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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  December 20, 2015 7:30am-8:00am EST

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real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company >> anchor: we're following breaking news. a bomb square on a flight headed to france forces the plane to land in kenya. also a tire tragedy in new hampshire. a worker killed when the tire he was working on suddenly exploded. plus the democrats going head-to-head to new hampshire as senator sanders makes even more changes to his campaign staff after a campaign controversy. patriots gearing up for a sunday showdown in foxboro as we wait to hear weather t.b. 12 will be taking a sick day or if he will be out there on the field. >> announcer: this is 7 news today in new england. >> kris: good sunday morning to you. it's 7:30, thanks for making us a part of your day. i'm kris anderson.
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of your forecast with chris lambert. final sunday before the big christmas holiday. >> reporter, the weather is working out just fine. 34 in boston, 28 norwood. drive throughout the day. the numbers closer to seasonal levels than what we've seen in quite sometime. in fact cold enough to get the snow guns blasting up there in nashoba bally last night and early this morning. a little bit of snow making weather for some of the ski resorts. 13 miles an hour wind. 12 miles an hour in worcester. the wind not as gusty as yesterday. we've even see a few ocean effect flurries to north of the cape but otherwise dealing with scattered clouds mixed in with the sunshine. also quiet throughout much of new england this afternoon. less wind. temperatures holding close to 40 degrees but we're talking close to record level warmth by christmas event talk more on the seven-day forecast ahead. >> kris: an air france flight headed to paris forced to make a landing
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board. police say the pilots of the boeing 777 requested and emergency landing in kenya after a suspicious device was found in the bathroom. there were' almost 500 people on board the plane. all of the passengers were evacuated safely. kenya bomb experts are eexamining the device. one passenger noticed something was wrong when the plane started to descend slowly. >> the plane went down slowly, slowly, slowly, so realized probably something was wrong. we didn't know what was happening actually and so we said we had to land in mum bassa because we had a technical problem. >> kris: at least 6 passengers were being questioned by authorities. crews battling a fire at a vacant triple decker in rocks be. the fire -- roxbury. no one was hurt. crews are still trying to figure out what caused the fire. the fire chief estimates the
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a million dollar. and investigators searching for answers after a deadly accident inside of a new hampshire auto shop. a man killed when the tire he was working on suddenly exploded. a customer was also hurt in the blast. brandon gunnoe with the late effort from salem. >> 21-year-old male who is not conscious by breathing. >> is there only one patient? >> there is no. >> reporter: a frantic 911 call after police say 22-year-old justin almon was at sears. >> what exploded? >> they were' filling up a tire. >> tire exploded. yes. >> reporter: it happened new hampshire. just yip, a sears auto worker was fixing a large truck tire when it exploded. he was taken to the hospital but didn't make it. a 23-year-old customer from maine was flown to boston medical center with a serious head injury.
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pretty much since it happened. so, they're going it go through you will a the evidence. they'll check the machinery. >> reporter: sears released this statement: >> reporter: investigators are being looking at the equipment, the tire for a possible defect or if it was simply overinflated. workers at the center were quite shaken up. >> obviously not something you are expecting to happen at 7:45 in the morning. you just, you kiss your kids before you go to bed and it's terrible time of year, a week before christmas for it to happen. >> reporter: sears was closed for rest of the day. osha harb called in to -- has been called in to investigate. i'm brandon gunnoe, 7 news, today in new england. >> a man loaned a gun used by the boston marathon
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sentenced on drug charges. he will appear before a judge on tuesday. silva testified during the trial of tsarnaev saying that he let the brothers borrow a hand gun two months bombings. the begin was used to kill sean clier in the days following the bombings, three people were killed. more than 260 others injured. a group of parish errs in selfish weight are -- -- the church was forced to parishers have been occupying the church since protest. also a new bedford man in custody after a disturbing discovery inside of his home investigators found animal
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found a number of malmotherrished animals living in dirty conditions. he was investigating in a series of hit-and-runs in the area. neighbors say they're shocked by what happened. >> july an awful thing to think b. all nice and all of a sudden something like this happens. >> kris: santos will be arraigned on the charges on monday. firefighters forced to make a house call in kean, new hampshire, after a dangerous discovery there on saturday. causing several homes to fill up with high levels of dangerous carbon monoxide. it started with a power outage at liberty utilities. the problem caused issues with the gas and the plant was producing the gas so that made it worse. officials spent the evening going door to door to check the corks -- carbon monoxide levels in all of the homes.
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surrounding communities were called in to help deal with this issue. new details this morning in the campaign controversy. brewing between bernie sanders and the democratic national committee. overnight sanders suspended two more staffers, this after the d.n.c.accused of sanders of accessing data by hillary clinton's campaign. the d.n.c.cut sanders off from a voter database but he has since regained that access and he fired his data director as a result. the issue was front and sanders last night. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley getting heated on a few key ishys, we've more on the debate. >> reporter: the big question ended being the first question. bernie sanders' campaigns re-- >> all of the ish shoes that the governor talked about, the secretary, those are the
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those are the issues that the american people want discussed. >> we should move on because i don't think the american people are all that interested. >> instead we're list tenning to the bickering back and forth. >> reporter: in light of recent attacks in the u.s. and abroad moderators focused their questions on national security and foreign policy. specifically, isis. >> i have a plan that i've put forward to go after isis. not to contain them but to defeat them. >> the first task is to bring countries together to destroy isis. >> we have to bring a modern way of getting things done and forcing the sharing of information appears do a much better job of acting on it. >> reporter: which was afollowed up by talks on gun control, likely the most heated top glick what we need more prips. >> pu there is a broad consensus on acceptable gun safety regulations.
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what i think is not the appropriate response to terrorism. >> reporter: donald trump didn't go unmentioned. >> he is becoming isis's best recruiter. they're going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihaddists. >> like somebody a trump comes along and says i know the answer. the answer is that all of of the mexicans, they're criminals and rapists. >> we should never be convinced to give up those freedoms in exchanges for a prompt of greater security especially from somebody as incompetent as donald trump. >> bernie sanders apologized about the database. john cuoco, 7 news, today in new england. >> friendly fire is being blamed for an air strike that killed 9 iraqi soldiers. a team effort between the u.s. and iraqi forces gone wrong. u.s. officials explaining
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>> seems to be a mistake that involves both sides and regrettable it happens when you are working this closely together. >> kris: iraq's defense minister ordered an investigation and officials say the incident could end up helping the terrorist. isis has used the deaths as propaganda. the u.s. embassy in tunisia is on high alert. a reported threat of a militant attack. tunisia has been in a state of emergency after a series of attacks that have been targeting tourists one. one at a resort in june, another at an attack in march. isis claimed responsibility for both attacks. a fighter jet crashing during an air show in indonesia. the jet crashed into an air force place complex. both pilot and powe pilot
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you can see the fiery ball of flames and smoke. officials are looking into the cause of the crash. a lot of news to come on 7 news today in new england. the force still going strong becoming quite untouchable as it continues shattering box office records. >> close to record highs by christmas eve. we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast ahead. i absolutely love my new york apartment, but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. x [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance. welcome, to the simply orange tour.
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>> kris: so the force continues to strengthen. if you went to see "star wars" you weren't alone. i'm sure you knew that. the star wars movie breaking opening day records but estimates now say the film is expected to bring in, are you ready, $240 million for
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observei wan and company expecting to smash record holder or jurassic world." let's get over to chris with a peek at the weather. the sunday before christmas. >> reporter: it is, we don't want any big snowstorms, everyone knows. procross naturors on the shopping list. taking a look at the forecast throughout the day. if you've been holding off waiting to get to the mall today works out just fine. a little cold but no issues weatherwise. 28 in norwood. 30 in plymouth. the wind chill factor is zone to the upper teen, feels like 18 degrees in worcester, 25 degrees in the city of boston. the wind is steady but it won't be as strong as yesterday. 13 miles an hour in boston right now. 12 miles an hour in worcester. we've had a couple of ocean effect showers and flurries just to the east of us, it's not bothering anyone. there have been a couple of flurries close to provincetown otherwise quieting down across much of new england back to the
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the heavy snow bands coming downwind of lake erie and lake ontario yesterday. even snow squalls through vermont giving some of the green mountains accumulating snow. you look to the west of us, here comes the next system. it's more clouds than anything else. a lot of clouds chicago back into st. louis so as we get into monday, tomorrow, i do expect more clouds to be around you can especially during the second half of the day but not much in the way of precipitation. although we do have a few showers chances ahead of us into the forecast. nice and quiet today. temperatures near 40 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow warmer, gusty wind out of the southwest but you notice yes, we've more clouds with you there is not much of an opportunity of any showers. few showers around on tuesday, they will have some breaks in here late tuesday into early wednesday and then i think wednesday afternoon into wednesday night, some of the showers to the southwest of us will fill on in. rain. once you get into late
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and even into early thursday morning, can't rule out a little bit of rain. that is going to be the highest opportunity is wednesday afternoon into the evening hours and perhaps lingering into christmas eve morning. but i think christmas eve afternoon is dry and december 24th the report in boston is 61. i think we're going to be close to 64. i decorated a couple of palm trees out there. this represents more jacksonville, florida. then boston. you see the seven-day forecast it's mild. christmas day is still mild. could catch a couple of showers by the end of saturday. >> kris: game day for the patriots. the pats set to kickoff later today against the tennessee titans, but the big question is will we see tom brady playing tonight? he is sick, and he is listed as questionable with the illness. the pat's expected to play. but he will be without one of his favorite targets again.
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he is recovering from the broken foot but he is back at practice. gronk will execute up. the gronk is going to take the field. he is not underestimating today's opponent. >> they got good pass rushing. they are a team that they bring it every game. >> kris: hightower is expected to play. a patriots win with kickoff is at 1:00 down at foxboro. coming up here on 7 news today in new england, 15 football player was killed while trying to save others' life lives, now he is being remembered.
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>> it's 7:49. upstate new york getting an early holiday gift this weekend. it's a gift to some. snow, the areas which faced warmer weather than usual got 3-4 inches of snow. forecasters say residents shouldn't expect the snow to stick around for too long because temperatures in the area are expected to rise to the 60s later next week. a tennessee high school student was shot and killed earlier this week. he is being remembered as a hero, the 15-year-old died in a series of three shootings. witnesses say he died trying to shield three young ladies from gun fire. he played for his football team and was an active leader in his community. he was a man who didn't live for himself. >> the last time i saw him physically was actually last week at another stop the violence event. so he was always involved in
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>> kris: dobson was an active member of the 100 macmen of knoxville, a group focusing young men of color making a positive effect in their community. a woman left $3,000 in cash behind at the restaurant. so the bus boy found it, gave it to his boss who returned it to the customer. he says pocketing the money never crossed the mind. he received a $300 bonus for his honesty. next up jadiann thompson is whipping up a holiday helping that looks oh, so good. a taste of southern comfort with her grandmother's pecan pie.
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best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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>> i hope you are hungry because it's time for holiday helping. we're whipping up your favorite holiday recipes for this amazing cause and jadiann thompson introduces us to her grandmother's pecan pie. >> reporter: hello, welcome to my home and happy holidays. today we're making a peekon pie and since i was old enough to help in the kitchen, it was my job to make the peek app pie for all of the family's holidays. i hope you love it. let's get started. first we're going to take the eggs, crack them here.
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when i was a little girl i would beat them way too much so my grandmother had to tell me lightly beat the eggs, sprinkle in the salt. give that a light mix, we need to get this mixed up before you go on to the next ingredient. i have a sauce pan on the stove her. we need to heat up this butter. because we want to add melted butter. next step is to finish most of the ingredients, going to take the butter. pour it in. next goes the syrup. recipe. do not make that if you are watching your weightline. in the is meant to be enjoyed. ad vanilla, going to mix this nicely. this is such a simple recipe one bowl. quickly done. guetz will love it. my grandmother and i first
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you of pecans, we decided a cup of pecans then a hand full. another is to add them to the bottom of the pie shell and pour the mixture over the top of it. now it's ready for the oven, bake at 350 for 45-55 minutes. this is the final product. i hope it sweetens up your holidays. thank you for supporting project bread. >> kris: she should have brought in the leftovers. if you love to make a donation to project bread we'd like for you to do that and learn more about 7 news recipes including that pie. just log on to click on the project bread logo. you get all yummy recipes. chef joe amorosino loves-whipping things up in the kitchen and on the smoker. he is serving up pulled pork ser vect for the chilly tail gaetz. one final check of the weather. >> he had a lot on the grill.
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leftovers, too, mostly sunny skies. less wind. a bit of a breeze, just not quite as gusty as yesterday all the gusty wind is back with us tomorrow but so is the mild air. temperature backs to the 50s, look at that christmas eve into the 60s likely seeing records. >> thank you for joining us, i'm kris anderson. the "today" show is coming up next but we'll see you back here for 7 news today
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