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tv   Today  NBC  December 11, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EST

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this morning on "today's take" "the force" frenzy. "star wars" fans already lining up as buzz fills for the biggest movie of the year. and then the singing week. charlie puth. and al is in the kitchen cooking up, what else? bacon. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a friday morning, december 11th, 2015. markings you can feet holidays out there on the plaza right
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a great crowd outside and inside. i'll willie along with al tamron and natalie is off. >> and your morning jam. >> "bring it back" with shy carter ft. aleon craft. >> how do you know this? >> i have a 17-year-old daughter. >> kiss one. >> you don't do any of this or that. >> it's this. >> that's it. >> that's a good move toe watch on the weekend. >> while you're watching up on "star wars" which we'll talk about later. >> speaking of movies, one week to go until "star wars," and people have been counting down the days for months and year, let's be honest. the premiere next friday. frenzy. they are getting reading into little snippets of scenes that lines. that not in the trailer. that our effect from "millennium
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imax in los angeles and tcl, started camping out for the you watch tv. >> amazing. >> come off the live program and for the next three minutes everything has a tie-in in "star wars." >> i saw a tie-in with kay >> yes. >> i saw that, too. >> wow! >> campbell's soup has an r2-d2 can. >> christmas sweaters and waffle makers. >> love that. >> coffee creamer. >> and a toaster. >> and there's the creamer. >> that's my favorite. >> does it make that sound? >> and the darth vader? >> i don't think i've ever have coffee mate but i think i'll buy some. >> does the coffee make that sound when you lift the lid? >> i think we add that had. >> how about salt and pepper shakers. >> of course. >> and even a bracelet. >> right there. >> that's the kay jewellers, charm bracelet. incredible. >> may the force be with you. >> oh, come on. >> you're going to spend weekend watching all six of the previous movies and the question is what order do you watch them in and how do you do it?
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watch the new first three, i don't think you do. i think you go four, five six. if you have to choose one, it would be five. >> five. >> yes. >> yes, yes. >> just -- you've got to the watch all three of those. >> but if you only had two and a half hours, i think that's right. >> you don't -- you don't go all in. >> i bet you if you go online somebody has taken a mash-up and condensed a bunch of them. >> if they have they will be genius. >> we're all going to see it together. >> savannah wants to dress in koss two. natalie will be on board but you guys -- >> who are you going to be? >> princess leia. i'll get my cinnamon buns. chewie. >> during the first rokerthon you were wearing a wunsie pajama thing that was reminiscent of chewbacca. >> i'm not that hairy. >> you had hair --
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knocked where you have to have a depill try all over. >> no girl wants to hear you should go as chewbacca. that stash you got. not enough female characters? >> i'm just saying. peppermint patty. obvious. go against type. >> i was going to mix it up but putting actual sin abon. leia. >> black barbie, stripper >> wow. >> if that got bonus enough. your children enough. >> end of the year means a lot of people crossing their fingers for the holiday bon and one texas company, about 1,400 employ etz. each of the employees are getting $100,000. >> the how is that possible?
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>> the company is called hill corps oil and natural gas. their own personal santa, their boss, jeff hillebrand is rewarding his employees if they reach the company's goal. he's been on "fortune's" mag's best company to work for for several kreerts. >> should. >> in 2010 each employer is asked to choose between a $50,000 car or $35,000 in cash for meeting a five-year goal. >> would you take the car or the >> cash. >> you can always buy the car. >> i'm sending in my resume to this company on linkedin. >> based in texas? >> i'm a texan. already got a home. >> my math is not great but that's $1.4 million he's giving cool. >> that's impressive. >> i bet there's a very low turnover rate there. >> you'd have to drag me out. please, mister, don't make me leave. something that caught our eye that will certainly warm your heart. we know lots of kids making their wish list this holiday
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particular got what she wanted while spreading a little cheer back to all of us, and you after you see this video. her name is sapphire terry, just 8 years old, and she shaved her christmas wish on facebook with the help of her aunt liz dotler. she's gone through so much. she asked for so little n.2013 sapphire was the victim of a house fire. she lost her father and her three siblings and suffered burns on her body. her goal was to collect enough holiday cards to fill a tree card holder that her aunt picked up at a thrift store. more than 20,000 people have shared this facebook post and this week sapphire received the surprise of a lifetime. now she has more than enough cards to fill her little tree and then some. people all sent her teddy bears and homemade jewelry and personalized crist mats ornaments, books and what every princess needs because sapphire you are princess, a good tiara.
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>> wow. >> awesome story. >> it's perspective which we always talk about and you both are parents and obviously i have the children in my life and it's perspective. we saw a story earlier war mom, i think 85 presents per child. >> spent $2,300. >> and that was her choice and not in the judgment. >> but a lot of people turned against her online. >> a lot of people, but it is a reminder it's not just about -- which we like nice gifts, you, too, but it is obviously -- >> you, too. >> a chewbacca costume. >> you can send a goist your favorite sinatra person, a big birthday this weekend. december 12th, marking the 100th birth. old blue eyes himself considered one of the world's great entertainers. your favorite sflat song was -- question. i went with "that's life."
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song. background. >> and he owns it. he owns it. >> mine, because i'm a kid at heart "you make me feel so youj." >> the that's a great one. >> and the back story was supposed to be about mia farrow has the lightness and the feeling when you're first in love and someone is making you float on air. >> oh, wow. >> your song. >> i like "my way." >> the first time i heard senate raft. he was on the pop charts and, you know, this song -- >> i love this song. >> this song makes me cry every time. this is one of those red wines, you start thinking about life, did i really do it my way. >> wow. >> i'm divulging a lot. >> the my gosh. >> throw it into the mix, there's a version of "my way" sinatra and pavarotti.
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magic of sinatra, beyond the voice? >> the phrasing, no other singer who could phrase a song the way sinatra could. >> and the cool. it's the tuxedo tie undone at end of the night and the cocktail in his hand. >> original king of all media, radio, television, recordings, he did it all. >> and it was more about the music. he's taking stances on civil rights. >> yeah. >> and he's just -- you know, how they say they don't make people like that anymore. homefully they do, but, man. >> the rat pack. >> he broke some kind of mold. toots. >> sinatra. >> hoboken. >> that's in jersey. hoboken. >> very close.
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>> sing, it al senate are a. he truly feels and not the words of the one who lived blows and did it my way >> that's what's going on around the country. here's what's >> jeremy: good morning. dense fog will >> good morning, dense fog will lift to clouds today. some some sun, a mild day. moving out of the 50s. clouds in the morning, sun in tomorrow. much cooler on sunday. sunday is a tricky forecast because there will be a front dropping out of maine and new hampshire sunday morning, and right now, it will be south of the pike.
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a lot of clouds, and southeast mass, 50s to around 6 0. speaking of my way, one ever my idols, my mentor, mr. willard scott who graced this program for 35 years, 65 years in total at the "today" show, is finally retiring. i hate to say those words. this coming tuesday, on december 12th, and i shouldn't say -- december 15th, and we are going to miss him and we'll have a whole big sendoff for him, and the try to put his career in perspective. talk about a guy who it it all, real de. >> one of those guys, literally been a part of my life as far back as can i remember. been such a fixture in the american minds for so long. >> pop culture. >> and i've watched him through the tv. to hear someone who knows him talk about him with search reverance. >> beautiful. >> literally my second dad. after my dad passed he became my dad.
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i'll be with him on tuesday and we've got some great surprises. >> give him a great sendoff. coming up, the singer who wants to marvin gay and get on and golden and my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis made a simple trip to the grocery store anything but simple. so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults saw 75% skin clearance. and the majority were clear or almost clear in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores.
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there's a whole lot of happy in every jar of nutella. spread the happy. what an amazing week and year it's been for syringe and songwriter charlie puth who burst on to the seen with a song "see you again" with wiz khalifa. >> it earned him three grammy nominations on monday and just yesterday he was also nominated for a golden globe. >> charty currently part of the jingle ball tour. his new album due out next month called "nine track mind." charlie, good to see you. >> let's talk about the drink. >> this is your go to. >> this is an excessive amount of hershey's chocolate mixed in with milk, very delicious. >> is that your secret weapon? who made this? >> did any of you all make it?
10:16 am
>> the worst thing you can drink before you sing but i drink it anyway. >> names a little phlegmy. >> sound like an old guy from brooklyn. >> charlie. >> not held you back obviously. you've been having a heck of a >> yeah. >> getting the golden globe nomination yesterday. what was that like? >> that one caught me completely off guard. first of all, when i was nominated, me and wiz were nominated for three grammys i thought it was just one and then i -- i got off the plane and they said it was three, and i -- i didn't have wi-fi on the plane so i thought something was wrong because i got like 100 text messages, urgent, urgent, like a bad picture or something ended up on the internet of me. >> we've got a little video. >> not the bad picture. >> got three grammy nominations. oh, my god. how insane. what?
10:17 am
you don't see it, but there were like 50 paparazzi who had just been screaming terrible things at me, because i wouldn't sign pictures because they are just going to put them on ebay and sell hem. >> sure, exactly. >> it was like i just escaped the hecticness and got in the my little van and captured that little sgloemt cute. >> when you think about where you were 12 months ago and had you playing with us a couple months ago and you talked a little bit about like i can't believe in the space of one year where i've come. >> what was i doing? >> i was finishing marvin gay in my parent's house in my bed root finishing up the production of it on my laptop and getting ready to send it to the record label and be like, objection i think it's a spit shine on the record, almost done. >> and look where it's taken you? >> i signed my deal in january 2015, so it will be a year. >> that's amazing. >> crazy. >> parents can never change that root you know how kids move out
10:18 am
that is history when you wrote marvin gay. talk about "jingle ball." what do you do during the day? >> i'm hopped up on milk chocolate. >> the i have to work off a little milk chocolate, do a little workout, a little gym, maybe a little singing like you were doing. >> "may way." >> phenomenal. >> it would be me singing. >> and then you're ready to bring it on tour. >> yeah, absolutely. >> and then we fish out the "jingle ball" days but this is the biggest one tonight in new york city. >> you've got the new album coming out. >> "nine track mind." >> what can people expect off of that? >> by a collaboration with selena gomez and it's just like all soulful pop record which i'm really happy about, all produce and written by me with the help of some great people. >> the meghan smooch at end. they had that ready to go? that's what we do here. >> social stauking you. that's what we have. >> that's good. >> go the to the ask you again
10:19 am
>> what kiss? >> i don't remember that. >> wait. >> you're just friends? >> yeah. >> i don't remember that. >> do you remember it lasting that long and being so powerful? >> we really -- you know, there's 19 performers. we're thinking -- meg and i are just friend and we're thinking how are we going to stand out amongst the justin biebers and everything and we ended up being snans. >> did you see that kiss? it deserved to be. >> well played, young man, well played. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. good to see you. thanks so much. merry christmas >> merry christmas and happy holidays. >> thank you. coming up. what kim and kanye are doing with 1,000 pair of shoots that have the internet buzzing. details coming this is the one place we're not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for
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drama? sometimes i like to push it. new push up drama mascara from maybelline new york our unique cup shaped bristles... cup and coat... for volume so lifted. it's our most dramatic, pushed up lashes. maybelline's push up drama make it happen. maybelline new york. . hey, it's friday everyone and it's "pop start," "pop fix" ." i'm a little distracted. al has a bacon segment coming up and i'm not invited. he can't get into our club. just our club. not even the kardashians can. the new mom posted her first video after she and kanye welcomed the baby boy saint showcasing the gorgeous house and the floral arrangements coming from john legend, chrissy
10:23 am
cavelli but the reality star is doing some giving herself this holiday season north's mom tweeted yesterday how she was breastfeeding her new bundle of joy and hear the story of a young girl trying to donate 1,000 pairs of shoes to a charity that helped her during hurricane katrina. kim says i think i know the designer of shoe of the year award. kardashian joke tweeted kanye and would i like to donate the 1,000 shoes to soles for souls and they tracked down the girl and she was able to reach the goal of 1,000 shoes by christmas. classy, kim and can yes. awesome. looks like we're not only one giddy about the globes. lady gaga nominated for a golden globe for her role on "american horror story hotel" and not long after the announcement she tweeted an apology for her reaction saying i apologize to my neighbors. i'm still screaming in my apartment in new york. i'm nominated as an actress for
10:24 am
what a dream. is this real in the first golden globe nod for the singer and we couldn't be happier for gaga. actor geena rodriguez is not one to hold a grudge where a tweet was sent out identifying her as america ferrera. i didn't hear anything until recently someone added me. she said america is lovely, so beautiful and a fantastic actress. if there's anybody i want to get mixed up with, it's her for sure. love you, geena. thank you very much. and someone we love, sylvester stallion might have snagged the nomination but wanted to give credit to his co-star. jordan got knocked out, filming
10:25 am
and getting ko'd for real and he got up and did it again and talk about the eye of the tiger. yes, and as mentioned, bitterly, bacon and waffles. need i say more. and your local news and i'm running, "rocky." and off you go, and off you go, and off you go, for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats...
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taking a look at headlines, a new problem is looming for president obama's affordable care act. congress is getting closer to an agreement that would delay the so-called cadillac tax provision for two years. that's the tax on expensive employer-sponsored health plans. it would generate an estimated $90 billion over ten years. it's scheduled to take effect in 2018. and more than a million bottles of sweet leaf ice tea are being recalled because the company says they could contain glass fragments. it has received four complaints about glass, but no word of any injuries. the recall covers six different flavors the sweat leaf in
10:30 am
plastic bottles are not effective and the three largest u.s. airlines are now banning so-called hover board because of the potential fire danger from the lithium ion batteries that power the devices. delta, american and united said thursday hoverboards will not be allowed in checked or carry-on luggage. jetblue airways have always prohibited them. the news comes on the heefls several recent incidents including one at a seattle-area mall in which a hoverboard burst into flames. and now to some stunning video first. it's important to note the cyclists that you're about to see is okay. now, this is surveillance video at a train crossing in poland. the 26-year-old cyclist ignored the crossing gate and blows right past it. he slams directly into a high-speed train and is sent tumbling through the air. a different angle shows the accident on the opposite side of the tracks. amazingly this man is okay. he was rushed to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. that is incredible to see that.
10:31 am
all morning let's get a check of something else we've been talking about, of course, the weather with al. >> thanks so much, tamron. let's look at your weekend outlook. here we go. saturday, we've got sunshine and probably record-breaking temperatures up and down the east coast into the ohio river valley. wet weather in the mississippi vale and snow in the rockies, cascades, summit and also in the syria. looking at wet weather, windy weather and some dangerous weather as well. sunday, sunday, we are expecting more record-setting temperatures along the eastern third of the country. wet weather from the great lakes, gulf coast and severe weather could be happening down through the lower gulf coast. snowy out west and especially us a get into the plarns the cascades and the pacific northw >> good morning, dense fog will lift to clouds midtoday. some sun, a mild day. moving out of the 40s to 50s. clouds in the morning, sun in the afternoon, upper 50s tomorrow. much cooler on sunday. sunday is a tricky forecast
10:32 am
dropping out of maine and new hampshire sunday morning, and right now, it will be south of the pike. meaning boston north. it's cool.
10:33 am
mass, 50s to around 6 0. used to work in an ice cream shop. >> put two cups of flour, sugar, salt, baking soda and baking powder and you've also got the maltd milk powder. you'll whisk this all together. >> i'll help you out. >> please, please whisk. >> and this can store for a little while? in the fridge or freezer and keep it in air-tight containers and that's the beauty. >> now the bacon. when you're making a lot of bacon, i like to actually do it in the oven, so you line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. like out your bacon and put it the in. >> does the fat store on the tray. >> the fat will storm. i like to make this -- have the
10:34 am
can take it out halfway and drain off the at. >> do we have any in the oven right now. i don't remember. let's check it out. >> i'll look in this one. >> no, there's no bacon in there. >> it's already done. >> thankfully it's right there. >> okay. >> now you'll take three eggs. >> before you take the eggs want to whisk them with a little sugar because it aero irates them. >> can you use an electric mixer? >> can you but it won't help you. >> pour in milk, whole milk and the eggs and a stick of melted butter because it needs fat and then you'll whisk that up together. >> and then you come to the waffle iron and here's the part. >> this is the part i'm missing at home. >> the waffle iron. >> so critical. >> you put the waffle batter in.
10:35 am
>> or it will be like a volcano and put the bacon in. >> you close it up. it will bake and then voila. >> is the bacon hidden inside the waffle. >> oh, wow. >> that's going to be hot. >> a little hot. >> and then we -- >> why did you have to do that? >> all right. >> i can't wait to try this. >> bacon waffle. >> i had to slow down so it wasn't down before you got down here. >> i'm on my second one. >> amazing. >> i'm try. >> i can't get it the in my mouth fast enough. >> you definitely neath need the waffle iron. >> it's hot. >> for this recipe and more go to our food club standout debbi traub. singer and songwriter. a little hot? >> the move it around and it will eventually cool off. >> are you all right? >> it's so good. she will realize how good it is
10:36 am
the singer/songwriter who made ed sheeran cry. i wasn't expecting that. jamie lawson. right after these messages. >> hot waffle out of the oven. thank you. thank you, again. pat yourself upon your back. your shopping is done. you ain't no slack. rest at ease it's all ok. you ordered online and got them in the same day. navigate the app at will with incredible digital ninja skills. the holidays could not be better. maybe you have time to knit him a sweater. i don't know maybe a snowman. i could do that. let's get out of here. i'm just thinking. order gifts online and pick them up the same day. walmart. in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the
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daddy's hand looks funny. and choosing unitedhealthcare can help make it simpler by letting you know when your claim has been processed. yo, adrian. still not funny. unitedhealthcare jamie lawson has become a huge star across the pond and now looking to thitd big in the united states. >> his first self-titled album has been heating up the charts since october and recently opened for his friend ed sheeran in front of a sold out crowd. >> we'll talk to jamie is in a minute but first a look at how he got here. you spend the night in my bed you woke up and you said >> singer/songwriter jamie lawson's popularity exploded this year with the release of his single "wasn't expecting that. " i wasn't expecting that it was only a word
10:41 am
artist signed to ed sheeran's label gingerbread man records. >> since then jamie has been featured as one of "entertainment weekly's" hot new artists to hear now. don't want to get ahead of myself i think i just found a way >> his self-titled album has climbed to number one on the uk album chart. >> the here to say hello. >> and this fall he opened for one direction's arena tour in the uk and ireland. in the new year, he'll hit the road with vance joy with a u.s. tour and ready to take this country by storm. i wasn't expecting that >> jamie lawson, good morning, great to have you here. >> thanks very much. thanks for having me. >> i think you can tell by us tapping our toes instinctively how much that song came on and how much we love it and how much people love it. you're not an overnight sensation, at this the for a while and singing and songwriting for years. >> yeah. >> and your friend ed sheeran signed you to the label.
10:42 am
>> well, he was drunk and he wanted to start up a record label and i went, yeah, sure, i'll be on it. swatted a bit like that. i thought he was joking and turned out he wasn't. >> and the label is called gingerbread man records. >> i understand so far all the artists are gingers like yourself, like yourself and mr. sheeran. >> it's in the contract. >> yes. >> how do you keep that going? it's a tough standard to meet? >> i don't know where it's going to go next, no idea. >> now that you're sharing the stage with ed, that's got to be kind of a nice fill to this, to bring it all together. >> yeah, he's been incredibly important to what i do. he really does love that song and loves the other songs as well so he was kind -- i think like the album went to number one. i think he was more excited about it than i was. >> wow. >> it was crazy. >> but, yeah, he's been great, you know. >> speaking of crazy.
10:43 am
see all of the people the cell phones in the air by the thousands and to willie's point you've been working at this and now you're there. how do you describe it to yourself? >> i don't know. you just kind of like say well done. >> i like that. >> for sticking in there and try to enjoy it as much as i can now. i get to do things like this which is amazing. >> jamesy is going to sing that hit "wasn't expecting that" after this short break. >> i love that. well done. pain from your day can haunt you at night, don't let it.
10:44 am
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like country crock's new recipe. made with real simple ingredients and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients. welcome to crock country. and that is where soup comes from. campbell's fresh-brewed soups. oh, i thought we were talking about babies. made for real, real life. mom! we're back with british singer/songwriter jamie laws on out with a self-titled album and right now he's singing his hit
10:48 am
it was only a smile but my heart it went wild i wasn't expecting that just a dell cat kiss anyone could have missed i wasn't expecting that did i misread the sign your hand slipped into mine i wasn't expecting that you spent the night in my bed you woke up and you said well, i wasn't expecting that i thought love wasn't meant to last i thought you were just passing through if i ever get the nerve to ask
10:49 am
deserve somebody like you i wasn't expecting that it was only a word it was a thing i wasn't expecting that it came without fear and eight months turned into a year and i wasn't expecting that i thought love wasn't meant to last honey, i just thought you were passing through if i ever get the nerve to ask what the did i get right to deserve somebody like you
10:50 am
isn't it strange how a life can be changed in the flicker of the sweetest smile we were married in spring you know i wouldn't change a thing without that innocent kiss what a life i'd have missed if you had not took a chance on a little romance when i wasn't expecting that time doesn't take long, three kids up and gone i wasn't expecting that when the nurses they came, said it's come back again i wasn't expecting that then you closed your eyes, you took my heart by surprise
10:51 am
[ applause ] >> jamie lawson. thank you so much. back in a moment.
10:52 am
favorite part of friday, when erica hill stops by. >> keep it coming, al roker. >> what's coming up on "weekend today?" >> my favorite part of friday, definitely is. ahead. in on that. this weekend what's fantastic is, you know, we all talk about when are you going to retire and have enough money to retire and it's stressful and you look forward to that person in your life. we'll introduce you to a couple who are not even 30 yet and their plan is to retire 33. they have put away three-quarters of their i can over the last few years.
10:53 am
>> what are you going to do for the rest of your life? philanthropic stuff? >> they have a plan. they realized they were literally -- all their life was spent at work and they said what are we really living for, spend our lives at our jobs. >> right. >> or is it to enjoy life. >> so they want to focus on socking everything away. >> saving money on razors. >> you know, i think you all noticed in november how much money you saved so imagine 12 months a year? isn't that cool. >> fascinating. >> eric ark, good to see you. >> i hope they saved a lot. have like 50, 60 years left. >> we'll see you guys tomorrow morning on "weekend today." hoda and jenna bush hager next
10:54 am
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