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tv   Today  NBC  December 10, 2015 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody, you have made it to thrifty thursday. 15 days to go to christmas. >> how's your shopping going? >> i'm not shopping anymore. that is by selena gomez. a little bit of controversy, whether she was lip-synching. >> i like her. who cares?
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one of the funniest women in hollywood is here, amy poehler. she and continue tina fey make up the dream team of comedy, they're in that movie "sisters." >> if you haven't strung the lights around the house yet, louie. he's got a name that rhymes with. >> we're going to show you how to light things up. >> if you're looking for a lighter dish to serve for the holidays, guess who's here. >> andy medina. >> he's a part of our family. he's here to show us how to make a delicious chilen sea bass. >> andy, you're making that? >> it's straight from the pages of a good book. >> and two friends from tennessee are being totally transformed. when we reveal our ambush makeovers. >> the golden globe ys announced on nbc not too long ago, an hour
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it had a few surprises. >> a few snubs. >> a couple of my favorite things were "bridge of spies" were completely -- >> we're going to go through a couple. the best picture drama, here are the nominees. "carol." "mad max, fury road." "the revenant," "spotlight." >> "carol" got the most nome nominations for five. >> did we not say "danish girl," was that snubbed for best picture? >> yes, it was snubbed. >> i'm surprised because the stars of that are cate blanchett and ruini mara, they were nominated. "mad max" was a big surprise. and george miller was nominated for director. we love her, charlize theron was not nominated.
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these because some of them aren't even out yet. a lot of them are just getting to the theater. so we also -- "the danish girl" as we said eddie redmayne and his co-star -- all right, let's all righty. >> we want to say hello to her, don't we? >> no, she's not on the phone. >> we had this all worked out. >> it was going to be great. >> i wish you could have seen it. >> let's go back to the movies. will smith nominated for "concussion" which didn't come out until christmas day. >> two of my favorite things, "empire," taraji p. henson nominated. >> and lee yev schreiber. "radon van." >> didn't i say just how much i love ray donovan," everybody
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was he nominated last year too? >> yeah. >> we can't even get behind what's nominated this year. >> and lady gaga for her role in fx's "american horror" show, "hotel," or something like that. >> one that everybody was happy "creed." >> and johnny depp. and bridge of spies. no tom hanks, no steven spielberg? >> here's best picture musical comedy. i want to see almost all of these. the big short. can you believe that's a musical or comedy? >> it's nice to have different category, but sometimes it seems a little strange. >> look at the other -- joy, which i want to see. the martian which i've seen. would you say that's a comedy? >> no, it's definitely not a musical. >> spy and train wreck. >> okay.
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nominations. that's a great movie. i'm glad mat did because he was snubbed for the s.a.g. awards the other day, he didn't get a nomination for that. amy schumer was nominated for "train wreck." >> and melissa mccarthy got a nomination for "spy." >> anyway, some more mature women as well. maggie smith, helen mirren and jane fonda. >> and lily tomlin. >> let's move on to other thing, shall we? >> we have christian slater? >> oh, this is so exciting. there is a television show -- >> good morning. >> -- called "mr. robot." >> yes, we're happy for you! guys. >> well, this is so cool, because not only was your show nominated, "mr. robot,". >> yes. >> but your co-star was also >> yes. >> tell us what it felt like when you heard the news.
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great way to wake up and my publicist was very excited. i was very excited. sort of surreal and exciting. i keep saying exciting. but yeah, i love the hollywood foreign press people. they're wonderful. i'm excited to be a part of the show. great. >> it's got to be just very affirming, right, that the work you do is validated, right? >> well, yeah, that's a lovely, lovely thing. we work very hard on the show. we're all very proud of the show. i think sam is a phenomenal writer and creator and it's just a great team, you know, and i just can't wait to get back and start filming season two. >> your co-star, rami malik was also nominated. and i didn't realize, this is your very first golden globe nomination? >> it is. >> oh, how fun. >> that is great. >> we're so happy for you.
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>> of course, i promise, i love you guys. >> i'm so happy for usa, for guys. >> our team, our team. >> yes, indeed. >> and "the voice" is just moving along. >> so here's the thing. they've announced that gwen stefani will not be returning to "the voice" next season. she's going to take some time off, work on her music. >> new album. >> but it seems that blake wasn't happy that she's not going to be back and neither was the rest of them. the coaches sat down with "extra" for an interview. take a look. >> it's hugely successful but what's a standout moment? >> i think gwen has been a standout moment like every show. >> aw. >> standout moment every -- >> look at her. we were just saying how we weren't the same. even somehow when gwen walks in the room, we all look like we've been wearing the same outfit -- >> why can't we have a fifth coach? >> why can't we have two females?
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>> i vote for that. >> it's nice to see their blossoming romance. what if they break up though and she came back as a judge? >> people would love that. >> it would be awkward. >> it would be more awkward than it is now. >> the tension. >> i like that. >> yeah. >> all right, we have breaking news. >> alicea vikeender nominated for "the danish girl," welcome to the show. >> congratulations. >> yeah, we're so happy for you. >> yeah, where are you right now? >> i'm sorry for the -- i'm about to board an airplane -- >> oh. >> yeah, i've been in berlin doing press for "danish girl." >> well, i saw "danish girl" the other evening and matt lauer, who -- just raving and raving.
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it's really extraordinary. >> oh, thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. this has been your year, hasn't it? >> it certainly has. >> yes, i have a hard time to get my head around it, because i know how blessed i am, getting invited to do those so happy. right? thanks again. >> thank you for calling. >> good news for them and bad news for me. >> why? >> because it's time for i-hoda. >> all righty, this is a good one. because you like him. >> i do? >> you like him a lot. his name is andy grammar. >> i do like him. >> he has a song "hallelujah." i think i finally found my hallelujah i've been waiting for this moment all my life >> here it is. then it starts to kick in with a little -- here it comes. i've been waiting for this
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it's good to be alive right about now, good, good, good good to be alive right about now good good good to be alive right about now hallelujah it's good to be alive right about now >> it's fun. all righty, i like that. he's a good guy. >> a lot of fun. >> listen to us on sirius xm channel 108. we don't know why you'd want to but thank you. hoda woman every monday and tuesday at 2:00. >> if you're looking for something christmasy to watch tonight, we have a couple of great options. michael buble's christmas special is on tonight. william shatner, blake shelton and more. >> it airs tonight at 8:00/7:00 central here on nbc. >> followed by what i hear is a beautiful production, "the coat of many colors." the tv movie about dolly
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>> jennifer nettles. >> she looks beautiful. >> that darling little girl. rick schroder. love him. >> pop the popcorn. 'tis the season to spread some holiday cheer and no one does it better than the hilarious amy poehler. >> she's starring in "sisters." alongside her comedy cohort tina fey. >> we'll catch up right after this. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine,
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it's been quite the week for
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just yesterday she was nominated for a s.a.g. award for her hit show "parks and recreation." >> and nominated for a grammy for best spoken word album for her memoir "yes please." we sat down with the comedian earlier this morning to talk to her about her new movie, co-starring her friend tina fey. >> the ladies play middle aged sisters upset with their parents for selling their childhood home. >> you sold the house. >> we knew you'd try to talk us out of it and you're pushy kids. >> you're selling your clocks? >> are you is that correct -- secretly dying? >> i'm sick of winding them. >> the things in that house meant something to us. each one of those objects is a puzzle piece in the story of our lives. >> we just don't want clutter anymore. >> then what is this? >> clutter? you don't want cluter? clutter has a name, and it's pogy, the christmas tree elf. >> you take him. we're going to get a tabletop tree.
11:16 am
>> you crazy kids. >> don't you love to watch adults behaving badly? >> yes. this movie is about two 40-year-old women whose parents are selling their childhood home and they lose their minds and they throw a giant party. >> which runs a little rogue. >> and they destroy the home. >> you're more of the straight laced sister? >> yeah. >> it's shocking. the crazy one. >> and tina's the crazy one. >> what's really fun is we get to kind of play against type a little bit that end as the movie progresses my character decides to go for it and so we see her -- >> drunk. >> yeah. change. you know, at the end of the day, it's about the bond between
11:17 am
>> will redo when they were trying to get off? >> some people were trying to break the windows. most of them were trying to open the doors. some other people were trying to -- another called to say what happened but . >> when did you realize there was a problem? >> we knocked on the door on the first car and there was nobody there. >> how many people were on the train? >> i think on my train, around
11:18 am
>> so not really full? >> no. >> and so you can imagine how difficult it was for passengers not having information, not having any idea what exactly was going on. but that passenger then tells us that she did manage to get onto another train later after she left work. she said the first thing she did was to make sure there was in fact an operator. the information we have now is still unclear exactly how the train to god and he managed to go without an operator on board. the light latest information that came to us was they were looking into whether or not it was tampered with. the injured worker hit by the train was the operator should have been on the train. so course this is a developing story and we plan to governor baker. we will get any updates and the mbta will set is saying safety is what is most important.
11:19 am
will continue to follow story bringing the latest information as soon as we get it. we late life. live. >> we did not know really what the timeline was until she said, it took up at 608 and it was not until two to quincy that the lights began to dim and it was not until a half-hour later that someone actually got on the train to help these passengers. they were trying to break windows, open doors, once the train finally came to a stop. >> i did not hear, nicole if you're still there and with us, how was the train? how packed was it? >> she did say there were a lot of people on board, at 6:00 in the morning even the people getting ready to go to work. so many people getting on there is a first stop at the red line.
11:20 am
just another train who had just taken off and everybody else packed into her train. she said it was basically a full train, what you expect of a morning commute. she said she got to work an hour late but fortunately for it was okay. she said she can only imagine how it was for everyone else trying to get to work who really could not give their bosses an explanation if they asked what happened on the train. they did not know and then got back onto another train still without knowing really what happened and how. >> so nicole, when they were finally boarded off the train they were given no information about what was going on? is that right? >> yes, this it was not until basically, some of the debate passengers got out on their own and some said they were trying to open the doors and break windows. because they been stopped for so long and lights were dimmed and did not know what was going on. not only were they making calls for the mbta not getting a response with some of the
11:21 am
a position depending on where they were along the lines of the train cars, when it was looking into the operators they did not see an operator. they knew what was happening when they look in and did not see an operator. but you know how long those red train cars are in the morning and some people in the back may not have overheard that there was no operator on board. they were simply looking for some direction and were never given it. >> it just sounds so chaotic. trying to open the doors and windows and nicole, that was just a wealth of information including the information about the worker who was hit. we did not know who this person was and here we are just hearing from you for the first time that they are thinking that was the operator supposed to be on the train. really something. >> you know, first of course when information was coming and we do not know if the worker that was hurt was involved in a separate and incident. the information hearing now is that that was the operator who
11:22 am
train. exactly what happened, they are trying to work and figure out. the governor is saying everyone is honest and they're going to figure out exactly what happened. a reporter asked if it was a scene of a mood movie, not to be dramatic but he said yes, it is a little working to try and figure it out and get passengers safely to their destination. for passengers that were stuck and did not know how to go did not know what was going on you that was. >> especially with light emitting and everything. >> and it went through stocks, people waiting there and wondering what was happening and thank god no one there was hurt. we think of a train coming through a stop, i don't know how fast it was going at the time but that was another consideration as well. we're getting lots of really good useful information for us on these breaking stories. just joining us we will have latest coming up in noon but we do have basically a train that
11:23 am
engineer, without a driver leaving this morning during the community morning commute. the investigation is unfolding, there were passengers on board at the time. they are pointing to tampering with control system is. >> and learning that the
11:24 am
almost spring-like for december. >> nobody was covered up, you got to see what you had to work with. >> there were people that were as always the minute they see us, people really do get so excited. >> they do.
11:25 am
ladies is they're besties. >> and best signs ever. >> sherry is 51 years old from chattanooga, tennessee. she came to celebrate her 31st wedding anniversary. sherry's a mom who adopted two fur babies. she works at a doctor's office. her everyday look is typically scrubs and eye liner. up for church. let's take a listen to her story. >> best friends. this is going to be so much fun. i know you put a lot of work into your signs. for sherry, i have hoda hair. what are you thinking about for sherry? >> i'm thinking maybe straighten it and maybe some layers. >> okay, i think hoda will relate to this one. and you really want a change, huh? >> i do. when i saw hoda's hair, you know, how it sticks out, that is so me. i need some help. >> all right. so help is on the way. >> i feel you, sherry. sherry's here with her husband
11:26 am
>> i love that sign. >> that's my favorite sign ever. >> keep your blindfold on for just a second, okay? here's sherry kelly before. all right, let's see the new sherry kelly. what? >> oh, my god. >> are you ready husband joe? take off the blindfold, look at your bride. >> wow, stunning. just beautiful. >> aw. >> are you ready to see yourself? >> yes. >> spin right around, sherry. >> oh, my goodness. >> it's you. >> it's really you. >> look at your eyes. >> you look gorgeous. >> oh, look at joe. >> we need kleenex. >> thank you. >> things just drop from the ceiling around here. you know how it works. >> i do. >> tell us about the hair. beautiful. >> today, vanessa did the haircuts. simple, beautiful. she can maintain this herself. if she wants it to be permanently straight, of course
11:27 am
she had a beautiful blonde color but it faded her away a little bit. she was monochromatic. i added a little warmth. >> i love that color. >> strawberry blonde perhaps. barely, barely. it all comes together with the makeup. >> your eyes totally pop out, don't they? >> thank you. >> what do you think, joe? >> she's just -- i'm a cancer survivor and she stood with me all the way. i'm blessed to know her. >> aw. >> that's pretty great. >> tissues. >> talk about her outfit. >> classy. shift jewelry. >> beautiful. >> come kiss your bride. then we're going to do this. >> aw. >> you're beautiful. >> oh. >> okay, come here. now you're going to face the wall because your best friend is about to come out. you too. and your husband too. come over here.
11:28 am
all right. so into their story, i'm going, what's next? me. our next lady is dawn, 56, from chattanooga, tennessee. first time to new york city. also celebrating her wedding anniversary this month. dawn works in an assisted living home so her daily wardrobe consists of scrubs and mascara. only really wears makeup when she's out performing as a clog dancer. i love that. a hobby she's had for 30 years. she's here with her husband mike. let's listen to her story. >> this macked up sign light up our life with an ambush makeover. tell me what you're thinking about for dawn. >> i think maybe straighten her hair some, maybe a different little color on her. >> nodding your head yes? >> all right, we're on it. and there is mike. let's take one last look at dawn. >> don't turn around yet.
11:29 am
baby, i'm worth it >> wow! >> everybody looks great today. >> are you ready? okay, everybody, turn around. >> and you can take your blindfold off. >> wow! >> i love it. >> you look great. >> you ready to see that sassy look? turn right around. >> oh, my god! >> wow. >> put your glasses -- >> that's not me. i didn't wake up like that. >> beautiful. >> it's not how you wake up, honey, it's how you go to bed. >> spin right around, camera 12. >> i had no idea, a club dancer? >> clog. >> oh, clog. >> yes, yes. >> your hair looks great. again, vanessa did the haircut. lightened it. i made sure that not too much warmth appeared. again, look how it frames her face. >> beautiful. >> literally a perm to this much more modern look.
11:30 am
>> and what does she wear? >> this is that popular jacket. and it's coated spandex but almost looks like leather. >> it's washable. >> it's unbelievable. >> white house black market faux leather skirt. >> what do you think of each >> gorgeous. >> beautiful. >> i c't even say anything, so great. >> look at mike, mike's busting too. >> i thought she was beautiful to start with but she's -- this is just incredible. >> aw. >> come over. big round of applause. thank you, louis. thank you, jill. from hot looks to cold rooms. >> we're going to ask lou how to say good-bye to breezy base boards after this. say good-bye to breezy base boards after this. my budget and i are way better buddies since we started shopping at first down! as close as two friends trying to annihilate each other can be. ahh, interception! at you can take $50 off your first order of $200 or more.
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do you have some christmas lights to put up this weekend?
11:35 am
seeping through your baseboards? >> when you have no idea what to do, ask lou. >> "today" contributor and host of "house smarts. kwts lieu manfredini he's got a name that rhymes with houdini. >> thank you, very nice. >> brandy moved into a house that has lots of places for outdoor holiday lighting and she wants to make sure she doesn't overdo the plug-ins. >> the two by you, this is important, and a mistake a lot people make. there are indoor extension cords and there are outdoor extension cords. >> big difference. >> we don't want to use the indoor ones outside because they're just not heavy duty enough. these are great for inside. these thicker ones that are available in green, not orange, are really designed for outside. and you want to make sure you're plugging in the lights periodically. if you plug too many regular incandescents, which are the white lights i have here, you
11:36 am
row before you start blowing a fuse. these l.e.d. lights are much better. you can plug 40 of them together. >> do they come in white? >> they do. i'm telling you, the white looks great. >> this is brand-new technology, smart cord, that has a sensor in it. she's concerned about overloading it. i'm going to show you, these are plugged into this. if you overload this, an alarm sounds and says you're putting too much in this. unplug it. >> that's great. >> it's only 10.99. we also have all these wifi outdoor systems you can plug in. if you want, everybody wants to do things on and off with their smart phone, you can do that anywhere in the world. >> and no lasers, right? >> that's a whole separate issue you got to be very careful about. >> kathy has some cold air coming from underneath every baseboard on the second floor. >> this is the greatest thing anybody can do, get a tube of caulking. it's so easy and so inexpensive. base boards and trim around the
11:37 am
occur, and this is where the draft comes. this is clear caulking. it's going on white as i apply it. as you put it on -- >> it clears up? >> so you're going to take a nice -- i don't want to brag, but i'm a good caulker. >> well, you used to be. >> and you take it with your continuing, that's it. that white you see, you want to keep it off the wall, but that when it dries, that will go clear. do that at every joint where the trim meets the wall, where the >> easy. >> you will be amazed at how much more comfortable your house is. >> do i don't need weather stripping? >> no, not at all. >> she wants to know what product works best to remove grout from showers. >> two terrific tools. this one, the rotary tool, a grout removal attachment. it's a little bit that spins. rotary tool that you just take along the joint and come along. what you have to be careful with this is if you're not careful you'll go right into the tile.
11:38 am
this on tv, vibrates at 10,000 rpm. i can touch this, it doesn't hurt me. like i said, they don't like when i do this on television because now my hand is moving at 10,000 rpms. so it's super safe. if i take this on the joint. you go right in there. see that. >> yeah, comes right out. >> you go down at least maybe just shy of eighth of an inch to get that old grout out of there. then you regrout all of this. you'll do a whole bathroom with hours. and you can regrout it, it will look fantastic. >> lou, thanks. >> if you have a question for lou, go to klg and and click the connect but then. >> having a feast for christmas eve? >> we have one dish to add to your menu. >> our friend andy. >> he was drinking something. >> some stuff. >> i my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis made a simple trip to the grocery store anything but simple. so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body
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if you've been doing a lot
11:43 am
weeks, you might need some new recipes. kathie lee's book is called "good gifts." just what you're looking for. >> delicious and easy recipes from my family and close friends like andy medina here today with his delicious chilean sea bass. >> back by popular demand. >> well, it's all with pleasure. this is a pretty simple dish. it's got ten ingredients to us. chilean sea bass, fresh navel orange, some orange marmalade, yellow squash, zucchini, potato, eggs, prepared harsh horseradish. >> this one, i can't wait for it. >> you're very kind. we're going to dredge the fish in a quick egg bath. >> look at that sea bass, that's beautiful. >> yes, it is beautiful. >> andy usually wears gloves. >> yes. >> christine always teases him about it.
11:44 am
>> you can also substitute cod or swordfish if you don't like sea bass. >> there's something about the sea bass. >> it's delicious. >> basically, we're going to brown it on all sides. a little bit of butter, canola oil to keep it from burning. >> look how pretty. >> what are we going to do with it? >> my favorite part of this whole dish is the potato/zucchini/squash pancake. you slice these very thin. the most important ingredient to this is the parmesan cheese because that's my glue. that's what's going to hold this thing together. >> put that on. >> layer these. two each. just like so. >> then more glue. >> a little more glue. >> okay. >> we'll throw a little more squash on here. >> is that what's going on there? >> look how delicious this is.
11:45 am
combined with the fish, the two tastes are amazing. >> i don't want to mess it up. >> basically what we do is we transfer these to the plate once they're finished. you can make these ahead. keep them warm. when you put the fish in the oven, because we're kind of cooking those twice. you can put the fish in the oven. >> put that here. >> heat these up. right on top. >> then plop a piece of fish. >> plop a little piece of fish on top. >> what's going on here? >> this is a marmalade sauce. add a little horseradish sauce. >> a little heat. >> this cuts the sweetness a little bit. we'll mix that up. >> you put that right on top. >> right here. >> look how good. come on. get after it. get after it. >> andy has turned into an amazing chef. really. he just cares so much. >> here you go. >> thank you. >> come on, dig in, baby. >> this is one of my favorite recipes. i'm going to dig in here. yeah, got it.
11:46 am
too much fish. great combination. >> andy. >> yes, ma'am. >> andy. unbelievable. >> can we just stay here? >> yes. >> let's stay here. >> if you want to make this recipe at home, go to if you'd like a copy of "good gifts," go to every penny of the profits goes to the salvation army. >> a major gift for some deserving kids. first this is "today" on nbc.
11:47 am
if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work
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almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
11:49 am
our 22nd annual toy drive has been a huge success with more than $15 million worth of donations to disadvantaged kids and families. >> major league baseball joining our toy drive with another
11:50 am
here to tell us all about it is new york mets outfielder and three-time mlb all-star curtis granderson. and his friend mr. met. >> mr. met here. we always got to have mr. met here for the hol days. >> what a season. >> nothing says christmas like mr. met. >> he's out here enjoying it. everybody's loving mr. met. >> who are you giving away this year? >> we have some really cool items. these little action figures you see. >> is that you? >> that's me. i got to go right there so i can play in the outfield. we have the masterpiece train set. over 1,000 toys are going to be donated to kids all over the united states. for people interested, you can go to your team website or to donate and pick up some as well. >> you're a sweetheart. >> congratulations on your season. let's have another one next year. >> yeah. >> can we do that? >> thank you, mr. met. >> if you'd like to donate, please go to our website
11:51 am
>> facebook friend natalie who says em found regis. >> and john from pittsburgh found him too. >> look at john, he's older. >> all right, tomorrow, the pitch perfect haylee >> christa: we have praebing news today. a red line train taking off with to one at the controls. the operator suffering minor injuries. >> jadiann: a major investigation happening right now. the train stopped. >> christa: donald trump with harsh words for president obama. just ahead of his visit to new hampshire tonight. >> jeremy: temperatures continuing to climb as we have dried on out. how long this mild weather
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