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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  August 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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salem with more details. >> reporter: authorities say the two men were arrested after a traffic stop here in salem. early this morning, authorities feel they were a threat to police. now 26-year-old cal vain mendoza of fitchburg and 25-year-old eman yell shonio of salem facing fires and drug charges. police say they were arrested after they were pulled over for a traffic violation in salem around 3:30 in the morning. they say the traffic stop accident in which police felt threatened. police say the suspects were in special of a large capacity firearm and a 40 caliber hand gun with a round in the chamber. and were listening to a police scanner app on their cell phone. one of the suspects became openly hostile to the arresting police officer and started talking about recent police shootings around the country. >> mr. mendoza continued to be erratic and irate.
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to keep his hans on the roof of itself car. he made references to getting discharged from the military and the diagnosed with bipolar and made several references to police officers being "shot all over country." and officers believe was intended to intimidate them. >> reporter: the defense attorneys say that the charges are nothing more than overreach. itself two men were held without bail and will be back in court next week forda i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> jadiann: more breaking news todays. the parents of star trek actorranton yeton are suing fiat choiceler after the 27 was killed by an s.u.v. the s.u.v. was part of a global recall because the gear shifter confused drivers causing it to roll unexpectedly. >> adam: a massachusetts man facing murder charges
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to strangling his wife. so that man turned himself into police early this morning and confessed to the crime. >> jadiann: police say the victim had recently filed a restraining order against him. kelli o'hara live for us in salem with details on the case. >> reporter: this restraining order back in may saying that her husband had tried to kill her before and she was scared for her safety. >> i don't care what happens to me but i'll get you. >> reporter: those were the words written by a wom roger alive. prosecutors say she had recently filed a restraining order against her husband but that didn't stop the man early this morning. >> the officer asked him if he could help him, mr. steves responded i just killed my wife. the officer said you what? mr. steves repeated that he had just killed his wife. >> reporter: steves is accused of killing his wife of 27 years. in the home the couple shared. the pair had recently been going through a divorce,
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for her life especially when steve's recently posted he was a widower on facebook. >> i know had is abusive. and he is a bully. he did strangle her. couple of times. >> reporter: last night steve's return home to his wife and five kids for family dinner. things were going well the prosecutor says until an argument broke out and that is when police say the 50-year-old murdered his wife then confessed. family members are now heart broken. >> i saw her and about t violence situation. it's -- >> my cousin is not here no more. >> reporter: the lawyer does say his client is guilty but he debates the level of guilt. as for steves being held, he is being held without bail. kelli o'hara, 7 news. >> jadiann: a boss man facing gun charges after a camera captures a shoot-out in the state. he stayed hidden blind the door at his arraignment today.
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including assault with a deadly weapon. police responded to the area after reports of shots fired. the shooting captured by a driver's darb board camera. >> adam: 7 news tracking tropical storm earl. the storm formed early this morning over the caribbean. we should say earl is the 5th tropical storm of the 2016 season. >> jadiann: we're going to get more information about the storm's track, let's head over to chief meteorologist jeremyne >> reporter: here is earl right here. when they pass south of cuba, typically that takes the east coast off the playing field in terms of this bothering us. it won't but nonetheless tropical storm, tropics have been relatively quiet but we're beginning to get to the height of the hurricane season. mid august through mid october is when you see most of the activity. all the warm colors indicating tall thunderstorms, swirling about. that is why we have the tropical storm. wind right now as of 5:00
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this afternoon. no change to the forecast track either from the hurricane center. the red line indicating where they think the storm is going to go crossing the yucatan, then into the bay of campeche as a tropical storm weakening down to 45 miles an hour then expected to make land fall they were weekend in mexico. as a tropical depression. closer to home we had some showers this morning. sunshine coming back right now. we'll talk about your mid week forecast in a few minutes. >> ada story. another case of zika has been found in florida. that brings the total number of cases now to 15. crew there is are working very hard to control the mosquito population in parts of miami. it comes after one day after public health offices warn pregnant women to avoid mime's winwood district. virus appears isolated to one square mile area of miami. but crews are working to kill the mosquito population there to make sure it
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>> i think what we really need to see is this outbreak in the winwood section of a miami is a wakeup call we can see multiple outbreaks. >> this is the first time in recent history that the federal government has issued a travel advisory for a part of the continental u.s. and it's specific to this one neighborhood. >> adam: today police officers in miami are going out in the streets handing out mosquito rebellant to people in the nominee sun fit to serve as -- is unfit to serve as president. i said so last week, and he keeps on proving it. >> jadiann: president obama taking on donald trump. the president blasting the g.o.p. nominee during a conference conference today. he questioned why republican leaders continue to endorse trump then denounce what he says. ryan schulteis has more on what is going on. >> reporter: president
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speaking at the same time within a few dozen miles of each other. they turned this summer afternoon into one of the most politically heat and charged ones of the 2016 campaign trail. at a packed school rally in virginia donald trump blasted both hillary clinton and president obama. >> with hillary clinton you are going to have four more years of obama and if you have four more years of obama our country is finished. >> reporter: the return fire came from not hillary clinton but president obama. he said trump is for the white house. >> president obama: he doesn't appear to have basic knowledge around critical issues, means that he is woefully unprepared to do this job. >> reporter: trump's series of controversial comments have forced some republicans to -- what does this say about your party that is your standard bearer. >> reporter: a new poll shows trump has fallen 4 points behind hillary clinton when the libertarian
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blasted-like calling her a liar and cook crook. >> she wants to play the tough one. he is is not tough. she is not tough. >> ryan: louis doffman showed nbc news a copy of his purple head he planned to give to trump. >> constant remainder people are still getting wounded today. >> reporter: trump calleddorfman to the stage. >> i wanted to get the purple heart. [laughter] this was much easier. >> reporter: a controversy over his complaints about a military family who criticized him. trump said in a statement that the president showed failed leadership and hillary clinton is unfit to serve in any government office, ryan schulteis, 7 news. >> jadiann: massachusetts congressman seth moulton slamming donald trump. he is an iraq war veteran and in a conference call he said trump doesn't have respect for military
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insulting comments to the gold star family of one of our military heroes, captain khan and as a veteran i can't help imagine what it would be like if trump treated my forethat way. he said that he sacrificed for our country by creating thousands of jobs. >> jadiann: moulton called for republicans to withdraw their endorsements of trump. >> adam: more news we're following. bill brayton is stepping down. the mayor de blasio made the announcement. he was on the job for three years and was also commissioner of country's largest force from 1994 to 1996. diblast yo said he is leaving but he feels confident in the
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commissioner bill braton whose contributions to our city and to law enforcement not only here but across the nation are literally inestimatable and restaurant -- crowned. in september he will retire from the nypd and we found the perspect fern to succeed him in chief jimmy o'neil. >> adam: he began his career back in 1970. the mayor says bra in september but wouldn't say more about his new job. >> jadiann: two mashpee police officers make a special visit to a girl who was injured in a bad accident. sargent palermo and defective foley stopped by spaulding rehab. to visit gabby mahoney who was hit by a car two weeks ago in mashpee. gabby says she is feeling bert but she is a little home sick and can't wait to get home. >> adam: as we continue, a
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talking serious stuff here. the pilot has to jump in. taking action when a passenger causes major problems and even tries to hurt someone. >> jadiann: then at 5:30 a deadly drive in california. a bus slams into a highway sign basically cutting the bus in half. >> adam: getting a sinking feeling. a man in new york had quite the surprise when his car, well, you see there, end up like that. >> jadiann: at 6:00 a story you will see one station, secret service agent injured in a bad cash now talking about accident that could have killed him. >> adam: also keeping close tax on breaking news. two men in court facing weapons charges. the officers who arrested the men felt threatened when they mentioned recent attacks on police. we'll tell what you they found in the car as we continue to follow the story and get the latest. >> announcer: tonight, if you have a prescription for
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>> jadiann: a passenger problem onboard a flight from kentucky to north carolina when a man gets violent and then has to be subdued. the takedown all-caught on
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>> adam: it was the pilot who decided the passenger crossed the line. >> sit down. sit down. enough. >> reporter: an airplane takedown by the pilot of this american airlines flight. the plane just landed when a passenger attacked a flight attendant and threatened to break her jaw. the man was drunk and he refused to sit down. an f.b.i. affidavit says he had three whiskeys during the flight. investigators say the man pushed a flight attendant to the floor and that is >> even though you don't. even though you don't -- yeah! >> reporter: the man scent struggling. the pilot had to restrain him for 15 minutes until police showed up. the man charged has been identified as 25-year-old michael kerr from kentucky. the court ordered kerr may not fly on commercial airlines until this case is
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massachusetts man already receiving a big honor before start of the olympic games. >> reporter: sunshine working its way back into new england as we spoke, forecast for the rest of the week up next. >> adam: defending matt damon, why his next movie is causing controversy and who is standing by his side? >> jadiann: tonight on 7 news at 7:00 closing time, a local land mark, well, pouring up one final r why customers say this institution is more than just a bar. >> anchor: all eyes are on rio. >> anchor: there are somethings making their first appearance at the olympic games, details on 7
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>> adam: we continue on 7 news at 5:00 with a gorgeous look of downtown b beyond some bubbling clouds there but for the most part it feels dryer and very comfortable outside. i think the flowers and the lawns are saying thank you, god. >> jadiann: so thirsty out there so for a check of what to expect let's go over to jeremy reiner. >> reporter: here is the weather system right here bringing beneficial rain to new england. western new england getting more but you take what you can get. and you don't get upset.
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showers working down the south shore and drying up. so moving forward again a few lingering sprinkles on the cape and the islands but even in those leaks you are -- locations you are done with the rain. certainly metro boston is. orange this morning with the rain. an inch of rain. millis a third of an inch and lexington, metro boston about .1. just in the past seven days not much in eastern new england, about a quarter to a halfnc hudson river valley, where they did have flash flooding, 2-4 inches of rain in last seven days. it would have been nice to get some of the moisture into new england but sometimes it's not the case. high pressure takes over from here foreign minister' nudge this area of low pressure out to sea. we're back into summer mode tomorrow with mostly sunny skies. no excessive heat or humidity. even as we work to the end of the week the high will be in a position here, south of new england that will allow it to turn warmer and a
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the humidity not be off the charts. smacks in the face but with increasing heat and humidity there is a slight chance of a shower or storm friday evening. also into saturday morning from this weather system here. so that cool front that will be our next chance of rain but i think it'll be a few scattered showers possible overnight friday night very early saturday morning, most of saturday is going to be dry. as will tomorrow and thursday. temperatures at this time very comfortable. low 70s. the city 72. nashua, bedford into the sunshine early this afternoon. mid 70s right now. tonight clearing out if it hand done so. patchy fog. comfortable. lows 54-63 and for tomorrow, lots of sun. fantastic. high temperatures tomorrow between 75-80. coastal locations upper 70s including the beaches, attleboro, 80. north of town dracut around 80. out on the cape and the islands lots of sunshine. mashpee 78.
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looks great for the beaches tomorrow. use the sunscreen. the backside of summer the sun is dangerously strong. high tide at 12:20. low tide at 6:17 tomorrow evening. so for thursday lots of sunshine. little warmer on thursday. high temperatures on thursday heading for the low 80's your 7 on 7 forecast friday lots of sun. you can make the case that is a hot day on friday. some of you merrimack valley you could be near 90 appreciation metro boston middle and upper cool front into new england saturday morning, it'll dry out behind those scattered showers early in the day on saturday. sunday, monday and tuesday of next week lots of sunshine. low humidity, but warm. temperatures in the mid and upper 80s, see you at 5:30 >> jadiann: massachusetts native receiving a very special honor on the road to rio, the 37-year-old wrestler will carry the flag for hearty during the opening ceremony.
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haiti but lives in springfield, massachusetts. >> adam: he was on his way to rio and selected for an olympic spot earlier this year and obviously is hoping to bring home a shiny middal. nancy chen spoke with him. >> reporter: we're now just three day ace way from the -- days away from the opening ceremony. plenty of people have been arriving getting ready for competition. brazil has been preparing for the olympics for years. they're touches here. you can see the tennis stadium where the flags hanging. we saw them putting the flags up. one quiting development for new england to tell you about, springfield wrestler cost tally will be the flag bearer for haiti. he is the first wrestler to ever represent haiti and had to lobby the nation for years just to let him do so. he told me that competing here in rio is much more that happen just about him. it's about his country.
5:24 pm
generation, the next haitian who could be in the olympics 2016 that is my country. i could be charge. i challenge them to be better than me. >> reporter: have to keep an eye out for him on friday p. i'm looking forward to bringing you all the highlights, nancy chen, 7 news. >> adam: coming up in our next half hour, rio in the spotlight. we'll look at this year's host city and how that city was chosen to host the games. that is coming up on news at reminder nancy is already in rio as you saw her there. she will be covering the action leading up to the opening ceremony and throughout the games. >> jadiann: on 7 news, apple underfire, the big change that could be coming to your iphone soon. >> adam: camp concerns, officials reopening a summer camp in southie after a little boy drowned on a
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>> adam: as always very grateful you are with us, ot straight ahead. >> jadiann: i'm jadiann thompson, 7 news at 5:30 starts now. >> ryan: now at 5:30 we're following breaking news. two men facing weapons charges, why police say they felt threatened. a local community coming together to help a teen with special needs. their efforts to get him a new bike after his disappeared. going, going gone, a sic hole swallows an s.u.v. in new york, officials race to the rescue when a man drives
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>> ryan: we're staying on top of breaking news, two men called to court facing weapons charges in court. police found the weapons in a car during a traffic stop. >> jadiann: so we're going to get straight out -- i'm sorry, see what we got going on. going over to the breaking news desk with adam williams, he is standing by with more on these broke breaking stories. >> adam: authorities say they stopped the two men last night for a traffic violation and things quickly escalated. th o felt threatened. both men were in court today which we have video here. 26-year-old cal vain mendoza and 25-year-old rodriguez facing firearms and drug charges. police say they had a large capacity firearm and were actually listening to a police scanner app on a cell phone. prosecution saying mendoza yell and refused police orders and talked about recent police shootings around the country.
5:30 pm
continued to be erratic and irate. he was screaming and repeatedly ignoring commands to keep his hans on the roof of the car. he made references to getting discharged from the military. he made several references to police officers being "shot all over country." in a tone that officers believe was intended to intimidate. >> reporter: defense lawyers are saying the charges are an overreach. both are being haled and a dangerousness heg adam williams, news rights. police arrest a plan they say assaulted an officer at the harvard square it. stop. travis artist was kirked out of the station, about 10 minutes later he return and when he was asked to leave he attacked the officer. a manchester, new hampshire, man facing charges accused of threatening his neighbors with a gun. the couple says the man pointed his rifle at them at their infant threatening to


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