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tv   Today  NBC  December 14, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EST

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this morning on "today's take," "sisters," the countdown is on to the comedy of the year. we've got one of the stars and then hollywood shopping scam, by the gift card you just bought may not be worth anything and three of the most delicious eat. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news. this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio, 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today," it's monday morning. it's 2015. there's a great holiday crowd on plads ashe.
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willie and tamron. my morning jam "express yourself" by n.w.a. i interviewed ice cube. >> yeah. >> last week. >> hanging with him. >> and been in that n.w.a. mood, that and sinatra and his 100th birthday, that kind weekend. >> that's good. >> great mash-up. >> am, let's talk about the weather. >> yes. >> did we head 72 in new york? >> jfk got to 70 degrees sunday. >> incredible. >> it's -- it's been nuts. so many cities saw record high temperatures. in fact, according to the administration, national centers for environmental information, at least -- the first ten days of december, this is before this weekend, 574 record daily highs have been tied or broken. >> wow. >> during the first ten days. >> that graphic is ominous.
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>> in fact today some places could be 0 degrees above average. >> come on, wow. >> is it true that this is going to continue potentially through christmas? >> well, it's going to moderate, but right now brutally cold, unusually cold weather is still banked up in canada. seeing below normal temperatures out west which we'll get into a little bit and cherry blossoms in washington, d.c. popped out again, and you can see buds on your freeze, it's not going to be a problem because they will re -- reblossom. >> right. >> once they go back into hibernation. >> crazy to see. >> it is. >> last week, first great class at an elementary school in new york tossed their coats into the air to celebrate unusual -- >> that's who you want to hang out with. that's the crew you want to hang out with. >> and not to be undone santa decided to get in on the action, in the niagara river in buffalo hanging ten. >> oh, come on.
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>> don't see that every day. >> remember this time last year, buffalo was like in a state of emergency. they were buried. >> doesn't seem christmassy enough though. out in short and t-shirts. >> other parts of country, florida, california. >> generally. >> i need a little cold. >> you need snow, really? >> yeah. >> i need like the scarves and mittens and put if on and walk around. >> i don't mind this. >> al, here's my theory based on absolutely nothing. >> okay. >> it's a setup. get the mild weather and then we're going to get slammed with a horrible winter. >> in the northeast -- that's the what happen, we haveairly mild weather in december and boom. we're in an el nino year right now which means colder, wetter out west and a little drier, warmer here as we get into january and february, a little wetter and then a little colder. >> yeah. >> so we will eventually get our winter, but we are in the middle what have could be a record el unusual temperatures.
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about last year, remember dylan all over boston. >> i mean. >> by this time. >> i was talking to dylan about this on friday. by this time last year she was already literally burnt out. she had been on the road for weeks covering brutal weather. >> and the people in the northeast burnt out. >> dylan, keep sleeping in. >> natalie mentioned some of us can't get into the christmas spirit without some snow around and christmas music, that should be able to help a little bit. >> yes. >> so the university of illinois has set up a 24/7 service, get this. you call in and you choose a song, and a student will sing it to you live. it's the whole new meaning to rent party. >> we've been doing this for years, since 1960s. >> just got in on the party. >> that's good to know. >> better late than never. >> we just -- somebody told me it was trending. >> well, in 1960. >> well, it was. >> a slow long trend. >> a slow build.
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on it. >> okay. both of my parents went to the university of illinois and this pre-dates them. this is a long tradition. >> wow. >> but it's a great tradition. >> and just now catching on. >> so, do we check it out. because they have been on hold since the '60s just for you. >> your call will be received shortly after this message. please have your name and coming from. >> what song do we want to hear? >> it make take us a few moment to get you your song. >> thank you and happy holidays. >> what song do we want? >> "last christmas." >> she goes right to wham. >> "last christmas" i gave you my that's right. >> that's sad. >> gave the heart and then she tore it apart. >> the they are on the phone. >> they are on the phone. >> happy song. >> "hark the herald angels sing." >> the "market herald" is that the name of it. >> hi, university of illinois,
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angels sing." >> the what is your name? >> my name is sharon. >> hi, sharon. >> runt in the middle of finals right now? >> my name is sarah. >> hi, sarah. how are you? >> so you're ready. >> we're ready. >> three, two, one. hark the herald angels sing glory to the newborn king peace on earth and mercy mild gott god and sinners reconcile the joy full all ye nations rise join the triumph of the skies with angelic hosts pleau claim christ is born in bethlehem hark the herald angel sings glory to the newborn king >> nice. >> fantastic. >> nice. >> are you in the christmas spirit now?
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you, university of illinois. >> that's amazing. >> you guys are terrific. >> let me ask them one more thing to make sure they are illini. i-l-l. >> i-n-i. >> that gets you in. >> don't sound like you've been singing sin oat 60s and bless your hearts. we're so happy. >> do you have a tip jar. >> we should give you something. >> what do you guys get out of it? >> we'll send you "today" show mugs. >> that's the christmas spirit. they don't get anything out of it other than bringing christmas joy to others. >> we'll send you guys "today" show mugs. >> signed "today" show mugs, not the ones from the gift shop. >> you might not want the signed ones. >> erasing names every day. >> you know. >> it's your choice, but i would go with the plain ones. >> that you knew the lyrics just like that. that's awesome. >> have a little thing called a computer in front of them.
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>> i'm impressed. >> i think that's amazing. >> great job, guys. >> thank you. >> well done. they are in the middle of finals right now, too, so. >> that's good. >> all staying up 24/7 to sing to us. >> how about the christmas lists with the hover boards. >> here, josh my son wanted -- wanted is the key word. >> uh-oh. >> and maybe the biggest gift of the holiday season or at least it was, but even santa apparently had a little messup on a hover board. take a look at this the. >> oh, no. >> merry christmas. >> ow. >> well, you remember that video, i guess it went viral. >> that still hurts no, matter how many times he did that. >> could have been worse and caught on fire. >> is that the hover's board? i feel like that it was santa's fault. >> steer issue. >>the door should have been made wider. >> can i talk, please. >> i just want to say one thing, please. >> let's top calling these hover boards. they are not hovering.
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they are wheels. they are on the ground. it's not marty mcfly time. >> what are they called? >> they are not hover boards so start -- stop calling them hover boards. >> they are more of a rover board. >> your turn. >> okay. >> anyway. as you've heard by now, no doubt seen hover boards, mono rovers, whatever you want to call them, they have become safety concerns because the lithium ion battery inside of them are causing some to catch fire and now amazon has pulled some of its brands from its sight. is not selling them at all, and amazon is asking for some sellers to provide documentation that they comply with the safety standards. so bottom line is because they are not a toy they don't fit into the toy category. they are not really regulate. >> hmm. >> so a lot of kids i think are going to be upset. >> santa doesn't deliver that because of the lithium ion batteries. >> when you say santa doesn't bring it because of safety, there's no reason to be upset.
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nearly fell off of it and i'm pretty good on skates and skis and whatever so it took some figuring out and now that's not even the risk anymore. >> to al's point. so many different ones and even my neighborhood a couple of pop-up shops have started selling them. >> a lot haven't been through standards. >> not a good idea to ride >> probably not. >> speaking of on fire, look at warmth that we've got here in the east. there's that high pressure pumping up and the jeemp is way up to the north, so today we'll see a high of 64 here in new york city. by wednesday it cools down to 63 and charleston tomorrow 75 degrees and look at this. 54 in chicago by wednesday and 61 in evansville and 42 in kansas city, but then the cool air is really banked out west. the jet stream has dipped down and so with this low pressure moving through you can see that swirl.
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from kansas on into parts of illinois and iowa, i should say, and we've got a deets ent amount of snow coming in with that cold air, upwards of a foot and a half or more through the rockies and cascades and great news for the skiers. the christmas gift there for anybody who lovers to ski. >> good morning. day. rain gear likely on standby the commute. patchy drizzles, and 40s and 50s this afternoon. we're tracking rain on the way from the great lake states. doesn't get into new england until 8:00, 9:00 tonight. and we'll have showers and even brief downpours tomorrow night and that moves out very early tomorrow morning. that stays, temps 60s in the windy. >> and that's your late weather. >> al, thank you very much. coming up next "rossen reports live," yeah, live, baby, from
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we are back now with another installment of "rossen reports live" and today we're exposing holiday scams. >> national correspondent jeff rossen did some digging to uncover three of the biggest cons that are happening right now, and how you can protect yourself. >> good morning, guys. >> start off with the gift cards right beside you there. >> you were saring you're saying you are scared of gift cards. why? >> my fear is always that you'll buy it and then you'll give it activated there. he's no verification. >> this is along those lines. >> we have some of the most popular gift cards on my hand. you go to the store and buy them for somebody and what the
10:15 am
tonight racks of stores and they are turning the gift cards over, have this one right here, zoom in that camera on it real quick what, they are doing is they are scratching off, took a freeze-frame of it, see that little number on bottom right at the bottom of the card, scratching off the number and putting it back in the rack so when you go bite card most don't look to make sure it's not scratched off and when you go to activate it they keep calling the number to see when the thing has been activated and they have that code and they spend it before you can spend it. >> wow. what should you do then to protect yourself? >> when you go to the rack and bite gift cards, make sure you're buying it and it's like this. it's sealed up. if not a lot of stores sell them loose, flip it over and make sure it is not scratched out, and a lot of stores keep it behind the counter. that's always the best advice to you. >> okay. >> make sure nothing is scratched out. >> a lot of us love online shopping and thieves are getting in on that as well when your package is left. >> this is huge. >> yeah. >> we talk about this on the "today" show every single holiday season and this is when the thieves go to doorsteps and know a lot of gifts are being delivered and they steal them right off of people's doorsteps. we actually have some video to show you of this in action. i think we do. >> we do.
10:16 am
these thieves walk up. how heartless is that stealing these gifts. actually a case of a woman, a mom, who stitched together a bunch of t-shirts of her killed in action soldier son and there she is right there. it was delivered to her, a company do it, and a heartless thief stole it right off her doorstep and police got the thief later on but there are ways to avoid this. >> are these thieves cruising the neighborhood looking for -- >> they follow delivery trucks and will find a ups truck and fedex truck, any one of these run to the doorstep when the guy takes off because most people aren't home during the day and know the critical hours during the day that you're probably not >> what do you do? number one, manage your deliveries in most cases. what you want to do is click on delivered at a certain time and want to know when it's being delivered. track your delivery. how easy is that, they give you
10:17 am
i like this one, too, if your employer allows it, have it delivered to work and that way you know there's somebody there, you can actually take it. and the other way do it, the best advice, set up the shipping address to your local fedex or post office and then you pick if up how you want to. >> if there's a business like you frequent, dry cleaners, some of them will let you if you're a good customer since someone is usually there 9:00 to 5:00 kind of hours. >> third scam has to do the website you're shopping on. make sure they're authentic sites. >> there are so many fake sites out there, and when we do, the counterfeiters have figured out a way to make themselves come up high in the google search. when you type in ray-ban, for example, if you want sunglasses, you may get a fake website that comes to the top. we actually have a side by side to show you. can you guys tell which one is fake and which one is real. which one is fake? >> i think the one that says now open is fake. i think that's the fake one.
10:18 am
>> believe it or not, that's the real one on the right. the fake one on the left. real quick, piece of advice, when you go to the url at top, make sure it says https, the "s" means secure. and don't go through google. type in and go there yourself. >> thanks, jeff, keeping us hot days. >> the holiday hassle already stressing you out? next what will save your sanity. that's coming up up. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. rimagine what it would be like to love your numbers. discover once-daily invokana . it's the #1 prescribed in the newest class p of medicines that work with the kidneys to lower a1c. rinvokana is used along with diet and exercise tto significantly lower blood sugar t in adults with type 2 diabetes. p it's a once-daily pill that
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don't let bad odors escape. with glad with febreze. the only bag with the irresistible scent of gain. between decorating, shopping and wrapping you may seem a little stressed by now but we'll try to make things easier with holiday hacks from life-style expert and contributor. here we go. first of all, tape. >> yes. >> trying to keep tape from getting stuck to itself. >> there's nothing more frustrating than not finding the edge of a tape. super, super quick and easy trim is take a paper clip and put it on there every time you're done or the bread clip interest your plastic bag so you can reuse it.
10:22 am
missing a bow. you have some quick hacks for this. >> take a bow and take your scraps and cut little vertical lines and then you take your scissors and you just curl it like you would a ribbon, curl, curl, curl and that way you can quickly make little bows and not only could they coordinate but they look cute. >> when i'm making bows with uneven. >> with a fork. >> right. >> and what you do is you're going to tie it like this, tie it like this. >> so you're going in between the tines. >> and over like that. >> and when you're all done, you switch, switch, switch. and then what happens is that it looks like this.
10:23 am
>> so the idea here, i didn't finish it properly but it's a little, little ribbon that you can put on an envelope and it's a cute little way to decorate. done. >> it's done. >> that's true. >> i was pressed for time. >> thank you. >> this one is perfect for any decorating or any fall table settings that you may have. take ice coupes. >> right. >> add some cranberries and a little bit of water on top and pop in the frears and then when you're serving your little drinks, you have a tasty, festy little drink with cranberries and it looks beautiful. >> very festive looking, i like that. >> this is terrific. >> this is really cute as far as table settings go. buy these little stockings. >> mm-hmm. >> and take your little fork and knife and spot and pet them in there. >> wrap it up with a bow and you're good to go. >> you hate homemade containers and i love this. take the chip thing.
10:24 am
eco-friendly, super cute and just stuff it in there and you give all of your friends tasty cookies. >> put them in gently. >> thank you so much. >> a big weekend for to the couple who set aside the whole day to sell their old car and buy a new one... oops. nana's got the kids til 9... but it's only 2. guess you'll just have to see a movie... ...then get some dinner.
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taking a look at headlines, more evidence is emerging that officials missed warning signs about the couple who carried out the san bernardino terror attacks. the fbi has already said the two developed extremist views before they met. well, now the "new york times" reports that the wife, tashfeen malik, had spoken openly on social media about violent jihad saying she wanted to be a part of it and yet passed several immigration checks before moving from pakistan on a fiancee visa. if you have to go to the post office today, best of luck to you. usps officials say today is the busiest mailing day of the year
10:29 am
officials recommend sending pack packages by december 21st for christmas arrival and estimate over 15.5 billion pieces of mail will be sent this holiday season. a warning today about the dangers of putting young children in car seat while they are wearing their winter jackets. crash tests at 30 miles per hour show us just how dangerous it can be. in one test you see the child dummy goes flying out of the seat with the jacket sliding right off. an expert says the harness should fit nice and tight to the child's body and should be at armpit level and if you're worried about the child being cold lay the coat over them after the harness is already buckled. you've hearded about the dangers of not getting enough getting too much sleep could also be bad for you. new research from australia shows that sleeping more than nine hours could put you at risk for premature death. the study says people who spend most their days sleeping and
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likely to die young. experts recommend between seven and nine hours of sleep a day. and still champion. "the hucker games the mocking jay part 2" was still number one for the fourth straight weekend. ron howard "in the heart of the season" debuted number two and" the good dinosaur" was third. carolyn and andrew will get married in the "star wars" right outside of the chinese theater and they have been camped out there since they flew in from last week and carolyn will wear a wedding gown decorated with star fighters and darth vader will walk her down the aisle and the ceremony will be conducted by a friend of the couple named obi, of course. serious friends. al? >> this is not the bride you're looking for. anyway, early week, rain and
10:31 am
mid-atlantic states and flood threats around the region. mid-week period, pacific northwest and heavy rain here in the northeast. we could actually use some of it. heavy showers and thunderstorms through the southeast and the latter part of the week look for mountain rain and snow out west. eastern two-third of the country looking pretty darn good. lack at how hot. more record warmth here in the northeast and mid-atlantic states and much below normal out west and through the mid-week period. stays warm and it's not until the latter part of the week that things start >> good morning. mostly cloudy skies through the day. rain gear likely on standby the entire day, even the evening commute. there could be patchy drizzles, and 40s and 50s this afternoon. we're tracking some rain on the way from the great lake states. doesn't get into new england until 8:00, 9:00 tonight. and we'll have showers and even overnight night and that moves out very early tomorrow morning. that stays, temps 60s in the
10:32 am
windy. characters because as we said earlier each one is someone that you know, that you're familiar with. what was it like filming this with the great tina-free and amy poehler. >> it's like being back at work. pound for pound they are the funniest women in the world and maya and everybody, having everybody around, two months in a house, warehouse somewhere, destroying a house and having a blast and improvising a lot. it was -- it was a blast. most fun i've had. >> tina was talking to matt a little bit earlier and there's kind of a shorthand between you guys on "snl." know how to read each other. >> no when to let someone else go and they will get that take and paula who wrote it, responsible for 90% of the classic characters on "snl" and would run up to you with a post-it note and read it and
10:33 am
ever read and the best. >> new use for post-its. >> yeah. >> how do you shoot without breaking character or how often do you break character because i would imagine there's a laugh per minute on the. >> laughing and then getting back into it. trying not to waste as much time but it was fun. i'm sure there's a lot of outtakes of us crack up. >> i'm sure you figured you would have a fight scene in a movie. >> with john cena? >> fought him a couple of times just for the he can of it, in the streets. >> a little ww sgle he was terrified. >> was me. >> he was terrified. >> look at me. i'm very menacing. >> you are. i would be afraid of you. you look like a coiled spring ready to go. >> i'm ready to go. >> careful, roker, careful. just kidding. it was the best. the weirdest feeling in the world as a grown man is to be lifted by another grown man. >> he carried me around the set like a baby, and it wasn't -- i
10:34 am
>> frightening and comforting. >> quite comforting. he's a kind and gentle soul. >> and can you do us a favor, bone, and show us your shirt and willie has -- >> out myself. >> yeah. >> my nice sultd with my "star wars" t-shirt. >> request see "sisters." >> is there a battle. >> a little disturbing actually. >> very disturbing. very nerdy t-shirt. "sisters" is out the same day and you can see both. >> yeah. >> how are you approaching this? >> i'll see -- i have many tickets for "star wars" and i'm going to get some for "sisters" today. >> great answer. >> good answer. >> whoa! >> the battle. >> so random. >> surprised the jedi like that. >> bobby, thank you, and, of course, "sisters" from our friday.
10:35 am
both, "star wars" and "sisters." go back and forth. >> tina and amy are comedy jedi. >> please, pick me up and carry me around. >> next, the star of three dame toosh golden globe [barks] are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, beep! this way! where'd they go? they went that way! that way, they went that way! i can't believe that worked! of course it worked! beep, beep, beep! just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make holiday magic. (microwave) ding! chex party mix. it's what the
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kristen is known for her work on stage, tvs and films and known for the wife on "in the wolf of wall street" and also as the mother on "how i met your mother". >> and now see her in the golden globe nominated series in "fargo can the "and tonight she plays the wife of a state trooper and she's battling a life-threatening illness. kristen, good morning. >> good morning. >> and you bring a bright smile to your face. >> oh, yeah. >> we'll see. >> you are doing so much right now, so busy, let's talk fargo first. nominated for all the golden globes. >> what's it like to be a part of this. >> amazing to be a part of it. >> i'm such a huge fan of the show and everyone involved and it's amazing to then see them celebrated in the way that i think they should be celebrated. >> yeah.
10:40 am
so terrific. >> how did you come up with your midwestern acsglent had a great dialect coach and i date a midwesterner. >> that helps. >> which also really helps and he's from wisconsin so it's a little different from minnesota and i loved it. they just told me that it was. >> take it at face value. >> i just trusted them that accent. i would go too full twilt that accident. constantly bring it back. >> what are dates like with your midwestern trend when you are practicing. >> i would say things like oh, yeah, oh, that's pretty good, huh, and he'd like ah, yeah, sure, okay. and then the dialect coach was always -- a lovely guy and he would always be kristen, if you could just tone it down. you're coming off like an offensive cartoon. >> but i'm like my boyfriend loves it and my boyfriend says
10:41 am
>> offensive cartoon, that's high wheelhouse, where i really live. >> i expect you give a lot away, betsy unconscious on the floor. where is this headed? >> i'm not going to tell you. i'm not telling you anyone. >> i have to wait to watch is that what you're telling me? >> i do have a background in mime. >> you have a pc ground in mime. >> cut it out. >> i was a mime in high school. >> al has done the forecast in mime. >> you go first. >> okay. >> that's a classic. >> trapped in a box, that's good. >> that's what i was going to do honestly, to be honest. i was going to be trapped in a box. >> you've got one thing. >> you've got one. >> but it's good. >> but it's solid. >> let's compare yours. >> i used to have to pick flowers. i would be like. oh, it was in high school, a while ago. >> bravo, bravo.
10:42 am
it at you. >> a lot of walking in the wind and i remember you had to clap like this make noise. >> doing jazz hands. >> jazz hands. >> oh, my gosh. >> another viral moment brought to you -- >> back to mime school. >> and we should point out "lazarus" is incredible, too. >> thank you. >> once you were hall of fame performance there and back with "lazarus." >> nice to have you back on broadway. >> oh, my god. >> look at you. >> amaze sglig ing. >> i didn't own know. >> like mime with sound? >> what do we call that? >> interpretive dance. >> thank you. >> catch the season finale of "fargo" tonight on fx so you'll know what happens to her character. >> yes. >> maybe. >> i can't tell. they will fire me somehow. >> do i like cookies? >> yes. >> well, then, stay tuned. >> it's your lucky day because we have three of the best cookies in the country that you
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irwin, california. >> good morning to you. >> already sampled the cookie. >> the biggest part of the cookie is the dark brown sugar and the butterscotch chip. >> i love that. chocolate chips. >> i agree. >> what's the first step? >> we're going to cream the butter and sugar and we're going ingreed in ingredients are all mixed up. >> as you cook i love the story
10:48 am
>> i baked them for my husband and the soldiers loved it and made a business out of it. >> they became so popular and said they could be a business. >> just blossomed. >> they taste amazing. >> go right in there. >> and we've got the dough already made and then we scoop. >> okay. >> and i roll in even more brown sugar. >> more brown sugar. that's what i'm tasting. >> love it. >> and while you do that. >> i'm going to taste yours, too. equal opportunity here. i've got tina here with her t-rex cookies. >> look at size of these cookies and you'll see. it's the perfect name, t-rex cookies. >> sea salt caramel chocolate chip. >> yes, they are. >> ingredients. >> we have our chocolate chip cookie ingredients and put caramel in it and i actually weigh the cookie and all the cookies i make for my business are all half a pound. >> oh, my gosh. >> essentially looks like a
10:49 am
done with it and the key is putting the flake sea salt on top. >> i love that combination. >> a lot ask me how i get them to be chewy and soft in the middle and still crispy on outside and my secret is to make sure you freeze the cookie doe right after you mix it. >> how long do you freeze it for. >> totally frozen. >> and then you go right from the freezer into the oven. >> i'm going to give this a try. >> go ahead, al. >> chs your shothd shop in utah, chocolate chip cook we german chocolate frosting. >> i go ahead and make the german chocolate frosting and once it's heated up you have the coconut. >> right. >> and your vanilla. >> and -- and two cups of pecans, have to make sure those are toasted. >> you mix it all up and you threat chill. >> right. >> about two hours, three hours depending on getting the right consistency. >> and how do you get that on the cookie. >> that's easy, just put it on there like that.
10:50 am
>> tuft it with a little more nut. >> and then drizzle it with chocolate. >> of course you do. >> if it wasn't cold. >> and then that's it. >> great cookies. to get the recipes head to and we're right back [barks] are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, beep! this way! where'd they go? they went that way! that way, they went that way! i can't believe that worked! of course it worked! beep, beep, beep!
10:51 am
farms, we wish you and your family a merry christmas and happy holidays.
10:52 am
one of our longtime toy drive donors is lego and amanda's is brand relations manager for legos brand inc. thank you. >> of course. >> for the tremendous donations and for the toys that fit every age group. >> lego set for every age group and thrilled to donate over $1 million for the "today" show toy drive. >> tell me what we have here. >> variety of sets, everything from spaceships to hot air balloons and everything in
10:53 am
what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple.
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