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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  August 2, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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traffic stop last night here in salem. authorities feel they were a threat to police. we've video of them in court today. 26-year-old calvin membership doza of fitchburg and 25-year-old emanuel shonia of salem facing firearms and drug charges. police say the two were arrested after they were pulled over after, for a traffic violation in salem last night. they say the stop escalated into an incident in which police felt threate in possession of a large capacity firearm and were listening to a police scanner app on their cell phone. they say one of the suspects allegedly became overly hostile to the police officer on the scene and started talking about recent police shootings around the country. now the defense attorneys say the charges are an overreach. again we said there are firearms and drug charges.
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dangerousness hearing next week. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> jadiann: there is more breaking news today. the parents of star trek actor anton yelchin are suing fiat chrysler after their son was killed by an s.u.v. that had been recalled. he stepped out of his car and it rolled backwards pinning him against a wall. the s.u.v. was part of a worldwide recall. >> ryan: also on 7 a worces an alarming say -- assault. police hi he inappropriately touched a woman during the procedure. >> jadiann: victoria warren has details. >> reporter: accuse of indecent assault in a dental chair, a woman told police her long time dentist doctor nikhil patel, grabbed her breast four times during an exam. >> she was now very much in fear of him. she wanted him to stay away.
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54-year-old dentist entering a not guilty plea in court after he was arrested at his practice where a sign advertises we cater to could youwards. he has been a dentist for 26 years and his lawyer says he has never been in trouble before. the lawyer says they're looking to see if cameras inside pratt could help in the investigation. but says health privacy laws limit what he can say in dr. patel's defense. >> he is saddened by the serious a patient has, has made, and of course, the charges are serious. we take them very seriously. he is going to vigorously defend himself in this court and in any other forum that charges him with any offenses having to do with the care of this individual. >> reporter: the dentist is out on $1,000 bail and the judge ordered him to stay away from the victim. in worcester, victoria warren, 7 news. >> jadiann: 7 news
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it formed in the caribbean this morning and there are hurricane watches now in parts of central america. >> ryan: chief meteorologist jeremy reiner is here with a look at the storm and its track. >> reporter: yes, here it is and no threat to the eastern seaboard of the typically a quick rule what the storms pass south of cuba it's usually a nonfactor for the even seaboard. this is the case with earl but this is our first tropical storm in a while. we're in hurricane season, june 30th. all the warm colors indicating all sorts of thunderstorm activity around the center of earl continuing to head west at about 15-20 miles an hour. max winds at 50 miles an hour, the latest thinking from the hurricane center is that he will continue on a westerly track crossing the yucatan peninsula into the bay of campeche by the end of the week. still maintaining tropical storm status at this time. winds down to around 45 miles an hour. then likely to make land
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in the week, early this weekend. for us we do have some beneficial rain shower activity coming to an end around metro boston. then we're back into the sunshine for tomorrow. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. >> jadiann: in the race for the white house now, president obama today delivering a major shot at donald trump. speaking from the white house the president said trump is "unfit to be his successor," and it happened just as trump was making his own pitch. school rally in virginia donald trump blasted both hillary clinton and president obama. >> with hillary you are going to have four more years of obama and if you have four more years of obama our country is finished. >> reporter: the return fire came from not clinton but president obama during a news conference with the prime minister of singapore he aired trump is unfit and unqualified for the white house. >> president obama: he doesn't appear to have basic knowledge around critical
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unprepared to do this job. >> reporter: he said trump's series of controversial comments have forced some republicans to criticize him. >> >> president obama: what do this is say about your party that is your standard bearer? >> reporter: a new survey monkey poll shows trump has fallen 4 points behind-like when the libertarian and green party candidates are included. trump called hillary clinton a liar and a crook. >> she wants to play the tough one, she is not she is not tough. >> reporter: outside thes rally retired lieutenant colonel louis doff plan showed a copy of his purple heart he planned to give to trump. >> people are still good today. >> reporter: trump calleddorfman to the stage. >> i always wanted to gets the purple heart. this was much easier. >> reporter: a moment amid controversy over his statements about a military family who criticized him.
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president has shown failed leadership and saying hillary clinton is unnight to serve in any -- unfit to serve in any government office. scott mcfarland, nbc news. >> jadiann: massachusetts congressman seth moulton with strongwords coming up at 5:00, hear what he is saying about his service to the country and trump as a candidate. >> ryan: three local man could be facing jail time after police say they planned line. the three men have been charged with attempting to sell lomb $210,000 worth of gillette razor blades on line. the blades were stolen from the south boston manufacturing facility. >> jadiann: to a story you will see on just one station. a secret service agent sharing his story. garrett fitzgerald was critically injured in a car crash back in december. he is talking about what happened and his long recovery. kris anderson has the story. >> this is absolutely
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fitzgerald couldn't help but smile. the secret service agent has battled through a grueling 7 months after suffering serious injuries during a car crash in new hampshire last year. on monday night fitzgerald was honored in ipswich receiving the 2016 top kopp award. >> this is humbling. and true show of support that didn't expect but it's, it's amazing to say the least. >> reporter: he was working security d democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton in wakefield, new hampshire in late december. police say an unlicensed driver was trying to pass another car when he crashed into fitzgerald's car. other driver was killed while fitzgerald suffered serious injuries to his spinal cord. he is crediting his doctor, family and friends with helping him through the tough battle but says it's his law enforcement family that is really helping. >> it got me through some of the tough day, tough times
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so i still have a long road to go but, you know, this community has been absolutely amazing. i couldn't have asked for anything more. >> reporter: truly inspiring there. in addition to receiving that top cop award, fitzgerald was given a check for $30,000 from the officer harald vitale memorial fund. kris anderson, 7 news. >> ryan: following more news today. new york police commissioner william braton is stepping down. he did say he wille braton will stay on the job until september. >> a deadly bus crash in california leaves five people now confirmed dead. the charter bus was driverring from southern california to sacramento when it crashed. the driver swerving then hitting a hole. the pole went through the middle of the bus. it's not clear yet why the driver swerve and police say it may be a while before they can figure that out. >> this is a substantial scene. this is a tragedy and that
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investigate and to clear. >> reporter: crews used ladders to get to the survivors. >> ryan: crews working hard to controlling the moss ito population in part of miami. the virus appears isolated to one square mile in the city. but crews are working to kill the mosquito population there to make sure it doesn't spread. >> to be safe, we're pregnant women shouldn't travel there and if they're living or working there they should do everything possible to prevent mosquito bites. >> we're active making sure we do everything we to control the spread of zika in our state. >> ryan: so far 14 people have been affected from zika in florida. >> jadiann: concerns about the zika one of the things that made the road to rio a little bit of a rocky one. the city beating out other impressive venue,.
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coaster ride. >> reporter: we are just three days away from the opening sorry moan with the world -- ceremony with the world's attention about to focus squarely on brazil. country has gone through its ups and downs but rio says it's ready to welcome the world. look at any gold medal performance and you are seeing the result of hard work. years of sacrifice and adversary, moments of loss and doubt but in the end a performance to remember. that is what brazil wants to rio beat out chicago, tokyo and madrid to become the first south american city to host the olympics. organizers were impressed with brazil's experience in large scaled sporting events and swayed by games -- while getting ready for the games brazil fell into its worst recession in decades. country's president was driven from power.
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blind as negative headlines mounted. trash in bacteria filled waters. the terrifying emergence of zika virus. to be honest i've never seen an olympics that has such a wide array of potential problems. >> reporter: the city hopes for the best. >> rio is going to be the safest place on earth to be by august. >> reporter: like athletes making their way here rio insists it's ready going for plenty of athletes have been arriving, in total more than 10,000 athletes will be competing in 28 different sports. in rio nancy chen, 7 news. >> jadiann: nancy is covering all of the action right there in rio, she will be there for the opening ceremonies throughout the games. her live reports coming to us very soon. so be sure to look for those. >> ryan: an afterschool program that some parents are very worried about. what organizers behind the
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teaches about religion. >> jadiann: a chelmsford cat stuck in a cat for two weeks. how it finally made its way down. >> ryan: at 5:00 a salem man facing murder charges, police say he walked into the station and told officers he killed his wife. >> jadiann: we continue to follow breaking news out of salem two. men in court facing weapons charges. the authorities who arrested the men felt threatened when they mentioned recent attacks on police. we're keeping a close eye on this for stay with us. >> announcer: tonight, if you have a prescription for pot, you can finally get it filled. in boston. 7 news takes you inside for an exclusive look at boston's first medical marijuana facility tonight
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>> jadiann: a new school ra controversy, it's called afterschool satan. the group behind it says it teaches kids important lesson. >> ryan: tim caputo has a closer look. >> reporter: reading, writing and and redemption, a new program wants to tackle religion and it's coming from an unlikely source. the satanic tem spell launching afterschool satan despite their intentional creepy promotional video it's not what you think.
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god let alone a devil. >> reporter: the group met in salem last month to plan their roleout of offschool satan created to counterevangelical programs that teach the bible in public schools. >> there is some lack of separation of church and state especially with evangelical christians moving into areas that may or may not be sanctioned. >> reporter: a 2001 decision allows groups to reach out to thoughts on afterschool satan. >> obviously we disagree with their point of view. and we don't believe what they're teaching or will teach will be true. and that would probably say the same thing about us. >> reporter: the sate an ick tem peal is trying to offer their programs in schools that have good news club. it'll have to start in other states. even if it was an option we had a hard time finding any
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>> i think edge should have opportunity. i don't see anyone actually enrolling their child. >> maybe don't jump out with satan. try something else. ease into it a little. >> reporter: tim caputo, 7 news. >> ryan: take a look at the phish lying on the beach. the fish are called poges and are pushed to the shore by striped bass and blue fish. that has been happening for months. op catch other fish. >> jadiann: the animal rescue league of boston got a stray cat down from a three who was there for two weeks. they say the cat was healthy and he was taken to a shelter to recover. >> ryan: hungry for sure. coming up a dramatic rescue caught on camera. how a team of people helped save a driver. >> reporter: few showers
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sunshine coming into boston as well as the north shore. forecast for mid-week up next. >> jadiann: appearing making big changes to its emoji, the icons you will nobody the seeing on your iphone any more. >> ryan: a massachusetts man getting a special honor, what the wrestler will do during the opening ceremonies there. >> jadiann: also a shocking video of an alarming takedown. the flight fight caught on
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>> ryan: take a live look outside. the sun is out after a very soggy start to the day. rain has wrapped up here in boston. the sun is out. >> jadiann: you know what j.r.just said? he said it's probably going to be a nice afternoon and evening. so that is cool, right. >> reporter: yeah, especially boston north. sunshine making a return as we speak. you folks on the cape, you
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jar yesterday. you'd sunshine while we had the clouds. i think it's reversed today where you'll have to wait on the cape and the islands to get your sunshine back, but you will. warming trend with temperatures head back to the upper 80s and tropical storm earl no threat to anyone on the eastern seaboard. more often than not it's a none player when they pass south of san juan. when they pass north o highway alert. the latest thinking from the hurricane center crossing the yucatan peninsula over the next couple of days then into the bay of cam pesch then it makes land fall in next coas a weak tropical storm or tropical depression. elsewhere there are clumps of showers and storms. this time of year we pay closer attention to the tropics but after earl makes land fall i think we're quiet for a while. here is our weather system. doesn't have a name.
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showers marching down the south soon on to the cape and the islands. hit and miss beneficial rain shower activity which in western new england you got get a bit of rain. lexington only .1 of an inch of rain. much adieu about nothing. here is the dryer air dropping in from new hampshire and maine. working down into the city of boston. eventually the south shore. the south coast and the cape later on overnight tonight. a little area then high pressure moves in for the remainder of the week. temperatures low 70's upper 60s to around 70 on the cape and the islands, when you got the sunshine first your temperatures at this time near 80 degrees, weather map tomorrow high pressure is in control. it's with us for the remainder of the week. and with the high pressure settling south of new england by the end of the week, that is when we see a warming trend. patchy fog. comfortable.
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54-63 tomorrow. back into summertime mode. mostly sunny skies. low humidity, high temperatures tomorrow between 75-80. great beach day. use the sunscreen. 7 on 7 forecast, thursday and friday lots of sunshine. warming up but again not excessive heat or humidity. enough to remind you that it's august, not september. temperatures on friday upper 80s. >> ryan: the rain is over so is it helping the commute home? let's check in with george brown. >> reporter: you can see a little about the of sunshine looks nice on 128 southbound. heading to the mass pike. you see all of the volume here. that was a breakdown up by burlington two. -car crash that cleared out but he head south to the mass pike pike that is where all the heavy volume it. take a look at the mans and show you what it looks likes, travel times about a half hour now as you are going southbound from route 2 down past the mass pike down to route 9. as we take a look at 9 zakim
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volume heading southbound into the tunnel. you are backed up all the way through the o'neill tunnel and the expressway is jammed up both directions. you can see, you are looking at about a half-hour road all wait to canton son. northbound is tarts by union street up to columbia road. as we take a look at the mass pike heading out a town of lot of volume this. is brighton after the allston tolls. stays heavy out to newton corner. breaks free a bit after the weston tolls. >> ryan: security in rio a top priority. how the city is making sure they're olympic ready. >> jadiann: at 5:00, a murder case in salem. a man says he strangled his wife.
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>> announcer: this is 7 news at 4:30. >> ryan: first at 4:30 we continue to follow breaking news, two men facing drugs and weapon charges in salem. >> jadiann: investigators say they had police scanners and guns in their vehicle, adam williams is live for us
4:29 pm
they stopped the two men last night for a traffic violation originally, but then things escalated. the officers saying they felt threatened. both men were in salem court today. the 26-year-old and a 25-year-old both facing firearms and drug charges. police say they had a large capacity firearm and they were' listening to a police scanner app on their cell phone. mendoza yell and refused police orders shootings across the country. >> the defense says the charges are an overreach. both are being held without bail and a dangerousness hearing is scheduled for next week. i'm adam williams, 7 news. >> ryan: a popular west bridgewater bar close its doors. the charlie horse which has been around for more than 25 years is shutting down for good. >> jadiann: people in the area are devastated by the news.
4:30 pm
westbridgewater with more information for us there. it looks like you are inside. >> reporter: that's right. as you can see it's certainly not bustling at all because they're just about to shut down and a lot of people are upset. workers helping to close down the charlie horse for good. are still coming to grips with the sudden bad news. >> we're going to miss it here. >> reporter: customers, too. >> i was so devastated. >> reporter: the charlie horse restaurt shore institution taxi up and downed from a sports themed bar adding an arcade and offering family fun and food for 25 years. >> there was dueling pianos when my husband and i first met so we used to come here for the dueling pee anas and it was fun. >> reporter: a lot of memories. >> a lot of memories. >> reporter: last week the barrette family who runs the place decided time had passed people by. >> people going out drinking today are looking for a little bit of a trendier


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