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tv   Today  NBC  December 10, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EST

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this morning on "today's take," the golden globe nominations are in. which of your favorite shows and stars made the cut? a girl asked sanity to bring ta to bring her daddy home for christmas. we go one on one with country legend dolly parton. all that and more now. >> aouncer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." it's thursday morning, december 10th, 2015. i hope your day is off to a good
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i'm willie with al, natalie and tamron. classic one this morning, natalie. >> 15 days to go. counting down, so i figured, let's lay it on now. right? we have the tree behind us, great christmas holiday crowd on the plaza. here you go. my little christmas song for you. >> brenda lee bringing it this very nice. the press. >> golden globe nominations. >> here's an interesting thing, i think for the first time in the history of the golden globes, if you watched broadcast network television, you didn't see a golden globe nominated tv series comedy. best tv series, "casual" in hulu. "orange is the new black," netflix netflix. "silicon valley," hbo. "veep" and "transparent." also, by the way, for best
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our good friend who is on the -- is not on the phone? >> he's going to call us though because he watches the show every morning. jeffrey, call us. >> jeffrey, call us. i'm sorry. i thought he was on the phone. >> we're trying to get him on the phone. >> we've got, let's see -- >> best motion picture drama. >> "carol." having a big season. "mad max fury road." >> they're saying this was a surprise for this category, because it was a blockbuster. it is incredible. >> i've got to see it. i have yet to see it. >> i'll tell you what, it's quietly been winning some of these smaller awards in the lead up to the golden globes and oscar. best picture awards. >> "spotlight." >> amazing. >> doing really well. ly ly dicaprio.
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show a couple times. "room "room" is another one, a lot of people haven't seen it, but it is intense. brie larson is incredible in that role. >> best picture comedy musical. "the big short," "joy," "the martian." >> i don't know if that's a comedy. >> didn't laugh much in it. >> no. >> "spy." >> love it. >> "trainwreck." >> melissa mccarthy, amy schumer, queens of comedy. >> the two of them should share it. >> "spy" was so good. >> if you want to get happy this weekend, put the tree up or finish the tree, put in "spy." the scene of her on the vespa. >> people have a lot of tv/movie watching to do after this list came out. >> i saw "trumbo." it was terrific. everybody is talking about leonardo dicaprio in "the
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also, eddie redmayne. >> "the revenant" isn't out in theaters yet. >> somebody saw it. >> will smith back on the scene. >> michael fassbender, "steve jobs." >> best actor nods in dramas. let's look at best actress, too. we've done the best actor. actress in drama. cate blanchett for "carol." brie larson in "room." rooney mara, also in "carol." two in the same category. >> apparently, according to earlier, the golden globe folks changed this to be listed as best actress. >> you had her own earlier a couple weeks ago. ronan in "brooklyn," apparently, incredible actress. >> one of the most charming people we've ever had on the show. >> heart her. she is great.
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>> vikander from "the danish girl." >> tv series. "empire," "game of thrones," "mr. robot," "outlander," "narcos." you can go on a marathon with "narcos." it's why they developed the marathon television concept. it's brilliant. it's a tough one, but i'll go with "narcos." >> "empire" is nominated for a lot of stuff. >> phenomenal. pablo was nominated for best actor in a tv series drama. >> best tv series, comedy or drama. "casual," "orange is the new silicone valley." all streaming shows. incredible. >> i'll bring up one thing.
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the best supporting actor drama. sylvester stallone was nominated for "creed." there was an audible gasp. i believe he's going to be the favorite. the sentimental favorite, the heart string favorite, and he was phenomenal in "creed." >> i was surprised by how good this movie was. i kind of thought, going back to "rocky "rocky," but it was terrific. >> we've seen stallone in the action movies, but this was a great drama. >> we're working on getting the nominees on the phone. as soon as they call in -- >> jeffrey, call us. >> john hamm, best actor in a tv drama. >> well deserved, absolutely. >> as we wait for our friends to call us, hollywood. >> nobody calls us, does that
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friends in the military. willie geist last night hosting the armed forces gala and gold medal dipper. nner. tell us about it. >> it's great. the uso loves you, al, and they love you. you did the show with jay leno last year. it's a great event. you have generals, you have former joint chiefs of staff, you have medal of honor recipients, jack jacobs, and all the men andveterans, as well. there was a moment, i'm wearing this bracelet today, i don't know if you can see it, i think we have a picture of it, as well. army specialist carlos gonzalez, 101st airborne, killed in 2006 while serving in iraq. left behind a wife and 1-year-old daughter. his mother came up to me last night and said, it's been almost ten years since i lost my son. it's still hard to wake up in the morning, hard to get out of bed, but, she said, when you guys come on at 9:00, it gives
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it lifts me up, and it helps me up. i have to tell you, natalie, her favorite part of the show, dark natalie. all she wanted to talk about. >> i love you, ms. gonzalez. >> we loves you all, too. it was moving to hear her say, sometimes i wake up and i can't believe it's still real that i don't have my son, but you allow me to smile a little bit, especially when dark natalie shows up. we love you back. thank you. >> i'll bring it back a little more for her. >> maybe you can call her. >> call her as dark natalie, surprise her. well, she's watching so we can't surprise. give her our love. >> i have to share this video. men and women fighting for the country, and a lot won't be home for the holidays. one soldier, trent, went to make his homecoming special, wanted to do it for his family, daughters. he enlisted santa. older daughter told santa she wanted her daddy home for
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here's what happened next. >> when i say the magic words, you open your eyes, okay? open your eyes. >> daddy! [ applause ] >> ho, ho, ho! >> that is the best. >> trent baskerville. thank you for bringing that us. i had to watch it a couple times in my office to get the emotions out so we could do it on tv. >> so beautiful. >> here's an incredible -- i mean, we love high school athletics. a lot of us played. you played high school basketball. >> sure. >> have you seen a shot like this? done a shot like this? >> not even close. >> this is a game-winning shot like you haven't seen. out of austin high school in austin, minnesota.
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om oman gets the rebound to nail that. three points puts them over to win. they defeated northfield high school. congrats to oman oman. >> oh, man, oh, man! >> half of the room are stunned, in their seats, can't move. >> you can take that shot a million times and maybe make it once. >> i think we have brie larson on the phone right now, nominated for "room." are you on with us? >> we have to pay our bill. >> we have no friends. >> maybe not. >> we have friends. >> i'm going to go do the weather and maybe somebody will call. >> call us if you're a friend of call. >> ms. gonzalez, call us. >> we're looking at this storm system. another system coming into the pacific northwest. next three days, there's a storm behind that. look at the rainfall along the oregon-california coast.
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some areas may pick up 7 inches or more. mudslides and debris flow possible. we'll be watching that. the really good news is we're going to see a ton of snow in the sierra and the cascades. especially in the sierra. that will help the snow pact as we get into next spring, as well. on the other hand, we've got on saturday, 23 million people at risk for severe storms. super cells in the afternoon. possible tornadoes. rainfall amounts, anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain, from central texas to western and central arkansas. that's >> good morning, a lot of clouds and a few sprinkles thus far this morning. they will wind down quickly in the morning hours, and sunshine developing in the middle part of the day. mild day. temperatures this morning in the middle 40s. and this afternoon, upper 50s and close to 60. the normal high is 43, and we're above that. boston, 59. tomorrow, more of the same, rain
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morning, and then sun in the afternoon, 60 tomorrow and low 60s on saturday. >> that is your latest weather. and we have someone on the phone! >> a friend. >> somebody who i love. >> gina rodriguez, congratulations for your golden globes nominations for "jane the virgin" on the cw. >> thank you. i love you guys. >> she rapped with us and salsaed with with us. >> her speech last year had us in tears. >> it was beautiful. >> to be honest, i couldn't have asked for more. i really am driving to work right now, just so super thankful. i'm going to make sure i work my tush off today, to not make it for nothing. pretty exciting. i'm shaking, so i'm trying to keep my hands on the steering wheel.
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>> gina, how did you hear about it? >> hands free, of course. i promise. >> how did you hear the news, gina? >> well, i had a 6:00 a.m. call this morning. i was up at about 5:15. my best friend was sleeping over at my house to keep my company, so i don't freak out and i actually sleep. she was in the living room listening to it, and i couldn't bring myself to walk over. i started pouring myself coffee. then they called my name, and i pretty much dropped to the kitchen floor and started crying. it was kind of ridiculous and amazing. yeah, i heard from afar, from the kitchen to the living room. >> you won last year, and you're there again at the big dance. congratulations. >> got to start working on the speech again. >> thank you for your support. >> we'll see you. >> bye, gina. >> we also have brie larson on the phone, i'm told. we just mentioned, nominated for best actress for the "room."
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>> what the heck, you guys? >> come on, you were expecting this. i mean, that performance was -- and you were here on the show to talk about that movie. it is absolutely phenomenal. it's a movie that is so emotionally wrenching. how does it feel, to be a nominee now? >> i can't even figure this whole thing out. i mean, i'm in hawaii right now so i had to get up at 3:00 a.m. i was sitting in between my parents, and i still can't tell if this is a dream or not. i had a realistic dream yesterday, where i ate a whole bag of chips. >> you deserve the bag of chips. and the range here, you have your nomination for "room" and the movie you were in, one of the funniest of the year, "trainwreck." you talk about the range of your life. we said when you visited us, this was your year. does it feel as special, even though it's surreal? >> it feels so special.
10:15 am
i could have ever imagined. to be able to be nominated myself, but also know i'm surrounded by so many people i love. i have so many wonderful people i know that are nominated. to have "trainwreck" nominated and know that judd and amy will awesome. it's amazing. >> it's been an incredible year for you, and we have a feeling this is the beginning of the good news this award season. early. go back to bed in hawaii. >> enjoy. >> hello. ahola. >> thanks a lot. back with more, including
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and sometimes, there's no way to share this. so you're doing it online in a master >> ushering in the world's new talent, giving them an opportunity through a lot of my own personal experiences. this is, you know, years and years of experience. now, i want to offer it. i want to inspire those out there who want to be an entertainer, and see if you have what it takes and give you the tools you need to be great as a performer. this is the art of performance, all wrapped in a master class. you guys can go to master and learn about what it is to be a master. >> i love the concept. not just now, but you have serena williams, james patterson teaching writing. a lot of masters. >> dustin hoffman, as well. >> acting. >> think about it, in journalism, you wanted to learn what it was, what were the tricks of the trade. you have to look at television and figure out what it is. to have it spelled out for you right there, i mean, so many people think they know what it
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i'm showing you exactly what it takes. >> anyone can -- lucy, willie's daughter, is a hip hop princess, ready to be the queen, can she -- >> she takes hip hop dance and loves usher, or as we call him, usher. what is she going to see? >> there's a chapter on dance, captivating the audience, meditation. a lot of what i've said in my introduction. if you thought you were just getting a dance class, you're getting that and then some. a lot of this can be applied to life, from the transition for me from music to acting on broadway, i track that. beginnings. i kind of give them a performance to give you an understanding of what was going on and what took place in the process. she can get a lot, yeah. she can learn about dancing. >> she loves you. >> you assign homework and critique. >> yes, there is homework. >> before you go, your son's >> yes.
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with olay, you age less. so you can be ageless. olay. ageless. we've got another golden globe nominee on the phone. our buddy jeffrey tambor is with us. nominated for best actor in a comedy musical for congratulations, sir. >> hi. thank you. congratulations is great. i have to get something off my chest. >> yes. >> i was so excited, and we had such a good time, that i accidentally -- and i'm looking at it right now -- i accidentally stole a "today" cup. >> mug? >> it's okay. >> confession. >> it's our present to you as a congratulations. we knew, we felt you'd be nominated. it was our gift to you already. >> i'm sorry. >> we will always fill your cup for you. >> it's getting a lot of money
10:25 am
>> jeff, you won last year. how does it feel this time around? >> you know, it's so wonderful. i'm so honored. the hollywood foreign press has been so supportive. they've -- they're so cool. then to nominate the show, it's such an ensemble effort. then it's a good day. today is my kid's birthday. >> wow. >> usher was just on, and it was his son's birthday. your son's birthday. >> in honor of you and your nomination, we're eating on your behalf. >> we love you, jeffrey. >> congratulations. >> jeffrey, congratulations o looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes
10:26 am
news this morning. nbta officials reported on the red line from braintree without an operator. and we're learning this investigation includes a look into reports of possible tampering in the cab of this train. >> in particular, sarah, with the safety device that's contained in this cab. we're just giving you a map here, because our understanding is that the train left the braintree station, and it finally came to a stop at the jfk-umass station where the officials were able to board it and take a look around. we know with this incident that an mbta worker was struck by the train, and sadly the person was injured. we don't know what capacity this worker was working and where he or she was him. but adding to this, the boston
10:27 am
aware of what happened as well. and they're too taking part in the investigation. so a multifaceted story that began with a cab that left the station, braintreeization early this morning when everybody was there in the morning commute. >> it's interesting that the fbi is involved in this, but as we said earlier, it includes a look into the initial report that a safety device within the train's cab may have been tampered with. the authorities are interviewing witnesses, and the train's engineer. nobody was injured. and no passengers were on the train at the time. but 6 a.m., people are going to work. the inbound train departed without an operator. it made no stops, when the personnel depowered the third
10:28 am
complete stop. the t personnel boarded the train and operated it north to jfk-umass where the passengers were asked to exit the train so it could be taken out of service and examined. the investigators are interviewing the witnesses and the train operator. the regular service did resume at 10:30 this morning. >> they had moderate, minor delays, from what we understand, and service resuming, and we're getting reaction from local lawmakers on this. we understand that we have a statement from the general manager of the mbta, frank de paul a. and he said that the passenger safety is the highest for the mbta and this is troubling. it's under investigation by the transit police detectives, and witnesses be obviously are going to be interviewed here, the train operator as well.
10:29 am
people able to tamper with the safety device contained in the cab, and you have as well, and i do too, a statement from the press secretary for governor charlie baker, saying that the governor is grateful that obviously no passengers were injured in this incident. and he's calling it troubling as well. and they will be monitoring the investigation very closely too. >> and again, the mbta is confirmed that an employee was struck by this train and received a minor injury. we're waiting to hear what capacity this employee worked with the mbta and where it occurred as we look live over sky hd. and the boston fbi is aware that there's an incident and they're in contact with the transit police. so it's very interesting that the fbi is involved. and again, the investigation includes a look into this initial report that a safety device within the train's cab
10:30 am
and we're still waiting to find out this employee that was struck, what capacity did this employee work with the train? we're unaware of where the driver of this train was, since it did leave without an operator, and since that cab may have been tampered with on this mbta red line train. >> we don't know how many passengers were onboard at the time. and clearly that's one area that we'll be taking a closer look into. as you see here, sky seven has made it to the scene, and we see the investigators going carefully, dill gently along the track. obviously, you don't see a lot of traffic at this time. and once again, we know that service has resumed as of about 30 minutes ago, but probably best to be advised that there are going to be pretty serious delays. they call them minor, but clearly in an investigation of
10:31 am
stop the train at any given time. we don't know at this point. so that's something if you are traveling in the area of the red line. >> this happened at 6:08 a.m., the inbound departing train which departed braintree, and you have to imagine that during that time, a lot of people were traveling into work, and the train was full of people. >> right, and we also saw incidents as well where the story this morning, firefighters here in boston trying to help a woman who had gone in the path of the train, on the red line as well. so one would think that the whole process of deelectrifying that third rail, here's the investigation, and as we're bringing in 7's sheryl. we're hearing that the fbi is involved. and this adds another layer of interest, i would think and certainly speculation. what are your sources telling
10:32 am
>> well, if this is operator error? apparently they checked something and maybe did not secure appropriately the braking device, so the train took off on the tracks. they were able to stop the train, no passenger injuries, but the motor man was slightly injured. he's being treated at a local hospital and he did not have life-threatening injuries. all of this came as a result of the transit police talking to the train motor person and passengers. so it appears at this time that the fbi is involved because of the heightened level of security that we have going on throughout the world and the country, and the transit system is always thought to have been a vulnerable place. and of course the mbta looking at all of the security and the rail yard to make sure that they're appropriately secure. the big federal grant given to
10:33 am
upgrade all of systems in the rail yards. so they will be looking at that to make sure that they're all operational. but at this point, this does not look according to my sources that it's anything other than an operating error, and a failure to appropriately secure the braking device. now, this is still very very fresh and new, and the transit police are still investigating. so this is the information that i have, according to this moment in time. it's still, as we said, a developing story. and it's a concern for a lot of people who use the mbta and travel every day on it, and as with any type of incident involving mass transit, it's worrisome. but at this point, they don't believe that it's anything to do with terror related. and a motor person on the train got out to check something and
10:34 am
equipment and they're looking at whether or not anyone else could have entered the cab and tampered with anything, but i have no information that that was the case at all. and at this point, that's what we know. >> have your sources found out when the train took out without the operator, was there anyone else on the train. >> it would have been impossible for the passengers to know. it just looked like the train went on the tracks and it kept going, and it was worrisome and it was odd, obviously the train wasn't stopping at stations. no one was injured on the train or any of the platforms that the train traveled through, and it was able to be stopped: that's something that they're able to do within the system, shut down the third rail. it doesn't happen instantly, but
10:35 am
and one of the things that we do know from the mbta, one the employees was struck by this train, and they have minor injuries. so once again, 7's sheryl, communicating with her sources, and this doesn't appear to be any kind of malicious acts, and in fact, operator error is what they're going with. the train left the station on its own, at least the cash did from braintree to jfk mass. >> the train operator got off to check something, and it resumed. we'll continue to follow this throughout the day, and if there are any other updates, we'll bring them to you as we get them. them hillary's plan: raise the minimum wage,
10:36 am
taxes for the middle class, and new incentives for business to share profits with employees instead of just rewarding ceos. those at the top are doing just fine. it's your family that needs a raise. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. [ dog barks ] [ bark ] there it is! [ gasps ]
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look, the sky's awake! that. was. epic! [ bark ]
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from all of us at sanderson farms, we wish you and your family a merry christmas and happy holidays.
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distracted driving danger. >> joel feldman and diane anderson know it firsthand. six years ago, their 21-year-old daughter casey was hit and killed by a distracted driver. since then, they've made it their mission to help prevent this from happening to anyone else. >> casey's crash was in 2009. it was broad daylight. she had had a summer job in ocean city on the board walk. she was walking in a crosswalk, was three quarters of the way across the intersection, when a driver blew through the stop sign and literally ran her over. he claims he'd never seen her. she was conscious after she was run over. she was able to speak with the emergency responders, and the
10:43 am
they asked her how the accident mom." >> i was shocked. i was angry. i think that then, of course, it led into grief, . although it's been six years, it's just really, really hard each and every day. >> beside being a young woman who was so full of life, she was also just a lot of fun and had a great sense of humor, and she was a person everybody wanted to be around. >> i go to weddings now, and they're as painful as you can imagine. seeing the dad walk down the aisle, or the first dance with his daughter. knowing that'll never happen. we started end distracted driving, e and the mission is to educate the public about distracted driving.
10:44 am
a gift every parent can think about giving their parent is be the driver you want your teen to be. model safe driving. what i like people to remember is we have the power through our driving to take life, but we also have the power to safe lives. i want people to look at that pretty face, to learn about casey, but i also want them to think that, that picture, the pictures we have of casey, they show an unlimited future. an unlimited potential. it was taken away in just a few seconds. >> our thanks to casey's parents. diane anderson and joel feldman for sharing that story with us. >> jennifer jolly is here with strategies to prevent distracted driving. as more people hit the road during holiday season. good morning. >> good morning. >> sadly, we hear so many stories like caseys and we're scasey's and we're trying to prevent that.
10:45 am
with this problem. drive mode app from at&t. a lot of the carriers are putting into place these apps. >> all the major carriers have some system in place to save us from ourselves. at&t's drive mode, you download that app, and as soon as you do, the minute you get in your car, any time you go over 15 miles an hour, the message pops up. it can wait. it blocks incoming texts and the folks sending you a text will get a message on their screen. you can make it so you can still dial emergency contacts, stream your music or access navigate apps. they'll get an auto reply. i'm driving, i can't talk now. verizon has something similar. set the message in the settings inside your phone. you don't download an app. you can customize the message that goes out. hey, i'm driving. i can't talk right now. >> so smart. i want to ask you about this cell control device. i've never seen one. what does it do?
10:46 am
it's the most robust system i've stumbled across when it comes to locking down phones if you're driving a car. you stick this device just understood beneath your rear-view mirror. similar to an easy pass or fast pass where i'm from. a message pops up on to your phone that says, i'm in safe mode. we can show you this here. i'm in safe mode. it locks it down. cell control, the sensors in this device, this is a solar powered device, it knows if you're in the driver's seat. you cannot get phone calls, can't go on social media. you can't do anything with your phone. you can hand it off to a passenger or someone in the backseat. they can still do it. >> brilliant. >> this is amazing. $130. they also have a report card where you can see how their teens are doing. it's amazing. >> drive id, look that up. >> jennifer, great ideas. we're back after this.
10:47 am
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tailgating on today is brought to you by walmart. stop by a store or visit us at to share wonder every day. >> time for a showdown before the texans and patriots face off on sunday night football. >> representing the texans. chef and owner in houston. rooting for the patriots, boston's own steve, chef and owner of -- >> so close. >> he's an amazing man for allowing me to mess up your name. we love you. good morning. >> starting. >> chili on this side. what do you have for me many. >> old school texas chili. the way you want to start it off, we'll make chili powder. we're going to toast these which crack them like that. you put them in this thing. >> right.
10:52 am
>> mix that with cuban garlic powder and mexican apadraig ragano. you can smell the difference. >> you can refrigerate it. ground beef, sauteed in the pot. add your onions and chilies, and mix. >> we'll have this on the website. i have to taste it now. the true texas way, inside the frito bag. i'm going to taste it. >> we're going to go over to steve. this is a chili your mom helped you make. >> this is a chowder, al. the chili is over there. >> sorry, chowder. >> the secret of this is we take the potatoes raw and put them in here. it's the thickener. instead of flower, the starch of the potato thickens up the chowder. then a clam broth we made earlier. look at this, full of flavor. we let it simmer and add our cream. >> boom. >> little cream. let this go.
10:53 am
serve it, we take the fresh clams. don't put them in until the end to keep them tender. if you put them in too early, it'll be tough. >> i have to try a little bit of each. >> all right. >> we have to try ours, too. >> we're going to award the winner when we come back. >> we are? >> we have to after this. first, this is "today" on
10:54 am
centrum brings us the biggest news tivitamin history. a moment when something so familia s something introd ntrum vitamints. ltitamin that contains a full of essential
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joy like a mint. ntrum vitamints. olest way yet... your multivitamins. if this were sunday night football, it'd be sudden death. it's a tie, too good to choose. tamron? >> al, thank you very much. cabootles is donating for an eighth year to our drive. steve is in charge of sales and marketing and brought his kids. tell us about your donations. >> we are offering over $50,000
10:56 am
what makes this simple salad the heart healthy the best simple heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever?
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california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple.
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