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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  December 21, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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all schools in nashua new hampshire shutdown today in the fbi is investigating violent threats against students. a driver careens into a sidewalk full of people on the las vegas strip killing one and injurying dozen. the patriots have a first round bi in the play off. of their player. >> good monday morning everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm sarah french. >> officially your last day of fall. winter moves in.
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winter. we will take the crown off of winter and put it back on fall. probably even spring or summer. we have the clouds around made morning. we will get peeks of filtered sunshine as we get into the next few hours. current temperature low 40s. check out the cape and the island around 50 degrees. for all of those spot hyannis at 49. windchill mid 30s anden the mid 20s for worcester because it's breezy all across the baystate right now. and it could get down right windy for southeastern mass an cape cod. that's why a wind advisory goes into effect at 10:00 a.m. temperature once again well above average for the tune of 10 to 15 degrees. low 50s for most. wait until you see what's in store for christmas eve. more on that in just a few minutes.
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good morning, everyone. happy monday. let's go outside. the roads really not bad today. this is the expressway a little bit of slowing. braintree split. right around 22 minutes. south of town no major delays to tell you about. everything looking pretty good monday. you're still crawling. route one looks good. let's go to pike now. we did have earlier accident toward billerica. that's cleared. now we're fine. let's look at drive time if you get ready to head tout door. expressway split to the tunnel. 27 minutes to zakim bridge. minor delays on the t on the orange line. back to you guys. thank you. let's get to breaking news in new hampshire. all public schools in nashua are closed today after threats were directed at its two high schools. >> the detailed threat specific
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the fbi joining local law investigation. sarah that's right. they are trying to track this threat and figure out what ip address it came from. its of course serious enough to close schools for the day. we received a detailed threat of staff. the call went out to thousands of student. classes today are cancelled after a troubling message was sent to a school administrator. a threat that was received via e-mail that had specific directions toward the two nashua high schools with specific threats of violence which why we take it seriously. the fbi and nashua police are investigating. all 17 public schools will be closed today. parents are fed up with threats of violence. >> i have to say safety first. it's sad people are doing that. i feel a lot of time they do that to get out of school out of test or exam.
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because then people will not take it seriously. it's a tough decision to make. these are -- they seem to be going on throughout the country. they are disruptive on many different levels. now in his message to parents the superintendent said today. he does expect schools to be back open tomorrow. live in nashua. jennifer eagan, 7news "today in new england." breaking news now from overseas. six foreign soldier have been killed in suicide back in being ram in afghanistan. afghan officials say the suicide bomber on a motorcycle when he rammed his bike into a joint u.s. afghan patrol. now on twitter a taliban spokesperson claimed responsibility that has not yet been confirmed. bagram meantime the biggest u.s. military base in afghanistan. also breaking news at a law las vegas.
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crowd killing one person. kris andersons is following this and he has more from the control room. absolutely terrifying moment. one person killed. 36 other injured. a woman in her 20s intentionally drove her car on to the crowded sidewalk right on the las vegas strip plowing into dozens of people just walking down the sidewalk there. they say she had 3-year-old child in the car with her. the child was not hurt. the one left the scene driving to hotel a few blocks away. they found the car with smashed windshield and they arrested her. the woman ignored people pounding on the windows and yelling at her to stop. you saw people fly in the air. >> people were punching the window trying to get the child out of the back seat. she accelerated again and just kept mowing everyone down. the crash happened in front of
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police say there are no signs that this was an act of terror. they believe the woman recently moved to that las vegas area. she's expected in court later this morning. that's the latest live in the control room kris anderson, 7news "today in new england." police arrest a passenger in connection with a fake bomb threat onboard air france plane. that passenger a retired french police officer. pilot made an emergency landing when a passenger told a flight attendant about a possible bomb in the bathroom. turned out to be cardboard, paper and kitchen timer. he's the roommate of 26-year-old ashley bigsby of dorchester. he was arrested last month after one of the 19 stolen weapons were found in her possession. james moraless l was charged.
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and arrested. the suspect in hit-and-run crash in saugus is headed to court today. three people were seriously injured in this crash that happened on hamilton street on saturday. 19-year-old driver took off and was later arrested after police spoke with his father who agreed to bring in his son to surrender. the cause of deadly fire at brockton apartment building is under investigation this morning. 8-year-old kisz abled man was found dead on the third floor of the brockton commons building. and investigator believe the cause was accidental. also this morning a family just devastated by fire. a little boy, little boy you see here sadly was killed and his mother and sister burned when their house went up in flames. right now investigators are looking into whether this home even has smoky textors working at the time. here's nicole oliverio she's at the scene with the latest. nicole? >> just a devastating story. especially less than a week
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as i step out of the way you can see the damage done. but also you can see the few candles flower and teddy bears left for 4-year-old that was killed. a great grandfather tries to catch his breath. heartbroken he learned the fire at this home killed his 4-year-old great grandson caleb. he was such a sweet boy. sweet kid. >> the boys mother and 7-year-old sister along with another person also badly hurt. suffering from severe burns. >> you never know from one minute to the next what your -- what will happen to them. the family was looking forward to celebrating christmas. with plenty of presents under the true for caleb. i just came from my daughter's house. and my grandson john who was the
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bicycle for christmas. we're just learning it was this same home back in the 50s where nine people were killed in a house fire. as for this latest incident the fire marshall's office is also invetigating again they are trying to figure out a cause and to see if the smoke detector were working. live in westport, nicole oliverio, 7news "today in new england." house. a busy day on the campaign trail. they will all holdents in the granite state. new hampshire first in the nation primary is set for february 9th. donald trump said he will demand an apology from hillary clinton after she said he is encouraging terrorist which is rhetoric during saturday's democratic debate. >> he is becoming isis's best recruiter. they are going to people showing
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islams and muslims in order to recreate more radical jihadest. >> nobody has been able to back that up. it's nonsense. it's just another hillary lie. everything. on the today show this morning trump defended attack criticizing clinton's time in public office. new this morning nsa contractor edward snow will appear via video. snow den accuse of leaking millions of documents ability government surveillance back in 2013. he's beenlying in russia under a grant of asylum and faces charges in the u.s. three more patriot's going down with injuries during sunday game. a relatively easy one over the tennessee titans. that the great news.
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from gillette stadium. a big win for the patriots 33-16 over the titans but not without a cost. we're always dealing with some stuff. it's a long season. i think over the course of the season you are always dealing with some type of adversity. dante hightower patrick young and danny amandola all leaving with injuries. >> it really is like sad. rob grownkowski putting in the word while keeping emotions in check. he's pumping me up before the game. he loved to me go out there. that's what we did today.
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his close friend who passed away friday. i know he was going crazy. going into yesterday's game there were also questions about whether or not tom brady would play because he had been sick. well after the game he was asked to be felt he was 100% he said yeah. he was good to go and that was clear liested by the win. in foxboro, victoria warren 7news "today in new england." when we return a true cringe worthy moment. the host of the miss universe pageant makes a shocking mistake. see what happened to the final two contestant. we also have this morning holiday helping. joe amorosino take it to the block party the neighborhood and in his kitchen. pulled pork and it will definitely make you hungry for lunch today. >> i hope you brought some of that in. i would love it. we were wearing our winter coats this weekend. this weekend another shock as we
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>> welcome back on this hyundai morning. 9:15. cooler this morning. hard to belief christmas at the end of the week. procrastinators be advised. ain't much time left. i finished the crocheting your presents yesterday. how about that in it's the first day of summer for southern hemisphere. fist day of winter for us. it's the shortest day of the year as far as daylight hour. now we're on the uptick. good news there. current temperature low 40s. very popular number here. 37 in worcester. we do have enough of a breeze to
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may have got an shock to the system. prepare per that if you head out the door today. it will be windier as you get into cape cod as well. wind advisory for 10:00 a.m. maybe peeks of filters sunshine. really throughout this entire week because of the follow that the mild air is coming in from also bringing enough moisture as well. highs this afternoon about ten degrees above normal for this time of year. you can see the mild air as well as wet weather. while we stay dry today. i think we have couple of opportunities to see rain drops. for all of those people doing last-minute errands outside looks like early tuesday late wednesday our best chances to see some rain. again we talk rain drops rather than snowflakes
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about snow yet. their latest snowfall was in 1923 and looks like we will beat that this year. boston we have until january 13th. we're still waiting on the snow as far as temperatures go last christmas 59. before that we saw some snow. doesn't look like we will see that this year. from washington to idaho to california and their temperature aren cooler than they are over here for the west. you're probably looking good too as we head into your christmas eve day. >> we're talking about santa claus probably wanting to show up in shorts and flip-flop or maybe sandals and socks may be.
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east coast in many locations not just for us. and we're making a good run alternate the record. 66 the forecast high for boston. 64 for worcester. you can see the records not anywhere near the numbers. here we go with 7 on 7 forecast being mild for christmas as well. i goment to tell you looking at next weekend why it's a toss up uncertain at this point looks to stay mild through the end of the month. just ahead. there is a major mistake that so many of you may talk today. the host of miss universe crowned the wrong winner. also coming up we have hardy holiday helping. joe amorosino serving a pork
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i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. welcome back. a beauty pageant blunder has everyone talking this morning. the host accidently announced the wrong winner. >> we've all had hu-oh moments. this the moment everybody is talking about mistake that forced miss columbia to turn over that crown to miss file philippines. miss universe 2015 is -- it's
9:20 am
world waits for at the miss universe pageant. carla mia. this is unexpected moment from last night. i have to apologize. miss universe, 2015 is philippines. >> miss columbia forced to forfeit her crown to miss philippines on live television. after host steve harvey mistakinly named columbia the winner. >> i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. he took to twitter soon after calling it a tearbly honest human mistake but quickly deleted the post after misspelling. i feel terrible. the miss universe organization told nbc news overnight unfortunately a live telecast means that human error can come into place. online the response to mix up was swift.
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fire as the moment went viral as for the new winner and runner up both beauty queens remained congenial back stage. they thatted a family feud red x. that's the latest on that mix up. live in the control room. 7news "today in new england" >> would you just die. absolutely die. i got to give him credit for being transparent. this the me, i did this. here's what the card said. >> better fix it now than later. >> when we return. get your an tide ready. we'll have hardy holiday fish for all fans out there. it's joe amorosino's delicious holiday helping. a popular holiday chocolate is at the center of a recall.
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fine. it's your family that needs a raise. i'm hillary clinton, and i
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it's time for holiday helping. we're whipping up the favorite holiday recipes all for a good cause. here is joe amorosino serving up pulled pork perfect for holiday meal or winter welcome to our home. this my daughter alexa and my son. we will make pulled pork with pig sauce the combination of smoke heat and sweet. it's amazing. and the real work was done a few weeks ago. this is pick day 2015. we do it every year with my boy. bob give g. it's all about the smoke and temperature. tell people how it's done. what we do here, joe we season
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that's the cut. it's actually the shoulder. you need it smoke on 8 hours. there's something about pork fat and hickory smoke. and the vinegar sauce that drives people wild. >> we're back in the kitchen now and we're going to finish this in the oven. it goes for ability four hours at 275. it will be a slow cooking process. this is what is going to allow this pig butt to fall apart. while that's finishing. we will make our vinegar-based sauce. we start with the apple cider vinegar. next we will add salt. dump it in there my man. get it all in. now it's time for heat. we start with red pepper flakes. we follow up up with cayenne pepper. when you put the sweet in there that brings it all together. how does that smell? >> really good. >> you bet it dud. the pork is ready and now we're
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and chop it down. this the falling apart on its own. now i will finish with sauce and you can always add more to taste. inspired by bobbie g. you can dig in in thank you for supporting project bread. >> happy holidays. >> takes me back to summer. i love it. if you want our holiday helping recipe log on to that's where you will find more information on how to donate to the charity. we have much more ahead coming up in the next half hour. jadiann thompson going head to head to see who can sort holiday toys quicker. it's your turn to decide who did it better. first day of winter, well, at least it's winter past 11:48 tonight. record-breaking warmth this week. the forecast is next.
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to nashua, new hampshire where a violent threat has shutdown the entire school system there. [ ] we are a family,
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living in harmony, we are a family. here through destiny. we grow together. together a family... a family... we will always be. happy holidays from all of us. [music] no, no, no, no, people are both soft and
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products are too. angel soft. >> fbi and nashua police investigate a violent threat that shuts down school. a woman slamming into a crowd of people on las vegas sidewalk. and police say this is all intentional. bay treeiot's clinch a first-round buy. welcome back everybody. thanks for joining us. >> i'm christa delcamp. we're looking at the final day of fall. this evening. i think you want to say something about this. ist going to say i can't believe it. we haven't finished the christmas shopping. bri on the other hand finished
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i didn't get anything for anybody. i did. that's surprise. we'll wait and see what those things are into friday. a lot of locations warmer than it was all weekend long. 42 seems to be popular number there. feels like 34 in bedford and boston and 26 in worcester. that's because of the breeze out there. this wind is getting facie. it wasn't an issue earlier. we have 23-mile-an-hour sustained wind. wind from the southwest. we'll grant you that. still something to content with today in it's making it feel blustery out there. wind advisory goes into effect for southeast mass at the cape at 10:00 a.m. we keep the clouds for the better part of today and throughout this week. but the temperatures at least the air temperatures will be much more mild as we get into this afternoon low 50s to even some mid 50s that's not as warm as it gets. wait until you see what's in store for christmas eve. let's get to breaking news new hampshire where all public
9:31 am
after threats were directed at its two high schools. in detailed threat specific for today. the fbi now joining local law enforcement in this investigation. >> sarah that's right. right now police are trying to track this threat and figure out which ip address it came from. they searched both high schools. the tools are closed today. we've received detailed threat of silence to harm student and staff. the call went out to thousands of parents sunday evening. classes are cancelled after troubling message was sent to school administrator. a threat that was received via e-mail that had specific directions toward the nashua high schools. that's why we take it kind of seriously. the fbi and nashua police investigate. all 17 public schools will be closed today. parents are fed up with threats
9:32 am
i have to say safety first. it's sad that people are doing that. i think they are doing that to get out of test or exam. it's very sad because then seriously. it's a tough decision to make. these are -- seem to be going on throughout the country. they seem to be happening more frequently and they are very leveled. in his message to parent the superintendent said that the threat was specific to today and he expect school to be back open tomorrow. nato report soldier have been killed in suicide attack in afghanistan. the suicide bomber was on a motorcycle when he rammed his bike into joint u.s. afghan patrol. a taliban spokesperson claimed responsibility for the attack on twitter but that has not been confirmed. we also have breaking news from las vegas where police say the driver of the car
9:33 am
on a sidewalk. one person killed. dozens of others are hurt. and a toddler was inside the car at the time. let's go to kris anderson who has the latest. >> terrifying moments there. one person killed and at least 11-year-old child. they are all expected to be okay. police say this women in her 20s intentionally swerved her car on las vegas strip. 2 or 3 times last night. they later found that car at nearby hotel where they took this women into wuftdy. a 3-year-old child was found in that car but was not hurt. one witness said the woman was going about 30 to 40 miles per hour at the time of the crash. it happened right in front of the planet hollywood hotel where the miss universe pageant was taking place inside at the time. police say there's no signs that this was an act of terrorism. that driver is expected to be in court later this morning. that's the latest live here in the control room. kris anderson. 7news "today in new england." wreaking news police
9:34 am
connection to a fake bomb threat onboard air france plane. that passenger reportedly a retired french police officer. the plane was supposed to land in paris but pilots married eastern emergency landing when a passenger told a flight attendant about a possible bomb in the bathroom. it turned out to just be cardboard paper and a kitchen timer. also this morning a family devastated by fires this little boy was killed his mother and sister burned when their house suddenly went up in flame. they are trying to find out if this home had smoke detector. let's go to nicole oliverio with the latest. >> that remains under investigation. fire. if i step out of the way you can see the damage done to home. you can see candles and teddy bear left for the 4-year-old
9:35 am
a great grandfather tried to catch his breath. killed his 4-year-old great grandson caleb. the boy's mother and sister along with another person also badly hurt. suffering from severe burns. >> you never know from one minute to the next. what will happen to them. the family was looking forward to celebrating christmas with plenty of present under the tree for caleb. i just came from my daughter's house. and my grandson john who evidence the father they had bought him a bicycle for christmas. they are just starting life. we just learned this morning that it was same house in the 50s that house fire killed nine people inside.
9:36 am
remains under investigation. live in westport, nicole oliverio. 7news "today in new england." a man from new bedford heads to court to face animal cruelty charges. police arrested 43-year-old danny santos after a hit-and-run crash led them to his house saturday. once there they found severely malnourished animal and remains of cats, rabbits and chickens. six dogs and a cat were taken from his home. and we're learning the allege ringleader of last months deadly terror attack in paris reportedly hid in bushes for several days before he was killed in a shootout with police. according to french newspaper, he went into hiding near a warehouse next to highway after the attack. police say they found him after they received the tip and used a down. in the mean time authorities in belgium have taken five people there into custody after two days of raid related to attack in paris. two people were detained after a
9:37 am
authorities say that phone records also led them to search another home last night where they took two brother and friend in for questioning. no explosive or weapons were found in either home. happening today the friend and former neighbor of san bernadino neighbors will be in court. he faces conspiracy and federal weapons charges. marquez posted the two assault rifles used by siedfarook that killed 14 people and wounded more than 20. there's more fallout. at least two labs have now suspended clinical trials funded by martin's company for a leukemia drug also a homeless charity returned a $15,000 donation saying it felt more important to give the money back from. he's pleaded not guilty in that case. >> a boy scout troop leader recovering of being attacked by
9:38 am
he was leading three scouts when he attacked. he called 911. the scouts were not hurt. the obama administration is now decided to add lion in africa to enchangered species list. that move come five months after the death of the lion in zimbabwe. france is also put into place a similar ban in great britain will do so in 2017. anyone convicted of violating federal or state wildlife laws would be denied a permit including dr. walter palmer who killed sesel. he pleaded guiltiy in 2008 to making false statements to federal wildlife officials ability a black bear he had killed outside an authorized hunting zone. >> when we return, some candy concerns to tell you about. popular holiday chocolate at the center of recall. why these bags are being pulled
9:39 am
>> also in 7 sport with third straight win the bruins announces one point behind rival the canadians. >> and confusion of the seasons continue as we put away the winter coats and maybe break out the shorts and flip-flops from christmas eve.
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back here 9:43 on your monday morning with breaking news. and it looks like the field of republican candidates for president is shrinking. according to cnn south carolina lindsay graham suspending his presidential campaign. he's polling near zero and was not on the main stage in the last republican debate. he plans to make this official announcement in an e-mail. new hampshire primary just a few weeks away coming up in february. weather this weekend certainly a shock to the system. because we just haven't had many colder than average days this entire month. only one that may be a surprise for how cold this weekend. still both saturday and sunday were just above average. nevertheless more orange boxes to go on the calendar. we're err running 9.3 above average for the month so far. current temperature loss 40s.
9:43 am
high for this time of year. 37 in worcester. and right around 50 if you get out on the cape and the island right now it feels much chillier though because of breeze and even a strong wind coming from the southwest. feels like the mid 30s you want to prepare for that with maybe the winter coat for this morning. then done for the rest of the week. winds are pretty feisty in worcester. 23 miles per hour sustained wind and between 15 and 20-mile-an-hour winds. the wind advisory for southeastern mass and cape cod for a possibility we should say of gust up to 45 miles per hour. now the clouds are going to be with us for the better part of this week. we might get peeks of filtered sunshine in there. because of the cloud cover being there with us i don't think our temperature are going to climb a whole lost past the low 50s for most locations today. nevertheless the mild air is on the move from the southwest and it's also coming along with some moisture.
9:44 am
work through this week tuesday morning again late in the day on wednesday if you have last minute errants you are doing outside. it's a great idea to take the umbrella with you. we're talking rain drops not snowflakes for more on that. daniel gersh. they are talking snow out west. rain, snow, winter storms from washington, idaho to northern california. we're talking about upper 40s to mid 50s today. for holiday travel out of boston you're fine. we'll call tuesday and wednesday fair. we have showers chances. christmas eve day looking pretty good tooed. the record force the latest first snow we could break that worcester. and that record for the latest snowfall in the season dates back to 1923. as far as your christmas temperatures go well in 2011, 12 and 13 they very call. they were talking about snow last year. they will stay there this year too.
9:45 am
warmth as we head into the rest of your week. as we near christmas. bri? >> it's impressive. how mild it's going to be as we get into this week. you see the big boost in the jet stream taking the mild and almost warm air well into canada. this is going to be a record-breaker for not just us but across the east coast here's a look at the forecast highs for boston. 64 for worcester. may not need rudolph's nose as we head into christmas eve. 99% full moon. this is first christmas full moon. and we're still mild again on christmas, high of 60 mild into the weekend as well. thanks bri. dove chocolate recalling thousands of cases because of serious allergy concerns. the candy maker mars is recalling 6700 cases of dove chocolate. assortment snowflakes because
9:46 am
snickers milky way and twix. the recalled chocolate is only sold at wal-mart. >> still to come a little holiday competition in who did it better. marty walsh up against jadiann thompson to see who can sort donated toys faster. next in 7 sports the patriot's can't seem to win a game without suffering some kind of loss. the key player nursing injuries th this just in. the final countdown to christmas is here. wait what? gary, is this teleprompter right? sweet molasses! i need to start shopping immediately. save on thousands of last
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the holidays are here. don't forget you can order on and pick up in store the same day. i ordered this today. it's for you. boop! barbie! a new tie! shop pick up in store. good morning. patriot's are cruising with two games to go and 12-and-2. they sit in first place at atc and clinched the first round bi. we say it every week now. the only thing that can stop the patriot's at this point injuries
9:48 am
tom brady business as usual. despite missing practice due to illness on friday. brady looking healthy on the pat's opening drive. a perfect 7 for 7 including this five-yard td pass to rob grownkowski pass up 7-0. patriots trying to get out with out another key injury. that didn't happen. knee. he walked off on own. didn't return. then in the second half patrick chung leaves with hip injury. injury. the hightower's first game back after spraining left mcl. patriot's roll on to 33-16 win over the last place titans. we're learn as we go. we have new players come in every week. they are trying to guys are going out and coming in. you do the best you can to be productive.
9:49 am
shoot out where rye yoon spooner starts off on high note. beating corey snyder that was the only tally of the skills contest. they shut the door. bruin win it 2-1 in shootout. their third straight w. hosting kevin garnett tonight over at the garden. that's sports i'm joe amorosino. have a great day. a little holiday competition the mayor walsh going up against our jadiann thompson with piles of holiday toys for the day. low to even some mid 50s with breezy conditions. we'll get a look at that winter is hard on your nose. from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation
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so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today. mornings. they' re bad breath, bad hair and a bad case of the mondays. and organized wardrobes that help you pull it together. they' re showering, shaving, and shuffling. and bathrooms that get big families out the door. they' re number ones, number twos, and a number of ideas for three. life' s morning madness. and comfortable, organized bed and bathrooms
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >> monday morning and time for
9:52 am
you have to decide who did it better. hi, guys. >> this week marty walsh and i are getting into the holiday spirit with toys for tots >> toys for tots such an important operation here in the city of boston. so many families are in need of toys for their kids for christmas. and this organization rises up and does it every sing year. sort toy as fast as we can. they explain the process. we will see what kind of toy go with that aim group. >> strategy here to talk multiple presents with him. >> three toys down. i feel like you're dodging the questions mayor. >> that's definitely the wrong side.
9:53 am
with the toys yet. don't keep that one. i will keep my eye on you. >> 3, 2, 1. this is this one. what is this? scrabble. that will work. mr. potato head. your pile coming closer to time. in the end mayor sorted his toy
9:54 am
i sorted my toys in 2 minutes 45 seconds. she wanted us to mention as well. she's walking around in high heals which seems like it would have taken effort. they were cute heals. his pile had further to go. he's always good sport. for more information on how you can donate to toys for tots you can log on to our web site it's your turn to decide. head to our web site you can vote there. we'll have all your results at 6:00 a.m. let's get a final check of the forecast now with bri. it's also a bit windy today. as we head through the week temperature warmer. look at christmas eve possible record breakers in store for us. nice. nice. that's it for us. thanks for watching everyone. >> i'm christa delcamp. i'm sarah french. we'll see you back here for 7news at noon.
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