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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  August 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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for brady that has to be frustrating. >> i've always been blessed to love the sport. >> reporter: but tom brady, already a legendary nfl quarterback, loves to play, not to watch. so he is not looking forward to sitting out four games and he wouldn't say whether he will stay at home in brookline. >> it would be tough to watch. but i'll be excited toe watch. excited to learn. hopefully when i come back in october i'll be a better player than i am today. >> reporter: brady, his tried to convince the federal courts to overturn commissionner goodell's four-game suspension which dates back to a controversy over football air pressure at the a.f.c.championship game in january of 2015. ultimately brady failed in this effort. he is the leader of this team, so who will step in to fill the vacuum? >> we have a lot of great leaders and i'm very confident that -- >> reporter: brady will try to have fun watching the games and hopes the
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>> it's a different perspective then hopefully i can use this saying wow, i really notice somethings i wouldn't have seen had i been there. you know? so that is what i'm going to try to do. >> reporter: he is 39. in his 40th year. but he recalls those days 15 years back when everything was brand new. when he filled in for an injured drew bled sew then everything changed. >> i just came in trying to do the best iou already had and then tried to transition those to a different level of different caliber of playing. >> reporter: that is what garoppolo is going to do right now. right. as for his situation filling in for bled sew may have parallels with what jimmy g. is going through. brady said i don't know. he is on the other end of a spectrum but i wish him the best. jonathan hall, news.
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here and only on 7. the pats and cardinals face off on september 11 at 8:30. >> adam: 7 news turns to your forecast and we're tracking the tropics with our eyes on two storms that could, could impact us down the road. let's check the forecast. bri eggers in today. >> reporter: i like that emphasize because it's yet to develop. we are tracking hurricane gaston but you can see it east. tropical depression 8 off the coast of north carolina, both are doing their best to churn up the ocean. so that is going to cause problems at the beach as we head through the next couple days. we're expecting tropical depression 8 to strengthen no a tropical storm as it heads away from the north carolina coast. sometime in tomorrow afternoon, and then track far to our southeast as we head into the coming days. so that shouldn't be a direct impact for us but i did mention churning up the
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moderate risk for rip current if you are headed to enjoy a beach day through tomorrow and the next, really the rest of this week. chief meteorologist jeremy reiner took the pick tour at salisbury beach. beautiful by fiesty waves. t.d.9, this is more of a concern because the tropical storm is expected to track through the southeastern u.s. and along the eastern seaboard. we're included in this most recent update from the national hurricane center in the cone of uncertainty before we have to talk about extended forecast. >> adam: breaking news we're watching right now. isis reporting that its second in command and spokesman has been killed. his death if confirmed will be the latest blow to the group which has been retreating in syria and iraq. the islamic state run agency said the commander was martyred while surveying operations to repel the
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firmation from washington on his death. also following breaking news out of california where los angeles police are searching the home of chris brown right now. officers were called to his house early this morning because they received a call from a woman saying brown pointed a gun at her and threatened her. police are sweeping the home interviewing people inside. they have a warrant. brown is also being spoken with. brown as you lawyer is with him and everyone is cooperating with those officers. earlier in the day brown posted several videos ranting about t brown refused to speak with police for hours until they got a warrant. it's not the first time the singer has been in trouble with the law. back in 2009 he pleaded guilty to assaulting rihanna, police say no one has been arrested. they're waiting to interview everyone inside before publicly releasing more information about whatever happened in there. >> kim: we're following more news today. >> i'm going to make sure that other people, other girls, other boys now they can own it too and they
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either. >> kim: that is the victim in the new hampshire prep school sex assault case throwing strength showing her facial and sharing her story. she was sexually assaulted by owen la brief. she is talking about the impact on her life and how she wants to impacts the lives of others. kimberly bookman joins us with more. >> reporter: chessy prout is breaking her silence in hopes of inspiring other victims to come forward let them know they're not alone. >> i feel ready t and own what happened to me. >> reporter: she is voluntarily revealing her name and face. the former student that accused a classmate of raping her as part of the senior salute where senior boys have sex with younger boys before graduating is talking for the first time about the 2014 encounter and the trial that followed. >> a question that i was asked on the stand was why were you so hazy during that period? i looked at the defense
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and said, i was raped. >> reporter: le brie was only convicted of sexual assault. not rape. >> fact that he was able to pull the wool over a group of peoples' eyes disgusted me in some way. >> reporter: prout suffered from panic attacks she tried to keep from her younger sister. >> shoal' come into the closest when i'm rocking on the floor. and punching my legs trying to get myself to and she will try to give me the biggest hug and she will say, chessy, you are okay. >> reporter: today chessy is okay. her family has filed a civil lawsuit against the school claiming officials failed to meet its basic obligation to protect children entrusted to its care. saint pawl's released a statement saying: however there is no denying the survivors experience caused us to look anew at the culture and brought about
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prout says in the end, she helps her actions bring change for the school, victims and her attacker. >> i hope he learns. he gets help and that is all i can ever hope for in any process like this. if he doesn't learn he will do it to another young woman. >> reporter: chessy is entering her senior year at another school in another statement she is hoping to bring about new changes with a women's bill kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> adam: also on 7, two cars in new hampshire smashed up. three passengers left injured in the mess. tonight police say the man who caught of caused the crash is dangerous and on the run. officers say they chased the guy through several towns before he crashed then ran away. steve coop ser live in bedford, new hampshire, to tell us more. >> reporter: this was one wild ride in the middle of the night. this is the suspect's smashed up car. it's actually been impounded by state police tonight but
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to be found. >> didn't stop until he crashed so he never pulled over. >> reporter: twisted metal closing down bridge street in manchester after a police pursuit comes to a crashing conclusion. the suspects david cherry lost control of his ford sedan before slamming into another car. >> suspect got off at exit 8 which is wellington road in manchester,. the bots tom of the ramp he -- bottom of the ramp he innocent vehicle. >> reporter: it began when epping police pulled him over for speeding then realized there was an arrest warrant out for cherry. he pealed away from police then and the chase was on. >> the accident was unfortunate but if it was' not something necessarily something we could have foreseen. >> reporter: cherry led police down 101 east to 93 north weaving his way through a half dozen
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punctured a tire running over stop sticks and crashing. >> it wasn't until the successful deemployment of the spikes we're able to at least slow him down. >> reporter: investigators say two suspects in the passenger's car while cherry took off on foot. >> if you do come in contact with him or see him, call your local police department. whether it's manchester or call the state police. >> reporter: the three people who went to the hospital suffered nonlife threatening injuries. police are telling us toni helping cherry hide in connection with their investigation, they could be facing charges as well. investigations ongoing. live in bedford, new hampshire, steve cooper, 7 news. >> kim: coming up a distraction and big papi heeds to the baseball field to the worn field. >> adam: david ortiz checks out the big papi inspired corn maze that you
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>> kim: it's a unique honor for david ortiz. a papish puzzle. davis farmland in sterling creating a big papi themed corn maze, part of it says thanks, big papi. >> it also has a papi farewell tour logo which you will see. ortiz gave it a seal of
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special to something that is hard to put together. >> reporter: the brand 47 teaming up with davis mega maze in sterling, massachusetts, to create a corn mace of ortiz's retirement message and thank you, message. >> you don't get to see things like this everyday. >> reporter: big papi was joined by kids and helped officially open the maze with his signature swing. [applause] corny but something he appreciates. >> i love corn by the way. >> reporter: a thank you to a legendary player who says he won't be where he is without his fans. >> i thank you guys for pushing me everyday to try to do something on the field and not only on the field, off the field, too. i try to do things so we can set example for the younger kids and new generation of players coming up. >> kim: all right.
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the public this weekend. you got to wonder will it be nice to go? >> adam: it's looking last check good for the weekend. >> reporter: summer tomorrow then a fall-like preview. weekend a tossup having to do with everything that is going on in the tropics. we'll break it kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. kelly (voiceover): i'm kelly ayotte. and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty --
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>> kim: an experimental pop-up plaza opened in downtown plaza, it has tables, chairs visitors can have a little coffee. part after project to bring a permanent plaza to the area. engineers were monitoring traffic looking at issues that may need to be addressed and city office officials can imagine a whole new set of plazas. >> adam: the more themerrier. >> k outside as much as you can. >> adam: it's crazy when you look at the radar. there is red blobs all around us but we seem to be okay. >> reporter: we're okay. it's even warm again for us tomorrow. it was our 20th 90 degree day. tomorrow we'll come close to it again. rain chains comes on thursday and fallish weather by the end of the week. labor day week a tossup. we'll talk about that in more details. current temperatures very
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mid 70's low 80s away from the coastline. we've had a big difference from where we were at yesterday by the tune of 5-10 degrees cooler. that was because of the sea breeze that kicked in for the afternoon. into the overnight hours and tomorrow we're going to see the wind increasing out of the southwest. that's going to pump back into the mugginess and also some warmer temperatures. 85-90. bringing in the clouds for the afternoon and evening hours. here is the bigger picture for us. high press that was keeping the sunshine with us and we pay attention to this front. the system is well up north but the front seems to bring us the chance for rainfall, much-needed rainfall. i know everybody is like send some to my backyard. i wish we could order it up like that but here comes this front overnight wednesday into early thursday. it brings scattered showers, possible isolated thunderstorms and isolated downpours. unfortunately it's going to
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moisture from this forecast model picking up t.d.8aire way from us kicking it out to sea and bringing in cooler temperatures for the end of the week. it's about a 30% chance of getting rainfall as we need into thursday but you can count on that fallish feel friday, saturday, sunday as well. temperatures topping out in the upper 70s, which is closer to our 30-year climb logical averages. that is where we should be and according to our statistics, now we have to talk about the tropics because this is kind of when our forecast hinges on here. not hurricane gaston. that is heading well to the east of you, t.d.8 is what i've mentioned bringing some tropical moisture in our direction, it's really t.d.9 we keep a close eye on. beaches tomorrow a moderate risk for a rip current because the ocean is being churned up by this activity but to take a closer look at t.d.9 you see it down here.
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overnight into early tomorrow, even hurricane warms, gulf side of florida heading through the southeastern u.s. then up the eastern seaboard we're included in this cone of uncertainty at the latest update from the national hurricane center meaning we don't know where the track is going to g. it's a ways out. sunday into monday it could throw off the forecast for us. so we're going to keep a close eye on it. patchy fog in the 60s, a look at the 7 on 7 forecast, big sunday. >> reporter: if tom brady mapped out how he is spending his down time he is not about tipping his happened. he is choosing not to share details in the event someone else has to go through the same thick. brady going through the final practice before the deflate-gate suspension goes
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in his absence and hopes to get one more taste of game action in thursday's preseason finale. >> i wish i play of game. i love playing. i love praying practice. i love praying pre-season games, regular season games, post-season games, i love thinking about football. it's just the way it is. so i'll be that part i think will be very challenging watching those september. but i'll find ways to preoccupy my mind. >> reporter: pats trimming their roster to 75 by 4:00 pm. he will miss at least the first six games of the season. three other players, humber, scheu and milton getting their release. news in minnesota much worse on the can be front. the quarterback suffering a
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he hit the turf on a noncontact play. rick pore selo won his 18th league leading game. make the chase either is as valuable to the red sox as mookie betts who might wind up with the individual honor. the 23-year-old presenting an argument that he is the american league's most valuable player. he joined ted tony conigliaro as the only one to reach that before age 24. that is just the activity ice burg here. betts ranked near the top of the junior circuit. you naming it, he is pretty much up there and there is still another month for mookie to add on. jackie bradley junior, his credentials speak for himselves. >> he make thes case himself. i don't have to make the case. he performed at a high level
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that he possibly can. >> reporter: he won't change positions to catch on in the nfl so it makes sense tim tebow is switching season, he is trying to go from the grid iron to the diamond. tebow going through a workout in front of 27 scouts from teams in southern california. he is listed at 6' 3", 255 pounds, put a few out in batting practice but looked a little bit green in the out olde. bruins adding moore on a one-year product. he skated for the rangers the last three seasons. that's it for sports.
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california closets. >> adam: that's the time for the news at 6:00 on a tuesday, thank you very much for spending sometime with us today. i'm adam williams. >> kim: i'm kim khazei. nightly news is next, we'll
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have a good evening.
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breaking news tonight. hurricane watches and warnings just issued. a triple threat up and down the eastern seaboard and all the way to hawaii, bracing for impact. also breaking, isis says a leader at kill list is dead. did the u.s. just take out the major strategy it is at the top of so many attacks. and under fire for a profanity laced attack. and a case that grips the nation, reveals herself publicly for the first time. the mission she is on. and amazing rescue. a heart stopping pileup caught on


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