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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  December 16, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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a secretaried criminal case against philip chism headed to court today. a car hit the guardrail and burst into flames. a new york newspaper coming down on tom brady taking aim at his friendship with donald trump. good wednesday morning everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm sarah french. i'm christa delcamp. we made it to the midweek point. looks like if you have errands to do it doesn't look like the weather will stay your way. jeremy reiner has the details on that. >>meteorologist: good morning, 30s and 40s. boston at 42. jaffrey, 36. hyannis. 43. this is what you would normally find during the afternoon hours.
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the only thing working against the mild temps some left over wind from yesterday. not as feisty as yesterday and it won't be as windy. but we get a bit of cooling effect. i caution to say a windchill. the windchill are running middle 30. tolerable for mid december. worcester fills like 31. cooler today with mix of clouds and sunshine. temp this afternoon between 42 and 46. we're tracking more rain on the way for tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. minutes. traffic. let's go outside to expressway not only slow well. like i mentioned we're crawling northbound on the expressway but southbound is very slow too. about 30-minute ride to boston to braintree split. we have an accident in randoph on 24 northbound. this right at route 28.
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have some delays there. let's head north of town 93 southbound another accident. medford. this is blocking the center lane. you are crawling from 128 into boston route one you are slow through summerville. let's go to the pike because you are crawling into the boston from frame ingham. 128 is really slow from route one to the pike as well. let's look at the drive time as you head out the door this morning. the split to the tunnel right around half an hour. from 128 over 30 minutes and over 30 minutes on 93 southbound from 128 to zakim bridge. so far the t is on time. back to you guys happening now a new case against convict killer filmip philip chism. this comes less than 24 hours after found guilty of murder upping his mouth teacher. yesterday an outpouring of emotion as the guilty verdicts read.
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deciding chism's fate for the murder of colleen ritzer. victoria warren has been covering the trial from the beginning and has the very late. the defendant philip chism is guilty. 16-year-old philip chism emotionally after the jury said he raped and murdered his math teacher. his mother doubled over colleen mother sat and cried. rid zer family didn't get a chance to process the weeks of graphic testimony. first thing chism back inside another courtroom this one in boston where he faced attempted murder charge accused of attacking a worker while he was in custody. we will honor her legacy. and be her voice during the continued judicial process. >> that process is also likely to see lengthy appeals and because chisms only 14 years old
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the judge has to follow new sentencing guideline. he can't get life parole. maintaining there's a chance he could be parole eligible before he's 40. the ritzer's know what's ahead for him. but in this moment they want to focus on their daughter and her lasting impact. one of favorite quote was there's something good in every day. we will carry on and do our best to find the good in every day. today's hearing is scheduled. it's a status hearing on the attempted murder charge. it's unclear if philip chism will be inside the courtroom or if he will wave his right to appear. in boston, victoria warren, 7 news "today in new england." breaking overnight two people hurt after a serious crash that anned in wakefield on 128. a car slammed into a guardrail and then it burst into flames
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police are now investigating what led up to the crash. now to the race for the white house. the g.o.p. candidate taking center stage in sin city. the war on terror taking top billing in the final debate of the year. let's get right to nancy chin with more. >> sarah, national security concerns have been on everyone's mind especially lately. this was the first debate since the terrorist attack in san berardino. the candidates had strong opinions on how to keep the nation safe. the topic of last night's dae bathe foreign policy the first question went to republican front-runner donald trump on his idea to ban all muslims from coming to the united states. >> we are not talking isolation. we're talking about security. religion. we're talking about security. >> governor jeb bush one of several candidates on the stage in las vegas last night who questioned trumps muslim ban. this is not a serious proposal.
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you said isis was not a factor. >> i'm talking. you can go back. senator marco rubio and ted cruz disagreed i about immigration policy mainly whether cruz would allow those in the country i legally to get citizenship. ted cruz rule out after legalizing people in the country illegally. i never supported legalization. i don't intend to support legalization. when trump complained he was being attacked too much. jeb bush again touts leading to one final exchange. this is tough business. >> you're a tough guy. >> and we need to have a leader that's tough. you will never be president of the united states by insulting. chris christy on the rise in 1/2 calls for no-fly zone vowing to shoot down russia jets if they
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ran paul said that would be inciting world war iii. two more patriots player done for the rest of the season. the pat placing running back and easily on injured reserve tuesday. both were injured in sunday night win over texans. new this morning the new york daily newsblasting tv 12 on today's front page attacking the pat's star for his relationship with donald trump. let's get to bottom of this one. what they are saying. here's nicole oliverio at gillette. good morning. you can remember back in september when reporter first noticed that donald trump had in brady's locker. he was asking about who he was supporting. he tried to avoid question and new york taking the chance to blast new england's quarterback. >> tom brady hoping to avoid getting in the middle of any
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2016. >> just sta out of this debate. the new york daily news is putting the quarterback on blast with this blairing front page headline for comments he made during weekly radio interview when asked if he support republican presidential candidate donald trump. i support all my friends in everything they do. i think it's pretty remarkable what he achieved in his life. the new york paper criticized brady for not denouncing the plan to want all muslim. questions. >> this is really important to you guys huh? friend. it was in september when a trump hats spotted in brady's locker. of me. he's the last 15 years since i judged a beauty pageant for him. trump supported number 12 during deflate gate.
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>> in the article other athletes and owner came to brady's defense saying it's nobody's business who we support. >> and in that interview brady also asked if he has that trump hat to which he responded, yes. live at gillette. nicole oliverio, 7news "today in new england." also on 7 a close call for a baby and mother when a plywood wall came crashing down. a security camera captured the collapse. more. sarah as you can imagine involved. i want to show you where the wall was standing yesterday. this was outside a restauraunt being renovated. you can see where the wall was on the outside here. it's a construction barrier set up to protect pedestrians. all it took was a stiff gust of
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>> pierre has a brace around her leg and arm in a sling. after this temporary wall fell on her and several others tuesday afternoon in maldin. her son isiah rushed to his mother's side. i saw my mom and floor. she's not responsive. like i was trying to talk to her. i just kept saying it's me. she was taken to hospital. her shoulder -- her right side of back and her knee. 2-year-old child in stroller trapped beneath the collapsed construction barrier. his mother injured but police say the little boy was fine. we think the carriage help keep the baby out of harm's way. it help keep it off the ground a little bit. the security camera at paul frazier's jewelry store captured the collapse. you can see him run out to help. >> we heard a loud crash. we looked out the window. we saw the wood structure had come down. months.
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up. that. they say it could have been worse but it will be a difficult road ahead. she will be off her feet for couple of days or weeks. back out here live you can see it pretty quiet here at the restaurant. we haven't seen too many out. as this restaurant is supposedly being renovated. as for the investigation into what happened, police say they believe wind is what caused the wall to fall over. osha was investigating but later on we found out osha will not investigate because no construction workers were injured. that's the latest live in maldin, nick emmons 7news "today in new england." a threat shutdown their entire school district. officials say a bomb threat came from overseas and that prompted them to keep student at home.
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schools in new york. but officials quickly determined there that it was all a hoax. happening today the department of homeland security set to announce changes to the nation's terror alert system. the department said the system will be modified to better threats. plans to change the terror alert system were announced shortly berardino. the federal reserve will decide whether to raise interest years. the historic announcement scheduled for this afternoon. the decision could haven pact on homeowners who may see increase in mortgage rates. much more ahead on "today in new england" it promises to help your hair but instead some customer claim they are losing it. here about class action lawsuit. the countdown as you rush up odi knowledge. j.r. will tell us some things he
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>> then we'll have a quiz tomorrow. sunshine. forecast up next. staying with the "star wars" theme jimmy falon sings quite a
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force. he sang the "star wars" theme song. at one point they all dressed up as storm trooper.
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made cameos at the end as well. i have to give it to krista. it reminds me of the brady bunch. they were harmonizing beautifully. >> there's no discourse in the galaxy, far, far away. no rebelling on that one. not as winder today. cooler but not cold. temps this afternoon 40s and we are talking more showers head thing way for tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. month of december all the orange square did you call them all they are warm day. temps running nearly 10 degrees above average. for six straight months where temps have been at or above normal. we will turn colder than normal for a couple of days this weekend. this far into the month again with on pace to be warmest december on record. we have halfway to go. i don't see long lasting or
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cold snap this weekend. the numbers will bounce back right above normal. next week as we roll toward christmas. right now boston at 42. bedford at 39. out on to cape temps in the low 40s with mix of clouds and sunshine. high pressure is with us. that means less wind through the day. and temps this afternoon between 42 and 46. and then for tonight becoming cloudy. overnight low between 34 and 38. through the day tomorrow we have a lot of clouds for tomorrow. morning commute is dry. but i actually think there's a few rain showers awrying with temperature in the upper 40s. for more on the rain showers. here's daniel. high pressure in charge now. that's keeping things nice and mild. temperature a little bit above average. but for the most part we get closer to where we should be for this time of year. notice the rain out toward chicago. we get to see some of that tomorrow as we head into your thursday. let's walk you through the storm time line; western massachusetts could see scattered showers
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i don't think we'll see the scattered showers in boston until just after lunch time. when we see more of the rain as we head into tomorrow evening. after dinner time most of that moisture moves in. you can see the journalist, the dark green signs of heavier rain moving through the overnight hours. by friday morning though, we're pretty much done and cleared out as far as how much rain to expect from this system right around a third of an inch for most areas where we could see more rain is out toward the cape and then we have another chance for some rain on friday. j. r. back to you. we have weather system that will deliver the goods in term of beneficial rain. it's cool front moving through. normally the fronts move on then back into the sunshine. another little area of high pressure tries to form on the front friday. that will i think lock clouds into new england on friday. and there may be a couple of isolated showers during the day friday. tomorrow's weather system more confidence we will have showers.
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we see. we will keep with isolated showers. there's your colder shot of air saturday and sunday. it's brief. next week back into the 50s. thank you. when we return this is popular hair care product. it features celebrity spokespeople. but customers are suing saying this product ruined their hair. the force is almost with them. get some new "star wars" knowledge, coming up. it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now.
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[ ] we are a family, brought here through destiny. we are a family. we are a family, brought here through destiny.
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together a family... we will always be. a family... we will always be. happy holidays
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>> a popular line of hair care products now part of class-action lawsuit. if you haven't used wen you may have seen the ads on tv. you were talking about. hundreds claim instead of give their hair actually fell out. wen is not an ordinary shampoo. the promises are bold. get beautiful healthy hair with wen. celebs say it's the best thing happened to their flowing locks. now hundreds of customer allege that wen is actually a nightmare. instead of flowing hair their hair is falling out. a class action lawsuit filed against the stylist and the marketing company including these photos and accuses the company of not warning customers that the product contain an ingredient or combination of ingredients that cause
9:22 am
>> your thick pump in the ground. now testimonials like these are popping up. >> my hair the coming out. >> in a statement the company said it will vigorously fight the allegation writing in part there's no scientificers whatsoever to support any claim that our hair care products cause anyone to lose their hair. there are many reasons why the individuals may lose their hair. all underrelated to wen hair care products. today both sides say they are working toward a settlement. >> let's face it. if you are having a bad hair dade it's a bad day. for wen and customers this may be the worst day imaginable. kim khazei. 7news "today in new england." >> more than 200 women are included in this class action lawsuit. it's scary. thinking all there is to know about the "star wars" film. i know j.r. does. actors that might have gotten the roles instead.
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[music] no, no, no, no, people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too.
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>> "star wars" films have tow many lines by heart. some may know more than george lucas. >> today we take a look back before we bounce ahead to the force awakens. here's some things you may not have known ability "star wars" as new england awakens. it's still unreal to me we're getting new "star wars." i never thought i would see episodes 7. film critic just got to see advance screening of "the force
9:26 am
we are digging up new stuff about the old film. they didn't think much of role or movie calling it fairy tale rub ish. his paycheck was 95 million. luke skywalker almost had a different name luke starkiller. up until the last minute. revenge of the jedi. the name changed just before release. a bigger budget for the phantom menace didn't mean props got fancier. the communicator used was technical. >> gillette women's razor they book apart. if the adougss worked out different i will you may have seen members of nsync in attack of the clones. kurt russell for tom. and to get you in holiday spirit
9:27 am
1978 a "star wars" holiday special aired on cbs. one critic called it the worst two hours of television ever. that would not happen today. you wouldn't get lord of the something. but at that time it was like rudolph knowed by some rookies. whatever. whatever works. >> that's so campy. you saw that. a christmas special. that identifies a fan boy if you seive the "star wars" holiday special. however, "star wars" episode 8 already has debut announcement. thank you. >> much more to come in the next half hour. the cavs back in boston. celtics looking for the first win that and all of our top
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>> teenagy philip chism could spend rest of the life in prison for murder. there's a new criminal case against him. the operator of h run away red line train now suspended without pay. but will he soon be fired? >> and meet the winner of season 9 "the voice." welcome back on this wednesday morning. the good trend continues when it comes to forecast. j.r. pretty much dry day, is that what we are looking at here? >> yes. temps 30s and 40s, where we should be for afternoon high at 9:30. boston, 42. worcester, 37. there's some wind out there. again not as strong or as persistent as yesterday.
9:29 am
hour. lighter winds over here. under high pressure. that will begin to move closer to boston when that happened that will shut the wind down something fierce. windchill middle 30s again with time. the wind fades away. decent december day with mix of clouds and sunshine. yes, cooler than yesterday. the city around 45 this afternoon. fitchburg 43. temps running in the mid 40s. >> right now a new case against convicted killer philip chism heads to court. the teen faces more charges this morning. this comes less than 24 hours after chism found guilty of murdering his teacher. the 16-year-old is also accused of attacking a worker at department of youth services while in custody. let's go to victoria warren covering the trial since the start. the defendant philip chism is guilty.
9:30 am
also after the jury said he raped and murdered his math teacher. his mother doubled over while coleen's mother sat and cried. first thing wednesday chism is back inside another courtroom this one in boston where he facing attempted murder charge accused of attacking a department of youth services worker while in customerdy. we will honor her legacy. and be her voice during the continued judicial process. that process is also likely to see lengthy appeals and because chism was on 14 years old when he killed his math teacher the judge has to follow new sentencing guidelines that means that he can't get life without parole meaning there's a chance he could be parole eligible before he is 40 years old. in this moment they want to focus on their daughter and her
9:31 am
one of colleen's favorite quote is there's something good in celebrate. to celebrate our low for her who she continues influence despite immense loss we are forced to endure we will do our best to find the good in every day. today hearings previously scheduled. it's a status hearing on the attempted murder charge. it's unclear if philip chism will be inside the courtroom or if he will waive his right to appear. victoria warren, 7news "today in new england." new this morning in the race for the white house g.o.p. candidates jeb bush quick to release a new ad overnight blasting trump in behavior during last night debate. maches's trump's facial expression. nancy chin joining us with more on the heated debate. it largely focused on national security concerns. and once again an intense face-off between the candidates.
9:32 am
donald trump and jeb bush getting into heated exchange. >> donald, you know is at the one liner. he's a chaos candidate. he would be chaos president. this is a tough business to run for president >> you are tough guy. bush accused trump of lacking seriousness after his proposal to ban muslims from the united states. in the mean time other candidates including chris christy and rap paul butted heads on how to bring down isis. >> thank you. a t-worker in hot water after last week run away red line train. that put passengers obviously in serious danger. the driver of the train is now in trouble. he's off the job. suspended and could soon be fired. here's susan tran with the latest. red line operator david
9:33 am
without pay and may be fired. his attorney said that would be a ridiculous series of events for 21-year veteran driver to commit. >> i can't imagine that he would tire a rope around the throttle system of the brake system then get under the train to toggle a switch. >> 52-year-olds supposed to be at the control leading braintree station last week when he ran into a signal problem. and mbta said he got authorization to step off the train and flip a switch for the train to get moving again. but when he left the train it took off without him. mr. vazquez did anything he he could running to near station he injured himself in the process. no passengers were hurt even though it travelled for five miles until t employee stopped the train by cut image power.
9:34 am
thorough investigation into what happened. he's a very well recorded operator of train. his passengers love him. his colleagues are very happy working with him. and this has been hard hard thing for him. >> susan tran, 7news "today in new england." acaused of stealing packages from homes in south boston. they saw the three men ripping boxes open and stuffing the items into shopping bags. police later identified them. officials say the package. three cases in connection with the overdose of teenager in new hampshire. a judge ruling there is probable cause to charge lesley of salsbury. the teenager mother jasmine root and boyfriend are facing charge as we told you.
9:35 am
thommy died in october at motel up in rochester, new hampshire. prosecutors say that's where she boyfriend bought. juror in the case of police officer who connect death of deadlocked. the judge ordered them to keep deliberating. william porter charged with manslaughter after grays injured and died while in police custody in april. he's the first of # officers to stand trial. as the city await verdict officials have been calling for peace and respect for jury's decision. the city preparing on the unrest like the initially peaceful protest that turned into riots after gray's funeral. former subway spokesman jarod goingul appealing prison sentence. he was sentenced to 15 year behind bars after pleading guilty to child sex and pornography charges. he's also appealing a $175,000 fine. currently he's held at prison
9:36 am
a state of emergency in michigan as the city of flynt deals with toxic levels of lead in the drinking water leading to sick children. >> >> health official fear that thousands of young children could be permanently harmed due to lead poisoning. resident have blamed back teara infection; rashes and other health issue on the water there. it all began with the city switched water sources last year. now the mayor is asking for federal aid to help fix the problem. now 9:39 and when we come back it's time for the return of holiday helping. jeremy showing us how to make a easy dessert coming up if. lebron back in boston. can the celtics handle him. >> for today a mix of clouds and
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[ ] we are a family, brought here through destiny. and we, we grow together. together a new world we'll see. together... a family. we will always be. happy holidays from all of us. >> a local star citing at the gun g.o.p. dough bathe last night. ala brown singing the national anthem.
9:40 am
ands contestant on american idol back in 2006. >> really talented. she plays basketball. some people just have it all. >> she's multitalented. just like your one. >> she gets that from her mother, not her facilitier. we have less wind today. cooler but not cold. temps this afternoon, 40s. showers on the way for tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. jet stream been looking like this for seems like since halloween and that's not allowing cold air to bother us at any length in time. that will change this weekend. it's going to rearrange itself so it does happen to colder air and down the eastern seaboard. this is not the start of new pattern. because as we look down the road into next week. i think what will happen the pattern will snap right back into the configuration which promotes warmth.
9:41 am
6 straight months where we had temperature warmer than normal here in southern new england. right now the numbers again right about where we should be for afternoon highs. 42 in town. worcester, 37. some left over wind from yesterday. and through the day high pressure will settle that wind down further. tonight becoming cloudy. 34 to 38. clouds tomorrow morning no issue tomorrow morning. i do think there's some showers moving in to new england tomorrow afternoon and tomorrowening and for more on that rain here's daniel. thanks, j.r. for now high pressure in place keeping things nice and mild. hard to believe we've only had one day of below average temperature. we have rain toward chicago. we'll see some of that come tomorrow. let's talk about the timing of tomorrow's rain. as we head into about 10:00 a.m. we could see some scattered
9:42 am
then after lunch time we could sue showers. most arrive tomorrow. if you plan to go christmas shopping probably do it tonight or if you do it tomorrow night bring the umbrella. prepare for the rain. notice, know you go to bested and wake up and that storm has moved. as far as how much rain to expect total right around the third of inch where you can see more rain maybe half an inch toward the cape. like i mention friday more rain is on the way. and for that j.r., back to you. that system number one. tomorrowening. and then we notice another system scoot up along. this big green blob friday afternoon. cloudy skies. and i do think there's a couple of isolated showers metro boston. only 40% chance. on the cape and island the chance is higher. i think friday afternoon and night on the cape you'll have a little burst of rain but no snow. and then the cold air comes in after that weather system
9:43 am
partly to mostly sunny sky. temperatures where we should be for this time of year. low 40s. good morning. patriots sit in first place with three games to go. a clear path to the top seed in afc. that comes along with it. the only thing to stop the paid patriots now more injury. suffering hip injure in sunday win over the texans. along with den lewis they lost their top two running backs. more injury on defense as well for second straight year. headed to injured reserve the former first round pick done for the season with hip injury. easily started just one game. his 15-tackles and two tacks were highs. a play off rematch cavs looking
9:44 am
he follows up the air ball. lebron leaks out on the break. you know where that is going. capping off twelve--0 run. >> celtics down by 15 trying to make a run in the fourth corner. turner nails the fade away. the cavs answer. love puts back up by 12 hitting the three. the celtics worst offensive night of the season as they fall 79-77. bruins those penguins. mike sullivan the former bruins coached a marshfield native in pittsburgh debut monday against washington. that's sports. i'm aamorosino, have a great day. he's doing things like oh, chopping apples and melting butter zmchlt he's making this really eatsy and delicious
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9:48 am
hosting a party or fending off the rebellion. we have recipe that we think you will enjoy. we low it. it's apple dumplings. >> let's do it. >> first things first. we will peel this apple. we live out here in apple country. we love to find anything with an apple in the recipe. >> now we will chop up the apples. >> you can slice it up into 8s or use this device right here. super slick. now we are going to take the crescent rolls. this is where i need your help. we will roll the apple up into the crescent rolls. you tuck it up and put it in the greased pan. >> next up we get the sugar and butter to get together and hang out for a little bit. drop that in there.
9:49 am
it's just a brief stir on the heals of the sugar. you go ahead and have vanilla extract in there. let's take it home; right? >> right on top of the apple dumpling. just spread it on there. we take the lemon lime soda and pour it on the edge. into the oven for 40 minutes for 350. now time to serve it up. this is how we roll at time reiner. we serve it ala mode. this simple recipe we love. we hope you enjoy. have a great holiday season. and thank you for supporting project bread. >> dig in! i love that 30-second segment. however long it was >> how adorable is his daughter. growing up so fast. >> we want clones thaf at least i do. i know sarah wouldn't be caught dead. i would wear it to ugly christmas sweater party.
9:50 am
bought it for charity run. i said that's not ugly sweater. that's a holiday helping sweater. >> you rescued it. if you want recipe log on to that's where you will find more information on how to donate to this charity. >> coming up my turn in the kitchen with my two kids and they are such great helpers. my 5 and 7-year-old were making spanish bar cake. it's fruit cake you want to eat. that's coming up tonight at 11:00. you can also see it tomorrow morning as well. >> they look really into it. they are ready to go. they are actually really good helpers in the kitchen. doesn't have to be perfect. just needs to taste good. coming up next in "the buzz." she crowned this year's "the voice." a look at the winner when we return. for the day a mix of clouds and sunshine. one last look at the forecast up
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no, no, no, no, people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too.
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in the buz the winner of "the voice" revealed on last night's live season finale. for loyal fan few were surprised by the outcome. the winner of "the voice" is -- for fan who watched all season -- jordan smith. >> the choice was hardly a surprise. 22-year-old from kentucky beating 17-year-old emily ann roberts for the season 9 crown. it was incredible. i never expected to be here experiencing this and having this moment. ist i was overwhelmed. stunned all four coaches in blind audition. he made mark throughout the competition.
9:53 am
itunes chart. it was strangely effortless in harmonious the whole time. the team runner up had nothing but praise for the winner. >> jordan deserved it more than anyone else here. third place went to country singer and fourth to power vocalist jeffrey austin. i knew the moment jordan sang he was something specialist. >> he was a show stopper. there's no denying that. on a night packed with super star performance "the voice" had a new star of the own. >> there's other dream i had that i know can come true. >> a season that truly ends on a high note. oh, my gosh his voice gives me goose bumps all over. you and like how many other
9:54 am
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