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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  December 27, 2015 7:30am-8:00am EST

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. >> anchor: real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company more than a dozen people left without a home after flares tear through this dorchester building a day after christmas. ripped apart and left in pieces, funnel cloud makes its way carving a path of defense sex in the latest batch of wild weather. holiday hopes dashed for one young boy. what he found inside of this box when his video system was no where to be found. game day for the patriots. they look to tackle the rival jets. >> announcer: this is 7 news today in new england. >> anchor: good sunday morning to you. it's 7:30, thanks for waking up with you, i'm kris anderson. but first it's rainy start to this sunday. we've good soaking overnight
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for more and possible snow let's get to chris lambert. >> reporter: lots to talk about. no joking with the snows coming in on tuesday but let's get to the finale of the weekend. right, 45 in boston,52 hind i visibility is 1-3 miles as we've had areas of fog, areas of drizzle and steady showers especially across northern maas back through the merrimack vale up no southeastern new hampshire as well and spotty drizzle down the braintree split. maine. notice most of the showers across northern mass over the next few hours here. i do expect a few breaks at times throughout the day. day rain. keep the umbrella handy. a little bit of a lull around mid day in terms of the rain chance. a passing shower or two out there. a mild day, in the 50s, if through southeastern massachusetts so we're still weather.
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and that will set the stage when this storm system is coming out of texas pushes into the midwest and extension of it is going to push moisture into the cold air in place. i do expect snow to break out early on tuesday morning. start time about 1:00 and 4:00 in the morning. it's a quick transition over to sleet and rain. the sleet between about 7:00 and 11:00 in the morning and along the coastline weo over to rain, so i expect a start in the morning. how much snow? along the coastline it's tough with an east wind coming in, 48 water going to be tough to keep any snow in ear. 1-3 throughout much of the suburbs. 3-6 merrimack valley up to southern new hampshire. more on this ahead. >> anchor: part of i-95 northbound so closed at exit
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truck crashed. the department of transportation is reporting crews are cleaning up fuel that spilled out. no word yet on the condition of the driver of the truck. to our top story, flames breaking out at a multifamily dorchester home. look at how intense the fire s. everyone was able to make it out safely. but the damage has been done. now, more than a dozen people are left without a home. but they're thankful to be alive. here is kelli o'hara. >> kids on the first floor knocked on the send floor to say get out because the building was on fire. day after christmas. >> person on the first floor they got to us right in time. we got out of the building just in time. >> reporter: cynthia robertson looks at what is left of her home. >> we ran out with just what have we had on. we ran out. s. when we got downstars the
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it's a terrible thing. we lost it all. we only have what we have on our backs. >> reporter: flames sparking on the first floor of the triple decker just after 6:00 saturday night. by the time firefighters arrived this is what they saw. juliana lost everyone. >> my daughter called me. mommy, the house is on fire. could. i was scared. awful. >> reporter: despite the tragedy the woman says at another. life. we lot of material things but we have our lives. everyone got out and i'm very glad of that. >> reporter: kelli o'hara, >> anchor: to a developing story out of upton where police are investigating after a hunter discovered human remains in the woods. those remains were spotted right off of mendon street. police are trying to identify
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how they got there. also developing a 14-year-old boy rushed to the hospital yesterday after being shot in the leg in dorchester. we're told that teen's injuries are not life-threatening but no word on any arrests in the case. our west wild weather leaving a path of destruction behind in texas. take a look at this. this is a funnel cloud on the ground in rowlet, texas, northeast of dallas. at least eight people are dead after a storm made their way through the area in what is just the latest batch of severe weather to hit the south and out west in the past few days. officials there assessing the damage and the hardest hit areas were houses and cars were destroyed. power lines ripped down. national weather service received multiple reports of tornadoes overnight making for a scary dangerous night for those who live there. >> then you heard all the windows breaking and you heard everything hit being the house.
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and then we just stood there and prayed. and so until we thought it was safe to get out then we walked out. saw everything that had happened. >> anchor: at least 25 people have died across five states in the latest batch of severe weather. happening now, an investigation under way into another fatal shooting involving police in chicago. officers were responding to a domestic disturbance call where a 19-year-old was threatsenning his father with a baseball bat. this is when the officer opened fire killing this 19-year-old and shooting and calling 57-year-old woman who lived in the same building. following more news today. in a house in milford condemned after a deadly carbon monoxide leak. two people were found dead in their home on christmas day. police say a faulty burner in the basement is likely to plame and two other people from the house next door had to be rushed to the hospital because of the toxic fumes.
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victim as 47-year-old adair desalis and 42-year-old maria disilva, neighbors are worried about their own safety. >> a lot of people are coming in to more to smell gas. everybody is scared. >> anchor: the residents who were sent to the hospital opened up their windows because of the warm weather and that is likely what saved their lives. residents an everett neighborhood are horrified a day after they witnessed a standoff between a man and police. officials say 53-year-old mark la voy had three weapons on him when police arrested him. he is in the hospital facing serious criminal charges. neighbors say they're still shaken. >> walking by christmas day. i think it's terrible. little kids around here. s. little kids have to see this. christmas was yesterday. christmas day. >> anchor: la voy is charged with being a disorderly person and
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city dwelling. also on 7 a local family getting a christmas surprise. but not the type they were hoping for. their son opened up his brand new play station but found that inside instead. it was not a console but a block of wood with aonian general message on it -- with aonian appropriate message on it. >> this is the call of duty play station. >> reporter: it's the second p.s.4 brian lundy got for his son scott because the first one was not right. >> that is a wooden block inside the play station 4. >> reporter: yeah, instead of the video game console there was a wooden message signed with a signature. >> with love. >> reporter: scott went from his initial commitment opened it. >> this is the christmas christmas eve -- >> reporter: to sadness control.
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magnitude they need to see what is going on. >> reporter: they took the p.s.4 back to the target. they were' told sometimes this does happen. >> they're for the distribution it happens through the assembly line or something. >> reporter: they were' given a new play station along with a game and a $100 gift card. scott will be surprised with all of this on monday. >> john cuka, 7 news today in new england. >> reporter: now he knows what he is getting unless he sees the story. great ending there. 2015 is wrapping up and we're taking a look back at some of the big stories from a refuge crisis to historic climate talks. the stories that made headlines from around the world this year are coming. sunday showdown that won't be easy. patriots try to take down the rival jets. >> another mild day.
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>> anchor: live look outside, wet roys there at the braintree split and the rain could end up as snow but let's get over to chris with a peak at the forecast. >> tuesday morning, that is the time frame we're tracking snow and sleet in here. 45 in boston. 52 hyannis. no talk of any snow in southern new england this morning as we track some areas of light rain and drizzle throughout much of the commonwealth. also stretching steady light rain from the north shore out into outer route 2 and northern worcester county. they're dwelling with snow up in bangor, maine, points north. that snow will stay up there throughout the day been damp start. few showers around throughout the day. most of the showers this morning for about 9:00 or so then we'll catch some breaks of dry air mid to late afternoon, mid morning to mid-afternoon.
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across southern new england and northern mass then we'll reach about 60 degrees across southeastern mass. tonight isolated shower early this evening. turns colder breezy as well. upper 20s and lower 30s you get the cold air in heard and a much colder day out there despite much colder sunshine. mid 30es a on arching. the cold air from the north. you can see it back through sudbury, ontario. this is the cold air that is going to breast in overnight and setting the statement for cold enough air for when this storm system and some of the moisture associated with it starts to work towards new england. we'll get into the action of snow and ice before going over to rain. blizzard ongoing in the texas han panel. they have -- panhandle. they've had severe weather, tornadoes on the even side of dallas continuing throughout of severe weather across portions of eastern texas. the rain area of low pressure is going through the great lakes, an extension of this is a warm front is that going
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into the cold air locked in place early tuesday morning so initially the moisture running into the cold air in place, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning will break out as snow. we'll get a few showers of snow in here before the transition to sleet then over to rain throughout the day. transition to rain is quickly along the coastline tuesday morning with the east wind coming in off ocean temperatures runs at 48 degrees, hedging the forecast totals lower along the coastline thanks to the onshore wind transitioning over to rain. 1-3 west of the city. i think a lot of the locations out through worcester and north of the mass pike, 2, 3, inches of snow before the transition to sleet and higher amounts the southern new hampshire. so it's not a huge snow in terms of big time snow totals but it's enough to make a mess out there. you are going to allow extra time. we could get rain wednesday
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new years eve late in the day, looking dry. >> thank you so much. this morning we take a look back at 2015. it continues with our international scale. paris made headlines for a number of reasons and the rest of europe prepared for an inslaught of immigrants. adam williams look back at the story that impacted our planet in our 7's top 7. >> reporter: terror in paris began and ended 2015. on january 7, two brothers forced there had way into the office of the french magazine charlie hebdo. they opened fire killing 11 and injuring 11: the two brothers were killed outside parition not before talking to a journalist. in yemen. >> reporter: more than 2,000 people marched in a demonstration of unity. the fight against isis
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the so-called islamic state took a fooshold in syria and iraq. the u.s. began air strikes in iraq but syria brought more problems with russia supporting al-assad. >> the united states is prepared to work with any conflict. >> reporter: the war spilling over to europe, 1 million people fled creating the worst refuge crisis since world war ii. >> reporter: their destination germany. at times the onslaught tested solidarity within the -- >> the u.s. made gains against two long term troubles spots. in cuba the u.s. reopened relations with the iland nation. >> having normal relation makes it easier for us to talk. >> reporter: the u.s. also signed an agreement with iran
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>> pete: this nuclear deal meets the national security interests of the ute and our allies. >> reporter:out rage when a minnesota din test shot and killed the lion on a reserve. in the french al. s the crash of a flight in march was ruled a suicide. the co-pilot trapped the pilot out of cock mitt and intentionally crashed the plane killing all 150 on board. terror on the tracks in france. a gunman on a train began opening fire when three friends from the u.s. sprang into action. >> i just looked over at spencer and said let's go. >> reporter: a few months later all eyes were back on france. when gunmen with ties to isis launched coordinated attacks on paris. a suicide bomber blue himself up, two others did the same. on the streets of paris
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customers outside cafes and restaurants. >> we heart lots of gunshots. i saw terrified people running at me. >> reporter: at the bat clan theater a hostage situation turned into a massacre. >> it was next to a guy that got shot in the head that fell on me so i was covered underneath his body. >> reporter: some fans jumped from windows, others were killed when gunmen entered. 130 dead. 3668 injured and the world was stunned. >> we want to live. i think this is, we want to live. >> reporter: there was agreement in paris for climate talks. members agreed to keep global warming to below 2 degrees celsius. [applause] >> pete: together we've shown what is possible when the word stands as one. we met the moment. >> anchor: that was adam williams, join us again
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to historic moments we're looking at the year in sports. coming up they could lock up homefield advantage throughout the play-offs with a win today. a preview of the pats' matchup against the jets
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>> anchor: patriots trying to clinch homefield advantage with a win over the rival jets. it. b.12 and crew hoping to get the job done but a new york shakedown is not going to be easy. alex has a preview from met live stadium. they're pretty hot right now. so they've always had a good defense. >> reporter: tom brady is going to have his hands full this sunday. the jets have recorded 13 sacks during their four-game winning stream and new york has four players with multiple interception this is year. >> they've had a very solid defense. they've, they're very solid
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they competitive. very tough. >> hadn't been the defense that has been a walk in the park for the offense. it has been a big challenge. but apart from having good players, been really well coached this year, is there a lot of things they do that are challenging to prepare for. >> reporter: the patriots didn't give its rung game much of a chance during their 30-23 victory over the jets in week 7, but they'll take the field with a new look backfield sunday. steven jackson officially added to the roster tuesday. >> hopefully he can add a lot to the team. we'll see how things pan out but he is somebody that works hard. fun to see. >> exciting. couldn't ask for a better christmas gift. looking forward to continuing to get better and i need to learn the way of the patriots. >> reporter: a win for jackson give the patriots the number one seed in the a.f.c..
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championship team. they just need some depth and i'm coming in to be the best running become that i with with -- runningback that i can be. >> reporter: they're still on the outside of the play-off pick tour looking in, alex corddry, 7 news next in student. >> anchor: find out who is going to rock out at gillette
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>> topping the buzz the nhl announcing a special musical guest. simple plan, they've performed the canadian national anthem and will return during the stage for the latest intermigs. jordan smith will sing the u.s. national anthem with backups with the boston pops. catch the bruins taking on montreal right here on 7 nbc, puck drops at 1:00 pm new years day. after the game find free coverage of the action on 7 news, one final check of the weather with chris lambert. we need the umbrella. >> we do. it's a damp start out there. areas of fog and drizzle as well. isolated showers still can't rule out through the rest of the day. south. how about tuesday, coating to an inch of snow before transitioning over to rain. 1-3 inches west of the city. seeing at least 2-3 inches in
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over to sleet and rain. i could expect a messy morning commute on tuesday. keep that in mind. that is the only day focusing on snow here over the next seven days. looks to dry out by new years eve. and get seasonably cold to start the new year. >> thank you so much. that is going to do it for us for now. i'm kris anderson. thank you for waking up with us.
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