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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  January 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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to gin later this year. the entire project expected to been completed in 7 to ten years years. in boston, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: a school in methuen is closed today after a virus caused a number of students and teachers to be out sick. school officials say a stomach virus at tinomy grammar school led to an usually high null of abseasons yesterday of a cleaning crew will spend today in the rest of the weekend dis disinspect nexting the grammar school. parents say the virus has left them on edge. everybody is kind of a little shocked. a little unnerved. i hope my kids don't get sick. there is a little bit of everything going around. >> anchor: officials say they expect the school to be ready to reopen on tuesday. >> anchor: we are following more news here today, contamination concerns in flint, michigan propertying the state's governor to request a federal emergency. meanwhile michigan's attorney general has announced he will lead an investigation into the toxic drinking water there.
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door to door in initial ban sometimes on shred. this after it was discovered the water supply was contaminated with lead . it's three generation those poisoned. three. >> anchor: the problem began in 2014 when in order to save money it stopped getting water from detroit and began sourcing it from the much saltier flip river river. they believe the salt corroded lead pipes that supply the city city's water putting nearly everyone in risk for lead poisoning which can cause brain damage. doctors found lead level in children doubled or triold since the water switch . i can't do nothing about it but continue to buy bottle of water with money that i do not have . >> anchor: now michigan's attorney general is investigat investigating. the white house said the justice department and environmental protection agency are also taking a closer look at this. as the federal government considers the state's request for emergency assistance . it's a request that we'll continue expeditiously . >> anchor: while the michigan national guard, united auto workers union have been difference stricting much needed bottled water the county sheriff said it won't be enough .
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a problem that requires a surgical procedure . >> anchor: he says the city needs money to replace lead water pipes, provide critical medical care to children who have been exposed to lead and find out whether contamination is to blame for spike in cases of another health problem, legionnaire's disease . 87 people have been diagnosed since the water source was switched. ten have died . >> anchor: in the wake of the criticism over the state's handling of that situation, the head of michigan's department of environmental quality and his spokesman have both resigned . >> anchor: a virus in some latin american countries is spreading concern here in the u.s. especially for pregnant women. travel warnings to places like brazil and the caribbean are being put into place because of the zika virus. e% think it's being sped by mosquitoes. health officials say at least 3,500 babies in brazil have suffered birth defects because of the virus. right now a vaccine is in the works. meanwhile, sierraly i don't know reported a death from the ebola virus. a major setback just hours before the death a world health
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was over in west africa. health officials are tracking anyone who may have had can't with that patient. there were no reported cases in the country in the past six weeks. >> anchor: also on 7, officials releasing video of yet another deadly police shooting in chicago. cameras captured the time moments before officers shot and killed the black teen-ager suspected of carjacking. running away from officers at the time of the shooting it. happened three years ago but a be released. now today a group of protestors gathered outside city hall in chicago during the city's annual martin luther king junior breakfast. pastors did in the attend this year. they say the mayor had a role in covering up another police shoot not guilty city where a black teen-ager was shot 16 times. the mayor denies allegations and said federal officials will be looking into the newly released video . at that point, the federal off investigation, the u.s. attorney and state's attorney are looking into it and thanks where it should be so they can get to the bottom of it .
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shooting three years ago have . a county judge refusing to meet with armed protestors involved in the organ occupation of a federal wildlife refuge. the judge said he doesn't think it's safe. they did not sit well though with the protest leader whose group has occupied the wildlife refuge for nearly two weeks to protest federal land policies. the judge is now arbitrarily blocking the people about this. he has taken the position as a dictator claiming that he owns the buildings and not the people of the county. >> anchor: bundy and other occupiers publicly denounce what they called government overreach when it comes to federal lands. >> anchor: a dispatch distraction is causing controversy in florida. investigators say a 911 emergency call went unanswered while an operate was on duty there the caller said he couldn't believe the reason why. 7's brendan buyer has the story from fort lauderdale . he dropped to the floor.
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>> anchor: it's clear sight optician's two months ago a patient has a seizure in the exam room. the staff immediately calls 911. s first they called from their office with no answer. i called from my cell phone of the again mo answer. other people in the store tried calling and nobody picked up . >> reporter: jared said they let the phone ring what felt like several minutes and no one answered. after an american investigation by the broward sheriff's office we now know why. one of the call takers was on an 8 minute personal call ordering lunch. what can i get for you? let me have one slice of cheese pizza. let me have a lunch special for the pizza lunch special for two cheese pizzas and a coke. let me have the lunch special two pepper owny and a coke . >> reporter: the office say the call taker admitted her mistake and was issued a written reprimand. as for the patient in this offic officky came to . fortunately the man is okay okay.
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he was having a seizure and came back so he is okay now . >> reporter: as far as jared and his family owned business are concerned, it's a scare they alone . yeah, if i call 911 someone should pick up that phone. . office released this statement. they say when we were mid made aware of the complaint immediate action was taken and internal affairs investigation was conducted and determined the employee did violate agency policy. as a result, she was disciplined disciplined. in fort lauderdale, brandon bye, 7 news three members of a gang convicted in connection with a jewelry heist in england. prosecutors say these men who are between ages of 148 and 60 broke into a safe and stole more than $20 million worth of jewelry last year. four other men already plead guilty for their involvement in the robbery. most of jewels still have not been recovered. law enforcement officials say it was only a matter of time before the thieves were caught . they committed the perfect crime. but what happened afterwards was
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mind you they were very much analog criminals operating in a digital world. >> anchor: the thieves will be sentenced in march. >> anchor: a group of school children sending a special message to an nfl player who missed a critical kick in last week's wild-card game. heart sinking moment right there blair walsh missed a 27 yard field goal with less then a minute to go giving the seattle sea hawks the win and ending the vikings season. the first grade students didn't blame minnesota wrote home in hopes of offering some encourage encouragement. yesterday the viking kicker visited their classroom, signed autographs and took plenty of pictures with the kids and thank thanked them for their support. thank you from the bottom of my heart. that cheered me up a lot and the fact that you guys would do that for me, somebody you never met and somebody you don't know, that's huge. it can help in certain times like these. >> anchor: walsh said the kids
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life this week so he wanted to return that favor, show up at the school, maybe brighten their day a little bit in return. isn't it so sweet to see how children can turn around our day day? nice distraction for him to go there and talk about other things probably a little bit and smile and love a little bit . >> anchor: we all have a bad day . so true . >> anchor: still ahead a hole holeless couple planning the wedding of their dreams all thanks to one woman's act of kindness . then at 0 clock we're following breaking news of more then a half dozen schools responding to threats today. an investigation now under way. and in west boylston parents outraged after what's being called improper behavior. details that got a teacher in
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>> anchor: homeless couple getting ready say i do thanks to a stranger's labor of love the couple wanted to get married but couldn't afford the $93 marriage filing fee . >> anchor: that's sad but soon after their wedding the wish was posted on a florida newspaper of they got an offer they couldn't believe. this is rocky and every lynn, the homeless couple is getting an experience of a lifetime. their dream wedding. today the dream begins with rocky and every lynn touring the
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creek ranch and all inclusive wedding venue in florida the couple overwhelmed with joy . i want that, it's so pretty. today they choose the flowers they want. they tasted the food they will eat and of course picked out the cake. i believe it's possible for anybody . bonnie and her husband own owned cross creek when she saw rocky and every lynn's story she was moved to volunteer to help . it's been a place my heart has really, i am very moved by that and i want to make a difference . the reason it has a place in her heart is because bonnie has been exactly where rocky and every lynn are now . about 30 years ago i found myself in a situation where as a bad choice in relationship and i end up living in the back of a pakistanup truck. only a couple weeks but i ended up going to a local hotel to ask them if i could take a shower this. charge me $3. i was so grateful. >> reporter: she wants to pay it forward believing her donation will change two lives and maybe more . give them hope.
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i think everybody deserves to i have great life . >> anchor: that couple had been homeless for three years before a police officer helped them fine a home and helped them get that money they needed for the marriage license. >> anchor: coming up bri eggers shows us how to spice up a delicious omelette in today's what's cooking. hint, it has to do with the cheese . . >> reporter: has to do with cheese and eggs of course. she will have the forecast next. we have talk about mostly wet weather but also wintery weather weather for some spots as well. >> anchor: at 6:00 the patriots looking to dodge distraction as they take on the kansas city chiefs. but will injuries still be a
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care
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will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders
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>> anchor: withouting biting wind today things felt a little bit better temperatures very typical for this time of year. mid to upper 30's for our highs
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there because of the clouds that are thickening and we will drop back in temperature a few degrees through the next few hours, which makes some of this storm system moving in a bit of a concern for us. running through time line i will slain that. winter weather advisory that does go into effect at 11:00 p.m. through noon tomorrow for areas of wet, slushy snow that accumulates and also for the potential for free freezing rain points north and west of 495 through the late hours of tonight. the reason why that happens is because you see a lot of green on this map but look at the temperature. filmburg at 31. 32 worcester and just above freezing in bedford. this is at midnight or shortly after. that is when you can get rain falling because it's warm upstairs and then the rain actually freezes upon contact, hence freezing rain, that can cause for some patchy ice out on the untreated surfaces, sidewalks and driveways. new as we move in to the heavier rainfall which arrives between 5:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. it's a whole lot of wet weather that is a quote lot of water that is
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one oh two inches of rainfall for southeast mass and along the south coast but this is the cold air that's trying to push in behind this system as it departs and strengthens and as that happens, while our terms are above freezing you get colder air upstairs and that's what could give us that wet snowfall that accumulates in some of those spots. so for freezing rain, here is where that concern is for patchy spots of ice again northwest of 495, down through worcester and just south of the mass pike and here is what we're thinking for accumulating wet, slushy snow. rain to wet snow a coating to two inches, around 495 and points northwest thereof as well as worcester and then we're talking more fluffy snow. this is a really fantastic forecast for ski country which is wasn't last weekend. so we'll take it. a whole lot of rainfall as i mentioned an inch to even close to two inches, this is a pretty strong system as far as the amount of water that it's tag dragging in with it as it comes
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that's where it was last night. the winds not a nor'easter. win not strong enough. we're not talking about any coastal concerns but the winds will be out of the northeast and then out of the north gusts strongest for cape ann, south shore and also cape cod 30 to 40 miles per hour tomorrow but i still think below advisory levels. patriots forecast here is the good news. you will only need that umbrella for tailgate and then as we get into kickoff we're dry for that forecast. temperatures in the mid 30's. so again nice little package for you here. freezing rain late tonight, north and west of 495, wet, heavy snow up to about two inches for the high country of worcester county and also that heavy rain for us. here is the snow as i mentioned. great news for ski country, perhaps you are hitting the slopes for this holiday weekend. we get monday off too. snow showers also expected for that day but it will be cold. arctic air moving in and that arctic front could actually drag in some more snow showers for us so the cold is in police all next week. will the flakes fly?
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backyard rink but the flakes possibly flying as we hit monday and this could actually leave us a quick one to two inches of snow even for us here in boston. we're keeping a close eye on that for you so stay tuned for more information on that one. but here is what you can count on. that cold settling in to stick and through next weekend. >> anchor: bree, we just can't get enough of bree here from your weekend forecast to your weekend brunch men you has some delicious omelette recipe here inspired by bri eggers she takes us into the ward in boston to cook up a bacon and bree omelette in this week's, what's cooking? the essential key to weekend recuperation, brunch of course! the executive chef is cooking up a popular brunch dish with a somewhat familiar twist. . we made our big on and bree omelette. your name being bree. the most important thing about
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probably the only teflon you should have in your house make sure the pan is preheated with olive oil or lot over beckoned fat. the thing about a perfect omelette is you don't want any >> reporter: severing better with bic on and scallions. let that warm for a few minutes then add in three lightly beaten eggs give your opinions a little swirl . you are scrambling it but keeping it in a circle. as soon as it is kind of all to the and not too liquidy you kind of ready for your flip . it's easy to mess up of you have to commit to the flip . which isn't as easy as the chef makes it look. as soon as you flip it it's done in ten seconds. now the cheesy part. the best cheese is bree cheese. that is not an endorsement. just the truth . immediately remove it from the heat . i love it because it melts so easy and it doesn't take a long time and just the flavor. bacon, bree. so we're going to flip it over this way.
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bit. without potatoes? plate with some greens and brunch is served. cooking an omelette is a breeze. that's what's cooking. i'm bri eggers, 7 news. >> anchor: local leaders celebrating mlk day in roxbury. politicians celebrating for a breakfast at the ymca. you can see the community getting to the and they even had a performance from some ed kids. mlk junior day is this coming monday. >> anchor: and coming up next, a true class act. meet the local young lady who is helping to make hospital vice a . >> anchor: good evening, everybody. we're working on several stories . >> anchor: we're staying on top of bragging news out of several school districts around the area area. threats putting schools on high alert in several cities and towns. tonight a massive investigation is under way. >> anchor: the pats set to clash with the chiefs. this divisional drama getting new england pumped up for game day . and stranded on the south shore.
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chance at life thanks to a very unlikely hero. the save that you certainly . >> anchor: we have all of those stories and much more coming up.
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(cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time...
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it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. r it's what you do. where are you?r it's very loud there. are you taking at zumba class? >> anchor: today we're excited to introduce you to a senior helping kids out >> anchor: this young woman has been all out to make hospital stays for children a little bit brighter. here is christa delcamp with
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samantha duncan, how are you doing? we want to award you with our class act for this week. what do you think? from 7 news. give me a hug! medway high school senior samantha duncan is always thinking of others, especially kids at boston children's hospital. she raised funds and donated 87 build a bears this year . even that little something can make someone's day so much brighter. >> anchor: samantha knows the feeling, when she was younger she spent a lot of time at children's. she was diagnosed with a chronic digestive problem and remembers how important a small item like a stuffed animal could be. just something to make you smile and i wanted other kids to be having that same feeling that had . she is a very giving person and it wouldn't surprise me that she wanted to do something but doing this for, you know, over 80 children is fantastic. this is the second go around for samantha. four years ago when she was in
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bears. the response was so positive she did it again, putting them to the by hand. i had help from some friends and stuff so it was not as long as it would have taken me alone . have have a lot of students that do community service but none that just do it for themselves, for everybody else and just do it on their own . that's why samantha is a class act. i'm like really surprised and thankful and i hope that it kind of brings awareness and maybe inspires more people to do similar projects and get involved with community service. >> anchor: samantha says this year was slightly easier to raise money for the bears all thanks to go fund me. in the newsroom, christa delcamp 7 news . >> anchor: don't forget if you know a student between 6 this and 12 grades doing something outstanding in school, sports or the community you can no nature them on-line at another 30 minutes of 7 news ahead. thanks so much for joining us. 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> anchor: breaking news,
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across the bay state. detectives now trying to connect several cases. a coastal storm moving in just in time for the weekend so what will the weather look like for the pats playoff game? the pats are in the play playoffs, new england looking to take down the red hot chiefs. we have team 7 coverage live from gillette and turtle trouble in the south shore. a dog jumping into action to make a sandy save. >> anchor: first at 6:00 break breaking news. federal investigators called in to help after a series of threats at local schools in massachusetts. authorities evacuated several of the schools involved . >> anchor: parents and students shaken by the whole thing especially hearing how widespread police say threats were called in to nearly a dozen schools across the commonwealth. 7's kimberly bookman live in arlington with some breaking details for us. kimberly? yeah, adam, simply put this was a scary day for both parents and students. obviously a busy day for the bomb squad who went to several
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finding absolutely nothing which is the good news. the f.b.i. also telling us late this afternoon that they are involved in this investigation to see if there is any connection between this rash of threats that are going on. let's begin here in arlington where a bomb threat was called in to the catholic high school. the building was evacuated as was nearby saint agnes school. officers search with k-9 and found nothing harmful inside. a very similar story in cape cod at falmouth high school, bourne high school and mashpee high. bomb threats there are believed to all be hoaxes, but everyone was evacuated for safety. bc high in dorchester got a threat around noon. they too evacuated the building and found nothing. minutes before dismissal in plymouth, south high school got a threatening call. the schoolance sell all activities an disin missed students early with police in the parring lot. in weymouth, a bomb threat was called in at both the chapman and abigail adams middle schools schools. stunts and staff were evacuated
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