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tv   Today  NBC  January 26, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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aromatherapy. lotion. woo. grey basket bottom right. you are so organized. and the selfie stick. yeah don' t give me that look... life is packing for an early delivery, and an ikea closet that' s always ready. this morning on "today's take," lucy liu is back and kicking butt in "kung fu panda 3." she joins us. a frightening close call. a semi is knocked off the road and straight into a sheriff's deputy. plus, the time-saving hacks that will make your life easier. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome. tuesday morning.
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and al. the gang is all together. my morning jam, a favorite. need a workout song? panjabi mc and jay-z, of course. hear it? >> oh, yeah. >> weren't they planning a remake of knight-ridder? >> i think they did. >> i think there was a reboot, but i they they're talking about a movie. interesting. >> which we'd love to have that now, with all the snow, and go to the theater and hang out there. folks are still digging out after the weekend's big blizzard. we had video from queens. there are a lot of small streets, like you in who boeg n hoboken, where they can't get the plows down. they have to pull them out. it's crazy stuff. washington, d.c., schools, federal government, still shut down. your schools -- >> ours are back open now.
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any event, one new jersey couple getting a surprise when they try to step outside their home. >> oh, my gosh! >> geez. >> wow. >> snow drift blocks the front door of this couple's house in kendal park. amazing stuff. >> how does that happen? >> the plows? >> it was drifting. it was part of the problem. then there was also flooding. there was going to be flooding down in southern new jersey. new jersey governor chris christie taking heat for resuming his campaign schedule, some thought, too quickly after the jersey shore was hit hard with flooding. take a look. >> the one county that flooded, so i don't know where from all over the state, since we have 21 counties, where that's happened. second, i don't know what you expect me to do. mop? >> there was a question, a young woman said, i'm hearing from
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are problems. the governor took umbridge with that. one county. >> i think given that that one county, granted, it may only be one county, those folks are still reeling from super storm sandy, and now hit with this. i think there was a little -- the tone might have been -- >> actually, the people there reported that it was worse than super storm sandy for them. >> there were gauges that were worse than sandy. like i said, a place that's already suffered devastation. i think it's due a little more respect than, you want me to come down with a mop? governor. he took a private plane back to new hampshire after the initial storm, but you would think just the proximity, that he'd be able to get back. >> what's interesting is these storms are being fueled in a sense by el nino, because the southern jet stream is a lot
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take a look at what -- in pacifica, california, this is drone video showing part of a cliff plummeting. >> just crazy. >> notice, these homes or apartment complexes have been deemed uninhabitable now. >> i think that's probably right. >> i would go with that. >> people are being allowed in sporadically to gather their belongings. as you can see, it's out. i mean, they're done. >> you were saying earlier, i mean, there was about 200 feet. >> a parking lot and some other land beyond that, and it has been eroding. but the erosion has been really storms. >> how long does that take? >> it's been going on a while. but this has really started since this summer. i mean, the acceleration of the erosion. >> i'm surprised they only evacuated people yesterday, putting the notices up. >> i mean, initially i think
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but i think they've officially red tagged those buildings. >> beautiful place. just near san francisco, you want that property. >> too close there. >> i mean, it really is amazing, to think there's another apartment complex on the other side of that, all of a sudden, they have an ocean view because the other apartments may have fallen into the ocean. >> the ocean view you don't want. okay, i'll pass. >> would that be coming for you next? >> it's frightening. >> we mentioned chris christie in the come ntext of presidential politics. people talking about michael bloomberg, who suggested he might be getting into the race. he said he'd be willing to spend $1 billion of his own money, according to sources, but its contingent on whether or not he thinks he could win. if he gets in the race depends on the nominees. bernie sanders is more likely than hillary clinton. donald trump was on "morning joe" and asked about a michael bloomberg run. >> i hope he runs.
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i've always liked michael. i don't think we have the relationship -- i think the relationship is gone, which is fine with me. but i hope he runs because i love the competition. and i think it would be a very different dialogue for the debates. i really think it would be interesting if he runs. i hope that michael runs. he won't win, but i hope he runs. >> okay. >> there's a reason third party candidates usually don't work. >> we have no relationship. >> let's not talk about the trump tactic in repeating something like three or four times, if you think to any of his remarks. >> reinforcing it. >> he reinforces it. some self-help thing, to saying. sarah palin's speech, when she endorsed him, there was an excerpt noted that was from a tactic of self-help, convincing people of things. strategic.
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he says nice things, and then boom. he'd really be nice, he'd be great to be in the campaign, i think it'd be a great dialogue, i'd love the debate. >> we're friends, we get along, well, not anymore. it's like the backhanded complement in the south, somebody says, bless your heart. >> you're an idiot. pack your bags. there was a town hall yesterday with the democrats. i like that format. it was like a one-on-one, conversational. you have the other headline of the gop debate. donald trump says he's going to potentially not show up. >> he's going to show up. >> he's going to show up. the only thing donald trump has done is made megyn kelly a bigger super star than she was. >> which she pointed out. >> she admits it. >> dash cam video out of ohio. a police captain very lucky. you won't believe this. after being run over by a semi. this happened in january -- look
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>> what? >> this happened january 8th. the video just released. brad moore is a captain in a county outside of dayton, ohio, in the police department there. he was directing traffic after a car accident, when the semi was hit by a train. he came out with a gash to my head, a broken left hand. he needed 25 stitches. unbelievably, that's it. he's otherwise okay. i know that you've seen people pull over on the side, but that is one of the most dangerous to play. the traffic accidents. but i don't know, it's amazing. >> you can't see it in the video but to the left of the frame, there is a trail track to the left of the truck. tail end of his truck is in the track and he gets hit in the back and goes over the officer, who somehow, was okay. >> isn't that amazing? >> lucky to be alive. >> video to brighten your day. i think all of us saw this video and loved it. remember a high school in
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funk video a year ago? went viral. their teacher helped them create it. 13 million times, people shared that. same school back at it again. theater arts teacher told his students, i want you to create something inspirational, something motivational that will get people thinking positively. here is what they ended up doing. take a look. i think i finally found my hallelujah i've been waiting for this moment all my life now all my dreams are coming true i've been waiting for this moment it's good to be alive right about now good to be alive right about now good, good, good to be alive, right about now >> i want scott as my teacher. >> he's so cool. >> i want scott to bring back "glee." >> the students did this all with an iphone camera. all one take.
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>> so great. steady cam. holding. positive, inspirational messages, as well. good job! >> you can join the 13 million that watched the last one. it'll be huge. al, what's going on outside? >> we had talk yesterday there was a possibility of -- we have music going here. the walk. you know? >> what is this? when we do the walk, can you put what the song is so we know, in case people -- >> somebody going? >> caigo. i don't know who that is. who is it? >> hi. lucy liu is there. anyway, i don't care about me.
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come on. this was the country before the storm, the east coast before the storm. look at this, by sunday, boom. snow is back, and it is here. but the good news is, we do have this system that's bringing a lot of heavy rain and will over the next several days to the gulf coast and florida. what we were worried about was low pressure forming along this front and transferring that energy to the southeast and moving up the coast. happen. looks like the models take it all now off and into the atlantic. you see the moisture stays offshore. that is fantastic. that's what's g morning, everyone. a >> good tuesday morning, everyone. a quiet start. and we have sunshine this morning, more clouds this afternoon. and tradeoff, a breeze as well for the milder temperatures. mid 40s to near 50 this afternoon with the southwesterly breeze gusting at 20 miles per hour. a straight shower tonight.
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into the 30s and close to 40 tomorrow afternoon. we start the day off with clouds and finish it off with sunshine for the afternoon. snow showers on friday. and stays offshore. >> that is your latest weather. >> here we go. >> there it is. "kung fu panda," viper, one of the furious five, lucy liu, one of the five here. one of our co-stars. >> here to explain everything in her career that's led to the opportunity to share the silver screen with al and me. >> it's what i've been waiting
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don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva. has to pay the price when po the panda is put in charge of her training. >> yes, i mean -- >> tigris, tornado back flip. >> yes, master. >> my fault. crane, go high. >> low! >> oh, my claws. >> do a swarming insect fight
10:16 am
tuna -- oh! >> good job, po. >> lucy, good morning. >> good morning. >> can't wait to this with my kids. they're excited about this. "kung fu panda 3," you stepping into the role of viper. getting into the mind of a snake, what does it take? >> the one thing they told me in the beginning is i don't use my hands and feet because i don't have any. take note when i go in there in the recording room. >> you're like this, tied? >> you don't have to go there, but when you put efforts out, you make to make sure, you know, you keep that in mind. >> intereing. >> i don't think people realize, because al and i had a very, very, very small part in the film, but i don't think people realize having down this, the effort that you actually put forth in that recording booth. the directors, who are amazing, were talking about how you work so hard, jack is sweating, he has to change. it's work in there. >> yeah. also, i think -- i mean, jack
10:17 am
he's unbelievable in it. i think that's why kids love it so much. but you do go in there and work on your own. it's sort of like, you want to give the director what they want. you know they've been working on it for five years and they have an idea. you try to give them as many options as you can. you do have to go in and there give it your all. you feel ridiculous but do it anyway. >> this is your first movie since -- first "kung fu panda" installment since becoming a mom. we saw rockwell's shirt, i'm all that and dim sum. >> best one see ever. >> it's more special now doing this role, knowing this is something that your child is going to see? >> it is. i mean, i think that for me, growing up watching disney movies or animation movies or any of those things, cartoons, bugs bunny, all that, just meant so much to me. i think now, being a part of that, passing that on is -- i mean, you didn't think about it
10:18 am
you were watching something with voices. they were real to you because your imagination as a child, those things are three dimensional to you. being a part of it -- i mean, even understanding what goes behind doing an animation, when you watch the movie, it's still magical magical. it's special. i don'know. i feel really grateful that he's going to have that. that'll be my legacy for him, ultimately. when he gets older and he can watch them and enjoy them. i don't know he'll know it's my voice. hopefully he won't and will fall into it. >> mom, what's this about? he's filled in more, chunky? >> chunky bracelet rolls on his arms and legs. it's the best. croissant hands. it just comes out. >> beautiful. >> they get chubby when they get older. >> pop out. >> luscious. en
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time saving tricks to make your life easier. let's go because these will blow your mind. here to show us the hacks, alison, a reporter for pop >> hi. i'm here to change your life. >> let's do it. for the ladies breaking in shoes, but could guys use these? >> yeah. leather or cotton shoes. take your chunkiest socks, where
10:23 am
blow-dryer 10 to 15 seconds. it'll stretch the material. repeat two to three times. >> great. being able to put on a bracelet one handed. >> the ladies know, this is difficult. maybe you're into man jewelry, i don't know. >> no. >> if you're at home alone, take the bracelet, take some scotch tape, right, put it across your wrist like so. grab this guy here. simple as that. boom, done in a second, ladies. >> frying your eggs, especially keeping the yolk in tact. >> what i do is separate the yolk and the egg white. in. then you'll see it slowly become a little bit -- some transparent to opaque. when it gets a little white, we'll pour the yolk in and it creates this egg yolk blanket. it doesn't cook too quickly. >> interesting. >> want to do it? >> i'll try it. >> slow and steady wins the race.
10:24 am
>> if i would have done it, it would have been perfect. >> what the heck? >> next one. >> taking the garbage out, you have something for us. >> you've been probably that person before. you open up the trash, try to take it out and take the whole trash can with you. >> vacuum to it. >> in order to prevent that, take your trash can, grab a drill and drill holes into the size. >> so there is air. >> yeah. >> it allows you to take it out. >> i'll show you real fast. open it up and voila. >> amazing. >> the other thing, this is a great way to also break in your shoes. >> don't do that! no, no, oh, my gosh! not the shoe. >> oh, sorry. thank you so much. let's go to tamron. what's coming up next? well, my shoes don't have holes but i am wrapped up for my tuesday trend. it's the coat style of the season. we'll get all wrapped up after
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taking a look at the headlines. ford is recalling more than 390,000 ranger pickups because the driver's air bag inflaters made by takata can explode with too much force and cause injury. the recall covers all rangers from 2004 through 2006 in the u.s. and canada, and it comes just days after u.s. regulators announced a new recall of about 5 million vehicles with potentially defective air bags. more evidence this morning that coffee may indeed be good for your heart. according to a new study published in the journal of the american heart association, regular caffeine consumption
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beats which can lead to heart deaths. it was thought caffeine would speed up your heart rate. chase bank would work alongside new machines that require you to make withdraws and not necessarily using a card. better yet, you can pick if you want $1 bill, $5, $10 and so on. different denominations back in return. the machines have been tested in washington state, but thousands of the atms will roll out later this year. you won't have to go to olive garden to enjoy their pasta, salad and breadsticks. the company is rolling out delivery service from all restaurants in the u.s. and canada. you'll need a big appe or lots of friends. the minimum order is $125, just right for a big family gathering to r a working lunch at the office. if only all our vacation
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a couple was paddle boarding in maui when a humpback breached in front of them. a tourist from t captured it. it is illegal for people to purposely approach them, but curious e ious whales often try to get close to the humans. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. that's a selfie like no other. >> our cameraman john side, what was the porpoise of that? anyway, heavier showers and thunderstorms down to the south through the gulf. high surf advisories in the pacific northwest with heavy rain coming in there. tomorrow, the wet weather hangs around the southeast. the good news is that low pressure system will get off the coast, not cause another nor'easter. lake-effect snow throughout the great lakes. sunny and mild through the
10:31 am
rain >> good tuesday morning, everyone. a quiet start. and we have sunshine this morning, more clouds this afternoon. and tradeoff, a breeze as well for the milder temperatures. mid 40s to near 50 this afternoon with the southwesterly breeze gusting at 20 miles per hour. a brief shower, a straight shower tonight. and temperatures falling back into the 30s and close to 40 tomorrow afternoon. we start the day off with clouds and finish it off with sunshine for the afternoon.
10:32 am
and stays offshore. disclosure because you said timeless, this is two years old. this is a style that keeps coming back. it's gotten trendy lately. >> what i'm hearing, it's had fashion updates. this one, you can see, gigi, we have the faux fur treatment here, it really has given it a modern update. this one, $240. >> $240? i love that. let's bring out our models. let's see what you've got for
10:33 am
>> all right. first up, we have on nora, all the celebrities are wearing it open and not doing the belt. this one is really wonderful from topshop. $150. how to do this look, go for a monochromatic look inside. the s are from white house black market on top. the pants are ann taylor. you can have fun with the shoe. $39.99 by nine west. >> those are hot. i love this particular length of the coat. you can get it in several lengths. i like this. people wonder why kim kardashian wears it draped over her shoulder. not to look like count dracula. it's more slimming when you drape a coat over. you might freeze to death, but it's supposed to be a more slim slimming look. >> it gives a flow to your look, as you sweep in and out, making a great exit. as you can see, you tie the belt
10:34 am
another great option for $39.99. at zulily, we have great price points and value. >> thank you so much. let's see what's up next, amy. >> so zest and appeal. at zulily, we like to give you something unexpected and unique. we found that on this coat from bloomingdales. don't be afraid of prints on this wrap coat. she has actually an apple kind of shaped body type. when you have an overall print, it beautifully smooths out the mid torso area. seamless. >> you tied it a little off in the center. >> off to the side. >> if you have a tie, tie it to the side. it gives a slimmer line. don't tie it in the middle. >> she's pa teat. etite. >> fabrication, not too thick. a lot of times the lapels are chick so thick s we didn't do a lot of
10:35 am
one more look for you ladies at home to try out. >> here, we have kristen. so many of the robe coats are very kind of slouchy and soft. this has angles. i did this with her hourglass figure. the angular lapels and the faux fur detailing. >> how much? >> actually, amazing from jessica simpson, like $140, in that range, $150. >> nice with the leather detail. >> it brings in the hourglass figure on her. the herring bone is fabulous. >> robed and wrapped out. i love it. you all look fantastic. you can find more tips from amy to help you wrap it up, coming up, is it okay to post photos of your friends' kids at a birthday party? they're at your party, right? manners guide for the modern age. i love these jane didn' t like restrictions. not in life. and not when it came to watching her calories. why settle on taste? jane thought.
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hi. does this look familiar? you host a birthday party and post photos of other people's kids, and you keep checking your phone at dinner to make sure your kids are okay with the babysitter. does it happen? >> there are do's and don't's to know about. here is the today taste maker, randi zuckerberg. this is an adults only dinner party. you say when you walk into a party like that, you should physically and mentally give yourself an away message. >> first of all, it's nice to be present in the moment. look how much fun we're having. all making eye contact. what a novel experience, we're having a conversation. so rare we get that in the world. we're always looking and texting. i think, first of all, walk into a party very present. say, i'm going to be in the moment. there are a lot of great apps out there. i like off time.
10:41 am
there are 40 of them. you can have an auto response, if anyone messages you, saying, i'm at a dinner party for the next few hours. don't bother me. >> what do we do with our cell phones? guests have phones on the table. >> first of all, if you're attending a dinner party, phones are really dirty. they're dirty. just like you're not tracking muddy shoes into someone's party, you want them next to the table? if you're hosting, give people wipes. if they bring them to the table, what i'll ask everyone to do is put them in the middle of the table. we're going to play a little game because whoever feels compelled to reach for it first is going to wash everyone's dishes at the end of the dinner party. >> i like that. >> you play hardball, randi. >> that's right. >> never going to randi's house. >> whoever feels like they need to reach for it first. >> what about e question we
10:42 am
introduction. i ha babysitter at home. i want to make sure the kids are okay. >> in reality, there are certain times you have to -- and i think it's okay to sit down and tell everyone at the beginning, listen, everyone, brand-new babysitter, emergency, is it okay with all of you if i keep my phone here? maybe use an apple watch or device like that. you're not checking your phone. >> all right. al is down, going to help him out? >> i got sent to the kids table, which is the cool table. >> we are celebrating a birthday party here. i think it's really important when you're at a birthday party to think about -- of course, i want to post photos of the kids. they're having so much fun. >> should you ask permission? it's one thing to post your kids' photos. what about the other kids? should you ask parents' permission first? >> great point, al. if i'm taking photos at my child's birthday party, it's important to talk to the other parents in the room and say, your kid is in some of the photos. is it okay if i post them online? just be mindful that not
10:43 am
children up on the internet. >> is same is true for sporting events, things like that, as well. what about when people show up, drop their kids off, you want to be enjoying your party. take pictures. but if people are texting you, parents are texting, are the kids okay, because we helicopter a bit, how do you handle it? >> right before the party starts, send out another reminder to everyone with all the details of how they can be reached. i love the idea of, at the party, bring out a polaroid. you're not just taking photos all the time. you can print them and give them out as party favors. >> can you pass me the yellow cupcake? >> happy birthday, everyone. wow. look at this spatial twin bed. >> nothing says intimacy like texting in bed, right? >> both on our phones, right? >> exactly. put the phone away as much as this is nice. >> twin bed.
10:44 am
you can help it. definitely not for the first 30 minutes when you wake up. >> don't use it as the alarm clock either, right? >> if you use your phone as your alarm, you'll be texted to immediately go into your texts, e-mails, facebook. use an old school alarm clock. it'll get you out of bed in about -- try to go 30 minutes before checking your device. >> thank you. >> what a fun party. more tips and you can tell us about your digital manners with our online survey at weight watchers has changed. weight watchers all-new beyond the scale program puts the focus on you and not just the number on the scale. lose weight while eating healthier, and move more by including fitness in ways that work for you. see how good you'll feel with the new weight watchers beyond the scale program! join for free now
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with all the snow this weekend, your kids may think, climb the walls. >> we have ideas from the next time you're couped up. amy, good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> a lot of families around the country went through this this weekend. >> we have activities good for your brain and your body. >> cool. >> first of all, we got a snow garland if you want to bring the outdoor theme? >> we have igt here t right. >> stitching wire, string through pom-poms and cotton balls. it's easy to make. hang it.
10:49 am
>> you can spend hours with that that. >> with e bought the pom-poms at an activity store. >> stained glass window? >> we colored glossy photo paper with sharpies. this is great for adults and kids. the stress less coloring trend. >> yeah. >> we made a shoe box, cut out a hole, put it on the shoe box. there is a flashlight in the back so it glows. you can tape it on to a window, or your stained glass window. >> it's sharpie and glossy photo paper. >> fantastic. >> let's talk about treats. everybody wants treats on a day like today. >> a snowy day, everyone wants treats. these are polar bear pretzel rods. dip the pretzel rods in melted white chocolate, or dark chocolate, add eyes with
10:50 am
and we have sebastian making the trees. >> i saw that. >> hot chocolate stirrers. who doesn't love hot chocolate on a snowy day. >> good idea. >> these are fun. dip them in peanut butter, dark chocolate, and you can get a jump on the valentine's day treats even. >> great idea. >> diy fuse ball. >> goal. >> isn't this super cute? let the kids decorate it. we decorated it with wrapping paper. >> fun. >> finally, we have a super active activity. >> they're running around the house in circles. >> they're doing balloon tennis. it gets everybody active. adults can get into the game. >> paper plates? >> with a stick. any wooden stick in your house and a balloon. super easy. >> look at those skills.
10:51 am
>> wish i had these this past weekend. >> now you'll have them. >> more great ideas on we're back in a moment.
10:52 am
10:53 am
! pass ' ! weick ' ! decious fufor everne. hehey' s niaturesre mine, urs, ourhocolate oh, my gosh. >> hi, ladies. >> hi. >> guess who is coming up? >> who? >> kate hudson is here. >> she's so cute. we have elvis' artist of the month. >> he's a great country singer from nashville. >> and casseroles. >> oh! >> nice one. >> there he is. >> nice casserole. >> tater tots and ranch. >> all right. >> who doesn't like tater tots?
10:54 am
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