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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  December 16, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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cord around the thrtle and did not turn on the brakes and he no longer works for the mbta. these boxes are filled with old unstable dynamite. the explosives were found in a commercial building. authorities are on the scene and we have a crew headed to the scene, as well and we'll bring you more information just as soon as we get it. >> today, some troubling charges for a worcester doctor. he's accused of taking a photo of a woman inside a bathroom at u-mass medical school. >> today he faced a judge and pleaded not guilty. kelly o'hare are live in worcester now with more on what happened in court. >> police charged him with several charges, they believe he went into a woman's restroom and took photos of a woman in there
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and see for yourself. dr. marcus cooper quickly turning after after seeing our cameras, not answering our questions about what happened at u-mass medical center back in september. >> he had a phone poingt down bathroom. >> reporter: prosecutors have charged the 46-year-old with taking a photo of a woman partially naked a stall. all this after a 26-year-old medical student says that cooper took a photo of her while using the bathroom and then took off. a claim that the doctor denies. in his statement to police, cooper said he was, quote, chilling, texting and accidentally entered the wrong restroom and goes on to say that he left the bathroom and went into the mens room where the alleged victim then confronted him. however in this campus police report, the young woman tells investigators that she heard a, quote, click and cooper did admit it was, quote, all a misunderstanding and told her that, quote, you have no idea
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wouldn't be doing this right now. >> we also found out that police got a search warrant for the film. however they did get a warrant and we're still waiting for the results. in worcester this afternoon, kelli o'hara, 7news. a serious crash in wakefield sending two people to the hospital. the car appears to have hit a guardrail on 128 this morning and burst into flames. two people were ejected from the car but expected to survive the crash. three suspects now behind bars after being accused of stealing packages in south boston. witnesses say they saw three men ripping boxes open and stuffing items into shopping bags. police later identified them. all three men face larceny charges and officials say if you expect a package and won't be doorstep. >> jerry sandusky winning back his pension pay-out. the state of pennsylvania says restoring retirement benefits for the former penn state football coach. the decision means the
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collecting his monthly pension of about $5,000. he stopped receiving paints in 2012 when he was convicted of molesting children. the say the says it's working to figure out how much he's owed in back pay. >> a video shows a man look around and then reach up with his lighter. the flag doesn't catch fire at first but the mangos back to try, of course, a second time. the store owner was inside but didn't realize the flame was lit until the man walked away. the owner plans to replace the flag outside his shop and thinks the burning was a crime of opportunity. a man in northern california lucky to be alive after a metal beam came crashing through his car window. he came away with nothing but a scratch and now talking about that wild experience. >> it's a miracle. >> reporter: don lee says he still can't believe he survived this. last friday as he was driving
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a huge beam fell and headed straight for lee's car. he says he felt a surprising sense of calm. >> i saw clearly everything coming through the window. that moment, maybe a millisecond, i saw the entire picture. >> reporter: the beam just barely missed him, leave only a few scratches on his arm. >> i would have died. looking at the picture and -- you know, hard to believe right now, yeah. just one moment, life and death right there. >> reporter: don used to build and drive race cars and credits his experience with keeping his call behind the wheel. he says he never closed his eyes, even when the beam hit his bmw so hard it cut the engine. >> i think i have a second life. >> lee says he's convinced last friday god was his copilot. and we're following more news today. a homeless man in a whole lot of trouble. police from virginia say the man
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feet underground. you can see the stairs leading down to that cave. it was about 200 yards from a police department. it was complete with two rooms, almost 6 feet high and the man has been charged with destruction of property. >> high crimes in oregon as thieves break into a medical marijuana dispense satisfactory. the suspects broke through the wall of the building to get inside but the shelves were empty and they only got away with some over-the-counter products. oregon law requires all marijuana plants and other medicated products to be locked up overnight. >> think they were thinking they could walk in and see the store fully furnished like during the day. it could have ruined our business. >> the thieves took about $2,000 worth of other items. >> a houston uber driver caught in the middle of a gun fight. police say this man took an uber as a getaway after robbing another man at gunpoint. the victim chased the iewb we are his 15-month-old baby in the passenger's seat. the two men then started shooting at each other during
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the uber driver drove to a miss station and ordered the man out of the car. he got out and ran but police caught up with him a short time later. thankfully no one was hurt. a football coach in washington is filing a discrimination against the coach. they told him praying with players after the game violated his policy. he was asked to stop and put on paid leave. when he did not, the coach received his annual evaluation last month which recommended that the school not rehire him. the coach says he's being discriminated against because of his religious beliefs and hopes that school. a tiny kitten, there he is right there, rescued by a recycling center worker. >> it passed through the spinning blaze. >> reporter: sorting recyclables along a conveyor belt tuesday, tony miranda spotted something
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>> just surrounded by a bunch of debris and material. it was hard to see it but i spotted it really quick. >> it was barely the size of his hand. so tiny. >> reporter: this little kitten almost didn't make it. next stop on the line, spitting metal blades at a compacter. >> it just spins really fast. it could have died in there. >> over the radio i heard them say that they found a live cat and i was curious because that's just amazing. shift supervisor heather garcia headed toward the kitten. >> it's so cute. >> reporter: she claimed the cat as her own naming her after the material recovery facility where she was found. >> we chose to name her murphey. >> it's amazing to see a little kitty survive through all this. it made my day today, definitely made my day. >> reporter: a vet examed murphy and said she's in good health. >> she's probably hungry. >> reporter: now with an amazing
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person's trash becomes another's tabby. >> thank goodness he's okay and workers say the kitten likely survived a ride on the garbage truck, a push by a tractor and then a 7 foot fall between conveyor belts. probably because he was so tiny, it was able to work in his favor. >> do you want to call your husband and see if you can adopt another one? i know. the force awakens, we'll show you one of the movie's biggest fans and how he's using the movie to cope with his disorder. >> then he's got the best voice as one of this year's most popular shows crowns a new winner. ahead at 5:00, southwest passengers speaking out after a terrifying ordeal of playing skids out of control right -- a plane skids out of control right off a runway. and a home invasion left a pregnant woman tied up.
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ed is. star wars fans come in all shapes and sizes and for one little boy the force is awakening in him in a whole new way. darth vader is bringing him over to the light side. >> his mother says the movie franchise has actually helped her little boy cope with autism. >> reporter: between memorizing the lines... >> i'm here to put you back and knowing all the characters, could you say 7-year-old samuel will star wars. you might even say's big fan. his character of choice. >> darth vader. >> everywhere he went, playing in the backyard, broke open his pinata on his birthday, >> reporter: for samuel his love
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than he may even realize. his mother says he was diagnosed with autism when he was just four years old. after discovering the world of light savers he has learned ways to cope with his autism. >> he's pick up a pencil and drawing pictures and wants to write stories about darth vader. he's doing all of his school work with incentive to get pictures printed of darth vader and talk about star wars. he's connecting with peers because of the new movie coming out. >> reporter: with the help of his speech therapist and teachers, samuel has become more verbal and vocal. he likes to reenact scenes from the movie. all of this helps samuel really branch out. >> i'm not on the dark side! >> reporter: without a doubt, the force is with little samuel. >> samuel first watched a new hope with his dad six months ago and has been fascinated with darth vader ever since. >> what a cutie. coming up, how about another
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zookeepers give an update of the youngest panda at the national zoo. fete a by cold outside but that is seasonal for this time of year. we had some sunshine and tomorrow we track some rain. the timing of it ahead. and the war on terror taking center stage in the final g.o.p. debate of the year. and new england awakens, think you know all there is to know about the star wars films? check out some of the stuff we doug up about the sci-fi classic. we'll be right back. how do you reimagine "banking"? you start with this... then you make it... nothing like this. you make a capital one caf\. someplace more relaxed. with free wi-fi and banking advice... without all the "double talk." and checking accounts with no minimums... or fees. then you design a top-rated
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panda making his first public appearance.
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baibai showed no signs of being shy. this was him at a press conference. he's almost four months old and barely -- get it barely, weighs 18 pounds. everyone will be able to go see the adventurous cub when he makes his january 16th public debut. >> sometimes when you say things they come out in accents. >> coocial, right? so cute. >> that's on my christmas list. you can get that for me? yes. but they'll tear your face off and then you won't want it back. merry christmas to you. it's definitely cooler today, that's for sure. >> it is. and elizabeth you should have said, yeah, i can definitely get you a panda just bring him a stuffed animal. he did say it had to be a live panda. some nice reds and oranges in the background will. you take a look at the remarkable month so far and we've talked about warm day after warm day, running close to 10 degrees above the average for
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the numbers together. the sixth straight month above average and looks like we do have a colder week ahead of us but overall the pattern continues to be mild, even as we get into next week. plenty of mild air to be had next week. didn't warm up thanks to the east northeasterly breeze, 5 to 10 miles per hour and the wind keeping it a little cooler this afternoon. the weather the next couple of days coming in from the southwest, and if you look southwest of us we track some rainfall. there's a front, there will be a cull of waves of low pressure that ride along it, that will give us the best community of some rain, especially tomorrow afternoon and might get a few showers in here on friday. you can see what happens. not much going on tonight, although after midnight tonight, there may be patchy drizzle out
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far northern worcester county, predawn hours, may have patchy freezing drizzle. but the best chance of steadier showers works through tomorrow afternoon and evening and friday morning it looks quiet first thing in the morning but as another wave of low pressure rides by, there may be a couple of showers to be had out there once again tomorrow afternoon so how much rain are we talking about? maybe another quarter to half an inch of rain. not a tremendous amount of water out there. patchy drizzle well after midnight tonight we'll try to warm back up tomorrow. south of boston, low to mid-50s, no question. north of boston, i think we're stuck in the mid- to upper 40 throughout much of the day and any drizzle that's patchy in the morning becomes steady rain at times in the afternoon. 7 on 7 forecast going into the weekend. gonna leave it dry saturday into sunday.
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levels and that means temperatures into the lower 40s. more clouds around but look at the numbers that go and pack up in the other direction there. back into the 50s as early as monday and even getting beyond wednesday going through christmas itself and into early next weekend. the pattern favoring warm weather. guys. >> thanks so much, chris. let check in with joe stapleton with an update on our weather. >> 93 northbound and southbound moving along slowly there. the headlights are headed to the northbound side of route 93 and eventually up through somerville where it's bogged down and stays pretty heavy. right now 128 coming down towards the southbound side of route 93 dealing with delays there, as well. the left-hand side has been backing up toward the somerville area. a lot of red lights on the map on the south bound side of the expressway on the right-hand side looking close to a 48 minute drive down towards the braintree split and heading in
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that's where the brake lights are on the left-hand side, stays up to 193 and route 1 bogging down just a little bit as you get to the parkway in saugus. joe stapleton, 7news. in today's healthcast, an implantable device that many doctors say is a livesaver from those suffering from the debilitating effects of back pain. a big day for donald mcdougal. it will be a few days before it begins to fight his chronic back pain. i used to golf and swim and play tennis and all that and i would play the piano and i can't do any of that anymore. >> the new device promises to change all of that. on the surface it looks like a traditional implant or stimulater where... >> the patient feels a tingling sensation in all the areas they're having pain. >> donald tried that once. >> it's very annoying. this vibration sensation and didn't help the back at all
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>> reporter: and then he learned about this new implanted stimulater. >> it changes the way you perceive pain in the brain. >> reporter: the medical director at rhode island hospital calls it a break-through. >> the latest technology is a different frequency, a much higher frequency that the patient s cannot feel as well, so they actually don't have the tingling sensation that some patients find to be somewhat bothersome. >> reporter: donald tested the device for seven days before it was permanently implanted. >> the back pain was definitely much better. more than 50% better. >> how does it work? we would actually put the device in through needles down here. it gets threaded up to the middle part of the back in this particular patient and it's directly playing over the spinal cord to stimulate the fibers of the cord. >> reporter: and instead of tingling, all the patient feels is relief. the battery implanted in the buttocks generally last 10 years and patients receive this remote control.
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off, change the parameter. >> donald is just looking forward to pain relief. >> the goal is to get back to my normal life. >> the spinal cord implantation was approved in may this year for patients with chronic back pain lasting anywhere from 12 weeks to several years. ahead, a fantastic new look at an upcoming anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken
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displz not many people were surprised who was crowned the winner on the voice. singer jordan smith blew everyone away and took over season nine of the voice. he beat out country singer emily ann roberts and all four coaches say they've been wowed by smith since he first auditioned and that he has a bright future. >> we really just had a good time. >> it excites me about the future because there are other dreams that i have that i never thought were possible, just like this one that i know can come true because of it. it's an amazing feeling. >> along with becoming a singing sensation, jordan smith takes home a $100,000 prize and a record deal with universal music group. >> a first look at the prequel to the harry potter series. oscar winner amy redmain stars
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first of the three films hits theaters next november. the former america's got talent judge will remain with sirius radio and howard stern will continue hosting for the next five years. stern proms a lot of innovation in the future including an app to access a live video stream of his show. >> it's amazing how many celebrities go on the show and change their interviews. >> i remember what his stuff was like before. say. 90 minutes. >> 7news starts right now. >> making news. a mistrial in baltimore and a police officer charged with the death of a man who died in police custody. also breaking, the driver of a runaway red line train no longer works for the mbta. off the job. we're now hearing why a swampscott principal will be
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and after last night's g.o.p. debate, who's feeling confident. >> cooler weather in place, how long it will last and when we'll see some rain. >> we were taxiing in and all of a sudden it was just a big boom and sounded like to me that a wheel blew out but i don't know if a wheel blew out or if it just collapsed or something like that and then the next thing i know we were in the ditch. >> reporter: travelers talking about the terrifying moments after their plane skids off the runway. >> breaking news first at 5:00, the driver of the runaway red line train no longer employed by the mbta. yesterday we reported that he was suspended without pay, investigators say the driver did not follow protocol when the train rolled away from the tracks. elizabeth noreika is here with more. during a disciplinary hearing
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