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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  August 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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assault. a teen accused of stabbing his mother and brother. >> ryan: wildfires burning up parts of california. devastating blaze forcing massive evacuations. >> jadiann: in the olympic zone we meet a world famous shot putter. how his mother's coaching helped him break new records. >> announcer: 7 news at 5:30 starts now. >> jadiann: we start with wreaking news 59:30, a woman accused of slamming into three people in boston and then taking off. through hyde park. crews are on the scene working to try to put it over. >> ryan: several other breaking soars, adam williams for an update. >> reporter: the pedestrians you be talking about were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries after being trapped under a car been it hit, the driver slammed into the pair near downtown crossing taking off one foot as the victim on foot, as the victims were trapped under her car.
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rescue them. the passenger in the car stayed as police searched for the driver. another breaking story out of hyde park, fire ripping through a large multifamily home on river street. we're over the scene with the helicopter. you can see smoke and flames pouring out. the blaze broke out around 3:30, firefighters from around the city responded. no word yet on the cause or if there were any injuries there. a massachusetts teen under arrest. police say he stabbed his mother and brother while on vacation in floda ramgren called police pleading for help for his family confessing to stabbing them. police found the mom and the brother with multimehl injury, they're listed in critical condition. gust a newton south high school student faces two charges of attempted murder. brazilian police saying their four u.s. swimmers including ryan lochte were not robbed on sunday night like they claim. they say the swimmers vandalized a gas station.
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station, police say security guards confronted the swimmers about the damage. they paid for the damage then left. ryan lochte is back here in the u.s. and the three other swimmers say they'll cooperate with police in brazil. no word on if any charges will be filed here. in our newsroom, adam williams, 7 news. >> ryan: also on 7 everett police officer is accused of attacking his pregnant wife. the officer appeared before a judge and case. >> reporter: an officer in handcuffs today and in trouble with the law tonight. that brought prosecutors here to the courthouse today arguing before the judge they wanted the police officer to remain blind bars. -- behind bars. >> assault and battery on a pregnant woman. >> reporter: suspended everett police officer michael mori appearing in court following his arrest charged with assaulting his
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the stomach. complaining the witness was 7 months pregnant with his chiles. he made threats about getting his gun out of the safe. >> reporter: the officer coming to court hoping to be leased after a judge on tuesday ordered him held without bail. >> this is an individual who is out of control. he is someone who is a police officer. he has access to firearms. >> reporter: prosecutors looking to have mori held say police suspended the officer three years ago. >> approximately three years ago the defenda suspended from his position for a domestic station with the same witness. >> prosecutors say he has been suspended in the past on a domestic abuse incident. >> i've no evidence of that. >> reporter: his attorney says hig client is not a danger to the public and should be released. a request that the judge sided with but under strict conditions that include a g.p.s.tracking bracelet. >> no alcohol. >> yes, your honor. >> no non-prescribed controlled substances. >> yes, europe.
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with your wife and children? >> yes, your honor. >> reporter: mori is on unpaid leave from the everett police department. his trial is slated to begin later this month. live in salem tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> >> reporter: senator markey is fighting for a fix and he is calling on airlines to make changes to the computer systems. >> i.t.stands for information technology but stand for improving travel. >> reporter: massachusetts senator ed markey demanding airlines aim higher. >> airlines shouldn't rely on 20th century technologies to meet the demands of our nation's 21st century airline industry. >> reporter: in a news conference at logan airport today the senator called out the nation's largest carriers for not doing enough to improve their infrom structure. >> a flight should be
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cancellation of the flight. a flight shouldn't be cancelled because a server or software is not working. >> reporter: nearly two weeks ago atlanta based delta cancelled about 300 flights delaying hundreds of others as a result of a worldwide computer glitch. glitch affected check in systems and other systems and caused a ripple effect across country. >> when passengers buy tickets they're buying the assurance they'll get from point a. to point b. they'r n excuses. >> reporter: markey says because only four airlines carriers control 85% of all travel. >> jadiann: a man gets trapped in a truck this morning after he collided with another tractor trailer on the mass pike. officials say one truck rear ended the other. you can see all of the mess there. the driver of the back
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heavy machinery. lumber spilled out. two lanes were closed. causing major delays during the rush-hour. a standoff in athol ends with a suspect under arrest. police say they received a call, shots fired at a home last night. they say a man who they believe wassed armed barricaded himself in his home. state police took over negotiations and were able to get the man to come out safely. there were no hostagesin is raging out of control in southern california. official say the fire burned more than 25,000 acres, more than 80,000 people have been evacuated. dry weather as you can imagine and winds fueling the flame. more than 1500 firefight remembers battling the fire. >> in my 40 years of fighting fire i've never seen fire behavior so extreme. >> it's challenging what we're up against a fire that is burning so aggressively
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>> ryan: officials say the thee-day old fire is only 4% contained. >> jadiann: three deadly blasts shake eastern turkey. a kurdish militant group is behind the attacks. at least 11 people were killed. 300 injured in the attacks across eastern turkey. bombings happened hours apart. two bombs beings happened at police stations. in syria the moments after an air strike as a young boy of his home. the 5-year-old boy is pulled no an ambulance where he looks like he is in shock. not crying he is covered in dust and in blood. it's hard to see. the image sparking conversation how civilians have been affected by the vial violent there in syria and how difficult it has been to get aid to the region. >> ryan: hundreds of thousands of twitter accounts linked to ter
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they also said they've made progress in stopping those users from just creating new accounts. last week a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit accusing the company of supporting isis. >> jadiann: 7 news with harsh words from a father speaking to the teens accused of murdering his son. police say the man's son was helping outs with a stuck car when he was shot. >> only cowards carry guns. >> reporter: a father's words for the teenagers who police say killed his adult soon. >> i own brother, too bad you cannot have a father like me to bring you up right. >> reporter: according to an affidavit chadwick garrett was shot in the chest multitell times after the man helped the teens move their truck that was stuck in a ditch. >> i'm sorry for the family. >> reporter: tyler claims he didn't murder anyone but
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>> reporter: those who knew garrett were in shock for the murder of the good samaritan. one of his co-workers says no one should go this way especially garrett. >> to think someone would do something like that to someone as nice as he is, i mean it's definitely despicable act. >> reporter: background checks reveal drug, car theft and burglary charges before what was likely their last crime for a very long time. >> >> reporter: so witnesses say the teenagers agreed to pay the victim $20 for helping them pull their car out of the ditch and that was' before the killing. >> ryan: it is a fight for firefighters firefighters in one new york town. they were' ordered to take american flags off of three of their fire trucks but a lot of people are criticizing the decision. some people started a pennsylvania members of the board of fire commissioners in ordered the removal
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safety hazard. >> saved concerns for our members -- safety concerns for our firefighters getting on and off the rigs they're going outs to emergency situations. they need to get, you know upstairs there, is rails. there is compartments. that sort of thing. >> ryan: the chief and the fire board chairman are expected to meet today to find some type of resolution for this. >> jadiann: the shoeing a phone warning to students parents. taxpayers are getting call itself urging them to pay fake back-to-school taxes, if you get a call from the isr asking for money, hang up immediately. the irs will always mail you a bill first if you owe any taxes. soon your own version of a private driver maybe the car itself. in a few weeks ride sharing service uber will be testing self-driving cars. this will be in pittsburgh. riders there can opt in to
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rides for free. for now cars will come with a human backup driver to handle situations. the autonomous cars maybe can't. >> ryan: he has been named a world class champ in shot p. how cove ax is looking to make a name for himself in rio. >> jadiann: a 13-year-old-month-old snatched in braintree. the alarming abduction that landed a man behind bars all
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>> ryan: in the limbs pick zone we're meeting a champ who is ranked at the world's best shot putter. he is testing his strength in rowo, he didn't start playing until high school. >> jadiann: his mom was the big reason he made it so far. nancy chen shows us how he is >> reporter: this is joe kovac's first olympics, he came close in london but as an alternate he never got the call. joe kovacs picked up shot put to stay put for high high school coach. >> there was no coach. >> my mom coached me. she didn't know as much about throwing as she does
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coaching, she taught me along the way. >> reporter: he trains in california. but he has taken his hometown of bethlehem, pennsylvania. with him to rio. >> it's where i grew up. it's a whole community that going to rio i'm going myself but all these people have shaped me and i'm so thankful for all itself people who have been support to me. >> reporter: he won gold. >> joe could haveaksav these world championships. >> reporter: he started small he is happy can the course he is on. >> in a is the goal, start small and work your way up and know that you can do it. that's one of the things i love. you don't need much. i started with a of the no raining, no circle. i started with a stone and a brick different sizes. then turned into getting more and more equipment but it wasn't the equipment that was necessary as much as the passion and drive to keep it
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strike olympic gold. his roommate jeff henderson won gold on saturday. nancy chen, 7 news. >> jadiann: at 6 nancy is making a splash trying out synchronized swimming. i could never do that. i think because i have a problem with getting water up my nose. >> ryan: fry to worry about hand watch what everyone is doing. i want to see you do that. >> jadiann: i love watching nancy superfun. >> ryan: still ahead a dust delve stirring up trouble in oklahoma. the wild weather caught on camera. >> reporter: very cool video. we don't have rain in the forecast. we could use some. drought is on. forecast is up next. >> jadiann: a massachusetts teen says he stabbed his mother and his brother.
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>> ryan: wild weather in oklahoma, take a look at this while wind of dust. the swirl often called a dust delve devils, they're harmless, mostly common in flat sandy's they make a mess and move on but they don't cause a lot of damage. makes a good video, i guess. >> jadiann: are those cows, they don't seem to mind. nature is not scared we don't have to be scared. dusty and dry enough aroundhe we need some rain. any chance of that? >> reporter: no, not to be donny downer on you but we don't have significant rain. perhaps a few isolated showers on monday morning but the warm dry summer pattern rolls on here. now into the month of august. temperatures averaging about 4 and a half degrees above normal. this is the hottest august on record for the city of boston, july was the 6th hottest july on record so a hot, dry summer, norwood at 90. fitchburg 86.
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and 60s, you know sometimes droughts they will feed back on themselves because you know how the water works, evaporation, condensation, precipitation if the ground is bone dry what are you evaporating, there is no moisture, so the weather systems that come at us they'll advertise widespread rain then the weather system starves itself to death because there is no moist sewer that is the challenge with trying to get out of a drought. not going to do the trick. high pressure in canada moves into new england late tonight and through the day tomorrow. temperatures between 61-69 overnight. tomorrow more sunshine, low humidity. it is a nice summer day. i know we need rain but for those of us on vacation, you live for your vacation day, january, so that is the upshot here. boston 81 tomorrow. scituate 81. north of town great beach weather, amesbury 85. dracut 85.
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barrie 85 with lots of sunshine, on the cape and the islands, ideal. edgartown at 79. the weekend much the same. lots of sunshine. there may be a, some pockets of low clouds and fog saturday morning and sunday morning but we should break those apart by 9:00. temperatures boat days into the 08's cape and the islands we're talking sunshine saturday and sunday. more humid into sunday. temperatures upper 70s to tomorrow. saturday, sunday up there building humidity. tropics, tropical storm fiona, this right now is winds at 45 miles an hour, moving northwest so that by tuesday, it's will southeast of bermuda, it's going to stay outside of bermuda, what they're inside that's when we take extra notice but this stays out to sea. this is almost what we window need to get out of drought. not a hurricane or tropical storm but leftover tropical
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have anything good coming our way in terms of rain, few isolated showers monday morning into the first part of the afternoon. >> jadiann: whales spotted just feet from their boat. >> adam: i am aadam williams, here is what we're working on at 6:00. we're staying on top of a breaking story out of boston's downtown crossing. a car hits three pedestrians and a stranger picks up a toddler an how the father stepped in and stopped this alleged kidnapping, back into the olympic zone. nancy chen gets a special lesson in synchronized swimming, we've those stories and more coming up
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>> jadiann: caught on camera in canada, whales putting on a kayakers had the chance to come face-to-face with the hump back. >> ryan: that was incredible to witness. when it comes to incredible close encounters with whales few compare with this one. >> they were' floating there on the top of the water for the longest time. some guests had binoculars, some telefutureo then we assumed that was the end of
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show of a lifetime. >> when baby came up i said to the group, back badle even though she wasn't even close to us. but when mom come up that was after it was apparent we needed to get back fast. >> ryan: there was a mother hump become and her calf in the area. they paddled over for a fewing, what a viewing they got. >> they do it when they're excited. you can see when baby breached it h feeding, they're happy. baby good everything she needed. when the baby comes shooting out of the water and mom is just as excited the. >> reporter: kayakers have been criticized for getting too close but the group's operator says they were' following the rules. >> if you were in a power boat and the they started to come to you or you knew they were' coming to you, you could back off. in a kayak they can swim
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>> ryan: whales put on a show for about 30 minutes. unbelievable to have it flash zone. >> adam: dia whale watching tour and saw this. i'll do it again. >> ryan: another 30 minutes of 7 news ahead. >> 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> announcer: breaking news, a driver slams into pedestrians near downtown crossing. >> we have to pick up the front of the car to get them out. >> the driver got out of the >> announcer: when it took to save those victims and track down the suspects. also a local teen accused of trying to kill his mother and brother while on vacation in florida. we're talking to neighbors and learning more about the family. then caught on camera. an attempted abduction, police say a shirtless man tried to kidnap a toddler from a local store. what the boy's father did just in the nick of time. >> reporter: clear overnight. a few more clouds on the way
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on ryan lochte. the video brazilian officials say proves his stouffer an armed robbery is a lie. -- story of an armed rob have i a lie. >> adam: breaking news at 6:00, three people struck in the street by a hit-and-run driver near downtown crossing. the driver got out police say on foot and ran away. >> jadiann: good samaritans runed in to try to rescue them. amaku is there in boston where she spoke with some of the witnesses. >> reporter: it was a frantic scene earlier this afternoon. police haven't released a lot of information at this point. but witnesses say that the driver was turning left here on washington when for some reap she wouldn't stop and in the process she drove over several people. three pedestrians hit. two pinned under a car near downtown crossing. >> i hope they're okay and there is a little kid. >> reporter: the video
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one ever the tires and this woman minutes after she was' pinned. >> we were in the middle of the crosswalk and the gray car is plowing through the crowd. >> reporter: mark says he acted quickly to save his wife from being run over. >> my wife falls on the ground and the car hits, the bumper hits me on my leg. >> reporter: richard holland was leading a group when the crash happened. >> there was a lady under trying to hold on to the bumper. the car kept going. she folded up like a presencele. >> reporter: the car came to a stop. >> i opened the door. put the car in park, she took off. i didn't know. the driver took off. >> reporter: then a group of people jumped in, helped rescue the two pedestrians. >> we lift them up. the car. we take them, we drag them from under the car. >> dragged the lady then the boy out. >> reporter: the female


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