuff that you put in pillows and wooden dowels to stick in a planter, good afternoon it with sugar and think of it as a snow effect. and these are just cardboard boxes with moss wrapped up with l.e.d. lights and ribbon. >> cool. >> the fireplace mantle, a great place for decorations and i love
10:33 am
>> a big trick to maximize your mantle. a curtain rod under neat here and being held by the stocking holders. hang so much more on a curtain road and if you have a lot of kids and want to show off your cards on the mantle. >> looks more fashionable. >> that way you can also take advantage of the top of your mantle. see the beautiful bark candle. we gold foiled them and you can find these on amazon. really, really easy. take my good friend mr. mogge podge and start painting over the candle and this is usome stuff, gold foil. let it get tacky and dry. the gold goes face down and once you let it go for 20, 30
10:34 am
>> rust inning and elegant look. >> rustic chic. >> okay. the table. if you want to get the kids involved. one fun trick is to have them make the snow flakes and tape or glue them together to make a runner. >> and i love the little ornaments. cute. >> so instead of traditional place cards. our over here. hot glue come washers and little elf yourself bodies. >> and then the peppermint. >> the peppermint platter. >> so fun. put pupper mints inside a cake pan and melt it down and mold it on top of a bowl. that i've seen.
10:35 am
like bri morris, thank you so much. >> and congratulations, happy holidays to you and britt is taking over our pinterest board so for details check it out g.have fun on pinterest, on our board. coming up next, traveling for holidays and wrapping all the snow is starting to fall... and all the decorations are just right. the presents have all been opened... and our loved ones are gathered all around. so share that extra joy in your heart... and make this christmas even more special than the last. walmart has everything you'll need for a christmas meal they'll never forget. share wonder every day.
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you may not even think about the energy that lights up your world. but we do. we're exxonmobil. and the cleaner-burning natural gas we produce generates more of our electricity than ever before... ...helping dramatically reduce america's emissions. because turning on the lights, isn't as simple as just flipping a switch. energy lives here. are you planning to travel, wrap gifts or dance in the coming week? >> or all of the above? >> there's a group of activities simultaneously. we'll learn half a dozen great hacks who will help you this season. >> expert brandy maloy is here.
10:39 am
life. >> if you're anything like me i love to eat and work and i'm eating my doritos and so forth. >> crumbs. >> all sorts of thing and instead of tossing the post-it note and grab the sticky side and run it through the keys and you get ada had a moment. >> and then you have a snack. >> and you get all that nasty stuff because sometimes i'll type and a key gets stuck and this saves your day. >> what are we doing here? >> don't want to ruin your manicure, this is a life safer so everyone take a staple remover. these rim possible to open up. >> i sometimes go to my neighbor's house to have him open it because i can't do it because i can't mess up the manny and you crab it and use the claw on the staple remover to separate the key wring and hey, mom, want to come by my
10:40 am
kidding, you can take the key off without ruining your nail polish. >> unbelievable. >> save the manny, america. >> wrapping paper, it's everywhere. it's a disaster and the last thing you want to do is like get upset so grab the rapping paper i want to save it while you're wrapping. take a toilet paper roll and slice it down the center and use it as a little holder. >> the you want to save the paper, right? >> look at that. >> the you won't get so frustrated when you're wrapping gifts. >> this will wait change you travel. >> have you ever been waiting at baggage claim and you see all your stuff everywhere and hope
10:41 am
a great way to keep the zippers together. use paper clips. won't let you lock up your thing and take the paper clip and one it through one of the zippers and zip it as tight as possible and then use the other side to connect the two and you won't be sad that stuff got out of there. >> forgot your wireless blue tooth speaker and want to pump up the jam. >> this can save you as a party. used it. >> can bump up everything. i'm going to amp fight music using my smartphone and a beer glass. let's hear it now. >> my favorite sglong here we go. watch and learn, guys. >> oh, my god. >> unbelievable. >> did someone throw a disco ball down? >> hey, you are amazing. >> make sure you finish your beer before you do that. >> right, right.
10:42 am
>> isn't that the best. you saved the party. >> thank you so much. >> coming up next, the legendary trotted trot showing off their skills and teaching us a few tricks beyond the ones that brandy just showed us after these messages. when the flu hits, it's a really big deal. the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal? everything you miss out on... family pizza night. the big game. or date night. why lose out to the flu any longer than you have to? prescription tamiflu can help you get better 1.3 days faster. that's 30% sooner. call your doctor right away. and attack the flu virus at its source with prescription tamiflu. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in
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to feel this special... you need to eat this special. i love it kellogg's special k... ...made with whole grains and fiber help a body thrive. i love it folic acid and vitamin d... make a body feel this good. start your day with 150 nourishing calories... a bowl of special k. i love it eat special, feel special. discover more ways to eat special ...with special k. >> okay. willie just called me out saying i have no game. >> well, we'll see. >> yeah, yeah. >> have the world famous harlem globetrotters.
10:46 am
they are celebrating 90 years of skilled showmanship and winning performances in front of millions of fans, six continents and in 122 countries and territories. a lot of numbers. >> earlier just between some of the players, climbed high above madison square garden in new york city to show off their stuff. >> unbelievable. >> that's incredible. >> and the celebration is the best part. let's see one more. >> all right. let's welcome big easy lawson and cheese chis yom and moose weeks and hawk thomas. ladies, gentlemen, good to see you. >> good morning. >> we'll step aside and let you do your thing and then come back.
10:47 am
>> hey, hey. >> hey. >> oh, my gosh. >> around the globe. nice. >> he can do that all day. >> that's a good gif. keep doing that. can't move. >> the he can do that all day. >> oh, man, so fun to watch you guys perform. 90 years of the harlem globetrotters. what does it mean for you all to
10:48 am
>> legacy that we, have 90 years, like i said and guys like wilt chamberlain and curly haines paved the way and the fact that we're trying to make another 90 years, big's, cheese, t & t and doing things like new york fashion week, meeting the pope and doing collaboration with stomp and i like to see history and do so many things ambassadors. >> you are there. one of three female players. talk about pie neerts. you keep these guys in line? >> somebody has to do it. >> i'm loving it. >> so honored to be part of this team. 90th consecutive year and hopefully we'll get 990 more and keep the torch lit that all the people ahead of us lit so we're just excited about this year coming up, truly exciting. >> we'll have a face-off and it's not hair and hair because you and moose have the best hair but we'll have a face-off. >> i talked a lot, i hope i can
10:49 am
>> willie says he's got game. >> you go first. >> you go first. >> okay. >> the money cheese. >> okay. >> they are going to go first. >> i'm going to go, go behind the back, under the leg, turn around and shake it to the left, shake it to the right. >> i'm laughing at this the. >> go, willie. >> behind the back under the leg and shake it. >> wait, wait, wait. >> go over, go over. >> you can do over. >> no, no, no do overs. >> okay. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. i'm good. >> i got you. >> that was perfect. >> cheese, i let you down, man.
10:50 am
>> he's taking the change-maker. >> tone it down. >> i think we'll give it to the lady. >> the tnt. >> guys, thanks so much for being here. we love you. come back any time. congrats on 90 years of the harlem globetrotters. >> we love you guys. >> back in a moment. >> come on, willie. shake people are working harder than ever, but the everyday cost of perscriptions, child care, or even just buying groceries can be a stretch for too many families. hillary's plan: raise the minimum wage, get equal pay for women, cut taxes for the middle class, and new incentives for business to share profits with employees instead of just rewarding ceos. those at the top are doing just fine. it's your family that needs a raise. i'm hillary clinton, and i
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10:53 am
if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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