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tv   Today  NBC  December 29, 2015 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to my house >> that is your guy flo rida. >> and it is boozeday tuesday. >> a lot is going my way today. >> and everything is going to be exciting for new year's eve? >> probably. >> big plans, hody? >> well, the rose bowl parade.
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>> yes, and that means bedddy bye at 8:30. >> and then you are off to los angeles. >> yes, and we are saying good-bye to some of the worst fashion trends of 2015. >> i don't agree, because i think that you looked good all year. and what you can look forward to in 2015 if you have your new year's eve outfit laid out, and we will give you some chic hairstyles if you can't make it to the salon. >> and also, we have a diet, a recipe for you. >> and we will help you to keep the joy. and is she not joyful? >> i am the poster child, girl. >> that not your segment. that is stacy kaiser, and some kind of joy and how to keep it going all year long and to live a happier and more gracious life. i like that.
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and christmas is in the rear-view mirror and a lot of people got gifts that they did not want, and sometimes when you return something, kit hurt somebody's feelings, and so this woman wrote into phil galanis about a gift she gets repeatedly from her mother-in-law. >> and she says it happens every year, and they buy her home decor. >> and we are talking about the tchotchkes. >> of course, i got you the wooden duck, and i don't see it. >> so she didn't know what to do. and her mother-in-law is starting to get the gist, a a nd so she writes her a note, if you don't like the gift, give it back to me. >> and so there are more problems than home decor. >> what would you do? >> if i kept giving you carved
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and you didn't want them in your house. >> hmm. >> i regift things all of the time. >> and what if i went to your house, and i said, where where is the carved out owl? >> i would say, i regifted it. you say thank you, and you ask it from that point on, we skip the gifts and maybe she does not want to spend time with her, but go to the den -- dinner or the event with that person. >> and yes. and this year, we are trying to declutter, and we are trying to clear it out, but thank you. >> and the first thing we want to declutter is all of the crap that you have given me. >> i never know what to do in that situation. >> well, speak the honesty in t the truth of love. that is a lot harder than it sounds. it is obvious that we have different taste, and i don't
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gave it to somebody who has something that looks just like your, and as crappy as yours. >> i am starting to feel guilty about something that you gave me in storage. >> i gave her a painting as big as the two windows. >> huge, huge painting. >> her beloved new orleans that cost a fortune, and it hung in our house for 20 years, and then when hoda became my -- my -- well, it is going to take me another set to get over it. >> you know where it is? it is in moisies, a store the raj place. >> well, i knew that before i gave it to you that it would not be your style. >> what do you want me to do with it? >> well, i want it back. >> good, because i have been
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storage? >> i will take it back. take it. >> you pay the shipping costs. >> it is just another month in shipping. >> that is hysterical. >> and no, no, just one painting that is all that is in there. >> you didn't? >> i did. >> does your mother want it? does your family want it? >> we live in small places. >> well, you mow what i think that you should do is to get this thing appraised, and then sell it. >> no shgs , no, no i am not selling that is totally weird. hoda. >> you should give it to somebody who has room in their place for it. $80 a month for it. people on the red carpet and you say, i will never forget ta that look, but we are going to be looking and see which actor or
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let's play the game. we will see if we remember who or what. okay. that is katy perry. i dont 't know why i said that. >> she is an eight-time grammy winner. >> okay. don't give us a clue. we are not sure. >> and the next one, please. who wore this? ha that is is angela -- angelina jolie. >> no, it is mrs. george remember the gloves. >> that is kerry washington. >> and that is a good show. that is definitely gaga. >> yes! i remember those gloves. >> yes, i remember those. >> and what is the last one? >> taylor swift. >> yeah, we did pretty well.
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for new year's eve, and you get all dressed up, and somebody gets too sloshed and they drop a glass of wine or something on your outfit. we have something for you, and that is a spill-proof item. >> yes. >> and we have alex who is wear ing the spill proof shirt and tie. >> it is on youtube, and the company will show what happens to you when you spill. the material is infused with a spill-resistant fabric which makes it water-resistant without -- look at that. without compromising the breathability. >> breathability. so we want to throw some wine on alex to see what happens. >> i brought my own stuff. >> it is not the good stuff. >> no, hold on. hold on. >> alex has a drinking problem. >> you want to throw it on the the front? >> can we cheer s s first? happy new year. >> we should throw red, because white is not going to be showing. i don't want to be throwing it.
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>> and first, some in the mouth, and okay. >> and back up, and be careful. >> ah! oh oh, my mike. they said to protect the mike. >> hold on. oh the mike is not protected. >> well, so what. >> well, it is coming out of my paycheck. >> we did get you drenched. >> yes, and it looks like it is stained. >> look, it rolled right off. >> this side rolled off, but this side didn't. >> maybe it is about the throwing. pours it works. >> i say it works quite well. >> yes. >> and i say that hoda is out of wine, and i'm not. >> somebody got gypped. >> thank you, we love you alex, and for more information go to v can. >> check that mike. >> and hoda can't afford it,
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month for store the -- for storage. >> yes, but it has been at about i know. but what friends will do for friends. >> and now, buzz feed came up up. >> your work bff is the only weekend that you care about on monday morning. you say, how was your weekend? excellent, leslie. >> i often call you over the weekend. >> and i text you. >> but there are a lot of people, and we are blessed with good folks around us. >> and you get air tated by the same people. >> yes. >> yes. >> and it is totally true. >> and you confine to each other. >> and your brains are so in sync that you say, did you see that? >> and we give each other a look and we say, how do we do it day after day. >> seriously.
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snap out of it. >> and i have more bad days than no. >> kind of. >> well, you share your craziness with someone else. together. >> and we are very blessed. >> we have not heard this yet. trying to explain what joy is basically, and we have a segment coming up on joy. >> yes. >> and so we are going to have some young kids who are interviewed and they said this is the secrets to being happy as an adult. this is what they said. >> smiling is contagious. being fat is contagious. even sneezing is. friend, and having a small chat, drinking a glass of wine. >> i would get them to do less work, play with your children a
11:11 am
pennies to the people who don't >> sweet. >> oh, that is from teddy talks. >> that is ted talk, and teddy is the little ones. >> i love that. >> and they should do it ted talks for kids, and there you go, they have it already. >> and you know, you remember juicy couture, and everybody had >> the track suit things. >> yes. >> and amy poehler wore them in "mean girls" strutting around as a mother. >> and yes. >> and by the way, this is the best movie. and fetch is not a thing no matter how hard you try. and so this is going to be in the museum, the juicy couture sweats have made the museum in >> question. >> why would they be in the museum? >> we live in a weird world. >> yes.
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if you have one, send me a picture of it. and now, we have instagram queen fuss berta. >> and she appears in costumes, and her owner dresses her, and she is so hip she has a calendar for 2016. >> oh, look at the headphones. >> and guess what today is, hoda woman. >> no! >> it is back, and you have wanted it by pop yu ular demand. >> spanky tuesday. >> i thought we could skip it to wednesday. >> no, no, we will give it away to five lucky viewers. >> and some hair trends that we r are going to say good-bye to. the flu virus hits big. with aches, chills, and fever, there's no such thing as a little flu. and it needs a big solution: an antiviral. so when the flu hits, call your doctor right away
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as we bid fair twoel rewell to 2015, we thought that we would say good-bye to some of the whackiest trends. >> and with us is our style expert emily levine. >> and our style expert cher. and so colored hair bye-bye. >> yes, a a lot of the trends we need to say good-bye to. and especially the colored hair trend. and it is like we are living in "hunger games" >> or halloween. >> and a lot of themer were with
11:17 am
>> and we know because we sau w it. >> and she made the debut here. >> it is fun, but it is time for a more natural look. >> and give us an alternative to the colored hair. >> upgrade. >> this is baby lights, and it is when they go in to show picture s s of their baby and say they want to color their hair. >> and it is like some people develop. >> and she looks awesome. >> and when did she ever not look awesome. >> and very natural. >> and the naked dresses. too much skin on the red carpet. >> nothing to the imagination anymore, and sometimes it issis exier to -- sexier to have a little something. >> and unless you are j.lo.
11:18 am
>> we want to say good-bye to the naked trend on red carpet. >> it stopped being shocking, because everybody was doing it. >> we are. >> so what is the upgrade? >> we have a victorian trend this year. more romantic. >> yes. victorian style. elizabethan. >> yes, and more of the trend s s in fall and spring, and again, very romantic, and very, and you are able to go out there to be buttoned up. >> she is looking not that happy there. >> not that happy. >> and yes, we need to get her some joy. >> it is okay to smile. >> and are we saying good-bye to overalls? >> well, did anybody say hello? >> nobody can pull this off and make it look easy unless you are taylor swift, but it is hard where the chops are, and where where the front and the back falls, and it is just so juvenile.
11:19 am
>> well, if they hang down too low. >> right. >> and the problem in the back and the front, and where -- not many people can pull that off. >> yes. >> and it is oshkosh b' gosh. >> and what about? >> emogis or pins or cute patches. >> you can find them anywhere. >> but i like the denim on the denim. and denim on denim hombre, and not mismatched, but a nice denim shirt tucked into a denim jean. >> i thought that you were not supposed to do that? >> now it is okay. >> and i don't like to see this clunky on. >> i hate the clunky. >> do not wide en n your foot, and
11:20 am
s there. >> and they are so ugly. >> everybody else looks hideous. >> look at that, it is looking like a hospital shoe. >> okay. what do we do? >> we want to go for more of the sophisticated stiletto, and we are seeing a lot of the embellishments of tie-up shoes to elongate the foot, and don't make them wider, but more narrow. >> am i saying good-bye to the holy jeans? >> well, to an extent. >> that is too much. they should not be falling ap apart. >> this is the airport look she is pulling off that you want the to be comfortable. but you don't want to wear it on the red carpet and have it out. >> oh. >> and i love this, and i think it is cute, but when you have too many holes on the leg, it is too much. >> and she has the clara sun-woo
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it is brain teaser tuesday and before the break we gave krou this this riddle. >> what can travel around the world while staying in one corner. >> all right, the answer is a stamp. if you have been racking your brain about what to wear new ideas. >> here with easy styles, here is our beauty expert. >> i love to pronounce your name >> very good. can make your hair look very good for new year's eve.
11:30 am
you can use a ribbon or headband to do the same thing. you take the hair and twist it into the airband. i am tuck it is, thapd is it. look at how beautiful from the front, and gorgeous, and set it with the the flexible hair spray. >> very cute. >> aa doerable. >> all right. >> wow. >> >> way to go. >> and this is justine. >> hi. >> all about bedazzling the hair. >> okay. >> so we have all of the necklaces at the house, and we are like, what do we do with them at the holidays. so you don't have to always put them on your neck, you can put it behind the neblg, a ck, and slide it in with bobby pins. that just tresz
11:31 am
and it is kind of like a peek-after h boo, because you did not expect it to be there. >> yes, and you can use the bobby pins at the the end, and the hair was already super great. >> and it will stay in there. >> that is adorable. >> next. >> sasha is here. >> and sasha fierce is here. >> and what else could she do? >> i know, look at that air. >> we will do the sock bun. >> a what? >> it is a sock bun, and a high situation. and it is not as gross as it sounds. look at the high sock, and cut the bottom out, and put it into a scrunchie. >> yes, that is the perfect way to do it. so i want to hold all of the hair with a high sock, and the process of getting there takes a little bit of the flipping, and you slight under, and you keep on going. >> what are you doing? she has gorgeous hair. >> a ton of hair.
11:32 am
>> tuck, tuck, flip. >> that is with the brown sock? >> and you don't see the sock. >> exactly. you cover it up. >> oh, my. >> and tuck it under. >> and then you bobby pin it up? >> y bobby pin the crap out of it, and keep going, and then eventually -- >> this is unbelievable to the me. >> and this is a tight hold, so you use some hairspray. >> we want you to turn to the side, because this is amazing. >> and bobby pins obviously. >> and yes shgs , clean it up, but like the messy look. >> yes, i like that. >> and we did each of these in no time, so you k can do it lickety-split. >> thank you. all right. everybody, once the parties end, and the new year begins. >> we want to keep you happy for the new year for a long time. >> is it possible?
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if the holidays have caused a mixed bag of emotions, you are not alone. >> from the woes of cooking and shopping and clean ing ing, and if being with those who you spread up the holiday cheer, so how do you bottle it up, and share it all year long some. >> stacy kiz aiser is going to tell
11:37 am
she always brings wisdom with her, right, hody? >> yes, you do. it seems that are the are people who you feel are innately joyful and those who are not. does it matter the time of the year or circumstance? >> well, it is true that some people are that way, they come out happybabies, and it is rare. for most of us in challenging times, we have to work hard to be joyful? and isn't there a difference of happy and joyful. happy is from the word happen stance, and you are happy because things are going well, and how can you have joy, because it transcends the circumstances. >> well, you hit the nail on the inside. joyle joy are from inside, and you have to seek it for yourself. it is not about getting a new gift. it is about engaging in the podsty thinking, and about being optimistic for good things, and looking for good things when the bad things are happening.
11:38 am
half cup empty or half cup full, and how do you do it, because people struggle very much through the holidays. a lot of suicides in the holidays, and it can be a dark period for people. >> well, being joyful is literally like working out, and exercising the muscle. so it s is little rally something that you is have to work at. so you have to make a joy list, take the out the phone for the piece of paper, and write down things that you like to do do, and reference the list when you are having one of the hard times. i love the idea of the joy jar. >> i hike this one. >> you take the jar and put the paper in it that allows you be joyful, and you take one paper out of it to do that the activity. >> and yes, be careful where you put that jar and what you put inside of the jar. >> and i remember that which have been write ing down something
11:39 am
24 hour, and you don't wake up to saying, e oh, my gosh, i have this or a meeting, and it does turn it. you have to make the effort the turn it yourself. >> you are right, it is like a muscle. >> and you know, for people who are getting older, there is a tendency to start to becoming very saddened by life, and the loss that comes with life. i find that if i am feeling story for what i have lost in life, it can be turn around in a second by saying what am i immediately, it changes. why is that, stacy? >> well, it is literally switching the flip in your head. what i say is part of living a fulfilling life is reflecting back, and saying, have i done the things they want to do and the things i love doing, and if not, do them today. >> and there is a woman who rides a bike, and how can
11:40 am
>> yes n the "love" magazine, woman who would have a major surgery, and she was barely walking after it, and then her mom bought her a bicycle, and she pushed herself to trite, and miles and miles, and it is because she was able to accomplish something that she didn't know that she had. that is where a gift a so remarkable. >> and you have to look for them. >> yes, indeed. >> she is so smart. >> and the first time she has been on in 16 months. too bad she lives in california and we don't get to see her often. happen happy new year's. >> and why not go out with a bang, one decadent blasting dinner. we will be right back after
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you have pick d ed out the outfits and the flowers for the centerpiece. >> and the tablecloth and the napkins and everything, and it is perfect, but you are missing one thing. >> the recipe, hody. >> and not anymore, the food team have enlisted nancy fuller. >> and she is making the beloved beef wellington straight off of the new cookbook called "farmhouse rules." >> i was looking through it, and it is a fun book. done. and they say that pictures are worth a thousand word, and jamie prescott is the most spectacular photographer, and he has brought all of that food the life. >> starting with -- >> we are ache maing beef wellington. >> and ate intimidates people. >> and it is great new year's eve dish. >> you have this, and puff pastry are from the stow, and mushrooms. >> and what is that some. >> the mustard. [ laughter ] >> something like that.
11:45 am
>> and so, first step -- >> the butcher will do this for you shgs , right? >> yes. >> and the butcher does it hard work for you? >> yes, he is your best friend. he is going to be doing that. >> and what are you asking him for done that way? tenderloin. >> filet. >> i love the sizzle. >> you always want to hear the sizzle. you want to cook it for two minutes on each side, and four sides and a total of eight my minutes, and brown it. >> ding, ding, ding. >> and here we have it. who is the cook in your house? >> her mom. >> not me. >> okay. you are going to be learning. >> what do i do? >> put the horseradish in with the sauce. >> look, hody is cooking. >> oh, wait.
11:46 am
off first with a little tool. >> okay. >> and then. >> okay. >> and then you are going to put all of this lovely mustard and horseradish over to the whole thing. >> and then what? >> put whatever you have over it, mushrooms. >> what is that? >> mushrooms. >> it looks like ground beef. >> you put them in a food professor profes processor, and make them very small, and then add some parsley and bread crumbs -- keep those farmers in business, girls -- and mix it up. ding, ding, ding. >> so far you have it not so hard. >> and it is covered in the mustard.
11:47 am
thing on it. covered with that stuff and in stuff. >> right. >> and you put that on top of the beef. >> on top. >> it is starting to look like a meat loaf. i am sorry, it does look a little bit like a meat loaf. >> and then you put more on it. like that. >> although, it is a lot of steps, but they are not difficult ones. >> they are not difficult at all. >> and the glaze. >> this is not a glaze. this s is what you aring to the be using to seal the pastry over the beef wellington. and the pastry is store bought. >> and let me turn this. >> and we only have a few seconds. >> okay. we did it too much. >> and what is that made out of? >> egg and water. >> okay. >> let's taste it. >> okay. >> and that is so delicious. look at that.
11:48 am
>> 40 minutes. now, is that gorgeous? >> yes shgs , very pretty. >> isn't that gorgeous. very beautiful. >> yes. >> and hoda, a little cream in it. what do you think? >> i'm good. >> for the recipes go to >> okay. five lucky member s s of our audience are going to have a ball. >> yes. >> and i am, too. >> stick around, and see if your name is called and the first one
11:49 am
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to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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guess what time it is, hoda? >> spanky tuesday. >> not yet. first we have to givet it away. >> two thermal jackets from north face worth $298.
11:52 am
ultra light packable jackets and very versatile in all weather. and becauset it is a synthetic al alternative to down, it will lightweight to keep you toasty even when it is e wet. >> i like it. let's see who is going to win. let's hope it is not anybody from florida. just saying. >> it is dena mcdaniel from wichita, kansas. >> she'll need it. >> she'll need it. >> maryann hunt from jordanville, new york, and she will need it. >> yes. >> donna from north carolina. it gets chilly there >> and from bedahlia, illinois. >> yes, and diane black from newton, carolina. >> congratulations to all of the winners. enter next week for a complete list of all of the rules and regulations, go the, and
11:53 am
tomorrow, we are going to be looking back at some of the great times that we had this past year. >> and is some fun that you did didn't see. have an awesome tuesday. >> i don't hear the song so maybe it is not happening. well, whatever? >> let's do it without, hoda. we have a inner rhythm. da, da. and get out here. i want everybody to see. >> i am leave ing. i am over it.
11:54 am
s. snow and ice. massachusetts takes on its first storm of the season. >> that rain and ice continues for a lot of us right now. >> riding the rails. is the m.b.t.a. ready for winter? details in a live report. >> busted over the border. the so-called affluenza teen and his mother are now in custody. we will let you know where they were found. plus, called to court: the chicago police officer charged with shooting and killing an unarmed teen. pay thing a judge.
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