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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  August 2, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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westbridgewater with more information for us there. it looks like you are inside. >> reporter: that's right. as you can see it's certainly not bustling at all because they're just about to shut down and a lot of people are upset. workers helping to close down the charlie horse for good. are still coming to grips with the sudden bad news. >> we're going to miss it here. >> reporter: customers, too. >> i was so devastated. >> reporter: the charlie horse restaurt shore institution taxi up and downed from a sports themed bar adding an arcade and offering family fun and food for 25 years. >> there was dueling pianos when my husband and i first met so we used to come here for the dueling pee anas and it was fun. >> reporter: a lot of memories. >> a lot of memories. >> reporter: last week the barrette family who runs the place decided time had passed people by. >> people going out drinking today are looking for a little bit of a trendier
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love it here, we've been here 25 years, i don't think it quite fits into the trendy definition. >> reporter: workers are being told they have jobs if they want them at the barrette family's other restaurants. but they say it won't be the same. >> it's magical here. everyone felt that way. there are very few people feeling they didn't lose more than just a job. >> reporter: kids who have been saving t points for the big prize are being told to cash in their big tickets. >> i've memories here attend a fun place. sad to see it go. >> reporter: they're lined up to cash their tickets. i ran in a guy who had 200,000 tickets and walked out with a v.and a tablet as he cashed in. the barrettes say while the size of the facility was a problem they're looking around and if they can find a smaller place the charlie
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dahn danks 7 news. >> jadiann: police arrest a man they say assaulted an officer at the harvard square it. stop. police say 36-year-old travis artist went through the father gaetz without paying. within 10 minutes he return and when he was asked to leave he attacked the officer. >> ryan: police in manchester, in the afternoon, arrest a man wanted for murder in lynn. he has been hanging out in manchester. he was arrested after r after a traffic stop charged with being a fugitive from justice. ayer police want your help finding a bike stolen from a 14-year-old boy with disabilities. the spike a blue three wheel we are a large basket and the family says the teen loves riding the bike and says they've set up a gofundme account to buy him a new one. >> jadiann: attorneys
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a judge to rule the death penalty unconstitutional in his case. the justice department is charging roof with hate crimes for targeting victims based on race in the 2015 shootings. he faces the death penalty in a state court where he is charged with murder. dangerous drive in california as a truck filled with bales of hay catches fire. heavy smoke forced the hoy to close -- highway to close backing up traffics for miles. firefighters estimate tractor trailer. crews were able to reopen the highway. officials are working to figure out what sparked the fire. >> ryan: terrifying plunge. a driver has a medical emergency behind the wheel and his car caribe in a lake. strangers and officers nearby quickly jumped into action and their daring rescue helped save his life. the men inside the car was conscious but incoherent with the car sinking he would have drowned but two strangers came running. >> i jumped off my machine
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took off hi boots. through my wallet and phone and jumped in. >> i couldn't imagine standing there watching everything happen. you got to be proactive and try to do whatever you can. >> reporter: the car windows were rolled up as seconds slipped away. >> we had to break the windows. >> reporter: within a minute or two police respond and three officers dove into the lake. they had to use an ax to break the driver's side window. >> he i the car is sinking, there is a little excitement factor going on. >> reporter: three officers, two citizens a real team effort to save a life. >> i seen somebody need help. just kind of got to help 'em out. >> we get paid we're going to do it but to see ordinary residents risk their lives to jump in the water to help a fellow humannan -- >> reporter: none of the rescuers were hurt. there is no word on how the driver is doing. >> jadiann: also caught
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into a west virginia wal-mart. their owner says she left the car running so her two dogs could be cool while she shopped. one ever the dogs -- of the dogs knocked the car into gear sending it rolling into the front of the building. the dogs were not hurt. no one, no person was hurt either. police officers in michigan make a smoky safe rescuing a young boy when his house goes up in flames. boy's mother rushed to house, grabbing her infant daughter but she couldn't find her son who was hiding upstairs from the fire. two nearby officers crawled into the burning house, grabbed the boy and took him to safety. >> fact that the child was, did come down to us after yelling for him right place right time, kind of thing it's humble experience. >> really, really grateful for him. i mean i owe him by life. i owe him my child's life. >> reporter: the
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firefighter. >> ryan: last minute preparations under way before the games in rio kick off on friday. despite the excitement and background brazil is facial real issues down. there water pollution, crime and the zika virus to name a few but the city unveiled its metro line getting ready to host south america's first olympic games. security is also been stepped up in rio armed soldiers guarding the athletes village and a are patrolling the waterssomes after a private firm hired to provide security was fired overred weekend. nancy chen is in rio, she will cover all the action leading up to the opening ceremonies. for live reports starting this thursday. apple making serious changes to their eemoji.
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bullets are out and water is in. apple replacing the pistol emoji with a green water gun. consider it am's version of gun control. some people got in trouble with the law because they used the piss toll in social media posts. last year a group against gun violence started the campaign to specifically get rid of the firearm emoji. it must have worked because the gun goes bye-bye with the newest iphone and ipad update but that is not thes only emoji change. you will see a woman detective, construction worker and police officer. there are also new female athletes. a pride flag and more family options for single parents. apple releases that new update called ios10 this fall. so if you do not want to wait until next fall for the update download the public beta version available right now. >> ryan: some moms
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asked to leave a movie theater. >> jadiann: incredible find at sea. some fishermen real in a massive hammerhead shark. >> ryan: a kentucky man accused of attacking a flight crew. >> jadiann: two men in salem court facing weapons charges. the officers who arrested the men felt threatened when they mentioned recent attacks towards police. we'll follow that and be
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>> ryan: movie moms outraged in florida. they were at a screening of the films "bad moms" when one was told to leave. >> jadiann: it was because she was' breast feeding her child. sarah french explains. >> it's impossible to be a good mom. >> reporter: the movie bad moms opened this weekend. in a theater in florida confronting some mad moms in the audience. >> when i heard other women
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needs to cover up i started crying. >> reporter: she says her friend was asked to cover up while breast feeding and then given a choice. >> ultimate emeither cover up or you can leave. you know, i just -- at that point, just -- was so hurt. >> reporter: she was' with a group of about 50 women who went to see the movie. a couple of them brought their children. the only problem, the theater's policy doesn't allow children age 6 and under to atten >> clearly with the manager trying to get everything squared away but what ended up happening was he was unwilling to budge on the policy. >> reporter: while talking with the manager the women claim he went too far. they say he said the mom had to cover up while breast feeding her baby. >> people don't want them nursing in public. >> reporter: state law allows women to breast feed in any public or private location.
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an important question to answer. >> was this mother kicked out because of the policy or because she was' breast feeding? >> reporter: the mother is maintaining that her rights were violated and the theater hasn't commented on the situation. in the newsroom i'm sarah french, 7 news. >> ryan: coming up a new addition to the boston police force. ire cream truck that is the talk of the town. >> reporter: sunshine working back into southern new england. mid-week forecast up next. >> jadiann: we're following breaking news. facing charges. what they are accused of saying to police that landed them in some big trouble. >> zika concerns intensifying, what crews in florida are doing to try to kill all those mosquitoes. >> you've been to the airport. you know it's never without hassles along wait. >> jadiann: but there are things you can do to speed things up. nation you might be making and what to do instead. and what to do instead. >> that's on 7 at longhorn, steak is all you need.
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>> jadiann: this is pretty cool. look at that. the boston police department has a new addition to its patrol force. police commissioner evans unveiling the brand new ice cream truck for their so-called operation hoodsy cup efforts. since 2010 officers have handed out more than 120,000 free hoodsy cushion the trucks is a way for them to go out there and for children to see the police logo and interaction with the officers. >> ryan: whatever the commissioner, he said during the protests they came out with ice cream. it's a way to bridge the gap and keep everyone talking to each other. it's ice cream. >> jadiann: maybe the day is taking a turn. maybe we could -- >> reporter: i remember the ding dong cart. that's what we called it. you would hear the music and kids would unite from all neighborhoods. i haven't seen new two months. what are you doing on my
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but here you go. sunshine coming back into southern new england. a little swirl in the clouds indicating weak storm system with some showers, unfortunately that is about all we have across coastal new england. farther west the rain was heavier back toward orange and pitsfield upwards of 1-2 inches of rain out there. closer to the coastline boston, generally .1 of an inch of rain or less. the cape and the islands a few lingering showers, wellfleet, truro, wound down on the cape itself. here you go orange 1.02 inches of rain. hopkinton about .4. millis, lexington, a third to .1 of an inch of rain. over the last few days the hudson river valley of new york, you folks out there in those locations have picked up between 2-5 inches of rain. they wiped out their drought through portions of eastern
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forecast, no, not happening tomorrow or thursday, this is great summer weather. mostly sunny skies. for friday, saturday, a little more heat. a little more humidity. maybe an isolated shower or storm but again i think the chance few and far between. you can see the dry air taking hold. metro boston up through the merrimack valley. southern new england. temperatures in the 70's the city at 72. jaffrey 75. nantucket and worcester still in the upper 60s with a little bit of humidity out. there dew point temperature 50's, 60s. the numbers will level off overnight so becoming clear. there will be patchy fog but a comfortable night for sleeping in the house or the apartment with lows generally in the 50s, some of the warmer spots like boston our low temperature around 63. tomorrow mostly sunny skies. low humidity. temperatures tomorrow between 75-80679 boston tomorrow, lakeville at 81. north of town the sea coast, cape ann, merrimack vale, upper 70s to low 80s.
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sunshine back in full force, great beach day. water temperatures low to mid 70's with mostly sunny skies. again there maybe a couple of pox of low clouds and fog early tomorrow morning buttize looks great. temperatures between 74-79. high tide middle part of the day. cranes beach 75. ogunquit tomorrow afternoon at 74. hampton beach at 76. metro boston, a fair amount of sunshine, revere beach 77. nantasket and scusset 77 and widening the view for the islands, lots of sunshine, south beach 77 and lighthouse beach at 76. 7 on 7 forecast. more sunshine for thursday. friday, a little warmer those days upper 80s to around 90. >> jadiann: it's time for fast track traffic. see how the roads are looking this hour. >> we're high above the expressway. we're heading northbound. you see the northbound traffic isn't bad approaching mass avenue
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southbound, it's jammed up from the tunnel most of the way down past the split all wait into canton. it's going to be heavy and slow southbound coming out of the city. you can see it's about a half hour ride now as you make your way from downtown all the way down past the split. northbound looks heavy as well. you can see you are looking at probably another half hour getting from the split up to about andrews square before it starts to break true. out of the tunnel now 93 coming -- this is the pr heading out of the tunnel at the top of the tunnel heading southbound. you see all that volume. 128 is very heavy as well as we take a look west of town. you are looking at a lot of volume heading northbound and southbound. northbound backs up from route 2 all the way up to 93. southbound backs up from route 2 down past route 9. the mass pike heading out of town right now, you will see heavy delays from the allston brighton tolls past newton corner. slows from weston tolls out to framingham.
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california doing damage. a massive wild fire has destroyed more than 40,000 acres, 57 homes and is not even 20% contained. more than 5,000 fire crews there battle the fire. home owners trust firefighters but fear the worst. >> i'm not -- i'm not panicked. [laughter.] but i know things can happen and change quickly. >> ryan: crews are lighting controlled fire there is trying to conin the spread. >> jadiann: wild weather leads to major flooding in south carolina. the state was hit with several inches of rain last night. you can see here some streets completely under water. several roads had to be closed off. fierce lightning strikes are caught on camera. this in baton rouge. the bolt of light nink several bolts flashing in the sky. weather officials say there will be lightning storms in the city for probably the next week.
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good news if you forget to floss. >> ryan: there is little evidence that flossing prevents gum disease. it compared studies against people who only brush against people who use brushes and floss. the a.p.said studies show weak evidence that the flossing removes plaque but the american dental association says it cuts down on your chances for developing cavities. >> jadiann: your weight could affect how your body responsibilities responds the study finding obese mice weremore susceptible to the virus than lean mice. researchers think the same could be true in humans. more studies are needed to understand how the vaccine mites effect millions of people. >> ryan: children who suffer a concussion experience a spike in symptoms in the days after the injury. none of the patients had more than two of these
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activity like going back in activity was the most common trigg. >> jadiann: mcdonald is changing some of its recipes. they'll remove high fructose corn syrup from its buns. mcdonalds has reached its goal if only selling chicken not treated with antibiotics. executives say the changes are part of an effort to provide better quality food. >> ryan: a fishing trip one gup forget. they real in a massive -- reel in a massive hammerhead shark. take a look at these bbq trophies: best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... >>yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? ? whoomp there it is ? uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. >>best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. >>well i'll be...
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>> jadiann: if you need a story to brag about, this would make that list. three florida fishermen snag a massive shark. the trio let it go. that is a 13 footer. >> ryan: but their chris anderson has a closer look. >> all of the expressions were like it's a massive hammerhead! ahh! >> reporter: friends colin, mason and nick caught a big fish last week. it was 13 feet long, a mouth full of teeth. >> we saw it was hammerhead. >> reporter: the guys snagged the shark 200 yards
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i rod i just dropped the bait for starts screaming. >> reporter: it only took about 30 minutes to get the shark to shore. they brought it into knee deep water to cut the line and send it on its way. >> he swam off beautifully on his own power, jam away with his big fin out the water. it was amazing. >> reporter: something they say is so important to spent the fish you catch. people don't understand how big and how great and how strong these animals actually are. so it's an amazing feeling to break something like that in. >> reporter: all the fishermen are hoping to find the huge shark again when it's even bigger. kris anderson, 7 news. >> ryan: if they didn't have a camera with them would anyone even believe the story. >> jadiann: you have to get it on the camera. we have a lot coming up in
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nicer outside now. i'm jadiann thompson. >> ryan: i'm ryan schulteis. 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> adam: breaking news, a weapons arrest in salem. why police say they felt threatened by suspects. >> jadiann: a deadly dirks a man facing a judge after telling police he killed his own wife. >> adam: president obama not mincing words. what he had so say about the g.o.p. presidential nominee. >> reporter: rain wind down. back into the sunshine tomorrow. >> jadiann: it's an a massachusetts man. >> being the first people look at you they want to sandy standard. >> reporter: he tries to wrestle his way into the history books. >> announcer: 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> adam: following breaking news out of salem where two men are charged. officers say the men were listening to police scanners when they pulled them over. >> jadiann: authorities say they talked about recent police shootings.
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salem with more details. >> reporter: authorities say the two men were arrested after a traffic stop here in salem. early this morning, authorities feel they were a threat to police. now 26-year-old cal vain mendoza of fitchburg and 25-year-old eman yell shonio of salem facing fires and drug charges. police say they were arrested after they were pulled over for a traffic violation in salem around 3:30 in the morning. they say the traffic stop accident in which police felt threatened. police say the suspects were in special of a large capacity firearm and a 40 caliber hand gun with a round in the chamber. and were listening to a police scanner app on their cell phone. one of the suspects became openly hostile to the arresting police officer and started talking about recent police shootings around the country. >> mr. mendoza continued to be erratic and irate.


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