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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  August 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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we have breaking news this morning. an american killed. a man in london going on the attack with a knife seemingly at random. a girl shaken up. police investigating after a run-in with a stranger in new hampshire. and woman soccer kicking off. game one all wrapped up and we are taking you to rio for all the action. >> announcer: this "today in new england." >> sarah: good thursday morning, everybody, thank you for joining us, i am sarah french. >> christa: and i am kris -- i am krista del camp. great to have this weather. open up a window. >> sarah: i haven't been outside. bri, how it looking. >> bri: the cool temperatures to start and want to update you -- lat update tropical storm earl was downgraded to a thunderstorm when it made
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a.m. it was a category 1 hurricane. we will continue to see it lose its steam as it crosses the yucatan peninsula. any hurricane or tropical storm over land will lose what it needs and keep tracking to the west. current temperatures for us warming up quite quickly from the cool temperatures. we were even in the upper 40s in some spots. now we are at 72 on martha's vineyard. a low 49 earlier. 77, boston. we are already closing in on 80 degrees. we warm into the 80s. if you liked will love today. a rinse and repeat without any rinsing involved; however, we could be getting some of that much-needed rain as we work into eight. i know that not the best news for the weekend, more details on the timing of that coming up in a few minutes. breaking news. we are learning that the woman killed in a violent knife attack in london was an american. five people were also injured in wednesday's attack at russell square. the conditions of the other victims are not known. police arrested a 19-year-old suspect.
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indicate mental health may be a factor. police says there no indication this attack was terrorism. right now a woman is in the hospital after very close call. a car slamming into a fence and a pole crashed through the windshield what you see there. this could have been fatal, because that pole just narrowly missed the driver. >> sarah: yeah, and her family talking about what happened. 7's nicole oliverio has the story from woburn. >> reporter: windshield missing the driver by inches. >> thank god she is alive. thank god. >> reporter: her wife lost control of her car just around the corner from her w woburn home yesterday. >> she collided with a couple of cars and the pole of the fence went through the windshield and missed her not even by a couple of inches. it grazed her elbow. >> reporter: this couple was in their back yard when the crash happened right out front.
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>> reporter: his mom was on her way home from the grocery stor store. when she was late he went over to her and saw the damaged car. >> made everything inside me drop and i almost kind of freaked there but i am happy my mother is okay. >> reporter: her husband said the fact she made it through this crash is truly a miracle. >> thank god we are getting up and going to see her at the hospital tomorrow instead of, you know, the worse. >> reporter: the driver actually hit the fence and it was a pole from pierced the car's windshield. they believe she may have suffered some sort of medical emergency. she stayed overnight at the hospital just for observation. in woburn, nicole oliverio, 7news, today in new england. happening right now, police in plasteau, new hampshire are searching for a suspect after a young girl had a frightening encounter with a stranger. a man waved at a 9-year-old tried to get her to approach
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the man immediately ran away. police in wall pole are search for a suspect in a robbery. investigators say this man robbed a game stop store on route 1 north. he got away with quite a bit of cash. if you have any information, you are asked to contact polic police. two people are recovering this morning after being hit by a car in lowell. it happened on brandt street. both victims were taken to the hospital with traumatic injuries. there is no word yet on their conditions or what may have caused the crash. city councillors are set to hold a hearing on the police department's body camera pilot program. police officials will appear before the city council at 5:30 tonight. earlier this week a civil rights organization released a review of the department's policy critizeing the department for letting officers review their own footage before releasing statements. friends and family will be saying a final farewell today to a 7-year-old boy who drowned at the beach in south boston.
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mattapan before he is laid to rest in boston. dozens of people attending his wake including mayor marty walsh and boston police commissioner william evans. willis became separated from his counselors from a day camp at carson beach. crews recovered his body from the water several hours later. happening today, officials will be back in home in upton where several cats were found living in filthy conditions. situation when neighbors complained of a foul smell. head out to 7's jennifer eagen in upton with more details for us. jen? >> reporter: krista, neighbors tell us that something similar happened here at this home a few years ago. investigators condemned the home after they got a look at the conditions inside here. crews in protective suits spent showers trying to remove the cats. upton's board of health visited the home along school street
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two dead cats were removed. eight surrendered to the mspca. a dozen more are hiding inside. >> just recently the past year or two, this summer the stink is beginning real bad. >> reporter: neighbors did not want to go on camera but the two sisters who live here were taken away in an ambulance for precautionary reasons due to the conditions of the home. people living on the street say something similar happened five years ago.we went down and got a meeting with the board of health and presented our came up here with the spca like a week or so after that and took out like 80 some odd cats. >> reporter: crews will be back to catch more of the cats that could take days. >> you see them in the windows. everything -- every time the drapes -- the shades are down of the bottom of the window. >> reporter: the cats that were rescued here yesterday, they were taken to a shelter in boston. they will be up for adoption
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charges are been filed against them at this time. we are live in upton, jennifer eagen, 7news, today in new england. latest in the fight against isis, a washington d.c. transit officer under arrest and charged. authorities athat man was trying to join isis overseas. the first member of law enforcement to face charges like this. and he was on the fbi's radar for quite some time. police and federal agents have searched the suburban washington home of nicholas young, a 13 d.c. area transit police, accused of helping a man he thought went overseas to join isis who was actually working under cover for the fbi. investigators say the fbi has been watching young in his house in a have a for nearly six years. ever since a friend was arrested for trying to join a terror group in somalia. another was arrested for plo plotting to set off a bomb at the u.s. capitol.
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distance. >> we knew something was weird with him but we never expected something like this. >> reporter: court documents said he was interviewed by the fbi. he collected nazi memorabilia, had a german eagle tattooed on his neck and twice went to libya to fight with rebels fighting the gadhafi regime. he met 20 times with a fbi operative posing as a isis and bought 4 200 worth of gift cards. he was requested to buy apps that making them impossible to intercept. >> you have to look at all potential threats seriously and have to disrupt those that appear to be developing in dangerous ways. >> reporter: no comment from his lawyer or young who and briefly in court. the fbi says young told friends he feared he was under surveillance, apparently unaware that he really was. the latest for the race for the white house. donald trump and hillary clinton are out on the campaign trail. trump will be in portland,
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town hall meeting. and clinton will be at a rally in las vegas talking about the plan for economic growth. a new fox news poll, clinton with 49% of the vote compared to trump's 39%. a month ago clinton led trump by 6 points in the same poll. trump putting on an united front at a rally in florida. >> the campaign is doing really well. it has never been so well united. we i would say right now it is the best in terms of being united that it has been since we bega began. >> sarah: even though trump believes his campaign is united key leaders are planning on an intervention after several controversies in the past few days. to the olympics this morning and let the games begin. action kicking off in rio for
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the big ceremonies in rio tomorrow night. >> sarah: the women came out with a bang on top. nancy chen from rio. >> reporter: the opening ceremony is under way and the competition is under way with the u.s. soccer team kicking things off with a strong start. >> reporter: team usa the waiting world cup champions are looking for the fourth straight gold medal and an impressive opener carly lloyd with a header scoring. and alex morgan gives the united states a 2-0 lead and enough for the win. next up, team usa plays france on saturday, but the game wasn't without controversy. [cheering] >> reporter: the crowd going after hope solo heckling the goalie with chants of zika of her twitter post of the
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saying she is glad the fans were having fun. when the american athletes had head into the stadium, they will be led by the most decorated of all americans of all time. michael phelps selected as a flag bearer and wearing a light-up jacket created by ralph lauren. his fifth olympic games. >> to have my teammates select me to bring the flag for and to be able to lead my country, it's a dream come tru true. >> reporter: phelps and the u.s. swim team arrived in style thanks to dallas maverick owner mark cuban. tweeted out this picture thanks for mark cuban for getting me safely on his plane. hashtag u.s.a. nate etner on the rugby team.
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teammates. the risk he is taking competing in these games. >> bad things happen obviously. a risk involved. i have a career in football and no not, but those weren't good to good enough reasons not to try a once in a lifetime dream. >> reporter: the american athletes get into a new home at the olympic village joining 18,000 other competitors around the world. in rio, nancy chen, today in with former flag bearers. they had a short visit -- do mean short with michael phelps. most decorated american of all time towering over the gymnastics team. they are all smiles. we want to remind you so much excitement we are adding an extra half hour of "today in new england." start on monday, all the
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a hurricane makes landfall. where this newly downgraded storm is dropping lots of rain as it moves across land. and what went wrong in dubai? investigators looking into that plane that suddenly burst into flames. we are in for more sunshine today. temps warming into the 80s and scattered showers and storms on saturday. we will get to the details of that ahead in the next forecast. a new kid on out his acting skills. the show in boy band member
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you're making this up! no, no, no she came on to you? i was walking down the street and from the other side, "hey! who is that? she just...she cat called you? no. he was just friends... he was friends with my pavlik. and that's a different story. oh, you stole her from her boyfriend? and since then i'm suffering. they lived happily ever after for how many years? 15? 130.
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we are tracking tropical storm earl this that made landfall as a hurricane in belize with winds reaching 80 miles per hour. earl previously hit mexico causing heavy surf and torrential rains.
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though as it moves over land. >> christa: bri eggers has been tracking the path. bri, you were telling us earlier that earl was barely a category 1 hurricane. >> bri: right. at 2 a.m. when it made it over the coastline of belize just barely a category 1. strongest wind speeds at 80 miles per hour, but you can see even the darkest reds here indicating where we have the strongest convection and storms. kind of fading out. warm sea surface temperatures storms and hurricanes, and when they start to get over land, like a car running out of gas. you can see the wind speeds right now, 65 miles per hour. continuing to track this storm as we head through the weekend. i think it won't be until sunday when we top to talk about -- stop talking about earl. but we are going to stop talking about it now and head back closer to home where we have fantastic weather in store for us once again today. current temperatures in the low to mid, even upper 70s already,
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dry air mass in place like we do right now. the cool mornings followed by the warm afternoon. a light sea breeze just for refreshment purposes as we get into the afternoon and will keep the coastal temperatures in the low 80s. cape cod and the islands, mid- to upper 70s for highs as we head into the afternoon. away from the coastline, all is fair as we head into the 80s. mid- to upper 80s in store for us underneath that warm sunshine. good day for the beach. the dry weather has been fantastic activities we want to enjoy. drought monitor just updated this morning has extended farther south, southeast, as well as northwest. you can see the deep orange area. severe drought conditions, and we have actually tipped over to 7 inches below average for year of precip so far. as bad as it has been since 2002 and we continue with the dry days for the next couple of days. high pressure on shore as we get to keep the sunshine around
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not today. not so much tomorrow either as we head into saturday that will be changing and this will be our next weather maker. it does not look like a drought buster. it does not look like a washout on saturday. that is very important to emphasize there. we won't lose the entire day, but scattered showers and thunderstorms are in the forecast. high pressure slides farther to the east. gives us this return flow pumping the heat and humidity, and then this front swings through the area, through the afternoon on saturday into the evening hours, up some of those thunderstorms. they will be scattered in nature, but that's our best chance for any of that muc much-needed rainfall drying back out as we get into sunday. so i know the pan mass challenge is this weekend. going to be warm and muggy for saturday, tracking those possible showers and thunderstorms, but then into sunday, even the dew points drop back off to comfortable levels and the temperatures much like they are today in the warm 80s. the warm enjoyable 80s we will call them.
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comfortable for sleeping overnight tonight. tomorrow, we are in for another summer stunner. sunny, warmer, 82 to 89. if beam plans are not in your thursday plans perhaps your friday or sunday plans. the seven-day forecast. staying in the 80s. a warming trend in store for the middle of next week. more news now, a 13-year-old boy in beverly is hoping someone return his late brother's bike after it was stolen earlier aidan regan said he left his bike outside and someone took off with it. his older brother cameron passed by that january and before he died cameron gave his bike to aidan and the regans say they just want it back. >> i would say that i hope you are liking it, and if you could give it back, that would be nice. aidan had a special connection with this bike, and would be really wonderful if he could get it back. >> christa: the bike is blue,
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bmx written on the frame and squeaky brakes. if you have any information, beverly police are asking that you give them a call. still ahead on "today in new england." flames tearing apart a plane on runway. hear from those who witnessed the frightening scene in dubai. new details on a arizona serial killer. police say he has struck again. we'll be right back.
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pat randazzo: when i see those false ads including today. lying down.and up.t headaches at attacking kelly on medicare, i wonder... they think that we're stupid? we know kelly. walter kolodziej: kelly has always done the right thing for seniors here in new hampshire - she has an impeccable record. mary griffin: we need to work across the aisle-which she does. mimi kolodziej: she's fighting for seniors
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work together to really preserve and strengthen medicare. mary griffin: new hampshire seniors trust kelly ayotte because she has never let us down. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte and i approved this message.
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we are back with a developing story this morning. investigators are focusing on the weather as a possible reason why an emirates airline plane made a rough landing in dubai. you are looking at video from inside the plane after it touched down. passengers started panicking trying to make an exit as smoke poured out from that plane. yeah, all the children and everyone we have our families safe. >> christa: the fire just gutted that airliner, all passengers and crewmembers were able to escape. ten went to the hospital. a fire fighter was killed battling the flames. new details on a serial killer in arizona. seems as though he struck again. police believe he shot at a 21-year-old man and a 4-year-old boy three weeks ago.
9:24 am
left seven people dead since april. police believe the shooter is drying this black car and a white cadillac. there is a $50,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. and daily fantasy sports sites including boston-based draft kings and rival company fan duel will once again be allowed to operate in new york state. signing a measure to allow daily fantasy sport draft king and fan duel shut down operations when the stat state's attorney general said they had been violating the state's gambling laws. still ahead, raking the big bucks. where this bay state author behind his hit books and movies ranks near the top.
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in one person's hands. trump: wouldn't you rather in a certain sense have japan have nuclear weapons. cooper: saudi arabia nuclear weapons? trump: saudi arabia. absolutely. more countries with more nuclear weapons. hillary clinton knows that's the last thing we need. as secretary of state, she negotiated a reduction in nuclear weapons with russia and worked with both parties to get it passed. an unsteady world demands a very steady leader.
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she came on to you? i was walking down the street and from the other side, "hey! hey! who is that? she just...she cat called you? no. he was just friends... he was friends with my pavlik. and that's a different story. oh, you stole her from her boyfriend? and since then i'm suffering. they lived happily ever after for how many years? 15? 130.
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in the buzz, joey mcintyre has a new project. >> christa: nay the massachusetts native and former member of new kids on the block going to star in a new comedy show. it is tentatively called the "joey mac project" and fictionalized version of his adult life. he wants to be taken seriously as an actor and losing the boy band image and producing in a show is donnie wahlberg one of the world's highes highest-paid writer jeff kenny the author of "a diary of the wimpy kid" series made $19.5 million. kinney made even more money than "harry potter" writer j.k. rowling that came in third at $19 million. much more ahead on today in new england including construction getting under way. a big decision clearing the way
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warm sunshine in the forecast again today and tomorrow, but we could be tracking showers and thunderstorms on saturday. the forecast is ahead. push. and more on that breaking news out of london. the woman killed in a knife attack there was an american we are learning. officials say mental health may have been a factor in this attack. we will have much more on this story st it's the celebration of the year! blinds to go's annual storewide sale going on now! buy one, get one at half price. hundreds of styles and colors. every item through the store. buy one get one at half price. our biggest sale of the year is a blast! blinds to go. blinds for life.
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sale going on now. buy one, get one at half price. hundreds of styles and colors. every item through the store. buy one get one at half price. that's something to celebrate! blinds to go. blinds for life. you're making this up! no, no, no she came on to you? i was walking down the street and from the other side, "hey! hey! who is that? she just...she cat called you? no. he was just friends... he was friends with my pavlik. and that's a different story.
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they lived happily ever after for how many years? 15? 130. no, contenders. breaking news, a knife attack in london. an american killed. what we know this morning. and new details on a racism scandal rocking boston latin school. how many cases of racial bias that they looked into. and the venues are set for the rio olympics. 7's nancy chen is taking us on a tour of where those athletes
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>> announcer: this is 7news today in new england. >> sarah: welcome back at 7:30, i am sarah french. >> christa: and i am krista del camp. looks like bri eggers has managed to bottle perfection. >> christa: not just her he but the weather. >> bri: ah, thanks, ladies. already 77 already in boston and that tells you another warm day ahead of us that we get to keep the sunshine around. a light sea breeze keeping out in the low 80s. we keep it dry for the next couple of days. a rinse and repeat without the rinsing. the rinsing doesn't come into the forecast until saturday. scattered showers and storms for the afternoon that day. we got to talk about that in more detail to come in just a few minutes. breaking news right now. we are learning that the woman who was killed in a violent knife attack in london was an american. five people were also injured in wednesday 'attack at russell square. the conditions of the other victims are not known.
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suspect and investigators say early signs indicate mental health may be a factor. police says there no indication this attack was terrorism. also happening today, officials will be back at a home in upton where they say cats were found living in filthy conditions. >> sarah: a neighbor that ti tipped off police of the situation when they smelled something coming from that hom home. 7's jennifer eagen has more from upton. >> reporter: crews in protective suits spent hours trying to remove the cats. upton the home along school street when neighbors complained about the smell. two dead cats were removed and eight surrendered to the mspca and a dozen more are hiding inside. >> just recently the past year or two especially this summer, the stink is getting real bad. >> reporter: neighbors did not want to go on camera but tell us the two sisters who live here were taken away in an ambulance for precautionary reasons due to the conditions of the home. people who live on the streets say something similar happened
9:33 am
>> we went down and got a meeting with the board of health and presented our problems and what we had and came to the spca and took out 80 some odd cats. >> reporter: crews will be back today catch more of the cats which could take days. >> you see them in the windows, everything. every time -- the drapes, the shades are down to the bottom of the window sill. >> reporter: the two women are not facing any charges at this time. as for the cats twe they will be up for adoption jls. construction on the wynn casino in everett is set to begin today happening days after the city of summerville has decided not to give wynn resort a waterfront permit. it will be the state's first resort-style casino and set to open in 2019. a 28-year-old man in maine is behind bars after allegedly threatening to kill police officers.
9:34 am
he and his partners plan to kill officers with high-powered rifles. he also said that he had placed explosives in the parking garage of the police department. police did not find any explosives in the building. police say a 19-year-old man died in an accident involving a police cruiser in fall river. rafael corderno died early wednesday morning after his dirt bike collided with a cruiser. investigators say several officers were responding to a 911 carderno and another biker failed to stop at an intersection and crashed. the officer said corderno didn't have his lights on at the time. new details about a huge fire in charlestown. investigators say the flames were likely caused by careless disposal of smoking materials. that fire ripping through a multimillion dollar brownstone last month. and five fire fighters were hurt battling those flames. nine fires were displaced by
9:35 am
in wilmington taking a traj i can go turn. police say that the body they found is believed to be that of ira john sebulin. investigators found the teen's body in the woods behind a home near glen road. so that's where investigators say the 18-year-old was last seen. officials say the death does not appear to be suspicious. also this morning, a report from boston public schools giving a more in-depth look at the racism boston latin. the four-month investigation looked into more than 100 cases of alleged racial bias since 2012. the report says teachers, administrators and students violated school policy more than a dozen times. the head of the naacp says this shows something needs to be done. >> now what we are seeing is there are more incidents. definitely more complaints, and now we have to pay attention.
9:36 am
serious one or incidents that are not searious, there is a problem at boston latin school and we need to do something about it. >> boston headmaster and top administrator has resigned amid the controversy. "the globe" is reporting that a 4-year-old boy that died in a lynn homeless shelter died of natural causes. charlie brand did not die from neglect or abuse. the medical examiner found he now to the race to the white house. the owner of a restaurant in jamaica plain believe a series of negative reviews may be connected to an anti-trump message. keith harmon owner of century street cafe said his restaurant received poor reviews on facebook. some of the comments are explicit. he believes trump supporters posted them after a sous chef posted a video of a trump rally on his personal facebook page.
9:37 am
in a time like this, something on someone's personal page could kind of jump over to something completely unrelated. a sign of what a divisive political climate is happening right now. >> reporter: facebook has been removing some of those negative reviews. we have more news now at a prep school in rhode island is now agreeing to settle up to 30 sex abuse cases. according to school officials, st. georges will paying a undisclosed amount of forward in the past few months alleging abuse by school employees and other students. some of the allegations date back to the 1970s. caught on camera, the las vegas show. lightning lights up the night sky after a day of over 1 100-degree heat. the show didn't last too long, but unlike other vegas shows, at least this one was free. three volcanos erupt in
9:38 am
delays at the country's airpor airports. thankfully no one was hurt. right now on this thursday morning, we are headed out to the olympic zones and the games are under way in rio with soccer kicking off yesterday. >> sarah: in the days to come the venues there will fill up with spectators watching the athletes compete with the gold. nancy chen is in rio and gives us a look at when the winning moments will be taking place. >> reporter: competition for the happening all over the city and rio is focusing on its best locations to make it all shine. over the course of 19 days, 10,000 athletes are going for gold in rio de janeiro looking to be the world's best in 28 sports. rio is the first south american city to ever host an olympic game trying to make a splash organizing its venues around its most iconic sites. >> reporter: four clusters in
9:39 am
off in americana. the legendary soccer stadium will host the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the soccer finals. diodoro in the north home of rugby and rugby and equestrian. the copacabana beach will be the star of volleyball. and the shilt here home of the olympic park and the olympic village where the athletes are where the world's best gymnasts, tennis players and swimmer also compete. the aquatic stadium, michael phelps, katie ladeke and the water design on that building and it has 15,000 tiny holes to keep fans and spectators cool. and it is home for us as well. we are inside the international broadcast center where journalists from all around the would rld will be working. this is our work space inside the nbc newsroom.
9:40 am
how compact. judo, wrestling, fencing and basketball and they are supposed to represent the mountains of rio. this is where it all happens. the world coming together in a spectacular celebration of faster, higher and stronger. and those venues will all be opening up shortly. the olympic park is not open to the public just yet, but the opening ceremony will bring everyone nonafter friday. in rio, nancy chen, 7news. edner has arrived in rio. he is excited to be part of the u.s. rugby team. in quick video of ebner, madison hughes and their other teammates. we spoke of the support he received from his patriots tea teammates back at home including matthew slater. >> i text matt almost -- every other day he is asking me what this is all like. i am trying to send him pictur pictures and let him know how
9:41 am
stand, those guys have showed me so much support on this. i can't say enough about this. >> christa: nice. 7news is your home for the summer games. so much excitement that we are adding an extra half hour of news on "today in new england." starting monday all the highlights from 4:30 until 7 a.m. i am hoping nate edner adds a gold medal to the collection along with his super bowl ring. when he gets back home. pets lending a helping han hand. how these dogs are helping survivors of a deadly attack. voting for president with a bottle of pop. do you say sosa or pop? i say soda. >> sarah: i say soda. i have friends that say pop or coke. everything is coke. .> christa: >> christa: drink in rhode island is getting political more like that. >> bri: pop is like grandma.
9:42 am
cold one today on the beach quiet weather and war four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts
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if you have a question about student loans, ask me. sincerely, michele wright fellow mom and fellow citizen. citizens bank student loans call 1-866-999-0154 to apply now. a rhode island couple having some fun with the election with the presidential pop poll. they own the soda company yacht club bottling and developed two new flavors for the two
9:45 am
hillary clinton's liberal lim limeade a raspberry lime flavor and donald's populous punch is a fruit punch. >> they have a slight acidity to them and they have a bite. like the candidates, they have a little edge to them. >> sarah: the couple is keeping track of how many of each flavor is sold and will release the numbers before election day. i wonder what they taste like. >> christa: the cartoons soak they look like the same person with the slightly different smile. this is cartooning. not talking about real life, bri. >> bri: pop, presidential pop poll. the alliteration works. soda wasn't quite there. today is another stunner for us. enjoy today much like yesterday with a warming trend into the weekend; however, a few thunderstorms are likely as we head into saturday. don't cancel your plans just yet. we will talk about that. current temperatures warming up
9:46 am
considering how cool it was this morning in the low 5s for many of us. boy, that happened very quickly and we have a very strong thunderstorm in store for us. light sea breeze this afternoon keep the coastal temperatures in the lower 80s for most including metro boston, 82. 87 for high in bedford. and only in the 70s for cape cod and islands, but really quite refreshing into this afternoon. now we keep it dry for today and tomorrow, and the dry weather is weather is fantastic for summertime activities and we could really use the rain. next chance for any rain in the next several days isn't until saturday. we take every drop we can get. beaches today looking fantasti fantastic. we keep the sunshine around. the sea breeze just refreshing for us. high pressure is in control. that sinking air is also warming air. and it keeps getting warmer as we get closer to this warm front. and then the cool front is what brings us these storms and
9:47 am
humidity will become noticeabl noticeable. i think a touch tomorrow, but really saturday, you will start to feel it and really sticking around for this air mass. high pressure sliding farther to the east gets this return flow pumping in more heat and humid. you get -- and humidity. you got the heat and moisture and all you need is the lift to fire up those storms and that happens as we get into saturday afternoon into the evening hours. now it is not a washout and we need to get closer to the day to really nail down the details on that; however, i wouldn't want you to cancel any of your plans is what i am saying and nail down the details closer to saturday. the next couple of days fantastic. warming trend in store for us. mid- to upper 80s as we get into tomorrow and the dew poin points staying in check for us as well with the exception being saturday. pan mass challenge for the weekend looks like saturday is your muggy day, then that cool front really clears things out
9:48 am
sunday. hitting links today. really nice for it. already into the 70s right now and we are into the 80s for this afternoon. a look at the 7 on 7 forecast showing more of those summer stunners ahead of us a and warming until the mid-90s by next week. also on 7, these four-legged friends aren't what they seemed. these dogs are helping out in a big way even visiting towns. normal job is to detect cancer. >> they are being put use, helping survivors of that deadly night club shooting. >> come on, eddy, come on. >> reporter: nothing like a dog that has been rescued. add in four or six months of training a therapy dog like eddie. >> a lot of purpose and work to do. our organization takes rescue dogs and saves i have that life so they can in turn help or save someone else's life. >> reporter: eddy is one of the countless dogs from the positive life foundation. they train rescue dogs for
9:49 am
humans. soon eddy will do that >> the nose certainly knows. >> reporter: it certainly does and our noses are different than our four-legged friends. >> they have 250 times better scent than we do. >> reporter: eddie along with a handful of other therapy dogs went to the orlando regional medical center visiting the victims of the pulse night club shooting that includes massachusetts native angel colon 37 dead so he could live. >> we had one woman that came up to one of our dogs and had a sullen look, drawn, after five minutes of petting that dog, she suddenly looked so happy and so cheerful and you can see a whole change come over her. for those moments, her world changed, you know, lifted her spirit and brought jay to her life even though she was in a horrible moment. >> reporter: something like the dogs like eddy that can take away the pain even if it is
9:50 am
>> christa: well the founder of the positive life foundation had first hand experience with a dog detecting cancer. her dog told her she was being paranoid but later on her dog detected it and turns out that, yes, she had a disease. >> isn't it amazing what dogs can do. they have them detect low blood sugar with patients with diabetes. >> christa: i remember seeing that story also through smell as well. >> sarah: and incredible healingow coming up next in 7 sports, the sox getting down to business in seattle, but the mariners taking a minute to honor david ort iz in a rather unique way.
9:51 am
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9:53 am
west for red sox. the offense stalled out in seattle and the team did get a boost from its number one prospect. rookie andrew bentendi played in the second game and recorded its first major league hit and finished two for three, and the sox couldn't generate enough offense. fifth, sixth and seventh inning. the team gave david ortiz a salmon from pike place market, market's famous style, they delivered the fish by tossing it. the mariners presented big papi with a portrait or a watch ciz krewes i guess it is not movin moving. you asked if it was moving earlier, sarah. a day after training camp turned nor moo a birthday celebration for q b tom brady. he turned 39 and his fans brought special birthday signs
9:54 am
birthday to brady. jimmy garapo lo acknowledged brady's big day as well. >> wish him a happy birthday and everything, but just little things here and there. >> what did you get him. >> what did i get him? i can't tell that you. >> christa: julian edelman and david ortiz posted pictures on line. he joked that brady is halfway to 100. come on, his math is a little way from that milestone. >> he will have fun with him next year, a big 4-0. up next a surprise delivery in a rather tricky spot.the woman giving birth on the side of the highway. the story coming up. beautiful warm summer weather in store the next couple of days. will be tracking showers and thunderstorms on saturday. one more look at the forecast pat randazzo: when i see those false ads attacking kelly on medicare, i wonder...
9:55 am
ej: kelly has always done the right thing for seniors here in new hampshire - she has an impeccable record. mary griffin: we need to work across the aisle-which she does. mimi kolodziej: she's fighting for seniors and protecting medicare. pat randazzo: kelly knows that we need to work together to really preserve and strengthen medicare. mary griffin: new hampshire seniors trust kelly ayotte because she has never let us down. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte and i approved this message.
9:56 am
9:57 am
fire fighters paramedics in amesbury making a surprise delivery on the highway. >> sarah: -- >> christa: as far as i am concerned too many of these stories but everybody is safe and healthy. a woman gave birth to a baby girl. she was trying to give birth at home and she had complications and paramedics pulled over on 95 to deliver this babyir fighters were given a pink stork pin to wear proudly on their uniform. >> sarah: way to go. they saved the day. we heard in a sound bite, all the credit for the mom. she did all the work. >> bri: they are good boy there is. they get it. warm sunshine. light sea breeze for the coastal areas and still into the 80s. if you plan on jamming it out. pearl yaming it out at fenway. looks good and sunday is the other time pearl jam is
9:58 am
the exception of scattered storms on saturday afternoon. >> christa: i did mention i love it ben bri is here. >> sarah: sounds like my
9:59 am
quilted northern works so well people can forget their bathroom experience. but these birds see all and forget nothing.
10:00 am
scade platinum... so let your dishwasher be the d this morning on "today's take," jennifer garner is with us talking about her new flick "nine lives" and the inside scoop on one of the coolest places to visit this summer and james franco gets more animated than you've ever seen him befo. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today." feel like i'm on repeat this week. another beautiful morning here in new york city. just gorgeous weather around here. it's august 4th, 2016. inside studio 1a, i'm willie along with al and tamron. we have your morning jam, al.


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