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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 31, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, new year's inferno a skyscraper hotel up in flames, raining down fiery debris, while one of the world's biggest fireworks show goes on as planned. terror plot foiled. a man accused of planning an isis-inspired new year's attack. he planned to murder innocents as they rang in 2016. lost in the flood. many families left with nothing as historic floods devastate the midwest, where in many areas the water is still rising. affluenza mom charged. her son fights to stay in mexico.
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investigation revealing a replacement for a medical device associated with dozens of deaths also has potentially fatal flaws. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. the pictures were alarming. a towering hotel in dubai engulfed in flames. debris raining down on the streets below. the fire broke out just a couple of hours before huge celebrations were planned to ring in the new year. despite the inferno, only minor injuries have been reported so far. at midnight, the city went on with a record-breaking fireworks display, creating a surreal scene. keir simmons has the dramatic pictures. >> reporter: flames 20
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the luxury building. >> six or seven minutes the entire side of the building was engulfed in flames. >> reporter: more than two hours, dubai's skyline lit up and not by its scheduled fireworks display. emergency responders racing to help. >> we saw quite a bit of firefighters making their way running top speed through the mall. >> reporter: inside there was pandemonium. at least 14 people were injured. outside, others fled. >> there was debris raining down from as high up as 24 floors up at least in that building. now you can see what they are trying to do is trying to get everybody out of the mall area. >> reporter: at midnight, dubai's world-famous fireworks went ahead to the disbelief of many. >> it's really surreal and bizarre. >> reporter: celebrations through the still-thick smoke dominating dubai's skyline. keir simmons, nbc
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back in the u.s., the fbi says it foiled a new year's eve terror plot inspired by isis. a man under arrest accused of planning to attack people as they celebrated in rochester, new york. now the city has celebration tonight. jonathan jonathan jonathan dean. >> reporter: the fbi says this is a man planning to carry out a new year's eve slaughter. after communicating with an isis fighter in syria. the criminal complaint details his alleged talks around christmas day with an isis supporter overseas. he wrote, he was ready to give up everything to fight with isis in syria. his handler answers, for now, do what you can over there. take as many as possible out just this week, according to the fbi, he went to this
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black ski masks, zip ties, two knives, a machete, ammonia duct tape and gloves. >> the timing of this arrest, illustrates the fact there are threats that are current and that counterterrorism agencies are dealing with at this very moment. >> reporter: the 25-year-old u.s. citizen has a criminal past, serving five years for robbery in state prison. >> this is a person who was a muslim, was in the state prison system, but then became radicalized through the internet, swore allegiance to isil. spoke over the internet with organizations. >> reporter: also has a history of mental illness and was dangerously close to carrying out the plot. streets. his manned grawer spoke to nbc by phone. >> my belief is that he was set up.
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doing this. ordered held on the terror-related counts. the fbi used confidential informants to track the suspect. new york's governor tonight says this plot was very much a real one. >> jonathan dienst, thank you. they evacuated two train stations in germany. in new york, security tight as a million people are expected to watch the ball drop. ron mott is there with all the safeguards in the country. >> reporter: with heightened concerns of terror threats, new year's eve security reached unprecedented place levels in some places like new york city. >> because of isis. capabilities in the city. >> reporter: an estimated 6,000 officers deployed from
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bomb-sniffing dogs. revelers screened. >> much more security, yes. feel much safer. >> reporter: elsewhere, similar vigilance. in pasadena, california, final preparations for tomorrow's rose parade. chicago's rising star countdown also under close watch. security camera s s. even today's bowl games are seeing beefed-up protections. overseas, a muted celebration in paris, no fireworks. nixed in brussels. belgian authorities announcing six arrests in an alleged plot on the capital. at home amid ever-present threat, a cautious approach to fun. >> i'm really excited. party. >> we'll have fun. you've got to also be aware of your surroundings and look out for anything unusual. >> reporter: new york city officials say they received no credible threats
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of course, they won't breathe a sigh of relief until and unless the night ends without any problems. >> we hope so. ron mott in times square, new york. in the midwest, this is going to be a stressful new year's for millions of people along the mississippi river and its tributaries in missouri, illinois and further south, as deadly flood waters continue to rise, putting thousands of homes in harm's way. while some rivers have crested, the threat is far from over as you're about to see from the water and from the air. miguel almaguer has our report. >> reporter: the mighty mississippi rary seen, 12 feet above flood sage, surging, cresting, the flow so high and powerful, it's threatening to top levees and swamp homes. the u.s. geological survey recording this historic rush as it threatens to burst bays. an artery of rivers, including three major ones. >> you get 6.2 million
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that's about ten times what niagara falls on a typical day flows over those falls. >> reporter: what makes this so dangerous is how many sections of the river it is threatening. communities are used to flood, but not for water this powerful moving this quickly. with 22 dead and four missing, tonight 30 minutes outside st. louis in arnold, missouri, they are taking stock of the damage. it's feared 150 homes are lost. >> carport's gone, deck's gone, a couple of cars. >> reporter: this family home is an island. they have no insurance. fresh, everything. >> reporter: with nine levees spilling over, the merrimack river crested today, shatter shattering 18 records. on the road, more than 100,000 stranded. sections of i-54 swamped and shut down.
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still rising. houses fortified their time. for now their wall is isn't receding. think you dodged a >> that gun is still pointed at me right now. i can't answer that question yet. >> reporter: tonight, the mississippi river behind me here in st. louis is cresting at this very hour. it will likely surge for several days and even after the water reseeds, the big question will be, can the levees and all the river banks hold for the next several days and weeks to come? kate? >> miguel almaguer, thank you. that texas teenager who used the so-called affluenza is facing charges. gutierrez. >> reporter: tonya couch, the mother of affluenza teen is charged with helping
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a judge setting bail at $1 million after she was deported from mexico, flying into los angeles overnight. ethan couch was rushed from this immigration facility to another one in mexico city. because his newly-retained mexican attorney filed paperwork to block his deportation. his future in the hands of a mexican judge. >> it's on their time schedule. we've seen these happen as quickly as two weeks up to two months. >> this gritty apartment is where the couches were arrested monday, following an international manhunt. they stayed at this hotel and this gun was room. the district attorney's office told looking into the report of the gun. it could affect deportation proceedings. couch had been on the run since earlier this month after he received ten years probation, no jail people driving drunk in 2014.
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outcry in my 35 years of law enforcement. >> reporter: tonya couch's attorney said while the public may not like what she did, tonya did not violate any law. tonya couch is expected back here in texas early next week as her son spends the start of the new year in mexican custody. gabe gutierrez, thank you. still ahead, nbc news uncovered a medical device associated with over 2 dozen deaths. now we learned a supposedly improved version has potentially fatal flaws of its own. incredible spectaculars from parts of the world where it's already 2016. did you know that meeting your daily protein needs actually helps to support your muscle health? boost high protein nutritional drink can help you get the protein you need. each serving has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle, plus 26 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones. boost high protein is the #1 selling high protein
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now a follow-up on an exclusive nbc news medication into a medical device designed to prevent blood clots from rochestering the heart and lungs, but was associated with at least 27 deaths. the company modified the device and a new version was supposed to solve its problems. as stephanie gosk reports, the new device had similar problems and is associated with at least a dozen more deaths. >> reporter: when chris' doctor told him five years ago he
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filter to help treat a genetic disorder, he didn't think twice. >> it's here to save your life so i said, okay, let's do it. >> reporter: the filter is a small wire trap inserted in the largest vein in the body to prevent deadly blood clots from traveling to the heart and lungs. more than a a quarter million are implanted every year without incident. it is made by g2 express. in october a routine check-up revealed something alarming. the filter wasn't where it was supposed to be. >> he said it is dangerously close to your heart. he had spoken to other surgeons and none would attempt to remove this. >> reporter: they turned to dr. william co. during this emergency surgery, he saw two already damaged filter legs break off.
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chris. >> it floated in front of our eyes literally. burst into the right atrium. >> reporter: he is lucky that didn't pierce his heart. >> right. >> reporter: he sees more complications with barr filters than any other brand and stopped using them all together. this is not the first tlim have been concerned about a bar filter. the g2 implanted in chris was supposed to be safer than the original version called the recovery. >> we turn to an nbc news investigation we've been working on for a year. >> reporter: an nbc news investigation earlier this year showed the company knew they had potentially fatal flaws. we uncovered confidential company documents that showed the recovery filter had higher rates of relative risk for death, filter fracture and movement than all of its competitors. according to the fda and company record, the recovery device is now associated with at least 27 deaths. instead of recalling
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recovery, they kept selling the filter until it could replace g2, which the company hopes would resolve its issues, but according to their own internal records, it didn't documents show the replacement g2 series filters had more reported problems than any of their competitors. in a confidential memo, one of bard's own vice president expressed concerns with problems with migration, tilting and perforation. is the g2 safe for patients? >> i think the data speaks for itself. the number of complications, the frequency of the failures makes it obvious that it was never safe to be implanted. >> reporter: he says both the g2s and its predecessor the recovery sud have been recalled. they were not. bard kept the g-2 on the market five years and sold 160,000. at least 12 deaths
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>> what we learned the hard way is that we can no longer rely on the medical device companies to do what's in the best interest of the patient. and we can no longer rely on the fda to properly regulate these devices. >> reporter: our first reports on bard filters prompted the chairman of the senate judiciary committee charles grassley to send this letter to the fda. asking in part, what action the fda takes when new information about an approved medical device comes known? >> fda's only got one responsibility. it's john q. public to protect the american public from safety and effectiveness. >> reporter: senator grassley told us the fda's response was incomplete. he had more questions as he decides what steps to take next. once again, bard declined our request for an on-camera interview, but told us while all medical devices carry some risk, its filters are an important clinical option for physicians,
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steadfastly believes in the safety and efficacy of these devices. >> we've got the bulk of that filter out. >> reporter: four days after chris' emergency surgery, he met with the doctor for a follow-up. >> this is a filter we removed. one of the broken arms is at the bottom of the jar. >> reporter: a patient grateful to be saved from a filter he thought was saving his life. you seem shaken to me. >> it's very difficult to think that you could have -- >> reporter: you caught it. >> luckily. >> reporter: the fda did not answer our question why bard's recovery and g2 filters were not recalled. the agency says it investigated the risks of all blood clot filters, not just bard's, and issued safety alerts.
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at one point, ben carson led the national polls in the republican race for president, but now after carson tumbled in the polls, a major rivet opened up in his campaign. despite stellar fund-raising numbers in the fourth quarter, our hallie jackson reports that several of those close to carson are jumping ship. >> reporter: a campaign in chaos. ben carson asking his top advisor not to resign. but campaign manager barry bennett had already made up his mind. >> i don't need to bang my head on the wall any more. >> reporter: describing low morale,
6:54 pm
infighting. >> i think we can still win iowa, but only if this internal rivet stops. >> reporter: his deputy campaign manager, constant disagreements between his aides and long-time friend armstrong williams. >> dissension is not bad as long as the candidate comes out better, more well prepared and ready for this battle that is ahead. >> reporter: carson calling this a new phase and necessary to invigorate his campaign with a strategy that more his vision and world view. after falling from first to fourth in the last couple of months. >> out of chaos, leadership rises. there is a new carson emerging and you and others will see it >> reporter: what's it going to look like? win the white house. >> reporter: other advisors are stepping. in the campaign trying to turn it around with time running out. >> i love dr. carson. i'm going to vote for him.
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>>. >> finally tonight, hopes and dreams for 2016 as the world turns a page on a year that some are ready to bid farewell. around the planet tonight, displays of optimism at a time when we could use a good helping of that. the fireworks and other celebrations began in australia and asia, including the simplicity of white balloons being released in tokyo. from the pyramids of egypt to red square in russia, a turning point expressed in many languages with a universal wish. in a still-recovering paris, a new year's display of resilience. the french president calling on people there to make 2016 a year of courage and hope, words that resonate far beyond france on this new year's eve. here at nbc, we will welcome the new year with our own toast. it all begins with hoda and kathie lee with a farewell to
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that's at 8:00/7:00 central time. get your glasses ready. that will do it for us on this new year's eve. i'm kate snow. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching. have a safe, wonderful


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