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tv   Today  NBC  December 30, 2015 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. okay. made it again this winesday wednesday december 30th, and coming down to it. hard the believe one day away from new year's eve, baby. >> this is a song by maroon 5 called "sugar." and speaking of sugar, we have
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to the outrageous and hilarious moments. >> some of them were out-regis. >> all of the celebrities that stopped by and some surprising missed. >> and we have a game ahead of "who new" going, and it is going to get the crowd going, too. of wisdom, please. music, please. thank you for reminding me what butterflies feel like. thank you for reminding me what butterfly butterflies feel like. >> is that the way you want to go out and the year. >> what do they feel like? have you ever felt a butterfly. >> you know like i have butterflies. >> oh, those butterflies. i'm being literal. oh, oh. >> oh.
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going now to the worst bathroom habits. it is going to be worse >> and a lot of people have guests staying at your home for the holidays, and you are no idea what your guests are doing in the bathroom. >> then you should not be inviting them to your house. >> and even if you think that you know, you don't know. and these are the worst bathroom habits by the maker of the shower speakers, and this is the survey they conducted, and this is what people are admitting to, so it is probably higher. okay. 60% admit to urinating in the shower. >> yes, that doesn't surprise me, and it is not too horrible, it is right down the tube. >> you know what that means? a that means that you do it. >> it is smarter to do that than -- >> get out?
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okay. and next is singing. and followed by music, and this one we would love somebody to explain to us. eating? >> eating in the shower. >> what the heck are they taking into the the shower? can't they wait five minutes for the stroumboly. if you eat in the shower, we want to hear from you. >> maybe it is a smoothie. wait for it. >> what are they doing? >> and only 6% are busy doing stuff. >> these people should not be al allowed to coming to your house. >> 6% admit to not washing their hands before leaving. and 1% say they flush it to make sure it works so you are not trapped in there. and have you ever flooded out
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what do you do? there is no plunger, and there is a panic, and you lift off the top, and keep reaching in. >> it sounds like it has happened to system of us? >> a lot of us. >> and we are going to be playing game, and we know that you are catching u on the movies, so we want to know how well we know movie lines. >> yes. >> and we are going to play a clip and stop it just before the famous movie line. >> i can't remember. >> and even yesterday. and so are from the american film institute of the 100 famous movie quotes of all time. so let's roll. >> start with an easy one. >> are you crying? >> no. >> are you crying? there's no crying -- >> there's no crying in baseball.
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er saw that movie. >> i want to hear it. >> there's no crying in baseball. why don't you zip it jimmy. >> and will there is no problem to see that the those people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. some day you will understand that. >> it is casablanca but the only one that i know is that the of all of the gin joints in the world or something like that. >> what is it? >> oh. here's looking at you, kid. >> oh, yeah, of course. >> all right. >> this is fun. hope you are winning at home. >> happy new year. >> and let's land it. >> surely you can't be serious. >> i am serious.
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>> stop calling me shirley! >> don't call me shirley. >> i forgot my key. >> jenny, i'm sorry. >> don't. >> love means never having to say sorry which i think is the dumbest line ever. love means you are to say you are sorry forever. >> don't. love means never having to the say sorry. and -- >> wow. >> i have to show you a picture of mine in high school for five minutes i looked like here. and i was snotty nosed, too. >> and what is that? >> really? >> i feel the need. >> speed.
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>> the need for speed. >> and we will end with the number one movie quote -- >> frankly my dear, i don't give a damn. "gone with the wind." >> frankly my dear, i don't give a damn. >> i beat your egyptian butt. >> yes, you did. and it felt good. >> you like when i spank. >> and more people are getting into the spanking tuesday and so that is something that we have to tap the brakes on the spanking tuesday. >> then i will move it on a different day. and what people assume is an interesting concept, because are you always comfortable in your own skin, hoda, but do you wonder walking in, i wonder what they are thinking right now. >> i don't think. so i don't think they are think thing of me when i walk in. >> not me.
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party, but people do judge quickly when they see you especially new year's eve. so you need to learn a couple of things. >> it is called binge splicing. >> it is when you make split decisions about people who know them. >> and when a person look s s you in the eye. >> they are smart. >> and it is raised by parents who say, when they say el hello to someone, look them in the eye. >> if a person does, they are dominant and strong. >> yes. if they are in a tailored suit, they are successful. >> or european. europeans always wear. >> and if they wear name brand schools, they are high status. >> or full of themselves. >> and rich. >> and if they walk with a
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are loose. >> yes, even like james taylor. >> okay. i don't know it is true, but. >> and have you ever seen some makeup trends that you want to come back like the blue eye shadow in the '80s. >> who wants that back. >> these are a look through the ages. >> one of the earliest societies to use makeup. >> and eyebrows can be removed by using cork. >> and they can be distasteful to sinful. >> the foundation to be wearing. >> the mid-18th sen century was renouned when the blush overload was common. >> and the victorian proclamation that makeup was vulgar and unlady like led to the unpainted face. >> and the film industry led to the change and perception of makeup.
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beautiful? >> i i liked the simpler, but wow. that is amazing. her face looked like a different person every single time. >> that is one of the trends that i am happy to see, bye-bye. >> es pesh areally the blue eye shadow, that was not a good one. ing out and you want to meet a guy on new year's should look out for and there are certain things that are approachable and not approachable. >> yes, here are some things. >> really, here is what he said, someone who is always smiling, you want to approach, because you are enjoying yourself, and even if you turned him down for to a conversation or date. >> it won't be embarrassing, because you are nice. >> and somebody who is always looking like they are having a great time is hoda. >> and looking bored is snobby. >> and yes, sometimes you are bored. then what are you supposed to do?
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>> the dance pants. >> and look at them. look at dick. >> yeah, you'd like him. >> true. >> you noe know what frank taught cassidy to do when she was like 3? to do this to a man. i said, what are you teaching her her? and he said, it works every time. and cass would go like this. >> that is creepy. and so, men don't like a lot of makeup, so don't pile it on. >> right. >> and they said not to wear skin tight clothes because guys think that you only want to date guys in a suit. for every man here. >> does that make sense to anybody here? no shgs no, no. >> and the worst thing is to be surrounded by lots of your girlfriend, because the guys cannot infiltrate the group. >> it is not a pack of wolves,
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all right all righty. we want to give it away. and don't forget on spanky tuesday, we are going to give it away again. you have begged for it. >> and you can enter once a week, and if you did not win last week, en the ter again. >> and for the complete rules and regulations and a chance to enter for this week's prize go to k lshgs and hit the ep enter button. >> and we will look back to the big stars that dropped by the
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only kraft natural cheese has a touch of philadelphia cream cheese, so whatever you make,
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you know what they say, the older you get the faster time flies. >> don't i know that. >> and this year has totally whipped by. >> did you say whip? >> yes, and it is loud and wacky at times. >> and especially with the spanky spank thrown in. >> what is with you and the spanking. and we got the sit down with russell crow and john stamos. >> and helen mirren and so many stars. >> and we had fun with them the only way we know how. >> it almost seems like it can't be true, the frivolity and the
11:17 am
>> how do we do it day after day. >> what is your pickup line? >> hi. i'm john stamos. >> and have you had to wear that estrogen patch? >> no. >> and my wife did and it came off, and i rolled over on it and it was crazy, i could not stop crying and i was having a hot flash. >> i am so surprise ed not been on the show. i'm a virgin. >> well, there you go, that makes one of us. >> i like filth. and we went on the air and we talked about "50 shades" and how much you love it, and you kept saying behind kathie lee's back filth, filth, filth. >> and what am i doing over here?
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>> oh! # >> bing, bing, bing. >> ow! >> hi, everybody. welcome to my show. >> hello. >> we need another one. >> we love him. >> hello, ladies. >> do you ever drink at 10:00 in the morning, regis? >> never. >> and n s in is delicious. i want to the take a bath in this, and i will. >> oh, there is another one of those. you are missing it, mate. come on, bring the other way. >> what! >> there you go. >> we are going to play a game. >> i love your games, and they are so much fun. >> in is called hoda or yoda. these are real quotes. i think that fat guys are sexy. >> oh a that is hoda. >> and rianna or beyonce. >> okay.
11:19 am
>> i'm a three-time rom in roll champion, and i don't have to wall fi the answer, kathie lee. >> and that is yoda. >> and sing with the banana. >> and hoda, you suck, and that is good. i don't know what to tell you [ laughter ] >> this is growth, and i once had a purse with shoulder pad s s and string cheese in it. ta that is hoda! >> this is the weirdest of places. and honest to god, i have never seen anything like it. >> she likes our show. >> i love your show. >> who knew? >> what do you think? >> you are my favorite. >> that is what we wanted for the reel. >> wow. >> oh. >> wow. >> so much fun. no wonder we are exhausted.
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so try activia for 2 weeks! enjoying activia twice a day for two weeks may help reduce the frequency of bloating, gas, discomfort or rumbling. try activia. dannon so here is a question. how much do you remember from pop culture this year? >> i have a lot that i want to forget. >> well, here is a little trivia
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game of who knew for the year. >> this actor appeared in two of the top ten films in 2015. was it chris pratt, jeremy renner or sandra bull lock. >> we will tell you after the break. so brush up on your musicians as well.
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it is winesday wednesday and it is time for the pop culture who knew. and kathie lee is across the street to hand out 11 $100 for anybody who gets the song right or a signed c.d. if they don't. and joining me is our fandango correspondent. and now, we asked this question, this actor appeared in two of the top ten films of 2015. was it chris pratt or jeremy
11:30 am
>> it is jeremy renner, he was in aavengers" and he will was in "mission impossible." there is a new sequel to both of those coming out in 2016. >> "25" by adele became the top selling album of all time, and how many days did it take? >> three days. >> very smart lady. >> that is amazing when you think of it. >> taylor swift would have had the best selling album in two years in a row, but then -- >> adele caughter her. >> and which television series topped the nielsen ratings for
11:31 am
"empire" or "the voice" or "monday night football." >> they are going to love it, because it s is their era. >> and so what is it? >> sunday night football is the number one show, and football was also number three, and six and 11. >> and "empire" is not that shabby either. >> right. >> and who topped the forbes youtube top paid star of 2015. was it pewdepe, smosh or glozell. >> glozell. >> no, it is the first one. >> we love glozell, but it is not the answer.
11:32 am
>> yes, it is pewdepe. he has more than 10 billion views. this is why he is successful. what he is, he is really most having a narrating video game which is sort of like mystery science 3000 with a lot of profancy. >> it is called pewdepe. okay. where are you from? >> florida. >> who took home the most awards for 2015 at the grammies? >> taylor swift. >> no, it is sam smith. >> yes, and taylor is looking good for the 2016 grammys with seven nominations. and kendrick lamar has 11. >> thank you, kendra. it is one of the favorite parts of the show, and a look at some of the funniest and the whackiest moments from our show
11:33 am
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>> what? >> i love to start my day with you five days a week. >> and i love us together and i love the laughs and the jokes. expense. >> most. >> and mostly we kid each other, we want everybody to know. >> yes. >> and we want to look back at a some memorable moments from "the talk." >> hey, everybody, it is fupday monday. >> no, you are not looking at
11:38 am
boozeday tuesday. >> and hello, all of you. >> and it is thirsty thursday. >> and it s is funday friday. >> the american journal of medical association reports that on average women are sufficienting from menopause. >> crank it, beyonce style. >> you do, kath. >> i had great legs and then great knees and now ankles. >> and dickies, when you are menopausal, you should wear them in about 1945. >> and he was born in the 13th
11:39 am
>> yes. >> woo! >> the naked show. >> ta-da! women without clothes. imagine that. >> i like porno stuff. >> we are yen and yang. >> that is not a push-up. >> i can do 60 of them. i have had more experience at this. >> hoda or kathie lee? >> oath, both of them, are you kidding me? >> that is not weird, okay. >> that is amazing. >> oh, it was good. >> awesome. >> mashables made a sound track for this rap and we think it is important that you see it. we don't have it?
11:40 am
>> my neck is so bad, and so i tried to get the kayak down, and it is on the top. >> that was 4:00. >> how did we get on the air, hoda? >> oh, shades. >> they r are cute. >> i look like ozzy osbourne. >> i wanted to know who amanda was, because it looked like a odd person just walk d ed in here. people are coming in from all of the corners with random opinions. >> and take a big bite. >> oh, my gosh. >> you is have are to do the eyes wit. >> and let ees 's have a little ihoda fun. >> what's go-go. >> you noe know, that is the thing, i get a lot of people who say, why do you roll your eyes at hoda's music? because i like it. >> hoda, what did the grape say when he was 10?
11:41 am
>> nothing, he gave a little whine. >> and words of wisdom. >> okay, i will sing for you. >> everyday is a second chance. that's it. >> oh. >> i love you. >> oh. >> more! >> why do people watch us. believe it or not, the laughs are not over yet. >> a lot more fun right after this. after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it'
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we have been having a lot of fun strolling down memory lane looking back at the good times we have had in 2015. >> and we are silly around here, and sometimes we are funnien when we don't mean to be. >> you remember your first kiss.
11:45 am
i smacked him. long before "50 shades" i was doing it. >> and kathie lee in the closet? >> when kathie lee comes out of the closet, you are going to know it. >> have any of you ever relieved yourself in the pool or the ocean? >> have you? >> absolutely. >> ocean seems so vast. it seems like there are whales in there doing it. >> everybody else. >> the sharks. >> i'm the most embarrassed bathroom person. i can hardly use the public bathroom. look, if it is -- i am just not comfortable with sounds. >> look at what they have done. >> nestle comes out with new cookie flavors. >> and regis. >> nobody wants to see that. >> e whoa! >> i want to have what hoda is having.
11:46 am
>> so crazy! >> when we get down to the middle, we kiss. >> we kiss. >> does joy know you are doing this? i don't -- who cares. go. >> she is doing all of the work. >> oh. oh. >> oh, my god. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. oh, hoda is leaning in. >> time to do it. >> hey, i want one. get me a twizzler. over there. >> can i the tell you something?
11:47 am
>> and oh! oh, one of the legs fell off. of astroturf. >> a beaver. >> oh, my gosh. say it. every time we have had a beaver in here, it has reeked. >> it really has. >> i dont 't hear it. oh! >> and you have to warm them, and this s is the perfect dish for the job. oh, this is fantastic. i didn't think it was possible. >> and come here. come on. >> is it better when you are dancing? >> oh, yeah. >> that is the way you do it. >> so much fun. >> yes. >> wow. >> we want to give a big, big thank you to our producer vivian.
11:48 am
>> and yes, demarre and also jim murphy. >> and this is the last episode before you deliver the baby? >> yes, this is it. >> thank you, sweetheart. >> thank you for everything that you did. >> and come back soon, okay. don't take a year off. it is not necessary. >> all right. love you, honey. >> we have to go to commercial. >> we do? okay. we will be back in a moment. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc. winter is hard on your nose. from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed.
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it is so true what we say around here, we are truly family both in front of the camera and behind it. this year we lost an important part of our family, and so we want to look back and honor frank gifford, father, son, friend, football legend and a true truly special man. >> we are in the 29th year of marriage, and you know what you have to learn to do? that frank.
11:50 am
>> and these have have been recycled yet again. we are green around here. thank you, sweetheart. >> i'm going to get frank to do a calendar. >> he is smoking. >> he is smoking hot. >> i'd buy that cal en endar. >> and you better pray you look this good at 83. hi, sweetheart. i'm proud of you. >> you guys by now have heard the news about frank give fford who passed a away and kath, i don't know if you are watching, and you are probably not, but i miss you and i love you. >> this s is a man who was at complete peace at his life. he would want you all to know that when he was a little boy, they had nothing, but they had their faith, and every time they moved to a new town, his mother and father would go to church every week as a family. that kept them together as a family through the darkest, darkest times.
11:51 am
he never had an entitled moment in his life. we will miss him so much. i prayed that the lord would take him the way that he wanted to go, and so i thank the lord for that, and for his grace to us as a family. and i pray his grace on all of you as well, thank you. >> last night, kathie lee and frank gifford were both inducted into the hall of fame. >> i am truly the most blessed woman on the earth. i had 29 years of my incredible husband and i remember thinking when we were getting married, i said, lord, if you will just give me ten with that amazing man.
11:52 am
>> we are following three big breaking news stories. bill cosby formally charged with sexual assault after an alleged incident in philadelphia more than a decade ago. also breaking: investigators confirm that the remains found in the woods in upton are those of a missing man from avon kidnapped one year ago. >> the city's licensing board making an announcement about a popular bar outside fenway park. >> now that the winter weather has moved in, it doesn't want to move on out. we have had some slick spots out there. what does the beginning of the new year look like?
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