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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  August 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> announcer: 7 news at 5:30 starts now. >> jadiann: we're staying on top of breaking news, los angeles police are searching a serve warrant at chris brown's house after a woman claimed he threatened her with a gun. >> ryan: he is being interviewed by officers there. adam has more. >> reporter: los angeles police got a warrant to search the singer's home. they're performing a t protective sweep. police were waiting outside the home while brown refused to speak with officers. officers were called to his house earlier when they got a call from a woman saying brown pointed a gun at her and had threatened her. brown has posted several video since police got there ranting about officers being there at his home. this is not the first time the singer has had a run in with the law. back in 2009, he pleaded guilty to assaulting rihanna and he served five years
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police say they've not arrested anyone at this point. they're waiting to interview brown and others before releasing any more information publicly. i'm adam williams, 7 news. >> jadiann: more news today. a 21-year-old man accused of an alarming assault after policy say he robbed an elderly woman in malden. >> ryan: this marks the third crime this month in the area linked to an uber driver although police say he was working job when this assault happened. kell has details. >> reporter: prosecutors say he went into the woman's home to use the bathroom but only stealing her purse with hundreds of dollars and her credit cards then shoving her. detectives snapping photo of the car driven by this man. police say he is an uber driver who allegedly robbed
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night. did you asalt the woman. >> reporter: prosecutors described what happened. >> the defendant stated, sorry i'm going to have to take this. she then indicated that he grabbed her hand bag and a bag of medicine she had sitting on the weld. she tried to stop him and mushed her back -- pushed her back. >> reporter: the 21-year-old disagreeing with the charges. they. the victim ins emotional to go on camera telling us she was okay. this is the third incident in weeks out of this courthouse. just yesterday a 28-year-old uber driver was in court charged with exposing himself to young women in malden and everett while in his car. earlier this month another driver was charged with raping an everett teen after she called for a ride to school. he is due in court later on and yesterday the mayor of
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serious safety concerns. in malden this afternoon kelli o'hara, 7 news. >> jadiann: danger on the job at a construction site in cambridge. one worker sent to hospital after the accident. accident happened this morning on mass avenue near porter square. five crews rushed to the scene where they found a seriously injured construction worker. no word on the cause of the accident. sky 7 over route 1 in revere where a truck caught on fire. you can see firefighters there on the scene. the bed of the truck it on to the bed of a tow truck. parts of route 1 northbound were closed whiled scene was cleared up itself. >> ryan: officials in tiverton, rhode island say a massive fire at a vacant mill is suspicious. there was no power in the mill. officials were offering a $5,000 reward for any information that may led to an arrest. the teenager accused of taking a deadly drive in rhode island in court.
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crossed the center median and hit a motorcycle killing the driver. >> jadiann: a former student given a light sentence after being convicted of sexually assaulting a woman will be walking free after just three months in prison. brock turner is being rees looked early for good behavior after he was sentenced to six months behind bars for three felony sexual assault charges. turner was assaulting an unconscious woman. the short sentence he was given sparked outrage finance led to calls for the judge on the case recalled and turner will serve three years probation. >> ryan: people in one south carolina neighborhood scared after reports of creepy clowns trying to lure kids in the woods. kids say they spotted people dressed as clones flashing lazars enticing them with
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people didn't believe it but after several reports they're very worried. >> two little boys went in the woods and was like it was a clown. everybody was like, no it's not. no it's. no nobody believing them. they went and got other kids. all of them come out. they come back crying. so we was like, it must be something in the woods. >> ryan: police are patrolling the area. >> jadiann: a partial building collapse in long beach, new york. look at this multiple on no word on injuries or what may have caused the pieces of the building to fall. >> ryan: a smash and grab at a store in memphis, police were called to a store there on saturday. an employee said four men came in the star and used hammers to smash the display cases. no one was hurt in the robbery. north carolina officials releasing the audio of a state troop and dispatch person willing after the
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home. the trooper radioed that the driver is not pulling over but reaching speeds of more than 100 miles an hour. later saunders radios in shots have been fired. [inaudible] >> shots fired, one down, shoots fired one down. >> the radio traffic brings new death to the shooting deaths of daniel harris. the incident is still under dangerous drop caught on camera. someone toss as 4-year-old boy after of a bridge with his mother watching the entire thing. witnesses say the young boy was screaming and crying and they're wondering why it happened in the first place. the cell phone video is hard to watch. a 4-year-old boy flung off a bridge by an unidentified man into the river below where witnesses say his mother is watching.
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the mom comforted him. >> reporter: kale ep shot the viral video causing outrage on social media. his friend says she called 911. she says her heart sank when she saw the child hit the water. >> i was scared because i thought he was going to smack his head on the lower beam and i thought he broke his neck because he hit his neck on the lower part and he had a life jacket on so he got ske scening and crying. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is investigating along with child protective services. while the little boy survived the fall deputies cited the mother for reckless endangerment and also the man who threw the child off the bridge with negligence and with nearly
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results in some sort of justice for the child. >> i hope something is done about this. >> >> she needs to go to jail for it because you can't do it to a quid. >> reporter: regulators say the mother of the child -- investigators say themore of the child and the man have yet to be officially charged. thes little boss was checked out by paramedics and released. >> ryan: they saw a car in front of them lose control and fly off the highway. the car burst into action saving a pregnant woman who was stuck inside. >> i just took off running towards the burning car. i saw -- i heard a voice say i'm over here. i'm over here. so i ran on the other side of the car and to, she said i'm seven and a half months pregnant. i said it's going to be. let me get you out of here. foal a little different. you normally go out and
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story. we're human first. you know tell a story second. >> ryan: paramedics got there soon after and brought the woman to the hospital. >> jadiann: the people who caught this record-breaking gator are talking about what it took to real it in. >> ryan: tom brady speaking to the media before his deflate-gate suspension kicks in. what
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>> ryan: look at this. the gator reeled in down south. the beast caught in mississippi. not only was the catch an impressive sights. also set a record. >> jadiann: itoo koll of people to bring the gator in and they're showing it o. christa del camp has the story. >> reporter: tiffany has hunted for alligators before. >> the experience is unlike any other. >> reporter: show along with help from five other people hooked a monster alligator. the mississippi department of wildlife, fisheries and park said the alligator measured more than 17 feet 7 inches eating the last record holder by an 8th of
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boat we knew in a he was bigger than any of the six of us had ever seen or caught or hoped to catch. that is, the thought after record never crossed our mind. we didn't realize how much work it was going to be to put the alligator in the boat. >> reporter: winky sold the alligatorly will be used for its meat and skin. >> it's very time consuming. we were in the boat for 20 hours on friday night before we went back saturday night. and but once you hook into something that big and you have the opportunity to experience just at best controlled chaos we're at that alligator at the animal's mercy. >> reporter: the gator weighed nearly 700 pounds. this was the woman's third alligator hunt. i'm christa del camp, 7 news. >> ryan: coming up how new research proves man's best friend may be able to understand what you are saying. >> reporter: a little
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yesterday of yesterday but it's back tomorrow as well as some mugginess. we'll get to the forecast next. >> jadiann: a puzzling tribute to big papi, a
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>> jadiann: a scary sight in the waters off provincetown. a photographer capturing this picture after great white shark feeding off race point beach. you can see the shark in the middle of a group o the photographer says it was a few feet away from shore. >> ryan: nature at work. >> jadiann: absolutely. stay out of the way of nature what it comes that close to shore. >> ryan: pictures ever the ocean getting churned up because of what is going on brie has been tracking about the tropics. >> reporter: i'll share that. amazing. we've feisty waves out there. 3-5 feet, even above that waves. if you are headed to the
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mind. 75 in boston, 76 beverly but you see the low 80s away from the coastline. there is a big difference from yesterday to the tune of about 5-10 degrees cooler. generally speaking. then our 90 degree temperatures yesterday. we do have a good healthy sea breeze in metro boston. 10-15 miles an hour sustained winds. it's warm and must go i for us tomorrow. sun then clouds moving in and we could get more 90 degree readings for us but we've already on record for boston. it was warm across new england this year. we're very likely going to secure this top spot as well. the driest summer meteorological summer june, july and august on record. we'll see when our next chance of rain actually arrives for us. high pressure sliding farther to the east. we turn our attention to this front that will sweep through overnight wednesday into thursday. but that is also when we turn the page on the calendar into a new month
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that would be meteorological fall. when does the rain show up? the timeline gives us a chance of maybe getting a spot shower or isolated storm overnight wednesday into thursday morning but it's looking more likely that the wet weather arrives in scattered nature as we get into early thursday, this is the forecast model trying to pick up on what is now tropical depression 8. the bulk of the system being pushed out to sea by this cooler air behind the front sort of a preview of fall but i don't think the seasonable temperatures stick around with us. more summer-like warmth on the way for september. we'll focus on and cross our fingers for this 30% chance of rain as we get into thursday. as i mentioned before scattered in nature. isolated thunderstorms, isolated downpour could be included. look at this downward slide it's just close to average
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it could be a shock to the system. as ryan mentioned before a lot to keep an eye on in the tropics. we've got category 2 hurricane gaston, not an issue for us but churning up the owian swells t.d.9. d.9 will be something to watch but right now churning up the ocean to give us the risk for rip current. that's a moderate risk. t.d.9 wre closely and the most updated track from the national hurricane track brings the cone of uncertainty up to close to home. this will be in the timeline of sunday into monday. that does not guarantee that it makes it in our direction, we could use the rain but we don't want a storm but we'll watch it. it could throw off this entire forecast as we head into labor day weekend. >> jadiann: if you have a dog of your own, you know
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friend. there we go but have you ever had a dog look into your eyes then you think they know exactly what you are saying. >> ryan: there is proof that our pooches are capable of canine communication and understanding the meaning blind human language -- behind human language. dogs have many ways of telling us how they're feeling from happy to not so happy. maybe even a little embarrassed sometimes. now there is evidence dogs can understand humansoo researchers in hungary trained dogs to sit very still in a functional mri scanner. in a good boy voice then in a neutral voice. brain scans showed the dogs processed words correctly regardless of tone meaning they understooded meaning of the word. the theory is the dogs understand that the words good i would are a good thing when they're setting a
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if if our friends have selective hearing. .. >> sit, sit. >> reporter: they will figure it out. >> good, circumstance good boy. >> ryan: dogs process words in much the same way humans do we're unique in our ability to use them. a lawrence man will never again miss "i love you" from his grandchildren after a generation donation. >> adam: i'm adam williams coming up next on 7 news at 6:00. tom brady speaking for what could be the last time before his diagnose -- diagnose suspension kicks -- deflate-gate suspension kicks in. coming up those stories and a lot more. kim khazei joins me for. news at 6:00. see you in a bit. >> tropical trouble. the latest on the triple threat taking aim at the u.s. breaking her silence, the
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>> ryan: 83-year-old lawrence man will be able to hear every single i love you from his 6 children and 18 grandchildren thanks to a generous donation he has beaten cancer but he is starting to lose his cancer and he couldn't afford hearing aids. >> jadiann: he can hear free of charge. jennifer has the story. >> reporter: for more than six years, jacques has struggled with profound hearing loss. depending on his wife march reto be his voice, today he was fitted with new hearing aids. >> can you hear me? >> yes, strong. >> reporter: allowing him to listen carol for the first time in years. >> it's too loud. >> you are not used to hearing. >> reporter: bell tone, the company that made the $6,000 hearing aids decided to donates them after reading a letter from his family asking to help the father of six and grandfather of 18 from
5:57 pm
sometime i'm telling him things he doesn't understand. he doesn't hear. he feels very nervous about it. sometimes he is frustrated. >> when you are deaf, you are becoming mute day by day. you are losing because you don't speak. you have to hear. >> you see the difference, that makes a big difference in a person's life. >> reporter: difference jacques and his wif l again. >> he is hearing us. i think that will make life much more better. >> reporter: jennifer egan, 7 news. >> ryan: love that story. >> jadiann: too loud. >> ryan: got to get used to it again. another 30 minutes of 7 news. >> jadiann: 7 news starts right now. >> announcer: now at 6:00 sharing her story to help others.
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knowingly. >> announcer: a victim of a sexual assault at a new hampshire prep school talks about how one night changed her life. >> reporter: humidity and the heat back up tomorrow and a refreshing fall-like feel entering into the weekend. >> announcer: tom brady waiting patient. >> do the best we can do. >> announcer: why he is confident he will be ready for another play-off push when he returns. call it the field of papi, david ortiz amazed by a corny honor. >> kim: we begin with breaking news from wakefield. live pictures as we talk about this situation here. a man who has been stabbed according to police with a shaft of a golf club, get over to ryan schulteis. >> reporter: this happened at the break heart reservation. go back to the pictures. able to show you more here from the scene. you can see medflight ready to rush the victim to a boston hospital. we're being told the man was
5:59 pm
broken golf shaft happening here at the break heart reservation. details coming in but the ambulance is waiting. medflight will take the victim to hospital. not sure what led to the stabbing, if there was a fight or accident but we know that a person was stabbed with a broken golf shaft. much more all afternoon. back to you guys. >> that part i think will be very challenging watching those games inep pre-occupy my mind. >> adam: tom brady preparing to play the waiting game. he spoke today about his looming suspects which officially begins saturday. >> kim: it's year he wants to play during the final pre-season game. the last chance to get on the field before the month of october. jonathan hall is live. >> reporter: we know tom brady, don't we? he is a gamer and he is not going to be able to get in the game to lead his team
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for brady that has to be frustrating. >> i've always been blessed to love the sport. >> reporter: but tom brady, already a legendary nfl quarterback, loves to play, not to watch. so he is not looking forward to sitting out four games and he wouldn't say whether he will stay at home in brookline. >> it would be tough to watch. but i'll be excited toe watch. excited to learn. hopefully when i come back in october i'll be a better player than i am today. >> reporter: brady, his tried to convince the federal courts to overturn commissionner goodell's four-game suspension which dates back to a controversy over football air pressure at the a.f.c.championship game in january of 2015. ultimately brady failed in this effort. he is the leader of this team, so who will step in to fill the vacuum? >> we have a lot of great leaders and i'm very confident that -- >> reporter: brady will try to have fun watching the games and hopes the


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