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tv   Today  NBC  August 2, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. hell hath no fury. >> she's the devil. she made a deal with the devil. it's true. >> donald trump launches a new attack against hillary clinton and says he's concerned the election is going to be rigged while our new poll out this morning shows trump falling eight points behind his democratic rival. unprecedented. the cdc telling pregnant women to avoid travel to a miami named where ten more people have contracted zika. leap of faith. he made history by jumping out of a plane without a parachute at 25,000 feet landing safely in
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possibly do to top that? we'll ask him in his first live interview since that remarkable stunt. defending the decision. the president of the international olympic committee explains why he did not ban all russian athletes from the games. >> you cannot punish a human being for the failure of his or her government. >> as more members of team usa arrive in rio and the countdown is on for the games to begin, "today," tuesday, august 2nd, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" countdown to rio with matt lauer live from rio de janeiro, brazil, and savannah guthrie, live from rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to a special split edition of "today" on a tuesday morning. beautiful shots of rio.
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boardwalk just off copacabana beach. friday's opening ceremony just three short days away. i see you with the jacket there. we have to remember, this is winter in rio. >> it is winter. we're dead in the middle of winter. temperatures during the day can get up into the 80s when the sun is out. it's a lot chillier today. probably 70 degrees. it's a little overcast and the wind is blowing. we are along the prominad at copacabana beach. it goes this cove and it's a busy and popular place. the beach is right here obviously. but during the day, all times of the day, you'll find people here walking, strolling with their kids, exercising. exercise is very popular here because they all want to look good in those tiny little bathing suits they wear on the beaches and because, savannah, we're at the olympics, we sent our researchers and interns and our production assistants out on
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this morning, so they should be back any moment now. meanwhile, coming up, we'll have a lot from rio including that story you just talked about. thomas bach commenting on their decision not to ban the entire russian team from these games. you know about sugarloaf, right, savannah? >> sugarloaf mountain. >> exactly. that iconic granite peak. hoda and i took a journey up there yesterday. thie we'll have that for you as well. >> looking forward to that. let's start with the presidential race. our new nbc news survey monkey online tracking poll following her nomination at the democratic national convention, hillary clinton now leads it. donald trump, 50% to 42%. that's a seven-point jump from last week. nbc's hallie jackson has the race covered this morning. she's in columbus, ohio. hallie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning.
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bounce now for hillary clinton coming out of her convention as her rival, donald trump, faces new fallout today from multiple controversies. he often calls her crooked. now donald trump has a new name for hillary clinton. >> she's the devil. >> reporter: that insult coming as trump slams the endorsement of bernie sanders. >> he made a deal of with t definitely. she's a devil. >> reporter: a new fiery attack. the gop nominee not backing off criticism of the khan family whose son was killed in iraq. >> as far as i'm concerned he's a hero. horrible things were said about me. >> reporter: trump later adding -- >> the son wouldn't have died because i wouldn't have been in the war if i was president back then. >> reporter: the gold star parents keeping up their own
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genuine patriotic american falling in his trap. he's a snake solesman. >> reporter: another military mom confronting trump's vp. mike pence forced to defend his running mate on the campaign trail. the last 24rs avalanche of republican responses. almost all praising captain humayun khan's service. john mccain said trump doesn't have an unfettered license to defend those who are the best among us but mccain and other republicans still not unendorsing the nominee. >> i support the nominee of the party. >> i would not have said what he said in the way he said it because the family had a right
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>> reporter: democrats digging in. >> i mean, is there no limit to which this guy will descend? >> reporter: all this as clinton faces her own controversy over her e-mails. fact checkers giving their worst rating to her response to this question on fox news. >> fbi director james comey said none of those things that you told the american public were true. >> chris, that's not what i heard director comey say. director comey said my answers were truthful. >> reporter: clinton backing from billionaires like warren buffett laying down a challenge to trump. release your returns, buffett said. >> i'm under audit, too. >> reporte there are no rules. >> reporter: here's something else making headlines for trump this morning. his comments to a "usa today" columnist about the sexual harassment complaints against fox news' roger ailes.
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his daughter was treated the way that ailes allegedly behaved. i would like to think ivanka would find another career or company if that was the case. as an author points out, most women aren't able to quit her job and why a woman should upend her career because she ended up in the crosshairs of some harasser. >> hallie jackson on the trail. thank you. lots to talk about with mark halperin. good morning to you. donald trump. this story has been kept alive for four days. is this strategy on his part or has he lost control of this? i think about president george w. bush who received this kind of criticism from many people including cindy sheehan but he didn't engage with cindy sheehan. he disagreed with that criticism but didn't attack her. i don't understand what trump's strategy is. >> you would be in the same place as a lot of republicans
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no one has ever behaved quite like this in presidential politics. he's gone after people before in the past. john mccain and others and succeeded by showing strength but he's chosen to keep up a long running battle with the most sympathetic people you can imagine, gold star families. >> pushing off otherwise negative stories about hillary clinton that may lead all of the headlines. >> greatest frustration for republicans who want him to win is you have the remarks that hillary clinton talking about the fbi investigation where she clearly wasn't accurate. you've got gdp growth numbers. >> sluggish. >> weak economic numbers for the incumbent party. a lot of republicans are wonder why donald trump continues to fight with the khan but why isn't he focusing on these issues at a time when he did not get as good a convention bounce as hillary clinton did. >> meanwhile, you have top republicans like speaker ryan,
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attack on the khans personally and khan service. you don't see them rescinding their endorsement of donald trump. do you think pressure is growing on them to do so? >> you don't see many of them on camera saying things. this is an uncomfortable situation for republicans. you have lots of family members i'm hearing of prominent republicans, sons and daughters and spouses saying this is not good. this is not the right way. you should consider unendorsing. i think most of them want to they still hope trump wins. they still feel their electoral fate is tied to donald trump. if they enunendorse, they're worried the whole party goes down. polls don't look great for him right now. still close enough they hope that he can come back and party can be unified in the fall. >> he made that intriguing comment yesterday about the system being rigged. some people interpreted that as he's laying the groundwork already that if he loses he can say, well, there was something
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>> there's that possibility that he wants to have a hedge against the loss to say i couldn't win because the system is rigged. it's bad for the country. we need bipartisan, nonpartisan sense that elections are fair, the kind of chaos that donald trump sows may be about himself and not good for the whole country because this election is who wi going to be hotly contested. let's move to new cases of zika leading the cdc to issue an parts of miami as crews there do whatever they can to stop that virus from spreading further. nbc's kerry sanders is right there in the thick of the battle. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. these are the weapons of war. an airplane that flies late at night, early in the morning, just down over neighborhoods skimming the neighborhoods, letting out a thin mist of insecticide and also fogger trucks.
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mosquito control. the fear is what looks like a one square mile of miami could spread if the mosquito population is not squashed immediately. this morning the streets of this popular miami neighborhood filled with clouds of insecticide. an urgent all-out counter attack. the enemy, mosquitos carrying the zika virus. >> we're very active in making sure we do everything we can to control the spread of zika i >> reporter: this morning public health officials with an extraordinary warning. pregnant women being advised to avoid miami's artsy windwood district. >> to be safe pregnant women shouldn't travel there and if pregnant women live or work there, they should do everything possible to prevent mosquito bites. >> reporter: florida officials now rushing in reinforcements. an emergency response team from the cdc. alarm bells going off after the number of zika cases from local
7:12 am
>> my primary concern is just obviously the apparent connection. >> reporter: many patients are scared. >> now that it hit home, we're extremely concerned about the zika virus. >> reporter: growing concern throughout florida that fear of zika will put a damper on the state's crucial tourism industry. while officials worry zika may still has not. you didn't even know? >> no. >> reporter: are you concerned now that you hear that? >> i'm not pregnant. >> right now i'm here. i'm already here. >> we're not leaving. >> reporter: the fogger trucks and airplanes that are laying that insecticide down also have another problem and that is rain, which dilutes the insecticide and it's that rain that creates puddles where the
7:13 am
night. savannah? >> kerry, tough situation down there for sure. thank you so much. doctor, good morning. we're at this moment that public officials have been warning about and worrying about where we have locally transmitted cases the zika. what are the chances that it really can be confined to just this small little area? >> the issue is this. what we've always banked on is that the urban infrastructure i or allow the epidemic to grow the way it has in south america and latin america because part of the advisement and guidance has been stay inside, stay in air conditioning, use your screens. there's a lot more information. more education about this. we have some of the preparedness but some of the concerns in the last 24 hours is the insecticide working?
7:14 am
remove standing water, it can grow eggs in the size of a bottle cap. it's a challenge to say the least. >> i wonder why the warning was confined to just this neighborhood. i get that's where we know for a fact the zika mosquitos are but it's not like mosquitos observe borders. why not make it bigger in an abundance of caution? >> i think the answer lies in that this is an actively ongoing investigation and surveillance. i think the guidance as w fairly rapid basis. as we discussed earlier, the mosquito itself doesn't travel that far. it has a narrow spectrum where it can travel but human beings hijack the bug and start traveling and where we're concerned about the threat. >> that's a question we were talking about ever the show. how is it transmitted? does it go from mosquito to mosquito? >> no. it goes from a mosquito that's
7:15 am
whatever he or she does, gets bitten by another mosquito and the human being is the host transmitting it to the mosquitos. the mosquito doesn't transmit to another adult, it lays eggs. that's how generation to generation the mosquito population can get out of control that's infected with this virus. >> thank you so much. let's head back down to rio and matt. >> all right. thank you very much. more and more athletes, more and more spectators arriving every now just three days away. the big news here today, those comments from thomas bach, head of the ioc, defending the ioc's decision not to ban the entire russian olympic team in the wake of that doping scandal.
7:16 am
>> reporter: more bitter arguments over whether any of russia's athletes should be allowed to compete. this morning brazil's incredible coastline the stunning setting for this year's olympics has many athletes arriving in rio overwhelmed like the usa's volleyball team who says complaints of unfit accommodations haven't hit them. >> the village has been wonderful. food has been great. pools. yeah, it's wonderful so far. >> reporter: russia still doesn't know how many of its athletes will be allowed to compete. its track and field team among those already banned after a doping scandal being investigated by an ioc committee. overnight, the ioc president defending, not banning, the entire russian team. >> this decision is about
7:17 am
>> reporter: a final decision may come today. nbc news was given a tour of a world anti-doping agency lab where many russian athletes samples were tested. one of the world's top anti-doping scientists saying new ways of doping are always emerging. >> more times than not we're ahead. >> reporter: you're cheating with the cheese to catch the mouse. >> it's not competition one would like to have. >> reporter: other athletes getting into the spirit of the athletes this morning enhancing their bodies in a more fun way. ryan lochte dying his hair blue or is that silver. tonight they'll decide who will
7:18 am
opening ceremony. i know tomorrow on "today," you'll be the first to reveal who that flag bearer will be. >> that is a huge, huge honor. keir, thank you very much. still to come from rio, we'll have a profile of serena williams definitely in the hunt for a medal here in rio and hoda and i will take you for a tour of sugarloaf, that iconic mountain in the heart of town. back to you. >> can't wait for that. we have mr. the weekend. >> that's right. we're thinking about weather for the opening ceremony. americana stadium here in rio de janeiro. let's take a look and show you what we're expecting. as you can see the weather was looking good there. on friday at 7:30 we look at clear skies and mild conditions. temperatures as they start the parade of nations about 72 degrees. closer to home we have flood
7:19 am
from nevada all of the way to new mexico looking at this monsoonal moisture. heavy rain, gusty winds, could see dust storms called haboobs developing. rainfall amount over the next three days, one to three inches of rain from tucson to albuquerque and there's a fairly good chunk of rain hanging out in the southeast especially as you get into parts of west virginia and on into georgia
7:20 am
>> danielle: hey, good morning. we're tracking scattered showers moving east this morning. a lot of that heavier rain is outside 495. but inside 128, we're seeing some scattered showers. as we head into this afternoon, we'll watch the rain showers taper off, becoming more isolated as we head into 3:00. that's when the best chance of some rain reason south of -- ran will be south of the pike. sunshine poking through this pressure returns wednesday and thursday. upper 80s with >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you. the man behind that death defying 25,000-foot jump out of a plane without a parachute has made his way to "today." al and i have just one question. why?
7:21 am
williams. her fourth olympic games going to record setting fifth olympic medal. a profile of her after some messages and this is "today" on nbc. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. laura (vo): mom taught us that families comes first. laura: hey, mom. mom: hi. laura (vo): so when she needs a little help... i am happy to give it. medicare is a big help too. so when i heard that kelly ayotte voted to turn medicare into a voucher program, costing us thousands, i couldn't believe it. then i saw she tried to raise the retirement age... all while giving tax breaks to millionaires and big oil. kelly ayotte would rather take care of special interests than new hampshire families.
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point. they'll give you an offer for your car, you take seven days to think about it. ? ism good today r tuesday morning, everybody. it's 7:26.
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forecast. >> danielle: good morning. a lot of moisture is tracking east. notice where you see the yellow and red. a lot of that rain is outside of 495. we are seeing heavier showers outside of 495. this afternoon the rain becomes more isolated. as we head into this afternoon, temperatures climbing into the mid-70s, low 80s. sunshine as we head into the evening, too. 7 on 7 forecast, 80s. warmer as we head into thursday. as we get into the weekend, one man is facing charges following a shooting in roxbury. police are searching for a second suspect. a couple recorded footage of the suspects following the shoot out on saturday. thankfully no one was hurt. officers arrested one of the suspects on monday. a dorchester man who is charged with manslaughter back in court. prosecutors say 26-year-old hit brian hingston in quincy.
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we're back now. 7:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 2nd day of august, 2016. it's actually 8:30 in the morning here in rio de janeiro, the home of the games and 31st olympiad kick off on friday night. look who has joined me? it's copacabana kotb. >> that's your cute face. good morning. >> how are you? >> you know what we've been doing in between commercial breaks. we watch the surfers here.
7:31 am
and slammed down. it's like being at rockefeller center with the skating rink. >> i thought you were going to tell me chatting about your feelings during commercials. watching surfers get slammed. >> she has a great spot coming up. i'll tell you that. >> we're talking to serena williams. when she gets on the court, she's this great force of nature. she could become the most time. we'll talk to her in a little bit. she plays on saturday. >> we've got our tour of sugarloaf although i'm not sure that hoda opened her eyes long enough to see any of it. >> when hoda hears sugarloaf, she thinks of a snack. let's get a check of headlines this morning. we'll start with politics. during a rally in pennsylvania, donald trump ratcheted up the
7:32 am
referring to bernie sanders' endorsement of clinton. >> he made a deal with the devil. she's the devil. >> earlier in the day trump told voters in ohio he fears the election is going to be rigged against him but did not elaborate. we're learning more about the pilot who died along with 15 others in that weekend hot air balloon crash in texas. court records show alfred "skip" nichols had a troubled including four drunk driving convictions but a former girlfriend says he was a recovering alcoholic and had been sober for four years. the cdc issued a new advisory urging pregnant women to avoid traveling to a miami neighborhood where ten new cases of zika have been found from the same square mile in miami-dade
7:33 am
made a 25,000-foot jump from a plane without a parachute. for two minutes he rocketed to earth before landing in a massive 10,000 square foot net and we're so happy to have luke right here with us for his first live interview since that record setting leap. good morning. >> good morning. gives me goosebumps. >> still on cloud nine so to speak. >> absolutely. >> you passed cloud 9, 10, 11, 12 on the way down. we've been laughing about this the last couple days. it's amazing what keep thinking why? why did you do that? >> when the project was brought to me, i turned it down. i thought it was a bad idea. i don't want anything to do with that. how can you do this? can you do it? can you make this safe and prove it before you do it? we were able to do that. >> when you see close-up of the net as you land, you think that's a pretty big net. when i look at that video and you start out at 25,000 feet, i mean, it's like trying to find a
7:34 am
yourself to the right spot? >> it's tiny from 25,000 feet. you can't really make out the net. you can see the ground. you know where you need to go. as you get closer and lower you make out landmarks lower and you're able to see it and you have to maneuver your body. i was off by about 20 feet on that one. >> you stuck the landing but as we watch it again, you gave me a bit of a heart attack. you were a little close to the edge there. did you feel that way? >> i did. once i knew i was inside the net i was more concerned about that flip to my back and hitting in a move to the middle i was safe on the edge where i was so we locked it in and rode it into the bottom. >> you did that turn to land on your back. that's the right way to land but why? i would think just get there. >> it bends you. if you're on the back it curves you in the right direction. you have to go blind. when i was in i was concentrating on that nice transition to hit in a nice solid position because i knew i was in.
7:35 am
time to line up better. >> i'm sure you had total focus of course. any moment walking to the steps before you jumped off or at some point during that long two minutes where you were like why am i doing this or felt afraid or had doubts? >> about halfway up i made the decision we wouldn't wear the parachu parachute. it wasn't the right move for me safety-wise. five minutes after that i had a feeling like what am i doing? why would i do that. my cousin andy reached over and bumped my leg. relax. took my mind off of it. we focused on what we were going to do. >> your wife was there. you have a little boy. what's next? how do you top this? >> i don't think you try to top something like this. you call it a good one and move onto the next thing. >> would you do it again? >> i would. i would want to hit the middle. >> thank you so much. congratulations again. nice to have you here. >> thank you. >> let us take a turn and get a check of the weather now from mr. roker.
7:36 am
perfectly nourished hair plus more. >> iorry about missing the edge of my map. the chances of doing that not so great. good news is we've got a lot of warm weather to talk about and if you like heat, you're going to love the midsection of the country. salt lake city, 101. 93 in scottsbluff. omaha, temperatures climbing into the 90s. as we move into dn 92 in atlanta. memphis, 97. 101 in oklahoma city. by the latter part of the week by then we're in new york city. raleigh, 92. 95 in birmingham. new orleans will see a high of about 90 degrees. the heat is returning although not as bad as it was last week. >> danielle: hey. good morning. tracking some showers this morning, they're moving east. a lot of that heavier rain is
7:37 am
notice inside 128, showers more scattered, but we're going to continue to see this rain as we head into lunchtime today. this afternoon we'll start the see the sunshine come out as the rainfall tapers off. high temperatures today mid-70s close to 80. here's your 7 on 7 forecast. warm things up into the 80s tomorrow and thursday. as we head into the weekend, >> you can get your weather any time you need it. go to the weather channel on cable. >> al, thank you. former doherty reveals devastating news about her cancer battle. first, let's go back out to rio. thank you very much. there you go. serena williams, that's going to be hoda's profile. >> she'll compete in the olympics coming up. we can't wait to see her. she'll compete on saturday. >> first, we have our first visitors from the united states. they are from wisconsin. first of many we hope.
7:38 am
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poor foster kid black immigrant cancer patient small muslim the only label that matters is olympian. >> announcer: "today's" olympic athlete spotlight is presented by -- >> the crowd is going wild. welcome back to rio. one of the first olympic events
7:43 am
tennis this saturday. serena williams is the reigning singles and doubles gold medalist. in rio she could become the most decorated tennis olympian of all times. >> the gold medal goes to serena williams. >> ranked numbered one in the world and considered one of the greatest tennis players in the history of the game, serena williams has a career 22 grand slams but it's the thought of winning gold that brings her to rio for her fourth olympic games. >> when you play at wimbledon or u.s. open, you really are playing for you. but when you're at the olympics, you're playing for your country. and it just makes it so different and you might even feel like this is for me. it's not. it's bigger than that. it's really, really cool. >> serena will play in the women's singles and women's doubles with her sister, venus. >> playing with venus is amazing.
7:44 am
to play with my sister at such a high level at the olympics. one, two, three, four times. there's no one out there who i think is more supportive than all of my sisters especially venus. >> reporter: serena now 34 grew up in compton, california, where she began playing tennis at the age of four and started playing professionally when she was just 14. >> i'm just that every on the court because i'm pumping my fist and trying my hardest to win. i'm sweating. but at the end of the day, i'm no better than anyone else. >> serena also gives back with the serena williams fund helping with education and providing financial aid to deserving students. >> there are so many labels put on me. i don't even know where to start. i always say you can't let anyone define you. you have to define yourself. you can't let anyone put a label
7:45 am
>> the only label that matters is olympian. >> from on screen to on and off the court, serena is a fashion icon. and she also loves dancing. >> i love dancing because i don't think i'm a natural dancer. i love doing things that are challenging. honestly, it's a great workout and so sometimes when i'm tired of going to the gym, okay, i'm going to go dance for a couple hours and that will be my cardio today. it's a >> it's tennis and thought of olympic greatness that keeps her motivated. >> being an olympian and role model at the same time is cool. i think they go hand in hand together. me growing up i looked at olympians and i was, like, i want to be like that. i'm going in there to win the gold. i'm also going in there for the first time with this is going to be fun for me.
7:46 am
joyful side of serena. it's incredible how long she's dominated the sport. first reached number one in the rankings in july of 2002. she's a dominant force. >> when she says she's not a natural dancer, has she ever seen me dance? that's not a natural dancer. >> you're right. >> that's really not a natural dancer. all right. we've got much more. coming up, the two of us set out to conquer one of brazil's most famous landmarks, sugarloaf mountain. let's just say hoda wasn't exactly thrilled with the way they got there. >> extra cocktails for that one. from here, can you spot the reason why donald trump is taking heat for this particular photo?
7:47 am
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7:51 am
i've been caught doing this before. and then mike pence got blasted for traveling to new york city and eating at a chili's and trump is taking heat of taking this picture about to enjoy kfc with a full set of silverware. one of the undeniable truths in america is that kfc must never be eaten with silverware. it's finger licking good and eating kfc with a fork and knife is like eating a candy bar with chopsticks. no word on how he ate the mashed potatoes and gravy. either way, it's fried chicken. >> sounds so good right now. >> yeah. i always want fried chicken. >> would you take sparkling cider in its place because we hear it's your 35th birthday. happy birthday, dylan. >> thank you.
7:52 am
>> this made my day. >> nobody trip or fall. >> cheers. >> happy birthday. >> this is my first unalcoholic birthday since i was 21. >> happy birthday. >> thank you so much, guys.
7:53 am
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7:57 am
>> the is 7news now. >> kris: good morning to you. we are close to the 8:00 hour. a gray and gloomy day. we want to get over to danielle gersh with a peek at that forecast. is this going to linger, danielle? >> danielle: this is g commute, kris. this is a loop. over the last three hours that rain tracking east has started to weaken, but inside 495, lots of steady rain. then that rain is more scattered inside 128. if you're getting ready to head out the door, you'll continue to see the showers until we head into this afternoon. high temperatures today mid-70s, close to 80. 7 on 7 forecast, we're warping things up into the 80s tomorrow into thursday. >> kris: danielle, thanks so much. our top stories today. a dentist facing a judge after
7:58 am
allegations. police say he inappropriately touched a female patient during a procedure monday morning. investigators say the alleged victim then walked out of that office. the dentist has been charged with indecent assault and battery. and one man is in custody. police are searching for a second suspect following a gunfight in roxbury. we'll have all the details in about 25 minutes.
7:59 am
and drawers with many layers, to show exactly what you need. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen
8:00 am
? it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, shannen doherty speaks out taking her personal battle against cancer public. >> from one of my surgeries we discovered that some of the cancer cells might have gone of the lymph nodes. >> why she's shedding a spotlight on the disease. >> meet the surprising results when matt sits down with the hollywood medium. >> that can validate that they're around us. and ain't no mountain high enough. matt and hoda hop on a cable car
8:01 am
that's straight down. >> "today," tuesday, august 2nd, 2016. ? >> all of the way from australia. >> and england to see the "today" show. >> independence, kentucky. we love the "today" show. >> all of the way from texas. hey, y'all, wha our neck of the woods? >> good morning, minnesota. >> sweet 16 in nyc. >> all of the way from louisiana. >> we love you. >> it is 8:00 on "today." it's tuesday, august 2nd. special split edition of the "today" show.
8:02 am
are in rio de janeiro and al is on his way to join them soon. >> leaving on saturday. >> how's it going? >> it's going great. you have a nice crowd there. we are getting a bigger and bigger crowd here. we're taking over rio one person at a time. and remember -- >> looks like you have tens of people there. >> exactly. hey, savannah is m our audience here. remember earlier we told you it was overcast and chilly here. forget that. now there's not a cloud in the sky. back up to 80 degrees. it's back to speedo weather here. >> by the way, savannah, all you see on the beach just so you know are speedos after speedos after speedos. matt says no-no to that. we'll see. we have a couple weeks to work on him. >> my gosh, now i'm really jealous that i'm missing out
8:03 am
say about the speedo? >> i do about the potato. i do. >> i'm not going to follow that with what they say about the speedo. i'll google it. >> let's get a check of the morning's top stories. >> donald trump unleashed a new i hallie jackson has more. >> reporter: donald trump often calls his rival "crooked" hillary clinton. now he calls her the devil. he slammed sanders saying sanders made a deal with the devil.
8:04 am
his comments against the khan family. new pressure on some republicans to answer for their nominee. senator john mccain, for example, issuing a lengthy statement praising the khan's service and sacrifice and rebuking trump but he and others in the gop still not unendorsing him. meanwhile, we're getting a new look at how the democratic convention in philadelphia last week apparently helped hillary clinton. she's getting a bounce in our new nbc tracking poll out this morning showing her up 50% to 42% over trump. a seven-point increase since last week. tamron? federal health officials issued a travel warning advising pregnant women to avoid a section of miami. the wynwood arts district is popular with residents and tourists and also ground zero in a homegrown zika outbreak apparently from mosquitos. on monday florida governor rick scott announced that ten more
8:05 am
to 14. the u.s. fight against isis is expanding to targets in libya. american warplanes have carried out air raids on isis positions in the city of sirte targeting command and control facilities. president obama authorized the air strike at the request of libya's unity government. a scuffle between police and the man took off in a car but crashed a short time later. police say the suspect who was on probation had a gun in the vehicle. eight years into his vice presidency and joe biden has just now presided over his first wedding ceremony. mr. biden posted this photo on twitter on monday with the message proud to mary brian and joe at my house. both are longtime white house staffers and as vice president
8:06 am
love. look at this. with summer olympics set to start, it seems like the wrong time of the year for hockey highlight but follow along. check this out from russia. stunning the crowd with this move at an event. he scoops up the puck with his stick and throws it into the net. that wouldn't be legal in annual game. >> it's like an exhibition game. >> like harlem globetrotters. whistling sweet georgia brown except a different georgia. >> good. all right. love that russian humor. thank you, tamron. >> coming up, shannen doherty's new revelations about her health. what's ahead for the former "90210" star and on "trending,"
8:07 am
for this ad. is it sexist? >> hoda faces her fear. the fear of heights as we make a the fear of heights as we make a trek to the top of[bell rings] i like to use my backpack as a basketball! i use mine as a science experiment! as an emergency umbrella. to help feed a friend. a drum solo! embark backpacks. guaranteed for one year. good is in every blue diamond almond. good is a catalyst, good is contagious. and once it gets going there is no stopping what you can do. get your good going. blue diamond almonds. proud sponsor of the us swim team
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8:11 am
we're back now. 8:11. actor shannen doherty is speaking out about her battle with cancer and revealing now that it has spread. morgan, good morning. >> good morning. a lot of us grew up watching shannen doherty o turned to social media to share her intimate battle with breast cancer and now she's opening up about how she's in her first interview since shaving her head after a year-long battle with breast cancer, actress shannen doherty says the disease has now spread. >> from one of my surgeries we discovered that some of the cancer cells may have gone out of the lymph nodes. >> reporter: in a tearful interview, the "90210" revealed that she had a single mastectomy
8:12 am
it's worrying about your future. >> taking her once personal battle public. >> you can see that she's feeling despair. this has been very difficult for her. she's had by anybody's account a tumultuous life and this is a tough blow. she certainly seems to be trying to be strong. >> since being diagnosed in february has undergone treatment. >> i did not go to the doctor right away. i can't get into this because i'm in the middle of a lawsuit at the moment, so i'm not allowed to talk about it. and so i didn't have insurance to cover me for going to the doctor.
8:13 am
her former management company says we look forward to the opportunity to present our case fully and completely to a judge and jury. in the meantime, doherty says she's focusing on the president fighting for her life and letting other women know they're not alone. doherty says she doesn't want to know specifically where the cancer has spread beyond her lymph nodes. she doesn't even want to know what stage it's in. after chemo and radiation, she'll have reconstructive surgery but right now her focus is just on fighting it her control. >> we send our best to her for sure. morgan, thank you very much. we shift gears now. let's get a check of the weather. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by the venture card from capital one. you deserve a travel rewards card that lets you travel how you want. switch to the venture card and fly any airline any time. what's in your wallet? >> in case you're flying to rio
8:14 am
maracana stadium friday night 7:30, 72 degrees. clear and mild. so we'll get to start things off on the right foot as far as the weather is concerned. we're also looking at some wet weather in the midsection of the country from omaha into st. louis. monsoonal moisture will build up as we make our way into the southwest. the heat is on as well. you have hundreds from texas into nebraska, hundreds interior sections of california as we northeast with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. wet weather making its way from the gulf into the mid-atlantic states. out west going to be gorgeous. plenty of sunshine. 69 in seattle today with sunny skies. >> danielle: hey. good morning. tracking some showers this morning, they're moving east. a lot of that heavier rain is along 495 from franklin up to the pike. notice inside 128, showers more scattered, but we're going to continue to see this rain as we head into lunchtime today.
8:15 am
rainfall tapers off. high temperatures today mid-70s close to 80. here's your 7 on 7 forecast. warm things up into the 80s tomorrow and thursday. as we head into the >> don't forget you can check us out every day on our sirius xm channel 108. >> all right, al. let's do "trending." we'll start here with an ad that's getting a lot of attention. take a look at it was actually shown in the uk but a lot of people are slamming it online calling it sexist. take a look. it labels boys scholars and girls social butterflies. you just have to ask yourself -- we reached out to gap for comment. they say gap brand has always stood for individuality,
8:16 am
o we did not intend to offend anybody. >> and einstein's name is spelled wrong on the boy's shirt. >> wow. >> did you notice we have a treat here. we'll play a game. okay. we have a video. it reverse. so this is the example. then you have to guess what it is. ready? here we go. what do you think this one is. roll it. >> raspberries and blueberries. >> it's cherry and pineapple. let's go another one. >> she's not going to lie. >> i wouldn't.
8:17 am
okay. here we go. what do we think it is. >> blueberries and bananas. >> it's roll it. let's see. >> grapes and blackberries. >> very hard. >> should we do another one? here we go. what do we think it is. >> bananas and strawberries. >> bananas and almonds. final one. here we go. >> kiwi and a vegetable. >> it looks like fish. >> it was broccoli and mushrooms. save us from ourselves, hoda and matt, in rio. >> she got all five. unbelievable. in the spirit of the
8:18 am
felt guilty about not being able to run a certain distance, even a mile? you shouldn't feel all that bad. the world's fastest sprinter, greatest sprinter on the planet and six-time gold medalist has never run a mile either. in a surprising revelation, his trainer told "the new yorker" the world champ never tried running that far. you're a runner, hoda. aren't you surprised by that? >> whenever i go run people say i saw you. you were walking along the road. no. i was it is 1,600 meters. i bet you a million dollars if bolt tried to run a mile he could do it. >> run it under five minutes. >> let's throw it back to dylan for "pop start." >> i can't run a mile either but i can sprint. just not fast. i rather sprint than run a mile.
8:19 am
we don't have details on gender or the name but of course we're wishing them both the best. congratulations. next up, kanye west is a rapper, producer and fashion designer but he has an eye on another industry which he revealed to bbc. he said i have to work with ikea. make furniture for interior design, for architecture. kanye said he thought students might be interested in his design for an apartment or back in march he tweeted this. super inspired by my visit to ikea today. amazing company. my mind is racing with possibilities. ikea told cnbc there are no plans in the works however ikea australia shared this photo on facebook saying kanye we would love to see what you create. we could make you famous. i like it.
8:20 am
>> remember this cover of "learn to fly" the giant gathering of rock musicians. this is in italy. it went viral. at 1,000 members strong the band named rock 1,000 claim they're the world's largest rock band and in the latest performance they paid tribute to the legendary david bowie. take a look. ? >> i love it. so cool. if any of you are interested, they accept applications for band members on their website in case they want to go to 1,001. >> very fun. we should join. >> do you have to have musical talent to join? >> i think there are enough people to drum you out.
8:21 am
thank you so much. let's head back down to rio. >> announcer: "today's" rio is sponsored by coca-cola. open a coke and enjoy the games. >> good time for today's countdown to rio with opening ceremony just three days away, we thought we would get to know our host city a little bit better. >> rio's locals built hs the houses are barely white for long. in 2014 they legalized street art and turned it into an art gallery. >> one of the famous landmarks is sugarloaf. they made their hollywood debut
8:22 am
that's how we plan to reach the summit of the 1,300-foot tall peak. ? >> here we go. here we go. >> how are you with heights? >> i'm scared of heights. >> scared petrified. >> on one to ten i'm probably about a seven. matt, jangling up there in air -- >> it freaks you out watching that disappear. there's no net. amazing how quickly we're getting high. would it freak you out if i started jumping up and down now to see how strong it is to see if i can get it bouncing. the cable car by the way is over 100 years old. >> let me know when we get to the top of it, please.
8:23 am
>> we're at the first platform. the first major hill on the tram. look at the view over here. how beautiful this is. >> really, that is beautiful. that's gorgeous. >> wow. copacabana. >> you're welcome. what are they called again? are they fine if you get closer? he won't jump down, will he? come here. the perfect spot for a picture. trust me. trust me.
8:24 am
wall. why would we do this? you want a sherbet or sorbet or something? >> i see something i want over here. b-a b-a-r. >> first time you had a smoothie with no rum in it. 1,300 feet straight up. it's like empire state building plus. all right. let's go up. so look. that's copacabana beach over there. there's our set right there. >> where? >> right through this gap in the hill there. see the white tower. that's the back of our set. there's the "today" show set. how about this view?
8:25 am
it's really beautiful. wow. ? >> we have a rio bucket list. we can check off the top of sugarloaf. >> with hyperventilation. >> going to the next item on the bucket list. you know what i think it should be? right behind us. how about christ the redeemer? >> you're okay with that? >> i'm once you get up there, so worth it. >> so pretty up there. it's really pretty up there. literally hoda steroid at the carpeting of the tram the entire way up. >> great shag in case you're wondering. >> pretty where we are right now. we're on copacabana beach. this is actually the deck of the set that we have built here. the set is just behind the camera. we aren't going to show you that now. we'll start our shows from there on monday.
8:26 am
they've been building this set that we've taken to many olympic games in the past since may it's just about ready for us to
8:27 am
>> this is 7news now. >> kris: good morning. it's just about 8:30. live look outside at the boston skyline. gray and gloomy. not the way we like the start our day. let's get over to danielle gersh with a peek of the forecast. we this need the rain. >> danielle: we certainly do. we're continuing to track those showers through your morning comm a lot of this rain is weakening, but showers inside 495. as we head into this afternoon, the rain will become more isolated. high temperatures mid-70s, close to 80, more sunshine as we head into this afternoon. >> kris: danielle, thanks so much. to our top stories, a dorchester man charged with manslaughter will be back in court. prosecutors say 26-year-old brian hingston of quincy tried the break up a fight at a bar in
8:28 am
and later died as a result. a dentist facing a judge today after an alarming sexual assault allegation. police say he inappropriately touched a female patient during a procedure monday morning. the alleged victim then walked out of the office. the dentist has been charged with indecent assault and battery. three massachusetts men facing charges after an alleged shaving scheme. police say these men were trying to sell $200,000 worth of stolen gillette razor blades. investigators say one man stole the razors while working at razors and sold them on ebay. 7news "today in new england" returns at 9:00.
8:29 am
8:30 am
it's tuesday morning. it's the 2nd of august, 2016. we have an awesome happy crowd out on our plaza. so nice to have them. coming up from here, matt had quite the experience when he sat down from the hollywood medium tyler henry. wait until you see his reaction to what he heard during the hearing. it sounds incredible.
8:31 am
oscar winning role. we have stories from the ultimate hollywood insiders. keeping kids occupied and out of trouble during the end of the summer. how to handle family vacation squabbles and new school jitters. >> this could be a witching hour for a lot of parents. first, matt a special guests with them in rio. hey, guys. >> we do. we're here with some of the team usa athletes ready to go for gold in rio. >> first first olympic athletes on the set. say hello to members of the u.s. women's sabre team. ladies, how about this? introduce yourselves and tell us where you're from? >> we're the united states women's sabre team.
8:32 am
>> well done. in just a couple days away from opening ceremony. you'll be marching in that. how do you feel leading up to it? how are your butterflies? >> we're pretty excited. we just got here yesterday. just getting settled in. a lot of us are just excited to experience everything the olympics has to offer including not only bringing home gold but marching in the opening ceremonies. >> there is a lot of attention surrounding you. you're making history. the first american woman to compete in t wearing the hijab. as a muslim american, how do you feel about it? >> i'm so excited. this is a moment i dreamed for for a long time. i hope not just to represent myself and family well, muslim community but most importantly team usa. >> that's awesome. i can't help but notice the other lady's hair. it's for good luck. sparklies in yours. you're going purple. you may switch your color, too.
8:33 am
>> do you guys do certain things for luck before you get started? >> not so much luck. i love the purple hair but it's standing out and just not being afraid of who i am and being confident and trying new things. >> you talk about confidence. this team has a good reason to be confident. correct me if i'm wrong. since 2011, in any world championship, you medaled every time including 2014 which was a gold medal. what's your degree of confidenc teammates to help me on this trip. it definitely makes me feel really good. >> i have to point out there are a lot of great legs here in general. as athletes, you guys have the strongest we've seen. what is it that you do and maybe it will help us all? is it just the stance? is that what's happening? >> squatting. >> show us a little something. >> light squat and then you are lunging. we're one sided so we are
8:34 am
more of a workout than the other. it's like going to the gym and doing squats on one side. >> they look well matched to me. >> what are you guys looking forward -- your event is one day, right. it starts and it stops on the same day. what are you looking forward to doing in rio after you're done competing. >> taking in the other sports. >> a lot of room here. we would love for you to hang any time you want. >> sightseeing, seeing other sports and getting to know the rest of team us olympians and some are here for the first time so it's awesome to to be here together and support team usa. >> we know it's not an easy trip from olympic village down to the beach so a little "today" show bag for everyone as a thank you. thanks for making the effort. we appreciate it. >> thank you.
8:35 am
new york. >> announcer: "today" olympic spotlight is presented by mini. proud supporter of serena williams and others defying labels. >> many have overcome obstacles on the way to discover their dreams. earlier we heard about serena williams' journey to what will be her fourth olympics and just moments ago we spoke with ibtihaj muhammad. you don't have to be an olympian to surpass expectations in your every day life. show us how you're beating the odds and taking on passion of your own using hashtag defylabels and we'll share stories on the air. al has a check of the weather. >> it's this time of year the new jersey state fair and you
8:36 am
>> this you can come over and c it out. we're an hour away from new york city. great veggies. animals. 5th through the 14th. >> good to see you. all right. >> danielle: hey. good morning. tracking some showers this morning, they're moving east. a lot of that heavier rain is along 495 from franklin up to the pike. notice inside 128, showers more scattered, but we're going to cont t head into lunchtime today. this afternoon we'll start the see the sunshine come out as the rainfall tapers off. high temperatures today mid-70s close to 80. here's your 7 on 7 forecast. warm things up into the 80s tomorrow and thursday. as we head into the >> that is your latest weather. matt? >> all right. thank you very much. before leaving new york, i had a
8:37 am
he's known for his show "hollywood medium." with tyler henry, you never know where he's going to go. he wows people with his psychic abilities and has a new book coming out in november about his life as a medium. we had tyler on the show to do readings. he insists on not knowing who his subject will be. i didn't know what to expect did he. >> great to see you. how have you been? >> amazing. how have you been? >> nervous. i don't understand the process to be perfectly honest with you. >> i'll explain it. you're watching me scribble. i just do this. this is my way of forgetting my surroundings and distracting myself and focusing on essential points to pick up on subtle impressions that come through. i found in practice that sometimes holding onto an object
8:38 am
with a particular person. anyone can come through. someone connected to the object. may bring through people not connected to the object. >> tyler asked for a pocket knife i brought. he didn't know it once belonged to my maternal grandfather but as he just explained, sometimes other people insist on making their presence known. >> wow. okay. so i have a few people coming through. i first want to start with this man who is insisting to connect. he doesn't come through as grandfather butn essence. he's going to have me talk about the passing of this person. i'm definitely getting more reference to a progressive decline of health and showed a symbol of a phone held to one's ear and in a unconscious state and it's okay to pass and they were told by family it's okay. you don't have to hold on. and there's a feeling of appreciation with where he was when he died.
8:39 am
refuse to die surrounded by doctors dying in a hospital withering away. >> whether he knew it or not, tyler was talking about my father who passed away in 1997. at his request, he spent the last few weeks of his life at home under hospice care. >> he's thankful for the steps for him not to pass away in a traditional facility. that's really important for him. the way it comes across. a lot to take in. i haven't asked for what makes sense and what doesn't so far. >> a lot of it makes sense. a lot of it. >> showing me a reference to a coin. i don't know why this is coming through in the way it is. it may not click right now. he's referencing a coin collection. it's a random old archaic thing. >> i have a couple silver dollars from him. not a lot. >> it's reference to having three. i have to talk about misplacing one. how many do you have knowing that? >> i think i have two.
8:40 am
bird flying into a house and having to get this bird and trap this bird. it's the funniest thing. do we have to run out and grab a box and capture it and throw it out. funny instance about this. it's specific. i have to verbalize it. random details like that can validate that one is coming through. >> we've had that happen. tyler says his abilities include a sensitivity to people's medical conditions and he picked something up from me. >> do you mind if w health. nothing serious. >> not at all. >> you have a susceptibility to sleep apnea. good to keep in mind. your entire dad's side of family is coming through. >> it has been brought to my attention i snore just a little bit. >> that's all right. >> sleep issues aside, tyler said my dad did have another message. >> there's a reference to fishing but he's talking about
8:41 am
i don't know if you're aware of this, he's acknowledging that an individual out on a boat and i feel like sitting alone fishing and he's having me acknowledge that i'm there with you. i'm there with you. >> you know, my dad shared two passions with me. he shared golf and fishing. and i do go out and fish a lot alone on a boat. and this idea that might be a time to that he's attempting to communicate is phenomenal to me because i spent a lot of time doing that. >> your father is so immensely proud of you. you didn't have to get where you are today for him to be proud of you, and you didn't have to get where you are today to be successful in his eyes because he viewed you as successful
8:42 am
>> there is nothing a son or daughter could want to hear more about their parent. is it possible to ask and see if he has any things he wants to know from me. >> sure. sure. he wants to make sure you're happy. beyond everything else, beyond everything that you have, just that you're happy. that's his number one priority. >> tell him i'm happy because of him. >> i have to say, it was just a fraction of our conversation. the conversation i had with tyler. it lasted for more than an hour and there were times, guys, where my hands were shaking and i felt like i was perspiring because the things he was saying were spot on. it was incredible. >> i don't know how you didn't cry. >> you know me as well as
8:43 am
there were cameras around there that maybe not the person who will let that go at that moment, but i tell you, i got home. i cried. i did plenty of crying when i got home. we want to let you know season two of hollywood medium almost seems weird to do it as a promo because it was so much more important to me than a promo. it premieres wednesday, august 10th on our sister network e. back to you. >> incredible. just talking to matt last week after having this experience, i just amazing to see. coming up next, we'll shift gears dramatically. we have some untold inside stories from hollywood's legendary talent agency c.a.a. what you never knew about your favorite tv shows and movies. first, this is "today" on nbc. laura (vo): mom taught us that families comes first. laura: hey, mom. mom: hi. laura (vo): so when she needs a little help... i am happy to give it.
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an inside look of hollywood talent agency and those who have shaped careers of many. we have james andrew miller. congrats on the book. give me the elevator pitch. if people have never heard of caa and don't know this agency, what makes this book exciting? >> there's a paradox to it. few people outside of holly us all day. they're part of our lives than anyone of us realize. you turn on the radio, katy perry is there, that's caa. i just love the idea that there's this little iceberg there. people in hollywood know it but below the surface is a lot. >> a lot of celebrities are
8:47 am
that kind of thing. is it dishy? >> it's dishy when it needs to be. not dishy for the sake of dishiness. i think there's a great story about what agents do because agents really don't talk about themselves. they are supposed to talk about their clients. now reversed it. we have a lot of stars talking about their agents and that's kind of fun. >> there's some great stories in this book. i want to run through just a few of them. sarah jessica parker, she really didn't want city." >> she really didn't want to do it. her agent who she's been with for a long time basically forced her to do it. she talks a lot about that process. >> matthew broderick, her husband, didn't want to do "ferris bueller." and cher didn't want to do "moon struck" and was tricked into
8:48 am
that? >> her agent is ron myer, legendary hollywood person. he's really an amazing guy. she didn't want to go to the meeting. he tricked her into this meeting where she left and by the time she left she already committed to the movie. he tricked me. no way i wanted to do the movie. won an academy award. >> you get a sense of what agents do and we talked to dustin hoffman, the movie "rainman" so iconic and him playing the man that has autism. it was the agent that had the idea as i understand it. >> "rainman" was an incredible story. one of the agents was so adamant about tom cruise and his career that they just pushed tom into this movie and let's face it. tom and dustin don't exactly look like brothers.
8:49 am
>> tom cruise i was fascinated to learn that in risky business the underwear scene was not in script. >> you have to give tom credit. he came to it when he was 19. a kid. >> amazing guy. >> the book is called "powerhouse." thank you so much. nice to have you here. we're back with more from new york and rio on a tuesday morning.
8:50 am
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>> announcer: today's parenting team is sponsored by johnson. discovering wonders with parents and babies. >> this morning on "today's parenting team" keeping your cool at the height of the summer sizzle. camps winding down and parents are getting stressed out.
8:52 am
things better? robin berman joins us. we need you. at the end of the summer a lot of times kids are getting antsy and bored and your theory is embrace boredom and the mess. >> now you're ready to kill me. we have to welcome boredom. it's hard to come by in 2016 for kids. they rush from activity to activity. they are overscheduled. their pace is there's electronic devices everywhere. we want to welcome boredom. you get creative. you have to think about what should i do? you have to be self-directed. what activity should i have versus a parent, an instinct, resist to give a laundry list. you can do this or that. leave it.
8:53 am
>> go outside and play is great. nature inspires awe and wonder and it gets kids out and feeling their body and interacting and being social. so if you can tolerate it -- that's the key to parenting. sitting with your discomfort. not theirs. sitting and knowing you'll break through the other side. you want them to get frustrated. >> i want to get to this end of summer school anxiety that crops up for a lot of kids. you have a empathizing with them. explain what you mean. >> empathy is a big emotion. i'm scared and most parents say you'll be fine. they reassure. school is not scary. you deny a kids' feelings versus meeting them where they are. gosh, i get it. i remember when i was scared the first day of school. >> that emotion coach basically. >> that's the key to parenting.
8:54 am
i'm an emotion coach. we want to install an emotional thermostat so that your kids can modulate their feelings. one of the corner stones of mental health is being able to manage your feelings. think of someone -- i saw someone on the 405 in los angeles flipping an old lady the bird. what's wrong with his mother? what went wrong? >> of course you think that. you're a psychiatrist. you have to think that. thank you. we're taking notes. we really are. >> up next, we're tackling pregnancy head to if you want to join the conversation. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. ? with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee.
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neighborhood. changes in place as a summer program opens back up to kids in south boston after a child drowns. and deanding apologies, the group including a massachusetts lawmaker who is asking donald trump to say sorry. and we are continuing to track some much-needed rain this morning. when drier weather and sunshine returns in your forecast. >> all this and much more.
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alarming allegations a dentist heading to court after a patient says he inappropriat inappropriately touched her. a gps guiding one car in the middle of a shootout. now a suspect is behind bars and we are getting a look at the dash cam footage. new polls for the race for the white house as hillary clinton is seeing a push after her star-studded convention. >> announcer: this sara french. >> i am chris anderson in for christa del camp. >> sarah: she is make emceeing strides against breast cancer which is a great event coming up. >> chris: the rain is here. >> danielle: we need the rain for anyone who went outside and did the rain dance, it is much appreciateworcester gotten three quarter of an inch of
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