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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  August 12, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> two tractor-trailer collide shutting down the mass pike right before the morning commute. two dozen people rush to the hospital after a jetblue flight from boston hits severe turbulence. and we're headed into the olympic zone. michael phelps winning another gold leaving ryan lotke in his wake. four years. happy friday everyone. i love your suggest about taking the dual in the pool. outside. did i say that. this is how tired i am. when did i say that. we been talking about beach and pool weather for days now.
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warm day if you are laying out poolside. you feel the warmth and humidity in place. dewpoint levels a smidge below yesterday. still near 70 in the combination of the heat and humidity giving heat index of 88 in boston. feels like 90 degrees in beverly. close to 100 this afternoon. quiet conditions now across new england. the different i see today verses yesterday i think the common welth has a better chance of scattered storms. there's across metro west worcester county mass southern new hampshire scattered storm that develop this afternoon. back to high heat and humidity. temperatures running low-to-mid 90s this afternoon. and then we get the scattered storms to develop. a few could be strong with gusty winds. more prone toreeavy rain. it's a tropical air mass in place. with the tropical air mass you get the tropical rains when the stl orep an on that later today. let's get to w. traffic is moving against on the
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fire. let's get right to the scene with 7's victoria warren latest. vicki? >> they are still dealing with fallout from this overnight accident. and you could see her traffic is moving but on the other side where this accident en is still some backed up en dealing with that here for hours. 'victures from sky 7 pretty incredible. one tractor-trailer burstames os crashing into another truck. and you can see by looking at the pictures why it wreckage. the fire was immense. there's no reports of any injuries which is good. the burning truck was overturned. the good news we're told it wasn't carrying anything hazardous. thises on the eastbound lane in charles. both sides wereshdown. the backups this morning they lasted for miles. first they got the westbound
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eastbound lanes were open. so right now once you get past theeir traffic is once again moving. as for what caused this accident initially that is still underinvestigation. live this morning in charleston. victoria warren 7news "today in new england." let's get the latest on the big picture when it comes to traffic. you see vicki at the mass pike. and here's danielle gersh with the fast track traffic. >> still a that accident. so still some very heavy delays. notice westbound we're not seeing any delays. this anned eastbound right at the charlestown service plaza. the right lane are open eastbound but the other lanes still remain closed. an alternate loud to avoid this you could take route 20 instead. no other major issue on the pike this morning. north of town route 2 and 3 look good. 39 pretty good back to 495 slowing down a little bit as you
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we're watching an accident on the expressway northbound at columbia road here. and south of town no major issues. let's check the drive times if you get ready to head tout door this morning. braintree to boston. northbound on the expressway 22 minutes. 12 minutes on the pike from 128 and then 93 northbound, 128 to the zakim bridge 17 minutes. back to you guys. so much. danielle. >> also breaking right now. frightening flight from logan airport. a forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing. we understand about two dozen people were taken to the hospital with injuries. >> and passengers were rattled. nicole oliverio is live at logan with more. we can tell you fortunately those passengers finally made it tora7:30 now keep in mind they supposed to land last night close to 9:00 at night. so they say about 2 hours into
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the put on their seat belts and then make an emergency landing in south dakota. passengers say that they were flying up in the air once the turbulence hit. 22 people, t crewmembers all hurt they were treated and released from the hospital in south dakota and again that plane finally landing in california. that's the latest live from logan. nicole 7news "today in new england." 8 gymnast. but none better. they've got championship stuff. >> ali raisman. this is the moment she came back for. >> and simone biles. this is her destiny all along. >> walking to the top and raising the bar. >> what a performance.
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and so emotional afterwards. minute after she touched the ground there. she and teammate simone taking silver and gold respectively. here's nancy chin with the latest from rio. >> gold and silver medalist one, two for team u.s.a.. >> american dominance on display in the women's individual all around gymnastic final. ali raisman seizing simple. i was there when she stepped off the podium. cotu you. >> its so special the whole entire they were screaming and cheering and standing up. not being in the u.s. it's just so amazing i'll never, ever forget it. >> this has been her destiny all along. simone biles crowned the world championship. >> iike a whirlwind of emotion. excited. happy proud of me and we both went out there and did our job. i couldn't ask for anything
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the two members firefighter final five. halfway through biles the three-time raining world championship found herself in unfamiliar territory. she's not leading at the halfway point of the women's all around. biles and raiseman both behind russia. they came roaring back on beam. we just ken telling each other to have fun it's only one more routine. i then raiseman's floor routine increases her score. the entire time her parents on the edge of their seattles. this silver sweet redemption for ali. four years ago in london she was knocked off the podium due to the tie-breaker rule. >> i'm on cloud nine. i'm so excited to finally have my all around medal. took me five times for this. and i finally did. i'm happy. support pouring from back home and around the world. sox slugger tweeting con grats
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the silver medal making boston proud as usual. boston strong. both young women still soaking it all in. it's just insane. i don't have words. >> nancy chin. 7news "today in new england." now to pool where two of the greatest rivals in olympic swimming squared off. >> michael phelps proved his dominance swimming head to head in 200 individual medially t lochte. phelps claimed his fourth gold of the games. lochte losing steam and settling for fifth. winning 22 olympic gold medals. something you dream of. i said this before. i'm just living a dream come true. before the race lochte posted a picture on instagram as well.
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i'll miss him. >> the two are friends after all. and so here's that picture on instagram we were talking about. showing the two teammates and rivals by the pool. he captioned one last time u.s.a., long journey years. >> kayla harrison competition. she won the gold. she trains in she has won gold in and the first u.s. to win back-to-back medals of any kind. kayla is retiring from the support and going out on top. this gol belongs to us.
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i will retire as greatest that's ever done judo. kayla, ali and simone have a chance to share a few moments together after earning their medals last night. kayla and ali shared a celebratory hug. they showed off their new medals as they posed for picture. >> let's get caught up on the medal count. u.s. in the lead heading into today'sent. the americans have earned 38 china is still in second place with a total of 13. >> a pickup truck on a collision course in wakefield the driver rushed to the hospital after crossing the tracks and getting hit by commuter rail train. that man will be okay. john cocoa has more. >> he had to have just come out of nowhere.
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truck dragged the length of a football field down these railroad tracks. >> it was the last thing bob young expected to see. the video from his automotive shop captured this. young ran to help getting the airbags o out of the way then speaking to the driver. he just started to move. he was making some noises. but he was out of it. >> the mbta said the warning system was working properly. the bell sounded the gates came a 76-year-old man plowed through them in his truck. they asked about a medical emergency. >> he drove through it. >> the truck was lifted off the track. 76-year-olds rushed to mass general. people on the train shaken by the surreal experience. >>ist crying and shaking and calling 911. i just want to make sure here's all right. >> as of last night the man was still in the hospital. we told police are considering a $200 fine for him. in wakefield, john cocoa.
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now to some high drama in a maldin courtroom as a former uber driver answered to rape charges. prosecutors say the 34-year-old attacked a 16-year-old everett person and he picked her up at the time. police say booth friended her on snap chat. lateffered to give her a ride t red so uber released the following statement saying what's been described today is deeply permanently ban from assessing the app and we reached out to local authorities to offer any information that could be helpful in their proceeding. >> police are searching for a man who tried to break into a house while a teens home alone. police releasing this sketch of the suspect and investigator say a 13-year-old boy was inside the home at the time. when he saw the man trying to pick the lock with a knife. police say the suspect ran off into the woods when he saw the teen.
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police wanted to hear from you. >> more to come from the olympic zone. she's being called the best gymnast in the world. simone biles stunning the competition once again. and she only sees gold it seems. >> high heat, and humidity once again and this afternoon you will see a few scattered storms. the forecast, ahead. >> jimmy gene the spotlight at gillette. how he did in the first
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>> 9:15 on this friday. a connecticut grandmother wins the lottery. look at her. she's so happy. wouldn't you be. she planning her ways to spend this jackpot money. the 95-year-old said she can't wait to buy a cell phone. she won the money playing a scratch card game.
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there's lots of love and wealth to go around. i have one grandmother totally into the cell phone. face book thing and another one who the aps and all that stuff. hot and humid weather today. we'll continue to see the testimony run into the 90s this afternoon. scattered storm developing this afternoon. so there will be more widespread than yesterday across connecticut got hammerered fair game to get stronger storms? massachusetts today. locally heavy rain. the main threat one or two of the storm on the stronger side damaging wind gust a possible as well. keep an eye on that. early this evening. look at the numbers. not much going on right now. we're waiting for a little bit more instability from the west later on today. that in combination with the tropical air mass in place.
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allow the storms to form. not every town gets hit. if you get hit it can rain and rain hard. i know many of you would say i would love to see an inch or two of water on pie lawn. great to get the rain. you don't want in a short periodment. you pick up an inch or two of rain. and you will get localized street flooding and issues with ponding. too much rain too fast. i think some storm will be capable of producing that. not all towns see that. locally an inch to two inches of rain. tomorrow more cloud in the morning. you notice what's happening. cloud cover across southeastern mass. it will be a back door cold front that slides on through. there's some low cloudiness that backs off the ocean this morning. if that's the case what will happen that we will stay in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees.
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to 495 and back to worcester county. where that front sets up that's a best chance to bring out a couple of scattered showers and storms tomorrow. not all towns will see it. but the theme into the weekend the on the of water vapor in atmosphere. any shower or thunderstorm will be capable of producing heavy rain. we'll look for that. couple of the storms on the stronger side. some strong wind gust. we'll also keep an eye for localized stronger storm. 74 the dew point. di although it feels a touch better today. the numbers are a smidge lower. near 70 in not above it through the weekend. plenty of heat and humidity to be had. scattered showers developing this afternoon. anytime after 2:00 or 3:00 through the earliening hours 7 t. temperatures more seasona bac i 80s.
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19 years old. and she as many o expert gymnast do she has a move named after. >> of course s. and her olympic journey filled with hours of . the years ofcati. 7as on how thete is still going for gold. >> reporter: simone biles already had a gold not the last. she's become the of her sport. the numbers work for her. >> some days i train five. some days i've train 6. 4' 9 inch has dedicate countless hours to perfecting her routines. time stands in stark contrast to time she will perform at any given event each discipline at . weutrso compete that one routine.
9:23 am
clean else it feels amazing. so like all those h were worth it. >> they certainly have been for biles. that's a 10. absolutely positively perfect 10 execution. >> that's what makes simone bilessimone biles. >> full twisting double. double twist. >> 2 and a half times around. full twisting double back summer salt. >> that's a far and away the bestn gears up faces culmination of training. biles singlerly what it has all to. to m all the a h the dedication and the fun and experiences i've had. it all goes to that one moment
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there's been a lot of talk about biles upbringing. sheister were aed maternal gran wife. they are both here cheering her on. nancyn. 7news. >> they did get wonderful cut away shots in the standings. >> i get emotional when they show the parents. you know it's like all their hard work and support for the kids. >> no bigger investment than that for them. >> a check on the jimmy garoppolo looking good. at 9:30 meet our hometown hero
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patriots starting preseason with win. qb led the offense for the entire first half, garoppolo completed 11 of his 18 passes for 16 # yard. this looked to be a severe injury to right elbow. x-rays were negative. he kiss located the elbow and will miss several weeks the game 34 to 22. jimmy g openingp after the game. >> i think i'm working in the right direction. i said earlier this week there's mrent y of things to work on. that's just part of being a quarterback. there's a lot of little things ear and there. you want to be the best of your craft. >> the pats play their second preseason game in 6 days when they host the chicago bears. >> and we much more coming your
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tears flowing after she aced her floor routine right there. and then she got her silver medal. hear what she says and what she is looking for to. building heat and humidity and building storm. more on that forecast, ahead. >> and the latest on a flight out of logan makes an emergency landing severe turbulence injury
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>> a mess on the mass pike and charleston two tractor-trailer collide. a 3-year-old left locked in a car. the child's father now under arrest. >> we're hearing from olympic champ about her big win. she trains in wakefield winning
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>> welcome back. friday. 9:30. there's a lot of pressure to provide a perfect forecast. always is this time of year. lots going on. beach weather. poolside barbecue. we need to get the do expt the forecast over the weekend. we'll continue with warmth and humidity. lack at this 84 degrees 9:00 in already feeling like 88 in town. feels like 90 beverly. 90 in nashua. that's the combination of the heat and humidity. nothing in terms of scattered storms now. if you lack to west of us e' tt will sliden coincides with daye owers and storms to form. with temperature running mid 90s dewpoint near 70 and the atmosphere loaded with moisture some of the scattered storm will produce downpour and lightning. cooler tomorrow especially at the coastline.
9:32 am
weekend as well. we'll talk more on the forecast in the 7-day forecast, ahead. thanks so much. let's fast track traffic with the latest on the situation on the mass pike. >> we been watching this all morning long. early this morning around 3:00 a.m. two tractor-trailered here in charleston. all lane were closed. as you can see all the westbound lane look to be getting by just fine. eastbound only the right lane and the this is causing major delays still this morning in charleston. something to keep in mind. closer to home on the pike no issues. we're watching a new accident in the o'neill tunnel southbound route 93. and then another accident northbound on the expressway at columbia road here. let's check the drive times. if you get ready to head tout door. about 20 minutes braintree to boston northbound on the expressway just 12 minutes into town on the pike from 128 and
9:33 am
braj 12 minutes this morning. back to you guys. >> also breaking a frightening flight out of logan airport. a plane pilot had to make an emergency landing. crews and passengers taking to the hospital with injuries >> this morning that flight finally made it way to california. >> let's get the here's oliverio. nicole? >> definitely some frightening passengers. they just finally landed in california. about two hours ago. ey logan its a beautiful take off. everything was fine until the pilot came on they heard him say fasten your seat belt. then passengers say the plane just plunged. the air for jetblue ound after passengers. >> i feel likist in the tower of terror. we just dropped likewarning.
9:34 am
without any issues. >> b passengers say about two hours into a flight bound for and it hit ha t like an el valt dropped like 50 floors. that's what it felt like. everybody started screaming and flew up in air. boom like is this real. passengers showing some of the in all 24 people crewmember had to be once the pe an emergency landing in south dakota. >> i was just using my computer. and literally it flew up and i fle up in the air. my computer flew up in the air. somehow i caught it. jetblue said they sent a care
9:35 am
they believe the weather was to blame. i'm an emergency room nurse. i helped one of of t minor inju. but big daily for everybody else. it was -- quite frightening. >> frightening but the good news we spoke with hospital in south dakota and they say all 24 patient have been treated and released. that's the latest live from logan. nicole oliverio. 7news "today in new england." now b t news just a mess on the mass pike. we heard from danielle gersh about this. two tractor-trailer crashed in charleston. shutdown the mass pike. they've made some progress. victoria warren on the scene to tell us more. vicki? >> some good news. take a live look behind me. if you travel eastbound once you get past where this accident was you are able to move but this accident has been backing up traffic in the charleston area for hours since the early morning hours.
9:36 am
take a look at the picture. one tractor-trailer burst into flame on the mass pike after crashing into another truck. you can see why it's taking so long to completely clear the wreckage. the fire was impens. there's no reports of injuries. the burning truck was overturned. the good news it wasn't carrying anything hazardous. this was in the eastbound lanes on the mass pike. both sides were shutdown. the backups were miles. first they got the lanes open. then most of the eastbound lanes are open. again, once you get past where the accident is it is smooth sailing and there's really not too much of an effect any more if you are travelling westbound as for what caused this accident to begin with that is still under investigation. live in charleston, victoria warren. 7news "today in new england." american gymnast putting on the show at the olympic games. they are the top two gymnast in
9:37 am
making the dreams come true. they are teammates but also friends. >> they placed first and second. now they talk about what is next. nancy chins that latest now from rio. >> on top of the world simone biles grabs cold. ali raisman seizes silver. for the needham native this is what she's waiting for. she tried to put her feeling into words after the podium. >> congratulations. thank the entire arena erupted for you. you seem emotionalers well. it was so special. the whole entire event they were screaming and cheering and staging ument. it's so amazing i will never ever forget it. she andsy moen share a special bond their win bringing them closer. there's no one else i would have rather stood on the podium than ali to share that moment with her.
9:38 am
because she's one of my biggest role model since i watched the olympic in 2012. they've been there every step of the way. i think just because it's such a stressful day. like we just kept going over to each other telling each we lowed each other and giving each other hugs. i think it's just sting that you need under that kind of pressure. it's obviously helped us a lot tonight. during an interview ali talked about how all so surreal. it's incredible. i started when 18 months 7 and who would have thought it would be up here like them. >> we have a nice leotard for floor finals. we can't wait to wear them. >> now from the mat to the pool. michael phelps continuing to dominate men's swimming. here's nancy with more on that.
9:39 am
greatest rivalries comes to an end in rio. mile phelps crowned the champion in a face-off with ryan lochte. michael phelps is swimming away from everybody. it was pure gold. >> for straight olympic golds. and this one wasn'ten close. >> winning four in a had a hard time holding it together. he finished in fifth and ready for a break. i can't say my journey is over i know that i will have to take a break mentally. and get myself back into me having fun again in the sport. >> the friendship will live on. it goes far beyond the lanes. lochte posted this picture of
9:40 am
and he is second. >> securing a second place finish in the 100 meter fly summey final and now bound for another gold medal race. historic achievement for a female swimmer. simone set an omp tying for gold in freestyle and becoming the first african-american women to win an olympic gold medal in swimming. it's long a gold medal. i'm just so blessed. >> emotions running high as she made history. >> crews in 8-12, 8- olympic record. >> this 19-year-old set an olympic record in preliminaries of the 800 meter freestyle. on track to take her fourth gold of the game when she dives in tonight. american ryan murphy won his second gold in the 200 back
9:41 am
back stroke. missy franklin headed home empty-handed. >> another local girl taking home gold kayla harrison snagged her second gold medal in judo. nancy continues our olympic coverage with that. ten seconds from a gold medal. that's gold again. >> for the second time. the perfect way to finish it off. >> judo star dominated her gold medal match becoming the first american to win back-to-back olympic medals of any kind in judo. >> might not have sunk in. i'm a little bit on cloud nine. harrison made history in 2012 when she become the only american to win gold in judo. i thought being the first that high would never be anything to top it.
9:42 am
champion tops it. kayla shared her victory with her coach who she trains with in wakefield. >> i'm only as strong with the people around me. i'm a lucky girl. this gold medal belongs to all of us. later soaking in the medal ceremony before announcing it would be her last. >> to be two time olympic champion is something i'm going to retire as one ofhe nancy chin. 7news "today in new england." to some other new new murder omen jogging in princeton. the suspect should have injury. the d.a. said the 27-year-old victim's killer was a man and she would have left marks on him. it could be scratches. scrapes or bruises. investigator say the searched the woods where her bodies
9:43 am
more importantly it's the sense that who is this person? or what really happened? that makes people verymforble. >>marcot left her mother house to go olice say she's killed. >> also this morning police arresting a man after they say he made a danus a 3-year-old so locked car in cranston. rhode island. poli 41-year-old went into an office leaving son in the car with the window cracked for an inch for about a half hour on hot day. firefighter were able to get thd n't think he would be inside so long. >> car alarm was going off. there were cops in el and detective everywhere. and the guys standing there holding one child.
9:44 am
to do anything wrong. but what a stupid thing to do. authorities say the temperature inside the car was ability 93 degrees. i am guessing on a day like yesterday higher than that than. >> she's rowing her way to gold in rio. and has close hometown hero. >> mid 90s yesterday. felt more like 100. we do it again today. this time with scatter storms this afternoon. [music] no, no, no, no, people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too.
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>> 9:47. it's a hot one out there today. >> you know i kind of felt like its hotter than this time yesterday. i know i'm probably splitting hairs. but is it? >> is it hotter? >> a lot splitting hairs. 84 degrees. very close. we're in the same ballpark here. cloud or two. yesterday doesn't feel as bad. once the sun comes up. man does it warm up quickly. wind from the west-southwest. sometimes you get the sea breezes that kick in. coolest in the city of boston. that will hold back in sea breeze that tries to fire up. taking a look at the forecast. 80 intw the 90s this afternoon. 96 in town yesterday. i think we're close to that again today. dewpoint levels are a little bit lower than this time yesterday.
9:48 am
soupy air mass in place. tropical feel to the air. not quite as high as yesterday. 9:00 yesterday morning. the heat index was 90 in boston. 88 now. it's 90 in beverly. 90 in nashua new hampshire. close to 100 this afternoon. because of that the in place th afternoon. not much going on in satellite and radar. some instability and some energy due to the atmosphere that will slide on from the west later on today. that will hel you know t?- heat and humidity is r high. and there's a ton of moisture to work with with the atmosphere. any of the storms that get-going. let's say anytime after 2:00 or 3:00 will be capable of producing locally heavy rain. if you get stuck underneath one of these thunderstorms that will produce torrential eye on that. 1 or 2 on the stronger side with sty winds as wall. scattered in nature. it's not like lit rain all
9:49 am
but if you get stuck underneath a few storms it can be beneficial as it brings on water in a short period of time. downside to it yes you get localized street flooding. hot and humid today. tomorrow the forecast little tricky temperature wise. back door front will slide on c couple of day. but still hot and humid. you know worcester county and especially through the connec rter hartford connecticut that's on the warm side. so close to 90 and above. all of us with the exception of cape and island. 90 and above on sunday afternoon. sunday arm we have the opportunity to get more scattered storm. tomorrow's chance higher inland than at the coastline. because of where that back door front sets up. the bottom line through tillhe hours in there. but we'll also have to watch the skies each afternoon for scattered storm and locally heavy .
9:50 am
helped get her ready for games. >> and comedian lesley jones aw aarriving in rio and has a lot to say ab your daur husband wantse from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives.
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sincerely, michele wright fellow mom and fellow citizen. citizens bank student loans call 1-866-999-0154 to apply now. been pro duck for newton the womens single skulls. that's good enough to earn her a spot in tomorrow's semi nancy chin has more on our hometown heroes. >> debbie is as tall enlted off the water as on it holding degrees froon. she at home rowing something she was born to do. you could see as the daughter of twolympic
9:53 am
she was pregnant with me. and her second to last year of coaching. pregnant belly. >> was this your first appearance on the water. i guess you could say that. >> 3 decades later stone still r as she does on land. the rower competing in the single race in rio. they aren't entirely unchart yerd waters. she finished 7th in london. this time she's take home a medal. >> this time around eye been to olympics to go to the olympics. i do think tha the experience it's a little bit more pressure about performance this time around. >> stone making all kinds of waves now. but it hasn't been easy. after failing to make the team in 2008 she nearly called it quits. until her dad and now coach greg
9:54 am
fun. it's waters pivotal. i learned to row right here. and definitely head of the charles during college always a great time to come back which was an experience. restructuring the training and rebuilding herself. stone is now ready to compete. around here she's call jevvy but also known known as dr. stone after graduate from tuft's medical school in the solitude of the water is her biggest challenge. when you get the boat to run underneath you. it's pretty special feeling. >> after rio she plans to apply for residency. looking to go into orthopedic surgery. >> impressive, smart and athletic. >> when we return 7news heading back into the olympic zone. lesley jones tweets up a storm
9:55 am
games and cheers on aaye raze. >> few storms for us later this
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> we're having such a great time watching the olympic games. lesley jones also is having the time of her life rio. >> she's funny. the olympic super fan posted thideo of ali raisman dominating champion. wow! of course nancy chin spotted lesley at the gymnastic in rio. she snapped a few pictures of the comedian cheering on team u.s.a.. she's really close to her. i wonder what kind of commentary or will she just scream and cheer. that's what we did then we
9:58 am
screaming. a few one liner in there that are funny. 7 on 7 forecast looks good. >> fastest forecast ever.
9:59 am
10:00 am
michael phelps is going to do it again! >> he did it! ? >> it has been a rainy friday morning in rio de janeiro so far. but action continues all across the city and begins today at olympic stadium on day seven of the 2016 games. and from inside our studio at copacabana beach, where the sun is doing its best to peep out, welcome along. i'm rebecca lowe. last night in rio, michael phelps won his 22nd olympic


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