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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  January 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breaking overnight a car flipped on its roof after a dangerous crash. it's video on just one station, a fiery blast blowing away the chemicals at andover that sent four people to the a philadelphia police officer shot at multiple times when a suspect unleaches the attack. why the authority are looking at terrorism. good morning, it's 6:00 this saturday morning, thanks for wake being up with us, i'm kris anderson. i'm nancy chen.
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on today in new england. a little mist in the air. in some areas, it's going to be a damp and drear dreary day. you can see patches and even flurries out to the worcester hills. west of 495 is where we're the concern is where the temperatures are, 32 in worcester or just above it as you get into fitchburg. however, there's still the potential to see the icy spots on the untreated roads. possibly bridges and overpasses so keep that in mind. here is a look at the wet weather that moves through today. it looks like more of a drizzly damp day, but through sunday, gathering the moisture from the gulf of mexico and bringing in the rain for tomorrow. we're talking heavy rain, a wind-driven rain, 1 to 1.5 inches for most areas, and gusty near southeasterly winds. this is rain not snow.
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line of this, and give you details. a car in mauldin flipping over after a crash involving two cars, it appears the car suffered a lot of damage, the front bumper was removed. you can see right there, no word this morning yet on the driver's condition or how many passengers were in that car. police are still investigating what caused the accident. right now boston police officer is recovering in the hospital after he was shot in the leg friday morning. it happened in dorchester. other officers were able to quickly find the accused shooter and take him into custody after this dangerous encounter. tim caputo starts the team coverage with the latest. >> reporter: a boston police officer radioing for help after being shot in the leg. >> i am at 43, it's shot. >> reporter: boston police say after 10:00 a.m., the officers with the drug unit pulled over a drug suspect and he came out firing. >> as soon as he came out, he started to shoot before the
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unprovoked, again, when they don't even have weapons out, from what i understand he was shot. >> all units shots fired. a black male wearing a black jacket and black hoody. >> why is the guy unaring through the yard. >> reporter: police say the man who opened fire was heedly what was paroled less than a year ago. the injured officer took quick action trying to stop the bleeding. boston police officers now carry turn kits and he tried to put it on himself. >> he tried to put it on himself, but a officer who was nearby heard the call, he tied is up, and helped him, that was fortunate. >> reporter: the officer was rushed to boston medical center, and we are told the injury is
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>> plane clooghts officers outplainclothes officers out there. >> reporter: where parents came to get their kids after hearing about the shooting. >> scared, as any parent would feel in a situation like this. >> reporter: a few blocks a kay, officers caught up with headily and arrested him. the mayor went to check on the officer and praised the result. officer, and warned anybody who is considering targeting boston police. >> we are not going to tolerate anyone going after the boston police department. their job is to protect the community and protect the neighborhoods. that is what any do every single day, day in and day out. >> reporter: tim caputo. they described the man who pulled the trigger as a common criminal, he has been in and out of prison for years and has quite a lengthy list. we have more on the suspect's trouble with the law.
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brent headily, is just one of a long criminal past. even after being a us couped of shooting a police officer, he already spent a third of his life in trouble with the law. you got to live your life, i can only try to guide him in the right direction. he doesn't know how he lost control of his son. in the last ten years he has been in and out of jail for a number of weapon charges, assault is battery with dangerous weapon, as well as drug charges. >> it affects your family, not just his life, our life, too. >> reporter: now out of prison for nip months, headily is behind bars, his father shot, saddened and angry, and he wants to tell the officer he is sorry. >> my family simply feels for the officer and his family. we hope that every.
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news today in new england. now the video you will see on just one station, chemicals that cause a dangerous explosion in andover ploan blown away, the bomb a day. we have more on the controlled blast. >> reporter: out with a bang. sky 7 the only one to capture the bomb squad blowing up the remaining try methal alum minutenal from aluminumfrom the dow company. it was blown after it exploded in a lab here. >> we had an explosion. we evacuated the building and we have people down. we are not sure how badly they are hurt and we need ambulance. >> reporter: this is the 9-11 call that alerted, investigate rs, thro were four men in the
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ball size container of the chemical when it blew up. >> this is a process when it went wrong, it violently went wrong. >> reporter: all four people remember taken to the hospital, where the chemical was washed off their bodies before entering the building. three of the men were airlifted to boston for more intensive trauma care. with the emcan chemical destroyed, they investigated the chemical before giving back the key to dow chemical. they know what happened, but they don't know why. kimberly bookman, 7 news today england. road rage incident, turning violent. roman facing the judge accused of stabbing another driver. he and the other driver got into an argument. investigators believe that the
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that is when roman stabbed another man 5 or six times. roman took off, and police eventually found him nearby. >> an altercation ensued, and a 30-year-old man from randolph was stabbed multiple times in the torso area and throughout the body. the suspect fled the scene. the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. roman faces several charges including assault with a dangerous weapon. class is canceled at a school yesterday after dozens of students got sick with a stomach bug. disinfect disinfect nor owe elementary. it started on tuesday when a student arrived for class and didn't feel well. >> on tuesday morning, there were reports of students with buckets running down the halls throwing up.
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it's sad to see kids get sick. >> crews will be cleaning the school all weekend. the superintendent expects student will be back in class on monday. also this morning, chilling moments caught on camera after a philadelphia pleasers is police officer is ambushed. a gunman wearing a robe, opening fire on this officer. the 33-year-old officer jesse was hit three times in the arm. he was able to follow and return fire as the gunman ran away and kept shooting, he is has confessed to carrying out this act in the name of islam. according to him, he believes that the police defends laws that are contrary to teachings of the koran. according to the police the suspect says that the shooting was inspired by islam. he also pledged his allegiance to isis.
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any possible ties to the terrorist. ted truz defending himself after donald trump questioned his eligibility after being born in canada. they asked him about his eligibility during an event in iowa. he responded that his mother's u.s. citizenship automatically makes him a u.s. citizen at birth. >> i have never breathed a breath on this planet without being naturalized. it was the process of being born that made me a citizen. >> reporter: cruz is on a bus tour of 28 counties in iowa. today. are you feeling lucky, because it could payoff. powerball jackpot keeps growing drawing. we already have one to get. we're going to go right after the show, right, nancy and kris, we have to talk about a drizzly rain day, and high wind watch
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let get more than one ticket. we are inviting you to be our guests this morning as our heads back to stage at beauty and the
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ha pa i' th li of ne ha li an we
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ma li $2 le ge qu is wh li at welcome back. 6:13 on this saturday as we take a live look outside. still pretty dark out there. i know we have been in if phase
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winter and cold outside, but i'm still not used to so dark late in the day. >> you are shedding some light on that subject first this morning. >> it's been a while. i've been up the first time in the morning and i believe we can start telling them. >> i have to prepare myself to work with kris but i love it. you got to love it. we do gain about 15 minutes of daylight as we head through the month of january. good news there. boy, a sunday soaker tomorrow, and the cold returns next week. it's impressive the temperatures as we head into tomorrow. more of a spring-like forecast than a winter one. nevertheless, snow flakes that are falling through the worcester hills this morning. temperatures are marginal for that, so this is really light stuff. we're talking flurries not even flakes, and possibly areas of freezing rain, and freezing drizzle. something to be aware of if you are heading out early this morning. current temperatures over the
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and 33 in wayland, and there's spots that you are just near 32 or just barely above it. worcester is at 32 right now. sterling at 32, as well and take it down to southeastern mass, upper 30s close to 40 degrees currently. we stay with the clouds all day long. and it's sort of damp and drizzly all day as well. 48-36 at noon, above average and the wind will not be cranking today. this is sort of our baby system or remnant of another system that is going to push through for that damp and drizzly day. it's really this system that we're in for tomorrow. it's currently trying to get itself together and gathering that moisture from the gulf of mexico, and look at what happens, as we head through the time line. today the spot of drizzle. clouds sticking around with us, this pushes in. by tomorrow morning we're seeing scattered showers, and then that becomes more widespread, and wind, heavy, soaking rain, as we
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5:00 p.m., can't rule out rumbles of thunder and even strong winds of wind. how much rain are we in for, generally speaking 1, 1 1/2 inches and we can't rule out some areas that do see closer to two, because of the rumbles, and you can see activity and dumping of rain, high wind watch that is this in effect for the coastal areas, for gusts that are generally between 20, 30 miles per hour, but we could see gusts between 40, 50, and even plus, 7ly a noting although the especially along the coastline. and 36-31. and the temperatures don't budge a whole lot. tomorrow, 50 to 56, we will be near those records, record breakers, maybe, maybe some ties as we head out to the slopes. today is your day, tomorrow not so much. again, with the wet weather. here is the wet weather on the mild side of things, but then the cold pushing had in for things, it's more seasonal for monday.
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week for the cold to lock in. we will be watching for wintery weather next week. we will see you in a few minutes. a lot of people with eyes on the powerball with no winner yet. the jackpot is soaring. the ticket sale frenzy pushing the prize past the 800 million mark. it's going to be the largest jackpot, so what if nobody hit the lucky numbers on saturday night. wednesday's jackpot is going to sore to over a billion, yes, billion with a b, dollars. regardless of who wins tonight, there's one lucky local woman from lynn. she just claimed her second 1 million prize in seven months. second, she plans to put the winnings toward her recent retirement. should we do it? should we do an office pool? >> i will hold the ticket, give me your money, i will be in charge the ticket. i will let you know if we win.
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we will have on sign a contract. >> we are do that. good luck, everybody. we have an inside look at the clinton white house. newly released transcript from clinton's calls shedding light of his time in the office. we will take you behind the scenes of a show stopping in
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a tale as old as time casting a spell over boston this week. with thenal tour beauty and the beast has arrived at the opera house, before the curtains went up, sarah french got a behind the scenes look. >>it's a spellbinding story with enchanted household objects, a beast and a girl named belle. and this week that story is coming to live right here in boston. the national tour of beauty and the beast is at the boston opera house for a five-day run. it's a homecoming for braintree native and boston university grad stephanie gray who plays mrs. pots. >> it must be so incredible to perform on the stage. >> and the whole opening night and the day being here was one of the best days of my life. >> reporter: she invited us to be her guest for a look behind the scenes.
6:22 am
comfortable? comfortable. position. >> i hold it like this. >> reporter: dut your arm get tired. >> yes, but i have specific exercises that i do to keep my arm in shape and then the . >> reporter: there's one costume i couldn't wait to see. >> when i was little i went to a beauty and the beast party and my mom dressed me up at the mirror. >> reporter: the show's costume are was a little more elaborate than mine. mrs. pots and belle live in the enchanted house together, but the bond doesn't stop on stage, the actresses are roommate themselves. >> i got lucky to live with princess belle herself. >> reporter: before the tour was over, i had one more person to meet. so we are with gaston and crew. >> hello.
6:23 am
behind the muscle, christian and his fellow cast members taught me a couple of steps from the show. i did my best to keep up with christian. >> 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. >> heck, yeah. >> reporter: obviously, i had so much fun, and stephanie isn't the only member of the cast with local ties. christian studied at the university and the actor who plays gaston sidekick attended harvard. beauty and the best will be you here through sunday. it's amazing. performance. it's amazing all the things that happen behind the scenes. it must be to exhausting to hold your arm the whole time. i wonder what kind of exercises
6:24 am
pretty attractive. >> beauty ask the beast like snus. as the final preparations are underway ahead of tomorrow's night, the golden globes. >> exciting times, patriots not on the field. getting healed up, but one star is getting a huge hon roar. >> reporter: honor. one of the world's most
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wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away.
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topping today's buzz getting set for the 72 annual golden globes. the. >> the third hour ceremony will take place at the beverly hilton in hollywood. ricky jer jer vaiz is going to host the show. the broadcast airs live starting at 7:00 here on nbc. >> sad they couldn't find an edgier host. and star wars flick hits theaters in china today. the film has made a billion 1/2 dollars worldwide. its barometer the highest grossing film of all time in the united states, and canada, and market. >> a lot of money to be made there. and ahead, a new look at behind historic calls. what bill clinton had to say to another high-profile world leader.
6:27 am
along with near-record high temperatures. we're talking a lot of rain and no snow, but we will get to all of that in the forecast. a nanny facing some tough questions this morning, after police say she was drunk on the job.
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on the job, problems for a local nanny after police say she was drunk at work. he escaped from a president
6:30 am
now the mexican drug lord known as el chapo is back in custody. what bill clinton said about controversial topics both here at home and overseas. it is saturday, january 9th, thank you for making us a part of our morning. i'm kris anderson. i'm nancy chen. i'm still trying to find that hover board you brought to the newsroom. it's in the newsroom. >> i saw them constantly, i'm not going to try out kris' hover board. >> and as someone who thinks i'm going to win the lottery tonight, i need to stay away from the hover boards because i'm very superstition. and we looking at freezing drizzle in some spots. the temperatures quite marginal. we have seen areas that have seen light snow falling. 32 right now but fitchburg
6:31 am
there's just some spots, untreated roads, i'm a little concerned about early this morning, and also bridges and overpasses so take it easy if you are headed out on the road this mornings. hills. we keep the patchy drizzle, here is the remnant of another system but here is what is in store. this is going to bring heavy rain, high wind in effect for us tomorrow, with gust over 20 miles per hour possible and how much rain are we in for between an inch and an inch and a half in most locations and we will run into time. today's top stories a police officer shot in dorchester brought to the hospital. the man was shot by a man who had a long criminal history. officered pulls this drug known suspect driving on a suspended license.
6:32 am
and police say the wounded officer is expected to be okay. a bomb squad detonating the remaining amount of a dangerous substance at the dow chemical plant in andover on friday. this happened 24 hours after the chemical blue up in one of the labs. four people suffered wound in that explosion. officials are still investigating the incident. bad baby-sitter arrested in salem. police say she was so drunk that she couldn't even open the front door when the officers arrived. we have more from salem on what crews had to use to get inside. >> reporter: she was so drunk while taking care of a baby, she couldn't even open the door. >> oh, gosh! terrible. >> reporter: it happened wednesday evening in salem, a mother came home from work around 6:00 and could hear her four-month-old baby crying inside. according to the police report, the nanny was too drunk to work the dead bolt.
6:33 am
a minute. the police kicked the door inside, could hear the nanny mumbling inside. the baby was not hurt, but she was extremely intoxicated and could have dropped the baby or worse, and it was only a common dead bolt that needed to be turned. >> i didn't know she started drinking again to tell you the truth. >> she used to have a problem with drinking. >> she used to at one time. she got rehabbed and she was fine. every time i see her i waive to her and she waves back. >> reporter: brandon gunnoe, 7 news today in new england. following more news today, hard hit for players. professional female hockey team, 9 a lang suffered a serious spinal injury in last friday's outdoor women's classic at gillette stadium. lang has limited movement of her arms and no feeling in her legs. doctors are keeping a close eye
6:34 am
both the nfl and the national hockey league have expressed their support for lang and her family. to a developing story, a chaotic capture in mexico, a frantic shootout before police find the drug lord el chaop, and he escaped prison and now u.s. drug agents want to make sure he cannot get out again. >> reporter: the six month manhunt came to an end and fugitive drug kingpin in handcuffs and a filthy t-shirt after he was arrested in a drug raid. he he was arrested in the town of loss moches after a tip that he and others were hiding there. chapo was captured reported with no injuries. his arrest drew high praise from
6:35 am
was highly protected on the run. >> chapo enjoys high protection from the population in sinaloa. >> it was a major embarrassment for the american government which worked with the u.s. to catch him. >> it was the most important thing that the government could do in order to safe face with the rest of the world. >> reporter: the big face is now what happens to el chapo. will the mexicans try to hold him or will they honor the american request to extradite him to the u.s. where he is wanted in a half dozen cities and where it's widely believed he could not escape again. kim casey, 7 news today in new england. 37 people have been detained in connection with his latest escape, including his brother-in-law. the mother of a fugitive teenager known for using an a influenza defense in a drunk driving case appeared in court on friday.
6:36 am
the apprehension of a felon. she held her sony son, ethan to run to mexico. at the time they were investigating whether he had violated his probation for killing four people in a crash. five people were inside of this truck when it happened. highway patrol officers used bulldozers and shovels to clear almost 32,000-pound of shoes from the road. there were no serious injuries. heartbreaking. >> i'm a little sad for them, yes. new details this morning. blue bell ice cream facing another problem with listeria. that bacteria was found in one of its production plants. however, blue bell says that no listeria has been found in any of its product. blue bell recalled its entire product line after listeria was found on ice cream containers. the company is still under federal investigation for the handling of that contamination.
6:37 am
giving the public an inside look at the bill clinton's office. they released transcripts of conversations with prime minister tony blair. these conversations were released after a freedom of request, covering controversial topics both at home and overseas. we have more. bill clinton on the campaign as we learn about his chats with prime minister tony blair, his closest ally. >> reporter: still denying his relationship with monica lewinsky, showing his ability to compartmental ice. after i get all of this crap behind me, i would like to talk to you about this, about what was censored by the government. >> this is someone who was dealing with an enormous domestic struggle at the same time as he is dealing with the dangers of war on at least two continent.
6:38 am
saddam rejects peace. >> reporter: i just want the chemical and biological program going forward. if i were constrained by the press, i would pick up the phone and pick up the phone and call the son of a blank. al gore only pretending to be a moderate. i have to unveil the that bush is the new -- as for hillary when she runs for the senate, her husband tells blair she is starting to sound like a real politician. i'm beginning to sound like a meandering old man, a man with a less aggie, because legacy because she is running for president. clinton offered to baby-sit of blair's son. they chatted from everything
6:39 am
diana to the pink panther movies. as a world leader there's few people who understand what you're going through. >> have friend to can relate to and understand it. want to own some tom brady memorabilia? how about his boxers? how you can own a piece of the qb's attire that made his appearance in a hollywood movie. a t-shirt, too. i know there's light of people training for the marathon. maybe threat why you are up early with us. today is the day for a long run outside. tomorrow wet, and windy. even though brie is business' tracking the weather, she is going to take a minute to show us what is cooking. we will take you to a local spot
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good morning, everybody, 40 degrees in the city of boston right now. light wind coming off of the water, actually kept our temperatures in areas fairly mild overnight. just drizzle throughout the day today, for you inside of 495, you can see some areas getting light snow falling where it has been pretty consistently for the last few hours. a coating of some of the driveways and untreated surfaces. worcester back in the worcester hills as well. still the potential foreseeing some slick spots on the roads or not even seeing them, but experiencing them. so please take it easy if you're out on the roads this early in the morning.
6:43 am
worcester 32 degrees, outside in the surrounding burbs as well, everything or just barely above it. brings and bridges and overpasses those are the first freeze. we get some patchy drizzle. where we get the soaker is this system right there. that is going to bring in quite a bit of rain for us tomorrow. it's wind swept rain. maybe some training you got to do outside, perhaps, heading up to the sloappedz, today slopes, today is the day to do it. we are talking about the drizzle, and tomorrow is going to be a different story. you can see the spots of drizzle, the rain doesn't get going until tomorrow morning, but that is even patchy showers that it takes until the afternoon for the fire hose to turn on, and boy, does it in some spots. we're talking localized heavy downpours.
6:44 am
rum bz of thunder, you get the convective activity as well as the bucket of water that dump from one location to another. an inch, inch and a half but we can't rule localized amount that are 2 plus. high wind effect, for wind that will be sustained 20 to 30 miles per hour, but gusts up to 50 plus, could be expected for minor power outages. that is how strong the wind will be, especially for the coastal areas, southeast of mass, the cape and the island as well. unareing through the wind time line, coming out of the southeast. between 3:00 and 7:00, that is when we're in for the strongest winds. we're in for rain, i mentioned this before, look at how mild the temperatures are, near record high for us, 55 for boston, 53 which would tie the record from 1939. mild temperatures along with this system, threat why it's not a snow event. as we head into next week, it does look like we get the colder temperatures, don't let that
6:45 am
looks like stuff that we see tuesday late in the evening and maybe into early wednesday morning, but shouldn't be amounting to much. just get ready for the cold for the end of the week. see you in a bit. brie, thank you so much. collectors you may have a tom brady's jersey, but how many of you have tom brady's boxer shorts. maybe not a lot. tom brady does. he wore the t-shirt boxer combo in bed in the movie tattoo. there's the difference between being a fan and an extreme fan. now brady's private collection actually. we have more on how much cash them. >> reporter: when tom brady made a cameo in the movie ted 2. he was, well, in his scibbies, and now this arm many t-shirt,
6:46 am
>> what would you guess, and i a few hundreds, i would say $1,000. >> reporter: not even close `the starting bid is $2,500. >> wow! >> reporter: that's a lot of money and alice a thinks the guys out there would be willing to pay the most. >> they love tom brady. all of our guy friends, more than us. >> reporter: but these gentlemen are concerned about brady himself. >> i was would be creeped out if i was tom brady. >> i guess i would hang them up. you could give it as a gift. >> reporter: it says something about the love of tom brady and the city of boston. >> that is why i love boss not to. is there's people out there that would pay it. >> reporter: 7 news today in new england. >> are they washed at least. >> $2,500, gis sell is going to start selling all of his stuff, right? the bruins going for a historic win, but could they get the job done. ron bronkowski is starring
6:47 am
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the bruins finally earning the last 6 of the 13. kicking off their five-day road trip in style. last night david back in the ice with the bruins since the first time since fracturing his foot. but it's another young guy getting in on the action. he slams on the rebound, and the bruins take a 1-0 lead. it's 2-1 in the second on the powerplay. jimmy aiz tips it in, a big goal, he takes a 3-1 lead. collin miller might be harder. check this out, a wicked, past corey snyder. bruins with a much-needed 4-11 win. they're 6,000 in franchise history. still winning award, ron gronkowski has been named to the all-pro. he tied the season with 76 catches. leading the patriots in all three categories.
6:50 am
grone kows key, and the all time converted 33 of 36 field goals, and was perfect in extra point. leading in the team for the second time in his ten year career. chiefs and texans at 4:30, followed by steelers and bengals at 4:15. that is a look at sport. have a great day. coming up next, brie egg getter is eggertis going to take us into the wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies.
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everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away.
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ever new england. eversource. it is time for what is cooking. we're taking you to a spot that is putting a sweet spot on a pasta dish. >> we are going to cook up macaroni with an apple glaze. >> reporter: if you thought traditional new england cuisine is beans and chowder, we want you to to think again. >> people think of it heavy or bland, very sweet, and it actually is very bright and herbtious. >> reporter: he is bringing the 70s, the 1770s including handmade macaroni. >> how -- what do we need. >> first dough.
6:54 am
gluten free. >> reporter: once it's bean neated neated kneaded take a small chunk. cut up the long noodles and now start cooking. just drop the pieces into a pot of boiling water, and cook for 15 minutes. take out, and add oil and fridge fridge rate. >> reporter: what is cool. >> we're going to start. >> reporter: after the pan is hot, add in the cooked in pasta. >> stuck a noodle in his pot and called it macaroni. i usually sing when i cook. >> okay, we have an open kitchen, so i don't. just a little bit of butter. >> reporter: saute to add color, add some vinegar to deglaze. >> i'm going to pull it off the heat so it doesn't brown too much. >> reporter: for the last part of the dish, drop in some
6:55 am
>> we're pretty much there, my sauce was reduced a little bit. >> reporter: add a little extra flavor and a pop of color with fresh herbs. >> this is parsley, and terra gob. >> reporter: tarragon. >> reporter: who says that the new england cuisine can't be save re ory. >> i'm curious, do you sing a certain set of songs that you sing while you're in the kitchen. >> whatever inspires me. sometimes i dance and also sing. wind swept rain for us and mild temperatures, the cold sets in next week. now i'm hungry. that is going to do it for us for now. thanks for waking up with us.
6:56 am
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