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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  December 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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right now police are asking people to notather in crowds and ordered to train stations to be cleared. this is happening in munich, germany. the clock is just about to strike midnight there and we'll monitor the story for you. >> adam: other breaking institute coming out of dubai where a massive fire is burning at a skyscraper hotel in the heart of the city. brandon gunnoe has details. >> reporter: the fire broke out before midnight in dubai when witnesses heard a pop and saw flames quickly cover the building. a massive fire broke out tonight at in downtown dubai as revellers waited for a planned fireworks celebration. in the united arab emirates most populace city. video shows flames engulfing a large section of the high-rise hotel. reports say the fire started on the 20th floor of this 63-floor structure. the dubai government media
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people had minor injuries. the hotel described itself as the premier five-star haute until dubai. it stands near the burge khalifa, the world's tallest high scaper. witnesses say the fire started around 9:30 p.m. >> you can see they're trying to get everybody out of the mall area. >> reporter: a reporter from l.a.who happened to be there on vacation shared video of himself and others being evacuated from the hotel. the fire did not stop the fireworks celebration in dubai as it went on despite the blaze. officials are saying that control. at the breaking news desk, brandon gunnoe, 7 news. >> elizabeth: in boston thousands of people will be packing into the city for first night necessaritive if is and police are keeping a close eye on all of the excitement. jennifer egan is live in
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>> reporter: liz, we've seen boston police out and about in the crowds. thousands of people are here now. lots of families and friends. the countdown is on right now. to 2016. in copley square, 2015 is not going out quietly. 2016 is just hours away. the old and the very young are here to celebrate. >> this is first new year, first christmas. >> reporter: watching over the thousands of people here boston police. there are extra pat romes, uniform and undercover officers. >> i feel safe. they got a lot of cop presence and police presence. >> reporter: boston's first night celebration has been scaled down from years past with most of the festivities here in copley square. >> at 7:00 we have fireworks on the common. and at midnight we have the copley countdown with pyrotech knicks.
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painting -- >> i got tigger. >> reporter: and ice sculpture. >> it's a combination of creating it with a computer and hand drawing. >> reporter: as 2015 draws to a close, the celebration here is just getting under way. >> 2016, yeah, it will be a good year. >> reporter: so if you were still thinking about come down here, you may want to consider taking the t. . it's free after 8:00. live in copley square, jennifer egan, 7 news. >> adam: all eyes on gillette stadium. ahead of the winter classic, the bruins gearing up for a face-off in foxboro. on the other side of the ice, the montreal canadiens, this is the latest chapter in the historic rivalry. >> elizabeth: boy, is the excitement growing from the headlines from the bruins to the fans. we begin with trey daerr live in foxboro with the very latest. >> reporter: next to the stanley cup finals there may be no bigger stage in hockey than the winter classic. it's the 8th time the
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game on new years day and it's one that brad marchand won't be taking part in. >> i want to acknowledge the situation that i've put my team in for being undisciplined. >> reporter: marchand apologizing for the three-game suspension that is going to cost him a chance to skate in 9 winter classic. >> it's something we all looking forward to but i respect the decision the league made but i'm going to live with it. >> reporter: so will the team mates. >> he is the guy in the room loved by edge and he is a big part of our team and, you know, one of those guys that makes a difference for us every single night. so it's tough losing him. >> reporter: there is a game to be played. one the bay state born bruins have been dreaming of for a while now. >> it's a great experience for me.
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are for the bruins, it's a surreal feeling. >> a lot of excitement to take in. i've been skating before as a big fan of the patriots and watched them win big games and hopefully we get to pray and get a win. >> reporter: it's the only thing that matters. >> one of the experiences that you cherish and remember, so, but at the end of the day it's the business as usual. >> reporter: the race to the top of the division very tight. one point separating the bruins and canadiens, they only play each other twice rest of the way. trey daerr, 7 news. >> elizabeth: bruins goalie senting a special message on his helmet for tomorrow's big game. tuukka rask paying tribute to the home team, the patriots. jonathan hall has more. >> reporter: rask says the design came from an equipment manager he signed off on it and thinked to get the approval of tom brady
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patriots who appear on it. goalie rask at practice this morning, rask with a new mask which pays tribute to the new england patriots. you can see tom brady's number 12 right there on the side. >> pretty happy with the result. it has been a secret for months now and now you have seen it. >> reporter: here is a closer look at this picture tweeted out by the bruins. one side shows quarterback tom brady ready to throw a bullet. on the other side you have gostkowski. >> we wanted to pay tribute to their success and some of their players and make the biggest part of the mask about the pats i guess with some bruins colors. >> reporter: the coach says 90% of the bruins are patriots fan and the kicker said the feeling is mutual. he is friendly with tuukka rask and other bruins. >> the bruins games are the best games go to. i've gone to numerous games, all their big play-off runs
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of the stanley cup games so there is no team i road for more than then. >> reporter: mike condon is a needham native and belmont hill grad. he will wear montreal colors on one side but a sketch of bill belichick on the back complete with the four super bowl trophies. >> i think we're just happy to be playing in this stadium where they won so many championships. and in front of the 70,000 fans, so it will be a great experience. >> reporter: tuukka says he normally likes to stick with the same mask. but he says this one is going to be a great souvenir from the winter classic. live in foxboro, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> adam: fans are pumped to see the bitter rivals take the ice. our coverage continues with gillette also. >> reporter: i can tell you we've soon an awful lot of montreal canadien fans. a lot of fans say that the
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often go to the opposing team's stadium in this case to watch the other team play. everyone is getting along so far. everyone wants to start the new year hoping for a big win. >> boston bruins, 2016, happy new year. >> reporter: bruins fans and habs fans alike ready to ring in the knew year having a rivalry that is almost a century old. >> the physical contact, respect between both teams, class act. >>ent history. montreal is where it comes from. and it's just a few hours away. and we don't like canadiens. >> reporter: gillette stadiums, patriots place is transformed in a winter wonderland crawling with hockey fans. even the pats proshop is filled with more tuukka than tom. what do you think of the atmosphere here? >> it's hot, it's on fire it's a lot of energy. >> reporter: today was the appetizer to friday's main course. both sets of fans hoping to
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>> just been a fun, fun evening. >> absolutely, tomorrow is going to be even better. >> reporter: should be a great atmosphere tomorrow. the teams have been playing since the 1920s they played each other more than 00 times, unfortunately for b.'s fans the canadiens hold the series by about 127 wins. the b.'s have a long way to go to tie up the overall series but it could start tomorrow. live in foxboro, tim caputo, 7 news. >> elizabeth: he is one of the bruins' biggest stars but patrice bergeron is opening up about his life off the ice. he introduces us to the newest addition to his family. alex has more. >> reporter: zhang bergeron, eight week old son of patrice making his first appearance for the winter classic family skate. i had a chance to sit down with patrice and talk to him about his life as a new dad. >> you are eating too much.
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>> reporter: the smile say it is all. patrice bergeron is a proud father. >> his first second he was born, it changes your life. something very special to be a part of. >> daddy loves you. >> reporter: he couldn't be happenner since he and his wife welcomed their baby zack in the world in october zack is the center of patrice's life. >> i think my parents told me probably 1,000 times growing up that you will see when you have a child of your own that how much we love them right away and how important they become your priority. >> you come back and he is bigger. >> reporter: despite a few nerves here and there. >> the few weeks it is a challenge. >> reporter: the first time parents are loving every minute of it. >> i think we're more settled and we're into a routine more. his sleep is a little better and everyone is doing well. so that is all that matters.
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you are so cute, buddy. >> reporter: now patrice says the game is also a huge family affair. his whole family is in town making this game even more special. live outside gillette stadium, alex corddry, 7 news. >> elizabeth: catch all the winter classic action. the puck drops at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. then stay tuned for complete post-game coverage. >> adam: still ahead here tonight a construction collapse, crews in somerville on the scene after a roof comes crashing down. why the building has special
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>> adam: a close call in somerville where a roof came crashing down this morning. the house was being renovated. >> elizabeth: the building was home to many memories. kimberly bookman has more on the collapse. >> reporter: the roof collapsed after firefighters say contractors left lumber on top of it for days. >> my father's broom factory. we used to live here, 60 years ago. and my father made brooms if here. >> reporter: jerry lives down the street but rushed over to see what happened to the property he so loved. >> i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: the building has a long history dating back to 1900. its current owner get permits to begin here when
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>> i heard this big crash noise and then about a second or two later another crash. notification. >> reporter: no one was inside at the time but the building did have an active natural gas line. firefighters say the initial 911 call was because someone smelled gas, when they got down here and saw how closely backed in they evacuated one nearby apartment. >> they took us one by one to make sure we took everything we needed for the day. >> reporter: then carefully and concisely a crew made its way into the tight space and took down the historic building. >> your memory, i shoveled this driveway i don't know how many times when i was a kid, and, yeah, you do get mixed feelings. >> reporter: firefighters say along with the lumber on the roof, they believe that the weather and the age of the building may have played a part in why it collapsed, kimberly bookman, 7 news.
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drone drama in little torn where authorities had to jump into a frozen pond to retrieve someone's pond. the owner fell into the water up to his knees. he did get out safely. >> reporter: partly cloudy
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>> reporter: well, here we are, end of the yellow brick road.
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plymouth at 41, partly cloudy skies. dry overnight tonight. and tomorrow morning if you are out and about. bit of a wind chill, but not bitterly cold. the ice sculptures will be fine. you should be fine with your hats, gloves and mittens and scarves through the night. numbers move from about 40 now up until midnight, middle 30s then after midnight through tomorrow morning the temperatures hang out in the mid 30s tomorow, 2016 mostly sunny skies. breezy, temperatures tomorrow between 39 and 44. playing hockey down at gillette. the habs against b.'s will feature partly sunny skies. temperatures for puck drop at 39. then elsewhere the numbers in the upper 30es a and low 40s saturday features partly to mostly sunny sky, temperatures on saturday near 40 degrees, you are going to do skiing, looking good. southern new england temperatures will be in the upper 30s, if you are heading up north temperatures up in northern
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and upper 30s with a bit of a breeze. but great for skiing the next several days and great for snow making as well. they had a tough december with a pattern like this. there are signs as we roll through the who will take weekend the -- holiday weekend the jet stream will collapse and grab bit earlily cold air and yank it down to new england with a bitter shot of air. it's not the start of a brand new pattern so that all of january looks bitterly cold but it's a return to more typical weather that you would find in the winter. december, remember, will be the warmest december with temperatures averaging 10 degrees above normal. i don't have that in the forecasts but there it is, sun and cloud saturday and sunday. monday the front with flurries maybe even a couple of snow showers on the cape and south shore. temperatures monday morning start near 30 then crash to the teens monday evening. tuesday there is no way to sugar coat it so i won't temperature temperatures
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tuesday in the middle 20's have fun tonight. be safe. >> announcer: now time for 7 sports with trey daerr. >> reporter: the bruins and canadiens have circled this weekend on their calendar since the league announced in july of the two long time arch rivals would be meeting in theth annual classic. the puck drop less than 24 hours away. both teams hittings the ice earlier today for their official winter classic practice doing their best to familiarize themselves with the new surroundings. friday's game is the first time the canadians will play in the show case event while the bruins are set to host the classic for the second time in the last six years. importat and circumstance aside the two teams are not forgetting what is at stake tomorrow afternoon. >> it's a really cool experience to be out there but everyone in the room knows these are a big two points.
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>> everyone has seen how tight our division is and every night we are a looking at score, you can go from first place out of a play-off spot with two points that is what we have to concentrate. two points. >> reporter: who brian who will not be playing is brad march shad. march shand owned up to his mistake. >> i want to apologize. and i truly am story to everyone about again the situation and it was not my intent to make a hit or try to injure someone in the play. it's very disappointing. it's something we're all looking forward to and, but, i respect the decision that the league has made and i'm going to live with it. >> reporter: gillette is the home of the winter classic but you have to be talking patriots here it's
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before putting their teams through practice today bill belichick and claude julyen enjoyed time on the ice this morning. >> i love claude. he is a great guy. you know, i think we probably have a lot in common just in the way we coach and look at the game and look at the team. >> i've admired him for a long time for how he handles the team, how he coaches and how prepared he s. we play different sports but there is a lot of things we can learn from each other and admire from each other and that is the one thing i have from bill is preparation. his preparation is second to none. >> reporter: bruins and canadiens great renewing their rival. how about ray bourque pottinged game winner in the 4th round given the black and cold a 5-4 win. that the appetizer got the
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the 2016 winter classic tomorrow 1:00 pm on 7 nbc. that's it for sports.
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